Pres. Kiir’s SPLM govt isn’t democratically elected


I was browsing through the Sudan Tribune website and my eyes caught an article, ‘South Sudan vows strong ties with neighbouring countries’ (Sudan Tribune 22nd January 2014). Reading it I was livid and after few minutes I realised where my anger stemmed from. It was the lies of SPLM/A and this time it came from Mr. Peter Bashir Gbandi, the deputy minister of foreign affairs of republic of South Sudan.

“Our people and the leadership therefore expect the international community to live by the universally accepted principles and obligations to stand by the democratically elected government. The international community needs to show fairness and come out to accept and condemn attempt to overthrow the legitimate government.” This is Gbandi roaring to mobilise the international community.

This language of deceit is disturbing and sickening. It is something that stirs the inner soul of people who truly care about South Sudan.

The mendacity of this SPLM government perpetuated by its officials like the one above by Gbandi does not bode well for the future of the country.

It is about time that the world is appropriately informed that the government of president Kiir which is SPLM led is not “democratically elected” as vigorously trumpeted. It is an SPLM/A manufactured regime at the time when South Sudanese were gripped with euphoria of independence.

First of all, there has never been any election held in the republic of South Sudan since its birth on 9th July 2011. The SPLM with its leader president Kiir just forced themselves on the people of South Sudan fraudulently claiming to be democratically elected.

The only election that the SPLM contested in its entire life was that of April 2010 in which it massively rigged itself into power. Crucially, this election was organised under the Government of National Unity of the then Sudan where president Kiir was the vice president of president Bashir as provided for under the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

It must be emphasised that this election was held well before the break up of the Sudan. The mandate given to president Kiir by that election was to oversee the referendum which was held from 9th to 15th January 2011 resulting in the people of South Sudan choosing to secede.

Therefore, Kiir’s mandate as an elected president of South Sudan in the Sudan came to an end with break up of the Sudan. When South Sudan seceded on 9th July 2011, technically and legally SPLM/A under Kiir just assumed power without any mandate from the people of South Sudan.

Worse still, Kiir assembled the parliament whimsically by personally appointing 66 members who were rejected by the people in the April 2010 election in addition to those members of national parliament in Khartoum and the legislative assembly in Juba.

Politely, how could this dictatorial behaviour be democratic and how could it be claimed as the choice of the people? Could these rejected and appointed MPs be considered as a choice of the people?

Are they not to all intent and purpose choice of the dictatorial president only against the will of the people? Is this type of practice compatible with the claims of Peter Gbandi?

South Sudan is at a critical juncture and the truth needs to be spelt out. The country can not afford to be reconstructed on a foundation based on a tissue of a lie.

The country imploded in December 2013 because all along everybody including the international community wanted to believe in the untruth told by the SPLM/A.

Now the cost in terms of human resource, social relationship and other materials is colossal. What a waste! And this is down to the country being left in the hands of the “idiots rotten to the core.”

SPLM/A cunningly fooled the world to believe that it is a democratically elected government. It is not, if anything it is a self installed government responsible for everything going on wrong in the country.

It imposed itself on the people and it is not a choice or will of the people as asserted by SPLM officials.

IGAD as a regional organisation got duped and believed that president Kiir’s government is democratically elected. It should have known better.

Unfortunately IGAD paraded its ignorance when in response to the crisis in country it swung behind president Kiir.

“IGAD leaders at the summit in Nairobi have meanwhile condemned any attempts to seize power by force in South Sudan. ‘We in IGAD will not accept the constitutional overthrow of a democratically elected government in South Sudan,’

In declaring its stance, president Kenyatta of Kenya representing IGAD in confidence gave credence to a regime that was neither democratically elected nor does it practice democracy.

This was sad because this unexpected support buoyed president Kiir in his ethnic cleansing taking place in the country at the time. Here IGAD and especially president Museveni of Uganda were and are completely wrong in believing the authorities of South Sudan.

To jump to the aid of someone committing grave crimes against his own people than to side with the victims is something that morally demeans the standing not of IGAD only but Africa wholly.

The same “universally accepted principles and obligations” that they base their defence of president Kiir on are in fact the same principles that require and prioritise international intervention on the side of the victims of tyranny.

To understand this point better, just peruse the discourse around Western intervention in Iraq, former Yugoslavia, Libya and the ongoing tussle around intervention in Syria.

The principle is simple. Where there is tyranny and stifling of democracy intervention morally must be to throw out the abusive regime and not to prop it as in the convoluted case of IGAD and South Sudan.

Even if the government of South Sudan were to be a democratically elected government, the fact that it had become undemocratic and totalitarian engaged in ethnic cleansing of its own people, it must be removed by all means available to save lives and enable an establishment of a just humane government.

This is what the literature says as well as the practice in relation to intervention. For instance, the cases referred to above demonstrates this fact.

IGAD whether by design or ignorance failed to adopt the right moral principle in its intervention in South Sudan. But all is not lost, especially now that both president Kiir and Riek Machar are making an effort to resolve matters.

For a start, IGAD should review its stance and adopt the right moral position. It should not listen to agents of the government of South Sudan without properly checking their stories out.

For instance, IGAD should not listen to deputy minister Peter Gbandi’s bravado asking for their lie to be believed. Forceful speak like, “The international community needs to show fairness and come out to accept and condemn attempt to overthrow the legitimate government” should be brushed aside with demands for concrete evidence.

Gbandi needs to be told firmly that the government of South Sudan is not a democratically elected government and there has not been an attempted coup in the country to condemn. Gbandi and coterie have told so many lies to the extent that they now believe in their own lies.

It is up to them to face the reality and accept their abuse of government structures to promote ethnic (Jieng) hegemony.

Secondly, IGAD now has a chance to right the wrong it has done to the people of South Sudan (when it militarily and diplomatically sided with president Kiir, an ethnic cleanser and an abuser of human rights) while pretending that it is a neutral player.

IGAD should not think that South Sudanese are blind and can not see through the façade. Through its biasness, IGAD knowingly or unknowingly set back the march of Africa as a continent to a bright democratic future.

If IGAD is to salvage its reputation in the South Sudanese community and the wider African space, it needs to be seen to be fair in its coming mediation role in Addis Ababa.

As for South Sudanese there are two suggestions. The decimal behaviour of IGAD should spur reflection on South Sudanese membership of this body and its application to join the East African Community. Perhaps it is time for South Sudan to step on the brakes to allow proper debate.

President Kiir obviously would be happy to continue with the status quo but the future government should thoroughly review South Sudanese membership of these organisations.

South Sudan perhaps would be better off adopting policies and stance like Switzerland and Norway in Europe than being a member of institutions deficient of democratic values and commitment to moral justice.

SPLM/A as a party and the ruling party has abused the government and people of South Sudan for three decades. Its governance has never provided any direction or hope for a brighter future. The latest episode of ethnic cleansing is too much to stomach.

Neither Kiir nor Riek is competent to run the country. After all they have both been misruling South Sudan since 2005 until July 2013.

Together they oversaw unprecedented looting of state resources. Together they oversaw the repression of opinion writers and journalists. Together they oversaw the oppression of South Sudanese people.

Their only point of disagreement is on who should manage the “rotten to the core” SPLM/A. Even in their disagreement, the SPLM/A set the country ablaze with tenth of thousands of innocent civilians losing their lives in ethnic cleansing.

What the people of South Sudan need in the coming national dialogue is a transitional government of national unity.

Please see, ‘South Sudan Academics Letter to Donald Booth: Resolution to Current Crisis’

Should the national dialogue fail to agree on a transitional government of national unity, then a referendum should be done to determine what the people want in the interim.

With all the mess that have happened in South Sudan from 2005 to date, president Kiir and the SPLM have forfeited their right to govern and they should not be allowed to further mismanage the country. President Kiir must go.

In conclusion, SPLM has been allowed to shape the reality of South Sudan based on lies to its liking because the people have not challenged it.

The mendacity such as the one invoked by Mr. Gbandi here unfortunately has convinced certain quarters in the international community like Uganda to the extent that it received military and diplomatic support to pursue ethnic cleansing.

Now they are working hard to amplify this lie to consolidate themselves after the cessation of hostilities agreement to remain in power.

No! That is unacceptable. South Sudan needs a complete political overhaul. The coming national dialogue should not accept the mendacity of SPLM/A that it is a democratically elected government and therefore it has a mandate to rule until 2015.

No, they do not have that mandate. They manufactured that mandate for themselves and because of what they have done to the country they have forfeited their right to rule.

What is needed now is a transitional government to shape the future of the country as articulated by Professor Laura Nyantung Beny and Dr Mairi Blacking.
{Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul


  1. Arabbmoi says:

    Dear Elhag Paul, You have said it all.

    Kiir must go and people of South Sudan should find someone else if he is not going we will never live in peace in South Sudan. He had trained his fifteen thousand according to Nyandeng Garang Dinka Milittia from Warrap state that had Killed Nuer people recently Last year Juba. He always uses his Dinka milittia to kill anyone who he think they are his enemy. This is the time to tell the guy to leave Suth Sudan people are not Salva Kiir animals to slaughter.


    • Alier Gai says:


      The word not elected president is far from the current situation because what this ravage war is all about should be identified and get a solution first. Who takes power when Kiir goes is everybody, disorderly. Nonetheless, the problem is the constitutions, who gets what has been a game. Kiir is staying and the war stays in the hands of who controls. The opposition and the SPLM party should schedule their conventions to nominate their runners. And I concur with you that 2015 is an election year no matter what is laying ahead.The big question is: what Macher and his group need? First, they fall out with Kiir and no more green pasters on their side, and their return to power is the ultimate fight to make another corruption besides the one the looted the country during the last 8 yrs. second, Their chances of getting party’s nomination to secure 2015 elections were none in counting and macher resorted to his war advantage. Third, among themselves there is a manipulative trick being played. I). Macher is not trusting Amum and Deng Alor in leading. 2) . Nyandeng is fighting the death of her husband through the whispering allegation in the same camp. 3). These are party problems. Who will be the real nominee is unclear up to now though they are birds of the same feathers flying. What macher needs in particular is an edge to distance himself from the rest, and the war is his option. This is where problem is laying, but 2010 election was a Khartoum’s election for Kiir to rear CPA, not South. Now Splm party will down and choose whoever they think is capable of leading the party, plus who is running for presidency if Kiir is not allowed to run. For macher, he has a choice to choose peace or war, but stakes are high in which one. It is better for him to come back and form his party than to continue fighting. There was an election, and that means you know it know.

  2. Pan says:

    The interesting thing about this line of argument (which people like Daughter of Equatoria also relish) is that it could ironically give Kiir and Riak the right to contest for the Presidency again. If they were not technically democratically elected but assumed some other, let’s say, intermediary form of stewardship, then they (and Kiir especially) have not yet started the clock on any Presidential term limit.

    I don’t wish to see Kiir or Riak back and am intrigued by the angle you present here, ElHaag. Just playing devil’s advocate a little.

    God free South Sudan of the thugs that have ruled it and keep the minds of the citizenry above the pollution of Thugdom.

  3. jay johnson says:

    Mr. Paul,

    It is time to implement plan B if there was any at all. the eureophia of rebellion is slowly dissipating and the realities of war and conflicts are beginning to bites. The coup and rebellion have been disastrous and humiliating to say the least,

    The rebellion have been crashed and the ring leaders, including Dr.Riek are being hunted down like chickens and wild animals in the forest. it is a matter of time before they are caught to face justice for mass killing of innocent civilians.

    The coup plotters will be tried by the court, and if found guilty of crime of treason, which is punishable by death, they should be hang and fired squad so as to act as a deterrent to prospective coup plotters and rebels

    ironically, the rebellion that was frame to be a nation wide collective action have become an ethnic rebellion. The rebels have been terribly defeated. They now controlled the Nuer rural counties of upper Nile region. The dream of march to Juba has been shattered and reduce to a fairy tale

    The rebels are diplomatically and politically isolates with no sympathizers in the nation and region. Only UNMISS and El Hag are the only sympathizers to be found around. It has been a disaster for Dr. traitor. It have been reported that there is mass desertion taking place now because of lack of ammunition, foods, communication and transportation for the rebels.

    KIIR MUST GO is a wishful thinking because there is nothing on the ground to suggest otherwise. for him to go, he must be ousted militarily which is not forthcoming as we speak.

    Secondly, there has to be an organized and formidable political party to challenge Kiir in the up coming general election. Absence of these, the call for Kiir to step down as a democratically elected president is an elusive dream which only exist in the mind of El hag Paul and the likes.

    Kiir will be our president in the next 6 years whether we like it or not. Resort to violent means as way of unseating Kiir is a big mistake which the architect will regret for the rest of their live.

  4. jay johnson says:

    Mr.. Paul,

    Kiir was elected with more than 95% votes in 2010 general elections. It was over whelming votes by western standard, the supposed bastion of democracy. Do you recalled what percentage of votes president Obama received in 2012 US general election? less than what president Kiir got.

    Just because the government failed to perform to the expectation does not mean that it was not democratically elected, nor does it become illegitimate. In fact, you the opposition who are in disarray should have waited for the upcoming to 2015 election. But instead, you resort and willfully engage in illegal activities of coup plot and arm rebellion for which you can not find sympathizers nationally, regionally and internationally.

    Even your allies and coup planners, the UN, U.S. and your UK government have backslide, and have to astonishment of many publicly declared that they will not support the over throw of democratically elected government. for your argument to be valid, you should have wrote this article right after 2010 election.

    • Jay Johnson,

      Please stop lying to the South Sudanese citizens and worldwide. Your uncle Kiir was not elected by anyone in the South Sudan. Who can elect idiot Kiir? Dictator Kiir got the position through SPLA seniority. Because he was deputy of Jonh Garang that is why Kiir got the position. It was not through election. If 95% from Gogrial voted for Kiir secretly may be that is what I do not know.

      • Pan says:

        So then Kiir has the right to contest in the next elections and his term limits haven’t even begun. Think this through folks. You can’t have it both ways.

      • jay johnson says:


        what wrong with you my friend? is it not true that Salva Kiir was competing with Dr. Lam Akol for south sudan presidency during the 2010 general election? is it not true that Dr.lam was the flag bearer of SPLM-DC while Salva Kiir was the candidate representing the SPLM party? is it not true that Kiir Got 98.5% of electorates while Dr. Lam got 1.5%?

        Where did I went wrong here? I am just stating the fact of the last election. If a president who was elected with more than 95% of the vote is not a democratically elected president, I do not know what that word mean.

        The election are of course contest with allegation of fraud, vote rigging and voter intimidation. Those allegations were raised by opposition, the SPLM-DC and independent candidates but were found as not creditable by the election commission.

        Why did not you, the opposition contest the results in the court of law? Why raise the legitimacy of government after 4 years of its existence.? does that make El hag Paul claim creditable or silly?

        • Joana Adams says:

          Has El Hag touched some raw nerves?
          Even children who were not born in 2010, now know that the SPLM party did not win the general election. Senior SPLM parliamentarians and cabinet ministers at all levels testified to this soon after conclusion of the voting s in 2010. Many admitted that the SPLM rigged the general elections. This was a known fact up to village levels. Even international monitors had reservations regarding the fairness of the South Sudan elections. As for the presidential elections, most people voted for Kiir because Kiir deceived the public that he wasn’t contesting alone for the presidency but had a credible running mate -Dr. Riek Machar with whom he jointly implemented the CPA, and that together they will lead the people to referrundum and independence and beyond.
          It is a shame that by firing Riek in July 2013, Kiir forgot that Riek was his running mate and therefore had the same entitlement to his VP position. Salva Kiir’s advisors played on the illiteracy and tribalism of the majority of the electorates to get away with murder. But as he got away from one murder with impunity, he was motivated to commit a more henouis blunder – the massacre of Nuer’s in Juba under the pretext of hunting down mutineers, because the coup which Salva has been forcefully alleging, only existed in his mind.
          If Salva Kiir authorised the ethnic cleansing of Nuers in Juba, then with his own hands he rendered his presidency illegitimate. If he did not authorise the house to house cleansing of Nuers, then as the C-n-C of the army, he was not in control of the army and allied forces and therefore he equally looses legitimacy. For you cannot be a national leader when you can butcher a section of your population without remorse for the sake of clinging to power. The violent use of power to remain in power which Kiir and Co. are increasingly relying on is un democratic and illegitimate in a democratic environment. A democratically elected president can loose legitimacy. If he systematically uses un democratic means like Kiir to rule. Democratic elections are not an end in themselves but a means to achieving democratic outcomes, whic we have not seen in South Sudan.
          Moreover, any government can retain its legitimacy in the eyes of its electorates to the extent that it does what it is elected for: namely provision of services, provision of security of person and property and provision of equal opportunities to all its citizens. Kiir has failed in all three.
          Kiir and those Dinka who support his use of brutal force and violence to remain in power are only protecting their skins. But this won’t last forever. It’s myopic to assume that the problem of Kiir is only Riek or the Nuers. The entire population of South Sudan other than section of former Bahar el Ghazal, do not want Kiir as president anymore not least because he is a habitual liar, blood thirty man and has proven that he is untrustworthy domestically and in the international arena but because he has systematically abused our trust.
          If he was sure of his popularity, he would not have faked a so called coup but would have allowed a peaceful democratic transformation within his party to pave way for 2015 elections. Because he is afraid of loosing the elections, he has faked a coup to justify clinging onto power. If he was confident of his popularity he should have called for elections on 10 July 2011, because like it or not that was when Kiir’s legitimacy to presidency expired. So El Hag is right, Kiir is an illegitimate president!

          • jay johnson says:

            Mrs. Joana Adam

            There is no short cut to power and especially presidency as there was no short cut to south sudan independent. The opposition need to organize if they hope to unseated president Kiir. There is no other way around. The bullet approach as oppose to ballot is backfiring and need to be abandon for goods.

            President Bush and prime minister Tony Blair did not become un democratically elected just because they lied about Iraq war in which thousands of their soldiers died for the cause not worth sacrificing their life for.

            Further more, the Iraq war did not make president Bush illegitimate and undemocratic president. He was just a bad president who was democratically elected. So the same thing applies to Salva Kiir. He mismanaged the affairs of our nation. But he was democratically elected and he is our legitimate president whether we like him or not.

            Stop being desperate by beating around the Bush.

          • alex says:

            Hi People

            Does the South Sudanese people really know what is a democracy. If people could not believe that Kiir is a democrtically elected president, then I do not know what kind of democracy they are looking for. Please do not make the world to laugh at us. You need to reason like mature people. The president is elected if you are daughting, that is where you people got it wrong and you are pushing the country to war for not genuien reasons. How can you deny the facts in a daylight. secondly it was consitutional right for the president to fire the vice president even if Riek was to be president, he can also fire Kiir if he is a vice president because our consitution allows that.


  5. Dear Paul,
    It’s very important point that Elhag Paul ,you had pointed out that Kiir and Dr. Riek Macher or any of our leaders in the Republic of South Sudan had failed. I have long time been saying that whoever is currently in public office shalls be remove. This come to my conclusion that all they current National Ministers and states ministers respectivitly are not providing any goods to South Sudanese at large. Yet how are we going change them from the above is question that need south sudanese to answer. It is evident from SPLM/A failure that thousands of inocent civilans had died and lost their properties in the Republic in a war of no vision at all from mid-December 2013 until now.

    Deng-ajith Duot

    • Joana Adams says:

      Jay Johnson,
      I am not desperate for anything. I am just outraged that a president we voted for has committed ethnic cleansing of citizens he ought to protect. This makes him unequivocally unfit to be a national leader. I don’t know how any one with moral integrity can defend Kiir’s position. But if you want to know, those who are desperate are those leaders and their followers who want to cling to power by all means. They are so desparate that they have resorted to deceiving the public and faking coups. As if that is not bad enough, they have finally resorted to medieval practices of arbitrarily charging opponents of treason and exiling others!
      Irrespective of how he came to power, Kiir has now forfeited the right and moral authority to remain our leader. At least you concur that Kiir is a liar which means he cannot be trusted. You also concur that he has been a total failure which means he must go. So I don’t actually see your point of disagreement with me. For your information, I don’t actually dislike Kiir. I just loathe the way he has ruined our country.

      Joana Adams

      • jay johnson says:


        What moral authority do Riek Machar have to contest the presidency of south sudan if ethnic cleansing is now the standard for which our leaders are held with regard to whether or not they can ascend the seat of the presidency?

        Were you not born when Riek Machar authorize the ethnic cleansing of Jonglei Dinka in 1991? if You no longer recall the 1991 Jonglei Dinka massacre, what about 2013 and current killing of thousands of Dinka civilians by Riek forces? Does that forfeit his right to call for a democratically government to go? What moral integrity is left with Riek Machar? Why did not you condemn the killing of Dinka in 1991 and 2013 and hold Riek responsible

        By the way, it is not secret that you guys do not want Kiir all along. You have been calling for his resignation ever since, even before the Juba incident after the failed coup. You are one of those who believes in the nonsense Dinka domination and Dinka IDPS.

        So your stand with regard to Dinka and Kiir as a president is known to most. I have said all along that Kiir is a bad president who happen to have been democratically elected. He have to be replace through ballot in an election as opposed through bullets. But I do not see how he will be defeat since the opposition are in disarrary

        • AW joseph says:

          Please jay Johnson,
          One thing you ought to know is the difference between killings that occurred when Riek Machar was the leader of a rebel group and that of Salva Kiir who is a president of an independent sovereign state vested with the authority to protect the property and lives of its people.
          Going back to the history of the SPLA from 1983-2005, there are documented atrocities committed by the SPLA on un armed civilians such as the Gaajaak Nuer, Toposa, Chukudum massacres etc…… So people had moved on from those unfortunate events where innocent lives were lost. Why would you think its ok for Dinka to kill people from other tribes and becomes an issue when Dinka gets a taste of their own medicine???

        • Joana Adams says:

          I make absolutely no apology to call for Kiir’s resignation. If he was an honourable man he would have resigned without anyone asking him to. But then he isn’t is he? Kiir is the sole reason why this country is in a mess. The earlier he goes the better for everybody. But if you harbour any thoughts of domination or occupation of other people’s land, remember Dr Sindani’s article last year about Equatorian self-determination which sent shockwaves through the establishment and the country. That may be a better solution than attempting to co exist with people in whose language peaceful coexistence do not exist. I don’t think that I am the only person who believes that the present South Sudan is fairy tale that has gone wrong. South Sudan under Kiir’s incompetent SPLM leadership is too deformed to be reformed.

          • J.Chin Jacob says:

            Joana Adams,
            Don’t you ever try to compare yourself with Patriotic Isaiah Abraham, he has every quality he deserves to earn him a great honour unlike you who believes in telling lies which is not a cutlture of the South Sudanese women.
            I came to hate you when you lied to the public that Arab Regime is by then was much better to than the current government under SPLM as a ruling Party, and again you lied that even a child that was not born in 2010 knows very well that President and his SPLM members didn’t win in 2010 general election, why do you always want and like to feed the public with lies?
            You are so funny that if you did not vote for President during general election then you presumed that your missed votes can spoiled the other votes of over 8 millions South Sudanese because Elhag Paul, Joana Adams and the likes have not voted for and that can’t make him (Salva Kiir) as a democratically elected president and that is according to Equatorians concept for democracy contrary to the rest of the World.
            FYI, President Kiir was elected by the majority of South Sudanese votes and in democratic principles, it always talks of majority wins against Joana and Elhag Paul’s demand simply because you are very few to spoil the demand of majoriy.
            You are not worthy to compare yourself with Isaiah Abraham because you are so selective and bias while Isaiah was so inclussive and a truth teller.

        • Dear Jay Johnson:
          Joana, your potential liberator, Riek Machar has failed to fulfill your wishes and dreams of unseating and exterminating the Dinkas in South Sudan. Please get your poisonous Arrows and start the rebellion against the Dinka in your Backyard unless otherwise shut up and accept the Dinkas as your Compatriots. Did I not tell you and the likes before the Coup attempt that Riek Machar and his blind followers/looters would never unseat president Kiir Mayardit by force?

          It is very unfortunate that the people whom you have regarded as your heroes, Riek Machar and his blind followers have turned out to be food lovers and looters and have fallen short in fulfilling your aspirations of driving the Dinka out of power and South Sudan. Can we now explore some other options and means to coexist and move this Country of ours forward since the tribal hatred and violence is not getting the Mighty Muonyjng out of power and South Sudan? The tribal war which you and the likes have been preaching and wishing to occur has not accomplished your potential goals against the Dinka Community in South Sudan. As the saying goes” Those who are unreasonably hated suffer less than those who hated them”

          “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
          Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

          • Joana Adams says:

            You seem to be frustrated because you have failed to convince the world that there was any coup attempt and as usual, you need scapegoats to blame for your abject failures. You can lash out at me at every single opportubity but trust me you can never silence me. Listen, i startedt to write about problems afflicting our country long before Kiir unwisely dismissed Riek and before the so called coup in December 2013. Dont freak out if I am not buying your lies about who to blame and for what.
            What will you do if I don’t shut up? Or are you afraid that the pen is mightier than the sword. Will you kill me like you have killed Isaiah Abrahams? Go ahead then and confirm your savagery to the world!

            Dont try to cover up government atrocities and mismanagement by divert ing attention to historical events that have long been forgotten. The critical point of contention at this time in point is why a president of a republic and c-in c abuses state power to recruit illegal militia as testified by Nyandeng Garang( herself a Dinka) and why he subsequently used this illegal army to commit ethnic cleansing of unarmed Nuers citizens in Juba – unarmed civilians Kiir is suppose to be protecting? If you were an honest man, you would be talking about an attempted assassination on Riek Machar and massacre of his household in Juba. But hatred for him cannot allow you to do that. What human beings do this sort of things and turn around to say there was a coup attempt? I don’t deny that Dinkas were also targeted by Nuers in this conflict but I believe that was inevitable retaliatory measures. The golden rule says: “treat others as you would like them to treat you”. So knowing this Kiir should never have provoked this war in the first place.
            Kiir is our president and we have the right to criticise his actions. If you feel that each time Kiir is being criticised as a head of government, it is the Dinka community being criticised, that really is your problem. Equally if you are unable to differentiate between democratic discourses and hatred of individuals, and or of a community, that too is your problem. In your mind Kiir equals Dinka and Dinka equals government and also Dinka equals South Sudan. No wonder the country is in a mess. Do you blame others?

            Oh and did I hear mighty monyjieng? Or did you mean mighty Ugandan mercenaries!

            Joana Adams

  6. Beek says:

    Nuers men are still Southerners although they are Pricks and Dickheads.

  7. Mohd Adam says:

    Dear Elhag Paul, as much as I have always agreed with you in most of your writings, please allow me to differ with you this time around. A country is governed by a constitution. It is not about some one waking up in the middle of the night, having night meres and claims to be the president of the nation, as it almost happened on the eve of Dec. 15, 2013 in our national Capital Juba.
    Dr. Riek and Nyandeng Machar Teny, wanted to drive this country into the sea. Imagine, having a vice president of Nyandeng Machar, according to their, to be cabinet should the coup had succeeded, and having Mabior Riek Machar, the step son now in self imposed exile, to be a minister of Cabinet Affairs! Is this the South Sudan we had been fighting for? Of course no, Big No! Calling for Salva Kiir to quit in the middle of crisis, will do no good to our country. He was elected, regardless of what others would like to say.

    He must remain in power until constitutional arrangements are made. 2015 is just around the corner, if Riek and Nyandeng Machar, were people of substance, they would have waited for this short time. But their impatience, has shown that they are not leaders worth campaigning for. There are lots of media propaganda these days, about who and what, but the fact should remain that President Salva Kiir is in charge until things are put into orderly, constitutionally and democratically manner, other wise, we are playing bad politics, which can easily put this country into imminent collapse.

    The white army cannot be entrusted with the national security of our country. They have already committed untold suffering in Bor, Akobo, Malakal and Bantiu. They have killed, raped and torched thousands of our poor citizens, especially Dinka Bor!!!

  8. Tyson says:

    Indeed, we need a credible transitional government that will pave the way for a more democratic and inclusive South Sudan.
    Kiir with his Jieng hegemony have ruined the country.

  9. FOX says:

    What Museveni and his IGAD group are doing is not having solidarity with the people of South Sudan. This chaps are engaging their M23 militia group which was flushed out of Congo. They were tirelessly thinking of how to engage this group not until the window of opportunity availed itself in South Sudan. Museveni deceived our myopic leaders; the fracas is ongoing and maybe could even get worse as the displaced M23 soldiers take charge. This is exactly the predictable rat race, a rat race is for rats. We are not rats. We are human beings. South Sudanese, reject the deceptive pressures in society that would blunt your critical faculties to all that is happening around you, that would caution silence in the face of injustice lest you jeopardize your chances of promotion and self- advancement. This is how it starts, its going on, before you know where you are , you are a fully paid member of the rat pack. The price is too high. The clique in the leadership are the fully paid members of the rat pack.

  10. Deng says:

    Elhag Paul

    One man’s dictatorship government is another man’s democratically elected government! This is in the same way that; your writing is no lesser than a waste to many and gold to you.

  11. Sam says:

    Hi El hag, you have posed great arguments and quite educating, however, the issue of South Sudan seems bigger than you may think. I got an information that the president has an idea to overhaul the civil service as well as the army, this sounds good isn’t it. For me the issue is about governance, the root causes of all what is happening is about bad governance which may not be blamed on an individual but the whole SPLM leadership Riak Inclusive. We need to see how other countries like Rwanda succeeded if we are not aware of the way. We need aggressive developmental projects including roads, education, health services and economic activities in all parts of the country, we need zero tolerance to corruption policies through an independent anti corruption commission, an independent credible judiciary, over haul of the civil service, army, and the security organs. We need a small meaningful, efficient and effective government based on objectives not accommodation, we need an effective contract system free of tribalism and all the odds. SPLM could do all these if only they could free themselves of greed. The present government was excused due to their calls that they have just come from the bush and so thirsty and hungry, they need to quench the thirst unfortunately it has turned out to be a culture that is not easy to eradicate unless President Kiir is ready to face the above issues, otherwise there seem to be difficult to get some one from the SPLM leadership who can put this country in the right direction. President Kiir must do something that will put him back as the unifying factor that all of know.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Sam
      President Kiir as a unifying figure? I do not know where you got this idea from. The blood of those thousands of innocent South Sudanese civilians spelled by his tribal militia under his command has not yet even dried and you come up with such nonsense. O’ God help our country. Anyway good luck with your delusions.

      • Jimmy says:

        El Hag
        What Sam said is 100% right. in any governing system opposition always point out the weakness of the government, and suggest the ways in which they could improve these weakness, This is the normal way opposition used to challenge government and not through violence like what Dr. Riak and her concubine Nyadeng did
        Honestly you are the most evil than Riak himself because the war you have been calling all nation had happened and you are nowhere to be seen.
        Take my word, you are Nuer ally before nothing happened but now if you are still fuel and increasing hostilities mind you Nuer don’t care Balbala only action.
        If I were you I would make peace with the government and apologized for Riak and the family of White Army in Leer and other places in Nuer Counties.

        • Elhag Paul says:

          Dear Jimmy
          Ita rakib mein wein ya zol? Neither Riek nor Nyandeng started any violence or coup. It was your deranged president Kiir who started all the mess by building Jieng Militia (Kock Beny) designating it as presidential guard. It is Kiir and his militia who set out to cleanse the Nuer that set the country on fire. Now you are running to Uganda with your pants down for protection. But Uganda maybe the very power that disarms president Kiir and his militia when the UN decides that they must go to Hague. Just watch this space – Jieng are done. The writing is on the wall.

        • Diktor Agarab says:

          Dear Elhag Paul,
          Don’t waste your time on luak boys like Jay Johnson, Jimmy, L.G. Garang, Pac Marial, J.Chin Jacob. This fellas are nothing but Dinka Tribal Extremists (DTE). For them, Kiir can’t possibly be wrong because he is promoting dinkocracy of which they’re the main beneficiaries. They won’t accept that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. Their twisted logic dictates that the sun rises from the luaks and set there. They’ve no concept nor sense of right or justice because of their naivete since they’re nothing more than herd animals who are incapable of reasoning and finding things out for themselves. Their leaders spoon-feed them with ideas. Reason why these luak boys always parrot the same “official” line as that of their primitive president and the parrot officials of South Sudan.

          Leave them to me to handle as I understand their luak mentality very well.

  12. Thon Giei says:

    El-Hag Paul:
    undeniably, you posted articles that were worth of reading before. But the above article has betrayed you totally and you went 100% in the opposite direction. It would be good to write when the storm of anger has settled down within you. You better avoid being a confusionist or your writings will serve no purpose.

    All know that President Kiir was democratically elected in 2010. You may seek advice from the western democracies. Al Gore had to give in for G. Bush presidency after controversial elections. leave a lone an election in which Mr. Kiir scored over 95%. The only way forward for South Sudan is for all of us to accept facts and not to manufacture and spread lies
    Dr. Thon Giei

  13. J.Chin Jacob says:

    Elhag Paul,
    Don’t you ‘ve family, colleagues, friends or relatives whom you can trust and share your naked lies with him/her one day one time before you feed the public with your nonesensical arguements???
    You just sleep and wake up at anytime, and starting to waste your precious time, efforts, personality and intellectuality by trying to disputes legal governance in South Sudan so that we South Sudanese and ither fools may heard your cheap campaign and follow you blindly without realising the outcome of your idiotic trading on this project, simply because you live in Western World where any rubbish said by the white people are considered to be correct and affirmative and continue to claims that we are democrat, i am begging you to stay away from South Sudanese intellectuals who have accept to work with over 80% illiterate in South Sudan, i would like you to appreciates people like Gbandi, Mark Nyipuoc, Molana Makuei and other nationalists because they have put down the decoration of these useless articles in abroad and try things on their real applications, these civilised folks have accept to take up our challenges in the country unlike Elhag fi London.
    Why are you soffocating yourself with such unachieveable dream when you don’t have a clear idea on how to go about it?
    Why do you always have to cracks your mind with this evil intention to diverts or turns the attention of Southerners and the International community with your banausic articles that you only restricted either on Dinka, President Kiir or SPLM and indeed today, you ‘ve got a new business to work in i.e. the denial of South Sudan from being an elected government democratically, this has become an issue because you (Elhag) wasn’t there physically during the two events of 2010 General Election and Self determination which has resulted to the birth of our Young Nation, and i believe if you were there in those two nationalistic occasions then i think you would not talk like the way you hsve been arguing for no guinine reason behind your ignorance but it is just a jealousy, shamefulness for have done nothing in your country, power-greediness and tribalism.
    I am happy that you have talk of Iraw, Libya, Syria and other countries that ‘re foolishly pushed to commit sucide through your masters of incitments who used to kill sleeping countries with the slogan of demicracy.
    I am not satified with your shallow talk about those ruined countries, so how would you describe their previous standard under dictorship and the current status under your so called unstudied democracy?

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear J. Chin Jacob
      Bankruptcy and abuses is not a solution but the truth is. So please join the train of the truth that will save Republic of South Sudan.

      • alex says:

        People are not blind to jump into any train without knowing were they are going. Its not those years that you think you can just decieve people because you are educated. Those who were decieved to follow blin dly have paid the price and soon the anger of the parents and the relatives of those killed will turn against the decievers.

  14. Col. G. Yuoi Latjor says:

    El Hag Paul

    I will not dispute your claim here that Salva was not elected and that him and Dr. Riek are not leaders South Sudan deserves. But what you have to know is that the rebellion war now affecting the entire country cannot be equated with past election. Deaths caused as a result of this war is of immense and has impacted lives of ordinary folks, not even from a single tribe.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Col. G. Latjor
      The current occupation of our country by Ugandan troops is justified on the lie that president Kiir’s government was democratically elected. Without this lie IGAD or Uganda would not have found any reasons to intervene on behalf of president Kiir who has proven himself to be an ethnic cleanser. We now have foreign troops in the country assisting a criminal president than the people (victims) of South Sudanese. Think about this issue carefully. It has huge repercussions for all of us.

  15. Lokeri says:

    El-Hag Paul:

    I totally agree with you in posting out the facts which some of Dinka elites don’t want to accept. In fact all the south Sudanese know that Kiir government was not democratically elected. This is a government which is installed on south Sudanese citizens after South seceded from then sudan. Let those who argue that the government is elected mention the year, contenders, and place in which the election was held. Dinka has reveal their inner intention to deal every citizen who oppose kiir regime. They actually display to the world that they are idiot, blood thirsty tribe who celebrate in the death of children, women, disable they murdered in 16/Dec. But the time has come that the beneficiary of this regime will pay a price. People like Jay Johnson preacher of hatred will face justice one day.

    • jay johnson says:

      Dear Lokeri,

      I think you are having a total emotional breakdown by trying to denied the glaring reality that PRESIDENT KIIR IS A DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT. He might have not perform to the expectation, but that does not make him an undemocratically elected president nor does it justifies the rebels brutal and crude war to unseated him.

      Why are you becoming so desperate for saying that majority of south Sudanese know that Kiir was not democratically elected? The fact is that, majority of our people are not dishonest as you are. Some though, regret voting for president and their respective members of parliament who granted Kiir these unprecedented powers enshrined in the transitional national constitution.

      FYI, the presidential and parliamentary elections were held in 2010. I do not know if you were not born yet or simply you might have been busy extracting poisons from Anya Nya snakes to poisons your sworn enemies, the DINKA assuming that you are from those Equatorian tribes who still practice that magic in the 21 first century.

      Kiir contest the office of president of the federal democratic of south sudan with Dr. Lam Akol. And as you know, most opposition parties are in disarray which is why there is no other contender besides Kiir and Lam. He was elected with outright majority of more than 95% of the votes. Lam got around 3 or 2%. the election was held all over south sudan.

      Does that help or do you want more detailed information ,such as the percentage of states voters who vote for Salva Kiir?

  16. Dr JAC Ramba says:

    Jay Johnson

    Do not be too sure yet. The Nuers are too far from been pacified. And as an Equatorian, I believe we are destined for a political show down with you guys very soon. We know who those Uganda soldiers are and that is one problem solved.
    Even by numbers, you cannot succeed under the current political situation.

    Wait for the last minute surprises. Neither the Equatorians, nor the Ferrtit, nor the Chollo and of course not a single Nuer when it comes to 2015 will vote for your idiot.

    Wake up for a government of national unity may give you guys a safe landing as you are finally relegated to the dustbins of history. Salva Kiir and his rotten to core system is finally cornered.

    You can’t claim of running after Dr. Riek Machar when there is a ceasefire in place unless you are talking nonsense!

    Come February 5, 2015 and meet South Sudanese from all walks of life converging on Addis Ababa. This is going to be it!

    Your tribal Gulweng cannot butcher all those who disagree with in an attempt to silence everybody. Even you, although you prefer to write under a false name but you and the likes of Lukudu Gatwitch Garang and many others who actively participated in the Gudelle and Mia Saba Massacre in Juba will be tracked down , exposed and brought to justices. We have had enough of this rubbish!

    • AW joseph says:

      Dear Dr Ramba,
      We are proud as Equatorians. Why? Because we identify ourselves with a region to which we belong and make our different tribes what unites instead of dividing us.
      In the 1980s in Yei one of the Police slogans written on the wall in the station which I remember up to date reads like this “THERE IS NO TIME NOW TO ARGUE WITH A FOOL, BECAUSE YOU WILL BECOME A FOOL LIKE HIM/HER. LET THE LAW ARGUE WITH THEM”. The likes of LGG, JJ, M Adam……etc….. are people who are embedded in tribal bigotry. They never change and accept other South Sudanese as equals no matter what ever happens.
      Please, brother don’t waste your precious time with them. They are garbage’s that are not worthy of recycling. After all they are Dinka (Jienge). Not long ago they used to roam the streets of juba naked until we clothed them. What do you expect from DINKA…??

    • alex says:

      Hi Dr JAC Ramba

      I think being a doctor does not mean that you are mature in politics. You are one of those lost equatorians in UK who is ignoran about the politics of South Sudan. You have not been to South Sudan so who told you that eqatorians will not vote for Kiir. It is a person like you who is still dreaming that people will not vote for Kiir. Talk on your own behalf but do not generalise your dreams.Instead of talking useless things it is better for you to go and help in treating our brothers the rebels that will be an importan role than chanting in a water you did not know how fast the current is. Stick to your profession thank wasting time in profession you did not have skills in. You have disgraced your self by writing useless stories. Go down there to South Sudan then you can hear and see the facts brother than assuming things. Your lie my force you to remain in exile because of fear.


  17. sebit says:

    O man! you made my day. Facts, nothing but the truth.bitter pills to swallow for the ruling party.
    You say things they don’t want the grass-roots to know/hear about.

    All the best.

  18. DIVERSITY says:

    Thanks to Dr. JAC

  19. malith Alier says:

    We will continue to dance with the fools and sing with the wise. Late term aguments as good as not started.

  20. J.Chin Jacob says:

    Then you and I have much to do in order to free our comments and posts from abusive channels, in fact i got the experience from you and since you proposes for training to become truth tellers on this Forum, then i can tell you that i am ready to participate but you can promise me that you will also be a participant on that particular motivation so that when we come back here then we be different activists.
    Remember you wrote something about your Uncle Justice Peter Abd-Rahaman Sule when he was in jail, and surprisingly I saw his name in the list of those who were being amnested by President Kiir and what came in mind at that time was that, i said President Salva Kiir has been reading our concerns and is taking our daily views into his good consideration, I believe he (Peter Sule) was released as a result of your daily arguement on certain articles on this Website but unfortunately when you heard the news of his release, the first thing you said is that, those who had arrested Justice Sule for all this long must apologize to him or compensated his time spent in jail, you see instead of appreciating President Kiir for holding that unifying heart & spirit of nationalism for pardoning someone who have resorted into violence as means of climbing to power, so you totally failed to acknowledge this high credit from H.E the President of the Republic.
    But I read and found that you are not in position to appreciate some one for the job well done, so i came to understand your true and actual focuses, in which one of them is tribalism and followed by personal hatred against president Kiir and finally you are so thirsty and greedy about country’s top job. And
    this is my friendly suggestion for you, make friends out of Dinka ya hakuna Elhag.

  21. John Mzee Akolo says:

    Kiir´s claimancy of being democratically elected is completely false. Legally, this would hold ground had it been done after South Sudans Independence in 2011 under a new legal framework, namely the Interim Const. of South Sudan (ICSS 2011). However, his election in 2011, when also Dr. Lam Akol (SPLM-DC) also contested for presidency was undr the Transitional Const. of South Sudan (TCSS 2005-2011) just prior to Independence cannot be a Basis. There is a serious overlap of both constitutions which failed to define the role of the president and his legitimacy. South Sudanese were euphoric ahead of the Referendum for secession in 2011 and so gave Kiir the legitimacy, to lead South Sudan to Independence. Ideally, elections must have taken place after 2011 to fit the new political order. That did not happen. Whether that was technically and financially feasible is another question. What now is required is Kiir must step down and an Interim govt. formed that shall be all-inclusive, professional and transparent. Then Kiirs govt. has disgraced the South Sudanese and has become decadent and useless. It has not lived to the expectations of the South Sudanese. South Sudan is now so tribalistic, more corrupt, without basic services, violent and lost ist sovereignity,

  22. Joe. Lo kadi says:

    President Kirr is not only a disgrace to his Dinka tribe but to the whole nation. It is only fools or sycophants who embraces his naked idea of an attempted coup in the Country.It is only those with cattle camp behaviors who believed him because they reasons like cows. Period. Let him pray for 2015.

  23. Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

    Paul, I am very sorry to say this. The elections took place in 2010 but you were keeping quiet or laying low but today you came out openly because of the crisis. Your statement can fuel the crisis do you know that? I thought you are highly educated and you can even use commonsense in such circumstances. According to your statement it appears that you are supporting the overthrow of the government because it was not democratically elected. All South Sudanese believed except you that South Sudanese president was democratically elected given the circumstances or conspiracy that was going during the elections. If you do not know this let me tell you: democracy as you hear it is nothing but what is agreed by all as the form of elections and if everyone participated in such process agreed then such participation was done democratically. Majority of the people by that time agreed that they were going to elect Kiir because of the referendum that was the fact and almost all know except you. I am sorry your article contradicts the truth know by all. Democracy in simple words is the dictatorship of the majority against majority because the majority imposes their will on minority. The fact is that South Sudanese president was elected democratically.

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