Pres. Salva Kiir sacks murderer and tribal ally, SPLA chief Paul Malong but appoints Malong’s Dinka relative as next chief

From Various sources, MAY/06/2017, SSN;

South Sudan President Salva Kiir sacked his powerful, hardline army chief Paul Malong on Tuesday, a government spokesman said.

General Paul Malong, long regarded as an ethnic supporter of Kiir’s majority Dinka tribe, was replaced by General James Ajongo Mawut, a close relative of the fired ex-chief. Not surprisingly, Malong has quickly made an about turn and is on his way back to Juba and possible reconciliation with president Kiir.

Not surprisingly to most South Sudanese, President Kiir chose to appoint another Dinka as Chief of Staff to replace the dismissed Dinka chief, a move seen by most other South Sudanese as a perpetuation of the tribal tyranny and domination as well as to continue with the tribal way currently being perpetuated by Kiir’s tribe against the majority.

Meanwhile, Ater Achuil Chol, representative of the Aweil leaders, thanked President Kiir for appointing James Ajongo as the new army chief.

“I am talking on behave of the leaders of Aweil. We thank the president for appointing our son James Ajongo as SPLA chief of staff, so we are very grateful, we stand behind our son to unite the forces to work for the unity of this country,” he said.

“The decrees are two: one for the relief of Chief of General Staff, General Paul Malong Awan, and another decree is for the appointment of former Deputy Chief of General Staff for Administration and Finance General James Ajongo Mawut as the Chief of General Staff,” Kiir’s spokesmen Ateny Wek Ateny told AFP.

Ateny said the move was a routine changing of personnel. “This is a position that can be held between two years and four years and Malong has spent three years so this is the prerogative of the president” he said.

In February several senior army officers resigned, accusing Malong of conducting an ethnic war against non-Dinkas and ruling with an “unqualified clique of friends and relatives”.

Among those who quit was Lieutenant-General Thomas Cirillo who has since announced plans to launch his own rebellion.

Malong is widely regarded as being the mastermind of fighting that erupted in the capital, Juba, last July killing hundreds and dashing hopes of a power-sharing government between Kiir and his former deputy turned rebel leader Riek Machar, a member of the Nuer tribe.

ECONOMY COLLAPSES: While critics say the economy of South Sudan has now “technically collapsed” and that no measures can rescue it, traders are calling for government intervention.

“The economy is now biting, people are suffering, prices of commodities have tripled. It’s only those in authority who can survive the current economic situation. Everyone in villages is crying out for help,” said Lojur Molu, a concerned South Sudanese.

Government officials in Juba, who earn about 1,500 SSP, cannot afford to feed their families and have opted to take their children and wives to refugee camps in Uganda, according to a senior Uganda police officer.

“In 2013, if a government worker was earning an equivalent of Shs700,000 as a salary per month, he would now earn only Shs2,000 if he continues to earn at the same rate,” the source told this newspaper last week, suggesting the crisis is compounded by the shortage of dollar.

“The government in Juba spent all its US dollars in the conflict,” the police officer said.

The Dinka and the Nuer are the two largest ethnic groups in South Sudan and have a history of bloody rivalry.

UN investigators were among those who blamed Malong for the bloody attacks in July in which civilians were killed and foreign aid workers raped.

The US subsequently failed to get Malong sanctioned and put on a UN blacklist, subject to an assets freeze and travel ban, for his role in the ongoing conflict.

South Sudan has been at war since December 2013 when Kiir fell out with Machar, accusing him of plotting a coup.

The conflict — characterised by brutality and human rights violations — has triggered famine in parts of the country, forced millions from their homes and killed tens of thousands so far.


  1. Gatdarwich says:

    Killer Nyankiir’s firing of the chief engineer and the executioner of the ongoing genocidal war in South Sudan, the Dinka Nationalist, murderer Malong Awan won’t change or stop the current chaos which the traitorous Jenges have been causing in South Sudan since December 15th, 2013 to the present. Kiler Nyankiir must also fire Kuol Manyany, Makuei Lueth, Philip Aguer, General Akoor, General Marial Chinuong, and totally disbanded The Jenges Council of Evils if he really wants others to believe that he is not running a Dinka dominated genocidal regime in South Sudan period.

  2. Roberto Kasongo says:

    The dismissal of murderer Paul Malong from his post is good news for the suffering people of South Sudan but it will not make any different. The new chief of general staff is not different than Malong and he will follow his former boss foot steps. This is just a change in tactic. Just keep in mind the objective of Salva Kiir and his tribesmen is the extermination of none – Dinka from South Sudan. Did this objective change? The answer is simple Big No.

    Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Eqautoria )

  3. wol says:

    “Not surprisingly to most South Sudanese, President Kiir chose to appoint another Dinka as Chief of Staff to replace the dismissed Dinka chief, a move seen by most other South Sudanese as a perpetuation of the tribal tyranny and domination as well as to continue with the tribal way currently being perpetuated by Kiir’s tribe against the majority.”
    What an ignorant idiot!! Is Gen. Ajongo Mawut a Dinka?

  4. Juma says:

    Dear writer ,

    Chief of general staff is always some one a president knows and trust, it is up to him to appoint any one including his son of he wish to do so. if you hate the decision , Hang yourself period.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      It’s South Sudan that is in the gallows and being hanged by a bunch of tribal terrorists unfortunately masquerading as ‘leaders’ in a nation that everyone participated in various ways for its much cherished independence.
      Please, also be educated enough that what you seem to support is called ‘nepotism,’ something that’s unacceptable and anti-progress. No wonder, with such a mentality, the nation is bleeding and crying for rescue.

    • Eastern says:


      Asking the writer to gang themself only eliminates an individual who may hate Kiir leaving others like me at large! Kiir is lucky that the position of the GCOS is held by folks with very low intellect like King Paul. If ambitious general held that position, South Sudan would be a different case!

  5. Gatdarwich says:

    Killer Nyankiir nailed Murderer Malong for good. The murderer is evidently banned to run to Awiel. Malong’s military convoy destined to Awiel got stucked in Yirol. Killer Nyankiir ordered his loyalists to return Malong to Juba whether dead or alive. Dinka kingdom can only have one king, and that king is killer Nyankiir period

    • mading says:

      Wol, or what ever you are, Gen Ajonga Mawut is not a Dinka just to prove you bunch of liars wrong. He is from Jur Chol or Lou. To mad Gatdarwich, go find something to do removing Malong will not you rebels to Juba tomorrow.

  6. Eli Wani says:

    Mading and fellow Kirr’s diehards.

    You may want to put a good face in the name of Dinka, but we all know nothing will change in SS with Kirr still being the chief of the kraal. It was Kirr who hired Malong Awan to do his dirty jobs, after successfully accomplishing Kirr’s ambitious missions of ethnic cleansing against non-dinkas and looting the meagre resources finally Kirr dumped Paul Malong just like a paid prostitute or a hooker.
    But for you to claim that Gen. Ajonga Mawut is not a dinka means you didnt read the article properly. So here am quoting for you the line that says “James Ajongo Mawut, (is) a close relative of the fired ex-chief”.

    “General Paul Malong, long regarded as an ethnic supporter of Kiir’s majority Dinka tribe, was replaced by General James Ajongo Mawut, a close relative of the fired ex-chief.”
    Well if Gen. Ajonga is Jur Chol then also Gen. Awan must be a Jur Chol. And that makes Kirr also a Jur Chol because earlier it was said that Kirr and Awan are related, the dots are pretty obvious Mr Mading, isnt it?

    I actually think the real reason Gen. Awan got fired is because he has come to his senses that the tribal chief Kirr had used him, he realized that Kirr was just using him and the whole dinka tribe to keep him Mr. Kirr in the seat for life and so he was starting to question and resist orders from the dictator, just as we see the outcome now.

    Also Awan became aware that this war will never be won militarily, hence all the lives of those Dinka militia children aka Mathiang Anyoor he was sent to recruit from his home town are dying in the bushes of Equatoria, Upper Nile and Western Bahr Ghazal etc in vain.
    These children’s bitter and angry parents and relatives words are eating Mr Malong alive, he lied to his own people that their children will successfully quench the rebellions and hence they Matiang Anyoor will finally establish the all-time dreams of EVERY DINKA’s over ambitious un-thoughtful born-to-rule, 200 years Dinka kingdom rule in South Sudan. It was all lies and bogus. Dinkas must submit to equality and fairness with the rest today or they will learn the hard way soon or later.

    May I give you an example from our northern neighbors. The djellabas thought they could defeat and take-over SS by war, today they regret that move. Again; this is exactly the same dirty politics that Omar Beshir played against Dr. Turabi, look now where is Turabi, biting the dust (turab). Why do you want to learn it the hard way you Dinkas?

    My advise to you the Dinka diehards whose wishful thinking is that Dinkas will rule or remain dominant in power forever, instead of digging your own graves it is about time you step forward and condemn acts of the dictatorship. Call evil as evil and unite with your fellow non-dinka citizens and spare the future of Dinka names.
    Just look at what happened between Pres. Kirr and Michael Makuei, when he stormed out of a meeting with the chief, the next day Uni. of Juba students from every tribe demonstrated on the streets of Juba. Instead of allowing peaceful demonstrations the security used live ammunition and tanks to disperse the unarmed harmless students, some are now lingering in cruel prisons or solitary confinements in containers without charges.

    Finally it looks like people are now realizing this man killer Kirr had fooled them. DO NOT BE DECEIVED. Kirr is for Kirr and nobody else. IT IS ABOUT TIME, LET’S WAKE UP AND MARCH FORWARD AS ONE PEOPLE.

  7. Deng says:

    I warned people a lots that he is a gambler and so he can do anything to make sure he hang onto his throne no matter what but sadly enough, no one seem to have heeded that! If I told the General few months ago that you’re being use to keep him in power to continue his rein of terror and you will be thrown in the dust bin once you done the job for him, then I would have disappeared on the face of earth. The next groups to follow King Paul sooner or later once their assignments is completed will include: His Cabinet’s Minister (the stooge Dr), Taban Deng, Makuei Lueth,General Ajonga, and the list goes on with the exception of Wani, Awendit and Kuol Manyang, don’t ask me why?

  8. Toria says:

    Paul Malong Awan has failed his own people, he is a murderer and he needs to pay for his sins. Those Dinka parents who sacrificed their children aka Mathiang Anyoor thinking they will successfully quench the rebellions and hence they will finally establish their 200 years rule in South Sudan are disappointed and angry now. It was a wishful thinking by naive supporters who thought they can win this war militarily. Those bitter and angry parents and relatives whom Mr Malong lied to are now vengefully preparing for the worse. Why didn’t you listen to voices of wisdom from the beginning? Sorry but that is the price they pay for being ignorant.

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