Pres. Kiir’s health deteriorating fast: Claims a former rebel who met Kiir personally

BY: Simon Kur, Juba, RoSS, MAY/18/2015, SSN;

South Sudan leader’s health is deteriorating at a high rate, said one of the former rebels who gave up the fight to overthrow President Salva Kiir. The unnamed source revealed to South Sudan Liberty News in an exclusive interview with him in an undisclosed location in Juba. The official who recently renounced achieving peace through the barrel of the gun claimed he met with President Kiir in his presidential office in Juba.

This meeting took place after they accepted the amnesty deal extended by the president to those who have not committed crimes.

This former rebel, who hails from Chollo majority clan, said President Salva Kiir may not be able to survive much longer time because he is visibly very sick, constantly looking very tired, and exhausted. He further went on to claim that Kiir is living on borrowed time, may not live to the end of the year.

Question: How is Kiir as far as his health is concerned?
Answer: when you look at the man himself, he looks very exhausted. He has fear of his own life. He looks shaky and traumatized.

Though the former rebel official who returned to Juba with the general amnesty extended by President Kiir could not pinpoint the kind of illness Kiir is suffering, he thinks it might be stressed related illness. This he said can be recalled when as you all might recall president Kiir collapsed during one of his trips to Khartoum on mission to meet his counterpart El Bashir in December 2014.

Other sources have also indicated that Kiir is suffering with undisclosed illness though his close aides declined to comment on his health.

Question: How does it feel like meeting President Salva Kiir face to face? And what do you say because there are people saying Mr. Kiir is not an intelligent man and often the decision to run the country is made by his chief of staff?

Answer: Well, Kiir is just a normal person like anyone of us. Just like any normal person, I can see he has emotions. I also see rudeness in him big time. During the time we spent in his office, I sensed rudeness and ruthlessness in him. I saw that one minute he can act normal and within the next minute he turns deadly.

I suppose this anxiety is due to the situation he finds himself in. Kiir admits during our meeting that he realized some of the mistakes he made and now he had wanted to correct those mistakes. He is open to accept any positive solutions to end the conflict in the country so that ordinary people will go on with their daily lives.

The official claimed in his answer that Kiir said that he cannot accept to see the country descending into further chaos. “I can no longer afford to see the suffering of my people and South Sudanese at large,” said Kiir.

At this juncture, South Sudan Liberty News cannot verify this statement claimed by former rebel official.

Question: There are people who claimed that President Salva Kiir is not the one running the daily administration of the country, but Dinka general elites are the one running the daily business of the country, what are your views?

Answer: You know this is what has dragged the country into civil war. There is a group which calls itself the “Dinka council of elders.” These are selfish and egoistic individuals who have not only misled the president but have damaged the image of South Sudan at the international level.

The so called the Dinka council of elders believed and have tasked itself with new Dinka imperialism culture. They are trying to build on nepotism, tribalism and this untold wrong concept and morally unacceptable ideology that they the Dinka are the masters.

The others are slaves is the common cancer that has inflicted hatred and has placed the Dinka ethnic group in an odd position with others and there can be no peace until a cure is found to heal this cancer.

Now, unless this is corrected now, South Sudan will not be at peace, because no single tribe can survive without the others. These council of Dinka elders believes that it is only the Dinka who have the absolute authority, and supreme power to live anywhere on other people’s ancestral land, this is very common practice by the Dinka and Nuer in Equatoria, and Upper Nile.

Also, these two initially warring tribes must change their concept of thinking that only they alone fought therefore they owned South Sudan and accept that South Sudan belongs to all of us.

Question: Why did you decide to come back to Juba and how are you going to fight the regime you once described as displaying nepotism, tribalism, dictatorial, genocidal and dominated by one tribe?
Answer: I and my colleagues decided to come back to Juba after we have seen discrimination by the Neur colleagues to our Shilluk men engaged in the front-lines. We learned this when we visited them in frontline after Pangak SPLA-IO conference in February 2015.

They told us how they were mistreated and killed in frontline by their comrades from Neur tribe. We were convinced and prompted by the devastation done in shilluk land by Neur and we tried to put the grievances of our people before Dr Riek Machar who is the chairman of SPLA-IO but he said there are things happening beyond him which he has no control of.

Here he was referring to what are happening in the frontline and in battle fields.

He added like the Dinka, the Neur have dominated rebellious, their common manifesto that they are fighting for the just cause and freedom, and fair liberation is used as a pretext by the Nuer to gain sympathy and empathy from other tribes to join them.

He blamed the leadership of SPLA-IO for not supplying Shilluk men with better weaponry to fight the regime in Juba, and also cited their return to Juba on promotion; everything is dominated by Nuer including promotion.

Based on that, we decided to come and fight for reform from within because we realized there are many solutions to address the current conflict.

Question: What would you do if the regime in Juba fails to implement the agreement you signed with the President Kiir, given that you are now here in Juba without army?

Answer: When we met the President we told him if he will kill us after our return to Juba. The president looked and laughed and he said, he did not massacre anybody he cannot even kill a chicken. We told him our coming back here in Juba is an open door for many to lay down their arms.

If the President and his government refuse to implement the agreement we have signed with him, this will close doors for many others to refrain from rebellion and armed conflict will continue.

And if he fails to honor his commitment to the parts, we have other means to fight for the right of Shilluk land, and our return to Juba has been negotiated by General Johnson Olony.

Let’s hope for the sake of peace President Kiir will live by his words, but if anything happened to us, we have our men ready even here in Juba to launch an attack, but it is our hope that we learn how to address our issues on the table as brothers of this nation as we all fought for our hard earned independence from Khartoum with our dear blood.

Question: What would happen to the forces under your direct authority?
Answer: We want to create an autonomous-like Great Pibor to address the grievances of our people. We are not fighting for anything but we want our presentation in the national government. We want the current governor Simon Kun to be removed and be replaced by Shilluk and the president has agreed.

The difficulty is we understand the current governor is giving 2% from the oil revenue from Upper Nile to maintain the president that is why the President cannot easily relieved him from duty.

We found it hard to believe that a serving president has to be bribed to do his work. If that is what the constitution requires of the sitting governor of Upper Nile to pay due fees of 2% from the revenue of the state to the president, then it is worth for a Shilluk governor to do that in Shilluk land not a Nuer governor.

“It is ok if we can have a Shiluk governor in the office not Dinka or Nuer governor to give the president the 2%” because Malakal is traditionally inhabited by Shilluk not Dinka or Nuer.

Please note that this interview has taken place before the recent claimed of victory by the united forces of Johnson Olony and SPLA-IO, over government forces in Malakal, therefore some of the information could have changed on the ground.

Simon Kur Peter


  1. GatNor says:

    Apparently the Chilluk kingdom’s agents are fighting for the 2% oil revenue so they too can bribe the dictator. I never heard of a human being fighting to be in subjugation of another who intent enslave him by extortions and brutality. The dictator is pimping this community through these governors and the future contending governors to be. People of the state capital Malakal you are disgusting.

  2. Ojja says:

    wow, when will he die? indeed the man is ill and carrying his grave on him, the people he murdered and continue to murder were born like him, they have the same rights with him, let him die quickly, and let his remains be carried to Aweil for burial, this time we don’t want to see more dinka graves in Juba in the name of liberation.
    Moreover, this will mean more land grab, and they do not deserve to be buried in Juba, because they deformed our national identities, they associate with evil while we in Equatoria are known for our peaceful culture.
    This man is evil and is wasting our national wealth to exchange his blood, he is a living dead because he is a vector/Carrier of HIV/AIDS, and he has infected more young girls in the country more than any other, this will be his punishment, no regret for him. it is better to throw away the one rotten onion before it infects the rest.

  3. Eguatorians says:

    We are indeed in a state of confusion and paralysis. Political change in south Sudan,require absolute U turn from mistakes of the past,that put us in this mess. It appears,other groups would want to commit similar mistakes, to advance their interests.The new south Sudan cannot fall in that same trap again.

  4. majongdit says:

    The worst article ever I read on South Sudan Nation website. I couldn’t find out the objective of this article. It also fail to qualify as a propaganda. Generally, it has not met all requirements of a simple article.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      It isn’t an article per se, like the others. This is a report of an interview that allegedly between an ex-rebel from the Chollo tribe and president Kiir himself. Apparently, the author of the article/report has selflessly offered us the chance to see deeper into the mental state of the president.

  5. False Millionaire says:

    The reality is me myself, I am so tired, exhausted and going hopeless and helpless. It seems that the sky and the earth are coming to gather to crush me into a thousand pieces any minute or another.
    What state of physical and psychological conditions should one expect for Kiir, Riak and the rest of the evil actors who have landed us deep in shit?
    It won’t be any surprise if we ever hear one day that some of them commit suicide because the guilt from provoking a tragedy is more painful to the conscience of the author than to the victim’s!!!

  6. GatCharwarbol says:

    False Millionaire,

    What an about turn? A diehard support of Kiir is turning his back so quickly. God have mercy on South Sudanese. Where is Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang? Can I safely assume that LGG is supporting Dr. Machar quietly wherever he is right now or is someone so sure that he is still doing dishes for UPDF?

    The old adge is surely correct, “You know your friends when you are in big trouble”. Now that Kiir is in big trouble, everybody is deserting him.

  7. AGUMUT says:

    He doesn’t want to be disturb by journalists and media because of that fighting in Unity State and Malakal. I remembered he did that when he removed Riek Machar and entire cabinet.

  8. oyet says:

    Thank u for understanding the author’s mind he did great, securing interview like this in juba these days is between life and death, the author is brave and selfless, the like of magogdit would not accept this patratoric scarfice from the author because it touches the untoucbable but the fact is kirr is a living dead soon whether by assassination or natural death he will die.
    Why do treat everything like rabish? Why do u live on denial? Is moral wrong to report what former rebel said about the health of illing President? Go to heal if you disliked the report

  9. Jamadu says:

    If criminal should be getting rid of, Riek will be first to enjoy a cascade/coffine

  10. Alier Gai says:

    The interview is full of rubbish and the reporter is just like it. If anything, macher has to be exposed, too, because he has a long history bypollar and eye problem and heart disease. He saw a doctor recently and his blood preasure is up, and he is reduced to eat a red meat. Veggies and white meat are only allowed for his deteroriating health. Why not talking about him first before kiir? Nonsense.

  11. pitya lo tongun says:

    This is what the minority tribes used to view from the two buffaloes in regards to their political opinions. the buffaloes alway disagree about the question of who is to govern(rule) south Sudan but they alway share the same notion of mistreatment, discrimination, subjugation, land grubbing,tribalism, nepotism, etc.The buffaloes thought that through these vices they can infiltrate fear into the minorities then in turn they can achieve their common objectives. but the recent scenario in shilluk kingdom proof them wrong.hence our self respect and unity of purpose are the only rescuing apparatus that can determine our existence as a nation, otherwise the above vices will put us as a history in near future.

  12. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Gatcharwarbol,

    Please withdrow your assertion.I am,”A diehard support of…”,RSS and fellow citizens among whom are nuers.So go bury Kiir,Riak and the likes alive and be assured never to expect any tear from me and my likes.That’s why stupidity is evil.

    The authors who provoked the events of 15 December 2013 might have thought that it was a dirty work for two hours.But as we are now going for ages deep in shit,they have time to think about their stupidity that led them to provoke such an immeasurable tragedy.As such one understands why brother Riak looks like a ghost from another planet and why Kiir is discribed here as being sick and on the brink of death.

    I will not be surprised if we get the news that you have also hung yourself if you have ever had a hand on the events becouse the sense of feeling too guilty will compel you to prefer death to life!!!

  13. GatCharwearbol says:

    Ha Ha… That’s amusing comrade, False Millionaire. Far be it from me that I would hang myself. I’m not guilty of anything and I have no hand in this destruction provoke by your folks. Indeed, Kiir and cohorts shallowly thought that their poorly cooked plan will extirpate Nuer in single day and the business will continue as usual. Wrong and we have seen its far reaching consequences. Curse to Kiir and his supporters for taking us back to square one.

  14. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Gatcharwearbol,

    My,”folks”,are the RSS citizens among whom are the innocent citizens whom were murdered in cold blood in both camps,others whose homes and livilihoods were destroyed therefore forced to exile and those who still reason for a possibility of peace and reconciliation among our communities.

    Mr G’bol,leadership is neither a nuer’s nor a dinka’s virtue.I know dinka friends who are well cared for under a nuer fellow.I also know nuer friends who are well cared for under a dinka fellow.Me in my life,as a child,as a student and as I an adult today,got,get and I will always be getting well cared for in one way or another by those who are never necessarily from my tribe.What is left for me to do is to pay them back in the same like wise.That’s a matter of principle and a great human rational responsibility.

    The national implications are such that if I were ever to sit upon a stool of responsibility,I should be expected to sacrifice myself in any way possible to achieve society’s spirations but never to sacrifice the society in order to achieve my personal wishes.But sacrificing the society for your own personal wishes is exactly what Kiir,Riak,you and your likes know to do from the day of the CPA,the independence and up to this very day.As a result,the society has,is and will pay so dearly for you selfishness.But it’s a surprise to always see that you are so blind to see the gravity of the tragedy you have provoked.Accordingly:as we aren’t for Kiir’s camp,those of Kiir’s camp smear us with shit labeling us as Riak’s supporters.As we aren’t Riak’s supporter,those of you from Riak’s camp smear us in the like wise accusing us of being for Kiir.But what is so hard in eating the fruits of your stupidity alone?We will be more stupid than you if we ever assist Riak to come to power or support Kiir to stay in power.We know too well by now that none of you have any sense of good will to the country and the society.So go feel free to continue harassing and fighting us if that’s a guilt!!!

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