Pres. Kiir’s Machiavellian tricks: Machar be forwarned!


Riek! Wake up. Get your act together. Leadership is about uniting people to achieve greater goals than an individual own ambition. As it is experienced by South Sudanese, it can be argued that you missed key opportunities for decisive leadership time and again throughout the 1990s and 2000s, without any recognisable achievement, be it in personal development in the art of management or in the protection of the South Sudanese people in stabilising our new country.

It is indisputable that the organisations led by you so far starting with SPLM United in 1991 to the current SPLM-IO are riddled with divisions and implosions due to internal management problems.

The compromise peace agreement which you rightly signed has brought a new political reality in South Sudan.

This reality albeit is supposed to bring peace, it can also be a deadly trap for all sorts of unforeseen games. Thus it is imperative that vigilance must be prioritised.

President Salva Kiir and the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) initially misread the determination of international community to change the rules of the game with this agreement and they blundered big time.

President Kiir’s refusal to sign this agreement on 17th August 2015 exposed the regime as a war monger. President Kiir laid bare their nasty political character damaging their credibility.

This agreement if I am not mistaken will prove to be the watershed in the demise of President Kiir’s influence and power in our new country.

Although the regime of President Kiir and its supporters now obsessively sing peace in the hope of regaining their lost image and international support, no one is actually listening to them.

The damage is done. Brand SPLM/A is tainted beyond repair, especially SPLM in government because it is abundantly clear that it intends to be a spoiler of the signed compromise peace agreement.

The spiraling of multiple centres of violence in the country, such as in Unity, Upper Nile and Equatoria States evidences beyond doubt what is to be expected.

This peace agreement may not hold unless President Barack Obama puts his foot down to silence the guns once and for all and IGAD-Plus ceases its duplicity in favour of President Kiir’s government.

IGAD-Plus and its dishonesty in handling the mediation has been consistent. It raises serious questions as to whether this body is really serious about bringing peace to South Sudan.

The first agreement IGAD struck with the warring parties was the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement of 23rd January 2014. Juba failed to honour it and it continued to violate it with support from Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF). IGAD did nothing to restrain its member (Uganda).

Then on 9th May 2014, it struck its second agreement which mandated participation of all stakeholders in the country.

Yet, even before the ink could dry, IGAD violated its own agreement by reducing the talks to President Kiir and Riek Macher thereby tribalising the talks between the Jieng and the Nuer in exclusion of the other over sixty tribes.

To understand this point you need only to look at the composition of the negotiators on both sides.

This skulduggery of IGAD continued up to the Compromise Peace Agreement of 17th August 2015. IGAD-Plus itself now is in violation of its own latest agreement.

According to the agreement all foreign troops and non-state actors must vacate South Sudan within 45 days. 10th October 2015 was the deadline for such fighters to leave South Sudan.

So far Uganda has not honoured the agreement and its troops are staying put. What does this mean?

On the other hand President Kiir has unleashed his dogs of war on Equatoria.

Now yet again President Yoweri Kagutu Museveni of Uganda and President Kiir are violating this agreement left and right and nothing tangible is being done to hold them to account.

The pattern clearly indicates that IGAD-Plus is sympathetic to the regime in Juba and it does not care about the people of South Sudan. Else, why are President Museveni and President Kiir openly allowed to get away all the time with murder?

Whether President Obama will prevail over president Kiir and IGAD-Plus, especially the criminal JCE that decides the former’s policy, Riek must think ahead and begin to deal with the issues of unity among the Nuer and the entire South Sudanese.

The purpose of this piece is to suggest what Riek may do to cripple President Kiir, by putting the home of the Nuer in order to minimise any fallout from the expected rapid decline of SPLM’s grip on South Sudan.

President Kiir and the JCE are deeply unhappy. The evidence can be gleaned from the two letters of the JCE circulated widely before the culmination of the compromise peace agreement.

Please take time and read: ‘JCE Response to the Latest IGAD Proposal on Power Sharing’ file:///C:/Users/Rosemary/Downloads/JCE%20-President Kiir’s Machiavellian tricksPresident Kiir’s Machiavellian tricks0Response%20to%20IGAD%20Proposal%20on%20Power%20Sharing%20(1).pdf and ‘Position of the JCE on the IGAD-Plus Proposal Compromise Agreement‘ file:///C:/Users/Rosemary/Downloads/JCE%20-%20Position%20on%20Proposed%20Compromise%20Agreement%20(1).pdf

An important event to bear in mind is when the President signed the CPA on 26th August 2015.

Prior to the signing, the unity of the ruling clique fractured with the chief of the army General Paul Malong Awan, the minister of Information Michael Makuie Lueth, and others bitterly expressing rejection of the agreement. Makuie even went as far as to call the agreement a “sell out”. This was the first time senior members of the government behaved disrespectfully to the president.

Soon after the JCE hurriedly met and the whole atmosphere abruptly changed. Makuie and the rest converted from refuseniks to peaceniks. This switch obviously is not for nothing; President Kiir and the JCE want to improve their shaky image.

But interestingly, this change in behaviour is accompanied by more violence throughout the country except Bahr El Ghazal.

In a sense the regime drivers (the Jieng) have re-united under a new strategy of “playing the peace supporter” while at the same time spreading violence to undermine the peace deal.

It is arguable that since the peace was signed in the last week of August 2015, South Sudan has witnessed more violence with loss of innocent people than at any other time in the entire period of the conflict.

The objective of the regime is clear. It wants to destroy the Compromise Peace Agreement so that the regime continues in power in a state of chaos as always.

For it is only in a state of chaos that the coffers of the state can be looted and the people terrorised with impunity. This is one consequence of the intention of President Kiir and the JCE to destroy the CPA.

Another ploy of the system to destroy the peace is the weeding out of the regime supporters who belong to other ethnicities from positions of power and influence.

For instance, the dismissal of the two governors of Central Equatoria and Western Equatoria, the former being replaced by a Jieng from Yirol masquerading as a local boy. A person whose background is as dubious as most of the lot running the system.

The removal of these governors was done to strengthen the regime’s grip on areas they want to destabilise as vehicles for tearing the peace to shreds.

Although the previous governors were not completely with the people, their local support and their outspokenness was seen as an obstacle for the regime to execute its evil plan.

Those two would not condone the destruction of their homes without protest and exposure of the duplicity of President Kiir as exemplified by speeches they made in Mundri and Juba a few months ago.

A further trick of the regime for promoting destruction of the peace is the declaration that the government is broke and it cannot implement the agreement unless the international community pays for it.

For example, Vice President James Wani Igga and minister in the office of the president Riak Awan Gol last week in New York begged the Americans for cash for construction of military barracks outside the 25 mile radius of Juba stipulated in the agreement.

Surely, if President Kiir is serious about peace and the welfare of the South Sudanese people, the regime should not be going round begging for money. It can boldly ask for loans for the purposes of the implementation of the CPA, as it does for securing the loans for buying the military equipment they use to kill the people.

One may ask why is the government not doing that? It is because they want to destroy the peace. Why is President Kiir determined to destroy the peace agreement? The answer is straight forward.

It has nothing to do with the interest of the Jieng tribe. This may sound strange but it is the reality.

The whole destruction taking place in the country to derail the peace has a single purpose of saving the president, the JCE, and the Jieng Generals from facing accountability for the mass atrocities they committed against the Nuer and the South Sudanese people.

Implementation of the agreement means arraignment of the architects of this evil project which indirectly amounts to questioning the JCE’s long held foolish ideology of ‘Born to rule’.

Therefore, President Kiir and the JCE have all the reasons and motivations to want to derail the peace agreement. What is going on now is not about the interest of the wider Jieng but self preservation of the members of the clique in power.

The Jieng people in this situation are being used as a tool of those fighting for their survival.

Given this, Riek who unfortunately is not a leader in the true sense of the word appears oblivious to this fact. The Compromise Peace Agreement needs a transformational leader.

Riek is not. He is a crooked leader set in his ways. He has no insight into his own leadership style which constantly generates divisions and splits.

He has had chances to learn and improve but he squanders it always by sticking to familial politics mixed with national issues. No doubt his poor leadership will show up soon whether the agreement collapses or holds.

If the agreement collapses it will be because his complacency and lack of effective diplomatic charm to engage with the powers that matter.

If it holds it will be solely on the Americans if they do decide to say enough is enough with the regime in Juba and give President Kiir and the JCE the red card.

President Kiir naively now thinks he has got the Americans where he wants them by bringing in the Russians as Juba’s protectors against sanctions.

This invitation of new international players beyond the regional powers is likely to worsen the situation in South Sudan.

The country could become a political football of the big powers with it being left uncared for in the foreseeable future, unless the people of South Sudan seriously play their role patriotically.

Please see, ‘South Sudan lauds diplomatic efforts to block UN sanctions.’

The opportunity has once again availed itself to Riek to play constructive politics.

I suggest that the most potent weapon to end President Kiir’s rule is the unity of the people of South Sudan, especially with the help of the Compromise Peace Agreement.

President Kiir’s deadly weapon against Riek and the whole Nuer people is his Machiavellian tricks of divide and rule involving a formidable section of the Nuer to fight the Jieng war.

It is a Nuer killing a Nuer with supervision of the master. Please see, ‘They burned it all.’

This is what the Arabs say “Adrab al abid bel abid” meaning hit the slave with a slave. During the war of liberation, Khartoum exploited this strategy effectively by deploying the Nuba, Darfuri and Ingessana against South Sudan and it worked.

President Kiir and the JCE have adopted this strategy to destroy the Nuer. With this plan there is no need for the Jieng to be involved in the dirty business of open ethnic cleansing as the job gets done by the victims themselves.

The Nuer are slowly but surely getting rid of themselves and those who will survive will then be cleared by the regime. Do you see how clever President Kiir and the JCE are being?

Like Dr John Garang used to say in Arabic: ‘Souf zol da awanta kief?’ meaning, “look at how tricky this guy is.”

As said, President Kiir already plays Machiavellian tricks by promoting the Nuer Weu (Weu is said to mean mercenary – lovers of jobs and cash) to constantly prise them away from their kith and kin to decimate them.

For instance, after President Kiir signed the agreement he promoted Nuer Generals to deepen the rift among the Nuer for the JCE’s benefit. Please see, ‘Kiir promotes SPLA generals.’

If Kiir really cared about the Nuer he would not have cleansed them in Juba in December 2013.

Unlike President Kiir, Riek misses the point in the game of promotions. What he did was to appoint more Generals without a beneficial strategy. Please see, ‘Armed opposition SPLM/A (IO) promotes its senior generals.’

If Riek wants to show some leadership, he should now step in firmly and pay a price for rebuilding cohesion among the Nuer, by making the Nuer allies of President Kiir to be the men to promote the compromise peace agreement.

It is in such a project that Riek can begin to build the future of the Nuer and by default that of South Sudan.

The Nuer allies of President Kiir, derogatively referred to as Nuer Weu are apparently motivated by jobs and cash.

Now as the peace agreement awards governorship of Unity and Upper Nile States to SPLM-IO, Riek should exercise real magnanimity to his adversaries.

He should allow governor Monytuil to continue in his current position in Bentiu to achieve a long term strategic objective of saving the Nuer. I do not have to talk about Malakal because it is obvious to who it should go.

What is important to realise is that these arrangements are only useful psychologically at this early stage of development of the state of South Sudan.

In future people will be appointed on merits, qualification and ideological orientation regardless of ethnicity, religion, sex etc.

In the short term it may be seen as a weakness but in practical terms it may instantly unite the Nuer and this will stop the constant fratricide.

At the same time it will avail the Nuer an edge in their confrontation with the Jieng.

So Riek needs to talk to Monytuil now, give him what he wants and make him to be the peace maker and builder among the Nuer.

The present poor and destructive relationship among the Nuer demands realpolitik.

This is a doable project and if Riek takes it seriously the benefits are enormous.

First and foremost, Nuer fratricide comes to an end and Nuer land will be in peace.

Secondly, one of President Kiir’s strategies to derail the Compromise Peace Agreement involves the Nuer Weu as essential cogs of the killing machine; with it taken away the regime will be thoroughly deprived and weakened.

Thirdly, all the strategic battle fields in Unity and Upper Nile States will change hands without exchange of bullets.

Fourthly, the Nuer people will be the ones credited with bringing peace to South Sudan.

Fifthly, President Kiir will have to decide whether to genuinely accept peace or face being booted out of J1.

President Kiir’s and JCE’s power is bolstered by Nuer Weu. So long as the Nuer remains divided the mayhem in Nuer land will not stop and peace in South Sudan will remain a mirage.

The telling thing is that the JCE practice unity to remain strong and in power while they promote divisions among the Nuer and others to “defeat” and subjugate them.

Ambassador Telar Deng emphasised this point by saying, “Our (Jieng) internal front should remain united. This is the only way to defeat our enemies.”

There you are. Monytuil!f Buay! Puljang! Beliu! Are you listening? Are you thinking about the future and welfare of your people? The ball is in your court.

What is suggested here is not without precedent. The one example that comes straight to mind is the talks between Apartheid South Africa and the African National Congress led by late Nelson Mandela in early 1990s.

That negotiation was tortuous and when the deal was struck there were powerful forces in the Apartheid government determined to derail it as is the case now with President Kiir and the JCE in South Sudan with the Compromise Peace Agreement.

Very important African persons were targeted to create chaos and derail the agreement.

Depressingly, Chris Hani, a luminous ANC leader was assassinated by a hired polish immigrant. Fortunately, this evil deed did not bring on the effect desired by enemies of change.

Then the system continued to use Mangasuthu Buthelezi, the Zulu leader of Inkatha against the ANC. Inkatha, like the Nuer Weu, indulged in killing black people with impunity.

The implementation of that agreement was at a knife edge. It was the brilliant leadership of Mandela that saved the situation.

Against the wishes of his own party, he extended a hand of friendship to Buthelezi and offered him the post of minister of home affairs in the transition government.

By entrusting security to Buthelezi, Inkatha was defanged and it had to behave and obey the law. With the agent of Apartheid feted, satisfied and well accommodated, South Africa was pulled from the brink of catastrophe.

Riek needs to do something with the Nuer Weu like what Mandela did with Buthelezi. He also needs to bring in all those others, Changson, Dechand and so on for the sake of a lasting peace in the country.

He can not sit there while the Nuer are deliberately being divided by the JCE to decimate themselves to extinction and call himself a leader.

What type of a leader is Riek who can not think outside the box to save his people?

The Bantustan federalism President Kiir introduced with his so called “Establishment Order number 36/2015 AD” fortunately enough is uniting South Sudanese and mobilising the international community against the tribal regime in Juba.

Even his Nuer allies are not happy. This offers the best opportunity for Riek to boldly open up channels of communication to unite the people against the regime in Juba.

For ultimately should this CPA flop, the scene will have been prepared for a show down between the forces of democracy versus the forces of Dinkocracy.

For quarter of a century Riek has rightly or wrongly been fighting for changes in the SPLM/A. This battle can not be won with a deeply divided Nuer people and a disarmed and abused 62 ethnicities.

Remember, President Kiir and the JCE have hijacked the sovereignty of South Sudan and its resources (material, human and financial). This has given them an advantage in the struggle and this must be countered with unity of the people.

To complete the struggle for changes or preferably the dissolution of the SPLM/A, Riek must embark on uniting the people. If he does not, let him be warned.

Saint Just, Antoine Louis Lfox De, The French revolutionist said during the decade long French Revolution, “Those who make half-way revolutions only dig their own grave.”

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]
Elhag Paul


  1. Guet Athina Guet says:

    Mr. Elhag Paul,

    Whew!, this article is so lame it will put you to sleep … some of us work for a living to pay the bills. Crying over spill milk will not do you any good no how! … hope you will do better next time dude. South Sudan is doing great as a country, regardless of negativeness against particular tribe. “Quoting” French revolutionist is dumb, French surrendered to the German during world war 2 with a fight, and their army went on a country side to drink wine.. .check your history dude.
    May god bless president Kiir and keep him safe, and may god bless south Sudan.

    • Hard Target says:


      Where is the Greatness when people leave in constant fear in Juba and beyond.Looting, poverty and death are daily friends here in Juba

      Why don’t you accept facts for once. Leadership is not all about defending your position but taking responsibility for failures.

      Its obvious you are one of the impulsive mentally retarded Jeing beast bent to support the regime even if it means rapping your months. What a shame!!!

  2. Joana Adams says:

    Dr. Riek may feel that Elhag is being too harsh by criticising his leadership style. That is human. But that aside, if our brother Riek wants to save South Sudan from the abyss, indeed he needs to take note of the serious advice freely offered to him by this brilliant writer.
    1. African societies are still fundamentally tribal. You cannot win a tribally motivated war when your own tribe is used to decimate itself through the policy of divide, butcher and rule. Riek needs to unite the Nuers first before he can seek to unite the 62 other tribes. If he doesn’t, Kiir will take, Gadet, Changson, Dechand, and all those who are denouncing him on is side, to join the Nuer wew who are already with him. That’s why he is creating all these states to accommodate Riek’s adversaries.
    2. It is apparent that Riek is investing all his energies in reuniting and revitalising the SPLM. In his heart of hearts. Riek wants to lead the SPLM after Kiir. To gain legitimacy to ths Jieng led organisation. He has to go out f his way to accommodate a few high profile Jiengs. Ths organisation is not only discredited, its a tribal organisation with a few traitors from other ethnicities. Riek should seize the opportunity to unite the ranks and files of all South Sudanese who are unhappy with the genocidal regime in Jubà and create a brand new political party of the people for the people by the people to express their political aspirations.
    3. Riek keep on saying Kiir has no vision. This is naive. Kin/Garang backed by the Jieng Council , clearly had a clear vision carefully disguised as a war against Jallaba colonialism since 1983, to seize control of power in the South and to establish Jeng hegemony. This ambition intensified after the discovery of the oil in Upper Nile in 1978. They have gone, a long way in achieving their evil vision including inviting foreign mercenaries to bomb defenceless citizens. SPLM- IO is turning a blind eye to this political reality at its own peril.

    Very timely article brother Elhag. God bless!

    Joana Adams

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Joana Adams,
      Nice comment and if I may pick up from your third point about Riek saying Kiir had no vision, in actuality, it’s the entire SPLM/A under John Garang that had no vision about South Sudan.
      Garang was murderously and adamantly fixated on the vision of a new Sudan whereby he would be seated in Khartoum (perchance as president) and then treating the South as some peripheral district of the Sudan. This explains why Kiir completely arrived Juba post-CPA in 2005 empty-headed and politically blank on what system to set up in South Sudan as the whole SPLM leadership wasn’t sure whether South Sudan would become an independent nation or continue as part of the same old Arab jellaba dominated Sudan after the promised Referendum.
      No wonder, because Kiir and the entire SPLM/A with Riek Machar, were in a state of suspension and no wonder Kiir and Riek aped and copied every bad thing from Khartoum while at the same time they both detrimentally perpetuated the never-ending Dinka-Nuer hatred and deadly rivalry until 2013.
      Currently and for the foreseeable future, this Kiir-Machar South Sudan is a carbon copy of imperialistic Khartoum.
      Elhag Paul’s message to Riek Machar is an ominous forewarning: That as you will definitely soon be entering into the tent of Kiir, watch out or else Kiir will perhaps fatally stomp on your head….you narrowly survived in 1991, and again in 2013. “You only live twice,” the James Bond movie says….!

      • Joana Adams says:

        Absolutely Editor, Jubà is enemy territory for Riek and co at this moment in time. They’ll ignore it at their own peril.

      • survivor says:

        “Voting for the ‘lesser of two devils’ makes no sense, for it is only a matter of opinion as to which is the lesser. Usually, such a decision is based on a prejudice, not on principle. Besides, why should I compromise with devil?”-Frank Chodorov.
        With regards to our situation in South Sudan, this quote makes plenty of sense; especially to some of our famed columnist. (Al Hag Paul)
        Given that we are all plenty aware of the short comings of the two protagonists, namely Kiir and Riek. Anyone with an iota of common sense and logic, would know than to compromise with a devil regardless of the circumstances; thus, if one truly want peace, justice, and tranquility in South Sudan. Compromising with the devil is the absolute wrong way to go.
        Seeking a change in leadership given Kiirs epic failure as a leader is noble. However, swapping out Kiir for someone who is equally as responsible for the mess is counter production. For it contradict the whole essence of change we so desperately need. It also complicates the change process, because the new guy (Riek) is seen as another face of the trouble we are running away from.
        Again, while your intentions maybe noble; misplacing blames (Blaming a whole society instead of singling out an individual) destroys the essence of your overall message.
        It needs to be understood that what we have as government in South Sudan, is more like an elites Mafia that know no bounds or tribe. For everyone in the SPLM/A is an equal opportunity looter/murderer. SPLM/A in Juba, SPLM/A IO and SPLM/A FD are one in the same.
        While we all seek change, this change will never come. Unless we learn that, we at the grass root level, regardless of tribe or region are brother and sisters, and that we are all victims of these vampires we blindly follow. As they play us like toys or tools at their disposal.
        Truth be told, had it not been because of Riek, Kiir would be out of office by now. But because Riek had positioned himself as the opposition; And to make matters worse, he (Riek) went about it the worst possible way; by using of violence as the means. Given his (Riek) recent and past history, Kiir was able to find allies or in political context, enemies of his enemy. Those who were wronged by Riek, hundreds of thousands of people if not millions suddenly became Kiir allie; Thus affectively changing the game from that of people versus the bad system to Kiir Versus Riek. which ultimately resulted in bringing the wheels of change to an immediate halt.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          I wholeheartedly agree with your comment. As a matter of fact, it was Riek Machar who subserviently ‘covered Kiir’s butt,’ all those years until Kiir summarily kicked him out. Also, all that time, Riek would tell his supporters that Kiir was the main obstacle and the one causing all the problems in the country and as such Kiir must go! Imagine that!!! I think Riek Machar was simply deluding himself and it was not surprising that Kiir the smarter one, made the first move and kicked out Machar from his government.
          If Riek Machar was really a Mother Teresa of Juba and a true revolutionary of the whole people of South Sudan, he could have quit Kiir’s government then and believe me, the whole country would have stood solidly behind him and Kiir would have been history by now.
          However, in retrospect, the cost of ousting Kiir from government would have been less expensive and painful in the lives of those who died and are dying to see Kiir gone and Machar came to power.

          • survivor says:

            Again, the notion that Riek is the only option we got; when we have so many qualified leaders with impeccable human rights records, is what boggles my mind!
            what we currently have in South Sudan, is the classical example of Dinka/Nuer folklore of “bi bul/bi nyop” which directly translates to, wills roast it.
            the story goes, a Dinka man and Nuer man when hunting together; after a long day of hunt they were able to finally kill an animal. As they were skinning this animal, an argument broke out over what to do with the carcass . The argument intensified, as they both stood up and start to scream at each other. with one saying “bi bul” and the other responding “bi nyop”. a physical confrontation broke out soon after With them holding spears and knifes. they stabbed each other and they both died right there and then.
            with the moral of the story being misunderstanding. they both wanted the same exact thing, but due to language barrier and hot tempers. these two friends/brothers killed themselves. .
            to relate it back to our current situation. we all (southern Sudanese) know what we want, it is the manner in which to achieve this end goal of peace and prosperity that is bedeviling us.
            We all want Kiir gone with his rotten system of patronage. But some of us want to take this opportunity to install their devil. Riek, while other would rather maintain the status-quo then to see Riek ascent to the highest office. thus we find ourselves in a conundrum.
            if one was to truly look this situation. one would see that Riek is the only volatile variable. If we unplug him from the equation, change would come at little to no cost.
            simply put, this is what the so called opposition do not see .
            again, its is not a game of compare and contrast of who is the better devil. but rather a game of us (people) versus a rotten system. with Kiir and Riek being part of the rotten system.

    • Guet Athina Guet says:

      Mr. Adams,
      Why are so angry, everything you write is spiteful, malicious. I guess what Dr. Evans Pritchard wrote in his research is true. “Nuer are wild offshoots of Dinka tribe” and Nuer are easy aroused to violence. Ms. Adams, you have the symptoms of becoming violence. We have to work together to bring peace and forget about the butcher. Sorry, Machar the butcher is mentally weak !, and he will never be elected as president of south Sudan. Personally, any Nuer can replace him for the leadership position and bring peace into the country… and I will vote a smart Nuer …. Machar absolutely note!..

      • Raan Naath says:

        Guet Athina Guet,

        Also don’t forget that the same Evans Pritchard said the “Nuer have deep democracy” naturally and are independent minded people unlike the Dinka who sold out South Sudan to British colonialists.

        I agree with the writer Elhag Paul that Riek Machar is weak in keeping the Nuer united, using their potential to remove Dinka tribal leadership and grooming leaders of tomorrow from the Nuer. He leaves them mismannaged and to decide and organize on their own. The Dinka always take good advantage of Riek’s weaknesses.

      • GatNor says:

        Perhaps, you prefer a Nuer like General Gatdeet A.K.A, Jundy Iraqi for the next presidency of South Sudan. You can say Machar will never be a president of South Sudan until you’re butthole turns grey but the fact is you don’t get to decide that single handedly but millions of South Sudanese would make that decision and amongst which your vote counts statistically as a minority.

  3. GatNor says:

    Well said Elhag, Nuer needs to unite their forces and appeal to the minority tribes that are about to lose their land from creation of new states along tribal lines.

  4. Eastern says:

    Great heads up from brother Elhag Paul to Dr Riek Macher.

    Who can imagine governor Risik Zakariah of Western Bahr el Ghazal would disagree with Kiir. The lumping together of Rizik’s ‘home’ with the Dinkas has obviously poked the governor the wrong way; he’s disgruntled at the moment and there are many like him in Equatoria and Upper Nile serving in Kiir’s government including those sitting on the political fence. Dr Macher needs to reach out these people with the view of winning them over as allies.

    Thanks Elhag for the great piece!

  5. BILL KUCH says:

    Elhag Paul,
    You have centered on one problem you know the most. The Dinka. Why? Do you think all issues could be addressed without Dinka participation? I don’t think so. It will be harder than you think! Also, you must know that Obama is going away soon and policy will change right after as it is a game always and Riek would go to hell with his group. If you believe in the unity of South Sudanese citizens, then Dinka must be inclusive. In addition, you be aware that the most helpful and prominent leaders with Dr. Machar are not Equatorians neither unmentioned other minorities, but they are Dinkas as well. So, where would you be comfortable with no Dinkas?

    • Joana Adams says:

      Bill Kuch,
      Those Dinka’s with Riek are mere distractors. Riek should treat them as Kiir treats the Nuer wew with him. They should have no control over policy of the movement. Nuers may have no territorial boundaries with Equatorians, but have always been our political allies along with other tribes in the South. If Riek didn’t want or valued Equatorian alliance, he would not have adopted Equatorian initiative of federalism as his policy proposal which Kiir denounced as kokora but fraudulently decrees as his own initiative. No regards to intellectual property rights!

      I would be vey surprise if Elhag Paul wants to be comfortable with dinkocrats. Isn’t it the case that people with medieval mentality can only feel comfortable among themselves? Isn’t this why the tribal government has segregated the Jieng from their neighbours? And it is not like they actually like living with each other in peace either. Why have the Jieng only states been the most turbulent due to violent cycle of revenge killings since 2005? And now when others are still verbally discussing and rejecting the delusional establishment order, who have jumped to their guns and mowed each one down and injured nearly 90 people? And why is the I ernment embarrassed about disclosing the fatality figure? The fact is you cannot live with yourselves and you cannot live with others.

      Shame on the Dinkocrats!

      • Guet Athina Guet says:

        Ms. Adams,
        Why are you so frustrated, calm down let be reasonable here, you will never achieve anything with anger. You don’t understand what it mean to be on the front line. I know as young men, I have seen death up close, and you did not!. So let’s stop these nonsense, of Dinka this and Dinka that. You said “Riek should treats Dinkas like President Kiir treats Nuer”, you are wrong Kiir never killed innocence women, children and old in cool blooded, but Riek had done that already in case you missed 1991 butcheries. Machar killed women, children and old. We can’t be consume with petty differences, we need to speak with one voice, the butcher Machar must be brought to justices by any means necessary. Now is the time for all the good men/women to come to aid of their country.
        May god bless president Kiir and keep him safe, and may god bless south Sudan.

      • BILL KUCH says:

        Joana Adams,
        You go ahead with your Nuers brothers and form your federation government without Dinka. In fact, we don’t need your people or Riek group for we are not your followers. Our unity in Dinka communities with friends is the most important of all! Some of your people and Nuer brothers have been working with Northerners before and Dinkas persevered throughout the awful times and here we are. So, good luck with your unity minus Dinka!!!

      • GatNor says:


        I sincerely appreciate the honesty in your many commends but this one I have to thank you for say what the Nuers are scared to death of even consideringet of saying.

        They are foresure detractors and if given a chance they would quickly take down Dr. Machar as an individual or with his groups through the back door.

        Lul Rai Koang was thinking the same thing but lacks proper expresive language in addressing the matter. Unfortunately he quick became a victim of divide his own statement and ran to Juba.

        • Joana Adams says:

          Dear Gatnor,
          I’m glad you got the point. Spread it on. Some notables in the said community declared in the AU Report now made public that, ” they will never allow” Riek Machar to become leader in South Sudan. Read the report o yourself. These are the same people who have destroyed other South Sudanese leaders such as Dr. Lam Akol and “murdered” others like Peter Sule. What’s going on? Are we in a republic or a luak kingdom?

  6. Malouda says:

    Elhag Paul, mixed names Muslim and Christian equal madness, because they can not go together either to be a Muslim or Christian you can think well. your articles always are only about Dinka tribes and I advised you several times in this website that Dinka is only a tribe like other tribes in South Sudan you are always instigating, mobilizing others 63 ethnicities to unite and work against the Dinka tribe and it is reach to the effective now a days and you are pretending in your article that let us work for the unity of the people of South Sudan how it happens, with your dirty business against Dinka openly ethnic cleansing and the live example is that yesterday 13/10/2015 around 12:00pm one of the commercial bus was coming from Yei to Juba with 13 people on board before it reaches Loka town about one to two km it fell in to an ambush of armed men seemed to be from Equatoria sons and took all passengers to the bush and screened them as Dinka in other and non Dinka in other side then they released non Dinka and five who were Dinka remained as their fate were death, so is the way we unite South Sudan to target one tribe simply because they are majority in the government, if you want to liberate a country you look for a positive principles in order to get a support not in that way you chose. I agreed with you to unite together and appoint a leader on his/her merits, qualification and ideological orientation regardless of ethnicity, religion,sex etc. then why are you inciting your tribe to target another tribe and you claim you are a democratic man.If we accept your intention some will be non South Sudanese citizens in the future and keep on with your negative mobilization against Dinka.

    • Justice says:

      Malouda and Bill Kuch,

      The actions of Dinka in the Republic of South Sudan have been worse than the ones of their brothers in crime, the Jallaba. Please understand me correct, I am not saying Jallab were / are good. The state of affairs in South Sudan is not the thing that we voted for independence of South Sudan to be in. No one is saying that issues could be addressed without Dinka participation. But at the moment, the majority of the Dinka are supporting their tribesmen who are destroying the country. Someone like Ambrose Riny Thiik or the liar, Michael Makuei, people who studied law are supposed to advise the president and enlighten their fellow Dinka in the right way are the very ones misleading him/them. For your information, during a debate in Juba University, last week, about the unconstitutionality of Kiir’s decision to divide the country into 28 states, Ambrose Riny Thiik could not defend the president’s decision and decided to run from the function. Why did he go school in the beginning? Shame on him and his likes.

      Bill Kuch, USA is a country of institutions, not like the Dinks-spoiled Kleptocratic republic of South Sudan. So even if Obama leaves most of the hot foreign affairs issues for the USA will not change. Remember when George Bush left, Obama came and continued supporting the people of South Sudan until the Dinkas denied the good deeds of USA and now looking to Russia and China who did not support us like USA and the troika did.

      • Bol says:

        Most of the opposition want to bring change by excluding Dinka from any future role…. A good Dinka in the opposition government would be appolegitc for current government mistakes and happy to say YES SIR …..quick look at comments prove it all….why would anybody join hands with his personal enemy or potential enemy? Any thing is possible, but what the opposition is looking for may take longer to materialise.

  7. mankinmanner says:

    Well done elhag thisis good remainder for riek he alway think to become leader one days one time’s but the truths is this he doesn’t have that capacity to lead the nation leave a lone nuer people isay that why I am one of unity state citizen but the way riek deals with nuer he deal with them with nepotism we the nuer must unit for peace to comes to southsudan without nuer dividing itsself no dinka will talk about power we know the nuer are ones fighting nuer

  8. jok lual says:

    gat nor you have to talk about your 5 state or keep quite oil go to owner padang no way brother go and take fish from river nile and sell it in juba oke and thank from monyjang thondit

  9. Bol says:

    Teaching an old dog new tricks is a Mission Impossible…..Why don’t look for new puppy?….There are lot of them of them out there.

  10. alex says:

    If SPLM IN Opp will succeed with politics of hate we wait to see.
    This mad dog ELHaag thought by depicting the Dinka as bad people will earn SPLM in opp victory. The truth is we S Sudanese did not forget Riack s project of 1991 which they wanted to prevent S. Sudanese from getting independent. What happened in 2013 was the continuesion of 1991 project. The same faces of the leaders of 1991 project. The older backwards tribal Politics of Al Haag will not save SPLM in opp from humiliating defeat in the next three years. Riack is implementing Basirs dream of destroying S Sudan independence. Recently he and the group were picked by Omer El Basirs presidential plane from Ethiopia and flown to Khartoum to meet Omer El Bashir and President Museven in Khartoum. Riak betrayed the cause of our brothers in Dafour Blue Nile and Nuba mountain. He was the spy for Khartoum. Who will trust such politician. A betrayer who collude with enemy. He was working to hand our independence to foreigners because of power greed. Killed innocent people and forging in America television show that he had never killed flies in Bor. Comparing human life to a fly. Who will vote people who put their positions first before the nation. No way what ever the case maybe we’ll not risk to elect such a person. A father who allowed a powerful friend who helped you in difficult time to sleep in the bed he as the father was supposed to sleep in. A sell out of our mother land to those who helped us in our struggle for independence. We the children of our mother land will resist such humiliation and will disown such a father. For over 21 years Garang never sell us out during the difficult times of the liberation because of power greed and so is president Kirr. These are the real fathers of the nation S. Sudan

    • Joana Adams says:

      Ill, educated and ill informed Alex. Keep your poisonous tribal venom to yourself. 1991 is gone n stop disturbing people about it. What you should be ashamed of is your tribal atrocities and ethnic cleansing in Jubà Dec 2013. Riek Machar has apologised for the mistakes of his soldiers. What about your Kiir even late Garang. Did he apologize for the ten and thousands of South Sudanese political elite and young southerners that perished in his hands? Has your filthy Kiir Mayar apologized for feeding Nuers with bodies of their dead relatives in Jubà?

      Coming to Khartoum or Beshir. Sudan is a sovereign country why do you want to dictate their their foreign policy? They are free to politically engage with Riek or Kiir as thy wish. Stop panicking each time you see Khartoum in contact with non- Jieng South Sudanese. Stop behaving like jealous co-wives and stop disturbing our peace. Stop accusing someone imaginary crimes he might not have comitted.

      I am not a Nuer, but Riek is a more popular leader than your idiotic Kiir by far. Kiir does not have the intellectual ability to lead in the modern complex international world. That’s why he has illegally hired the JCE and surrendered our sovereignty to them. This must stop. He has embarrassed himself and the nation enough. Only a week ago, his deluded advisor who uses force rather than supposed legal knowledge, assured Abutagia and declared to the whole world that the ill advised presidential order does not have to go to parliament for approval. Today, the same idiot announces that the order will have to go for parliamentary approval after all! Only medieval idiots can behave like this and feel no shame. That’s why we need an educated person who will not fear to represent us in world fora or regional fora to lead this country before our country is thrown to the dogs.

      • alex says:

        Lady Joana
        You can educate your group who are still backward using old outdated tribal politics
        You can see even in this writing your supports acknowledged problems of division within your group because of lack of proper spelt out vision. Since 1991 the project failed after colluding with Omer El Bashir. Again 2013 the same project to take power by force failed. Colluding with Omar El Bashir the wanted criminal makes you to be look fool. I think you need to educate your leader. Look the embracement with all his PHD in America. He was told to change his behaviour what a shameful blow. It better to be embraced if Riack would have a PHD. This means all your PHDs are useless. In one interview Riack said he have to sign the issues of percentage representation in the states because IGAD told him to sign. What a weak would be leader. How can you sign things which are not for the goodness of your people. This an indication of weakness and people without a vision. You are sellers of our country just for a simple reason of getting a position and greed. It is s tragedy to have such low leaders like you Joana. You a shame to S.Sudan
        SPLM has a vision one was liberation of out people
        Second stabilise the country from the Visionless power hungry warlords like your leader. Protection of the territorial integrity of our nation and development. So to conclude your plan with Omar El Bashir to destabilise S.Sudan will fail. We will educate you after the transitional period through a ballot paper. Every body who has a correct sound mind know where you’re heading that is why Poul El aHaag is trying to advise Riack of. You have no place in S. Sudan politics. You will only be a problem only for the next three year and after that you will follow Odinga Odinga and Bisage of Uganda. It is not Internet worries that will detect our choices. So continue to preach your hate about Dinka later you will release it was a wrong political miscalculated move. This days we are looking fot politicians who unify our people. Politics of hate has no place in S.Sudan


        • Joana Adams says:

          Mr Alex,
          If there was no division in your camp in Jubà Kiir wouldn’t be scared of leaving Jubà to go to New York in case his right handman Malong stages a coup d’état in his absence. Isnt it the case tht Malong is struggling to overthrow Kiir, because he cannot understand why if Kiir who is a semi illiterate can become. President then why not him? If there was unity, Kiir wouldn’t have replaced presidential guards brought by Malong with his own. Look, if Kiir is loved by South Sudanese, he wouldn’t distrust SPLA to the extend he surrenders our sovereignty to Uganda by inviting Ugandan mercenaries to protect him instead of his own people.
          There was no tribal politics in South Sudan until your tribal bigot Kiir and co. introduced it. Now you must face the music.
          As for tribal hatred you introduced it yourselves by ethnically targeting and murdering innocent people because of their ethnicity. You seem to be so fixated about an individual having PhD as through Dr. Riek Machar had stopped your visionless and brainless Kiir from completing his primary education, secondary schooling, undergraduate university education to pave the way for a PhD. He choose to use the gun as a short cut to power . Roumers has it that he has blood in his hands. His succession to the throne was not clean!

          Don’t be paranoid about any conspiracy to destroy South Sudan. You have done that single handedly and continues to do so day and night. Children always try to wriggle out of admitting responsibilities. Just don’t get so upset next time when, one of you brands your Kiir as a school boy as Makuei did this time, and then you blame it on the international community.
          Riek might have signed an agreement he didn’t agree with 100% but as a gentleman he signed it without an addendum and is not throwing tantrums about it like a toddler!
          And finally, when you are pushed to copy things, be a good copycat, make sure you copy the good things and not always the wrong things. You are very new to the political dynamics of East Africa. I wonder how Tanzania and South Africa must be feeling and wondering from which planet these strange people are coming from after issuing another decree to desolve the entire SPLM structure!
          What’s more, you only believe in using the nations oil revenue to bribe leaders from the neighbouring countries. Just because you have realised that ethnic politics in Kenya may not allow “your” kinsmen Oginga Odinga to come to powe any time soon. You are ready to dump him and hand him to the dogs. I hope Odinga is listening.

          Good luck with mindless mission to destroy South Sudan.

          Joana Adams

      • alex says:

        Lady Joana
        You and your group are not for people. Your think you know more
        than anybody but political you are not matured. Your politics even expos your group further that what you people want is only power no the people of S.Sudan. You people think you are superior than everyone. You want to educate me. Lodu Gore said in America Sliver Kirr is dull like the people collecting cow dung in the village. You advised Riack to use those Dinka in your movement just to climb to power only is an indication that you people have evil motive against we people of S.Sudan. You want to use people for your own political gains. You supports even preach Dinka are not educated. I really wander whether after the three years you people need we the uneducated people for votes I wonder whether one time you need the cow dung collectors for votes. I wonder whether you group may need Dinka to govern S.Sudan. your politics are politics of minimising the people. Politics of hate playing people against people. Equtorians against Dinka . This are not intellectual politics. It politics of doom. You ever hated your own brothers working in the government I wander whether you people may need these people to vote for you . Your politics are politics of intermediation scaring mongering and smearing people’s reputation
        This is a lesson for those Dinkas supporting your movement to think twice. It is a lesson to those Equtorians and the silluks to be very careful . You want to be like the ticks which suck blood for their benefits while abusing the host. You are collaborating with Khartoum to abuse the sacrifices our brothers and parents made in last fifty years of the struggle just for your coming to power. Never it will not happen in our watch. The only way for your group is to accept the peace your leader sign for and after three years we expose your lies that you are not the majority and we love Kirr

  11. Hoiloom says:

    Elhag Paul,

    Thanks for another master piece which is a mind opening as well. Dr. Machar must heed to this free advice . True, the Nuer house has been divided especially Unity State where Monytuil bothers and Puljang have caused real damage on civil population. However, the same strategy has not worked in the other two Nuer predominantly states, namely Upper Nile and Jonglei, which is why you’ve not heard of boys’ castrations or elderly thrown in burning tukuls. Nevertheless, Dr. Machar has to play his cards well now when opportunity avails itself to change the system. I believe South Sudanese are crying for peace and change in the system of governance.


  12. GatCharwearbol says:

    Each is the architect of his success or downfall or right to life. If Nuer want to survive this well planned ethnic cleansing, it is of utmost importance that they unite right now, not tomorrow but today. This important advice from brother Paul ought to be taken seriously. It is time to rethink and those assisting Kiir in exterminating their own need to jump into the bangwagon of Nuer unity.

  13. False Millionaire says:

    Brorher Alhag,
    There is a heartfelt idea which me and a very best friend from the greater Yerol district discussed.
    He has suggested that we propose to u to change your first name from Elhag to become John so that your complet name would be John Paul.
    Becouse the name of the lord Jesus’s first disciple was John and that of the last disciple who spread the words of the good news to the gentiles is Paul.
    In brief u appear well fit to combine the two and to stand on a podium to preach for the cause of peace and unity among RSS masses the majority of whom aren’t muslims.
    Your dispatch is a significant master piece on a corresponding line to the sacred work of the apostles John and Paul.
    On such regards,one can afford to rub off the strokes of the mud characterizing the minor parts in it without finding any warrant to shorten to show u appreciation for the good work.

    So bonne chance à vous mon ami!!!

  14. Kajokeji Lokuron says:

    Alhag Paul, congratulation for your wonderful peace of advice to Dr. Riak Machar! Your piece of advice is a masterpiece, which if taken seriously by the leadership of the SPLM/A-IO will make a huge, positive contribution to the resolution of the the conflict in South Sudan. Rightfully put, leadership requires tough decisions, and I too belief that this is the time for Dr. Riak to act decisively. I couldn’t agree more that the realization of peace in South Sudan depends on the Unity of the Nuer, otherwise the Compromise Peace Agreement enforced by IGAD-Plus is waste of time.

    Indeed Dr. Riak must realize that those Nuers who are allying with the genocidal regime of Salva Kirr are his brothers, and nothing will change the that fact. At this point in his life, there is nothing to loose for he has shown that he loves his community for standing up for their rights and those of other South Sudanese at the time need. The IGAD-Plus peace agreement however faulty it appears to be, is a blessing in disguise because it has exposed the true enemies of South Sudan, which are Salva Kirr and his clique in Juba. The regime in Juba has committed the worse atrocities,and hence will not accept any reasonable solution, except to cling to power to save their skin.

    Without any doubt there will be no peace with Salva Kirr in power; so Dr. Riak Machar should prepare for total war with the regime. Salva Kirr is Hitler and no body in the world should force us in South Sudan to maintain him in power! But in order to defeat the regime, Dr. Riak needs to think strategically. He has to reshuffle the entire organization by bringing new blood to the top leadership of the movement. His deputy has to be relieved in office and be replaced by an able Equatorian who is able to mobilize the the tribes of Equatoria for real military engagement against the regime. Somebody with a real military muscle in Equatoria should replace Gore because he is an empty drum in respect to the position he currently holds. Dr. Riak should also do whatever it takes to bring in the Bul Nuer to the struggle, particularly those commanding significant number of militia supporting Salva to positions of power within the Resistance Movement. Frankly, the Bul nuer are mislead due to good reasons. Initially, they were the first to revolt against the regime in Juba and no body heeded to their call for liberation of South Sudan from the thieves until the thieves depleted all the public resource of the country and begin to turn against each other.

    To Dr. Riak, here is a true story about family love: There was a man who had indiscipline son who always makes trouble at home and in the neighborhood; the father had tried everything humanly possible to change his behaviour but failed. One day, in the middle of the night the son came home running and knocked at the door. To his surprise, his son’s clothes were soaked in fresh blood drifting on the floor. When the father asked him what had happened, he said he had just killed a person and the police are looking for him. Without further questions, he asked his son to shower quickly and put on new clothes. He did and he asked him to escape through the back door. After the son took off, the father wore the bloody clothes on and waited for the police to show up. Sure enough, the police arrived a few minutes later and found the old man dressed in the soaking wet bloody clothes. So, he was arrested for murder and he willingly accepted the crime to face the consequence, just to save the live of his son! The moral of this story is that family love is not conditional; it is ultimate. A human being should do every thing possible to protect his own children. Jesus did it for us; so who are we as leaders to reject our own children because of their mistakes!

    • Bol says:

      Who are the children here? Are they Nuer and Equatorian tribes exclusively? You sound like a FOX in a Priest costume

  15. Jonas Adam,
    You are right, Juba may not be a safe haven but a dead trap to Dr. Machar. I say this because Juba is surrounded with Salva Kiir soldiers. The fact that 8 eight posts has been created outside Juba to accommodate displaced SPLA from Bill-farm by the International community, has given Salva Kiir real opportunity to destroy his nemesis. The soldiers should have been distributed to various barracks in Yei, Torit, Bor, Malakal, Maridi, Wau, Malakal etc. The besieging of Juba by SPLA is something that totally was unforeseen by International Community. Considering how brutal SPLA soldiers were during the war, I’m afraid that militarization of Juba has put innocent lives at stake, The besieging of Juba is awkward scenario that should be protested or should have been protested. As we worry about the life of Dr. Riach Machar we should also worry about the civilians lives more. The foreign troops are merciless, we have seen their action already among women in Congo, Angola, Mozambique, Liberia, Vietnam etc. Riach Machar may be protected but our citizens are not. It is a worrisome situation because all these opportunistic forces will be looking at the other jealously, and they will victimize civilians specially our women. The situation could have been avoided if the government in Juba had acted reasonably, but for now, lets pray that God help south Sudan.

  16. False Millionaire says:

    Chere Madame Joana Adams,
    How so much I should say to like your comments,but I am tempted to say never to count on Dr Riak in much the same way as one shouldn’t count on Kiir to save RSS.
    Have u forgotten the scenario u had discribed in your last article of the first who would get the opportunity to assassinate his opponent?
    The hour has come and it’s exactly the point where we are today.
    We are naming Alhag Paul to be John Paul becouse he is becoming a good preacher.
    But it’s most certain to believe that his lessons are falling into wilderness on the side way becouse brother Riak ought to have his mind set on the unfolding doom than on anything for the future of RSS and it’s masses!!!

    • Joana Adams says:

      Yes False millionaire,

      You are right for quoting me. I still stand by what I said. I am waiting to be proved wrong. The duo are just waiting for an opportunity to eliminate each other depending on who strikes first.. I must admit I am bias in favour of Riek just because Kiir has already been given 10 years to prove his worth. He has terribly fallen short and took the nation to war. I think natural justice dictates that in this particular case Riek Machar deserves the same grace to be given a chance at least to co- guide South Sudan together with Kiir for 30 months only, and the people will have their say in the electios after that. What’s so wrong with that? I think Kiir and his advisors are being foolish and very unreasonable here. It may well be that Riek actually has no intention of clinging on to powe unlike Kiir and may step aside after the transitional period. Kiir ought to exercise some wisdom and flexibility.


  17. jok lual says:

    haaaaa today riek machar refuse to come back to juba what is the next
    i thik mr kiir will form is new gov alon no riek and no nyandang chol

  18. Hoiloom says:

    Kajokeji Lokuron and Joan Adams,

    Thank you guys for a great input. I believe Dr. Riek has some serious thinking to do now when peace agreement is faltering. Human beings have weaknesses no matter how smart they may be therefore one must have additional intelligent advisors to help in decision makings. Dr. Riek has put too much faith on the international community to resolve South Sudan crises amicably which is a naive thinking. It is obvious that at this point in time international pressure may not yield fruit or come to our rescue. Dr. Riek must adopt plan B by spreading this conflict throughout the nation. I know he is capable of doing that.


  19. Deng Deng says:

    Elhag, Bravo.. you said it all.
    My dear Nuer brothers, if you have eyes to see, ears to listen and sense to smell, I am sure the episode of 1991 and 2013 should have taught you lessons. Fragmenting yourselves make you very vulnerable to your enemies. You did that during under the “Jalabas” rule and you repeated it again this time. Watch your back. Be united. Learn to forgive yourselves and reconcile. You all come from one great grand father and mother. Do not allow yourselves by your enemies to kill yourselves. You need each other badly than ever. Most South Sudanese are your brothers and sisters although a few a vicious and hate you. Pray for your enemies and forgive them. The struggle continue!

  20. GatNor says:

    The decree is already in the process of being put on hold indefinitely. Kiir is not tried of his childish decrees & decisions being reversed while reducing his credibility; the sanctions that looming will be enforced shortly to do the trick against the tricksters themselves the JCE.

  21. Okuc says:


    You have presented a work out plan for Dr Macher to adopt if he wants to unite the rest of South Sudanese. Unfortunately, Dr Macher hasn’t learned from his experiences of 1991 and 1997 when he was deserted by his followers following Khartoum Agreement. The same scenario was going to happen again in this war when those of Gadet and the rest broke away from him to form their own movement.
    Riak should heed advice from people like you rather than surround him self with people who are looking for positions only. Lotta continua.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      You are absolutely right, Riek Machar has a long way to learn, he has to seriously ruminate on why always his closest associates or rather co-conspirators often very quickly abandon him and then turn to fight against him, Machar.
      Something is inherently wrong or lacking in his leadership persona. As such he, Machar, must take a deep introspection on this deficiency.
      I seriously wonder and highly doubt for how long those now with him in the SPLM/O-in-Opposition would tolerate his character before we see the group splintering in many parts to add into the groups of Gadet and Changson.
      Gratuitously, Mr. Elhag Paul has perfectly diagnosed Machar’s political malaise and he has recommended and prescribed the best remedial solutions to Machar.
      I hope Machar and his close advisors have imbibed Elhag Paul’s recommendations and that they have already sat down with Riek Machar to work out some transformative actions for the future before they soon get to Juba.

  22. alex says:

    The war mongers will have to answer why they want to prolong the
    suffering of our people. S war build on lies will not succeed. Time and time again Riack should not fool the international community he has sign the agreement and is time for him to come to Juba. One thing I want to advise El Haag and the group is that the Nuer are fools. They know who Riack and Taban Gai Deng better than this Internet warriors. If you did not know Riack ask Gadet. The man is a professional lair and trick maker. He though by marrying s British he will by his way to presidency. Now having American girl friend to woe American support without knowing the power house is S . Sudanese. The Nuers in the government knows the pride of nationalism but not Khartoum agents who are working to destroy our nation. They fail to prevent the independence now he wants to destroy our nation dreams. Being picked by Omer El Bashir presidential jet to Khartoum tells us a lot about this hypocrite

    • lojuron says:

      You keep on blaming others for your fault. South Sudan become a jungle hunting place because of your deed.
      You invite UDF, JEM to kill your own and protect dictator kiir in power. Please note this down political map of south Sudan has completely change. The possibility of Dinka to come power after transitional period can be determine by your attitude toward others. But as political observer you will end with Kiir regime. You need to seek mercy from other tribe to pardon you from your evil deeds. If not you will be disgrace as a result of your own actions.

  23. False Millionaire says:

    Sorry,it’s too late for,”plan B”.
    Why do u want to ignore the true fact that Dr Riak was the first to rush to sign the agreement?
    If he was blackmailed,ill advised or ignorant of the nature of the agreement,he has committed himself and his movement to the agreement for the best as for the worst.
    A certain blogger named Choromke Jas made excellent comments some time back.
    According to him,the agreement provides such provisions as where the parties to the agreement disagree,it’s the provision provided in the text of the agreement that is applied.

    It’s most irresponsible to under estimate US determination.
    As it couldn’t have been for nothing that americans backed RSS independence,it isn’t a false assumption to say that there was a foul play from their part in the death of John Garang inorder to prepare the ground for their footing in RSS.
    If it’s needless to say that US and the CIA have a hand in the ongoing crisis,the agreement gives them the green light to take over RSS as the center of the gravity for thier political and economic conquest in Africa and as far as in the middle east.

    Let me give u one example,apart from oil and many other economically high valuable resourcrs in RSS,there is the Nile water which is the Egypt’s life line.
    To control the flow of the Nile waters will give the americans a most stragic poistion to hold Egypt by the tail and to be able to force it to play it’s self against it’s fellow arab states for the benefit of US and Israel economic and political interests.
    The importance of the US interests in RSS are such that the means to achieve them justify the end.
    No action,including mass human sacrifices,is too vile if it helps them to achieve a step towards thier final objectives.
    That’s why Riak and Kiir have been put in an ideal scenario of a cock fight.
    If Riak kills Kiir,Riak will be made to swallow the agreement like a raw living tilapia fish with the bones.
    If Kiir kills Riak,he will be made to do the same thing.
    But if none of them kills the other,the agreement will still be applied exactly as prescribed in the text.
    In brief it’s Catch 22.
    So why not accept to implement it for what it is with dignity instead of calling for more bloodshed of innocent masses with,”plan B”?

  24. jok lual says:

    i like nuer supporters to mr to answer what is the next step to your leader he will come to juba or not,

  25. Hoiloom says:


    Thanks for a well thought analysis, but I beg to disagree that the Americans have hands in our crises. It’s easier to blame someone else for our own shortcomings. Had Kiir accepted reforms that Riek and his colleagues initiated in 2012-2013 this bloodbath could have been avoided. I know you’re more than convinced that Riek plotted a coup against Kiir without any back up of your claims.
    Here is why plan B must be put to test, Kiir has already violated the agreement by creating 28 unconstitutional states, keeps bombing civilians in WE, Unity and CE states. It’s an indication that he cares less about the agreement and thus is determined to end the war militarily. Personally, I had never thought nor want our people to suffer again when we gained our freedom from Khartoum in 2011 but when you’re push against the wall, even an animal will fight back.
    I am an economist by profession and beg to disagree that we’ve large oil reserves that would interest USA. According to IMF assessment made sometimes in 2012, our oil reserves would run out by 2020. Of course we’ve other natural resources like the land, Nile water as you rightly mentioned that would interest superpowers…Last but not least, advice Kiir to man up and make decision like any head of State instead of being use as tool by Council of Devils(JCE).


  26. BILL KUCH says:

    I don’t know whatever you guys claimed to be good in the name of Dr. Riek. I was one of those who forgave him for his first rebellion against Dr. John in 1991. But he is not smart enough to correct himself. So, that was his chance and he decided to trash his personal apology for falsifying miscalculation of having 75 out 100% in South Sudan military. Well, Riek has killed his supporters in Bor, South Sudan, but he claims that never happened. God will let him rule this country if he is a chosen one. But being superstitious is not God’s work.

    • Bill Kuch,
      Why do you see the killing of Dinka in Bor more painful than the killing of other tribes? If we are to revisit the pass, the history of war can tell us tales that will be difficult to stomach. I think there will be no place to accommodate the heinous crimes and atrocities that Dinka committed against other tribes especially the Nuer and Equatorians. To make south Sudan a great country, we need to forgive and forget the past so that we can built the future where all citizens of south Sudan lives in harmony and with equal opportunity. But we don’t have that ideal government in Juba that cares about the welfare of the citizens. Saliva Kiir is only busy with his evil elders in building Dinka Kingdom. If you are a wise person, see how our country have derailed into chaos since 2005 when Salva Kiir is in the driver seat. Salva Kiir is a disaster to our nation and Dr. Machar is no panacea either.Eleven years of secession from the North produced nothing tangible except hatred and war among south Sudanese. Our nation has been bleeding because of he jieng (go to streets of Juba and see it for yourself) people and it will remain so unless help comes from on high.

      • BILL KUCH says:

        J. Lokilachong,
        Dinka did not collobrate with Arabs against Equatorians or Nuers. But you guys did and so stop lying to yourself. You have missed the point of which I forgave Dr. Riek and I never forget. But for him repeating it will never make me and the rest of Dinkas forgive him no more. It is not just about Bor Dinka, but most of the Uppernile Dinkas got tired of him. This time, we must share whatever pain Riek produces with his Nuer supporters. And as for all Dinka tribes of Uppernile States, we can never share States no more regardless, whether President Kiir reverses his decree of new created states or not.

  27. AGUMUT says:

    Dr.Riek Machar has to sort it out by Hacking and Listening.

  28. johnjerry says:

    Ramciel is the only solution that will solve the problem of South Sudan because they the Dinka people like to live in the capital city. Move the Capital to Ramciel and start building it from scratch this will create jobs for many and then we see how that capital city will be run.Remember the word of Nhial Bol that we Dinka have destroyed South Sudan “.Food lovers he said”

  29. lojuron says:

    A City is build on values and principles not good furnished building. Do JCE or dinka has values that can unite people. Tell me which place of Dinka can accommodate people? Those who advocate for kiir regime should be ashamed of themselves. These people like Alex are the beneficiaries of the regime, but your days are numbered and your time is coming to an end. where in the world killing become practice of the day. In Juba, death is rampant everywhere. People are being murdered at the day time and night. If the government failed to offer basic service like clean water, electricity and road and security to his people. Let it pack and go.

  30. Elhag Paul,

    God bless you man. I can say you are a true man and a true prophet. Your life experiences and your prophecies about Nuer are true and hold water. I hope Nuer who read your article will think deeply about their destiny.

  31. alex says:

    You have to ask your self whether it is possible tp develop a
    country when people likes of you are burning vital institutions like universities hospitals and schools
    secondly development can not be achieved through short sighted politics of hate lairing smearing other people. Was Riack not part of the people who destroy that country . And one thing I want to tell you is if we need development we should avoid tribal politics. This are politics of backwards uncivilised society. We should base our poetics on an ideological difference. No government can be stable if we throw one tribe out. Unity is our strength. Thirdly it is not patoratic to collude with the same Arabs who are the source of our lack of development. Riack movement started in 1991 it is not about democracy. This is a hired macanery to spoil the progress of the country. After 500 investors have agreed to invest in your country then in a less than a week you stage a coup. Until we avoid bad politics our country will continue to suffer. Until we accept disarmament people will continue to be killed. Until we cooperation with the police there will be no end to daily killings and robbery. Until we desist from lairing rumours allegations and envy we will not progress. I am nationaltic person and I put my country before my own life failures. Relying on government only for employment will not help us. Some of us have good business degrees in suitcases but we are waiting for the government for employment brother we have contributed to part of our problems. Some of us knowingly know they can not afford two women ended up marrying two to three wives. Brother we have caused some of our problems. We know we do not have money and we spend a lot of money drinking alcohol and when things become bad we look for someone to blame for our own problems. Our previous habit of hard work is now being replaced by habit of idleness and paying cards and when things because bad we say it id the government which the cause for our suffering while the foreigners are just near us progressing

  32. Alier Gai says:

    It is time for peace, please. Advise all the people about putting their differences aside and join hands together to end this reckless crisis. I am so sorry that pagan amum and majak agot are seeking refugee status in the united states. This is a negative sign for no peace. Pagan signed the paper for no reason when he rushed to addis and then dishonored his oath in the manner of a moral irrational. Riek, in other hand, is not happy with questions asked about his connections with khartoum by the intelligence community in washington. Not only the current back and forth but the 90s two legs between the south and north. His lobbying to find supporters to fund his war plan and with oil as a mean of reinbursements, also did not rest well in the term and condition of the language used; that the oil belongs to nuer, for it is in the nuerland. That is a lie in the trick and deceptions. Another bitter question was about the democratic priniciples he always claims with more bloods while killing people and at the time dividing the masses. They questioned his ability, as well, after recent fallout within the opposition group and particularly the nuer themselves. There is something wrong in riek’s leadership. Washington DC has been a place of political achievement and glory but not with riek macher, really. He left washington last week with many disapointments of failing to secure his political ambition. America is not happy about his lying with no plans to lead rightly. They told him and the companies that kiir is somewhat fair than any of them, the opposition group. They take that with them and sad to hear some of them seeking resettlememt in america.
    They told him squarely to join kiir in Juba to end the war. But he does not want to go and they are therefore waiting for the dateline to see what is up. I think that pual has recently learned from this new development. Too little, too late. This article belonged to the period when the coup plan fall apart in 2013.

  33. alex says:

    Brother Gai
    you are correct. No country would support a rebel movement
    whose supporters are openly preaching for elimination of other tribes accept Khartoum. Secondly associating with Omar El Bashir since 1991 up to today makes one to wander. Betraying fellow African brothers who are fighting for their rightful courses makes one to wander and not only that taking part in killing of these brothers is a crime that cannot be forgiven. Asking these brothers to be disarmed and be send to Khartoum is unbelievable. To be fair why not ask them to be send to another third country. This raises eyebrows. There is nothing about democracy but a hidden link between the two adversaries. Hate towards a country like Uganda gives one to question whether these group is not really implementing Khartoum s policy given the evil plans Khartoum have towards Uganda. The continues insistence of Splm in opp for equal numbers of soldiers gives one ask what are the motives if the group is really working for genuine peace
    The international community should be watching out before a horrible events befall our nation. There is a hidden rotten agenda and given the lairs of this group it raises a question whether such group should be trusted. The international community should note these group was flown from Ethiopia to Khartoum using Omer El Bashir presidential plane. America should not forget Israel s security
    America should not forget the suffering of the Nuba people. The suffering of the Dafour people. The suffering of the Iganisa people.

  34. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Alier Gai,
    “I am sorry that pagan amum and majak agot are seeking refugee status in the united states”.
    If your assertion is correct,they have learned the hardest way what they didn’t know about the americans.
    They have become conscious that the end of the tunnel for their fantastic dream of RSS power parachuted for them by the CIA is hell fire.
    So u can bet they are out of it for good.

    As for brother Riak,he is deep to the neck in the mud.
    There is never any love or faireness in american dealings and Johnnes Savimbi of Angola would be the best witness about it if he ever come back to live a second life.
    Brother Riak is roaming around pretending to be doing allright.
    But the truth is,he must go to Juba to implement his part of the ageement and help the americans get what they want in RSS in using him.
    Other wise they will burry him alive and jump into the same vanwagon with Kiir.
    But that will never mean victory to Kiir becouse they will threaten to cut his throat,harass and keep him sleepless every night,masturbate and twist his arm every time so much so that at the end,he will swallow the agreement and give them the oil in a silver plat.
    Just to liberate himself from hell conditions of american’s crocodile teeth of which he would be subjected to.

    For those who are naive about americans,americans aren’t only savage but are very pregmatic.
    They know what they want and how to get it.
    Today they are your friends if they can use u to get what they want.
    But tomorrow they will dump u in the depth of a lagoon if u become useless for their wishes.
    Either softly or violently for them,the means justify the end no matter what or how long it takes.
    That’s the bottom line to consume!!!

  35. BILL KUCH says:

    Alier Gai & False Millionare,
    You two brothers are absolutely correct with your better understanding of real situation in this kind of politics. Every times one tells the truth about Riek being not wise in his decision makings, then his supporters always wanted to burry you alive. But now, the reality about his poor thinking is an undeniable as they can see it. Also, his claims that oil belongs to only Nuer tribe of South Sudan is a nightmare which can not be supported by people who have knowledge about South Sudan even Nuers themselves. How in the world one seeks support from American’s enemies and one thinks Americans will support you for long. Well, Uganda and Israel are an Americans allies and they don’t well get along with Khartoum while Dr. Riek seems to be comfortable with Khartoum. Well, Riek can deny wrongdoing in 2013, but 1991 is well documented not only here in Africa but in the western countries as well. Thanks.

  36. Alier Gai says:

    Alex and millionaire,
    You have analyized all the unnderlaying factors to your fair and collective judgement, to the moral reasonings, and to political rational acceptances you have showed. I want all of them, the makers of the problem to be in juba without one of them left behind. They need to straight things up than they are, and working together for peace is must. That is the sorry I am expressing my brother. The issue of uganda in south sudan has been a topic from the beginning of the war and it is continuing to be a major concern from the opposition movement, when should they leave…? This means that the rebel group is up cooking something. Being khartoum oriented will doers has been clearly noticed worldwide and that is why riek failed to answer american intelligence question about his connection with north. It is what benefiting them and the rebel and riek see it right. It is however worst for us than that of uganda being present. Well said that western interest is part of the unaccomplished project juba government is facing in the name of a failed government. Scare resources are problems globally. But setting up one tribe vs. Other tribe is an organized plan from khartuom alone. When the city of bentiu was captured by rebel, sudan’s flag was raised in the air as sign of a united sudan. And what kind of self-determination riek macher is claiming in the south while he is a khartuom agent against us?

  37. Joana Adams says:


    What ever the Americans are, we cannot proudly blame them for taking the country to war just 2 years after independence. You see South Sudanese for a long time were accustomed to blaming others for their predicaments. South Sudanese have refuse to grow up because growing up entails shouldering reponsibities for your actions.
    Before the referrundum in 2011, Kiir was whimping all the time regardless of the level of provocation by Khattoum. I will not take the country to war again. Apparently what he meant all along was that as long as the GOSS was militarily weaker than Khartoum, he would not venture to getva military defeat. Indeed when he tried with Pantheo, he quickly ate his own words and withdrew with his tails between his legs!
    In Dec 2013, after securing protection of Museveni, Kiir launched a deadly attack on his political rivals and their corresponding tribes deemed potential political supporters. This came midst warnings from well wishes and national figures, to exercise caution and addreess breeing potential political tensions. By then Kiir who became falsely convinced that his political survival rested with his tribal advisors: the JCE, as no point to heed to genuine counsel. He capitulated to his kinsmen and landed the country into a spree of ethnic cleansing to the shock and horror of whole world.

    Initially for the fear of revenge attacks on Bor Dinka in particular, the US asked Museveni to send in his troops. Kiir and the JCE would have had no problem with America or indeed ” waled baled” . after all Barack’s Luo ancestry is supposed to have originated from greater Bahr el Ghazal some 400 years ago! And therefore blood would be thicker than water. Just because, Barack refused to be identified and associated with extreme Jieng savagey, suddenly he has become a monster and America is the evil nation! I would say no.
    What ever the weaknesses of USA, no country or nation is perfect, this war and its consequences were result of a misadventure by Kiir for the delusion of some worthless tribal heroism. You and I know well that Kiir’s SPLM, did not win the war against the Jallaba. 2005 was negated peace settlement. Instead of being honest about how South Sudan became independent, Kiir and the infamous JCE, want to claim entitlement or legtimacy to power and to looting the nations resources. In a backward country, legitimacy to power is claimed faster through the barrel of the gun than through democratic transformation: SPLM catch phrase duringbCPA implementation, now a dirty word and enemy to national sovereignty!
    The entirely avoidable war that erupted in Dec 2013, was Kiir’s creation. Kiir who didn’t shoot a single jallaba during the 21 years of war, now had to justify in his mind, and to South Sudanese at large, why he is entitled to rule – his legitimacy to power. It had nothing to do with USA or Europeans. Just because they have refused to condon Kiir’s tribal hegemony or targeted ethnic cleansing doesn’t mean that they should become our hate targets.
    The government of Salva Kiir, backed by lunatics like Makuei and Malong, Lomoro, and geriatrics like Ring Thiik are to blame for the predicament the young country has been dragged into. South Sudanese must fully accept responsibilities for their actions and stop manufacturing other scapegoats since the chief scapegoat (Sudan) has long consented to our independence. John Garang didn’t want an independent South Sudan, with the chief visionary dead, the disciples who clerly learned nothing from their master, are at loss of how to rule a diverse multi ethnic society. Tough!!!

    Joana Adams

  38. False Millionaire says:

    Chere Madame Joana Adams,
    I find it to be a most intelligent reasoning from your part to have asserted that,”…with the chief visionary dead,the disciples who clearly learned nothing from their master,are at loss to rule a diverse multi-ethnic society”.
    That’s exactly the root cause of our problems and I am sorry to say that things may never get better any sooner.
    Remember the legend of the phenix,the most intelligent godly visionary bird,which is said to fly over the earth sheding the light for every citizen to see truth from wrong,the right way to follow and the wrong way not to follow and which suddenly dives down to smash it’s self to earth to die and burn into ashes plunging the earth and the citizens to darkness,confusion,conflicts,death and great suffering and to rise again from death to redeem the earth after half a centuary?
    After losing Garang we seem set on that unfortunate road.
    Just look at Kiir’s federal states,my friends from the greater Yerol told me to be most satisfied to have broken away from Rumbek.Others from Cueibet now named Gok state pretend to be disappointed of not having been annexed to the greater Tonj but happy to be no longer part of Rumbek.
    It’s only the greater Tonj that is standing as one entity among the english districts of dinka land.But that’s due to the good will of it’s urban masses who refuse to use ordinary masses for political ends as is the case else where like in Lakes,greater Gogrial and Aweil.See the greater Gogrial,Kiir’s home,has been broken up to two entities and the greater Aweil,Malong’s home,to three.

    Viewing from the stand point of global geo political and economic order,an instable RSS under the influence of Russia and China is a major cause of disturbance to the US strategy in Africa as in the middle east.
    I can only manage to give u one example.American economic and political policies in the middle east succeeded so much during the era of Egypt under Hussini Mubark.Security and the general well being of the jew state named Israel was,is as it will allways be the major part of such policies.
    But the situation has changed so dramatically now a days in the middle east.Libeya is in turmoil.So is Syria and Iraq.Egypt which the US had long provided with economic and military aid and used to play against it’s fellow arabs inorder to achieve american political,economic and military objectives will soon become economically autonomous with the enlargment of the Swiss canal and the discovery of the world’s largest gaz reserves on it’s miditerranian shore which the italian companies have allready began to extract for the global markets.Such scenario is catastrophic to both Israel and the US.A new strategy must be sought after to hold Egypt by the neck and compell it to work for the US and Israel’s interests as it has allways done it.That strategy is the control of the flow of the Nile waters.To do this,there must be put in place pro american governments in the two Sudans.

    Chere Madame,I hope u would agree with me that,”the compromise peace agreement”,is meant to undo both Riak and Kiir and their SPLM/A party.Americans belong to a most developed civilization which society has come a very long difficult way.There can be nothing new in any thing they may want to obtain on earth today becouse they had wanted it and obtained it before in the course of their history but only under different circumstances.Their objective today is to change the government in RSS with a pro american government.But there is a problem becouse both Riak and Kiir with their SPLM/A party aren’t factors of stability for a pro american RSS after.This is where politicians with the leadership qualities of John Garang to exploite the oppotunity and accommodate the americans without spilling any single drop of the blood of the innocent masses become terribly missing!!!

  39. alex says:

    Young lady Joana
    I wish you grow up and know that the people you are writing to in this net are
    people who knows SPLM from beginning
    I am right to say splm in opp is arm wing of the Jihadist regime in Khartoum. When president Kirr order the SPLA to attacks Khartoum it was after several provocation from Khartoum through bombing S.Sudan territory which have resulted in loss of innocent civilian lives. The SAF where repeatedly enteting South Sudan and killing civilian in their farms. Khartoum was frequently bombing SPLA positions using Antnove bomber plane. Secondly SPLA where not defeated but there was intense foreign pressure for Kirr to order the withdrawn of SPLA soldiers. This is a pact not a rumours. Riack was the one who failed because he was the one running the administration in S. Sudan while Kirr was dealing with Khartoum over the issue of referendum. Riack instead brought his melisia to Juba to fulfil his mentor dream of destroying our country. It was not yet time for elections Riack want thr conversion to be held immediately. When it was agreed that the members of the political bureau should vote by raising hands he said no he want a secret vote. The motion wad put to the members to decide the way of voting the chairmanship they were again defeated. At night he organised a coup De taer and after releasing he could not win he fled Juba

    About Garang his speech and the book about his vision state everything clearly no body can distort his history although Riack want to alter. I wonder if splm im opp think SPLM has no vision why do they refuse to form their own party.
    About the West I will reply you tomorrow

  40. Alier Gai says:


    I wonder if splm in opp. thinks the SPLM has no vision why do they refuse to form their own party.”
    You hit the heart of the matter brother. The splm/a in opposition is straddling about everything without any ideological identity which might have and would have prepared them to challenge the SPLM/A in government. common sense dictates the reasoning and judgment that if they have legs to stand without other reinforcing support of the splm/a party, then why they time and again failed to form themselves a party of their own?
    They know they cannot stand on their own and Riek knows that weakness, but he likes to conceal his evil nature through many lies and deceptions which are no longer effective to be sold to public at this point. Whatever the case is and might be, they are not having a plan or idea to render themselves a party other than the escapegoat Splm party. After kiir was forced to sign the peace agreement to give people life and a freedom, Macher in his art of deception who rushed to the oath and signed the negotiated peace has dropped his interest for the signed peace and he wants peace agreement structure be renegotiated again, for some areas are not in his political favor. Demilitarization is one of them plus his own guards be increased and police that will petrol Juba will take effect with equal share on both sides. He agreed when he signed the paper, and now he is demanding another table talks which is too much of a cost.
    First, time is ticking away and people’s lives are at greater risk and they are ticking away with time, as well.
    Second, internationally and continentally, no one is interested in coming back to put extra hours, days, weeks and months sitting for renegotiation and yet no guarantee that the agreement will be honored.Third, no one at this point would take another chance to fund the renegotiation project no matter how sweat it might be. The probability is that, Riek is clearly losing grip of the world super powers and sooner or later, he will face the consequences. He doesn’t know that buying time is coming back in one way or the other against him. He will regret the offer he is refusing to take in no time.
    Adams, your comment above has underscored the standard of your global understandings. You reached a downtime thinking here. Do yourself a mind reshuffling so that you live longer on the net…or otherwise, any reply would be a waste of time talking to a truant who had missed many classes for no apparent reasons while expecting good grades at the end of the term.

  41. alex says:

    Brother Gai
    Surely this young lady is not matured in politics and she is not aware of the current world politics
    This days the struggle for resources control and political influence has a tribute to the inhuman suffering of mankind on the scale that was not witnessed in human history. And for this ill informed Joana to claim it is our own making ia a mockery of justice and the real truth. It is sad to see such brain washed to put a brave face in depending the wrong side of history. The only problem with this young lady is that even now she has come out supporting the Arabs for the pain they inflict on our people. By arguing that it was Kirr who started the fight with Khartoum shows they are trying to cover their evil plan with Khartoum who argued that Southners are not able to rule themselves by creating a war to justify their claim. This is evident in their Internet campaign of preaching hatred among Southners. The tribal politics were used by Riack to fulfil Khartoum objectives.

  42. Alier Gai says:


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