President Kiir’s pedantic tricks in the SPLM Oyee machine

BY: EJHAG PAUL, South Sudan, JUN/25/2013, SSN;

President Kiir with his pedantic tricks is at it again. This time he picks on those in the inner circle of the SPLM Oyee machine. Do not be carried away by the headline grabbing subject of corruption. This is just part of the trick. Keep your eyes wide open during this interesting period of power struggle in the SPLM.

On 18th June 2013 Sudan Tribune under the title, ‘South Sudan president suspends two ministers for corruption probe’ reported that president Kiir had suspended Ahmed Deng Alor, the minister for cabinet affairs and Kosti Manibe, the minister of finance for involvement in transfer of millions of dollars for personal benefit. In the same order the president further appointed Judge John Gatwech Lul, the head of the anti-corruption commission to investigate the allegation within 60 days with the view of bringing prosecution against the accused.

A good section of the society already appears to approve of the president’s action. This is what is expected in any normal functioning government. However, I am afraid that some citizens may already have had their hopes raised for nothing. The reality could be different.

President Kiir is using the corruption vehicle to get at people he believes have abandoned supporting his leadership in the ongoing struggle between him, his deputy and Pagan Amum. So the suspension of the two ministers has more to do with their views in the current battle for leadership of the SPLM Oyee machine than corruption per se.

President Kiir is trying to prepare the ground by weeding out all those who have either publicly withdrawn their allegiance to him or those who have remained silent without expressing their allegiance to him.

Why is the corruption vehicle a charade? SPLM Oyee itself is a product of corruption and it will not survive without exercise of corruption. Corruption runs deep in its veins and it is what keeps it alive. Please see, ‘Fudging the issue- President Kiir and corruption in RSS.’

We already know that Ahmed Deng Alor is a Don of corruption and there is nothing new about this latest accusation by the president. The vital thing for the public to note is that nothing will come out of this investigation and here the editorial of South Sudan Nation under the heading, ‘Latest mega-corruption: Is Kiir yet again a toothless bulldog?’ published on 19th June 2013 is spot on.

Judge John Gatwech Lul, is a sworn poodle of John Luke, the minister of Justice and president Kiir. He is a fixer of the regime. He runs the launderette of SPLM Oyee. Having been reduced from the prestigious position of a judge to an SPLM laundry man, his main task is washing of Oyee dirt and issuing clean bill of health to the criminals brought to his attention.

For instance, recently the kith and kin of president Kiir hammered their way into the president’s office safe in J1 in Juba and helped themselves to millions of dollars of South Sudanese money. Instead of proper a investigation by the relevant organs, the president referred the matter to Judge Lul and as expected he bathed the thieves with legal detergents and cleared them on grounds that the evidence got contaminated.

Unlike Lul, his predecessor Dr Pauline Riek was a lady of integrity who could not allow her character to be tarnished by SPLM Oyee crimes. While she was leading the Anti-corruption commission she acted professionally and was committed to clean South Sudan of corruption but she was sabotaged and denied the necessary legislation to carry out her duties by none other than president Kiir himself. This remains a shame on South Sudanese. Her removal underscores the fact that the problem in South Sudan is not lack of educated people or professionals but rather it is the pugnacity of Dinkocracy.

Judge Lul in the current case will implement what has already been agreed between president Kiir and the minister of Justice John Luke which is that no SPLM Oyee member will be prosecuted for corruption. Actually the exoneration of the kith and kin of the president referred to above is the result of this policy. John Luke is on record that nobody will be prosecuted for corruption. Please see the following articles, ‘South Sudan: Don Salvatore Allegiance to the Code of Omerta in RSS’ and ‘Sudan: Corruption Saga – the SPLM Five Big Guns or the Quintet Squirrels’

Reacting to president Kiir’s suspension of the Ahmed Alor and Kosti Manibe; John Luke in ‘South Sudan says lifting immunity not automatic indictment of corruption’ subtly reiterates and re-invokes the SPLM Oyee policy of no prosecution for corruption.

Therefore, all those who are hoping for a critical and factual report of the investigation followed by prosecution of the duo in court may be raising their hopes to be dashed. John Luke erected a clear sign post as notice to the public last year when he said, “No Prosecution for Corruption in Republic of South Sudan”.

Now that we have explored the president’s action in light of the information and experiences available to us, let us move on to talk about the proposition of this paper which that the president is using the corruption vehicle as a tool to weed out his opponents in the SPLM Oyee machine and to strengthen his position for the expected leadership contest.

In terms of the leadership contest, president Kiir is in a very awkward position. First, he has practically proved beyond doubt that he is ineffective, weak and a tribal leader. Under his watch South Sudan deteriorated to a failed state because he was focused on enriching the so called ‘born to rule’.

Secondly, he knows that his colleagues in the Oyee machine have lost confidence in his leadership. Thirdly, he is a hostage to the semi illiterate and powerful group of tribalists led by people like Salva Mathok, the deputy minister of interior and Paul Malong, the governor of Northern Bahr El Ghazal. Fourthly and crucially he has tasted power and does not want to lose it.

So if he is to remain in power he must secure re-election to the post of chairman of SPLM Oyee during the coming convention. This requires him to be brutal to knock heads. But knocking heads in an organisation of criminals can be a very dangerous business. It is this very reason that has forced president Kiir to be selective like a predator stalking a herd while looking for the weak and easy prey.

Ahmed Alor and Kosti Manibe happen to be the weakest quarry in the herd to start the game with. To send a strong message to the SPLM Oyee membership to tow the line, president Kiir has decided to sacrifice the duo. Ahmed Alor is sacrificial because he is a foreigner and the overwhelming majority of South Sudanese know that and they would not go out to the streets to protect him. After all, Ahmed’s opportunism disgusts a lot of people. All his life in the then Sudan he did not want to associate with South Sudanese. All his friends were Arabs and he did not want to identify with the South Sudanese cause.

In 1983 as a staunch Arabist and unionist he saw an opening in Dr John Garang’s ideology of New Sudan to become somebody. He grabbed the opportunity and became a close friend of the late. During that period he manipulated the late and enriched himself. When Dr Garang died, he quickly jumped ship abandoning his group of Garang boys and attached himself to president Kiir; again he further enriched himself obscenely.

Now sensing that president Kiir is about to lose, he has began to reposition himself for another leap to place of power. It seems president Kiir has noticed and hence his present predicament.

Although Ahmed Alor has support in the Abyei boys like Luka Biong, Gen. Pieng Deng, Dr Francis Deng and so on, this would not pose any threat on its own to president Kiir. This obviously is a huge draw back for Abyei. Ahmed Alor since Garang days has been the pivotal character distorting South Sudan politics. The power that Ahmed wields in the SPLM Oyee machine via manipulation should not be underestimated especially in absence of ideology and a coherent policy in the party. Ahmed is the one person responsible for the invisibility of the minister of foreign affairs and the forceful assertion of Abyeians as citizen of South Sudan contrary to the provision of the CPA of 2005.

With Ahmed’s fall from grace, it now remains to be seen whether this will result in shift in the unarticulated foreign policy of South Sudan. It is worth remembering that South Sudan lost Panthou to the Sudan due to the machinations of the Abyei boys led by Ahmed and the negligence of Dr Riek Machar.

Unlike Ahmed Alor, Kosti Manibe’s citizenship is unquestionable. He hails from an area deep inside South Sudan. An area that has produced patriots throughout the struggle for secession of South Sudan. Kosti is not only a member of the SPLM Oyee but a committed loyal member whose character has all along been immaculate. He is well educated, well mannered and very calm. Kosti is a force for stability and good but unfortunately a self constructed victim of his very self.

Kosti is very disadvantaged. He has no local support as proved by the general election of 2010. He also has no followers in the SPLA as he is not a military person coupled with the oppression of Equatoria has made him to be disposable. Kosti may have been chosen by president Kiir to make example of because he may not have revealed his political preference and allegiance as to who should be the next leader of South Sudan. Kosti is reported to be notorious for silence and keeping things to himself and this may not have earned him friends among the Warrap cartel.

The dragging of the duo into the mud is also a serious warning to the other contenders. Pagan has made his ambitions clear and it appears he may not be in good book of president Kiir. Pagan being in the same predicament like Kosti without local support from the Chollo people may soon find himself in difficulties. In the general election of 2010 he failed to win a seat in his home area. However, he has advantage over Kosti as he appears to have some support in the SPLA and among the Bor people because he is a ‘Garang boy’. Although this support puts him in a better position, there is no guarantee that he will not be dragged into the mud.

While president Kiir plays this roulette he has seriously compromised his own position and the welfare of the SPLM Oyee machine itself. His advisors seem to be short sighted and they may have miscalculated badly. This game which is supposed to strength president Kiir’s position ironically may be the very one that speeds the demise of his regime. President Kiir enjoys the presidency because of the combined support of his tribe and their control of the SPLM Oyee machine. By targeting Ahmed Alor and Kosti Manibe, he has automatically lost the support of the Abyei group and the Equatoria SPLM Oyee members.

The Abyei group due to marriage alliance may now shift their allegiance to Pagan Amum or even Dr Riek Machar in a trade off possibly for influence on foreign policy in South Sudan. So what is emerging is the disintegration of the unity of greater Jieng which also means the loosening of their grip on power.

In effect, president Kiir’s opponents will now be the potential beneficiaries of his short sighted action. Instead of strengthening his position, he has opened up himself to unnecessary attack weakening his authority and support base. Ahmed Alor and Kosti Manibe are members of the SPLM national liberation council, the highest organ of the SPLM Oyee machine.

As far as it is known there is no mechanism in the organisation which will halt them from participating in the debate on the leadership question. So, Ahmed and Kosti will have their day of revenge when things come to the NLC especially on the dispute over the voting system that decides the leadership of SPLM Oyee.

This drama should be a lesson to all those from the smaller tribes in the SPLM Oyee machine that they have no future in this organisation. This is an organisation that serves one particular ethnic group. It uses members of the other ethnic groups as fodder for its growth and enrichment of the ‘born to rule’. If you swim with them, do not be surprised when they push you away from the deep clear water into the mud.

In all, president Kiir with his pedantic tricks is now stoking the disintegration of the SPLM Oyee. This is good news for the country. He should be encouraged to carry on. We say well done to him and his advisors. The disgruntled abused groups now have to carefully calculate on who to support for leadership in South Sudan because they have no future in it. Wisdom dictates that Equatoria should pick up the mantle and challenge for the position of leadership to rescue the country from total collapse.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul


  1. andrew poth says:

    I have personally agreed with your article Mr Paul but i am little bit concerned about giving the leadership to Equatoria. i think that would be big mistake mate, because its like give it back to Dinka for second time to rule so basically they will run that country again into shitholes. why don’t you guys think to restructure the government if it doesn’t deliver resources appropriately? example, reshuffling cabinet personal views on this issue its going to be ongoing problem in south sudan and who is going to be victim innocent people including women, children.

    • Kenyi says:

      Andrew Poth,
      Reshuffling is very old fashion and You know many times it was done. Many writers have already given it a name, “waste recycle.” So why not you support a change of the head now so that we do not be Number one in the failed state list next year. P/se allow some one else to lead for the good of this Country.

    • diktor agarab says:

      If Equatorians don’t run the country, it’ll soon descend to the level of Somali. We’re just 4 steps away.

      • Daniel says:

        Is that the only available option right now? That is not good mate, I personally see no reason why any qualified South Sudanese couldn’t replace Kiir .

  2. Manyok R. says:

    Man Elhag Paul,
    The SPLM Oyee thing you turned into a subject of mockery has nothing to do with what is going wrong inside GOSS or SPLM Party. The SPLM Oyee is just a slogan our infantry soldiers use to boost morale as they enter battlefields to fight war. They use it to rid themselves of fears as they prepare to fight because it is not easy to enter into battlefields. You seem like you don’t know what it takes to fight a war.

    Or sometimes they use it to celebrate once the victory is achieved. whenever you ridicule this slogan, you ‘re not deriding the politicians. But the innocent soldiers who use it mostly for fighting purposes. When they say SPLM Oyee, they remind themselves of the noble cause they are about to lay down their precious lives. And this is totally different from ideological policies the SPLM Party does wrong. Even the Northern soldiers have their own slogan of Allah ua berr ( spelling in check). But you won’t hear the opposition parties making fun of that slogan because it has nothing to do with politics.

    Man, because of this disgraceful mocking of our brave soldiers, I ‘ll never consider nor value anything you write about putting SPLM Oyee as a subject of mockery. Enough of it! Either you drop it or risk being viewed as disgraceful traitors to our brave men and women in uniforms who use this slogan for fighting only.

    • Malou says:

      Manyok R
      You’re a true patriot; thank you for defending men and women who died for the cost of this country. Paul can ridicule them under the banner SPLA Oyee the way he wants but their blood that spilled and their cross-bones that are spread all over South Sudan will never forgive this kind of mockery!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Manyok
      I respect your opinion. You are free and your choices are yours alone. However to try to say that I am ridiculing “our brave men and women in uniform” by using ‘the SPLM Oyee thing’ is irreasonable and utter nonsense. In the entire country everyday, especially in Nyakouron Cultural Centre, SPLM party apparatchiks like Michael Makuie rouse the audience by singing loudly ‘SPLM Oyee!’ Is Nyakoroun a battle field? And are the audience soldiers in front line where their morale needs to be raised? Do not be hypocrite. You can not have it both ways. As you are happy to sing Oyee, what is wrong with describing it correctly? Truth hurts but if you accept it, you will liberate yourself. This SPLM Oyee thing is no good for anybody. The earlier we bin it the better it is for all of us.

      • LL Reuben says:

        Elhag Paul,

        “This SPLM Oyee thing is no good for anybody.” What’s good for anybody, Mr. Paul? YOU? Your belligerent hate campaigns are strengthening the Dinka and SPLM, you should’ve figured that out long ago. You’ll make sense only if you can provide an alternative for South Sudanese who are fed up with SPLM. Failing to do so, reduces you into a mere pathetic hate-monger. It also shows that you’re interested in total destruction of this country. Could that be because the written history has no bearing of your name in it, so you’d rather have it destroyed and a new one be created that could’ve you and your associates names on it. Keep up your work, you’ve admirers – the truth will liberate you and not hurt you.

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Dear LL Reuben,

          Elhag Paul is not denying the importance of SPLM oyee thing. What he is teaching us is that it should be used where it supposed to be. As we all know, the SPLM Oyee slogan is truly used in military places to boost morale. This is the correct place for it. What Elhag Paul opposes is it usage in civilians institutions such as meeting places like Nyakuron center where no military activities are taking place there.

          There is place for everything and everything in its place. The SPLM apparatchiks need to use it in military places. Some of our people even go too far to use it when sacrificing a goat to gods. Soon it will be the first thing for Catholic priest to say before preaching the Good News to the believers. This is not the rightful place for it. That is exactly what Elhag Paul is trying to convey to us.

    • Kenyi says:

      Manyok R.
      I agree with u that our gallant forces’ slogan should not be used to oppose SPLM, But SPLM themselves do not respect it, they use it to preach their propaganda and even to deceive our people. Can u advice them not to use it again and leave it only to our soldiers!
      My brother, most of things have no difference now days in South Sudan; For example tell me the difference between rebels of Sudan and our national Army. The difference between National Flag and SPLM flag. The difference between SPLM and SPLA……… We respect our army but, they are twins of SPLM so when we lose hope in SPLM the next will be SPLA unless they distance themselves way from the party.
      If this young country of two years can manage to be in position 4 what will happen if this 2 years old becomes 10.?…

  3. Kenyi says:

    Hi paul,
    This is well analysed article. Keep them coming.

  4. Jabu Konglie says:

    Elhag, this time you appear to be more tribalist or just Equatorian than analyzing issues based on facts. Although you are rich with informations, some of informations were not true; for example, you mentioned that Pagan ran in 2010 for election and he lost his constituency. It was not true, he has not run for any seat in the election. In addition, we would say that Pagan is not accepted by his Chollo tribe, but the most important for any Southern Sudanese is that he has a national vision that he carries out rather than looking to how much support he has in his own community.

    • Diu J.Kuek says:

      Elhag Paul.
      In fact things are getting tough with President Kiir in our nation in terms of eradicating the corruption, it’s not a simple task he has to do whatever he can by his power as President to fight this chronic corruption. At the same time he’s losing support from some elements among his die-hard group as these two national ministers, Mr Kosti Manibe and Deng Alor Kuol, you have named him Ahmed Deng Alor but I was not aware of such a name. So I think you may be right anyway here from both… no one should blame President Kiir for taking such an action because both two men were the members of the cabinet they should know the procedure of the government for such big amount… almost to $ 8 million US dollars transferred by two ministers without cabinet resolution. Even some people will term the President’s action as suicide, but no way he had to act.

      Mr Kosti Manibe may be accepted by Equatoria community whatever he had abandoned them still as son of the land. Deng Alor Kuol case is difficult as he had already declared his total loyalty to the President Kiir as he’s part of Warrap elite group and now appears to be betrayed within the group. He already had said good bye to the Garang boys and they considered his disloyalty as a traitor. I doubt if he will be trusted again and allowed to join their ranks.

      In your last point you said that Equatoria should pick up the mantle and challenge for the position of leadership to rescue the country from total collapse. Mr Elhag Paul I always do agree with you in so many articles but now seems you are totally out of the correct point. I am saying that is not because Equatoria isn’t fit to lead the country no.

      my point is you Elhag Paul, do you have some body from Equatoria having such ambition to lead the nation in this current crisis? Please don’t tell me James Wani Igga. We are not in need of watching a comedian, we have to project some one who should be a leader.

      Elhag Paul, my dear, in all these political games Equatoria is the King maker, it isn’t the King, frankly speaking, to be honest, so without it you will not be the King….it’s something so obvious.

  5. Bari Boy says:

    Stop supporting a BIG THIEF called Kosti. You r supporting him because he is your tribe man. Thief is a thief. Kosti is in the list of 75 officials.

  6. Fundimawe says:

    It’s a dirty party running the government for sure, it is like deification in the toilet and not urinating either, when are we south Sudan expect to have change?
    two years have passed in bad moon in face of citizen, there is no justice and human rights within the ruling party. only killing poor citizen and looting public funds.
    God help the cry of S.Sudanese from the hands of BIG peoples of S. Sudanese.

  7. Choromke Jas says:

    As always, you have a special goggle for the inner working of the Oyee party. Congratulations for the political analysis. The Kiir clique is over-reaching itself in imitating the Kenyan system of corruption. In Kenya there was a similar multi-million scam called Anglo-Leasing. It bears uncanny resemblance to this DAF-Daffy scam.

    It goes like this: The power that be is approaching an election. He instructs his henchmen to get some billions from the public coffers for election. The henchmen set up a fictitious company to supply a SECURITY system (in Kenya, it was passport and in South Sudan, it is fire-safes!). The money to the “supplier” is paid upfront, and the henchmen declare fictitious delivery and receipts of the services or goods. The money is divided among the clique members, with the Chief, taking the lion’s share. But in both cases, the culprits are eventually exposed. In Kenya, an incorruptible insider blew the whistle on his tribesmen (all of them were men). In the the case of South Sudan, it appears the President himself lost his cue and took a wrong turn that has now exposed his deceptive web of corruption.

    As I write, I have in front of me a copy of a letter purported to have been written by Deng Alor on 28th November 2012, ref: GRSS/MCA/MO/J/4/11/8- to the DEPUTY Minister of Ministry of Finance, Marial Awou. The subject of the letter reads: “Request for Payment of Fire-Resistant Safes for Storing Confidential and Classified Government Documents”. In the letter Alor quotes the authority of the Resolutions of the Council of Minsters No. 05/2012. According Alor, the resolution (article six) “highlights that all necessary measures be taken to ensure the fire safety at the official residence of H.E. the President of the Republic and other public buildings of the Government of South Sudan”. Deng Alor further writes that “[A]s a part of implementing this resolution, I would like to request that your office facilitate the payment of these fire-resistant safes…” The supplier of these safes is given as Daff Supplies International Ltd and the amount required is USD 7,959,400.

    In a handwritten instruction on Alor’s letter, Marial Awou wrote: “Undersec(sic), To take necessary action in the installation of the safes…payment will be done when the financial situation of the country improves. Signed”

    The rest as we say, is history. But it is important to state here that from this key communication Kosti Manibe was not in the loop. It also rumoured that the person (Daffy probably shortened form Qaddaffy) who went and withdrew USD 1,000,000 as reported in the press is a close relative of the Chief and was instructed to go and withdraw this money by someone high up the Kiir government.

    Among the people in Juba, the case against Kiir and his clique of corrupt henchmen is watertight. The President appears to have been stripped by the numerous web of corruption deals involving his own people. He was most probably spurred on by the heat of the leadership wrangle to inadvertently shoot himself in the foot. South Sudanese deserve a clear accountability from this bumbling, nay, thieving President, who has been presiding over loss of billions of dollars of our people’s money. How this accountability will be brought about is left to the people of South Sudan.

  8. Eastern says:

    Dear Elhag, this is yet another important piece coming from you. Continue bringing out these pertinent issues that continue to bedevil South Sudanese. In fact one cannot tell the difference between SPLA and SPLM; the two are intertwined in their modus operandi; deceit, greed, arrogance, denial and theft. The current mess brought about by the SPLM/Dinkocracy-led sham government is the grand replica of what transpired in the bushes of then Southern Sudan and the Transitional Areas – commanders were small gods if one did not dance to their music, one was not accommodated in their numerous ‘headquarters’ but sent out to suffer along with the majority.

    This arrogance and theft is now seen in its grand outlook. Mr. Elhag, I give you a standing ovation on this piece!

    • Gatkuoth says:

      Mr. Eastern
      If you don’t differentiate between SPLM and SPLA then it is better for you to leave this forum for those who sacrifice themselves in the name of SPLM/SPLA and liberated their fellow southerners. I will not blame you so much because you were either trading southerners lives in Khartoum for a living or you were in Uganda for fear of being forced to join movement. Let me tell you you this . You are encouraging tribalism in southern Sudan which most of the Equestrians are against it. You have a say to voice your concern or express your opinion when something went wrong in your government but don’t mention Dinka, Nuer or Bari ……as source of the problem. Southern Sudan government have parties and one among these parties is the governing party. Why not blame party and leave tribe or clan rather than saying Dinka or whatsoever.

      • Gatkuoth

        I don’t know why you guys regard SPLA as one of the untouchable entities in this country, despite the fact that you guys knew/know that SPLA had/ has the worst record of human rights abuses in this country. For me i don’t regard SPLA as a holy entity in this country, because SPLA had/has been part and partial of many insecurity and political intimidations in this country mandated by its political wing SPLM. it’s unfortunately up to now, we don’t have national arm but rather we have a party arm that keeps on implementing the odd policies of this rotten and deformed political party called SPLM.

        • Pitya Lo Tongun:

          How would the national Army be formed when you guys are not willing to risk your lives for the Republic of Sudan? Police, Prison guards and wildlife can not form the national Army. The SPLA is still being dominated by the Dinka soldiers up to date and nobody complains about it because it is risky and tedious. Please ask your people to join the SPLA in good numbers so that we can turn it into the National Army if you are not pleased with the name of the SPLA. Does Mr. Elhag Paul know that Dinka is still dominating the SPLA, South Sudan’s National Army? Why does he not complain about Dinka domination and nepotism in the National Army? Is it because it is connected with death and there is no money and corruption in it? I know the Dinka domination complaint would come up when the war ends in South Sudan.

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Mr. Pitya lo Tongun,

          South Sudan Army (SSA) is our national Army; that is what SPLA has been transformed into. But the truth of the matter is, SPLA mentality is what being practiced here, what has only changed is the name.

          Furthermore, instead of using SSA more often, it is SPLA that we keep hearing. This is because most of our soldiers and supporters of SPLM political party would like to win loyalty by ignoring SSA over SPLA. The soldiers are indeed in support of SPLM and nobody is preaching to them the role of National Army.

          In Democratic nations like USA, soldiers do not vote and are not involve in election process. It is only civilians that choose the President. No matter who wins the election, the soldiers are under the command of the new elected President.

      • Eastern says:

        SPLA is a rebel outfit-turned national army; SPLM is the organization that is in leadership of the country today. The two are so intertwined that you cannot tell who is in SPLM or who is an SPLA. a national army should not be partisan in its outlook. No South Sudanese should be coerced to become a member of SPLM but every South Sudanese is entitled to the benefits, rights and privileges and duties and responsibilities as provided by the Nationality Act (look behind your nationality certificate, just under the right thump print).

        For SPLM to become appealing to the wider South Sudanese, its machinations used during the war should be changed. Those wartime tactics were necessitated by the situation prevailing then; things are rapidly changing. Good governance is the catch word which the former rebel commanders need to learn.

        I insist, I don’t see the difference between the two: SPLA and SPLM.

  9. Tyson says:

    This indeed a useful piece of information to read.
    The SPLM led government and dominated parliament is in shambles with no semblance of integrity. The eroded thinking capacity within the SPLM hegemony, corruption, lack of governance and rule of law, tribalism, land grabbing, cattle rustling and political mediocrity has earned South Sudan the rank of “FAILED STATE” within two years of Independence.
    Congratulations to this dying government and party!!!!!!!!

  10. Okeny Lojuron says:

    you right Elhaj, but the truth is a thief cannot prosecute another thief for fear that he too will be exposed.
    all of these thieves have sharpened their weapons with enough evidence to use against the other.

  11. simon peter says:

    There is Nuer history saying that, there was a man cutting the spare ribs which has been roasted for Young men, the ribs was so good to eat and, they normally eat together according to Nuer culture. the man divided some ribs to others and there was a fat piece which every one was looking, Therefore, the man doesn’t want to cut it and ate with the people. He was looking up for some seconds, and then he became shocked, and almost dead. this is what is happening to criminal of criminals, those gangs are shocked now, we all believes the trust will liberate itself. either way trailing those or leaving them is too late. I Iike your article man, thumb up.

    • Dear Simon Peter:

      GatMallen, Who is now shocking between President Kiir and his two Ministers namely Mr. Deng Alor and Mr. Kosti Manibe? Dr. Riek Machar is also dying of heart disease due to high Blood Pressure caused by his obesity. In additions, some of our SSN politicians are critically ill and are dying of jealousy and animosity against Dinka and especially those corrupted leaders who are milking and drinking the milk of the Holy South Sudanese Cow in Juba by themselves. I’m so disappointed with the Honorable Minister of Finance, Mr.Kosti Manibe for his thievery. I had an assumption that Dinka were the only thieves in South Sudan.

      Two years ago, the daughter of our liberator Joseph Lagu, Josephine Lagu was accused of stealing the South Sudanese Students in Uganda. Are they really Equatorians or Dinkas? Are these the only thieves in the Greater Equatoria? Or Are there more thieves out there? I believe that the Dinka and Nuer thieves are blocking the Equatorians and other South Sudanese from having access to steal the government money. Cousin, Simon Peter, I give you two thumps up for your funny Ribs store. Please let them shock themselves to death if this is the only way we can get rid of them from the government of South Sudan. Stay blessed and May the almighty God save the Republic of South Sudan from those corrupted politicians!

    • simon peter says:

      I forgot some part of history, So when the man becomes shocked he started stabbing every body with that spear. the same things now, Salva should not stab every body with the spear while he was one who corrupted first.

      • Simon Peter:

        You made me laugh again. That part of the store was extremely hilarious and perilous. Therefore it would be wise and advisable for the Vice President Dr.Riek Machar, Cde James Wani Igga, Cde Pagan Amum, Chief Justice Chan Reech Madut of the Supreme Court, Minister of Justice John Luk Jok and the Anti Corruption Boss, Justice John Gatwech Lul to keep an extra eye on Kiir’s shocking knife. I’m afraid to say that, that knife may one day land on them if they don’t snatch it out sooner from Kiir’s mighty and holy hands. Once again, I must say that let them shock or stab themselves to death if that is the only way God would liberate or relieve us from their well established thievery in Juba. Please ensure that you give them big and sharp knives and stay clear and away from the meat and them because you are too young and brilliant to die. Stay blessed and keep posting more stores! I love them dearly.

  12. AW joseph says:

    You and your King Salva Kiir are embarking on a very dangerous road to which its consequences you have not fully come to grasp with for you and a lot of other people around the so called liberators who had never achieved a total military victory over the mighty Sudan Armed Forces. So change course as wise men would do. A lot of wise men around the world had once warned of this very thing: Ascendancy to the top without Merit is suicide in these types of situations.
    The SPLM OYEE and KING SALVA KIIR should do their revisions. Words on the streets of our Towns, Cities and in the Village(s) are that, most South Sudanese don’t think much of The SPLM OYEE (Come 2015) because all the hardships they are going through which has never been experienced in Sudan are attributed to Corrupt, Greedy Selfish few individuals who have no shame on enriching themselves without concern for the welfare of the helpless majority. We never suffered like this at the hands of the ARABS (rightfully or wrongly), so be warned.

  13. JAC Ramba says:

    Dear Choromke Jas

    Thank you for shedding more light on the topic in hand (the Fire Safe scandal). And as you said that you have the copy of the letter holding the cabinet’s resolution and the other documents, I humbly suggest that you scan it and put it in the media. In this way you will be helping the course of justice. You can also send me a copy to my e-mail:

  14. Elhag,
    Replacing Bacteria with Virus is not the best solution in South Sudan, ya Sheikh Elhag.
    Your instruments for examining South Sudan sickness are either old to be used this 21st century or the Lab. Technologist is not healthy mentally or else he/she is not professional in his/her field of specialisation, otherwise the Doctor who might have prescribed the medicine for that sickness is not a professional/Medical Doctor.

    Elhag, it is very hard for me to understand you as an icon for change when you are already deep in tribal line campaigning for your kith & kin to be an alternative leader(s) in South Sudan with your madness move against Dinka and the ideology of your so called Dinkocracy.

    I know you have volunteered yourself to plant this senseless hatred among our peaceful societies who have tirelessly fought for this freedom of our country in the spirit of brotherhood which the opportunist like you is trying to deny its manifestation and great achievement and which has been recognized & honored internationally.

    I wondered how the so called Elhag and slave-minded traitors are always interesting in denying documented facts of what you so called Oyee Party for the sake of tribalism density in your blood.

  15. Manyok R. says:

    Man, I just think you like controversy for its sake. But, what you don’t know, it also is killing your credibility as a writer or whatever you stand for. And actually through critique of your loads of nonsense one after another, I don’t think you could effect any change in South Sudan.

    Trust me, no matter how objective you perceived yourself to be as you constantly bombarded worldwide webs with controversies, majority of South Sudanese intellectuals or not, don’t like you because of mockery “SPLA/M OYEE” as a slogan. Believe me, if you drop it, you’ll gain a lot of followers who could help to advance whatever cause you want to achieve.

    SPLM OYEE, ridiculing makes you to be perceived like a deranged hated-driven Equatorian or Mony-dore. I shared the same views with you but the mockery of SPLM OYEE doesn’t sit well with me. By the way, I got to admit this, I consider you one of the best writers if not overall number one political commentator among South Sudanese since the demise of Isaiah Abraham. But the SPLM OYEE THING, has reduced you to nothing in my view. I mean absolute zero!

  16. Mata says:

    Indeed, very well analysed article.

  17. AW joseph says:

    Manyok R
    As an educated DINKA you should know very well that criticizing the SPLM/A does not mean that one does not have respect for those who made the sacrifice. It’s not the blood of DINKA only that had been spilled for South Sudan but includes the precious blood of our friends and allies in North Sudan. Tell me one tribe in South Sudan that has never lost a soul for the movement.

    One thing I find puzzling is that every time when ever people criticise SPLM/A the DINKA take it as an attack on them. If the DINKA think they own SPLM/A why can’t they change the name now that they have divided Sudan to reflect the current status. The reason why SPLM/A does not want to change its name is……… so that the DINKA can continue to claim that they liberated us.

    Worst of it is the insult that Equatorians are women and cowards!!!!!!!!!!! Manyok you should know very well that if you bite a crocodile it might bite you back one day only time will tell……So for all your protests against Paul’s articles, a little civility on your part would have been sufficient.

    But in characteristics, all you have is the arrogance of the DINKA mindset. You want to insult Paul, a man you didn’t know like he was your child in the name of some sort of right to insult whosoever you choose. Tone down your accusation against Paul and the belief that the Dinka are born to rule.

  18. Issack Deng says:

    The SPLM malpractices and Kiir dysfunctional government has nothing to do with Dinka tribe but corrupt individuals who are stealing everyday from the poor citizens who should be called out by their names and shamed in general public court. I don’t have sympathy for professional thieves who fear no God. The stolen amount of 8,000,000 dollars could have built large 10 up to date primary and secondary schools and another 10 health clinic centers in each 10 states.

    Do they even know that almost 99% of South Sudanese live below the poverty line but the gluttonous ministers in Kiir government cannot be satisfied with the 4 billion dollars hidden in their houses?

  19. Manyok R. says:

    AW joseph,
    You read me completely wrong brother. What I’m against is the mockery of SPLM/A OYEE. Nothing more! I don’t condone incompetent polices of the SPLM as now a political party nor will I vote for them come election. Get me my point correct, making fun of it simple thing like the slogan of SPLM/A OYEE will change anything they do wrong. And doesn’t make anyone better who wants to change things. In fact, it makes Mr. Paul seem juvenile at worse when he resorts to mocking. The SPLM/A has its so many critics across the board, but none stooges that low like this lunatic. If he wants to regain his respect among southerners, he better get it together and write like a real professional to be taken serious. Until then, I have zero respect for the man! Period!

  20. Choromke Jas says:

    Dr Ramba,

    I would want to send you the documents, but for obvious reason I am unable to do so. It is actually a dossier containing also hand written notes from various officials. One written not, presumably by Kosti, is requesting one staffer to avail him (Kosti) the approval documents that led to the transfer of the USD 8m. If the dossier is authentic, then the accusation of Kosti is totally politically motivated. The kangaroo court of the Anti Corruption Commission will and should return the verdict of “not guilty” for Kosti. But then we are now officially No. 4 Failed State, meaning, institutions, including the Anti Corruption Commission are dysfunctional. The only way out to nail the thieves (of children’s food, medicine, education etc), rapists and human right abusers is go to the ICC to get justice.

  21. nyaputa says:

    Manyok R

    I think you have gone too far. do you have personal problem with Paul Elhaq? and if you do, please don’t bring it to the public forum. I understand you want to defend your organization splm but you should begin by defending it from those who are using it on daily basis at their private functions which Paul elhaq is trying to emphasize here and you failed to get.

    Manyok R, why should a person of your caliber fail to get a point of Paul Elhaq article? is it because you are used to only splm oyee things or what.
    Manyok R, you’re not a spokesperson of south Sudanese people and therefore stop the claim that Paul Elhaq will lose their support as a result of his writing, in fact, it is opposite. it will be you who will do because you used to writing redundant articles most of the time.

    Manyok R please stop being naive.

  22. Tyson says:

    Choromke Jas,

    Many thanks for throwing more light into the dossier. It will be useful to have this document in the public domain (if possible). As you mentioned earlier, our legal institutions are rotten including the Legislative Assembly, thus giving South Sudan the powerful position of No. 4 FAILED STATE.
    That dossier will help the lay people to watch the outcome of this Kiir crowned Anti-Corruption Commission investigation.
    After the demise of Dr Garang, the Government of Self Service (GOSS) was constituted under the patronage of Kiir to loot as much as possible. The dura saga, marathon of theft in all Ministries and other institutions of government, ghost names, siphoning of 4 billion US$ and the recent mega theft in the Ministry of Thieves.
    Ironically, Kiir is no.1 in this looting spree. Let him and his cronies prove him clean to the South Sudanese people.
    The best option is to expedite the process to the ICC. If 2015 can result into a new government either SPLM without Kiir or different party), then the democratically elected government should seek all means to bring them to the law.

  23. Manyok R. says:

    Yes, I have personal problem with him on the issue of mockery. That’s all. I said time and again that I agree with most of his criticisms about party politics of the SPLM. SPLM OYEE, is used in military setting as a brief attention-getting phrase.
    It is not a party platform to generate that level of hatred from him. Also our soldiers use it for morale boosting on battlefields. So, why can he see the logic to refrain from mockery?
    He has right to officially challenge the use of the phrase in court of law instead of making offensive noise online. He had invented many disparaging words against Dinka like Dinkocracy and so on. But, I won’t complain because that’s within his right to do so even though he has no respect for his Dinka’s readerships. His satirical mockery of this phrase is distasteful. And so you got to help him understand that and there will be no problem.

    • nyaputa says:

      Manyok R,

      Paul does not need a help from me or anybody. you’re the one who needs to understand what Paul is talking. Even I myself don’t believe on what you’re saying to him. why don’t you just take it easy and mind your own business?

  24. Choromke Jas says:

    Ladies and gentlemen

    I have overheard something which makes me afraid, very afraid. A very important person was talking to some young people from Equatoria. He says something like this: This issue of Kosti has shown the deep hatred of the Dinka for other Southerners. You young people should now know that the enemy is not far, he is near. Open your eyes and be like the Israeli parents to your children. In the that country parents buy toys which represent the Arabs (Palestinians). They tell their children that this (the toy or figurine) ) is the enemy which wants to grab your historical land and wipe you out of the surface of the earth. You must remain vigilant and do not be deceived by his friendly overture.

    In the South now, those with certain marks (like chicken feet, not railway lines) on their foreheads are the enemy. Soon, some of us will die and leadership will pass on to you. Do not forget Kosti Manibe’s affairs for its it is the defining moment and the dividing line in time; before and after Kosti (like BC and AD). Fight a good war and defeat the enemy.

    Those South Sudanese nationalists who want this country to remain one must move first to reverse the damage being done to our unity by Kiir and clique. Remove him immediately, otherwise forget a united South Sudan.

  25. Dear Choromke Jas:

    Be informed that President Kirr did not remove two ministers in the government Mr. Deng Alor and Kosti Manibe, just for nothing. He did the right thing for the country and people! The money that was given to the company by two ministers Deng Alor and Manibe, without informing the president Kirr it was not good at all! They should inform the president to know what was going in the first place.

    • Chief Akuranyang:

      I strongly still admire your chiefdom stance and practice of justice on the SSN. This is another great reply to Choromke Jas. Thief is a thief, no matter how close it is to you. If any one defends a thief because it is his/her kith and kin, that person himself/herself is a thief in waiting and will strike one day when the time and opportunity become available for them. Please keep it up and stay blessed chief!

  26. rizik says:

    we need Macher just no more then anybody else, he is a real change. Those dinka they have another objective which will not match with the first SPLM/A objectives. to hell with dinka

    • Rizik:

      Vice president Dr.Riek Machar has been carrying the corrupted Briefcases of president Kiir Mayardit since 2005. He has allegedly been stealing our money with president Kiir in Juba for the last 9 years and his name is on the list of 75 thieves. So your Nuer Uncle Riek and your Dinka Cousin Kiir are both thieves, therefore they are not fit to lead South Sudan in 2015. Cousin, to hell with Dinka means to hell with your ownself. Take care and you must always think wisely, positively and respectfully.

  27. petergatluak says:

    Suspension of two South Sudanese Ministers is a right thing to do

    In absence of oil income, government of South Sudan had to turn its focus to maximise non-oil revenues and solicit financial support from allies and well-wishers. In addition, the government had to impose strict austerity budget to close the gap. This meant reduction
    Let me now examine how the two federal ministers conducted themselves during this financial crisis in South Sudan. Instead of caring, supporting and mobilizing resources for citizens of South Sudan, the two ministers blundered many-folds as explained below. They are Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Hon. Deng Alor Kuol, and Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Hon. Kosti Manibi, who were suspended on June 18th, 2013 on theft allegation. It was surprising to learn that a huge amount of money almost 8,000,000 USD was transferred to private account by these two ministers when majority of our citizens are starving and lacking basic social services and infrastructure.
    The glaring fact is that this amount which is equivalent to 40,000,000 SSP (according to current black market rate) which is siphoned by the two ministers through their cronies is enough to pay a monthly grant transfers for three smaller States of South Sudan.
    For the sack of this article and for interest of South Sudanese masses whose resources are being openly looted below is a brief background of these ministers.
    Hon. Kosti Manibi, former Minister of Finance and Economic Planning
    Until his recent scandal, I had very high regard to Mr. Kosti Manibi for his contribution to our liberation struggle though he joined after having fallen out with leadership of Sudan Council of churches allegedly over huge disappearance of funds under his care.
    Despite his defeat in 2010 elections by an independent candidate Hon. Richard K Mulla now in National Legislative Assembly, his made-up “hard work and determination” might have been one of the ingredients for his appointment as a custodian of South Sudanese treasury. What worries me now is the fate of financial resources which Mr. Kosti mobilized from abroad for the government since he was appointed a minister of Finance and Economic Planning. I doubt if these resources will ever be accounted for given what we know now about the man! But God and land of South Sudan, together with spirits of our fallen comrades, will ultimately judge him for putting his interest first while forgetting populace who are rightful owners of these resources.
    Hon. Deng Alor Kuol, former Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Juba, RSS
    It’s a common knowledge that Mr. Deng Alor is one of the luckiest comrades in entire SPLM/A. Except for his brief deployment with Jamus battalion; he had never experienced any hardship which most of his colleagues went through. His assignment during the course of struggle included, management of office of Late Dr. John Garang in Addis Ababa, several foreign missions, deployment in non-hostile environment, or sent to collect financial donations of the Movement from friends and allies. Literally, he was like a “mini-bank,” for Dr. John Garang de Mabior and Movement until that fateful chopper crashed on July 30th, 2005. The man led a luxuries life throughout liberation struggle and after the CPA, to say the least. It actually pains me each time I see him talking in front of public boasting of his achievement as revolutionary and a freedom fighter because glamorous characterization doesn’t suit him.
    Imagine just for a moment how much money would be in his personal bank account now given all favourable conditions availed to him from 1983-2013 considering alleged financial irregularities that existed in Movement during the time. At any rate, Mr. Deng Alor Kuol should be a happy and satisfied man in South Sudan because there is no any single currency in the world that he hasn’t touched, spent, or saved. What troubles me is that this is a man who made us to believe that he was in the government to serve people, a premise he disproved in a broad day light by transferring 8,000,000 USD illegally to a private bank account for self-seeking and unpatriotic reasons from South Sudanese citizens who need it most.
    What is more telling, fellow citizens, is the fact that the shady company, named: Daffy Investment Group, is owned by a known international criminal, Mr. Athorbei aka Ghadafi, who went to Canada as a refugee, spent four months and got locked behind bars by Canadian government for many years only to be deported back to South Sudan after his prison term. These are the kind of people that South Sudan resources are being channelled through to foreign banks.
    Had it not been for a swift action of Stanbic Bank Manager in Kenya who block and disclose this illegal transaction to government of South Sudan, the amount in question would not have been recovered. The people of South Sudan must thank this manager for a job well-done. I recommend him also to Transparency International to award this manager the highest available award in order to encourage other bank managements to follow suit.
    In conclusion, I thank the President, Salva Kiir Mayardit, for his courageous decision to suspend those who thought were invincible. The committee tasked with investigating this scandal, under Justice Gatwhich …, Chairperson of Anti-Corruption Commission, are under microscopic watchful eyes of the people of South Sudan. They need to understand that their collective creditability is on the line. Should the fail to live up to the expectations of the masses of South Sudan, they will forever be dead politically. It is important that they do the right thing by making credible investigation in order to put to rest culture of impunity in South Sudan.
    The citizens of South Sudan, whose resources have long been looted by a few people, must stand shoulder to shoulder with the President so that those who have immensely enriched themselves at the expense of others are brought to book. In my opinion, if there are individuals currently working in government of South Sudan who do not feel citizens’ pains, then they are worthless of their positions and should be removed by all legal means available. Once again, I whole heartedly support decisions of our President Salva Kiir Mayardit for suspending these ministers because they are not serving the interest of people of the Republic of South Sudan.

    Peter Gatluak is South Sudanese. Reach him via

  28. Manyok R. says:

    The most guilty of this financial scandals is President Kiir himself. I cringe any time when someone excludes him and adds salt to the injury, praises him as well. He ought to be held responsible for this level of corruption. It reflects on his character if 75 senior govt officials plus these 2 recent ministers stole more than $ 4 billions public’s funds in his watch. He single-handily picked everyone of these officials. If they turned out to be thieves, then it is safe to say he is also a thief. If our poor masses totally serious about solving corruption, moral solution should start by getting rid of president Kiir and every senior level officials who served under his administration. This includes vice president Riek Marchar too. We want someone non-militant from academic to lead our country.

  29. Malondit says:

    My brothers and sisters, you will all regret one day one time of missing salva in the presidency because now you are blaming him for all this mistake but in his strategy was meaning to bring you here and from now on he is going to deal with all these wrong elements who had been driving him; since so if am not wrong in my comment, then you just give him more time and you will all get happy I think.

  30. Malok Majak says:

    Your argument has a substance in it based on your assessments of the events that are occurring in the current leadership. But you sadly fall of mentioning the nasty roles of dr. riek druing struggle and during CPA, and transition period. As I can not doubt your intellect you should balance your points.

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