President Kiir and JCE’s obstruction of the implementation of the ARCISS

BY: Elhag Paul, JUN/10/2016, SSN;

Obstruction is the order of the day in the current transitional government of national unity in the Republic of South Sudan. Cambridge Dictionaries define it as, “behaviour or actions that prevent something from happening or working correctly.” If our understanding is correct and if we are to believe President Salva Kiir and Dr Riek Machar repeated pledges that they are wholly committed to the implementation of the Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS), we should be seeing them working together amicably to bring peace.

The transitional government by now should have demonstrated itself as a viable united entity capable of carrying out its duties and obligations as stipulated in the agreement. The realities, however, are different.

President Kiir under heavy influence of his tribal group the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) has mined the road to peace, obstructing the smooth implementation of the agreement.

President Kiir’s obstructions appear to be a carefully thought out design to first waste time, secondly to provoke a conflict and thirdly to ensure that the Jieng prevail at the end.

Let us look at these points to broaden our understanding of this phenomenon of obstruction. President Kiir and his supporters are not happy with ARCISS right from the beginning because they see this agreement as the tool for ‘rebooting’ the country.

They hate change, after all they are the people benefiting from their own misrule and they would not want to lose the spoils.

In the last ten years, President Kiir’s regime has managed to fill 90 percent of the entire civil service with Jieng people most of whom are either unqualified or under qualified. Just go to any office in the country and the stark reality of Jieng domination will stare you in the face.

This Jienganisation of the civil service is also replicated in the security sector (army, police, prisons, wild life, intelligent services..etc).

With such violently obtained benefits the Jieng regime is uncomfortable with ideas of change. However, for the sake of peace the country must be a country for all and not a single tribe. Thus change is a must.

The regime having been cornered and forced by the international community to form a transitional government of national unity, the Jieng cabal in Juba now wants to wriggle out of the agreement to maintain their domination and the continuation of their grip on power.

It appears that time-wasting is one of the strategies President Kiir and company have adopted to realise that end. Since the agreement was signed in August 2015 they created obstacles after obstacles to obstruct the implementation of the agreement.

Contrary to the agreement, President Kiir started by issuing a decree (Establishment Order 36/2015) slicing the country into 28 ethnic states. Then he heavily militarised Juba by bringing in thousands more of Jieng militia from Bahr El Ghazal and Upper Nile. These two actions effectively put a break on the implementation process.

From then on to now this has consumed nearly ten months of wasted time. This strategy works for President Kiir and group because it is buying time for them in the sense that they continue to rule.

So long as the Jieng are in charge the type of government does not matter to them because essentially they see it as a cow to milk and they will shamelessly milk it. In fact they are partially happy that ARCISS has given them 3 more years of legitimate tenure.

If such obstructions aren’t firmly stopped the envisaged 30 months of implementation will soon run out without any tangible change from the agreement and no doubt President Kiir will declare the agreement null and void. Dinkocracy then continues and everything is back to square one – no change.

The second strategy appears to be around provoking another conflict to kill the agreement. The fact that the demilitarisation of towns as envisioned in the agreement did not happen is very concerning. This has had the effect of emboldening President Kiir in two ways.

First, it has given him the confidence to violate the agreement without fear of consequences. Secondly it has allowed him to bolster his tribal hard power.

President Kiir after signing the agreement in August 2015 consistently allowed his troops to conduct military operations openly against his opponents. For example, the attacks in Wau, Malakal UN Protection camps, Western Equatoria etc are good evidence that the regime does not want peace.

Sadly, civilians paid the price with their lives and luckily all these attacks have not degenerated into a wider conflict. Nevertheless should the provocations continue this peace will be doomed.

Thirdly, President Kiir wants to ensure that Jieng hegemony prevails. The Jieng cabal are aware that their decade long ruinous rule in South Sudan has reached its peak. Nobody in South Sudan apart from the Jieng will vote for another Jieng president. Also nobody in South Sudan will accept to put up with a tribal militia masquerading as national army.

The chances are that President Kiir is their last president. So potentially with him going, the Jieng are likely to lose their stranglehold on the country. Without support from the other 63 tribes, without brilliant intellectuals, without control of finances in the country and without a tribal militia they will be unable to dominate politics in the future the way they have been.

This is making the Jieng cabal go crazy. They just can not contemplate such a scenario or reality emerging in South Sudan. Hence, they are positioning themselves to play hard ball using their hard power.

This point is what the South Sudanese need to think carefully and deeply about. For it is the most likely source of the near future deadly conflict.

Think about it: why is President Kiir ferrying more and more militia from Bahr El Ghazal to the capital? Why is President Kiir ferrying more and more troops to Malakal? Why is it that President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, an ally of President Kiir redeploying in South Sudan?

The militarisation of the country appears to be the card of last resort for President Kiir and his group to fall back to, to maintain Jieng hegemony in South Sudan. However, this gung-ho and irresponsible act could lead to the other tribes seeking arms in order to protect themselves and also assert their right.

Yengkopiong in his book, Golgotha, opines that, “because of the unbearable activities of the tribal regime, it is now possible that some South Sudanese communities will acquire guns to protect with themselves, their land and property. However, as we know it, this form of human instinct for survival will only ferment more violence and vengeance and it will only benefit the ferocious people” of whom South Sudan has plenty.

What is very interesting in all this is the stand of the international community. In spite of being the guarantors of ARCISS, they seem to be paralyzed and unable to act to honour their role. They seem to be sitting and watching the country gradually slide into another deadly conflict because they can not hold President Kiir to honour his side of the deal.

The question is: what was the point of imposing an agreement they can not guarantee?

The genesis of President Kiir and JCE’s obstructions are located in one document – The Position of the JCE on the IGAD-Plus proposed compromise agreement (file:///C:/Users/Rosemary/Downloads/JCE%20-%20Position%20on%20Proposed%20Compromise%20Agreement%20(1).pdf).

In order to make full sense of the collective Jieng mindset, this document should be read in conjunction with another of their pieces headed ‘Jieng Council of Elders rejects imposition of peace on South Sudan’ (

It is important for all to take this document seriously because that is where Jieng intent has clearly been made public and also it is their operational plan for undermining the transitional government of national unity, a product of ARCISS.

President Kiir and his group hate the agreement because it whittles away on Jieng power base. But if one looks carefully, the Jieng are neither losers, nor are the Nuer. The real losers are the Equatorians, Fertit, Chollo, Anyuak etc. This ‘other’ is the stabilising force in the country which unfortunately has been excluded from all the deliberations to broker this peace agreement.

ARCISS, constructed on theory of elitism by the international community may fail to deliver peace in South Sudan simply because it is incompatible with locally known modalities of peace making anchored on inclusivity and grounded on the concept of justice.

Elitists’ theories of conflict resolutions in the context of South Sudan are flawed as they are based on the belief that if the warring elites (parties) who have vested interest in the country can be reconciled then the whole country can be returned to peace.

This disregards the people and excludes them from participating in the country’s affairs. In a sense this model is anti-democracy and pro-dictators and oppressors.

De Waal and Ndula in their cartoon piece titled ‘South Sudan: The price of war, the price of peace – a graphic story’ highlight this anomaly by saying, “The mediators remain stuck in a model of peace making that includes only the leaders of the warring parties.” “The mediators never once got to meet the South Sudanese people, civil society views aren’t taken seriously.” ( )

Unbelievably this is what has been imposed on South Sudanese by the international community. In this act, the mediators recognised only two tribes, the Jieng and the Nuer who dominate the SPLM/A excluding the Equatorians who make and inhabit a third of the country from the deal.

It also worth noting that other tribes in Bahre El Ghazal such as the Fertit tribes and in Upper Nile the Chollo, Anyuak, the Maban, Uduk etc were also excluded.

If this deal was ever meant to work, the third force which holds the centre (Equatorians, Chollo, Anyuak, and the Fertit etc) should never have been excluded. Had they been included they would be playing a balancing act between the Jieng and the Nuer offering both groups the sense of security in the transitional government of national unity.

Unfortunately this was not to be. Although the Equatorians are deeply hurt by their exclusion, they have accepted this agreement only because it offers a chance for peace and a democratic exit at the end of three years.

Now the South Sudanese have ended up with a dysfunctional transitional government at war with itself. The president does not interact positively with his First Vice and he continues to rule with defunct powers ignoring the provisions of the agreement he signed up to while the First Vice President acts as an opposition leader constantly reacting to initiatives of the president.

Therefore, the agreement has created a government with split personality. A government with an opposition built in it, the two in one. Will it really work? Time will tell.

However, with this unique transitional government things look bleak and the future does not look promising as President Salva Kiir and the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) seem determined to derail the agreement and carry on with their tribal agenda.

What is the way forward? The international community was sensitized to the dangers ahead should the guarantors of the agreement fail to take action on the breaches of President Kiir. As usual IGAD, African Union and the Troika ignored the message. Please see, ‘Forming transitional government of national unity without addressing violations is playing into the hands of President Kiir and the JCE’ (

To save the country from returning to conflict the priorities in the agreement need to be rearranged with the leader of Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) robustly backed by Troika rising up to the challenges posed by President Kiir and the JCE.

First and foremost, the continuous militarisation of Juba should be brought to an immediate halt to avoid repeat of December 2013. The disarming and barracking of Jieng militia should be seen to happen to ease anxieties of the residents of Juba.

President Kiir’s SPLA troops should be reduced to the agreed number in the agreement and this should be verified accordingly by the relevant tasked bodies. President Museveni should be ordered to withdraw all his troops from South Sudan immediately. He has no business being in South Sudan.

Secondly, Michael Makuei and the entire JCE should be severely sanctioned. For the sanctions to be effective the members of JCE should be denied travel outside South Sudan, not even to the neighbouring countries.

This is important because this group is destroying every aspect of services in the country, yet they freely travel abroad to receive first class medical treatment and other services using money stolen from the people who die due to lack of services they do not provide in the country. This group does not want peace because nothing hurts them individually. Hence, the need for the sanctions.

Thirdly, should the 30 months period of the agreement expire without full implementation, neither President Kiir nor First Vice President Riek, nor Vice President James Wani Igga should be allowed to continue or form a new government.

The reconstituted parliament should be allowed to elect a transitional government composed of technocrats to run the country for 18 months after which a national election is held. It is important now to think post 30 months as it is clear that ARCISS is unlikely to sail smoothly.

Fourthly, the international community should use the only leverage available to it effectively to starve the government of any cash. Support should go directly through aid agencies to the suffering people without any penny passing to the government. Baseless and nonsensical arguments such as the one advanced by Dr John Akec in his paper, ‘Economic consequences of peace in South Sudan’ should be ignored completely (

Akec is simply promoting chaos in South Sudan by wanting to reward the people responsible for the mess in the country. This is one of the most irresponsible pieces of writing I have read. Perhaps it should be expected since the author is a Jieng and possibly he could not control his bias. He has a lot to lose should President Kiir and JCE lose power as this could have a bearing on his position as Chancellor of Juba University, a position he earned through his identity rather than hard work.

In conclusion, given the above, the guarantors of ARCISS need to act in response to President Kiir and JCE’s obstruction.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]
Elhag Paul


  1. False Millionaire says:

    Same tribalistic performance as usual but bravo for the effort.
    But be mindful to bear up with the following probable facts:
    1 The yankees will send Kiir and Riek to a hybride court in the depth of the indian ocean.
    2 Quilty or not,their fate is already sealed and they will be confined there for life.
    3 A jaang man whom the yankees consider as moderate is being groomed to take over.
    If the third scenario is a cause of dissatisfaction to u,then joint the ranks of MTN hunters.
    Good luck!!!

    • Ghol Chot says:

      Stop pandering to your so-called *Yankees, British and their puppet/stooge you think, they will install into power in our country. Trust me, no one wants your so-called *Yankees and British* long noses in our country. And should they dare venture into our country uninvited, and then you will see a lot of “their black hawks down” compare to their 1990th in Somalia.

      They are the US, the UK and their UN is the ones behind their Riek Machar puppet/stooge current war. They thought they can use their Riek Machar puppet/stooge for the second time, like they used him in 1991 against the SPLM/A. Because they thought then that Dr. Garang was a communist or a socialist. And that it would be difficult for the West—the US and the European to control Dr. Garang once he became the president of whole Sudan without the leverage of the US or the West. Since SPLA was on the verge of marching to Khartoum once Juba was captured.

      Hence they (the US and the West) tabbed Riek Machar and Lam Akol to do something about Dr. Garang since they were believed to be Western educated. And then a 1991 coup against Dr. Garang was hatched. Remember 1991 was at the apex of the cold war.

      The US and the West, Riek Machar and Lam Akol all failed, but with Dr. Garang friend, Mengistu of ethiopia out of power. Dr. Garang then used his ‘ingenuity and tact’ to re-engage with his evangelical friends in the US, and he was accepted. Otherwise the US and the UK were against the SPLM/A with all it stood for then and now, get it chap!

      In the UK in those days, the name SPLM/A was like a disease in the corridors of the British establishment then and up to today. The British didn’t want the *partition of the Sudan* and even some people in the US believed the same. If may remember this word “one country, two system” it was the British that came up with silly idea in 1999. Because they (the British) experimented that piece of rubbish (one country, two systems) in Hong Kong, until the Chinese kicked them out of their country in 1997.

      So Mr. False Millionaire, your British and some criminals in the US are not our friends, but our number two enemies after our arch enemies in North Sudan.

      Take this example, right after our independence. President Salva Kiir took almost all his entire cabinet to Washington to solicit investors from the US. Which we then called our true friend and her investors were given the first priority to come and invest in South Sudan.

      But you know what? President Salva Kiir and his cabinet ministers were told by the US business men and investors that there were no infrastructures in South Sudan to do investment in. President Salva Kiir and his cabinet ministers then rubbed their noses and came back to South Sudan humiliated.

      Salva Kiir then went to China to solicit the Chinese investors after the South Sudanese have given priority to their US friends, but were rebuffed and humiliated by their US friends.

      The Chinese didn’t rebuffed South Sudan and the South Sudanese people, the Chinese said okay, “we will do what we would do”. And when the US hears this that the Chinese are to invest in South Sudan, the US went ballistic and wanted a regime change in South Sudan. Salva Kiir was effectively a communist or a socialist, and a dangerous man to US and the West interest along the Nile.

      Hence *Pagan and Riek Machar* were tabbed on the shoulders to take a move and the 15/12/2015 coup that failed was hatched again. The US, the UK and their UN were then quick to deny, that there was a coup after their second misadventure after their 1991 failed coup. But nudged their Riek Machar puppet/stooge to go to Adis Ababa for talks to save face. The US, the UK and their UN and some of their lackeys in the IGAD later went and dictated the whole peace talks in Adis Ababa.

      What was the purpose of the then so-called IGAD-PLUS in Adis Ababa Mr. False Millionaire? What are countries like South Africa, Algeria, Chad, Burundi, Djibouti to South Sudan and the South Sudanese people? These countries don’t have any border with South Sudan. What are the so-called “troika countries” to South Sudan—-the US, the UK and Norway to South Sudan? Because they believed themselves to be the ones that created the South Sudan and the South Sudanese people.

      And thus, South Sudan was to be their over sea territory and the South Sudanese people their over sea’s subjects. Mr. False Millionaire, the US, the UK and their UN went drafted their own document and pushed it into the government of South Sudan government and the South Sudanese people throats to sign. That so-called compromise peace Agreement (CPA II) as their Riek Machar often use to called it was not negotiated by anyone, but the US, the UK, their UN and some of their lackeys worked up document.

      Mr. False Millionaire, the US wanted our oil fields that is what all it want, plain and simple. That was the infrastructure the US business men and investors were talking about for them to come and invest in South Sudan. The US thought that South Sudan will get rid of China and let the US take our oil fields. But when it turned out not to be the case, then the US resorted to what it always do, regime change and install in a puppet/stooge that they will easily micro-manage in Washington, Wall street, London, Paris or Brussels et al.

      That game often works pretty well in Middle East, West Africa, Central Africa and other countries. But here in South Sudan though, nada, that is not going to under the sun. Chinese investors are not going anywhere in South Sudan, Chinese companies stay here.

      Mr. False Millionaire, the US and your UK were the ones that killed Dr. Garang if you don’t know chap. We have done our own investigation chap. US and the UK are not our uncles’ pal, but our second enemies after the arabs of North Sudan.

      My humble self was the one that helped in the capture of Yei, Lirya and some other little towns, until l was injured very badly in Kapoeta when we captured it before the CPA was signed in 2005. And I retook up my arms in 2014 to settle our old scores with the Riek Machar and his addiction to coups. We have bombed the Nuers in Malakal and Bor thoroughly and we will do so again should the Nuers play balls again.

      The Nuers and their Riek Machar demigod are being used by the US, the UK and their UN as pawns to crawl themselves into our country, but under what cost? Now the Nuers are refusing to get themselves out of those so-called filthy UN compounds to farm their lands. But keep sitting around waiting for Riek Machar demigod, their US, their UK and UN sponsors to give free money to get out of these filthy hell-holes.

      Some people in our country do not know that they are being great game played around by some criminals in the US, the UK and their UN for fools. Our country is being Geo-politically chess game played by the US, the UK and their UN like their 1960th Eastern Congo—*King of the North vs King of South* all the times fellows.

      Do you fellows know the reason why no one even talk about the problems of Darfur, Southern Khordupan, Southern Blue Nile, Central Africa republic, Libya, Congo, Burundi or Somalia these days? Because the US and the West have already achieved their objective in Central Africa republic, Libya and Mali.

      But have failed miserably in Darfur, Southern Khordupan and Southern Blue Nile. And so their only game left at their sleeves is to use a lot of propaganda, as their *new cold war* and all about South Sudan. In the hope that the US and the west may succeed to re-unite South Sudan and North Sudan just like they re-unite the then called East Germany and West Germany. Good luck to them. They can dream, because dreaming is not a crime.

      So Mr. False Millionaire, if you know to fight; then sharpen your spears chap because the *current cold war two* being played in our country by the US, the UK and their UN will be a hot war pretty soon.

      We are going to bomb UN-UNIMISS compound in Juba, Bor, Malakal, Bentiu, Wau and everything to do with the US, the UK and some of their criminals in between. Stop worshiping British and stop watching a lot the US movies fellows. We are not playing games with the US or the UK criminals these days chap.

      Some losers in our country have closed their minds and they always sing and sing the Jieng council of elders (JCE) names, but they don’t know the greatest sinister game being played on our country and against our people. Why don’t other communities in South Sudan have their own communities’ council of elders’ (JCE) if they think, the Jieng council of elders are the government behind the scene?

      But for all l know, this so-called Jieng council of elders (CPA) are not the ones running our government behind the scene, but they are senior SPLM members like any SPLM members.

      Why does Riek Machar still often called themselves SPLM-IO is to any one guess. Riek Machar after his 15/12/2013 second failed coup attempt against the SPLM/A, re-named his aimless armed rebellion against the South Sudanese people “a resistant movement”. His handlers in the US, the US, the UK and their UN adivised their Riek Machar to drop the name “resistant movement”, but used the SPLM-IO. Pagan Amuom team was called SPLM-FD, Lam Akol team was already the SPLM-DC and the government of South Sudan was called the SPLM-IG.

      So why all these SPLM— for? Because Riek Machar and Pagan Amuom handlers know that there will be no South Sudanese that will believe their puppets/stooges like Riek Machar or Pagan Amuom. Without the S-P-L-M behind their flags. So the US, the UK and their UN urged Riek Machar and Pagan Amuom to stick with the SPLM—-name for them to be relevant in South Sudan and with the South Sudanese people.

      That is how the SPLM-IO or the SPLM-FD names were deliberately crafted by fool the South Sudan sheeples, by their foreign sponsors against our country and our people.

      Mr. False millionaire, the US, the UK and some of their criminals in between desperately want to set up their banking cartels and scams. Their *IMF and World Bank* want to hand cuff our country and our people into their scams and cartels. The government of South Sudan must borrow any the US, the UK and their evil juus so-called world banking and their IMF loans. Borrow from China and other friendly countries.

      • Bol says:

        Ghol Chot,
        You seem like someone fighting wrong war here! If Dr Garang avoided a fight with the US by using his “‘ingenuity and tact’ to re-engage with US,” then that is exactly what you need not animosity! Second, naked force and bravery without right political agendas do not work these days, otherwise North Sudan would not have failed to defeat SPLA..Gadhafi would not have gone as his power was more greater then RSS one. Lastly, if your are a professional soldier, you should have known that bombing of civilian installation or carrying out any military operation which would jeopardise civilian’s lives is illegal and got nothing to do with nationalism. Your writing suggests you will be doing more harm to the government than doing any good thing.

        • Eastern says:


          I couldn’t agree more….Kiir’s government is full of the likes of Ghol Chot: emotional and irrational people; who act before they think!

          Recently, I gather one of Kiir’s blue-eyed minister was already directing pointed words towards the Chinese after having failed to get the Chinese do as Kiir and cohorts want! Now seriously, if the Juba establishment want to create the impression that they know it all and can’t take any lectures on governance from anybody, then you see what the 20-plus years of fighting the Arab north has done to our “liberators”!

          Gordon Buay who is placed in a very sensitive capitals, Washington DC, have turned out to be comedian! Michael Makuei who’s in Juba in charge to telling the world what’s happening in South Sudan is an ever-sulking man who’s ever quarrelsome. Kiir and Dr Machar don’t talk to the people they lead!

          I am afraid nobody of significance will represent South Sudan in the forthcoming UN General Assembly!

  2. Force_1 says:

    Elhag Paul need to understand that; when you force an agreement to be sign by government at “gun point”; implementation wouldn’t happened as everyone expected to be! Those are just facts; when the so called mediators in Addis Ababa uses phrases such as “This agreement must be sign; that’s not a language of mediators but one of the lines from tyrants’ page!
    Second; when you Paul uses lines in your own article:
    {” Michael Makuei and the entire JCE should be severely sanctioned. For the sanctions to be effective the members of JCE should be denied travel outside South Sudan, not even to the neighboring countries”}.
    You see; that’s not the language of anyone who think or need the other side to be sensible when it comes to matters relating to this country South Sudan!
    If you think you need 100% of what you want in South Sudan; then I Force_1 have 0% of what I need in South Sudan. You guys think someone else is a dictator but if you look at your own words; you wouldn’t immune to the same sin!

  3. deng hanbol says:

    Dear Elhag Paul,
    I would say that I agree AND disagree. I do agree with the notion that president and JCE are using the so- called escalation-deescalation strategy so that to hinder the implementation of peace agreement. The fact is, the Jaang elites are actually the decision makers in our country and therefore, instead to work hard for the reconciliation and implementation of the package deal, they (elites) are poised to destroy the August agreement. Conversely, I disagree with you Mr. Elhag so long as you believe that Naath people are similar to Dinka. As result, Equatorian, Chollo, Anyuak, Fertits, etc, shouldn’t make coalition building with Nuer. In other words, 62 tribes should not be allied with Naath so that to overcome Jaang and their M7 easily. Besides, you suggest that Dr. Riek Machar, the only politician and military figure who believe by most of minority tribes as their savior should be excluded. I quoted, ” either President Kiir nor First Vice President Riek, nor Vice President James Wani Igga should be allowed to continue or form a new government.” Mr. Paul, are you joking?
    The simpler question is, are you aware that Dr. Riek Machar becomes South Sudan champion and a national hero? Yes indeed, with ether you believe it or not Dr. Machar is a hero of our time specially when he (Riek) said big no to M7 when the later gave him 72 hours to give in or facing regional defeat? I thought you are aware that the Naath warriors under the command of Gen. Kaong Chuol have stunned the entire world when they inflicted a humiliation defeat on Jaang Mathiang Ayour and it allies Nubian, Darfuran and Funj troops in Bentiu town on April 2014. The world was surprised when the Lou Nuer had captured Bor town and was about to captured Juba if M7 didn’t back up Kiir military and also used cluster mob against against Nuer troops…. This is a video of the capture of the Bentiu by the IO forces please watch this video: Once again, in the eyes of many people,Gat Machar is a hero of two years war and the champion of our independent.He loves South Sudan. His loyalty is beyond dispute Ya Elhag Paul. So, because of the aforementioned, Machar is the king maker in South Sudan. It seems to me that Mr. Elhag is among some opportunist in Greater Equatoria who try to gain some advantage from the current situation, at the expense of Fertits, Chollo, and Naath warriors who fought attrition war against M7 and his wife Nyamayr. While most of Equatorians tribes are actually complaining because the Dinkcracy have been grabbing their lands since 2005, their generals such Gen.Thomas Cerino, Gen.Abouto Mamur, Gen. A. Jaddla, and etc. are the one fighting side by side with their ultimate foe against Naath people. What’s a pity! Mr. Elhag, I would say this is why Dinka elites believed that Equatorians tend to accept things that happen to them without taking any action. In other words, Equatorians are passive society only get involved when the issues concerning the allocation of positions. I think those of Bari, Latuka, Mandari Toposia and etc. tribes are in Limbo until they join the fight similar to Chollo, Fertits, and Nuer. Finally, My appreciation goes to the members of More tribe, Madi tribe as well as the Azende tribe for being brave enough and defending their lands from the new Jallaba rather than disseminating wrong ideas to our people.
    Thank you.

    • Ishakho says:

      Deng Hanbol,

      please be a South Sudanese and spell or pronounce the names of our tribes well. let me give you a tutorial.
      instead of:
      Azende- AZANDE
      Madi- MA’ADI
      Latuka- OTUHU

  4. Toria says:

    Elhag Paul
    With the arrival of the British peace keepers, the oppositions got some boost, something is about to change. Historically wherever the British Troops go the rest of the world will follow, soon you will see American Troops, Australians etc. will all land in South Sudan. The beginning of UN trusteeship is here just as I predicted right after Dec. 2013 outbreak.

    • alex says:

      Mental health problem is displayed here who forced Riack to come to Juba.
      I remember Toria you people fought hard to convince Riack not to go to Juba but with no success..
      Are you mourning your defeat. Promise to hang your self if the British soldiers come back without doing anything sorry for day dreamer. For people who have eyes and sense you have already lost the coming election. Last time I told you Risck has swallowed a hook you did not believe but what happen at the end. So wait after three years I will ask you. It is lost hope. Those of Kenyi are walking with tails between the legs in fear. If he goes to Nimule might face mob justices

      • Toria says:

        What election? Keep dreaming. The war is just starting.
        FYI Gen. Martin Kenyi is loved by everyone, he is a hero of the voiceless and has nothing to fear unlike you idiots and your stupid king killer kirr aka KKK. We are coming for you. Kirr’s tail is in between his legs, ICC is coming for him very soon, he can’t even visit his birth place where his own relatives are starving and dying like flies and he will be hanged very soon.

    • Deng Monymor says:

      The so-called British peace keepers and so the Americans are not coming to South Sudan for the well-being of this nation, but for their exploitation work. Remember, it was the same British and Americans who killed Dr. John Garang, with the hope that they would find President Kiir exploitable but they were surprised to find out, which is the reason why they are playing humanitarian game card as their plan B. Unfortunately, it is only those who never care or never struggled for our beloved nation that think their gods are coming for rescue but not for us who struggled for it since our childhood; we see them as who they are: insatiable exploiters of our resources. It is true that history never teaches the fools and the fools of South Sudan are those who always think these exploiters are their liberators. Congo’s history is being repeated in this country. who will accept it? The blood of our Martyrs tells us a lot of what to be done.

    • alex says:

      Toria there is a saying do not start a war if you do not have the capability. It is a shame if you are waiting for British, Australian and Americans to hand you power. In the history we read how some sections of our communities join hands with the Arabs to fight their fellow S. Sudanese who were resisting the Arabs. During the war, we were aware of Martin Kenyi siding with Omer el Bashir in organising militias in Nimule to fight against SPLA and during the colonial era we hear how some Africans sided with the white people to get slaves but all these betrayals were ended by people’s resistance. You people have become so hapless to the extent that, you are even ready to sell your own brothers . In S. Sudan, that can not work. To tell you the truth, your war was based on hate and with hate, you will never win a war. You will not be able to build the unity of our people. So stop wasting your time looking your salvation from UN or British. Long live the liberation and the freedom fighters SPLA.

      • Toria says:

        Obviously you are ignorant about history. Do you even know who are the true heroes who fought the colonial British? Who fought the Turks? Who fought the Arabs until Abel Alier and jenge cowards betrayed the movement? And now we will fight you back to your mosquito infested swamps.
        Alex, go back to kor tum your ancestral land that your grand fathers surrendered to jalaba just as you are now surrendering Abyei and next Bahr ghazal will be taken from you because you ran from your villages with your tails between your legs trying to hide in Equatoria, you worthless cowards.

        • alex says:

          The problem in S
          Sudan is having with no national agenda like Toria. What he knows is Nimule being S. Sudan. Abiyei is part of S. Sudan so any loss affects the whole people of S. Sudan. Unless Martin Kenyi was given instructions from Khartoum to consider himself and likes of blind supports like Toria to be not S. Sudanese. Toria never will we allowed people wirh low understanding of nationalism to rule our country. Your dream for equatoria forget brother. I know you’re shy to mention it but be informed Nimule will remend a part of United S. Sudan. No any inch will be claim by anyone.

  5. Tiop says:

    This fool deserves head off, should he set foot in Juba?

  6. Ishakho says:

    Paul Al Hag,

    We(JCE) thought the UK educated Dr Machar had a plan B when he signed the document that you laments is openly being dishonored, so your messiah is a dummy uh? what is he going to do now? yelp like you and other crowds of PhD holders and Equatorians refugees?

    Please let your education now help you outsmart these elders whom you thought as uneducated tribal lots. you have the backing of other 62 tribes so please don’t piss in your pants. good luck with your struggles against the Americans of South Sudan.

  7. Hoiloom says:


    We should all commend Elhag Paul for this master piece. He has indeed exposed the Jieng naked. Elhag is telling what most of us already know. Dr. Machar being a peace maker shouldn’t be mistaken as a man with no plan B. Try your luck and you will surely see Riek’s plan B at work.


  8. Ishakho says:


    Dr Riek has no vision and mission for his people. He is too obsessed with his ungentlemanly manouvres for leadership.
    Please read this book by Peter Adwok Nyaba ” OVER MY DEAD BODY, RIEK MACHAR LEADERSHIP PARANOIA”. you will see the true Riek there.

  9. False Millionaire says:

    If u read Alhag’s article,u wouldn’t have missed to comprehand that he is dissatisfied by the exclusion of equatoria as a third party to the agreement.He is talking about jieng and nuer doing peace for RSS at the expense of equatorians.
    He had doubted that scenario at the begining as his former articles attested.It’s like a stroke of a hammer in his head now that the peace he had doubted is in the course of implementation.
    Mr/Mrs Hoiloom,every one has a plan B.But it’s too late.The americans will never permit any one to practice plan B.If u are well informed,the british forces are coming armed with the latest weaponary technology.The yankees may not be too far behind.RSS falls in the heart of american/british economic and political strategic spot in Africa.They aren’t fools.They know what they are doing.The events of 2013 and how Dr Riak has handled them have taught them a lesson.Dr Riak is a liability that will never help facilitate a stable RSS.That’s why they have come up with plan B in the name of the compromise peace agreement.Accordingly,Dr Riek and Kiir will be vanished for life by the merit of hybride court.If there couldn’t be any RSS citizen whom the americans can trust to take over,please write down my word.They will hand it over to a UN trusteeship as a last recourse and to bring it back to be presided over by some one they can trust after some years.So better do yourself a dignifying favor as a grown up fellow.Put a big red cross mark on Dr Riek Machar.

  10. Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

    Dear Elhag Paul,

    I concur with you – sadly some of the intellectuals have sold out and abandoned their consciences.

  11. Okuc says:


    Your analysis is superb and I hope those who are concerned about the implementation of peace agreement will take it into account.
    Let me quote you.” Elitists’ theories of conflict resolutions in the context of South Sudan are flawed as they are based on the belief that if the warring elites ( parties) who have vested interest in the country can be reconciled the whole country can be returned to peace”. This belief has been reinforced by both parties Kirr and Macher groups during negotiation in Addis Ababa when they refused to include the civil societies, religious representatives and the rest of parties which are not allied to the regime in Juba. And it is worth mentioning that the IGAD countries are not neutral in their involvement in negotiation of conflict in South Sudan.
    Had Macher insisted during the negotiation in addressing the root cause of conflict which would have involved all South Sudanese who have stake in the resolution of conflict, the outcome of agreement would have been different than one both leaders signed on 15 August 2015.

  12. Tyson says:

    This is nicely articulated.
    This club of cockroaches should be held accountable for the mess and senseless killings in South Sudan.
    The Jieng arrogance and rusted brains are already coated with magnanimous filth making them to reason like stone age animals.

  13. Hoiloom says:


    Where is Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba today? I guess he’s a member of SPLM-IO lead my Dr. Teny Dhurgon.
    False Millionaire, I’ve been trying avoid responding to anything that you write. I understood perfectly well Elhag’s position concerning Equatorians. If Paul was sensible enough he should give credit to Riek Machar for working hard to make sure that this agreement involves all South Sudanese, i.e, cantonment areas for IO in both Equatoria and Bhar el Gazal, which the IG object. Elhag should also look at the ministerial portfolio from IO to see the percentage of Nuer, Jieng and Equatorians in general. I doubt very much that Dr. Machar is Nuer leader but a nationalist that deserve respect.

    Concerning UN trusteeship, well what do you expect False? The Jieng messed up the country by concocted a coup that never was and blame it all on America as usual. You need to be bold and take responsibility for your own action. Don’t try to lecture me about American conspiracy when your leadership activities are visible for all to see. If trusteeship means peace for our vulnerable population then be it. Let both Kiir and Machar clear their names at Hybrid Court!


    • Toria says:

      I agree with you when you said; “If Paul was sensible enough he should give credit to Riek Machar for working hard to make sure that this agreement involves all South Sudanese, i.e, cantonment areas for IO in both Equatoria and Bhar el Gazal, which the IG object. Elhag should also look at the ministerial portfolio from IO to see the percentage of Nuer, Jieng and Equatorians in general. I doubt very much that Dr. Machar is Nuer leader but a nationalist that deserve respect.” You are absolutely correct compatriot. I also think Dr Riek can easily be forgiven because he is always honest, he already apologized not only to the people but in the churches, unfortunately these jenges are too blind to clear the specks from their own eyes but rather they keep pointing one finger at others not realizing the rest of fingers pointing right back to them. Dr. Riek is the defender of the oppressed, he was forced to defend himself both in 1991 and 2013.

  14. Toria says:

    Look how stupid you jenges are, mr KKK is hiding public treasury funds inside his house. What kinds of shameless people are you animals? Who keeps $14 millions inside a residence? Only brainless jenges from muraa can do something like this and hypocritically blaming it on innocent people. What about the 75 thieves starting from your king killer Kirr aka KKK and JCE who stole 4.5 billions, where are they and where is the true justice? Rest assured we are coming to release all those innocent people in hidden jails and you the real criminals will replace them with firing squads and hangings.
    Alex you and your kinds can try and run but you can’t hide because justice is coming. You will not escape what is about to happen to all of you looters.

  15. False Millionaire says:

    Deng Monymor,
    The good news is,the british and the americans aren’t as stupid as the french,spanish,portugies,italians and the chines.We were civilized under english colonization and that was the basis for the ray of light that has permitted us the minimum learning ability to read and write.They know us in much the same way as we know them.It isn’t false to assume they will come with the old colonial administration road map empowering rural chifs to excercise complete authority,building rural schools,health care dispensaries,roads,police stations,prisons and honestly collect taxes as was in the old days to finace those services.The conditions will be very conducive for the jieng to groom another Garang to take over an independant RSS after one centuary.Hijacking RSS’ economic resources will still justify what ever level of more civilization that they will give us.It isn’t easy to reject them after witnessing the terrible failure of the SPLM/A elites.So let’s cool down and observe them with a welcoming attitude so far as they have decided their coming already!!!

    • Deng Monymor says:

      False Millionaire,

      I understand your point, it is called stand your ground with reservations. On this note, I think philosophy of Kongkoc is mostly needed than ever, so cooling down I will do.
      However, “the terrible failure of the SPLM/A elites” was/is due to their decapitation of their vital part, Dr. John, as Congolese of their leader, Patrice Lumumba. Who did this? The same gods of hypocrite-humanitarian work, who made it as their goal to never see any type of Patrice Lumumba rising up in Congo, which looks the same on the future of South Sudan. They already have figured out who is easy to be used and who is not in terms of personalities or groups. They even know which tribe sees them as god and which one does not. In other words, they are doing something similar to MTNs hunters–providing humanitarian work based on identification delivery.

  16. Kokora II says:

    Did you say; “We(JCE)”? Among the JCE that we all know there is no one with this weird name “Ishakho” so far. Unless if you just join the council. If so then why are you concealing your identity, who are your afraid of since you own Pres. Kirr’s government and the SPLA IG army? Isn’t this an act of cowardice then?

    • Ishakho says:

      Kokora II,

      Actually am not a member of JCE, am trying to tell Mr Elhag Paul the truth that he says hurts. Truth itself is that Dr Machar has no idea about implementation of any agreement and that is why is he trying to blame anything on the government.

      it should not always be the JCE unless you agree that Machar is a total dummy without any plan B and direction.

      As for my name, don’t worry because that is my real Christain name in my vernacular. why are you called Kokora II?

  17. Toria says:


  18. Toria says:

    Keep dreaming; “The conditions will be very conducive for the jieng to groom another Garang to take over an independant RSS after one centuary” Really? And you claimed to be educated, independent thinker and nationalist? I wonder what your partner in crime Nikalongo thinks of you when he reads this. What a retarded shameless animals are you fools?

  19. Hoiloom says:


    Thank you for the compliment! I believe our country is big enough to accommodate us all, however we must fight collectively to defeat the “Born to Rule” mentality. We are supposed to be implementing the ARCISS and what are witnessing in Kejo-Keji and Raja this week? Massacring and robbing civilians that is what Malong and Mathiang Anyor know best. Kiir and Malong should be aware by now that they will never win this war militarily.


  20. False Millionaire says:

    Stop deliring and keep hunting innocent MTNS.
    Last time u misconstrued the issue of the money stollen from Kiir’s office making it appearing as if the 14 million dollars were stoerd in cash in the president’s office when in reality,it was in the centeral bank.It were the documents with the president’s signiture that were forged through a chaine of co-operating persons from the president’s office up to the centeral bank where the money in question was released to the account of a third party.
    The persons involved in the thift are exactly those whom have been convicted and handed a life sentence preson in the court of law in Juba some days back.
    Your comprehension is so narrow and it’s unbecoming of some one so engaged in such an intellectually demanding forum as this one.

    But even though u are a doubious fellow,you are still a fellow citizen in much the same way as Nikalongo,Deng Monymor,Riek Machar,Kiir,Gore and the rest of the masses.Human beings like us are well characterized by principles of rationality and that’s what distinguishes us from the animals.Many can go astray from reasoning but it’s the ability to reason and seek to understand in respect to what’s right from wrong that can bring one back from a most twisted path.
    Accordingly,Deng Monymor,a former child soldier who has wasted his whole life in the struggle for South Sudan,feels burried in the depth of a pit in the face of the scenario of the american/british imminent take over of RSS.But Me being a fellow citizen,I jumped into the vanwagon to reassure him.If it’s true that the americans with the british take over RSS,we would be as blessed as the citizens of Hongkong under the british.Schooling,health care,infra structures and development in general with our economic resources will go faster.That will help us to quickly forget the notion of what we see now as american/british ill intentions of coming to loot.Did u understand that point?If u did,what has prevented u from showing if u approve or disapprove it?
    Reacting only to the idea of grooming another Garang makes of u a maliciously jalous fellow.That’s another killing evil in u to fight.

    Toria,U can be pardoned if u drink and smoke dope making your correct thaughts go astray before coming to the forum.
    U are unaware of the grave mistake u are making in putting your eggs in one single basket named tribal hostlities against jieng in general without any regard whether they are all party to the bad government or not.
    If certain equatorians like u are in a hidden rebellion hunting innocent jieng as testify by such violant actions as in your country side road operations code named MTN,there is still a window of opportunity to seek understanding and bring an acceptable solution that will bring peace.The same principle applies to the rest of the masses in open or in hidden rebellions.Peace for one is peace for all and peace for all is also peace for one.But if u proceed to bring peace to the revolting masses and at the same time stire up none revolting communities into an open rebellion,u will have produced the same circumstances of lack of peace as is the prevailing case in RSS today.If u dare to doubt this argument,then u are free to keep hunting MTNS.U will end up setting jieng masses in a tribal rebellion which will punish u most severely.
    It’s u who will be an MTN if u don’t flee to Congo long before the rebellion starts.May be u will never come back to paste shit on an RSS soil as u have always done without any one disturbing u!!!

    • Bentiu Ramaran says:

      False Millionaire,

      “If it’s true that the americans with the british take over RSS,we would be as blessed as the citizens of Hongkong under the british.Schooling,health care,infra structures and development in general with our economic resources will go faster.That will help us to quickly forget the notion of what we see now as american/british ill intentions of coming to loot.”

      Dinka have been inviting Americans to help them fight Nuer since 2014. Kiir and Dinka Council of Elders hired Enough Project Managers to convince Americans to support his corrupted and tribal government. Since the war started in 2013, Kiir has been paying $480, 000 every quarter to Enough Project so the Enough project could convenience American government to stand firmly with him (Kiir) and support his JCE’s government. Click this link for more information

      If British and Americans come to South Sudan to loot our natural resources, then it is Dinka who invited them, no one else in South Sudan. Three months ago, Kiir made a phone call to Trump, the American presidential candidate and asked him if he (Trump) becomes American’s president I (Kiir) will give you a good deal in South Sudan. What kind of deal will Kiir give to Donald Trump if he become the president of the United States?

  21. abai okwahu says:

    kiir is here to stay, sanctions or threats of facing a court of justice for atrocities committed by his regime will fail. just look at the case of zimbabwe, western sanctions and isolationist policies have not succeeded to unseat mugabe. machar made a mistake by returning to juba, he would have been better-off in pagak and continue waging a protracted war against the junta that would make the process of ruling the oppressed masses difficult and force it to accept the peace deal in its entirety. as for equatorians they have chosen to sit on the fence and occasionally whine.

    • Eastern says:

      ….as for Equatorians, they have chosen to sit on the fence and occasionally whine. You will soon realise that there are spectators who are fence sitters and whiners in this political cauldron. Just watch this space keenly.

  22. False Millionaire says:

    Deng Monymor,
    U got the point.Add to the list of Lumumba and Garang and u have the japonese whom got neculear bumbed,the russians whom got fought with the cold war untill collapse,the germans whom got held by the neck after the defeat of the ncism and the cubans whom got sujected to economic stranglation after Castro’s communist took over the pro-american cuba.As u can’t defeat them,it’s best to join them.After all,being a most under developed state,their coming couldn’t be so much a bad news.Just keep on your defensive footing as the collapsing elephant may touch your toe and wounds u unnecessarily.Good brother!!!

  23. Bol says:

    F.M & Deng Monymor,
    When President SADAD of Egypt was blame for signing peace deal with Israelis, his answer was (I can’t fight America) …..With due respect……Say chees to Uncle Sam….Change the limping stallion and the wagon will run like a rocket …….

  24. Deng Monymor says:

    False Millionaire,

    I see a lot of hopeless feeling here as the statement “As u can’t defeat them, it’s best to join them” sums it up all. It is true that this earthly god has so deep instructed fear into our core for so long through many scenarios the world ever faced since second Civilization. Notice that I say second Civilization, which should teach us something we have long forgot at the lost of First Civilization. At this stage, they ( the earthly god (s)) were not the way they are now militarily or economically or otherwise, but they became what they are today because somewhere people like you and me developed sense of fearful attitude and hopeless when it comes to our mental capabilities, and so the glory of Colonization songs takes its root into our being which still hunts us today. Thus, no one is naive about all these facts of the history but the same history back in the Beginning tells us something different: there was never fear mentality then, things just changed when the mentality we have now took its root.

    Yes, the “collapsing elephant may touch” our toes if this mentality is not gotten rid of, but it will not touch our toes otherwise. They might give new names to this Elephant as they did to Castro, Mugebe, Lumumba, Nkrumah, Sankra, Michell and all other patriots of the history. Question: Has their second coming been a good news to Congo or Burkina Faso?
    Good Day Sir!

  25. Toria says:

    False M
    No one can forge a signature of anybody in such a way that US $14 million is to be withdrawn without consultations and verifications of the account holder(s) approval. You said; “It were the documents with the president’s signature (signature) that were forged through a chaine (chain) of co-operating persons from the president’s office up to the centeral (central) bank where the money in question was released to the account of a third party”. That is bogus. (FYI, next time try to proofread your sentences before posting).
    This is the most ignorant defense you have brought forward. Just try today or tomorrow morning and go to any bank to ask not for US $14,000,000.00 but only for $10,000.00 even from your own account and see how many verifications will be needed. The bankers are not as stupid as you may assume. But off course in South Sudan since the whole government system is ran by ignorant bunch from the same tribe there are no surprises. In another scenario, it could be that the bankers are used to seeing similar demands of asking for such a huge cash without any reason by the stupid president anytime he wishes, and when they (bankers) try asking questions they get threatened to either obey or lose their jobs or even risk being thrown in jails and so they fear for their life, “Al jabareen bi raba yallum”. And again that is called intimidations or harassment on jobsite. Otherwise it makes no sense whatsoever that the bank manager could have picked up his phone and call the president direct line just to confirm if indeed he has authorized such a huge withdrawals, and am sure the bank manager knows the presidents direct number. And the other question is; was the $14,000,000.00 withdrawn from the president’s personal account or was it from the National Treasury Account? But since you mentioned that the money came from Central Bank I assume it was “We The People’s Money” being played with like that, and that is a good reason for KKK must go to court for negligence and wasteful spending without consultations of South Sudanese. In fact we have proves that Salva Kirr used the money to buy ammunitions from Israel and China to kill the people he’s supposed to protect.
    But according to banking regulations no single individual, even including the President of USA, or Russia, or China or any other sound minded country will be allowed to just walk into a bank and ask for US $14 million, the bankers will first say NOPE, unless you prove that the money will be used for a certain government project such as emergency relief or national defense against a hostile foreign aggressor(s) etc, but not to kill his citizens. Such a big sum of money will first have to be approved by the MPs, or the Chairman of National Treasury Board and at least three Signatories plus the withdrawer.
    Just look at what is going on in South Africa when President Jacob Zuma embezzled public funds to build his personal multimillion mansions (African Village) in his hometown which he claimed was monies given to him by friends, but South African citizens will not buy his defense arguments. Zuma will not win any election again and he betrayed Mandela’s once shining Star ANC
    So, Mr. False M. Your defense argument is void and disqualified. And that proves my point that you are just part of the jenge bunch. You are trying to portray a positive image of jengenization with a biased defense and baseless support of your tribal hegemonic terrorist axis of evil.
    I agree with Deng Monymor for the first time above here when he mocked you for saying; “As u can’t defeat them, it’s best to join them”, by that statement it shows another one of your gullibility that you are just like what the Arabs said. “Al jabareen bi raba yallum”. meaning “the cowards will grow their children”
    My advise to you is that, you need to stand your ground and don’t yield in the face of you giant. At one point you were Equatorian, then a Fertit and now a Jenge diehard. What next? So; Be brave enough to at least pick up your pants after you messed up the country.

  26. Toria says:

    In fact I am a nationalist but you and your terrorist government are betrayers. You misused the word “nationalism”, it was Adolf Hitler who made that word very popular when he introduced Nazism ideology of saying “Germans are the only pure race” and he tried to cleanse the whole world by killing six million Jews and four million other European citizens. But today Nazis are history. I wonder if that rings a bell in your blocked headed scared face? SPLA is no different than Nazis, in fact SPLA IG are full of cowards and they committed treason by inviting foreign mercenaries into our domestic disputes for a false allegations of coup. Fyi. the real coup hasn’t happened yet, rest assured it will happen, and when it does this time it will happen in your very face.
    I can see you are so scared of Hon. Gen. Martin Kenyi such that your thousand plus generals (jenge idiots) can not sleep thinking Mr Kenyi is coming to get them. Hon. Martin Kenyi will remain a hero, thanks to him for standing up for the rights of the oppressed. Let me break the news for you Alex; the real issue is beyond Hon. Gen. Martin Kenyi. So don’t keep wasting your time on him, he is now with IO who signed agreement with Juba but not me.
    Alex, Your real nightmare is ME. I changed my name to Equa Toria, I will die for Equatoria, and I will make sure that the next generations will know that jenges don’t belong in Equatoria, you like it or not I will fight till death to make Equatoria an independent Country. So, get ready for the next wave of liberation from axis of evils the rotten jenge SPLA crooks.

    Free Equatoria Armed Resistance


  27. Toria says:

    Dear Citizens
    Enough is enough, talk is cheap. Kirr and his cohorts must step out of the way and let people with love for the country take over the leadership. We must stand up now or never.
    “In order to set South Sudan on a new path forward, we call on President Kiir to show the South Sudanese people and the international community that he means what he says and that the Transitional Government of National Unity will act on these words in the interest of the people.”
    Even before independence late Hassan Al Turabi predicted this. Hassan Al Turabi said “South Sudan will never be a stable nation because of dinka tribe ego to rule without development”.
    Here is another pure stupidity of jenge so called intellectuals Like Michael Makuei. Jengeism have destroyed South Sudan and so we need something different. Or surrender the nation to UN Trusteeship before nothing is left to pick up from.
    Here is a new slogan for you compatriots to rise and overthrow this terrorists axis of evil; “Down with IG down”. IG=SPLA In Government.

    • alex says:

      Torisa good luck and do not be surprised when the game changes. You remember your much published Riack visit to UN in New York. Your expectations where very high at end together we dragged him to Juba. We are for peace but we are also prepared for your plan B. More prepared because you van not trust friends of Omer el Bashir. You are well burst with rumours and delusions but brother we believe in action. Empty bottle makes always makes loud sound. So short sighted people like you whose vision is only Nimule are not matured enough to manage S. Sudan affairs. Just stick to one people one nation. Today Maridi state flag is flying high so try to divide us again. Try your lies to Deceive the people again. We are more United than ever. Long live SPLA long live SPLM. You are a group of lairs. Before you clsim there was no coup and you go and read your movements news paper the south Sudan liberty news you prove your Selves to be lairs.
      We are even aware of your connection to Khartoum. Whenever defeated in battle field, it is JEM or SPLA-N and you run to take lies to Khartoum. You even accuse Israel of supporting S. Sudan. By all means you are working to destroy our hard won independence. We are monitoring your activities.

  28. False Millionaire says:

    Deng Monymor,
    It will depend on what intentions u can have to achieve for yourself,your society and country while creeking under the weight of occupation.Remember the chines communists crushing the pro-western uprising in the 1990s,guess what they did behind the door after?they called in western investers with companies lead by the americas and at the same time provided conducive conditions for a free market economy to the chines masses.The final out come became business and money to be made.As such,the americans got what they had wanted in much the same way as the ordinary chines masses did.And so the notion of how China should be governed was forgotten for good.
    Another example is,the cubans under Castro got their arms twisted for over 50 years.U ought to know so much about Cuba and Castro.It was the only country on earth that hosted the lost boys of the SPLM/A’s red army soldiers of the first hour.Enduring economic hardships,the cubans educated their society producing best medical doctors,engineers and intellectuals.After that,Cuba has just opened up for the americans to come in.If u are following the thread of my argument,the point is that the americans will massively invest in Cuba.But their enterprises will be manned by the cubans and that will put the two countries under an equal footing.In brief,no losers in the two camps than winners and that was Castro’s prime objective.

    Confronting the west head-on for an uncertain end game is a lost case before u can even start.
    The fates of Thomas Sankhar,Nicola Schaschawzko,Sddam Hussein and Khadffi among many others are examples to give us a profound idea in case of any doubt.
    I still have confidence in Garang and that makes his lose most painful and tragic.He would have been the best leader for the situation.If u see what I see,the citizens are being played against each other and the objective is to cut the toes of the tribe which members appear to be the sources of resistance against americans/british coming to RSS.They will never stop that ill conduct untill that tribe hits the ground.It’s best to think what should be done about it now and never later.U are free to react in your own way.But if I was asked what I should do,I would opt to call both the americans and the british to come in by the way of big door and encourage them to work togather with us without giving them any chance to come in by the of small door after conspiring to cut my toes.

  29. Hoiloom says:

    Jaang cousins,

    If the regime change or conspiracy theories you’re nagging about were in place, the USA wouldn’t have rescued you from the White Army in December 2013 by ordering UPDF to intervene. The White Army was less than 100 km away from Juba when UPDF entered the conflict. Instead of admitting your leadership failure to South Sudanese, you’re looking for someone else to blame. If the Americans want regime change it won’t take two years for Kiir and Malong to collapse.

    You’re given a second chance to implement the ARCISS in letter and spirit and any failure to do so will end your regime, not by Americans but the citizens.


  30. False Millionaire says:

    USA rescued no body and the white army was crushed.U are free to blame it on ugandans.But that won’t changed the reality.U should be very thankful to the USA for the compromise peace agreement.That’s the only cause that has brought u back to Juba.Never be unmindful for the rest of your life that u were defeated and flashed out of RSS.
    But as u are in Juba now accommodated by the merit of the compromise peace agreement,u are free to day dream.
    Try your luck again and u may never miss to reap it worst than u had in your first attempt.
    Fighting u isn’t the problem.The problem is the USA using u to fight an invisble war.The need for RSS stability and the development that will come with it is a high priority and that’s why u see us debating.A way should be managed to neutralize the USA,pull it out of your back and u will fall into a lagoon.That’s ofcourse is the scenario that terrifies u and compells u into a reaction.

  31. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


    In actuality, Obama’s administration had stationed battalion near Juba in case UPDF were not up to the task. Without the use of cluster boom, Jiech en Bor would have sent UPDF home in shame, but that wouldn’t have meant the fall of Juba. There was plan B in place for this eventuality. American troops were readied to confront Jiech en Bor had they defeated UPDF. In reality, the killing in Juba was done with blessing from Obama’s administration. Yet our cousins do not see that. As we write, Enough Project is at work to obstruct justice for the victims. Enough project is an American base body being bribed to see to it that no justice take place for the Nuer. The top manager for this organization double as Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager.

  32. Hoiloom says:

    Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa,

    All you have stated is correct. Bentiu Ramiraan has given a link above to proof your point. False and like minded Jaang cannot accept the reality. There is a documentary made by Voice and Aljeezera news outlets between Juba and Bor, where this fools suffered heavy defeats in the hands of Jiec in Bor. Unfortunately it’s a typical Jaang nature to deny facts. Who does not know that JEM, SPLM-N, UPDF and the rest of 63 tribes ganged up against the Nuer in 2013-2014? If this dump souls had the guts to confront Nuer there was no need to hire mercenaries to do the job and despite that we stood our ground. Let these thieves know that we’re not going anywhere and there will never be a Dinka Kingdom as long as Nuer is a citizen of RSS.


    • GatCharwearbol says:


      Dealing with these folks is like pulling teeth. They are most backward creatures I ever encounter. Arguing with a fool makes you a fool as well. Before we are drag into their foolery, it is reccommended to abandon their associations. It is like hanging out with wrong crowds. The chances for you being dragged into their activities are more attractive. Time to reason with those who could reasoned; not with fools.

  33. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Chol Chot,
    I thank u for the effort.Everything that u say corresponds well to the reality of the unfortunate order of things in RSS and I agree with u.I am only tempted to ask u a question,do u see some body akin to Garang in our midst?
    Some eight years back,I had a car break down halt in the ugandan nile fall of Karuma.There I got lucky to meet a childhood friend whom I had never seen since the war broke up under chairman Garang.We chated all night without any sleep.He had been fighting ever since and was wounded 7 times with gun shots.The last severe wounds he had suffered of in the battle of Yei and it was Garang himself who gave him primary health care with other wounded comrades.He knows Salva Kiir very well and was very pesimistic about the future of RSS under Kiir.He told me that by a brut force mentality,Kiir can order u to push down,”that truck”,pointing to a stationed truck attached to a loaded heavy semi-trailer infront of us.But as,”for Garang”,he said,”he would ask u to dig out the earth from the other side so that at the end,it would fall without causing u so much harm”.He asked me to be patient with his assertion and give him time for the prove.With the ciccumstances that have come to passe,I appreciate now how so much he was sincere.
    Mr Chot,u can have every earthly force concentrated in u,but u can end up becoming nothing if u aren’t intelligent.The same concept applies to prosperity of cattle in large numbers if they aren’t lead by a good shipard.As such,I see the future to be very uncertain as we are now under most severe challanges without a shipard to the height of Garang.
    The possibilty of getting to this point was foreseeable.But it’s too late.Nothing better can be done any more than fighting with the mud up to the neck.
    It’s a great lie my friend to prdedict success with certainty at this very point.But yet hold on firm to your defensive footing for the best as for the worst and good luck!!!

  34. Toria says:

    Dear Readers
    Ha ha ha ha ha hah
    What a disgrace? SPLA soldiers stealing food from Konyo Konyo market. For me this is not a news but this is the SPLA I have always known and warn people it’s about a matter of time their end is coming.
    Please read the below:

    Shame on SPLA, shame on President Kirr, shame on Paul Malong.
    Let them go to hell

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