Pres. Salva Kiir’s Gestapo Mentality is killing South Sudan

BY: Duop Chak Wuol, South Sudanese, MAR/24/2018, SSN;

It was a common perception in Adolf Hitler’s Germany that working as an assassin for the notorious Nazi’s secret police, the Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo), was a noble career in the Deutschland. It is now clear that South Sudanese President Salva Kiir has adopted Gestapo-like tactics to terrorize the people of South Sudan.

Kiir’s use of a Gestapo against his critics, political opponents, and civilians is not just wrong, it is hauntingly familiar and a threat to the very existence of South Sudan.

Most politicians like to make bold political statements, proclaiming better days ahead for their citizens or countries even when they know their promises are unjustified— or, rather, absurdly imaginary.

This is also the case in the minds of many ruthless tyrants. In Kiir’s mind, it is all about killing anyone who refuses to abide by his cruelty, imposing an ethnic reign, looting state resources and blaming it on unidentified culprits or unknown gunmen whom he owns.

This is exactly what Hitler did when he conducted a brutal campaign against those he believed to oppose his leadership.

It should be clear to the people of South Sudan that Kiir is a modern admirer of Gestapo methods who believes that he can kill with impunity and remain untouchable.

There are many similarities between Kiir’s unknown gunmen and the Gestapo’s assassins. For many years, Kiir’s unknown gunmen have terrorized, arrested, tortured, kidnapped, and killed people, and yet none of the assassins have ever been put on trial.

The reason why Kiir did not use his submissive Judges to punish members of his killing squad is the fact that he is the one who employed them to commit atrocities on his behalf.

What intrigued me about Kiir is the fact that he likes to accuse people whom he disagrees with of wrongdoing. He believes that anyone who refuses to abide by his brutality is wrong and that such a person deserves punishment.

For example, Kiir, with the help of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, orchestrated a scheme to make his rivals look as if they were working on a plan to topple his government.

He put his plan in motion on December 15, 2013 by accusing them of plotting a coup, presenting groundless evidence to support his self-managed claim, and then turning around to blame them for being the ones who started the war by attempting to remove him from power.

This was, in fact, a colossal lie. Kiir later used this misleading allegation against his opponents the morning following the outbreak of war.

He declared that his then-deputy Dr. Riek Machar, along with many senior leaders of the Sudan People’s s Liberation Movement (SPLM), planned a coup against his government and that some of the plotters were detained.

Kiir also demonstrated this seemingly blame-the-victim strategy in July 2016 after he colluded with Taban Deng Gai to try to assassinate Machar at Juba One (J1), his residence.

Most South Sudanese were shocked when they saw Kiir accusing Machar of starting the J1 fighting. Kiir’s policy of blaming the victims is the same tactic Hitler used against his rivals.

The recent politically motivated death conviction of former Machar’s spokesman, James Gatdet Dak, and South African William John Endley has exposed Kiir’s deceit in a stunning way.

The decision by the court proves that Kiir’s mentality is no different from the former Nazi leader, who was very good at targeting his critics.

Kiir, through his sycophantic Judges, alleged that Dak committed treasonous acts and that Endley was a spy for the rebel leader Machar.

Kiir then falsely blamed the two men for being the masters of their legal troubles — troubles that were carefully fabricated at J1 and given to a Kangaroo court in Juba to punish the men.

All the charges labeled against both men were unreasonable in merit. The truth is that Mr. Dak was a critic of Kiir’s regime and Mr. Endley was simply an ordinary South African who happened to be a friend of Machar.

In a logical sense, Juba’s tyrant does not want anyone who likes Riek Machar. The man has developed a very serious hatred towards Riek Machar. His hatred for the rebel leader has reached the level of madness.

Kiir’s policy of rewarding the killers and punishing the victims reminds me of an ancient King who is so consumed by the fantasy of wanting to make people embrace his cruelty, justify his atrocities, and glorify his madness.

The real reason behind the convictions was simply an attempt by Kiir to tell his critics that he is capable of punishing anyone who criticizes his leadership — this is exactly how Hitler operated through his Gestapo-managed courts.

Kiir’s decision to use a court to punish Dak and Endley is probably the biggest act of hypocrisy to ever be committed in South Sudan.

There are many people who have carried out far more serious crimes than Endley and Dak, and these people are still working for Kiir’s government.

So, if Kiir wants to punish people, he could have started with his tribal militiamen who massacred innocent Nuer civilians in December 2013, crooked elites, and former ministers who looted hundreds of millions of dollars.

Salva Kiir is simply not a national leader as I indicated in some of my preceding writings. His actions will be an indisputable living testimony in the history of South Sudan.

The man is simply too destructive for the country. For instance, prior to the outbreak of the war in Juba, Kiir became increasingly brutal, visibly enraged, spoke out in a tribally-motivated tone, and publicly recalled past divisive events.

This was a dangerous move displayed by the very person whom the people thought was their leader.

I believe Kiir’s political opponents also contributed to what was then a looming political tragedy by not speaking out against his divisive language.

All these actions led Kiir to falsely accuse his rivals of planning a bogus coup, which resulted in a spate of targeted killings in Juba — it was a gruesome display of his leadership that went down in history as his biggest political blunder.

The South Sudanese tyrant has turned the country into a graveyard for greedy empires. It is good to remind people that the empires in question are Uganda, Egypt, Ukraine, Morocco, Kenya, and Eritrea.

There is no doubt in my mind that these nations are the main investors in Kiir’s atrocious regime and benefit from the ongoing war, all in complete disregard of humanity.

The leaders of these greedy countries are fueling the conflict by dressing up in sheep’s clothing, crying peace, and shedding crocodile tears.

Kiir always likes to accuse his critics of treason and other crimes, but he is the one who should be accused of committing treasonous acts because he has sold South Sudan to these greedy kingdoms.

Salva Kiir has no feeling for any loss of life unless such a loss poses a direct threat to his own life. Kiir is a cold-blooded leader who would kill, smile, and then blame the victim.

What I find puzzling about his tyrannical mindset is that he does not recognize the fact that those who feel oppressed by his leadership have the right to fight for their rights; be they cultural, social, economic or political rights.

It is worth mentioning that many dictators who persistently oppressed their citizens ended up facing serious ramifications. This is what happened with Hitler: he announced that those who opposed his leadership had no reason to live, yet he ended up being the victim of his own brutality.

If this is what Kiir wants, then he must publicly declare that he is the enforcer of a 21st century Gestapo and that he has decided to deny the South Sudanese much-needed democratic changes.

Kiir is now the obstacle to the democratization and development of South Sudan. The only reasonable thing for him to do now is to denounce his destructive leadership and vacate the presidency.

Salva Kiir’s leadership is built on the ideology of a tribal supremacy. He empowers ethnic ideas created by the hooligans of the infamous Jieng Council of Elders (JCE), deceives everyone in his inner circle, and robs the people of South Sudan from their national pride by cunningly changing the constitution to legitimize his tyranny.

The sheer size of his crimes is appalling for any reasonable person to comprehend.

If there are people who still support Kiir’s Nazi mentality, then I’d argue that allowing him to continue ruling the young nation will be a bonanza for his viciousness.

The Republic of South Sudan is now a modern version of a Gestapo-run state where everyone is expected to think sycophantically.

The South Sudanese must not allow Kiir’s Nazi mindset to give birth to a Gestapo baby with a “kill-with-impunity” statement written on its forehead.

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  1. John Jing Poch says:

    Kiir is a useless leader. His days as the killer of South Sudanese are numbered.

    • Chol Diit says:

      Shut up. kiir is democratically elected leader shut up.

      • Bismark says:


        Kiir could have been elected in your kitchen by your relatives otherwise an elected leader does not mass murder his subjects. Where have you seen an elected leader put his interests above national interests? He orders the killing of citizens for having different political opinions on how a country should be administered in a manner Bokassa of Central African Republic or Idi Amin of Uganda or Pol Pot of Cambodia or Hitler of Nazi Germany ever did in history of mankind!! What a bad leader !!

      • Eastern says:

        Chol Diit,

        The futility of trying hard to shut up people is what runs in the blood of regime beneficiaries like you! Kiir is using your like in the form of the UNKNOWN GUNMEN to kill those opposing him through writings. Now the online platform has become your new headache. The online platform has remained one of the most lethal weapons against Kiir and his tribal supporters.

        Oh please spare us with the nonsense of “Kiir is [was] democratically elected leader….”

      • BILL KUCH says:

        Chol Diit,
        Yes, Kiir was elected and I am not denying that; however, I have to be honest with you here that, I am not happy with him just like most of people are. He has failed to do what he was elected for. He has no leadership qualities and I hate it when some morons blamed his failures on Dinka tribe instead of his administration. So, the way I look at it as on what is more important, is not all about one being elected to public office, but it has been about services delivery to public as always. Therefore, we must acknowledge that he is incompetent leader, and that it’s one thing or fact which is destroying South Sudan.

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          BILL KUSH,

          Kudos for coming back to your rightful senses. In the beginning, when we tell you this fool is the problem of South Sudan, you threw stones at us. I am glad your frozen brain has finally melted allowing you think wisely.

  2. Kokora 2 says:

    Equatoria must break away should Dinka and Nuer fail to clean their faces of having destroyed South Sudan. It’s too much and non appears willing to bring peace. Idiots must be shown exit to handle their lack of politics in their cattle camps.

  3. Our Republic is cursed to have a tribalist as its leader. Who would thought Salva of Gogrial will transform himself to be the leader he is now? no one. Salva is disgraceful to this nation. The only way to bring about lasting peace in our Republic is to remove him from power.

    • Mor-amook says:

      Dear Bismark and Kokora2,

      Kokora 2, your name, and your statement illustrate hidden agenda of independent Equatoria. Remember, Equatorians are tribes, if for your wish and dream become true, you will not understand yourselves and you will farther divide Equatoria into 3 independent countries.

      You have rights to say whatever evil things in your mind against president Kiir, but don’t encourage violent please. You don’t have experience of war in your life time. From the inception of SPLA/M in early 1980s, Equatorian used to define war as fighting between Jienge and Matukuru. So, your struggle for independent Equatoria is a dream, even wise Nuer fellow would not agree with you on that. Division of country is not a solution.

      • Mondeto says:

        Dear Mor-Amook,

        We as Equartorians are unique, mannered, respected our own unique diversity and we love each other.
        So Equartorian tribes demanded federalism for a long time. Today we are for independence. Just to remind you Equartorian tribes…The people of Equatoria are traditionally peasants or nomads belonging to numerous ethnic groups. They live in the counties of Budi, Ezo, Juba, Kajo-keji, Kapoeta, Magwi, Maridi, Lainya, Mundri, Terekeka, Tombura, Torit, Yambio, and Yei. Equatoria is inhabited by the ethnolinguistic groups listed below. The following tribes occupy the three states of Greater Equatoria: Acholi, Avokaya, Baka, Balanda, Bari, Didinga, Kakwa, Keliko, Kuku, Lango, Lokoya, Narim, Lopit, Lugbwara, Lulubo, Madi, Makaraka, Moru, Mundari, Mundu, Nyangbwara, Otuho, Pari, Pojulu, Tenet, Toposa and Azande Avukaya Mundu. Some of these tribes like Bari, Pojulu, Kuku, Kakwa, Mundari and Nyangbwara share a common language, but their accents, and some adjectives and nouns do vary; the same applies to Keliko, Moru and Madi..

      • Mor-amook says:

        Easter, Handbol and Hoiloom,

        Tell me, what is the latest news/communique today 26 March from IGAD about Riak Machar?
        Your Trioka was presence!!! This is what we have been telling you along to please denounce violent and let’s work for peace. Even you, be careful you fall within definition of peace spoilers. We know your exact names and you will be caught one day.

        You will never win this war poor rebels. Gen. Taban and Ezekiel are not joking. You will be isolated further like Joseph Konyi, if you continue with violent.

        • Eastern says:


          Now comparing anybody to Yussif Kony is akeen to the grade 2 level pupil comparing mangoes to oranges!

          It’s not for Torika, the UN Security Council, AU or IGAD to decide where Dr. Machar stays. The man has been under JCE-paid accommodation in South Africa for nearly tow years. You know what’s been the result.

          I am more than happy that you still have the gusto to maintain your two poster boys in the persons of Taban Deng and Ezekiel Lol; these two are doing great and stick to them!

          Don’t get surprised when the 3rd and final edition of the IGAD HLRF fails just because when folks cannot agree where Dr. Machar has to be!

        • Deng Hanbol says:

          This is a result of seventeen years of misrule by Dinka elites that you emotionally drained. Indeed, everything evil that occurring now in our country is because of the above-mentioned. As a friendly reminder, you ought to advise/urge your tribesmen to evacuate the homes that they occupy in Juba before the SPLA-IO capture the city. Make no mistake, the capture of the capital city by the SPLA-IO is going to cause you to pay a big price. To make a plausible explanation, Nuer soldiers will never protect you from Equatorian soldiers,or Chollo soldiers because Dinka militia have massacred their mothers, brothers and sisters. Therefore, you must tell your people to leave the city and the sooner the better.The question is, is the devil (JCE) to blame or M7 for the suffering of our people? Let me assure you that Naath,Eqoutorian, Chollo or Feritits are not responsible for the failure of Dinka Kingdom. You should blame yourselves because Salva Kiir’s failure is brought on by your hubris.
          See you soon in Wrrap!!

  4. Mr. Mur Amok Equatoria will be A country as Luaks states should be A country too. Where Kiir should do their own freedom o f Jenges right of their own violence for their good.

  5. Ww says:

    Mr. Duop,
    It was difficult to finish reading this nonsense. However, I must tell you that worthless warload and a terrorist Riek Machar has been the super agent of Khartoum, always used to kill his own people by the Arabs. I don’t need to go through history, you know it. Ignore history to own detriment and fate.
    The sheer lack of intelligence by a PhD holder Riek Machar is unfathomable and comparable to none. Riek is devil who pretends to be a democrat, uses brute force to try to ascend into presidency without any regard to human lives; he has no place in South Sudan. Riek Machar is worst nightmare to the people of South Sudan and the sooner he goes the better; I don’t care if we have to fight the very last man. Kiir is to be blamed for saving his life in J1 fight.
    The worst traitors than Riek Machar are his followers. Primitives who fight and die for unjust cause, all will finish one by one becuase you are fighting for nothing. Your lives are worthless.

    • Eastern says:


      Kiir was a fool and a stupid man to “have saved Dr. Machar”. The dinka should have killed Machar at J1 so that we witness the Armageddon first hand in South Sudan! Wunrok, Agok, Turalei, Abiemnhom, Tonj East, Tonj North, etc would have paid the ultimate prices of the goods you are displaying!

      Nobody sent you dinka to the bush to fight the jellaba, after all, many more dinka people are still members of the SAF in Sudan! Your participation in the liberation struggle shouldn’t be used to hold the country at ransom by some stupid villagers!

      Stop wasting your time here on the web. Don’t wait for the failure of the much-hyped IGAD HLRF, go for the enemy as happening across the country. The message is clear: the Dinka people MUST NOT be allowed to become the supremos of this new country called South Sudan!

      • Ww says:

        Mr. Eastern,

        Every citizen of South Sudan is conscious of the fact Nuer belligerent and bellicosity will lead South Sudan to the helm of distruction, and ultimately its demise. We know the “Armageddon” you professed is a real possibility should Nuer take the power of the country. So, until you change the mindset of Wanethin (shoot first and ask reasons later), people of South Sudan cannot trust any of the dangerous Nyagaats and rebellion addicted, uneducated/miseducated Nuer.

    • Mor-amook says:

      Dear Mondeto and Moii,

      It is good to dream at night not day time please! Equatoria is South Sudan and will never become an independent country. The day it will become a country is the very day Jesus comes.

      Why did you not start rebellion in 1980s for independent Equatoria from Northern Sudan by then? You will pay back the lives lost by non-equatorians in equatorian region during 21 years, for examples, Maridi, Yei, Kaya, Torit, Kapoeta, Yambio, Juba 1 & 2 battles in 1990s, just to mention few. You were studying in Uganda and pretending to be Ugandans and some in the camps. We were not foolish my friends to fight for you, and after the hot soup you say we want Equatoria.

      We acknowledge bravery of some heroes from equatoria by then including James Wani, Mabuto Mamur, late Samuel Abu John, late Nyacigak just to mention few but they had no sons & daughters in the army, only few to be counted. They were commending non-equatorians. At the same time, you created Equatoria Defense Force on denial that the fight was between jienge and Matukuru (jalaba).

      For that reason, I say you will get independent the same day Jesus comes.

      • Mor-amook says:

        Dear Eastern,

        You are foolish and stupid, because you don’t know the different between a tribe and the president or officials of that tribe in the government. Over 4 million Jieng are not being fed by Kiir or Kiir administration for that matter. But instead of focusing on government change, you talk of Dinka, Dinka. Instead of attacking government installations only and spare ordinary/poor Jieng on the roads, you set road blocks to kill any jieng regardless of age from zero age to ….. this is stupidity of somebody who do not have an idea of politics.

        Secondly, from 1991 to 2002 jieng in Bhar el gazal from Mingkaman to Aweil at the border where not displaced by your Nuer husbands. They only out numbered Bor, massacred and displaced them. So, what would have been different in July 2016 J1, if Dr. Riak was killed? Was it that he was not killed in between 1991 – 2002 spare Jieng areas in Bhar el gazal? You are a liar and cowards. You were in Uganda only watching things from TV since then.

        Thirdly, our participation in liberation cannot hold country hostage as you said, but objectives of your struggle are useless and discriminatory. Sometimes, you say Equatoria independent, sometimes you say regime change, sometimes to destroy Dinka. Which is which?

        • Eastern says:


          You are stooping too low; soon, I will join the editor in ignoring you!

          You are right to say that over 4 million Dinka low lives are not being fed by Kiir. All we know is that almost 90% of the relief effort by the humanitarian communities is directed and benefits the Dinka people in Upper Nile and Bahr el Ghazal.

          Why should I differentiate between wandering dinkas and those in regime uniforms? Who doesn’t know that the cattle camps are bases for reserve forces for the tribal regime?

          It’s none of your business if I call for regime change or independence of Equatoria. I don’t have to sympathise with your naivety. Any Dinka is a potential defender of Kiir and now you know what that means for the tribe?!

  6. Mr DUMP duop,.
    Jeinges will never bring any peace in their Jeinges republic. Do not blame Nuer who defend themselves from Kiirmanil Kiir Jeing leadership. Equatorians want to govern themselves and Nuer as well as others will govern themselves. You jeinges should move to your Jieng luaks where your belong. We should not allow arrogant Jeing tribe who are prone to violence to govern us any more. Equatoria can be like Somaliland which is peaceful from the rest of Somalia. First Jeing have to be driven to their region as has been the case in the eighties….. Kokora is our motto.

  7. False Millionaire says:

    Ww is right.Kiir is a fool.Dr Riek wouldn’t have wasted one second if he was the one who got the golden chance.But make use of your brain with whatever little influence Sorbonne has in it.The hour has come and if the same Kiir isn’t kicking out the chinese for the yankees to take over the oil,it’s imperative a non jaang person will be parachutted to the helm.Once that happened,if the prevailing mindset is still a complot to reduce jieng’s size before anything else,never shorten to expect both MTN and counter MTN operations taking place right in towns.U would be very lucky then if u survive to back the bones for peaceful burial in the foot of eastern rock.Digest this first and never rant about an illusion called South Sudan to which according to u isn’t anything akin to a dinka’s making.

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      Just to show how naive you dinka zealot are, the tribal regime in Juba has strayed and it’s on the wrong footing. That’s the plain truth.

      The regime in Juba, just like any dinka person, thrives on the zillion dinka, most of whom do not benefit from the regime but the regime uses them at times of need. Hapless dinka youths were hurriedly drafted into the ranks and files of the various regime militia outfits like Mathiang Anyoor, Dut Ku Bany, etc. Some of them were killed and their remains left littering the foot of the Eastern Rock!

      There’s no way a dinka will replace Kiir and you expect to have a peaceful and united South Sudan. The issues at hand now are bigger than Dr. Machar and Kiir. An opportunity had presented itself by way of the ARCSS for South Sudanese to remain united, but dinka zealots argued that the agreement was imposed by outsiders. Now is the time for South Sudanese to sort their problems internally.

  8. Deng Monymor says:


    Yankees are fighting for their own survival as 21 century’s economy stands. On March 26, 2018, Shanghai Stock Exchange opened its market trading oil with Yuan. In other words, from Petrodollar to Petro-yuan in short time. This means we are about to see Petrodollar following Nguendeng to no-returned grave. When petrodollar dies, America has nothing to sanction other nations with; it has been this petrodollar which allowed them to act like King of the world without knowing that nature has its own way of reversing the cause. In this American struggle period for survival, Eastern’s Sorbonne experience is not aware that Peking got them running with empty brain shouting “Je vous remercie” (thank you), wishing they knew how to say it in Mandarin. Everything is going to a nightmare for everyone, as everyone is trying to survive in 21 century economy, including America itself. As for Eastern, he doesn’t know where he is. One time he is with rebels in the bush; at other time, he is in Juba observing how Kiir’s weakness unfolding itself before their confused eyes. As the world stands at this struggle for economic survival, our “Civilized region” doesn’t always fail to give us characters such as Easter and many more.

    Lastly, Tehran has already liberated herself from American shiting on them for long; no dollar on their market from March onward. Very soon we won’t be worry about dollar rising price in our market, but Yuan or something else other than American dollar. The world is changing while the world of Eastern and his cohorts is still in old stone mindset.

  9. Mading says:

    Arabbmoi. If South Sudan is divide in to tribal states, there are other none Dinkas who will show up at Dinkas states tomorrow pleading with Dinkas to stay in their states. Specially those who be will Nuer neighbors, take it or leave it.

    • Eastern says:


      This is hilarious indeed. Who would want to have dinkas in their state if what you hallucinating at cones to pass?

    • Mor-amook says:

      Dear Eastern,

      I really love your comments, because you are typical Equatorians of 20th century. Your comments such as the quote below, reminds me of local politics of the 2nd half of the last century when Southern bloc was divided by Khartoum regime in 1980s through influence from short sighted politicians for Kokora.

      I quote, “Why should I differentiate between wandering dinkas and those in regime uniforms? Who doesn’t know that the cattle camps are bases for reserve forces for the tribal regime? ”

      Your quote above doesn’t fit in 21st century. There is no country divided through tribal lines in Africa and in the world. Let me remind you, separatist movements are not supported in this 21st century, even your lord America will not support independent of Equatoria. Please give example of any separatist movement now. Even SPLA/M would not have been support if Dr. Garang had made it stupidly like the way you are thinking – independent of Equatoria.

      All what we need to do is to unite, forget about tribes, build strong institutions of government to enforce rule of law. We want a country of all of us, division is not a solution. Thus, none of intellectual Equatorian would agree with you on your naïve statement as far of this century is concern. You are alone, maybe villagers brainwash by people of your caliber would agree with you.

  10. mading says:

    Eastern. What is “hilarious” ? In what I said and there are many Equatorians living in the Dinkas areas now you shamelessly ignored to acknowledge on this web all the time.

  11. Mading, I can be a happy man without Jeing in street of Juba that littered by Maithingor militias. It would be upto individuals Nuer who are daring to live with their Monster in Jeing luaks states if they wish so as Mr. Gai Deng Mohad Taban sold them to their killer Kiiriminal Kiir Jeing leader.

  12. False Millionnaire says:

    Thanks Mr DM for deep élaboration.But just watch this funny fellow named Eastern Rock shifted to the west without knowing and ranting with the vocabulary,”naive”.
    Is it the alliance of the 13 opposition chairmans that makes him go Merry to dare to say,”…south sudanese to sort their problems internelly”.
    What a pity he is so blind to see the fake alliance as a fantôme that will go up in a smoke without one single moment’s delay!
    American’s aren’t too stupid not to see that for what it is.So it won’t be a surprise if one saw those poor hungry food seekers getting baited and padded behind Nyandeng’s back inorder to attract disgruntled jieng to sandwich them deep in a push to shouffe off Kiir’s regime in which case,it will be too late for them to realize having only replaced jieng’s fortunes with another.
    Bravo if he is predicting good news for jieng and à bad one for him and his Kins.

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