Pres. Salva Kiir & Dr. Riek Machar: The Giant Political Savages In South Sudan!

BY: Mayak Deng Aruei, USA, FEB/15/2015, SSN;

The democratic semblances that President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar keep showering in are empty promises to the governed. Why talk about something that is never in their political dishes? The key to making South Sudan a better place for all would involve holding people accountable for their deeds.

For the last number of years, many meaningless amnesties have been offered by President Salva Kiir than his Government could afford. It is uncommon for South Sudanese, Africans in general to denounce their own, but fighting endlessly is a self-destruction that deserves condemnation from concerned citizens.

There would be little development in South Sudan, and in the years to come unless citizens take charge of their Country. The ongoing war in country is President Salva Kiir versus Dr. Riek Machar, and there is no doubt about that.

The War spiraled in South Sudan and progressed as a tribal conflict, pitting Dinkas against Nuers. You are about to enter into roaches infested holes, and you should be very aware. The following analysis will focus on security failures, bad governance and crush of nation’s economy by the Giant Political Savages of all times.

There are, and there will be times in the years ahead when citizens would be compelled to look back at the root causes of the raging war. It is of a prime importance for all South Sudanese to fight the political syndrome that keeps setting their country ablaze.

Almost four years after the independence, South Sudanese are still living in absolute poverty and insecure in the nation that they always wanted.

Whenever high-ranking politicians disagree on governing issues, the very people who pay highest price are the children, elderly and women. How long will South Sudan be led and governed in that political fashion?

In the aftermath of December 15, 2013, some ministers in the Government of South Sudan took rather unusual political routes, and remotely supported the destruction to take its course without entertaining proper intervention. The brutality witnessed after the Giants Political Savages collided in Juba is something that caught the world by surprise.

In South Sudan’s densely populated towns: Juba, Bortown, Bentiu and Malakal, mass-graves were discovered. Those shocking images of innocent South Sudanese killed in cold blood reminded us that stability of the new republic is some years away.

With their uncivilized political attitudes, they (Kiir & Riek) plunged our country into senseless/useless war ever, & behaved as if they were fighting a justifiable war. Only history, the nation’s history after they are six feet beneath the Earth will expose all that they have done to the Republic of South Sudan.

Whilst situation was so out of hand, negative campaigns went viral on the social media, and supposedly great minds on both sides of the conflict pushed the State toward the brink of collapse. The race continued, and reached the bizarre point where the swerve became very deadly. It was not too long before the evil buzzards cased our youths slain fighting senselessly.

Well, people may remember wizardry scheme that brought South Sudan to its knees in just a matter of hours. The Juba based Regime sent vice president James Wani Igga to meet Nigerian Prophet, T.B Joshua, and former vice president Dr. Riek Machar resurrected Ngundengism through Magician by name Dak Kueth, and whom many in Nuerland believed to have divine powers. The Magician officially became the commander of the spiritual world, and blessed his forces before they take on the SPLA-Government.

When irrationality is condoned by many people, magicians emerge and try to solve the puzzle. After the war broke on that Dark Day in the History of independent South Sudan, many fake prophets came out, and claimed to have divine powers to reverse the crisis or increase chances of winning the war!

Had anything been done in that regard? Absolutely none, the war proliferated and more civilians lost their lives throughout South Sudan. Adding to the mania were leaders from other organized Religions who were lured to make animals sacrifices on Dr. John Garang’s rest Site, something that JESUS Christ would not accept.

He (JESUS) was the last official sacrifice to the Humans Race. And for that reason, all the demonic performances done to deter the Late’s spirit were done to please the dictator in the making, and not God in the highest! Why look for some excuses/scapegoats while they were very aware of the consequences of institutionalized corruption?

No surprise, people in remotest parts of South Sudan have no access to information, basic needs, so they join rebellions without scrutinizing all the hidden agendas. The Messiah is not coming to South Sudan anytime soon, and skewed politics ought to be buried altogether.

Imagine people running to Kenya and Uganda for sheltering while there is no enemy, but themselves? This is modern time, and all South Sudanese should have learn how to coexist. Instead, everyone attached to the Government of South Sudan, states and local governments took part in those dirty tricks. That was the greatest disservice to the hard earned nation.

How selfish are South Sudanese leaders? Give them a break, they have never managed a country in the past. Shame on all of the people who massed troops to kill innocents and destroy their own houses for political reasons!

Let’s be realistic, all the politicians and Army Generals chained to silver-plate are inseparable from President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar. From day one, those leaders had internal conflicts, wrestled remotely, fought proxy wars on different grounds, but still kept their jobs untouched.

Now come the new group, the Gangs of 10 and the Group of 11. These people have always been within the reach of either President Salva Kiir or Dr. Riek Machar, but their stance were never known until all of them were removed from their posts.

Four months after the war, the jailed and the freed continued to dwell in the illusion that they were the most preferred leaders, so they distanced themselves from military confrontation owned by Kiir and Riek.

Although South Sudanese sympathized with them when they were in detention, their collective responsibility as part of the equation that capsized the Nation remained unchanged. Having been implicated in “attempted coup” and without concrete evidences, they denied all the charges categorically.

In every liberation struggle, there are people who command soldiers in the battlefields while others are tasked with political orientation. The SPLM/SPLA did all of that successfully, and all participants would have been regarded as freedom fighters. The Gangs of 10-11 were and still are the backbones of South Sudan despite them having contributed to disintegration of the State that they fought tirelessly all their lives.

Without discrediting former GoSS employees, the ongoing war is purely a struggle over the nation’s highest seat, the presidency. We know/should know that people disagree in politics, but reaching for guns when polls appear unfavorable is very silly. It was not long ago that Gangs of 10-11 were once the most preferred persons to the President, and all of a sudden, something changed and they all became enemies of the State.

Well, that conspiracy started in a period between 2006-2007, and where some in the G10 plus others who have remained loyal to the Government were called Garang’s boys (a masculine political term that annihilate women’s voices in the government).

As security conditions continued to deteriorate, millions of South Sudanese were displaced internally and hundreds of thousands took refuge in neighboring countries, making independence of South Sudan a mere joke. When we kill ourselves, we grieve and reorganize for more revenge attacks! There is no way that South Sudan can fix failed Systems by bullets.

Instead of teaching people to live as one people, some people have guts to prepare youths to kill themselves, and in the name of installing fake democracy. Had the war broke out in the Parliament, and in regard to particular Bill on the Assembly floor, millions would join hands to topple the said dictator. But waiting until one was removed from his post, and then try to jumpstart everything that was stalled in his watch is unacceptable, and only relatives would support the cause for they have something to gain or lose.

Salva Kiir and Riek Machar as Political Stars?

Make no mistakes, these people are gentlemen of our time. Why? They are highly respected by their communities, colleagues and all the folks they befriended in walks of life. They (Kiir & Riek) are polygamists like most African men, distribute resources to friends and relatives and keep their cultural norms too close to them.

With all of that, they take with them unrelenting flocks of people whenever they present some agendas for many people feel like losing so much. But, the price attached to such greatness are the lethal weapons that they use against their opponents. These people caused the destruction so quickly because they had armies and social capitals to attain their ends so easily. The losers in the War are the South Sudanese, and those Tyrants (Kiir & Riek) will never feel the pain.

Here is a general mistake: President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar are regarded to be better than unknown leaders. But, what does that really means to independent Thinkers in South Sudan? Why do people think that if not President Salva Kiir leading the nation then that would be Dr. Riek Machar?

Even though supporters on both sides of the conflict appears determined to be winning the war, conditions on the ground are not conducive for any kind of success. Much to the dismay of the world is that none of the leaders have any strategy to unite South Sudanese under one banner. As long as people are very divided politically, compromise is too far away.

There may be a break for one or two years, but the bitterness caused by the unthinkable losses would never go away. It is worth mentioning that Dinkas and Nuers are not enemies, and have no reasons to be fighting themselves, but Kiir and Riek’s political differences that brought them head to head. It would be very hard to restore trust between the two leaders(Kiir & Riek), and between Dinkas and Nuers. With such attitudes being propagated all over South Sudan, the change that the nation need would be so hard to achieve.

How did freedom to campaign freely slipped away from our democratic ideals? Well, President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar had a joint venture in narrowing political space, and they did it together when the two ganged against Lt. Gen. George Athor & sold him to foreign Killers on the southern side.

Now, ‘what goes around comes around.’ The very same friend who meddled in South Sudan’s affairs did it again when Dr. Riek Machar’s White Army was about to enter Juba. There is no doubt, both Kiir and Riek did lots of damages to the Republic of South Sudan.

They wasted nation’s resources buying political favors, and took no charge of security situation in the country. We know for a fact that people became too rich under both President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar, yet soaring relationships among different competitors pushed the two off the Cliff .

Now, you see why core supporters of both agents of destruction would rather perish defending President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar. Looking at all the V8 Land-cruisers and phony companies attached to the Ministry of Defense, one would easily make sense as to why South Sudan-SPLA was incapable of combating enemies within the State’s territories.

At the end, the whole generation would be lost, and resources would be drained for absolutely nothing. Never should South Sudanese be fooled by statements such as: “democracy cannot be held hostage” and “I am fighting for true democracy in South Sudan”. All of those statements are rubbishes, none of these leaders is a Democrat led alone being in the position to protect the Constitution of the State or fighting to install democracy in South Sudan.

Look no further, the destruction of South Sudan is solely in the hands of President Salva Kiir and his former vice president, Dr. Riek Machar of the SPLM-in-Opposition. Of course there are innocent agents who are riding along with the Monsters, but their inputs into the ongoing crisis is something deeply rooted in desire to catch up with other political forces, a wealth based ambitious maneuvering.

Unless we all look critically into interests behind the madness, we would not be able to build a stable State, and in the name of South Sudan. It is our/should be our collective responsibility to build a peaceful nation, but full commitment to democratic ideals is needed than allegiance to particular politician.

Why Dr. Riek Machar is not good for South Sudan?

For more than nine years, Dr. Riek Machar served as vice president for the Government of South Sudan(GOSS), and all the ruins took their course while he was in charge of the Government’s institutions. It is time to unearth official record, and Dr. Riek Machar should know that he was the most favored person by President Salva Kiir Mayardit, may be a he feared him. Who knows?

There is this delusion where Dr. Riek Machar always think of himself as being destined for South Sudan’s presidency? Why look for prophecies while the guy has done everything that could make him a president in his own right?

In a nation where less than twenty-five per cent of the population is able to read and write, the PhD holder, with all the credits he has accumulated can ascend to presidency without much struggle!

The event of 1991 took more than two decades & victims of that ethnic cleansing cannot take another senseless killing without political reprisal. Now, he has tainted himself again in another bloodbaths, and time is against him. It has been a terrific year, and South Sudanese around the world have been gravely affected by the senseless carnage, and paying for unplanned expenses.

Although he(Riek) has some claims as to how the war started and who started it, whatever that happened afterward counts the most. Justice for the dead can only be attained by holding perpetrators accountable for their ill acts not by causing more deaths in the name of those killed in cold bloods. The Nuers who are supporting Riek Machar’s Movement have paid the heaviest price, and getting them to accept the Peace deal would require lots of counseling.

In the race for the August House, most of the young boys who fought along Bor-Mangalla Road are either killed or wounded. What would be the benefit for those families who have sacrificed their boys, and in the name of revenging against Dinkas who killed Nuers in Juba?

Does that sound like a good legacy? Preserving lives and improving lives must be above all, and his leadership must show some sense of being responsible. Had he opted out of South Sudan’s highest seat, work as reformist without interest/behind the scene, this war would have not occurred.

Why South Sudanese are fed up with President Salva Kiir?

Prior to South Sudan attaining its independence, many dissatisfied army officers waged fierce battles with the Autonomous Government of Southern Sudan, but President Salva Kiir failed to address those issues on time. He should have known or be very aware that the world we live in today is full of many temptations, and his kids do need some recognitions in the future. The nation is more divided than any other time, and whoever will take over from him have lots of works to do. There is a great concern as to the breakdown of nation’s security and failure of government institutions to functions as in other countries. As of now, South Sudan’s national army is ineffective to protect integrity of South Sudan, and his Excellency, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces must take the blame for he allowed army officers to destroy the military. With little doubt, President Salva Kiir is a brutal Tribalist, and so is his former vice president Dr. Riek Machar of the SPLM-in-Opposition. The dotbany in the name of presidential guards have tainted his supposedly good name. Nobody can take away the good things that the President has done to South Sudan, but let’s see if history is going to be easy on him.

In his watch, tribal militias proliferated and were condoned by his administration. Here are the notable tribal militias in South Sudan: Ber Mor Ben, Mathiang Anyoor, Shilluk Defense Forces, Mabaan Defense Forces and Arrow-Boys plus the South Sudan Liberation Army(SSLA). All of those were formed in different times, but they should never have come to existence in a multiethnic nation like South Sudan. Mr. President, and his inner circle/leadership style provoked many of his colleagues(Lt. Gen. George Athor, Col. Johnson Oliny, Capt. Robert Gwang, Col. Gatluak Gai, Gen. Bapiny Monytuil, Gen. Puljang and others). After the SPLA failed to tackle them militarily, all were offered meaningless amnesties. We knew that a rebellion, led by charismatic leaders like Dr. Riek Machar and Gen. Peter Gatdet would destroy South Sudan, and it has surely destroyed our motherland.

One would think that President Salva Kiir has done enough for South Sudanese, fought all his life for the liberation of South Sudanese from Arabs-north domination, led South Sudanese to their nationhood and have reigned over them from August 2, 2005 till December 15, 2013. The very people who surrounded him since untimely departure of Dr. John Garang de Mabior have done lots of damage to the Republic of South Sudan. Having been the first president of the independent South Sudan, his family would have enjoy public supports, slide into public offices without difficulties. He has done so much up until his refusal to give up power, have ruled South Sudan for many years, more than the years Nelson Mandela has spent in power and more than all the modern American presidents. Now, why did he go that low and not opted out of South Sudan 2015 presidential election?. Believe it or not, he would have been the second Mandela in Africa or the whole world. But too bad, his political Advisors, and who put money first have dug his political grave and he will be known as the worse president in South Sudan. He(Kiir) would be known as the president who has salvaged his good name. Now and onward, he is officially President Salvage Kiir de Mayardit, the Liberator who ruined his goldmines unknowingly.

South Sudan must be reclaimed!

Through the Regional Body(IGAD), South Sudanese can reclaim their country from the ruthless Killers. It is no longer about two people contesting for the same seat, it is much complicated and people are perishing in big numbers. In displaced camps, most of the younger kids and the elderly are gone. The nation has been shattered, bones lying all over the empty Land and leaders continue to prepare themselves for more military confrontations. What do they really want? Forget about their legacies or what they have done in the past, they have destroyed every credit that they have worked for, and all should be denied fresh air, just like they have done to the deceased across South Sudan. There are many folks in South Sudan , and who can replace both President Salvage Kiir and Dr. Risk Machar. Somebody got to gear up, and unite South Sudanese to take charge of themselves if President Salvage Kiir and Dr. Risk Machar are unable to reach a political compromise within the next two months or so.
It would be beneficial for South Sudanese to deploy critical thinking in times like this, and divorce the two(Kiir & Riek) at all cost.

Day by day, the regime and the Rebels are strengthening their positions, and it would be really hard to convince citizens to accept a single solution given the withering away of nationalism in the minds of army officers on the opposing sides. The more propagandas become part of the conflict, the more difficult it would be for the leaders to convince those under their command, and to accept an unconditional compromises. There were instances where those who rebelled against the Government of Southern Sudan, South Sudan chose to rejoin the Government in different times. All of the deals signed by the GoSS and the Rebels involved huge amount of money and senior military ranks. For how long is South Sudan going to be doing that to every person who disagree or become dissatisfied with Government’s policies? The worse part to rallying behind both President Salvage Kiir and Dr. Risk Machar is that they have created death corridors, and all the coming generations will have tough times.

The Messiah is yet to return to the Land of Honey and Milk. The Rebels turned politicians were busy looting Oil’s money, chasing short skirts, and made no effort to make South Sudan a better place for all. Now, citizens have turned against themselves, killing innocents just to get by, and raiding cattle from neighboring communities. If the Government have failed to protect lives and properties within its reach, how can it possibly end rebellion? The Rebels group of Dr. Risk Machar have failed to deliver on their promises. Well, Peace is coming to South Sudan, but what will President Salvage Kiir tell the NATION in regard to all the money borrowed to fight senseless war? And what will Dr. Risk Machar tell Nuer families whom children have been sacrificed in the name of toppling Dinka’s led Government?

We know for sure that Dinkas and Nuers have nothing to fight for, but your unforgiving greed for more powers have fueled the Conflict. But one day, Dinkas and Nuers would be brothers again, and the damage you caused onto innocents will remain as dirty part of forced leadership on them. Both of you are political Savages because you have robbed many families(Dinkas & Nuers alike) of their loved ones, and that big wound will haunt all of you to your graves. There is no doubt in my mind that both of you are down to earth Tribalists, very good at training people to destroy South Sudan rather than teaching them to build a stable nation or protect integrity of the State. In his watch, government’s institutions were neglected and corruption institutionalized to the highest possible standard.

Just a quick reminder, my Nuer friends and some Equatorians call President Salvage Kiir illiterate while Dinkas and others aligned to the Government called Dr. Riek Machar, Dr. Death or Dr. Risk. Well, there is some truth to all those names because President Salva Kiir has been involved in crucial issues where he signed some Bills into law and later sent them back to the Parliament. e.g Security Bill. On the same hand, Dr. Riek Machar earned his name because he is known for presiding over merciless Killers. Now, you know/should why these folks are not good for South Sudan. Forget about your dirty tribal politics, and think about what South Sudan would/should be like in 2022. The whole world has been begging them for the entire course of the conflict, but all repeatedly declined to end senseless killing of innocent South Sudanese!

The alleged extension of UPDF for another four months has exposed the weakness of the SPLA-Government, something that the Rebels were too quick to exploit. What happened to the spirit that liberated South Sudan from Arabs-north occupation? So, our youths walks the streets of Kampala wearing the word ‘SHAME’ on their foreheads? And for all the good reasons to keep the war moving at a constant speed, the SPLM-in-Opposition continued to lure Government forces to join its files & ranks, and some lousy officers responded to that call? The recent declaration of all out war in Great Equatoria is a testimony that Dr. Risk Machar and his Cronies in the SPLM-in-Opposition are very determined to race South Sudan to ashes! Why are South Sudanese leaders such Gangs of idiots? How much suffering do leaders really want? The world was convinced that the proposed Transitional Government of National Unity(TGNU) in its recent format(Salva Kiir holding the presidency & deputized by Dr. Riek Machar) would get South Sudan back on its feet, and other details can be worked out a later date. But they continued to run negative campaigns and shelling their positions shamelessly. Rest in Peace everyone, the dead and yet to be killed by the ruthless Killers of our time.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all South Sudanese who have endured a lot under the joint leadership of President Salvage Kiir and Dr. Risk Machar. All South Sudanese must know the best of South Sudan is no longer in the incumbent president or his former vice president. Those leaders, with their unruly political culture, uncivilized manners, they should have never been entrusted with nation’s leadership in the first place. Without hesitation, President Salva Kiir is a president of doom and his former vice president Dr. Risk Machar is surely the “prophet of the doom.” There is no doubt in my mind, both leaders(Kiir & Riek) are too incompetent and fragmented to run a multiethnic nation like the Republic of South Sudan. We either walk together as one nation and fix the mess or fail as enough preparations toward failures have been done. If we(the youths) have learned anything from Kiir & Riek’s styles of leadership, then it is disruption of democratic processes, intimidation of political opponents and killing of innocents as a means to stay in power or ascend to the top! You have read the entire article, make your own judgment. Some people may take this piece as tears of a crying baby while others will use it as an intelligence to proof something unknown. Whichever way, come back to it six months from now.

-PEACE>>>>Dɔ̈ɔ̈r ke week Mïïth ke Junubiin!

The Author here is Mayak Deng Aruei, , a concerned South Sudanese and a doctoral student in Organizational Leadership: Organizational Development. He can be reached at Kongor.da.ajak@gmai


  1. Mayak Deng Aruei,

    Let me answer your question “What would be the benefit for those families who have sacrificed their boys, and in the name of revenging against Dinkas who killed Nuers in Juba”? The young men and boys killed in Bor-Juba road were trying to go to Juba to rescue their children, parents, and relatives who were being massacred by greedy Dinka leaders in the name of made up “Failed Coup” but the Uganda government got on the way. Now all South Sudanese and the whole world know there was not “Coup” attempted by Dr. Machar, in stead it was a Failed Assassination of Dr. Machar, Failed Massacred of Nuer presidential guard, and a well a planned mass murdered of Nuer civilians.

    What the Dinka is gaining now from massacring Nuer in Juba? What benefit they are getting from those innocent killed in thousands that the Dinka did not get before? What would the family of Dinka men killed in Bentiu, Nasir, Malakal, and Ayod went to above mention towns purposely to kill Nuer gain from Salva? Nuer are fighting back because they were and are still being targeted by Dinka leaders and their mobilized boys trained exclusively to kill Nuer in discriminatively. Well, now 99% of Dinka and 100 percent of whole world politicians know that there was no “Coup” attempted by Riek Machar. What are Dinka fighting for now? Why are you pursuing Nuer in Nuerland? Why the Dinka president still importing foreign military? What the Dinka is fighting for exactly?

  2. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Mayak,
    What an extremely captivating comical n yet constructive article?your manner is so tricky,so intelligent n so compelling to consume to the last drop.This is just another cool breath to the resurrection of the spirit of our low level of moral coming so unexpectedly from a very long way.Many among us are for high universal principles of care for the country n the society but against violence as the first method of achieving them.I hope to give the impression that people like me belong to thesame camp with you.Thank you for your great article n have a very good evening!!!

  3. Mawien Magol says:

    I think Dr. Mayak Deng Aruei has said the most if no everything that, the majority of Southern Sudanese people would agrees. Same thing as mine, I have been written so many letters to Southern Sudanese people special, the Juba’s government and the Idea was to tell them that, they are heading wrong direction at the wrong time when one Party SPLM creating big mess in the young nation. I have been studied history since I was in Kenya school and I have done enough at the college level and beside that, I would like to say God has gave me a skillful of observing anything and I am very good at these two things mentions. Clearly, these two leaders are the worsen Southern Sudanese politicians in the young nation however, the judgement is depend on individual history and his back-ground check. According to my observation on president Salva Kiir Mayardit, he came to power just because of military seniority which he claimed to be one of seven groups founders SPLA/SPLM leaders but in reality, he has no Idea on how to created jobs and good government system. One of his niece Tor Deng Mawien and others Gorgialism have driven president Salva Kiir in to mess and I think he had realizing now. I would be surprised if the president stand again for another general election whatever, time they pick. To take red meat on former vice president Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhuorgon, I think he is one of the most bad politician in all Africa continent having say that, because he was the first person to divided two tribes which are Dinka and Nuer for his political interest instead, finding other ways in term of building his political struggle through peaceful mean unfortunately, he was been listen to his tribal allied and he is also belief the tradition Ngundeng Bong Rod will bring him to power this is why he has been sticking with Nuers people hoping on prophecies Ideology and that concept wouldn’t work.

    Second to that, as the author mention those Nuers boys from White Army have got killed in the battlefield while, they were called by former vice president Dr. Riek Machar in pertaining to fights against Dinkas in the government of South Sudan. President Salva Kiir was been back up by his Dinkas youths called Machar Anyor warriors in Warrap communities and Mathiang Anyor of Northern Bhar El Ghazal communities. It is true there was no genocide in Juba, because there were only about 664 people got killed during fighting for the whole week in Juba and a lot of civilians who were kills, some of them were found looting shops and others a cross fire between SPLA factions and the guns doesn’t know who is civilian and who are those soldiers. Now, the former vice president is facing so many challenges in his own rebellion, some ranks seem to learn during Fangak conference when their leader is demanding executive power of Prime Minister to be giving to him and in the mean time, he did told them that, they are not fighting because of his position but for Dinkas genocide in Juba yes. For Dr. Riek Machar, the best advise, I would offer for him is to sign peace agreement and go for exile, because it will be too risk for him to stayed in South Sudan nation while, many Sons have lost lives for his political problems and their parents are still feeling gravely pains in the communities and the towns. For current president Salva Kiir, the best advise, I will offer to him is to announced that, he will not stand for another general election in 2017 if truly there is a postponement on June30/2015.

    • Jake says:

      You are clearly tribally motivated, to an extent that you can deny the Genocide on the nuer in Juba. The Nuers know how many people died and hence the reason they declared revenge. How can dinkas know the exact numbers that were killed when the bodies were burnt and hidden in mass Graves by Kiir in order to cover up his evil plan?

      • Mawien Magol says:

        There was no genocide at all. You guys are using the genocide as a propaganda and lies in trying to make poor exaggeration that has no room in that sense. There were only about 664 total death in Juba during coup attempted and these numbers deaths were including Dinkas, Nuers, Equatorians and even others foreigners were caught up from the a cross fire. If you guys add it with all three States wars apparently, you maybe right to claims your partially genocide however, there are many others tribes that have lost lives in all these fighting but a lot of them actually they are Dinkas people. If we want to talk about genocide then, the former vice president Dr. Riek Machar Teny would be the first leader to get indicted by ICC for Dinka Bor massacres but keep singing about Dinka people and you you will gets what you want, people are tired about Nuers attitudes and if you don’t change your culture of violence then, we will teach you guys this is not joke.

        • Jake says:

          You are a comic. The Genocide in Juba is documentated by international organizations. So it’s not just a claim or propaganda by Nuers. It’s the reason why Kiir is no longer enjoying good relationships with countries who comply with human rights and the Geneva convention. Anyway I can see that you are one of the born to rule cowards. You can never accept the facts. You Dinkas have perfected and mastered the art of lying. Marial, Makuei, Malong, Aguer are the embodiment of Dinkas hypocrisy and intellectuals that alone says alot.

  4. Mayak Deng Aruei,

    Only a fool can appreciate your article Dr. fool. When Dinka president Kiir Mayardit started killing Nuer randomly like commercial chickens for sell, no Dinka condemn the killing before Nuer responded it. Kiir and his Dinka advisors thought Dinka are in superpower and can do whatever they want to do to South Sudanese.

    Dinka in general were confident that they would kill Riek in 2013 no exception. Dinka made all these plans against Nuer because they hold military supplies, finances, and oil companies money. Kiir think that by defeating Nuer would make him become permanent president like Yoweri Meseveni of Uganda. Kiir and his advisors thoughts Dinka were bullet proof and plus the fact that Uganda is behind them so Nuer would not be able to kill them.

    Good Luck with your article. Dinka’s Dr. Mayak Deng Aruei.

  5. Omang Rollo says:

    While I do not want to upset Mr: Wankomo, I will have to say, you Mayak Aruei have what it take to be a good writer. I enjoyed reading and learning from you at the same time. Thank you from the bottom of my brother. your analysis is balanced and well articulated,

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Mr. Omang Rollo,
      Why would you “not want to upset Mr. Wankomo?”
      You have praised Mr. Mayak Aruei for being a good writer and that’s appropriate as many readers also have highly applauded his excellent article.
      Likewise, Mr. Wankomo published his article as he, Wankomo, deemed the article excellent and worthy of giving it a wider publicity, thus the article was prominently published.
      Rollo, be assured that Mr. Wankomo, the publisher of this website will not be easily upset and good day.
      Mr. Wankomo himself.

  6. False Millionaire says:

    Bantiu Ramaran,
    If freedom of expression is no longer of any value,it’s good to know that humanity is doomed.I am among those who are most unhappy with the events of 15 December 2013 n all that has followed.But it isn’t too wise to allow things to stand the way they are today.That’s why articles like that of Mr Mayak are necessary to promote dialogue.It’s out of such dialogue that a front of constructive forces with common opinion may come up to provide an acceptable solution to the waring parties in the crisis that we are facing in RSS.It means that me,you n every citizen is free to express his opinion without suffering punishment from any one.But since when have free citizens like us been under your lordship so that you give yourself the right to think that those who show opinion contrary to yours are fools?

    I regret your situation which I understand all too well.But you are not alone up to the neck in the mud.Every citizen is.Me included.So is RSS in general.But it’s still best to die as a dignified gentleman in good mental composure.If it’s a filthiest whisky that compels you to judge thinks without conviction,would you really die if you stop drinking it?!!!

    • False Millionare,

      Liars have legs. “I am among those who are most unhappy with the events of 15 December 2013 n all that has followed” is a lie. Do not try to embed legs on your liars. You had and have never been disappointed by the killing of Nuer civilians in Juba and every where in the country. To proof that your comments from day one have never condemned Salva Kiir. In stead, all your comments condemn Dr. Machar, SPLA-IO, and Nuer. On the top of that you always appreciate anyone who said something against Riek, SPLA-IO, and Nuer.

      You have never been happy with someone who criticized Salva Kiir who instigated violent in South Sudan. However, you usually mourns the death of Dinka at the same time you applauds the death of Nuer, yet you call yourself peace lover. You appreciate the author of this article not because he criticized both Kiir and Riek, but you appreciate his writing particularly because he criticized Dr. Machar and called him Dr. Risk Machar. This is the part impresses you the most in this article.

      False Millionare, you have been identified as a Dinka bond salve. You can do very well and stay healthy under slavery. However, Nuer never do well and cannot stay healthy under slavery no matter how much food and money they earn and that is why Nuer were the first people who fought Anglo-Egyptians in 1903 before Sudan independence. Nuer will never allow dictatorship to take root in this country. Nuer will not accept colonization and re-colonization take place in this country in our watch. We prefer death than living under slavery.

  7. Gatkuoth Lok says:

    The author is either irrational or hates Dr. Machar who was just attacked by Kiir’s Dutku Beny or both.

  8. John Khot says:

    Riek was never attacked by Kiir’s Dutku Beny. It was his men in the presidential guards who started the violence. Why did he cowardly ran from Juba instead of being a man and staying put like Pagan Amum, Gier Chuang, Luk Jok and all the prominent SPLM leaders that were detained?

    And by the way what is your beef with the author while the article is clearly balanced on both warring gang leaders? You don’t want Riek to be criticized? Well, tell him to quit politics and go enjoy his loots in his son’s in-laws land. That way nobody will bother the Ngungdeng prophesied Nuer messiah.

  9. Deng Hanbol says:

    Mr. Mayek Deng,

    Have you no shame? The whole World knows that Dinka intelligentsia and generals are obsessed with south Sudanese statesman, Dr. Riek Machar a man for our times. As actionsequence, your Dinkocoracy president had trained quasi-military sabotage tribal ganges recruited from home state Warrap and Aweil clans with intention not only to assassinate Dr. Machar but also to commit genocide against his tribe Nuer whom you perceive as an ultimate foe despite the fact that Naath and Jaang are partners in our beloved Country. Oh yes, the Dinka generals managed killed 20,000 to 30’000 Nuer civilians. By the way, following Fagak historical conference, gen. Simon Gatwach Dual has unanimously appointed as the SPLM/IO chief of general stuff to take charge of the nation’s defence forces, assisted by two charismatics generals. He (Dual) had long a go entrusted with the defence of south Sudan from Uganda and Rwanda army. Gen. Gadet and gen. Gatkuath who will defeat Salva tribal army and foreign troops sooner rather than later. In Lich state, the new appointed division.4 commander, gen. Simon Gai that will prowl Lich and Warrap borders to intercept marauding Darfur SPLA-N and Malong Awan. According to Wingate who was a young captain with British Intelligence serving in Palestine, had told the Israeli settlers: “If you want to stop Arab attacks, go out and attack them. If they know you will kill two Arabs for every Jew they kill, these raid will stop.”In fact, Israel always kills two Arabs for every one Israeli kill by Arabs and Nuer will do likewise. Therefore, attack reprisal becomes Gadet’s creed. However, mr. Deng believe me or not, Dr. Machar whom you think is Jaang enemy no. one is the one who is protecting Dinka tribe now from the white army wrath. Any way, Naath generals declared attrition war against Nuer genocidal until they will dislodge him (Salva) from power. I’m much more confident about generals Gatwech and Gadet ability. Despite Kiir and the Dinka mafias have bribed East African leader and the bastard woman called Susan Rice.

  10. False Millionaire says:

    Bentiu Ramaran,
    But I have never meant to show you any lack of respect.I want to ask you some questions:are you really a universal politician or are you just a small time maniac suffering so gravely from an inexplicable syndrome that compels you to write without writing anything that is not rubbish?who told you that I am a kind of person who is pleased by destruction,by lose of lives n by suffering of innocent people?how would you know if I am not nuer?or are you simply a mean arab bastard who have chosen to shelter on the net impersonating a nuer fellow?what national ambitions are you fighting for in sacrificing the nuer tribe?

    Bentiu,the hour has come n I hope you would bear with me if I say that violence will never take us any where.Let’s sue for peace n if we should have succeeded,let’s work to put the two heavy weights Riak/Kiir plus another independent candidate from the camp of neutral forces like us to contest in a popular elections.If the out come produces our elder brother Dr Riak as a winner,the issue would be sealed n settled.Every citizen,me included,will swear alligiance to him n he will become our president.This the step many of us have always tried to defend again n again without getting any help from blood thirsty thugs like you!!!

  11. survivor says:

    Bravo; finally someone that gets it. This truly is the type of article and the type of thinking that will help us pass through this difficult pace. Everyone needs to note this article; especially the youth fighting this senseless war.
    The author of this articles gets it, more so than most of our so called educated and well informed elders, as well as those that claim to be educated and well informed on matters pertaining to south Sudan Politics.
    In this article; Mayak Deng Arueie, has put it better than anyone has ever done. He correctly pointed out that we (the masses) have been taken for a ride. Our so called leaders have failed us, even worst, is the manner in which they have manipulated us into fighting one another. Notwithstanding the fact that Naath and Jieng are not enemies, never have and never will be. But in defense of these failed so called-leaders. The two brotherly societies have turned into mortal enemies.
    A truly sad situation. The effects of his senseless war are apparent, even in some of the responses to this beautifully written and well balanced article.
    As the saying goes “jaundice eyes only sees yellow.” The effects of this war have condition some people to see things in certain lights. Thus, they (certain people) jump in defense, or blindly go on attack when neither is necessary.

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