Pres. Salva Kiir ceases not to De-escalate the Conflict

BY: David Kanyara, Juba, APR/24/2014, SSN;

It is apparent to intellectual communities but more so to the masses in South Sudan that there is only one single person who holds the key to peace and has every avenue to halt the bloodshed in the Republic of South Sudan, our beloved bleeding nation. This is no other than the President of the Republic, after all, are not all the roads in South Sudan passing by his desk?

Doesn’t he appoint and fire governors and ministers? Didn’t he bring in renegade generals in the past, not once but multiple times and made peace? Is there anyone in the country he cannot fire and is there anyone or group of people in the country able to undo what he does?

Is he not a man in his own league?

Is it far from the truth to say, instead of using his enormous authority to deescalate the conflict, for peace and a lasting resolution, what we have seen so far is he, the President, Salva Kiir Mayardit, escalating the war rather than using his power to halt the war, with less loss of lives as soon as possible?

It is very concerning that Kiir is not taking any advice from anybody except the views of his inner circle and that of President Museveni, his teacher.

Could this be because Kiir has not felt the bleeding of our nation and has no loved ones among the children living under harsh conditions?

Was it not under such spirit he sent his security agents to dismantle the bathing facilities and the latrine pits constructed by United Nations outside its compound to help the people living in displaced camp in Juba?

The absence of this latrine pit means the condition of sanitation will get worse and this will result into outbreak of cholera.

Any sensible leader and a President of a nation will be vigilant about this because any outbreak of cholera will not spare anyone including those who are supporting the President.

Using the latrine pits as collective punishment of the displaced Nuer civilians who since 15 December 2013 have taken refuge in UNMISS and denying sanitation facility for those IDPs, it’s immoral and it is not peace making.

Please examine with me, the clear indicators that Mr. Kiir is not working for peace but rather escalating the conflict day in and day out.

We recall repeated calls from our proven and friendly nations that supported us in our quest for nationhood chiefly the US, the EU, AU and the IGAD, a call for the President to show true faith of leadership and release those detained to include the four who are now facing the court whose outcome carries the death penalties.

But all these appeals were ignored by the President and his inner circles, this act in itself is a declaration of war on those who do not sing songs of praise to his Excellency Mr. Kiir.

We now heard, this week on Wednesday 16 April 2014, Dinka youth mob justice, attacked Nuer displaced civilians in UNMISS camp in Bor, this event by many expert’s view is in keeping with the hand signatures of information minister Muchael Makui and other closed inner circle of Kiir, the likes of interior minister Alue Ayieng, and defense Minister Koul Manyang.

These individuals are the worse cobras sleeping among green snakes, this is violation of Geneva Convention and abuse of universal human rights and not peace making.

On 19 April 2014, joined statement were released by the failed foreign minister Benjamin Marial Barnabas and interior Minister Alue, saying South Sudan will not renew the mandate of UNMISS without the ratification by south Sudan national legislative assembly.

Now mind you, this is an assembly that has been toothless and does what kiir wants. It also should be mentioned that a good number of MPs are either massacred in Juba or have fled the country, as such the legislation assembly lacks quorum and is constitutionally incomplete to be able to carry its work other than serving as a rubber stamp for the dictator.

This very statement from the foreign minister is yet another clear indication that south Sudan under Kiir leadership has not ceased its hostility against the world’s body, and shamelessly they are talking in the media as if South Sudan is able to fill the gap of UNMISS, should the parliamentary ratification refuse to renew the mandate of UNMISS to operate after July 2014.

This is not about seeking the parliamentary mandate but Kiir is trying to remove UNMISS to pave ways to massacre more Neur or to extinct them from South Sudan.

Given recent rapid changes in battlefield, Kiir will do anything to destroy the country before exiting from power. This move against the UN is not peace making.

On 23rd January 2014 the two warring parties under the direct guidance of IGAD bloc have signed the Cessation of Hostilities /CoH and more importantly for the true peace to be realized in the country IGAD had agreed together with its partners and the two warring parties to implement these two important items immediately to pave way for real roadmap for a lasting peace:-

a- The immediate redeployment of Uganda People’s Defend Force/ UPDF and other invited armed groups by both sides to exit South Sudan. But Kiir refused to implement though his head of delegation have signed this document and it has become an agreement that is binding.

b- The two sides have also agreed about the release of 11 political detainees held by Kiir in Juba after what is referred to as the failed coup masterminded by Dr Riek, a claimed refuted by Dr Riek and his group, instead they accused Kiir of silencing his opponents and desiring to assassinate them by this allegation labeled against them.

On 29th January 2014 as a sign of good gesture, Kiir has decided to release the group of 7, and refused to release the remaining 4, instead his justice minister brought treason judges against them. And the group of Troika reiterated their calls to release the four remaining detainees to join the talks in Addis Abba.

So, my fellow countrymen/women, it is self evident that Kiir is interested only in escalating the conflict to achieve his goal of ruling South Sudan unopposed like his mentor Museveni of Uganda.

He was quoted saying that he stands for peace and reconciliation, but his deeds show the opposite, his words are simply cheap politics and lies.

The fact that he rejected the participation of the group of 7, former political detainees from taking part in the ongoing peace talks in Addis Abba added to this concern of Kiir wanting only force and adding to our national nightmare, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

If Kiir is for peace and true reconciliation, to end the bloodshed and loss of lives, he will bring on board the views of all southerners for the sake of lasting peace.

The wider views from our clergies the spiritual fathers of our nation from different churches have openly called for the inclusiveness of the church, and the civil society who are the main stakeholders but the government is afraid and this too they opposed because they know that this will strip Kiir of the absolute powers he now enjoys at the peril of the nation.

The participation of civil society will reduce the future power on any President because the civil society is calling for the complete overhaul of the “defective-at-birth” constitution that will give more power to people rather than the presidency like Kiir.

This valuable piece of advice from our clergies is seen by the government as great threat to remove some powers from Kiir, who by now is intoxicated by power.

This attitude is detrimental for reconciliation and if the churches view is seen as a threat by the government, then what is the meaning of the government own initiative, the so called commission of peace and reconciliation / CPR chaired by Bishop Daniel Deng Bol who was appointed by the President although of recent there has been growing calls for Bishop Deng to step down from the post because like the President he too has blood on his hands.

Another clear and flagrant agitation rather creation of peace in the country is the move taken by the President to remove the University professors from their posts, is clearly interference by the President to destabilize our country’s learning institutions.

The removal of the vice chancellors from different universities by the President is meant to terrorize everyone in the country so that they can be loyalist to him rather than expressing their views to bring the much-needed democratic reforms.

The removal of the Professors is unconstitutional and this will breed more hatred towards Kiir’s presidency and will create fears and anxiety in the intellectual community which should be independent and from which the president should seek advice rather than bullying them.

Mr. Kiir wants to show everyone that he has the power and can do anything to anybody who opposes him, no one absolutely no one is safe not even the Professors from their posts.

Are there no disciplinary bodies in every university that are empowered to remove anyone who misbehaves, those bodies have the mandate to act accordingly on whoever is found guilty of criminal and corruption within the universities.

This forceful decree issued by Kiir to remove the professors is unconstitutional and an agitation rather than Creation of peace.

President Kiir and his cabinet and SPLA youth league launched countless negative campaign against the UN which culminated with attacks against United Nations Mission in South Sudan/UNMISS while the so called youth demanding the exit of the UN while it is providing for starving poor people of our nation who voted for Kiir during his landmark election in 2010. This is an act of agitator not that of a peacemaker.

Kiir and his crook ministers and SPLA want to exit the world body who came to save the people of South Sudan because they think UN is acting as an umbrella of protection to Nuer civilians who have congregated in dire situation in UNMISS camps since mid December 2013.

After a joint investigation the so called UN trucks caught by SPLA security agency in Rumbek turned out to be the most embarrassing uncooked fabricated story created by less Mindful people for the world to believe indeed that UN is supplying the rebels with weapons.

These lies against the UN just like the lies of the coup, is an agitations of war not of peace making.

The UN & South Sudan joined investigation found out that the weapons in the containers were indeed destined to Ghanaian peace keepers who arrived in the country after the massacre in Juba, and the serial number and barcodes of those weapons confirmed the UN’s claims.

Shamelessly without apologizing to the UN and especially to UNMISS head of Mission Ms Hilde Johnson, they the government in Juba decided to release the containers with the weapons to UNMISS, this is clear violation against UN and this incident has shamed us the people of south Sudan in the eyes of the world.

We are looking shaky and stupid at world stage because of uncivilized act of one man in the lead and this one man who barks like a wild abandoned dog is the interior minister Michael Makuei Lueth.

Mr Kiir is deliberately inciting the conflict by using people like Michael Makuei who have no concern for the country whatsoever; this is another clear indication that Mr. Kiir is by no means close to deescalating the conflict just so as to prolong his time in office even if he is unpopular.

In Juba Kiir’s security agent continue to target the Nuer civilians, their houses were confiscated, assets like money in banks are seized by the government, in Bor and Upper Nile those who risked to leave the UNMISS camps in search of food for their family end up being tortured or in most cases disappeared without trace, this is clear violation of human rights and actions of one escalating the fight.

The Nuer civilians in the camps have got nothing to do with the so called failed coup attempt and they have not taken arms against the government of Kiir, It was Kiir who shot the first bullet at them.

It must be pointed out that the Nuer like their counter parts from Dinka tribe deserve better protection from Kiir’s security rather than tortures and abuse. SPLA army loyalists do not spare not even young girls and elderly women.

Last but not least, Kiir’s government is picking a quarrel with the Obama administration for signing an executive order to slam sanctions on those who are obstructing the effort to bring final peace in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and those who have bloody hands in violation of human rights.

The rhetoric Juba is using is “Obama is interfering with the internal affairs of south Sudan,” this is laughable, is Kiir out of his mind?

Has he forgotten that when he hurriedly rushed to Uganda to bring the UPDF to fight a war that has erupted in one political party the SPLM in which Kiir is the chair?

Is this not an internal affair of the ruling Party, which they needed to resolve amicably within their party? How comes he involve foreigners in it?

If there is anybody who interferes with the lives of South Sudanese and loss of lives of South Sudanese, leave alone their internal affairs, it is Kiir himself and his government should stop blaming the Americans for his mess.

As they said the good you do with will remain with you, the evil you do will also follow you, which is exactly what is now happening to Kiir,.

He is trying to run away from the genocide he provoked, he started the massacre and loss of lives in Juba, thus the war and it is him who is also prolonging and escalating it while continuing to lie to us and the world with our eyes open.

You can fool the people some of the time but not all the times and the truth has caught up with him.

David Aju Kanyara
Juba, South Sudan


  1. Elijah Samuel says:

    Well David
    You got it right. Indeed the release of the remaining 4 which has just happened, is meant to actually harm them. The court have seen no evidence against them. Given they have already been humiliated and dragged through the court, how comes Kiir did not allow the courts to announce their findings first then pardon them? It is because he was informed that the court find them innocent thus by now preventing this announcement, Kiirs has forever labeled these men “Pardoned criminals.
    This move is important to Kiir because, if the four where found innocent that means by extension Riek did not plot the coup! What a wicked president! I am embarrassed that he is even a South Sudanese!

  2. Jason Pitia says:


    Brilliant pieces of info, kiir is trying in one way to appease the people of our bleeding nation but behind the closed doors with his Bahr El Ghanzal generals he is talking war and planning ethnic cleansing against the one giant tribe that poses him a big security threat. it is not yet closed that Kiir and his unschooled generals from his home state will cease their hostility against Nuer people, the removal of the general chief of staff will mark the dirty phase of untold genocide against anyone going to oppose Kiir and the dinka imperialism power over other minority. The released of the four should not be taken serious.. the first thing for kiir to do to show to the world that he is not escalator is to apologize to the people of south Sudan, since the prosecutors found no guilty verdict against those Kiir have accused of unfounded coupe, and the second thing is he should apologize to the families of those who his private militias have massacred in Juba, thirdly who should apologize to UN.
    I am very much afraid since the lineup of security are in total hands of Dinka, starting from inter, to inspector general of police, director for internal and national security, to Defense minister to chief of staff, this is blindly security setup, the remaining 63 tribes will have no say whatsoever, this act of primitive must be resist by all the democratic people of south Sudan, the make up of south Sudan is not only on one tribe. if need be all the southerners should take arms to resist this.

  3. Rial Nyang says:

    Right but be sure that Salva is an indecisive president in the world and this is proven by cancellation of decrees.Can you not see that the fact that there was no evidence amounting to a coup has cost Gen Mac Paul ‘s position and a series of heavy in bentiu has stripped Gen Hoth of his post.Now it is crystal clear that he dinkanized the whole government.Marial has killed an Engineer just because of a piece of a plot.he has a case in court but now he is rewarded.Kiir wants to make him another Ibrahim Shamal din of south Sudan.It was him who cut Judge Majier Gai to pieces.He is very good at killing.Why are not the Equatorians rising up against his appointment so as to show them the grave of the engineer he cold-bloodedly and mercillesly slaughtered just because of material wealth of this earth?Salva appointed him for that purpose,to come and kill the opponents of Salva even if they are right.Salva will one day stand handcuffed in the Hague to read out the list of the Nuer he murdered because of power and because they are Nuer.Malong will come and destroy the army as he did in NBGS .He chased away the intellectuals who criticized his system of rule. Am told he even killed some.They behave as if they will live on earth forever. Impossible!!!!.
    The charges of James Hoth include the fact that his tribe has rebelled against the moribund government of Dinka Bharelghazal.Salva goes to the church always to mislead public opinion against him. He made St Tereza cathedral a platform for proving himself right in front of his Arch-Bishop who does not tell his disciple Salva that he has gone astray and the souls of the one millions killed may any time call him.

  4. Jason Pitia says:


    I agreed with your view, the removal of James Hoth Mai will follow by the worse genocide now that all the security sectors are filled with Bahr El Ghanzal, this is the fulfillment of false prophesy of we are born to rule, in simplest term Kiir is just a nightmare and destructive to this youth nation, this evil man with his evil plan must be resist by the people, if he is not capture alive to face justice for the innocent people he murdered just because of issue he has with Dr Riek. he must be deny burial place in south Sudan, because it is him who set Dinka and Nuer in this genesis of killing. Gen.James Hoth Mai is a victim because he always wants the army to be out of politics, he is the kind of a man we need, right before the starting of the war, Kiir and Koul Manyany had planned to remove him right the time Koul was appointed to be minister of defense, though he failed miserably to bring stability in Bor when he was a governor. and Bishop Deng Bol is the worse and he has no spirit of God in him, he is the silent secret agent of Kiir. let them rot in hell.

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