President Kiir: State of the Nation Address

By: Samuel Atabi, South Sudan, JUN/09/2018, SSN;

The Beginning:

Fellow South Sudanese, greetings. It is now 13 years since the gun went silent in our country. It is seven years since we became independent. However, I am afraid I have no good news to report. Our problems started at the beginning. Our leader, who had prepared himself for the task of nation building died tragically few months after the end of the war. His death is the cause of all these troubles we have.

While he lived, he did not tutor me and other leaders of the SPLM/A in statecraft. So at his death, I was pushed into unfamiliar territory of nation building, while completely devoid of any knowledge on how a nation is run. We had to start from the scratch.

Therefore, in order to steer this country, without the requisite knowledge, I have had to depend on advisors, both in this country and from foreign countries.

Barely two years after independence, was I advised that in order to stabilize the country, I should not allow any change in government, particularly in the presidency. But I was not told how to implement this advice.

Thus, when some other pretenders began to agitate for change of leadership in our only party, the SPLM, I became afraid that this would lead to instability that had been advised against.

I embarked on unchartered path whereby I decided to have my own militia, which you now call Mathiang Anyoor, to protect the presidency. Don’t blame me for this.

After all, the SPLA itself is a combination of many tribal militias: the Paulino Matip’s, Riek’s , Lam Akol’s, Alfred Gore’s, Obuto Mamur’s and others. But I now realize that this was an unwise move.

That is why I have strongly disagreed with Paul Malong who was the recruitment sergeant for the militia.

Despite the presence of lawyers and judges in my cabinet, no one advised me that this was against our supreme law, the constitution.

Unwise decisions:

Once you create an army, you must use it. So, my fellow citizens, I was railroaded into using Mathiang Anyoor in December 2013 to kill not only my former Vice President, but also his fellow tribe people who were resident in our capital, Juba. The consequence of this another unwise move, was a disaster.

From that time up to date, there has never been peace in our country. As if this massacre was not enough, my militia again tried to kill Riek Machar in July 2016, after he had returned, from where he ran, because of the peace agreement signed in August 2015.

This time round, my militia spanned out in the Equatorial (sic) region, burning, killing and raping women. Consequently, parts of the region have now been left vacant because the population has run away to Uganda.

Why Uganda? This confirms what we Jieng have been suspecting: Equatorial people are Ugandans. But again, it is not just Equatorians who have run away.

My own people from Northern Bahr el Ghazal have fled, would you believe it, back to the land of the Jalaba.

The Jieng have no reason to run away. There is no war in our part of the country.

It is the Equatorians and their intellectuals who are pushing propaganda against my government. As I speak, foreign governments are now conspiring with them for a regime change in our beloved country.

That, my fellow citizens, is the state of the matters in our nation; do not allow foreigners to change your elected government.

Peace and lost opportunities:

Let me now turn to the issue of peace talks. Our brothers, and all of them are men, in the Opposition are making unreasonable demands at the negotiation table.

Can you imagine they want to dissolve our lovely and gallant SPLA and replace it with their ragtag forces?

Imagine also that, I, your hero, your protector and your unifier, should vacate this seat…. another demand by the Opposition.

These, I am sorry to say, are red lines. I have instructed my delegates at the Addis Ababa peace talks not to cross them.

They can go to hell, the Opposition, and I would rather die than resign from the presidency. I am sure all of you, my fellow compatriots, agree with me on this.

Let us pose for a minute, close our eyes and think of an alternative world that is peaceful and different from what I have just described above.

Imagine there was no war in our country. Imagine too, I did not try to kill Riek Machar twice and I did not order Mathiang Anyoor to kill Nuer and Equatorial civilians.

Imagine we did not encourage mega corruption among our leaders and people.

Lastly, imagine we treated each other with respect, equality and justice in matters of employment, opportunities and freedom. Then, fellow citizens, we would be far ahead of any of our neighbors. Let me explain.

With billions of dollars accruing from our oilfields, we would have done a lot of developmental things. By this time I would be addressing you from our new centrally-placed, brand new capital of Ramchiel.

We would have built radiating roads from that capital to various compass points of our country: from Ramciel to Malakal, to Raja, to Wau, to Kuaojok, to Mundri, to Source Yubu, to Yambio, to Maridi, to Rumbek, to Yei, to Nimule, to Torit, to Nadapal, to Boma, to Nasir to Pagak, to Bentiu, to Renk etc.

All of them would be tarmacked.

To spur our industrial development and encourage inward direct foreign investments, we would have built a modern hydroelectric plant at Fulla rapids in Nimule. We would have had sufficient electricity to drive our industries and light our homes.

We would have built our own railway line, the much talked-about Standard Gauge Rail (SGR) and pipeline to the eastern African coast to ferry our export and import and to transport passengers to and from our country and transport our oil products, respectively.

Our economy would be booming (forget Lol’s claim) from development in agriculture and manufacturing sectors.

We would have mechanized our farming, introduced irrigation in places like Acholi, Aweil (for rice production) and continue to grow crops like coffee and tea in Yei, and Upper Talanga, and wheat in Nagishot.

We would have improved our livestock to produce dairy products (milk, cheese yogurt, ghee etc.), and hide and skin and of course beef. Our fisheries in the Sudd regions would be flourishing as we export fresh fish to the European Union, using refrigerated trucks and cargo aircraft.

We would have built a hospital in every county, trained doctors and paramedics to man them.

We would have built a primary school in every boma and a secondary school in every county to educate our young ones.

We would have built more universities to train our human resources for civil service, health sector, agriculture, economy and of course our culture and heritage.

We would have professionalized our army, welding them from the various ethnic groups into one, patriotic army with clear objective of protecting our hard-earned independence, instead of turning the guns against their own compatriots.

We would now be having a professional police force and national security at par with the CIA or MI5 or MI6 or Mossad. They would safeguard our security while at the same time respecting the constitutional rights of our citizens.

We would have developed a secure hospitality and tourism industry based on the natural endowment of our teeming and unique wildlife and cultures.


Ladies and gentlemen, nothing would stop us from achieving these because we HAD the money, the human resources, and the stamina to persevere.

Didn’t we struggle for decades to gain our independence?

Lastly, I have a message to our comrades in arms. I have seen the growth of mercenary attitudes among you. No one seems ready to undertake any small task without demanding payment of money for it.

If we did not have the spirit of sacrifice, we would not have liberated this country. Show kindness and patriotism in all that you are doing.

I want you to reflect deeply on the two aspects of what our country is in now and what it would have been. After that let us have a serious conservation of the way forward.

Thank you, God bless you and God bless South Sudan.

Samuel Atabi is a South Sudanese political commentator


  1. Dear: All Of Us

    The President Salva Kirr,speech at the Address of the Union,is very Powerful! He is now admitting his bad mistake that he he had made before!He is a Christian Born Again.He needs forgiveness altogether from people the Southerners by themselves! But,he should know the meaning of Democracy! He is still on talking to be a president in RAMCHIEL.The New South Sudan Capital! He has to step a side! He should allow others opportunity to be in the Presidency High Office Power!

    If he is going to continue in power,the country will never and ever enjoy peace Dividend!

    Sincere Building Trust!


    Kansas City,MO.USA

  2. Peacemaker says:

    In a civilized nation when one fails to deliver, he quilts to give way to capable statesmen. Can’t he do the same?

    • info@southsudannation says:

      That’s exactly what we’ve been yearning and expecting this incapable and failed weirdo to do, that’s to quit that job he didn’t deserve.
      But the biggest blame goes to the entire SPLM/A so-called leadership who chose this elementary school class 3 semi-illiterate to lead the nation.
      Kiir falls in the same category of those of Bokassa, Idi Amin and Samuel Doe of Liberia.
      The problem is how to get him out before the nation collapses completely.

  3. J. Malooma says:

    Samuel Atabi,
    That’s funny, but blamed on an illiteracy and greediness. People of South Sudan would have been saved three years ago if the JCE tribal Chief confessed and acknowledged his unthinkable messes and mistakes, to say the least!
    Philosophical narratives informed us on how disastrous it’s when one comes to power without knowledge of its context! Unlike experts who turn tragedies into triumphs by using their natural wisdom and in conjunction with knowledge/education.

  4. Bala says:

    Dear:Chief Abiko;Peacemaker; Infp@ss;and J.Malooma

    Why do you let yourselves fooled by this article when it fact the piece on display is by far not President Kiir’s speech? We have not such thing as state of nation or state of union address. The phrase (s) is an American and only in the United States does a president does such thing but this isn’t my point. The real president whose address to the state of nation’s speech is featured here is none other than Mr Samuel Atabi.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Bala and others,
      Mr. Atabi is imaginatively posturing as if he was the president and he, Atabi, has nearly correctly exposed Kiir’s mindset. In short, it’s as if Kiir is seriously regretting and apologizing for the blunders of his tribal tyranny which have driven the nation into the current deplorable situation.
      In short, we’d have expected Kiir to sincerely apologize to the nation and honorably step down as a failed leader. Unfortunately, too many stupid leaders in Africa, e.g. Kiir, don’t do that. They’re usually killed in office or driven into exile.
      Perhaps that’s what Kiir is inviting the people to do unto him.

    • Eastern says:

      So there is this Bala creature. I love naivety when expressed at this level, bwhahahahahaha!

  5. False Millionaire says:

    Kiir and Machardit are timetabled for a meeting in which case,they will discuss power sharing formula between jieng and naath with the others inluding Atabi’s kins taking the crumbs.That’s the serious brainstorming challange that should be Atabi’s cause of preoccupation than those cheer pastime jokes which are only good for beer hall chatings..

  6. loberito says:

    What an imaginary State of the Nation Address from Atabi! There is no such a human being who accuses his or herself of being a killer! This is an insulting remark for those souls that were dismissed in South Sudan!

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