Pres. Salva Kirr versus Dr. Riek Machar: Who’s the Peace Maker?

BY: Eli Wani, South Sudan, SEPT/15/2015, SSN;

It is official that Dr Riek Machar, will lead a delegation of SPLM-IO, to New York for a high-level meeting organized by the United Nations (UN) secretary Chief, Mr. Ban Ki Moon.

Why does Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon want to meet with Riek Machar publicly even before taking oath as the First Vice-President of the Republic of South Sudan?

Is this the beginning of the regime change process in full swing as I have predicted in the past?

There is something to note here, be aware that when the US puts any regime in its crosshairs as being hostile to American interests, the US is determined to eradicate or replace the regime with its own choice.

At this point America hasn’t found a suitable candidate but they are now openly starting to try options with Dr. Riek, he is seen to be intellectually more matured in his diplomacy as opposed to the mouthy cowboy in black hat.

Other important proofs are that Dr. Riek Machar has been appointed to lead the future reforms, he also is granted equal powers to veto the president’s unbecoming lawlessness of issuing decrees and useless threats of “reservations.”

In the event they both disagree and they are deadlocked in making some difficult decisions, the Trusteeship United Nations Government will step in to decide for them or make a judgement, and then they will be made to sign without reservations.

My analysis is that in the future the TROIKA and UN are looking to groom up a pro-western candidate to take over.

Unfortunately or rather fortunately for Pres. Kirr and the incoming First VP Dr. Riek, they have signed the very deal that was solely dictated by the International Community in particular the US, Norway and Britain, seconded by IGAD but not including Pres. Yuweri Museveni’s Entebbe IGAD meetings and not including Pres. Kirr’s grievances.

All in all, both the SPLM/A parties have handed over full rights for the International Community to take over the trusteeship of South Sudan, which in my observation is a fair game.

Otherwise if left alone in the hands of SPLM/A, South Sudan is on the brink of total collapse and the “lording SPLM/A party” is ready to destroy everything on its path with the help of Museveni’s UPDF and the Northern Sudanese Opposition groups.

Therefore any un-calculated mis-step taken by SPLM/A is under severe scrutiny and it will result into very severe consequences and whoever is deemed as the trouble causer will pay very dearly, or perhaps there won’t be anything called SPLM/A in the future. What a blessing… eh?

I for one welcome with open hands the UN, the TROIKA, the AU, and anyone that will decimate our terror and remove these home-grown terrorists out of the way to give chance for the nation to start afresh.

SPLM/A have no choice but to abide by the rules of International Peace Keeping.

They have signed out their rights, as stated by White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney; “We only recognize the signed agreements, any other grievances can not be included in the IGAD Plus agreements”.

The deal is done, it is irreversible, SPLM/A have surrendered their wills and only the International Community is in charge of the general security and the nation.

How will they go about the process remains to be seen, although it is not hard for those who run the world to find suitable options to keep peace and give our citizens some rest.

Hence, I am glad to say “Only an Iron can break a stone”, in this case the Iron is the International Community and United Nations while SPLM/A being the stone.

Bullies like SPLN/A must be stopped by any means before they destroy everything. Thank God they have limited capacity and the general public of South Sudan should have no sympathy for them.

This is a very significant progress that the opposition has gained ground, this very important meeting will be held on 29th September, 2015, in the margins of the seventieth session of the United Nations General Assembly, according to the reports.

Dr. Riek Machar, will lead a delegation to New York for a high-level meeting on South Sudan. Dr. Machar has been officially invited to the meeting by the UN chief during which world leaders will participate.

The meeting will be held at the level of heads of world governments to gain support for the implementation of the so-called compromised peace agreement signed in August by Riek on 17th and Kirr on 26th to end the conflict in South Sudan.

So where is Pres. Salva Kirr in this picture? Well, there are many scenarios here; but I will try to mention few as follows:

First, the International Community is looking at Dr. Machar as the best alternative based on records of dealing with peace negotiations as Dr. Machar played a vital role during the CPA compared to Salva Kirr.

Second, the UN and TROIKA are giving Dr. Machar credit for signing the compromised peace deal without hesitation on the 17th while Pres. Kirr is seen as a procrastinator due to his reluctance and delay in signing on 26th of August, and with threats of “reservations”.

Third, if Kirr and his cohorts dishonor this peace agreement, the UN and International Communities will sanction Salva Kirr’s Juba regime and they will in turn appoint Dr. Riek Machar to lead while they intervene militarily to remove Kirr’s SPLM/A-Juba.

The two SPLM/A parties have signed the IGAD Plus compromise peace agreement, and had been ratified by their legislative bodies.

As we wait for its implementation which has commenced with the UN urging the parties to commit to its full implementation or face sanctions.

Even after both the leaders have come out and ordered their respective forces to cease fire there has been incursions while both sides accusing the other.

We the people of South Sudan urge the parties to respect and abide by the treaty and we also beg the International Community to stand tall and use every necessary measures at your disposal to bring peace in our nation of South Sudan, the warring parties must be held accountable for ALL the crimes they have committed.

United Nations have taken to the ICC many war criminals in the past and we urge the ICC to also do the same in South Sudan.

Eli Wani is a concerned South Sudanese activist working to bring a lasting peace, tranquility, justice and fairness to everyone, in pursuit of liberty and freedom, seeking for happiness to ALL people of all walks of life.


  1. AGUMUT says:

    The Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon is not fool because he is awared that Nuer themselves are divided into FACTIONS and i don’t think Riek will become the future president of South Sudan. People should understand how peace agreement was signed.Well play by Think-Tanks.

  2. Guet Athina Guet says:

    Mr. Wani,

    “United Nations have taken to the ICC many war criminals in the past and we urge the ICC to also do the same in South Sudan.” Yeah, let start with the butcher of south Sudan Machar, who murdered 30000 1991 coup attempt. Most of the victims were women, children and the old.

    I am sorry to rain on your party. your dream for the butcher Machar to be president of south Sudan will never happen I tried very hard to follow your logic but it’s very confusing, in one hand you want all the SPLA/M party to disappeared, and on the other hand you want peace, but with whom !.

    Your last paragraph is as bad as the entire article …”Eli Wani is a concerned South Sudanese activist working to bring a lasting peace, tranquility, justice and fairness to everyone, in pursuit of liberty and freedom, seeking for happiness to ALL people of all walks of life.” Mr. Wani, how confusing can you get !. I suggest you go back and reread your entire article and see if it makes any sense. I don’t think anyone who read this gibberish will understand what you’re trying to communicate. In humble opinion, the butcher Machar is not qualify to lead, any Nuer will be a better leader in a higher office in south Sudan.

    • Joana Adams says:

      Dear Wani,

      This invitation was extended to both Riek and Kiir, and there are very good reasons to see how the two principals will work with each other to collectively implement the people’s Agreement. No one called Kiir a schoolboy except his guilt conscience. Kiir knows he is unqualified to rule South Sudan today. What’s more he feels intellectually inferior to face the doctor of philosophy in the presence of other equally competent and learned world leaders. Now that he knows he is no better than a schoolboy wearing boots that are too big for him, he should butt off and go.
      School boys characteristically think the world must revolve around them. The meeting in New York is about the country and the people of South Sudan. Only a schoolboy would have thought it was about him or his over inflated ego. Does anyone need to tell Kiir what he actually is? He is worst than a schoolboy. Actually he is like a delinquent school kid. Delinquent kids need treatment to correct their mental illness not to be put in charge of the nation. The transitional constitution bars a person from holding the top job on the condition of mental infirmity. How comes Kiir has not been sectioned and put out of office?
      Now I hope those who imposed Kiir as transitional president can own up to their mistakes.


  3. Toria says:

    Guet Athina Guet
    If am not mistaken the writer of the article above here did not recommend neither Riek nor Kirr as the future president, he instead said the International Community UN, TROIKA, AU etc are looking for an alternative, but at this point it looks like they want to try Riek Machar. The writer made it clear that the problems of S Sudan seems to be made worst by the presence of SPLA/M both the junta and elites respectively, he criticized the party as a whole and maybe we would rather be better without SPLA/M. Of course when you read any article with a prejudiced attitute you will not be able to see beyond your little box. I suggest you need to be opened mind in public forums.
    Eli, I think your article is well balanced and yes our problem today in S Sudan is SPLA/M the party and its military monopoly. In every country wherever the leading party is backed by its own army wing there are always has been turmoil and dictatorship. Maybe this time the militarization will be left for Nationally unified Army and not just dominated by Dinkas and Nuers alone, or else the way forward will be very bumpy and rough.

    • Guet Athina Guet says:

      Mr. Roria,

      Your comment is well taken, no worries … The article was writer buy someone who’s afraid to mention the names of the culprits. However, Mr. Wani, could be a contributor to these problems in south Sudan for writing un founded facts, and when he used coded language. Mr. Wani, is trying to stay natural regarding all the mess in the country. and he refused to call out the butcher Machar for his murdering style of leadership. Mr. Waini article is extremely lame and unbalanced, blaming our heroes is not the way to go. SPLA/M will rule south Sudan regardless of what happen.
      May god bless president Kiir and keep him safe and may god bless south Sudan.

  4. survivor says:

    while most if not all of our esteemed writers get the issue; which the failure of top leadership. for one reason or another, these seemingly intelligent columnist continually fail bring forth a logical solution. whit the reality being that, everyone at the top leadership has failed. virtually everyone, whether in Juba, Io or FD. the so call political heavy weights are all guilty of the same crime; particular SPLM/A Juba and SPLM/Io being mirror images of each other. And with the SPLM/A FD being guilty of the same crimes accept for the mass murder.
    with such being the case, our esteemed columnist brethren continually lump all the blame on one side in favor of the other side . thus sparking the debate of which devil is better. when in reality, it doesn’t matter which devil is better, they are both devils and they are all bad for us.
    the only thing the differs between these warring factions of SPLM/A are the circumstances.
    on one hand you have Kiir and his cohort in the government, shaky as they are, they nonetheless are still dragging along. Whereas, For Riek, holding together his band of thugs and misfits is proving disastrous. to date, there have been multiple falling out between Riek and his military commanders. leading Reik to scramble for whatever peace sign, ie, Compromise Peace Agreement. Thus, prompting the peaceful diplomatic facade people see from Riek of nowadays.
    The truth is neither side is capable of bringing forth peace and tranquility to South Sudan, on the contrary, the obsenxe of both of these factions and leaders can surely bring true peace. we gain by the virtue of loosing the drag, that is the SPLM/A political machine that has brought us to this stage.
    both Kiir, Riek and the Former Detainee, highlighted by Pagen Amum must all go. and he new wave of leaders must take over at this critical juncture and lead our nation to safe harbor.


    • Guet Athina Guet says:

      Mr. Survivor,

      I get you, however, you need to know the rooted course of this in fighting, it not something new but an old chronic problem. If Machar the butcher was really smart, he should not have stayed for 8 years as VP and now he thinks he can do better then current president which is highly problematic to believe. Your last paragraph, is undo able, these leaders are our heroes who fought very hard to bring us the freedom of south Sudan. We can’t just throw them away like bunch of useless old beings. Regardless how illiterates,stupid, dumb they deserve our respect and we must show them our gratitude for their perseverance.

      • survivor says:

        i completely understand where you are coming from; the job that these old timers have done need to be acknowledged. Kiir and company minus Riek deserve lots of credit for the tremendous job they did during the liberation war. but that doesn’t mean we allow them to burn our nation to ash. the fact is, they have failed as states-men. they have all proven to be incapable of running a nation. something that is expected from liberation leaders. as such, we all need to gently nudge them to step aside and leave the leadership to the more apt leaders.
        especially with this current conflict; there is not a single individual that a nation can rally behind. people have grown tired of these leaders. Kiir, G10 and certainly not Riek.
        as much as we respect these liberation leaders, the realities at hand dictate that they step aside.

      • you are right, and this is what south Sudanese need to know about this guy call Riek

  5. Malouda says:

    Wani, you are really a positive activist. I agreed with you that South Sudan is going to collapse if it left in the hands of the SPLM/A, because its forgotten its objectives since the time of the death of our hero Dr. Garangdit and suppose after South Sudan got its independence 2011 SPLM/A must be history right after that time and remain only as historical movement and leave the country to the others, because the current suffering of the South Sudanese citizens was caused by SPLM/A, let us wait for the dawn and give the chance to the international community to take over the trusteeship until the time of elections then do not mistaken not to elect the wrong South Sudanese son or daughter who will not works for our interest be wise to elect who will give us the all basic needs e.g. security, Schools, hospitals roads etc. Iam a full member of the SPLA/M who participated in the battle field for the welfare of my country but the way our leaders run the country is not the way for those who suffered for the better future.

  6. False Millionaire says:

    I had been a bit too busy to comment on your great article from the moment of it’s first appearance on the SSN.
    But none the less that won’t deminsish my appreciation to it.
    In fact do u still remember us predicting the UN trusteeship scenario taking over RSS as contains in,”the compromise peace agreement”,before it was signed during our exchanges?
    One hopes the masses will take the reality of your article to be a true fact that’s on the march and will never stop before touching the last point of it’s limit.

    It’s needless for our masses to keep inflicting suffering against each other.
    It’s good to reason that the plan for this vision was long plan with the american and british effort to end the war with the north forcing the north to accept RSS independence.
    The untimely death of Dr Garang is suspecious and it’s most probable that it was assassination by the americans and the british to clear him out of the way so far as he was the only most capable south sudanese to lead the masses.
    The weakness of the SPLM/A leadership lead by Kiir is another scenario that has driven an iron wedge between the political elites characterized by corruption and the ordinary masses who have been reduced to extreme suffering by insecurity becouse of the lack of law and order and by poverty due to the lack of development.

    The case of the events of 15th December 2013 is a very interesting one.
    But one may not dismiss the suspecion that US and Britain had played a role in them judging from the conducts of the UNIMISS.
    But now comes,”the compromise peace agreement”.
    I am convinced it’s neither to make nuer at the expense of dinka nor to raise nyamnyam over the nuer and dinka alike.
    It simply falls on the plan of new world order of economic conquest of Africa lead by USA and England.
    The enemy to beat is China.RSS is the center of the gravity.No resistence will be too great to foil it.
    Just watch president Musseveni.
    He seems to have understood so quickly and he is moving quicker to save his skin.
    Not so long ago he was in Khartoum implying reconciliation with the life long enemy Omer Al Bashir.
    One predicts he has allready made up his mind to float with the wind of the new reality than to confront it.

    I only disagree with u with the use of condionals like if SPLM/A doesn’t do that or if Kiir refuses to comply with this or if Dr Riak did that and so on and so on.
    All that is unnecessary.
    The americans,the british and the rest of those from the developed countries with them know Kiir,Dr Riak and the rest of the SPLM/A elites inside out.
    They are liars,tricky,corrupt,unprofessional and stupid.
    Such uncivilized evil characteristics have facilitated RSS and it’s society to fall into the UN trusteeship in a broad daylight.
    “The compromise peace agreement”,will undo Kiir,Dr Riak and the rest of the SPLM/A elites most hurriedly.
    Provisions for that eventuality have been provided already in the agreement giving the UN powers to arbitrate where the parties to the agreement may disagree.
    It’s the forces with such powers that will implement the agreement becouse it’s most reasonable to argue that the parties to the agreement will never agree on anything in the agreement.

    So we should be prepared to see RSS in the light of Honkong under the Bretish.
    But we may never come out worst off after one hundred years if we accept to sit to learn from the positive aspects of their civilization.
    In fact it’s said that dinka paramount chiefs were against Sudan independance when they were consulted before the independence.
    They reasoned that England should have stayed much longer to teach so much of what he knew to south sudanese before abandoning them.
    Unfortunate in those days everything was dictated by the northerners.
    There coming back by the way of back door may not symbolize imposing suffering on the RSS masses in the same grave magnitude as was the case withe the unbearable experiences under the northerners!!!

  7. Guet Athina Guet says:

    Mr. Malouda,

    I enjoyed reading your lame comments, but not all … where in the world have you a foreign army running a country/sovereign nation. The Russian tried in Afghanistan, east Germany and did not work, also united states tried that in Vietnam, and Iraq and they failed desirably. SPLA/M is here to stay, because they are the one who freed-ed south Sudan from the butchers of Khartoum. However, I concurred with you in your last paragraph about school, hospital, road and security for all. May god bless president Kiir and keep him safe, and may god bless south Sudan.

  8. Toria says:

    Dear Commentators;
    Your comments are appreciated, some of you said nice words while others have negative views but in true democracy no one person is always right. Also to some of you who think I have taken side it’s your opinion. I have always been and will remain on the side of the general population of South Sudanese people who yarn for peace, freedom, tranquility and in pursuits of liberty and true happiness.
    I hope some of you see what am seeing happening in broad daylight. SPLA/M as a Party and Military regime have created wide gaps between out people, they have no intentions to develop, nor keep peace in South Sudan, they only want to divide and control our people as long as they can, they like to be worship claiming the lion share of everything, they like to take credits for the sacrifices made by ALL South Sudanese who never gave up even before anyone knew anything about SPLA/M. After all SPLA/M was created by one man, an iconic visionary who’s gone too soon, it is important to remember that everything created by mankind WILL FALL, no matter how long. Here is a link for some of you who want to confirm the beginning and end of a vision-less SPLA/M made more clearer than I could say; ttp://

    • Bol says:

      Wow! This is the first time I saw you without your tribal underwear ! It is true that SPLM has made a lot of mistakes and it helps everybody to look at it as such. Please keep up the good work of attracting the citizens of RSS into the course of achieving the goal of good governance, law abiding culture and promotion of institutions not the colt of personalities. You really look very handsome without that underwear.

    • Survivor says:

      Well said; true democracy entails that everyone express their view; as different as they maybe. as is apparent in the responses to your article.
      as i previously stated; while our learned brothers are knowledgable of the core issue of our current problem; they continue to misdiagnose it; by the virtue of criticizing one block and propping the other side up. this is itself is the issue. it needs to be admitted that neither of the factions. SPLM/A Juba, SPLM/A Io or the Former Detainees. they are both equally as liable in the distraction of our nation. it needs to be affirmed that Riek is no better than Kiir. In fact, Riek is guilty of virtually everything Kiir is accused.
      they are both parners in the crime of looting the nation and they are also equal in the crime of fragmenting the nation, failing to forge a working system.

  9. False Millionaire says:

    Bantiu Ramaran,
    A fisherman,a hunter of crocodiles and hippopotamuses,a farmer,a cattle keeper and now a one third life manager of private sector business activities in the context of moden realities who presides over men and women needs to be a,”beneficiery of the corrupt government”?
    Better wake up quickly from your deep sleep and get alive naive cousin.
    The americans are here with the mud sugar coated as,”the compromise peace agreement”.
    Never under estimate them.
    They will bury u and me and the rest of fellow countrymen deep inside that mud for ages and take the oil from the chinese.But that won’t be all.
    They will put an end to such tribal ambitions as a nuer nation,a dinkocrecy and a nyamnyam empire.
    Even the egyptions aren’t masturbating in delight under the sun any more like they used to do before becouse hey know too well that the americans will come to hold the flow of the Nile waters by the nick.

    So weep in grief if that reality is a cause of misfortune for u.
    But get ready to be a honest citizen and niver worry about me.
    Just dispel the inhuman savage habit of going fishy and twisting others’ arms for a living and u would do very fine under the new realities!!!

  10. Chul Mi Bor says:


    I couldn’t agree with you more! You are absolutely right on the fate of Kiir or “little schoolboy, as Makuei Lueth called his boss.” This “schoolkid” still does not get it! Let’s wait for the arrival of Dr. Riek, Alfred Lado & other comrades in Juba in the coming months! Imagine no M7 forces, no SPLA-N militia to protect this “schoolkid” ass!!! I cannot wait to see that!

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