Pres. Kiir & Gen. Malong are ‘Fighting like ferrets in a sack’: Will Gen. Cirillo, not Machar, be the nation’s savior?


If there is any person who has caused monumental damage to the society of South Sudan other than President Salva Kiir, it is General Paul Malong Awan Anei. This person is responsible for aiding and abating the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer in December 2013 and in executing the Jieng master plan of making South Sudan an exclusively Jieng land. His affinity to President Kiir is rooted in their military career, ethnicity and shared belief in Jieng supremacy in South Sudan.

Nobody would have thought that any of the two would fall out with the other. Such a thought, though unrealistic because in life some of the mechanisms and rules governing social interaction are not only dualistic in nature but also mediated by power dynamics.

What this means is that when friends bound by politics and power begin to vie for power, enmity kicks in between them and the atmosphere can be really ugly. This is exactly what is happening between President Kiir and Gen. Paul Malong and it does not end with them within the Jieng community.

Divisions also are rife within the Nuer and Equatorian communities on the same issue of power which makes the South Sudan problem complex but not unsolvable. This piece will look at these divisions separately with the aim of providing the reader with what is going on in the country and the way forward.

The distrust and enmity between President Kiir and General Paul Malong must have started last year with the undisguised activities of the latter promoting himself as a president in waiting. Please see, ‘The coin of power: Gen. Paul Malong aspires for president!!’ (

His dismissal in May 2017 by the president became the spark of their current ongoing conflict. General Paul Malong did not take his removal from the post of the Chief of Staff of SPLA with dignity and obedience expected of an army man.

Unlike others before him such as General James Hoth Mai who gracefully vacated the post without any drama, General Paul Malong reacted to his removal by leaving Juba in a company of heavily mechanised troops. He was intercepted in Yirol and for a couple of days he had to be persuaded to return to Juba.

When he was flown back to Juba from Yirol, unbelievably he was received at the airport by thousands of Jieng men, women and children with ululations and chants of ‘King Paul’ etc. That particular welcome of General Paul Malong by his tribesmen posed a serious challenge to the presidency of Kiir.

This act by General Paul Malong in itself constituted disobedience, insubordination and rebellion. In any normal army, the General would have faced Court Marshall. But SPLA is not an army in the true sense. It has ever since been a Jieng militia managed through Jieng kraal rules and Jieng language.

(Please see, ‘The Mighty SPLA, (Tiger Division)’ (

The behaviour of the General is not for nothing. President Kiir owes him a lot. First, in 2004, prior to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005, Kiir then a deputy to late Dr John Garang, the leader of the SPLM/A had fallen out of favour with his boss prompting him to rebel. Kiir hid in Yei and resisted meeting Dr Garang on his own in fear for his life.

Emissaries after emissaries including Nhial Deng Nhial and Deng Alor were sent to him to no avail. Finally, after assurance by Paul Malong, Kiir accepted to attend a meeting in Rumbek in November 2004 which led to his reconciliation with Dr Garang. That meeting revealed the shoddy nature of the SPLM.

Please see the Rumbek Minutes of 2004 (

Secondly, in September 2013 while President Kiir was on a visit to Akon, his home town, he sought military assistance from General Paul Malong who by then was the governor of Northern Bahr El Ghazal in order to contain Riek Machar and his group comprising Pagan Amum, Deng Alor, Alfred Lado Gore, Rebecca Nyandeng, Oyay Deng Ajak, Majak D’Agoot and many others.

This group since May of that year confronted President Kiir seeking to remove him peacefully through SPLM rules and structures.

According to Peter Adwok Nyaba in his article titled ‘It wasn’t a coup – Salva Kiir shot himself in the foot.’ (, President Kiir “in Akon his home town, speaking to Dinka (Jieng), which SSTV aired, Salva had this to say ‘………….look this power which I have belongs to you. You fought and died for it ……….. Now some people want to snatch it from me ……….. we (will) you accept it?

“Aci bag am,” meaning we will not accept, shouted the people back. It was in this context of retaining power that he ordered Paul Malong Awan to recruit and bring to Juba three thousand young men which now constitute his presidential guards.’”

This very militia became the force responsible for chasing Riek Machar out of Juba and cleansing of the Nuer in Juba.

Thirdly, in July 2016, General Paul Malong destroyed ‘The Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan’ (ARCSS) to save President Kiir, JCE and the implicated Jieng militia officers from having to face court for the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer in Juba in 2013 by audaciously attacking Dr Riek Machar’s SPLM/A-IO in Juba using land and air forces. General Paul Malong pursued Dr Riek Machar up to the border of Democratic Republic of Congo.

So because of the above, General Paul Malong has a hold on the president giving him confidence to misbehave. Being a Jieng, rather than being held to account, he was placed under house arrest since his return from Yirol. When his daughter Alakiir Malong sadly died in a fire accident in Kenya in September 2017, President Kiir refused to allow the General to go and identify the body of his daughter in Nairobi as well as to attend the burial and funeral in Aweil.

At the end of October, President Kiir upped the ante by issuing a presidential decree officially placing the General on detention without the right of visitation by his family members. Troops were deployed around his house with orders to disarm him which ended in a standoff.

Juba suddenly turned into a front line between President Kiir and General Paul Malong in a game of power. Alarmed and scarred of the real possibility of a show down between the president and his former Chief of the Army, the JCE, the architect of Jieng hegemony in South Sudan sought to broker peace.

Their main interest as expected is the maintenance of Jieng unity against all other South Sudanese. Ambassador Telar Deng emphasised this point sometimes back by saying, “Our (Jieng) internal front should remain united. This is the only way to defeat our enemies [South Sudanese].” (

The JCE having failed to reconcile the President and his former Chief of the Army brought one of their renowned son, Dr Francis Mading Deng, to lead a new group they cobbled together to save the situation. This group called Concerned Citizen’s Committee for Peace which is answerable to the chairman of the JCE comprises: General Albino Akol Akol, chairman, Dr Francis Mading Deng, deputy chairman, General Andrew Makur Thou, Hon. Joshua Dau Diu, Hon. Maker Thiong, Amb. Bol Wek Agoth, General Lual Wek Guen, Hon. Oliver Majok Aleu.

Unsurprisingly, even though the name of the group may suggest or give an impression that the group represents the people of South Sudan, the hard reality remains all the group members are ethnically Jieng and hence they only represent Jieng views and Jieng interest. It has nothing to do with the general view and interests of South Sudan.

This new Jieng group fraudulently called Concerned Citizen’s Committee for peace managed to superficially reconcile the president and his former Chief of Army on 14/11/2017. As a result, the President has allowed General Paul Malong to travel to Kenya for medical treatment.

The most interesting thing is that in this struggle for power between the two, General Paul Malong appears to have emerged victorious and stronger if only because he has made President Kiir to eat his Republican Order number 26/2017 for the issuance of Orders to the Chief of Defence Forces of the SPLA dated 30th October 2017.

It is unheard of in this world that a Republican Order signed by president can be challenged by an army man. This is a clear case of disobedience and insubordination.

This is even made worse by the fact that the entire members of JCE and the supposed Concerned Citizen’s Committee for Peace joined General Paul Malong supporters and his family in giving him a dignified send off to Kenya at Juba airport.

The General, acting presidential, “told elders and support[er]s at Juba airport that he would work with them and other stakeholders in and outside the country to ensure peace, reconciliation, unity and forgiveness are consolidated to bring back peace and stability to the country.”

Please see ‘South Sudan ex-army chief cedes home trip, leaves to Kenya’ (

Observers at the airport were in awe to see the members of Jieng cabal listening attentively while nodding in affirmation.

Take the scenes described earlier of the General arriving Juba from Yirol with chants of ‘King Paul’ and add to it this scene from Juba airport, it becomes clear that he has substantial support among the Jieng people.

The bad news for President Kiir is that the JCE is clearly leaning toward supporting the General and he also has been weakened by his inability to enforce his republican decree in respect of the General. Internationally, President Kiir has lost face. Interesting times ahead!

The brokering of the peace between the President and the former Chief of the army has exposed Dr Francis Mading Deng who now cannot escape being under intense scrutiny.

As someone who coined and spearheaded the concept of Responsibility to Protect ‘R2P’ as UN Under Secretary for Prevention of Genocide, articulating rightly that sovereignty can not be the basis to commit crimes against humanity, Dr Deng unfortunately and ironically became an ambassador for one of the worst regimes that has ever existed on earth.

A regime that committed grave crimes against its own people.

To some of us this was not surprising because as a staunch unionist, Dr Deng opposed the separation of South Sudan from the Sudan but quickly jumped into the new independent country to reap the fruits.

This is an opportunist who shamelessly defended an obnoxious regime which as a UN Under Secretary he would have opposed vehemently.

In mediating between President Kiir and the General, he proved beyond doubt that he is comfortable mingling with the worst criminals known globally.

It is possible that Dr Deng may well not believe or respect the duo. In such a situation he would have been acting in the interest of averting war among Jieng.

However, the question would be, why associate with such vile men? Only opportunists do that. If he is one as suggested by his leadership of a tentacle of JCE called Concerned Citizen’s Committee for Peace, it might well be that he could be vying for a ministerial position in the tribal regime of terror.

The government of South Sudan is packed full of people from Abyei and the Jieng acknowledge that technically the Abyei people are not South Sudanese. Bona Malwal in his book, ‘Sudan’s latest peace Agreement’ said, “I also recognise that they [Abyei, the Nuba Mountains and the Ingassina hills’] are part of Northern Sudan.”

If the Abyei people cannot join the rest of South Sudanese in their struggle against the tribal regime now in Juba for fair, just and inclusive society in order for them to prove their true patriotism, then they should better be in their homeland in the Sudan. They should remain with Khartoum.

South Sudan has had enough from the JCE and it does not need another tentacle of the JCE led by Dr Deng, an Abyei opportunist of the Sudan.

The deal brokered by Dr Deng is supposed to have restored the unity of the Jieng. Unfortunately this very deal is very misleading. Jieng unity seems to have long gone.

The Jieng are butchering themselves in their villages. It is just a matter of time before they import the differences from their villages into Juba, the seat of power.

As the group dominating state power, the likelihood is that their bitter differences and the battles that follow from that will usher in a new era in the country.

Dr. Machar’s SPLM-IO:

Turning to SPLM-IO, the divisions plaguing this organisation are not an enigma. The leader of SPLM/A-IO has demonstrated practically that he has no leadership skills at all. All the organisations he has led have experienced splits within a considerable short period of time, and sadly they have not achieved any of their aims and objectives.

In 1991, Dr Riek Machar sought and committed himself to oust Dr John Garang. He failed and eventually in 2002 he returned to Dr Garang with his tail coiled between his legs.

In December 2013 following the cleansing of the Nuer in Juba, he again rebelled with the objective of ousting President Kiir. He failed and returned to a shaky Transitional government of National Unity as deputy to the very person he promised to remove.

This imploded in July 2016 and again he ended up exiled and detained in South Africa.

Please see, ‘President Kiir’s Machiavellian tricks: Machar be forewarned’ (

The divisions among the Nuer right from the days of struggle against Khartoum are caused by dynamics of power exactly as in the Equatoria case now in South Sudan. The difference between the Nuer and Equatorians is that the Nuer got themselves armed at an earlier stage and so they are able to resist and assert themselves.


While talking about divisions in the SPLM/A, it would be unhelpful if remarks are not made about the SPLM former detainees. This group did not emerge out of natural wishes of South Sudanese or genuine dynamics of South Sudanese political struggle.

It is a making of the international community and the name itself was coined by the international community. To be specific Kenya played a big role in the creation of this group. Some of them like Deng Alor and John Luk are ministers in the Kiir’s Juba regime of terror and others are in the opposition.

What does this tell you about members of this group? I leave that for you to work out. If anything, in a nutshell, one could say the international community created this group to distort the political problem of South Sudan.


Now let us move on to Equatoria Region. The divisions in Equatoria, as hinted above, are simply an issue of power.
The malaise afflicting Equatoria is a result of a long sustained oppression on Equatoria designed by the JCE to destroy Equatoria.

Jieng hatred towards Equatoria is contained in Bona Malwal’s book, ‘Sudan and South Sudan: from One to Two.’

On page 207, Malwal points out that,

“…unfortunately, Equatoria…this rather unusual, indeed non-existing constitutional being in South Sudan…has now got onto the bandwagon of Riek Machar Teny, hoping to defeat and overthrow the Dinka [Jieng] that Equatoria has always hated. There is a clear Dinka [Jieng] hate campaign now on in South Sudan.

Even the elected governors of Equatoria have sent a delegation to Ethiopia to plead for IGAD mediators to decree a new federal arrangement for South Sudan – Equatoria’s new way of hoping to get rid of the Dinka [Jieng] from Juba, the land of Equatoria, which happens to be also the capital of South Sudan from which no South Sudanese ethnic community can be excluded.

This is now a hate campaign which will make it very difficult, if not impossible to find a solution to the current problem, the failed attempt to overthrow the legitimate system of South Sudan.

The Dinka [Jieng] have land and space from which to seek to survive and should not be expected to give away power to those who hate the Dinka [Jieng]! One gives away power to someone or those one does not think hate them.

The Dinka [Jieng] have been described, or indeed insulted as a foolish majority. But even a fool recognizes death when they see it. Will the Dinka [Jieng] be so foolish to cede power to those they know hate the name Dinka [Jieng[?

Can the Dinka [Jieng] be so foolish to offer their lives as a solution, in order to provide a second Rwanda of Africa?”

It is unfortunate that Bona Malwal has expressed such a destructive view which in reality can not stand the test of scrutiny.

Gen. Thomas Cirillo and NAS:

The impact of oppression on Equatorians is clearly displayed in the ongoing divisions among them in SPLM-IO and NAS. They are decimating themselves in Kajo-keji for no reason at all other than to please their oppressors – the Jieng and the Nuer.

Equatorians in SPLM-IO who oppose the emergence of NAS argue that, “Thomas Cirillo is a good man who fell into the hands of ethnic and regional fanatics.”

The NAS leader is accused of calling Equatorians with SPLM/A-IO as “blind supporters and/or ‘followers of Nuer’ while shouting with the lobe-side of their [his] months that NAS is a national movement.”

It is only fair that judgment of an individual is done through provision of evidence. In the case of the leader of NAS such a measuring yard stick is absent. Unsubstantiated damaging statements are made against him without any proof.

For example, Thomas Cirillo is alleged to have made speeches during his visit to the USA that fell short of a leader’s standard. These negative criticisms mostly come from the supporters of SPLM-IO. Checks done with other neutral South Sudanese reveal the opposite.

Thomas Cirillo comes out as highly regarded, respected and competent leader with a very good sense of judgement. Remarkably, international media more or less substantiates the favourable views held by majority of South Sudanese.

The critics of Thomas Cirillo who mostly are pro-Riek Machar always try to play down the truth about their preferred leader. For South Sudanese to make an informed assessment it becomes important that contrast should be made.

For most of Thomas Cirillo’s life he remained in the army. He resigned from the SPLA army in March this year. So, he has been in the open political arena of South Sudan for 8 month. During this period he has engaged the nation through speeches to the country explaining his position and offering to liberate the people of South Sudan.

Those speeches were received favorably by the country and there were no criticisms from the SPLM-IO supporters. In fact they welcomed him. With hindsight, it is clear now that this group was expecting Thomas Cirillo to rally behind Riek Machar. Since this did not happen, they set out to demonize him as “good” but “falls” short of a leader.

Unexpectedly, but in line with their value of violence, SPLM-IO switched into military mode and attacked NAS positions in Equatoria to destroy any hope for the emergence of an Equatorian-led movement as a credible option for the South Sudanese people.

In short, the 8 months of Thomas Cirillo in political arena have proven beyond doubt that he is an excellent leader. All the military commanders with their foot soldiers who joined NAS refer to his wise leadership in comparison to the organisations they left and a good number of them are from the SPLM-IO. This is an important point that can not just be dismissed or brushed under the carpet.

On the other hand Riek Machar who has been in politics/military leadership for 33 years…. that is from 1984 to date… has not demonstrated any leadership. In all the organisations he formed and led, splits have been the order of the day.

Although Riek Machar’s supporters try to portray him as a capable leader, they seem to have forgotten that during these three decades, Riek Machar has not delivered any visionary speech that he can be remembered for as a rousing or an explosive one, while under Dr John Garang or as a leader of his numerous failed groups from 1991: SPLM/A United, SPDF, SSIM, and SPLM/A-IO.

Those who are criticizing Thomas Cirillo in this area conveniently ignore the failures of their supposed iconic leader while downplaying the success of the former in his very short period as a patriotic leader.

To date, Riek Machar has not adequately explained why he is fighting the Juba regime. He has not addressed the nation to explain himself since December 2013. The saddest of all is that he has failed flatly to articulate the case of the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer.

Had Riek Machar done that as a concerned citizen and emphasized that he would do the same if it happened to any tribe in South Sudan he would have garnered support and sympathy of most South Sudanese and the world. One of the reasons why the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer was/is muted completely is due to this failure to articulate what happened to the Nuer people in Juba in December 2013; a failure whose cost has been huge in the struggle to oust the JCE regime.

Right from the onset of the conflict, Riek Machar’s supposed major speeches, if at all they are, carried one theme. According to him, he was inspired and motivated by the SPLM/A report of March 2013 that identified among other things SPLM/A’s loss of vision and direction.

This as understood is the one thing driving Riek Machar to challenge President Kiir. Hold on a moment!!

How did SPLM/A lose vision and direction? Who were the drivers of the SPLM/A vehicle? Was it not President Kiir and Riek Machar as partners since Dr John Garang died? If so, how can Riek Machar exonerate himself from the loss of vision and direction?

What was he doing in that whole period when the vehicle was getting lost without destination? This argument pursued by Riek Machar must be a joke.

So the duo plunged the country into chaos only over their party loss of vision and direction? Just think about this warped rational. He uses his own failures in the SPLM/A as Vice President and turns round to justify it as a reason to ousting President Kiir.

In effect it follows from Riek Machar’s argument that all those who are supporting SPLM/A-IO are disgruntled members of the organisation who want to restore it to its glory of “New Sudan” days. However how could the vision of New Sudan be achieved since the country is already split into two?

But even then, SPLM/A from day one has been a criminal organisation which does not regard the interests of the people.


Now compare and contrast Riek Machar’s rational to try to oust President Kiir to the well articulated reasons provided by Thomas Cirillo. Unlike Riek Machar, Thomas Cirillo zoomed straight to the point and articulated the real core problems for a struggle to oust the regime.

These are identity politics, grave crimes against humanity, absence of law and order, lack of national army and security systems, economic destruction with grand corruption, and SPLM/A itself. To this skeleton of problems he added sufficient flesh as he voiced in his speeches from March 2017 to date.

If one analyses the divisions in Equatoria, it is different from the divisions among the Jieng. President Kiir and Paul Malong are fighting for real power base in South Sudan, whereas the Equatorians are fighting the impact of oppression on them.

Because Equatorians have been oppressed by the SPLM/A since its inception from 1983, they have lost self worth and confidence in themselves. They do not believe that one of their own can actually liberate the country. They would prefer to be led by others who project power.

Riek Machar projects that power and so it is safer to stick with the powerful even when that supposed powerful being has no real potential. The literature of liberation explains such situation in terms of power.

A simple example is the battered woman syndrome whereby an abusive husband/partner would batter his wife/girlfriend, yet the victim would do everything to remain in the abusive relationship against all wise rational advice.

In political terms, such play of power in societies since we are talking about Equatorian society is well articulated by Franz Fanon in his book ‘The Wretched of the earth’. So the infighting of Equatorians is the impact of the Jieng/Nuer power over them.

Alternatively, it could be looked at from a religious point of view in similar terms like what happened to Jesus. Although outsiders could see the importance and spiritual power of Jesus, the Jews despised him.

So while others can see the formidable leadership Thomas Cirillo is offering the people of South Sudan, some of his own people despise him. What a paradox?

In the western world, the same phenomenon happens in a slightly different way. Because the powerful political groups use power of persuasion: winning minds and hearts, the less powerful groups vote against their own interest. The recent example is the election of President Trump instead of Hilary Clinton. Basically the majority of the American people voted not to improve their lot.

Having looked at the divisions within the various SPM/A factions, the fight for power between the President and his Chief of the Army is a fight for real base of power among the Jieng who have usurped state power and it can be likened to fight of the Ferrets in a sack.

This fight is just beginning to take root and it will end with the Jieng losing power no matter what they do.

As for the Nuer, their fight for power in South Sudan is characteriZed by the Nuer decimating themselves to sustain Jieng in power. Without the substantial support of the Matips, the Monytuils, the Buays, the Ruais, the Lukes, the Rieks, the Gathoths and the Tabans, Dinkocracy would not have been possible in South Sudan.

This calls for an awakening in the Nuer people to unite under another leader one who is concerned about their well-being and not one that exploits them. That way the wrongs committed against the Nuer can be addressed and accounted for.

As for the Equatorians, their lack of self worth and self confidence is gradually being remedied by the mushrooming of rebellions in Equatoria suggesting they are unshackling themselves from the chains of oppression. Thus their divisions are momentarily.

They will soon understand their predicament and inevitably they will unite under the credible South Sudanese leader General Thomas Cirillo who will lead all South Sudanese into freedom.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]
Elhag Paul


  1. info@southsudannation says:

    Mr. Elhag Paul,
    Welcome back from your self-imposed exile and long silence as the nation burns.
    This is a highly commendable and great political analysis of the real malaise and unfortunate calamity that’s inevitably dawning in our nascent nation.
    Without any shred of ambiguity, the jieng in whatever form or shade, are leading the South Sudan nation down the precipice and it’s final death…. unless, of course, some immediate remedy is put in place.
    Kiir must go, by whatever means, so too must the inept and failed dreamer, Machar, must disappear from and give up any political ambition or better still, all his convoluted dreams of a ‘Ngundeng’s prophesied’ leadership position.
    Finally, I personally would strongly advise fellow Equatorians (specifically those in Yei State) that their firm cohesion and persistent steadfastness are forever very important, this is what those of the great and true nationalist freedom fighters like Tafeng, Joseph Lagu, Ali Batala, Father Saturlino, Gen. Samuel Abu John, Joseph Oduho, Marko Rume, Daniel Juma, and the others, did.
    Best wishes and merry Christmas

  2. Denghanbol says:

    Deng Hanbol
    Dear Mr Elhaq, your analysis of South Sudan civil war is irrelevant for couple of reasons. First, Dr. Riek Machar is not only a military hero, but also is very much a man of the people himself. Second, Dr. Machar is the brave opposition leader who has been fighting the two war lords a lone namely M7 and Salva Kiir. Aside from Dinka Militia, he has fought Uganda army and the SPLA N. Nowadays, looking back, we think of Dr. Machar as the leader of a united South Sudan that persists wholeheartedly in the war from 2013 until this movement. His Naath people were me-scared in Juba and else where to free minority ethnic groups from the evil unjust rule of Dinka. Coming to the IO military wing and political wing, I can a sure you that 99% are still with Machar and therefore, there is no division within the IO what so ever. Indeed, Taban and some individuals traitors joined the enemy, but no effect as long as they lack support on the ground. Finally, Thomas Cirill, run away from the Dinka’s Den and carrying around 10 million dollars with him and according to many observers Gen. Cirill mere intention is to bribe the SPLA-IO commanders specifically, the SPLA- IO commanders who hail from Great Equatoria to desert Machar camp and join him In fact, Gen. Thomas Cirill is just the calculating and opportunist military man . Mr. Elhaq, I understand your position. What I mean here is that your goal is to encourage the people of Equatoria to support your tribal man since both of you hail from Bari ethnic group. Good luck any way.

  3. Eastern says:

    Dear Elhag Paul,

    Thanks for the brilliant piece. Yei River state and particularly, Kajo Keji county, one of the most influential county in the whole of Equatoria should take note of this following recent happenings at home.

    Thank you,


  4. Samuel Atabi says:

    Welcome back, Brother El Hag. This seminal analysis should be able to assist those interested in the politics of South Sudan in understanding the internal dynamics of ethnic relationship.
    It is men like Bona Malual who are failing their people and at the same time jeopardizing their political future. He, like other Jenge educated people, such as Francis Deng, lives in his own historical bubble. It is amazing that they are oblivious of the fact that South Sudan has just broken off from an abusive marriage with the Sudan. If that can happen, then why can’t it happen in another worse marriage now called South Sudan that is dominated by the Jenge? In fact, no one wants their power; they can have and exercise it over their own backward and fratricidal Jenge.
    Bona Malual used to live in the UK in the 1980s. At that time, the Tory government, led by Mrs Thatcher, had introduced a much hated tax, known as the ‘Poll Tax’. The government chose Scotland as a test region for implementing the tax. The move met sustained resistance from the Scots. Later, most analysts believe, the resistance turned into a clamorous call for an independent and separate Scotland from the United Kingdom. By introducing this tax in Scotland, the English-dominated Tory party did not commit genocide against the Scots and yet this insensitive policy has now shaken the Kingdom’s foundation. It is now a well-known fact that the Jenge government has perpetrated genocide against the people of South Sudan. Is it not even more justifiable for South Sudanese to call for further separation from the Jenge nation? The non -Jenge South Sudanese are aware of this situation in the UK and those in other countries like Spain (Catalonia), and even in our neighborhood in eastern Africa. So, it is a fallacy and typical of Jenge mentality to think that their grip on power is irreversible and forever. They are dreaming.
    Equatorians have begun to believe in themselves, thanks to the emerging ‘imperialistic’ tendency of the SPLM-IO leadership. My advice to the latter is simple: cooperate with Equatorians so that the people of South Sudan can be free to choose their destiny against the barbaric Jenge government in Juba. If the IO leadership fails to take this advice, then he will lead his followers, who are overwhelmingly Nuer, into perpetual slavery to their Jenge masters.

  5. Okuc says:

    Deng Hanbol

    let quote you.” His Naath people were me-scared in Juba and else where to free minority ethnics groups from the evil unjust rule of Dinka”. Really ?
    I haven’t heard or read that Nuer were killed in Dec 2013 because they stood up in defence of the rest of ethnic groups and I don’t call them minority because in South Sudan there is no majority ethic groups. What is known about the events which is led to Nuer massacre is power struggle between Kirr and Dr Riak Macher and nothing to do with liberation of rest of ethnic groups from Dinka oppression.
    Nuer were single out because of Dr Macher who hail from Nuer and being the ring leader of SPLA/M group who were challenging Kirr leaders. Second, Dinka leadership haven’t forgiven Dr Macher of the split of 1991 which led to massacre of Dinka’s Bor and Dec 2013 event in Juba was an opportunity for Jieng to avenge for their fellows Jieng. That’s the facts of why Nuer were killed in Juba if you don’t know it.
    Al haj Paul has analysed the negative involvement by Jieng Council of Elders ( JCE), G. Paul Malong who was thought before his demise as a power base behind Kirr presidency and so called concerned citizen led by Dr Francis Deng all these groups are for power and consolidation of Jieng rule in South Sudan. In short, they are stoking fire wood in the current war in South Sudan.
    The second group is Nuer in the person of Dr Macher who has been vying for leadership for a long time and December 2013 events in which Nuer were killed in thousands would have been an opportunity to remove Kirr from power in South Sudan if he were to be shrewd enough by mobilizing the rest of South Sudanese by articulating the objectives and why people should rally behind him to achieve that objective with less scarifies of life. Unfortunately, Dr Macher failed and he took the support of his fellow Nuer for granted to achieve his feat of ascending to power without the support of the rest of South Sudanese. It is true Dr Macher is leading the largest opposition movement against Kirr regime and there are substantial numbers of non-Nuer in the movement but, these people are not influential because the movement is run by Dr Macher like the way the SPLA/ M was ran by Dr John Garang in 1980s and 1990s which had led to split of 1991. It is unfortunate Dr Riak didn’t learn anything from that experience and continue to practise the same policies he was against in 1990.
    Al Haj made it crystal clear without Nuer support Kirr’s regime would have collapsed after Juba events in Dec 2013 if Nuer in unity state, in particular Bull change their allegiance from supporting Kirr’s regime to SPLA- IO it would be difficult for Jieng tribal regime to continue war especially in Upper Nile where Oil fields is. Lack of resources to finance the war efforts would have been dealt a blow to kirr and his mentors JCE that their dreams to turn South Sudan into Jieng’s Republic is not going to be feasible and therefore forget the plan you people had concoct during the war in 1980.

  6. Ww says:

    Mr. Elhag,

    The problem of Equatorian intellectuals such as yourself is their unjust Hatred of Monyjang (Jieng). This explains your preoccupation with the so-called JCE, it helps you ,physocologically, to tie the Monyjang and the government together as one, therefore justify their domination in your opinion. Monyjang didn’t elect JCE, Kiir was elected by all South Sudanese, and the government has politicians and ministers from other tribes, hence your argument of Jieng domination is false. The statement by Bona Malwal and as recently put by Dr. Francis Mading reflect reality as Jieng sees it. I would suggest your kinds digest its meaning quickly and come to senses, or else it will be very ugly in South Sudan. Do you want to separate Equatoria? take it!
    I have come to realize that many Equatorians to do not know Jieng as a society, way of life, culture, and Identity. I don’t blame you, you have never live in our land to understand the complexities of Jieng values and intricate relations to themselves and others. We know Equatoria because we fought wars against Arabs and militia there. We know everything about you, including your souls. Your ignorance is your fate. I guarantee you, if the Power is truely in Jieng hands, it will never be taken, or given to hate filled, power angry, militia groups such as yours, who hate Jieng to their very souls. Your statement that “This fight is just beginning to take root and it will end with the Jieng losing power no matter what they do” is useless and not practical.
    Riek Machar and Thomas Cirillo are two sides of the same coin. Take all you said about Riek and it is also true about Thomas Cirillo. The characterization and description of Riek in your piece is absolutely correct. We know that to be true long time ago but why did it take you so long to recognize the fact Riek is not a leader? The same with Cirillo, the chicken will come home to roost.

    The compaign by the Rebel groups to demonize Jieng, hoping it will overthrow the government is wishful thinking and fantastically delusional. Governments may come and go but the people will always persist.

    • Eastern says:


      This is the mentality of the dinka. The fallacy that nobody outside the community knows anything about the dinka society is preposterous and being ignorant.

      Having fought as a foot soldier in the SPLA with the SAF doesn’t make you an authority on the Equatorian community either.

      JCE is at the centre of all the shenanigans moves of Kiir’s regime. Dinka left Equatoria with a bitter taste in their mouths when Kokora was implemented, that same venome was visited on Equatorians throughout the war and during Kiir’s reign. Why can’t you be more blunt and say dinkas are the masters and others are subjects? Don’t mince your words.

      • Ww says:

        Mr. Eastern,

        Bring it on! KoKora, Federalism, confideration, or even separation of Equatoria region, Jieng, doesn’t care. We have land too, we keep cattles, we grow crops, we fish, we are educated,and have oil. why do you people think without your land of equatoria Monyjang wouldn’t survive? Jieng existed for millennia without knowledge that Equatoria exist.
        We are not masters of anyone. Opposition supporters are willing to go any length, spewing vile to demonize Jieng, you won’t succeed. The threat to annihilate Jieng by the opposition groups is being attentively watch. Jieng is not sleeping, however, we can coexist and live with those seek peace and unity.

        • Samuel Atabi says:

          A comment by fellow Jenge on the ongoing killings in the Lake state:

          Sudan Tribune:
          10 DECEMBER 07:30, BY Mayendit
          People who blamed governor Matur Chut Dhuol are part of that problem. The people of Agaar Dinka and Gok Arol Kec-Chuol communities are too primitive indeed just look how many years since signing CPA till now, the killing did not stop. It started when John Latt was governor, Daniel Awet Akot, Chol Tong, Makoi and current governor Matur Chut Dhuol.I think the Elders and their Sons politician

          • info@southsudannation says:

            These people will never change, and sadly, because of them, South Sudan nation will never become a Switzerland on the Nile.

          • Ww says:

            Editor and Atabi,

            The obsession with “Jenge”, “Dinka”, “Dinka government”, “Dinka mentality”, “JCE” or whatever else you want to make of us won’t help your cause. It is Ironic and quite absurd for you to presumptuously think Jieng is the one to change their mentality, you are the one to change your mentality of hate toward Jieng.
            Mr. Atabi, the communal conflicts can simply be manage by the security sector if it was not your treacherous and traitorous rebellions. These conflicts existed before the war and will continue until the government use force to disarm communities both physochologically and physically with guns.
            Mr. Editor, If you don’t change yourself don’t expect someone else to. No, it is not becuase of “these people” that South Sudan is in a politcal mess, it is because of you. You need to change.

    • Mor-amook says:

      Those who always say, the army of South Sudan is Jieng army. When and where was SPLA formed? I know many people who do not want to accept truth will never agree. From 1983 – 2005 recruitment was voluntary and open to all South Sudanese. But, because it was a recruitment to fight and probably kill or injured so many wise south Sudanese ran to Uganda and leave death to Jieng/Dinka, only few remain and other decided to fight the liberators. This was reality!

      Those who are now called Generals like Cirillo, Oyai, Dr. Lam Akol, Dr. Riak……etc were commanding the same army which you people now call tribal army. If you don’t recognize this army, then don’t call those guys Generals, their ranks will be useless because they were commanding tribal militia or army for that matter. And you cannot be called Generals civilian. During liberation, no single battalion without a single Dinka in it, it was mixed of tribes with Dinka majority, let us be realistic. How can you call them General so and so when they had one time commanded the current army now called tribal. Even you go to the graves, the statistics of killed SPLA in combats were the DInka and the Nuer, maybe 5 to 10% Equatorians.

      In common sense, can you accept to voluntary fight and after fight you are told go home, because you became many and we want to form a national army? Does that make sense? If other Equatorians or Nuer who were in the SPLA since then are now told go home without a package and appreciation and honor for sacrifices , because we want to form a credible national army. Would that make sense. Hate Dinka will never take us ahead!

  7. mading says:

    Deng Handball. Your rebel movements are tribal movements, so Thomas will do everything to pull his Equatorian commanders a way from Nuer movement led by a Nuer. You talk very loud about tribal army in Juba, but you rebels are doing just that in bushes. That is why talking about rebels unity is a day light dream to those who think about it.

  8. Bismark says:


    Please do not be misinformed that Equatorians hate Dinka. No one hates Dinka the way Dinkas hate Mony juba or Mony jur. What the people of non Dinka extract hate is the way Dinkas conduct themselves in public offices or places. For example late Ruben Mac planted seeds of tribalism by giving chances to Dinka youths to go to Police college for officers’ course in Khartoum while other people from different ethnic background were left to loiter in Juba. Late Samuel Aru Bol ferried a lot of the same people to Prison College to do courses that made them prison officers. That was then. Now you can just see how you people have failed the whole country by the way you conduct yourselves. Today Government coffers have become your private properties to the extent that you have now depleted every thing that was available since the creation of the country. Even donations to the poor by western nations are not spared. Instead of funding the construction of hydro electricity dam at Fulla in Nimule or Beden falls in Juba to power South Sudan, your Government plans to fund plans of importing electric power from you benefactor’s country Uganda so that you will rent electric power from them eternally. What good do you give to this country you say you love? Note it is not the people that are hated but the bad things they do to others is what people dislike or hate. You must correct yourselves on the way you behave to be considered as good people.

    • Mor-amook says:

      We are not called Dinka, our really name is jieng. Dinka is name created by those who do not like Dinka. Dinka do not hate equatorians, for what? It’s only Equatorian who do not want others in Equatoria even later they will tell Nuer, but Equatoria is part of South Sudan. As South Sudanese you have right to live anywhere you like, but only Equatorian want to live in Equatoria, then there is no nation. During liberation, Equatorians were not left to liberate Equatoria alone, and they did not chase people away by then to liberate themselves alone. Why now chasing people away?

      You did the same thing in 1980s with Kokora. please stop that. One day an equatorian can become a president of SS. Will he/she chase away non-Equatoria in equatoria land by republican degree? or is it because it is Dinka who is president?

    • Ww says:


      On corruption, whether done by a Jieng or anyone, shouldn’t be tolerated, we all suffer when that happens. If the accusations against late Ruben Mac and Samuel Aru bol are true, who should hold them accountable? Should it be Jieng or the government? The people both of them sent to these colleges were probably their relatives or members of a aparticular section of Jieng they came from or relatives of their friends. How can you blame the rest of the innocent sections of Jieng? you are insinuating that, Thomas Cirillo, a Bari, if he committed corruption offense should be held accountable by a Mundari, or both tribes should be punished because of a mistake made by Thomas. That is unreasonable and illogical.

      Governments, old or new should rid the country of corruption, it’s one of it core responsibilities. Remember, our governments have always includes the same characters; Kiir, Riek, Wani, Taban, Nyandeng, Cirillo, etc. To say that some of these politicians are saints by you or opposition groups is immorality and political corruption of the highest order. And to blame the Jieng community for the ills committed by its sons and daughters in the government is equivalent to saying when you catch a thief, go find his/her mother and father and kill them; truely irrational. Yet, this is the very argument you are making, analyse and listen to your selves my brothers.

  9. Holo Kor says:

    It has already become a known reality, and this’s starting from the day one and is that, the SPLM/SPLA was fake (a forgery); and it was founded and carried out of the emotions. Entirely, its vision and the statement and the agenda, were aiming at making the lives of South Sudanese a living hell at best. And especially that of the Equatorians.

    There are many facts to prove to that, and every case possible- all the realities; and any bit of that, can be noticed always, because a lots have been-written on the walls, and given every odds and others, like the prejudice that goes with it.

    We understood that we’ve in South Sudan 64 tribes, and among them are the Dinkas, who’re breathing down the necks of every tribe-the 63; and that is couple with their unusual pride. However, pride goes before a fall. And this, meaning: often with the implication that proud and haughty behaviour will contribute to its downfall. But here the ethnic Dinka and the group does not get it, and as we can see here today on this topic. Okay, and with that being said, I will add this nice proverb to go with it and as they say: “ Enjoy the present moment and don’t grieve for the future.” The American proverb.

    • Mor-amook says:

      Tell me, where do you want to take Dinka to? Are you mobilizing 63 tribes to killed Dinka all in South Sudan and then remained to enjoy South Sudan? Who is a man to answer man.

      please don’t give explanation, all your explanation do not go to point. Just give direct answer.

      • Roberto Kasongo says:

        Mor amook,

        Stay in your area , keep your culture and way of life to yourself. You would be just fine. You do not need to bring your cow mentality to Equatoria.

        Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

  10. Beek says:

    The all Middle East is at the brink of war,but I am not sure if Arab World are going to handle that.

  11. Beek says:

    Riek Machar is already under controlled.

  12. False Millionnaire says:

    Mr Atabi,
    U are Lucky they are liquidating themselves without giving attention to u for your dirty cheap shots. Otherwise u wouldn’t have a place to shit in in RSS.

  13. False Millionnaire says:

    Président Nimiri issued the republican decree destroying the Adis Ababa Agreement and dividing the southern sudan into three regions therefore producing KOKORA inorder to satisfy equatorian wishes.But were the equatorians conscious of the political affairs of those hours in which it had become the mother of all objectives to annexe Bentu into northern Sudan owing to the discovery of oil there in addition to the islamic sharia Laws that were impending to be imposed in the whole of the sudan?
    It’s needless to waste time and efforts. But the truth is,the likes of Alhag Paul are just as short sighted equatorians as the same equatorians who masterminded Kokora. It took jieng sacrifices to keep sharia at Bay and to bring back the south to it’s rightfull place.
    Équations of bad luck are never seen as such and being such,the failed SPLM /A with ever one hands on it Is now floated to mean an exclusive bad work of jieng.
    Alhag Paul was the maker of REMNASSA and of Dr kwajok’s movement which achieved nothing than road targeting of innocent jieng.Now he is aboard général TC’S NS Vanwagon smearing nuer and Riek Machar with mud for an obvious calculation to assume à centeral place as a thinking brain to be listened to and followed.
    What’s the différence between this fool and the rest of the JCE he is falsely using as jieng symbole to substantiate his malicious thaughts?
    Long live Dr francis Mading Deng for intervening so that ordinary jieng did not Slaughter themselves for the power hungry fools named Malong and Kiir.If equatorians are at each others’ throats as he says,let equatorian elders including himself rush to subdue them.That won’t be any one’s cause of dissatisfacton.In the Bible,one cleans the spel from his eyes first before concerning one’s self about others.
    It’s easy to read his malicious thaughts. He wants to see jieng divided so that the likes of TC can run them over and reduce their numbers.Good luck.You have ten centuries of struggle for your dream.

  14. Hoiloom says:


    He maybe under control but his boys and girls are giving JCE and Kiir sleepless nights.


  15. Dear; Beek

    Never getting me wrong! According to your assertion,you have said Riak Machar is already under control.Explain!

    Sincere Killing lying!



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