Pres. Kiir should dismiss many Ministers for sake of Peace Agreement

By James Okuk, PhD., JUBA, NOV/13/2015, SSN;

When Chapter One on Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) as per August 2015 Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS) gets implemented by the end of this year, many ministers and deputy ministers who are enjoying the privileges of power now will lose their positions and go home so that others who shall be favored by President Salva Kiir Mayardit could get appointed to fill the new posts for peace.

From an average calculation, the GRSS shall lose 25 Ministers from the current cabinet and only retain 6 while getting 13 new faces for TGoNU. That means more politicians shall be mourning the exit while fewer rejoice the entry.

According to the agreed power sharing formula the GRSS shall retain 53% Ministerial portfolios (16 Ministers) while South Sudan Armed Opposition shall be rewarded with 33% (10 Ministers); and the Former Detainees shall be awarded with 7% (2 Ministers) while Other Political Parties shall be thrown 7% of Ministerial portfolios (2 Ministers).

Each Party will get its share from the 30 national ministries in accordance with the random lottery on:

1) Governance Cluster (Cabinet Affairs; Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation; Defence and Veterans’ Affairs; Interior; Justice and Constitutional Affairs; National Security; Parliamentary Affairs; Information, Communication Technology and Postal Services; and Ministry of Federal Affairs; Minister in the Office of the President) in addition to Deputy Ministers for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation; Defence and Veterans’ Affairs; Interior; Justice and Constitutional Affairs; and Information, Communication Technology and Postal Services;

2) Economic Cluster (Finance and Planning; Petroleum; Mining; Agriculture and Food Security; Livestock and Fisheries; Trade and Industry; Energy and Dams; Transport; Roads and Bridges; Environment and Forestry; Land, Housing and Urban Development; Water Resources and Irrigation, Wildlife Conservation and Tourism) in addition to Deputy Ministers for Finance and Planning; and Agriculture and Food Security;

3) Service Delivery Cluster (Higher Education, Science and Technology; General Education and Instruction; Health; Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development; Gender, Child and Social Welfare; Culture, Youth, and Sports; Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management) in addition to Deputy Minister of Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development.

No party shall be allowed to have a bullying monopoly on selection of ministries in each cluster. For example, if the GRSS selects in its first chance of lottery the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and its Deputy, it will not guarantee retaining the Ministry of Finance and Planning, the Ministry of Defence and Veternas’ Affairs and the Ministry of Interior with their Deputies, and any other Ministry until the second chance for lottery avails itself but by not repeating the first choice in the first cluster.

The SPLM-IO, the Former Detainess and Other Political Parties (who are not currently represented by ministers in the National Cabinet) shall not feel the pain of losing like the GRSS and its allied political parties.

That is where the warning of Vice President Wani Igga makes sense as many current ministers are seen unhappy with the changes that are coming with the implementation of the peace agreement. They sleep less every day in worries and hope that every morning comes with no changes so that their ministerial positions are not threatened.

Some of these ministers have reached to the extent of not caring about the suffering of people of South Sudan. However, it is not up to them because peace should be greater to any current ministerial position of war time.

President Kiir should by now know very well who are fit for his 10 ministers and perhaps 3 deputy ministers for the time of peace in addition to the small share he shall give to those of Martin Elia Lomuro, Joseph Ukel and Bishop Gabriel Roric, perhaps.

He should punish the ministers who have shown themselves these days to be against peace agreement and never appoint any of them to serve in the coming peace Cabinet.

If they want to threaten him with new rebellion let them try because they will hate the consequence of going against peace.

They shall not get sizable supporters of war like what Dr. Riek Machar, Mr. Taban Deng and other SPLM-IO leaders got when they were removed from power in 2013.

If things had gone well with good faith of implementing Chapter One on TGoNU by now and after 90 days from the time of the signing of ARCISS the new government would have been the one ruling the country.

But as the common wisdom optimizes that it is always better late than never, the peace-loving citizens and their regional and international friends are still hopeful that the TGoNU is going to be formed soon.

Starting from the mid of this month of November 2015 and onwards after the IGAD Extraordinary Summit had taken place in Juba, politics is not going be the same again for South Sudan. Those who are still sleeping for the past should get shuddered to come to terms with the new reality of peace.

The term and mandate of President Salva Kiir Mayardit, the Vice President James Wani Igga, and the serving 10 State Governors of the Republic of South Sudan shall be extended for duration of the Transitional Period (30 months) until general elections time unless some situations that demand exceptions come up, but which should be handled in accordance with the provisions of the ARCISS or amendments agreed upon by the signatory parties and Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC).

The TGoNU (dominated by three SPLM factions with 97%) shall be obliged to carry out the following duties:

1) Restoring peace, security and stability in the country;
2) Expediting relief, protection, repatriation, rehabilitation and resettlement of IDPs and returnees;
3) Facilitating and Overseeing national reconciliation and healing process through an independent mechanism including budgetary provisions for compensation and reparations;
4) Overseeing and ensuring that the Permanent Constitution-making process is successfully carried out;
5) Working closely with the IGAD-PLUS Member States and Organizations and other partners and friends of South Sudan to consolidate peace and stability in the country;
6) Reforming the public financial management, civil service, and security sector;
7) Ensuring prudent, transparent and accountable management of national wealth and resources to build the nation and promote the welfare of the people;
8) Rebuilding the destroyed physical infrastructure in conflict-affected areas and give special attention to prioritizing the rebuilding of livelihoods of those affected by the conflict;
9) Establishing a competent and impartial National Elections Commission (NEC) to conduct free and fair Elections before the end of the Transitional Period and ensure that the outcome is broadly reflective of the will of the electorate;
10) Making all efforts to conduct National Population and Housing Census before the end of the Transitional Period;
11) Devolving more powers and resources to States’ and County levels; and
12) Carrying out normal functions of a democratic government of peace time (i.e., government by the people, of the people, for the people and with the people).

There should not be any lame excuse that there is no money for peace when, in fact, there has been money for war, corruption and looting of public wealth kleptocratically.

Of course and as far as we know the SPLM leaders, the success of such peace project shall still remain in a tricky balance without a sustained pressure from regional and international powers.

We shall have challenges of capacities and characters of the SPLM politicians (be they IO or IG or G10) who shall be appointed as Governors, Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Commissioners, etc, for the execution of the transitional peace tasks as enumerated above.

Worst still, it has already been seen how the SPLM historical politicians have become a cause of curse for the new country in contravention to the original vision of the freedom fighters.

Some people have described the SPLM leaders ironically that when they differ they kill the citizens instead of themselves but when they agree they loot the public money and assets in a spree shameless manner. Either way the SPLM is no longer of good use for South Sudan.

But what can the people do when IGAD-Plus and the whole world has decided to force the cursed SPLM on the throat of South Sudanese for the next coming three years in the name of peace?

They have to continue being patient. Some of us are sensing it that it is not going to be the same because sooner than later during the transitional period, the SPLM would be forced to go for transformation.

It has to change its name and create alliances for genuine popular political reality or disappear for good into history archives like KANU of Kenya.

Dr. Lam Akol is already ahead of the rest of the historical SPLM leaders because he has formed the National Alliance (NA) for a genuine non-violent democratic competition for power.

What he still needs terribly is a free political space and level ground for the success of his democratic and enlightened political endeavors in South Sudan.

He is not a leader by chance. The Republic of Nigeria did it recently and President Mohammadu Buhari is now putting his country above on the right track.

The People of South Sudan want nothing less than peace for prosperity!
Dr. James Okuk is a lecturer of politics. He is reachable at


  1. deng hanbol says:

    Dear Dr. Okuk,
    this is my first time to concur with you on national issue or the state of affairs of our country… In fact, many readers including myself believed most of your previous articles were biased toward Dinka realm or against SPLA IO and Dr. Riek Machar despite the fact that you were humiliated by the same regime… I mean Kiir and his tribe men put you in prison with no charges. Anyway, the article echo my own sentiments regarding Kiir’s ministers specifically Nuer Wew and Martin Lambro of Pojulu tribe … I quoted “They sleep less every day in worries and hope that every morning comes with no changes so that their ministerial positions are not threatened…” But nevertheless, I don’t concur with you that Dr.Machar and gen. Taban Deng Gai went to bush for they were relieved… Such sentiments are dust pious claptrap…

  2. Beek says:

    Our youth needs to wake up and watch The Fortune Hunters (TFH) and Top Positions Seekers (TPS) with possess because their lives are not for Diabolical Bureaucrats.

  3. abai okwahu says:

    the splm/a, splm-io, splm-dc, etc., this beast with different names must go! this politico-military structure setup by john garang has outlived its usefulness, the folks running it have looted the country and created these crises. igad has proven to be a useless negotiator, allowing kiir to break agreements without fear of any sanctions. abyei’s issue is still unresolved, the border with sudan is not yet demarcated, perhaps this place called south sudan shoud be placed under un trusteeship for a while until the people reach some level of maturity! seriously.

    • Alier Gai says:

      The issue of abyei and border with the north were both given to riek and deng alor. Their failure in negotiations caused everything to go wrong with kiir. What can kiir do when riek and deng failed him, as you can see them now in the opposition? Putting south sudan under the UN tursteeship is a wrong idea. For example, Somalia is not now doing any better for two decades while under the mentioned trusteeship. We are good where we are brother. Let riek accepts his failures in wars and change for the better so that he knocks and asks for the seat, but forcing himself to the throne without political capabilities to lead and unite people is unproductive risk to him and the people of south sudan. Again, riek is the problem minus garang. Current war has proven that riek went for a second round repeating what he did in 1991 while garang is in the grave. Good reasoning will benefit all of us. Riek is our big problem no matter you can say.

      • abai okwahu says:

        gai, kiir has a big entourage and obviously he could appoint replacements for the abyei and the border file, after riek and alor failed. i hope you are sensible enough to not dismiss the idea of placing the country under un trusteeship even just for a couple of years and not simply accept the status quo and cite the example of somalia. south sudan is not somalia, and a failed experiment there (un) as well as the factors that contributed to the retlessness in somalia are not equal or the same with what south sudan has currently. i do not believe that riek was the person that created this current crises (rebelled), nor do i believe that he and lam akol deliberately rebelled against the splm and caused the split that claimed a lot of innocent lives. the 1991 split was brought about because of the dictatorial tendencies of john garang and his top-down leadership style in the movement (splm). please do not heap all blame on riek. kiir has now joined the ranks of mean-spirited rulers like omar el bashir, museveni, mugabe, afeworki, etc., whose style of rule is oppression. riek is not the problem, it is the system that is rotten. gai, i beg to differ.

        • Gatdarwich says:


          Abyei and border issue will and shall be handled by, The Incompetent, power-hungry-greedy, and traitorous, Killer NyanKiir, and his Dinka-warlords-Generals, Kuol Manyany, Malong Awan, Marial Chinuong, Garang Mabir, Bol Akot, Salva Mathok, Malual Ayom, Philip Aguer, Mabek Lang Bilkuey, and JCE period. No none-Dinka son or daughter will aid you this time around. You must, will, and shall eminently carry your own cross period. After all your traitorous kinsmen’ grand fathers from Abyei legally sold the land to Jallaba. Harsh-embarrassing and truth reality. I know ! You can invite the mercenaries from, Uganda(Museveni’s UPDF), JEM, SPLA-North, Rwandans, or others foreign forces for the task if you wish to do so. Your trickery-manipulative tactics, and treacherous nature are now well known by Junubiin from all walks of life period

        • Alier Gai says:

          Brother Abai,
          Just to let you know, the issue of riek macher will never rest in vain unless he brings back our destroyed unity. He is the divider and a killer than any southern sudanse known. 1991 was the base of the committed crimes and 2013 set the bar high for his crimes fame. Where is the self-determination he often claim when he is being used by the same khartoum to ruin his self-determination? You better defer from this topic. I would rather give credit to lam akol who openly stated his position that “there was no political ideology in the first place south fought north in order to be freed; and that there is no qualified reason south would break away from the north.” This is lam, the other accomplice to 91 event. Where is riek position here? Power was the motive for the struggle and still the cause to 2013. Those of riek and deng to shelf abyei until they have ideas in place. That was the reason kiir did not charge someone. You are still on the sideline with un trusteeship. Giving our country away is a no country return to its owners.

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Abyei and border issue will and shall be handled by, The Incompetent, power-hungry-greedy, and traitorous, Killer Kiir, and his Dinka-warlords-Generals, Kuol Manyany, and JCE period. No none-Dinka son or daughter will aid you this time around. You must, will, and shall eminently carry your own cross. After all your traitorous kinsmen’ grand fathers from Abyei legally sold the land to Jallaba. Harsh-embarrassing and truth reality. I know ! You can invite the mercenaries from, Uganda(Museveni’s UPDF), JEM, SPLA-North, Rwandans, or others foreign forces for the task if you wish to do so.

    • Yien Mathew says:

      Hi my Nuer brother Rambang Deng gach
      I pass over yr article you posted in S born to rule ideology.I admire yr wring but what can we do brother since we Nuers are not organized.Those who have that ideology like the Dinkas are more organized and that is why they always take the lead.If u look at Dec 15 incident 2013.You wil realized our senior guys are fool including our big man Dr. Machar.Do u know what happen it was Taban Deng Gai who gave him fake assessment that we have 75 % of Nuers in the Army, when the mission was carried out it fail so Taban and Riek find themselves running away from Juba to the bush, so Riek ask Taban where is 75% of our Nuers in the army? Taban answer by keeping quiet three times.When Machar blame Taban about incident Taban was angry and ask Riek why you didn,t sucess since 1991 coup these are all yr mess up it was u who want to be President.When i ask Dr. Riek in one of our evening conversation i ask him is sit true that there was a coup it took him 2 mins to answer me lastly he said yes there was coup attempt but it failure was blame on Taban and the G10 who engineered it.The following on the g10 said they have enough army who can topple president Kiir.The names are as followers,
      Dr.Majak Agoot,Oyai Deng,Gir Chuang,Pagan,John Luke,Deng Alor these p,ple were very sure of themselves,he did n,t know these were weak guys who don,t have any single support even from the grassroots.So it is true z there was coup.So z is sit my bro,let us not blame any body ab,t born to rule ideology.Thk,
      Comrade Yien Mathew,The former active Splm member in gov,t

      • Gatdarwich says:

        Yien Mathew, your points of discussion are irrelevant to the topics being discussed here. Dr. Okuk, the writer of the topics did not mentioned coup, nor he mentioned Gen. Taban Deng. Why do not your inane-dumb-slavish-traitorous-ass write separate article and post it here for discussion. Yien, slavish-heart, coupled with gluttony and treachery kills!

      • denghanbol says:

        Dear brother Yien,
        it seems to me that you turn against our commander in chief. But, I hope not.

  4. Gatdarwich says:

    Okuk, another confused Doctor pretending to know it all ! What kind of non- violence strategies would really or possibly work or be achieved by your jailed(under house arrest) uncle, Dr. Lam, in South Sudan? What a nation!

  5. Gatdarwich says:

    Dr. Okuk, Delusional and wishful thinking dude. Juba’s ethnocracy or demonocracy government under his truly, the Incompent, Dinka-tribal warlord-chief, power-hungry-greedy, and traitorous, Killer Kiir, plus the JCE, will not, and shall not, implement changes or dismiss their kinsmen-currently holding ministerial posts, as you wish, unless by force period. Stay, still cornered Dr, for the Freedom Fighters and the mightiest-bravest are miles away to rescue your likes!

    • Alier Gai says:

      Although I did not agree in other places with dr. okuk, the ministrial posts be emptied in order to accommondate other share holders for the sake of peace cause me to accept his reasoning. He is completely right and the article is more balanced than you think not. When I first read the post, I was then first like president kiir that the ministers who are on the way out will soon turn their back against the very government they once served, and riek is the ultimate beneficiary to pick them up for his political ambition. Take 2013 as an example. Kiir dismissed all his cabinet and the result suited riek’s interest after their dismissal; the war erupted due to their incompetent reasonings they approach politics with the same miscalculated ideology of defeating someone through physical confrontation. It didn’t work before and it is not working now. However, let the ideas talk. And the truth is that the splem in government is very defenseless now while losing their national seats in the negotiated peace. War gives them upper hand than table negotiations. The other coming in groups are gaining their national recognitions inside the splm dominated zone. This is where i embrace Dr. Okuk’s reasoning. Note that in the language used splem survival is getting smaller and its dominion is no longer favored by southern masses. This is the real politic our nation is lacking from the beginning. So, what is your point you are arguing here? If it is by force and gun to change the government and put riek up there, you forget it. You have tried several times and terribly failed. The expression above to use political forces than millitary forces is much better than the previous attempts with nothing to gain. Let use our brains so that we find political solutions to our physical creating problems. Physical forces have failed us time and again with the confusions and blames left among us. Ideal defeat is only the way forward.

      • Gatdarwich says:

        Alier, Freedom Fighters’ movement-SPLA-IO, did not failed, but in fact, locally, regionally, and internationally humiliated and embarrassed, the Incompetent-power-hungry-greedy- and traitorous, Killer Nyankiir, Dinka- warlords- Kuol Manyany, malong Awan, plus your mercenaries-Museveni’s UPDF, JEM, and SPLA- North combined. Only two clans(Lou and Gawaar) out of 12 clans compelled Uganda’s UPDF to dug and buried themselves in Bor town(were battling snakes and misquiteos with tanks and modest weapons underground for two years). Alier, who miserably and terribly failed to accomplished the carefully planned and well funded ethnic cleansing war campaign? Your truly, the Incompetent-power-greedy-traitorous, killer Nyankiir, Malong Awan, and Kuol Manyany did! right? Braggary and provocative rheteorics , will and shall eminently gets your likes catatrosphically pay for the carnage you caused and executed on others, sooner than later.

        • Alier Gai says:

          No valid point produced and I don’t want you to come back with other unimportant points which may even further disqualify your position in the debate. Political war is better than military confrontation your riek is waging upon the people of south sudan. Why he is always fearing box choices and expecting that nuer tribe will ride him to the throne by force? That road of getting in there by the mean of force is closed for good on macher. And know it better that riek is not coming power, now and in the future as well.

          • Gatdarwich says:

            Alier, Thank you for admitted the indisputable-historical facts !

            For your information, Dr. Riek did not planned nor initiated the current deadly war in South Sudan, but their truly, The Incompetent, power-hungry-greedy-traitorous, Killer NyanKiir, and Malong Awan, Kuol Manyany, JCE, plus countless people from your tribe did so because of greedy and treachery nature period. Undeniable fact, Pal.

            You, and I know very well that Dr. Riek, is South Sudan, and South Sudan is Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon. The fact that he steadfastly and unwaveringly took patriotic position in the detrimental of Nuer in this war, by not inviting mercenaries like your kinsmen did and continuously still doing, should not give you a false sense of weakness on his(Dr. Riek’) part.

            Believe it or not, Dr. Riek has immense human-political- and military power, than traitorous-Killer NyanKiir. And can quickly make every none-nationalist-traitor tribe in South Sudan, catastrophically feels the carnage that the Nuer or Leer citizens(Dr. Riek’s clan) are currently experiencing, in a heartbeat.
            Alier, you must wholeheartedly pray to Ngundeng so that Dr. Riek do not adapts or replicates your kinsmen’s treacherous nature! Otherwise, if he does, it would be disastrous and catastrophic to your likes period

  6. Dear The Author:Dr.James Okuk (Phd)

    What you have expressed in your written article,it is absolutely nonsense! Changing ministers for replacement issue,is not going to bring any good at all in the government of South Sudan Republic to people!!!!

    What I want to be done is that peace in the countryThe genuine one! Not bogus peace in the IGAD that was signed between the warring parties leaders Riak Machar and President Salva Kirr!!!! Forget about the peace.They have signed in August!!!!!!


  7. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Dr. Okuk,

    Thank you for your article and I truly agree with you South Sudanese nothing, but peace. At this time, I think it would be better for President Kiir to relieve some of ministers from their post instead of staying in the power to abuse the system and I truly appreciate and agree with you into this point. In the government of South Sudan, there are many ministers are abusing the power and the more they would stay in the power, the more they misuse the power. Some ministers are there without knowing what they are doing and that is what make the country to fail. The roots of abusive power are often found in men and women who are pointed by President while they are not capable to express and think in the logically way to make the development, but corruption.

    President Kiir has to maintain the positions of those who are loyal and open-minded to carry on the SPLM/A ideology. Some of ministers are truly expert in corruption, but not in the development of the country. Today those who expert, knowledgeable and capable in the development of the country are powerless, jobless and victim for those who are misusing the power in the government. Logically, it will be unfortunate if President Kiir continues with those who are not knowledgeable to bring the change in his leadership. Randomly appointment, will never help him to improve his leadership otherwise it would be very difficult for him to be successfully in his political motivation. President Kiir is a peacemaker president, but he needs to be open-minded and careful for his ministers’ appointment because some of his ministers are not qualified ministers and that is where his failure come from.

  8. Alier Gai says:

    The article is standing in the middle without left cons and right pros. However, the issue of other factions (rebels) with guns in their hands is a big challenge to peace. Civilains and their disarment has been a challenge and a threat to national security with no immediate answer or solution. These issues are larger part of the current war, when the undisarmed civilains and unintegrated rebels joined fight at the ethics divideline. Will kiir-riek bring anything better to their divided family after this remarriage again or will they call it a temprory stay that may cause them another bloody fall apart? Their past ten years stay was a nightmare to us. We all hope for the best this time that peace takes immediate effect so that we the ‘citizen’ get our abused lives back through the collective effort and a good will for peace. Let have no strangers this time or differently, there will be no peace and a nation to our mindset crisis mentality. Our problems do seek political solutions other than reckless disorganized wars lead by lunatics who are supposed to be held at the mental institutions for treatment. They are wrecking our nation at their own valitions. It is better for kiir and riek to behalf and act humanly in order to erase their unforgiven misdeeds by working together to implement peace.

    • Francis Mangok Angeir says:


      This is a time for Kiir and Riek to think for the future of South Sudanese than power. South Sudanese themselves have to come together and think for their future instead of dying for two men power. Forgiveness would be the only way to end this political struggle otherwise this mindset crisis mentality of war tribalism would never go away. the world is now in danger, but our people are continuing killing themselves than coming together. Politicians should have to leave behind the differences and begin to think how to bring people together to live in peace than being enemy to one another. God bless South Sudan

      • Alier Gai says:

        Mr. Angier,
        You have a point and the point is coming together as a nation and shelf our negative baggages aside. The need for riek and kiir to take sideline is highly appreciated, but they are not listening to the louder noises southern masses produced. They are neither helping the nation in the developmets and its progress other than distruction. They both need to swallow their egos and give us back our liberty they have hijacked. With them in power as they are coming back together, the fear of the unkown is ahead. Nevertheless, I need the signed peace to take effect immediately without another drama being spelt. Our people’s suffering is immense and that they need peace.

    • Yien Mathew says:

      Leave Dr James Okuk alone to express what ever he think he can contribute.Our Nuers leaders have failed us we the young Nuers.Our Nuer leaders those of Dr.Riek,Taban Deng have miserably fail bse,of poor planning,poor Anallese .You can see they kind of weak leader who joint them for the sake of getting ready made food ppl like Lado Gore who joined but does not have any fighting force along side him. What made our moment fail many of us like you Gardarwich resort to fight more in the internet than jointing us on the front line for physical battle.Lado Gore is soon coming to Juba but will get top position and he has never shot any single bullet.I wish him to be rewarded with nothing bse he has not participated in the real battle but war of wars that can not bring any victory.
      Comrade Yien Mathew

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Your naive assertion that Dr. Riek and Gen. Taban have failed Nuer is totally misplaced and hold no water at all because the well known and vision-less-blood thirty-personalities that been working against the Naath Nation’s cause since 1990s, are: Gen. Gatdet, Gen. Gathok, Changson, and you,Yien Mathew(except December 2013-September 2015). You, Yien, and these Generals-Gatdet and Gathok, catastrophically contributed to the countless lost of Nuer’ lives and properties in late 1990s and earlier 2000s. Facts check or dispute me,if you can ! Your dirty records are traceable and in-delectable. As per, Gen. Lado Gore, he has more patriotic and committed followers/soldiers than you, Gatdet, Gathoth, and Changson combined. Harsh reality and truth, I know !
        lastly, I don’t Dr. Okuk, would appreciates your treacherous personality depending him. He is a Dr, and can, will and shall backup his arguments if he can prove Gatdarwich’s points wrong. Treachery and political prostitution kills. Stay cornered and keep on gambling pal.

        • Gatdarwich says:

          Yien, participating in frontline battle without clear-achievable objectives is nothing more than madness and sucidal-hell missions. So, how close are you, and the habitual defectors-Changson-Gatdet & Gathoth, to Bhar El Ghazale or Juba. It’s has been over three months now since you and the cohorts voluntarily quit the Freedom Fighters’ Movement-SPLA-IO? Do not Lie to me or Naath Nation that, Dr. Riek, Gen. Gatwech Dual, Gen. Koang Chuol, Gen. Chayuot, Gen. Khamis, Gen. Kenyi, Gen.Dau Atuorjuong, and Gen. Lado Gore, are the hurdles-erecting barriers-preventing you from reaching Bhar El Ghazale or Juba. Brother Yien Matthew, tribalizing and clanilizing national issues is the shortest and surest path to hell period. Your likes, will not and shall not be permitted to shed more Nuer blood in vain again. Your catatrosphic deeds of 1990s and earlier 2000s were enough. Come back to the freedom fighters’ movement-SPLA-IO before you all eminently rot-perish in misery! Be a good, learnt, and exemplary figure WutNuer-Yien !

      • Gatdarwich says:

        Your naive assertion that Dr. Riek and Gen. Taban have failed Nuer is totally misplaced and hold no water at all because the well known and vision-less-blood thirty-personalities that been working against the Naath Nation’s cause since 1990s, are: Gen. Gatdet, Gen. Gathok, Changson, and you,Yien Mathew(except December 2013-September 2015). You, Yien, and these Generals-Gatdet and Gathok, catastrophically contributed to the countless lost of Nuer’ lives and properties in late 1990s and earlier 2000s. Facts check or dispute me,if you can ! Your dirty records are traceable and in-delectable. As per, Gen. Lado Gore, he has more patriotic and committed followers/soldiers than you, Gatdet, Gathoth, and Changson combined. Harsh-embarrassing reality and truth, I know !
        lastly, I don’t think Dr. Okuk, would appreciates your treacherous personality defending him because he is a competent, logical, and reasonable Doctor, and can, will, and shall backup his arguments if he can prove Gatdarwich’s points wrong. Treachery and political prostitution kills. Stay cornered and keep on gambling pal.

  9. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Yien Mathew,

    God says tell the truth and the truth will set you free. Wisdom comes from God, but if you do not tell the truth, God will never give you wisdom to think better. The war you people preach between ourselves would never benefiting us. Dinka and Nuer fight over cattle, but not over politic because we are brothers and sisters, we are cousins. If you people do not come together unfortunately, there would be no strong government in Juba. Question: if Nuer and Dinka are not in peace where did the strong government would come from? If you people choose to destroy your own country continue, but God will never bless you Dinka and Nuer for this war you are creating to each other. I am not happy for both of you for destroying this beautiful country. Women and children are suffering, but most of you politicians are enjoying. God would never forgive you, but He will bless those women and children suffer under trees in South Sudan.

  10. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear:Mr.Yien Mathew

    You appearing to be an ignorant man! Fighting alone,it will not make you to achieve your goals!South Sudanese people got the independence in on 9,September 2011,according to the peace.But it was not gotten on military force!

    The SPLM/SPLA fought in the bush under the leadership of Late Colonel Dr.John Garang De Mabior ever since in the inception of the movement in a year 1983.He did not beat down the government in Sudanese regime based in central in north in Khartoum on on military force.Although he had succeeded to captured many areas from the government of Sudan regime in central in north in Khartoum. But eventually,he had gotten the South peace on his brain!

    Now,you blaming Dr.Alfred Lado Gore in this current senseless war in the South Sudan why he does not have a military force to fighting the South Sudan regime under the leadership of President Salva Kirr administration in Juba.Very funny! He may be a right person to bring a peace with Juba government someday on his mind on his ideas! Thank you! Never fight for a war without having a clear BRAIN! TOO WRONG!!!!!!


  11. Alier Gai says:

    Gatdawiich, you still came short to put my head straight on this subject matter. Your wrong preception and evil believe will never allow you to admit countless mistakes machar had made in the last two decades and now. He is a war thiller with the hell spirit which put nuer people at risk first before he even kills others. Ambition for power with reckless disorganization is unacceptible and must be adressed squarely. No more desaster in the waiting than the seen ones. Jieng concil of elders appeared last year as a result of nuer continous threat without end and that they adressed this rebellion proparely. They have no connections with heinous crimes riek have been committing so far. And know very well that riek machar is always a traitor who works on behalf of khartoum against his own people of south sudan. He first invited north to supply him with the weapons of all kinds since 91 up to now. Khartoum is our real mercanery than anyone out there you could imagine to disestablize south. Brother, let us speak the truth: riek is not what we want to succeed kiir. He is done and the court is waiting for him in juba. And together as citizens, we will ask kiir to give us our leadership when riek is not threatening people anymore and then moving on from there. But making riek an alternative to replace kiir by force, is a never ending game of war between jieng and naath.

    • Gatdarwich says:

      Alier, you must drill in thy brain the indisputable fact that Dr. Riek is Literally the South Sudan, and South Sudan is Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon. So, Dr. Riek is not done because South Sudan is not, even though, it is(South Sudan’s sovereignty) is on Museveni’s life support. As per your wrong assertion of never ending war between Jiengs and Naath, there never been and never is any an active all out war between Jiengs and Naath, but Jiengs in leadership beginning from Garang to killer NyanKiir have been using foreigners-mercenaries and South Sudanese(including Nuer-yes, Dr. Riek & General Taban were once Dinka agents) and committed heinous crimes on selective Naath clans- Gajang Nuer massacred of 1987 by Garang and killer NyanKiir and Bul Nuer massacared of late 1980s and earlier 2000s by SPLA-under the leadership of Garang and killer NyanKiir. In spites of all these continuous killing of Nuer by Dinka leaders, Naath in general never declared an all out war on Dinka-at least not yet! Fact, pal ?!

  12. Bol says:

    “You, and I know very well that Dr. Riek, is South Sudan, and South Sudan is Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon” Really?! Who else share this idea? How can a mortal soul, who goes shopping, eats and defecates be comparable to immortal concept of COUNTRY?

  13. Gatdarwich says:

    Bol, it is natural for the treacherous individuals of your likes to not appreciates even the slightest national achievements of the patriots like Dr. Riek, because doing so isn’t embedded in thy viens. Who can blame you for what superior being-God didn’t instilled in thy hearts!

  14. Alier Gai says:

    If you think that there is no all war between the Dinka and Nuer, you tell me the meaning of 4500 civilains killed in Bor, as a result of riek’s failed coup in juba? Tell me the cleared out of dinka in Akobo? Tell me what happened in Malakal? You tell me what Kong chol did to dinka people in unity state? And what about the about 91 army march in Bor?
    Brother, I am questioning your moral judgment and the love for humanity. You people have to admit that you are the problem to the people of south sudan plus the dinka behind racing you. Your minute attitudes are contaguous. You like drama than anything of normal talks and you like to give false accuses than the proven facts. You are therefore debating your insanity out of the living facts. You are given six states and it is better now to go and rule yourself before you rest blame against any tribe. You just try it for a year and tell me what happens.

  15. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Yien Mathew,
    We have the habit of quoting a certain fellow blogger named Elhag Paul who says that,”truth hurts but it is also liberating”.
    But it’s a most irresponsible behaviour from the part of Mr Gatdarwich who attempts to impose an impossible act of covering up a rotten meat with grass to deny the theory of coup d’etat behind the events of 15th December 2013 as revealed by your dispatch of 16th November 2015 at 10:21 AM.
    Madam Nyandeng has returned to Juba on Thursday among some members of the G10.She went to shed crocodile tears on Dr Garang’s tomb,a typical act of sorcery to the victims of the evil she had helped to master mind.
    That could be an act of recognition to her quilt but also a trick she ought to have concocted to fool the victims into considering to fogive her.
    The magnitude of the destruction that has been inflicted on RSS and it’s society is such that no earthly instrument of measuerment could be so wide to indicate it.It’s only the likes of Mr Gatdawich who are so blind to ignore it.But who should blame them when they are among the master minders of the coup d’etat.They aren’t even mindful of the possibility that may not come out from it in two pieces!!!
    Now after wa

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