Pres. Kiir’s ‘officials’ sentenced to serve life in jail for $14m theft: Breaking News


South Sudan High Court Monday sentenced at least 16 government officials to life in prison for embezzling public funds.

The officials reportedly occasioned the loss of more than $14 million from the Office of the President.

Those jailed are former employees at the State High Office of President Salva Kiir.

Corruption scandals: The Juba court was presided by High Court judge, Lado Erminio, who passed the life imprisonment sentence on the 16 government officials.

Their names and positions are:

1- John Agou Wuoi, Security officer; according to the investigator, Agou used his position at the Office of the President and his Click Company to receive 14 million US dollars and 30,994,832 SSP to Kenyan account operated by his wife;
2- Anyieth Chaat Paul,
3- Yel Luol, Pres. Kiir’s Chief Office Administrator
4- Chaat Paul, Director of communications
5- Mayen Wol, Pres. Kiir’s Executive Office Director
6- Diing Ajieng,
7- Nhumot Agot, Controller of Accounts
8- Ana Kalisto, Accountant, office of the president
9- Kur Ayuen,
10- Garang Aguer,
11- Francis Yata, Employee in ministry of finance
12- Anyang Majok Ayuen, Cashier at Central Bank
13- Anthony Madimo,
14- Anthony Dia,
15- Raphini Jadada and
16- Lisiuma

These sentenced officials were found to have stolen the money in a coordinated process.

President Kiir in June 2015 issued administrative orders suspending the executive director in his office, Mayen Wol and Yel Luol, chief administrator, who were until Monday sentenced to spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

‘‘The accused [persons] abused their power and misuse their positions and violated financial rules and regulations by committing breach of trust,” said prosecutor Achuil, reading from a charge sheet before high court judges in Juba.

“The prosecutor also proved to honorable court that the above financial documents have been endorsed and signed by the accused, Yel, the executive director in the Office of the President, with the consent of the accused, Mayen, the Chief Administer in the same office,” he further said.

According to the prosecutor, the repeated fraudulence led to the stealing of over 14 million US dollars in the name of the president.

Another amount of 30 million South Sudanese pounds (SSP), roughly equivalent to 8 million US dollars of the official exchange rate at the time, was also stolen in the name of President Kiir with the knowledge of the lead suspects, Yel and Mayen, helped by 14 other officials from the Office of the President, the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.

“Furthermore the prosecutor will also call the witnesses who will testify that the directive and signatures found in the financial forms have been audited by the auditors were used by the accused Yel,” the prosecutor said.
South Sudan, the world’s youngest nation, has been struggling with major corruption scandals since it seceded from Sudan in 2011.
(More details to follow)


  1. I welcome the ruling of the court to sentences 16 individuals which were loots public fund to sentences them to life in prison ,many south sudanese court to go head to bring those of 75 officials who took 4 billions dollars let them stand in court

  2. False Millionaire says:

    Too little,too late.But small fish serving the 75 big thieves,why isn’t anything being done with big thieves among whom are Kiir and Riek?!!!

  3. Jess says:

    These deserved to be fired @ broad day light in order to stop corruption in South Sudan. It’s too much, ya.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Okay, you can kill these accused little people who have been unfairly sentenced to life in prison for a few dollars…..but what about the bigger thieves like Kiir Mayardit, Arthur Akwein, Athorbei, Makuei, Malong and the remaining 70 others, the “billions” thieves?
      Today, government employees are not being paid because those of Kiir have “eaten” all the oil money.
      Is it not time that Kiir regime is violently overthrown by the military men so that the Western nations can help the people of South Sudan?
      South Sudanese must seriously be thinking now of getting Kiir junta out of power and out of Juba, or otherwise there is no other way for the people’s salvation and liberation.

  4. Bol says:

    Dear all,
    This verdict doesn’t sounds right. First what sections of RSS Penal Code were used to charge these people? Generally speaking, their crime was forging document to obtain money illegally. Logically, they could have been charged under section 351, Criminal Breach of Trust by Public Servant, Banker Merchant or Agent, section 359, Forgery for the Purpose of Cheating, section 293 Theft, and section 389 Un-authorised Access to or Use of Computer or Computer Network. Let’s assumed the charges were under any or all of these sections, then the maximum jail sentence should not have exceeded 10 years imprisonment according to section18 of RSS Penal Code, which limits the sentencing to one crime if the alleged acts constitutes more than one crime.
    Second, this punishment did not reflect the role played by each of them, some of these convicts have greater role while others have little, or no role at all in this theft.
    Third, why is the Judiciary always using one particular judge to preside over delicate case? Justice Lado Arminio had presided over Pagan Amum claim of Defamation against Arthur Chol where the later said he did handover the $30M to the former and Pagan says he never received money and as such Mr Chol had defamed him. Justice Arminio found that Mr Amum did received the sum alleged, but in his capacity as Party Secretary General, therefore Mr Chol is guilty of Defamation! It was rumoured that Mr Chol was told not to appeal his guilty finding and be rewarded with big job, he is now a member of Council of State! Same judge was selected once more to chair President Kiir claim against Pagan over $ 30M theft, and most people in the know though that Pagan is gone for good, but miracles do exist in this world! Will miracle show up again on the side of the convicts? Stealing from the President Office does not aggravate the crime of theft.

  5. Toria says:


  6. mading says:

    Toria come take power away from them. Also being thieves of 14 million dollars is big enough to you in hot water.

  7. Toria says:

    With a pre-permission of a commenter I would like to borrow this message to answer you:

    Authored by
    “(Deng Deng on SSN
    June 24, 2016 at 4:43 pm
    Fighting a guerilla war and winning is one thing, but running a government needs completely different sets of skills which is completely missing here So long the current South Sudanese leadership are in driving seat, the future of South Sudan and her people are doomed!)”

    There is your answer Mr Mading. However I would like to add that, there is something called “BLOODLESS REVOLUTION” the kinds we just witnessed from the UK BriExit referendum to divorce from beloved European Union. As far as I am concerned time is ripped for disintegrations of our Three Regions, time for the sisterly neighbors to call it enough. Something is NOT working and we need to part, after all you Jenges are good in power hunger, so go and be your own “Born to rule” Country whereby it will always be a Jenge in power forever.

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