Pres. Kiir’s One-sided National Dialogue is a Sham: Bakasoro’s SSNMC Press Release

South Sudan National Movement for Change (SSNMC) would like to voice our opinion on Salva Kiir’s so-called national dialogue.

On Tuesday, May 22, 2017 President Kiir launched his so-called national dialogue and inaugurated its steering committee, whose membership comprises mainly of and/or dominated (about 80 percent) by members of the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) with few members from other ethnic communities mainly supporters of Kiir’s government.

While Kiir claims to launch national dialogue, his militias are busy carrying out massive genocide across South Sudan. Most recently the “mathiang anyor” and “dut ku beny” militia killed innocent civilians in Yei, Ri-Rangu (Yambio), and Wau.

The country is not ready for national dialogue until all people put their guns down. Therefore, if Kiir wants the
national dialogue to be meaningful and effective, he should go back to the drawing board and produce an agreement that takes into consideration the interests of the entire country.

Besides Kiir cannot appoint himself the patron, as well as appointing members of his own tribe and supporters to the steering committee, while he himself manufactured the ongoing crises.

Thus, the national dialogue will never succeed if Kiir continues to select and exclude people according to his wishes.

We also appeal to the entire people of South Sudan not to accept the dirty politics of divide and rule perpetrated by the Kiir regime and his unconstitutional JCE in Juba.

SSNMC believes that for the national dialogue to be effective, it must take place in an atmosphere of freedom and liberty, whereby citizens are free to talk their mind without fear of apprehension or persecution or exclusion.

SSNMC also believes that only the JCE and their supporters will attend and participate in this national dialogue forum since it is conducted under government control, in this respect the initiative is only to satisfy the
interest of Salva Kiir, JCE and their supporters.

It is our strong conviction that, Salva Kiir’s unilateral ceasefire is only a spin to show to the entire globe that he is serious about peace, this is not the first time that such ceasefire has been declared and abrogated and there is no reason why this one should be taken seriously instead Kiir’s real intention is to continue with his genocidal agenda under the pretext of self-defense.

Therefore, it is SSNMC belief that a selective and one-sided national dialogue, which excludes the opposition groups and dominated only by one ethnic group, will never yield any peace dividend for the people of South Sudan.

If President Kiir is serious about peace in South Sudan, let him renew the peace process in good faith and be inclusive besides, such national dialogue should begin with the release of all political detainees as gesture
of good will; be conducted after an inclusive and comprehensive peace agreement is reached to ensure that all South Sudanese people regardless of their positions are involved including the millions of refugees, displaced persons and South Sudanese in diaspora.

May 24, 2017
Contact: Daniel Zingifuaboro
Phone: +61 474 047 016


  1. Alex says:

    If you people really experience the suffering of the people in the refugee camps you would be saying all this nonses. Your children are eating well, they are studying well in Australlia many while ours children are dying and not studing. You kept your families in safe place and you insist on the war to continue. Let God be the Judge.

  2. mading says:

    Alex. These bunch of thieves who stole South Sudan money, and sent it to their families out side South Sudan are not feeling or seeing what our people are going through in our country. Instead they are fighting to become president so that they can take more money to their families who are enjoying themselves far a way from our suffering people. I know what you are talking about brother Alex, God blesse you.

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