Pres. Kiir initiates a new militia training camp in Jie, E. Equat. State, says Governor


South Sudan Liberty News received a direct report from Torit, by a very reliable source close to the governor of Eastern Equatoria State, Mr. Louis Lobong Lojere, that the governor has grown inpatient and distanced himself from what the SPLA spokesperson, Col Philip Aguer, had earlier stated, that his government discovered three rebel training camps in EES state, one at the border of Acholi and Ma’di in Lobonok Payam, a second inside Nimule and the third in the disputed area of Jie located between EES and Jonglei State.

This new development came one week after the SPLA reported having finished a search in the Nimule Corridor from mountain to mountain, home to home, for rebel activities and came back empty handed.

Meanwhile the informant disclosed that governor Lobong categorically rejected this false Juba accusation to implicate the People of EES, and that Lobong was very angry and said the so-called ‘uncovered rebel training camp in Jie did not belong to any rebel groups but it is rather a camp opened for dubious reasons by the President Salva Kiir himself.’

He further worrisomely stated that this is to train additional Presidential guards also known as Kiir’s private militias. The record of this militia is tarnished with the blood of fellow citizens killed in December 2013 in Juba, thus this is not good news for the people of EE state and its malignant design is directly aimed to put down any uprising in Eastern Equatoria State and in the Greater Equatoria as a whole and the Governor wants nothing of it in his state.

He concluded that whatever begins with bad will ends bad, but the great people of EE will not allow a massacre of the scale of Juba or any for that matter in their territories. “This report given by the government was simply a decoy an Kiir is actively plotting against the people of Equatoria through the use of his tribal Militias, just as he did against the Nuer!”

Therefore, he, Lobong has no knowledge, as the top man in his state, of any paramilitary training camp in EES other than that one in Jie, operating under the direct order of Kiir to produce additional private Presidential guards, our informant narrated to us.

This new development coming from a close source to Gov. Lobong must be treated with grave concern and urgency by the public and political leaders of South Sudan, as many can recall and have fresh memory of the Juba massacres carried by this same private militias trained by Kiir at the expense of tax payers’ money.

We are placing this alarming development in the top news to let our compatriots know that Kiir and his henchmen are gearing for yet another tragedy in our nation.

We are about to witness a second gruesome state-sponsored massacre in the lapse of less than two years, tragically enough there are people still ignoring this unfortunate event and still in the misguided propaganda that Kiir is a legitimate elected President, therefore he cannot relinquish power.

“An election does not give one an absolute power to tramp upon even those who elected you. Lucifer was created holy but when he committed sin against the One who created and put him in the place of beauty and power, he lost his legitimacy; thus was cast out of heaven.”

“So who is Kiir that once elected he can not be touched despite becoming irrelevant and illegitimate by the acts of raising an illegal militia, inventing a coup and massacring the very people who elected him?” added a state offical.

Our informant reports Kiir and his Bahr El Ghazal generals have tried all that is possible to provoke the Equatorians to armed fight so that they, the generals, will use this as a pretext to crash the Equatorians, which they believe is easy for them to accomplish.

These Generals are now very apprehensive because the people of Equatoria on their own have started resistance to Juba.

Our informant also revealed to us that other private militias under Kiir would soon open at the border of Western Equatoria state with Warrap, Lakes and Western Bahr El Ghazal states, strategically to serve the Jieng power over the rest of South Sudan.

Meanwhile the commander of SPLA Division II who is responsible in overseeing the areas of Nimule, Pageri, Opari and Moli, issued a provocative remarks that, “let the Ma’di begin the war, they, the soldiers, will destroy all the concrete buildings in Nimule within a day.”

This uncivilized rhetoric set most Madi businessmen and elders in anger, “this is an unfortunate remark coming from the Division II commander whom the vice President James Wani Igga had just said last weekend that the mandate of Division II is to protect the civilian population with their properties.”

“Were we misled by Wani Igga to sit and wait so that we will witness the whole demolition process of our homes?” said an elderly businessman in Nimule.

The commander of Division II himself is a Dinka, though the particular Division II on paper is under the the overall command of Gen. Obutu Mamur.

It must be pointed out that the locals are filled with fear and anxiety that they have been subjected by their own government to constant intimidation, fear and terror created by the Division II army since their arrival in the Madiland in pretext of going after rebels.

Since when did civilians become a legitimate military targets other than only in the Kiir led government?

“We in EES call upon the UN to pressure South Sudan to respect human rights of all South Sudanese and work towards institutional reforms in order to achieve a just and lasting peace,” concluded the state official.

But this message from the international communities falls on deaf ears in Juba. The question now is, will Lobong continues to be a “Yes Sir, Man,” as he now seems to have seen the light, since the tribes that will be crashed, if Kiir can, are most likely his own Toposas and the Madi?

And will the already toothless Juba parliament sit with folded arms and allow a second massacre to happen when they have the constitutional mandate to impeach and to stop Kiir from bleeding our nation?

The Future of this nation no longer is in the hands of Kiir, if left in his hands the shadows of death shall overrun our nation.

My fellow countrymen and women, the future of this country lies in your hands and mine, not that of Kiir and his henchmen! The more Kiir remains in power the more Souls will be lost and perish.

Justin S Kwaje
SSLN, Juba


  1. JJ jebel says:

    To acknowledge all my people of South Sudan that, there is no security jobs for the three governors of greater equatoria. Kiir is now in position to fire them and replace them by Dinka. Even the job of Vise president. And obutu mamur are no secure, they can be fired by Kiir and replace them by his home town Dinka men. The totality future of South Sudan government will be like white minority of South Africa rule black majority during apartheid times. When Kiir with his home town Dinka have succeeded with their plans of born to rule south Sudan then they can channel our country revenues as they wanted. So I personally argue the three equatorial governors should wake up and speed the process of federal system in south Sudan. After rolls when the small tribes of South Sudan combine together, they can out number Kiirs home town dinka. The small tribes of entire south sudan, together you can liberate from this chronic civil war and poverty to become a great country for our future generations to come.
    JJ Jebel.

  2. mobashir says:

    Enjoy your own making, this what would happen when you make imagery world and live on it.

  3. Deng Hanbol says:

    Dear brother Kwaje, following the Nuer massacre in Juba by the Dinka president with direct support from Museveni, the Equatorians people have been just watching their fellows Naath generals fighting alone the Ugandans troops, SPLA N and Darfurian as if Dinka is not our common foe. By the way,If you don’t’ act now, history will never forgive you.

  4. Majongdit says:

    They have resorted to lies and propaganda….you read this and you see no proofs, no source is quoted and no evidence is provided.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      The article specified that ‘sources close to the Governor of Eastern Equatoria’ originated the news of the militia training camp.
      We stand by the author of the article and it’s authenticity.


      • Hope Sodogo says:

        i agree.
        There is no smoke without fire and the truth will set all of us free. Denial will keep us hostage.
        I must also submit that this forum gives people of all sides a safety valve to express their opinions freely. When we allow freedom of speech, wise leaders will take some of it and change their strategies for our common good. Criticism against our leaders like Kiir, Machar and others does not mean hatred against them. If I were one of these leaders, I would use voices such as those expressed here to lead better. This is why democracy is stronger in the West (Freedom of Expression is the key)

        Having said that, I know there are many good Dinkas, many good Nuers, many good Equatorias and other minorities across the Country. We should not let the bad guys from any side hijack this nation and use it for their temporal gains. I call it temporal because oppression of other human beings is not tolerated by our Creator and it does not last for long. He alone is the boss over His creation including humanity. God will not tolerate oppression of a any human being, including Dinka, Nuer, Equatorians, whites,blacks, yellow people etc. Whoever tries to oppress another is God’s enemy and the consequences are not desirable. Many oppressors and dictators have gone under and are only remembered negatively. While good people excel in this life and long after this life. Dictators like Iddi Amin and his oppressive generals are no longer known to the younger generation. Why because they are not even history, they are done eternally!

        This message is to those who beat the drums of war, simply for the sake of gaining unacceptable power over certain tribes unnecessarily.

        Oppressors or oppressors-to-be, consider yourselves warned, that you don’t want to be on the wrong side of God. He is sovereign and Mighty. That is why Israel’s enemies will never erase Israel from the face of the earth as they wish, until God Himself approves of it for godly purpose. Majority Arabs united [together] against Israel will not succeed because Minority Israel is on God’s side and God is always on the side of the oppressed. Same applies to the power hungry in S.Sudan, just for the sake reviving slavery in S.Sudan. Take it easy fellow Dinka men. Greed for power, for money may turn in to a night mere for you, when God’s wrath is kindled against you. Save your selves before it is too late!!

      • james says:

        time is coming , brothers and sisters, no worries C-4 explosives just arrived, Kirr will no longer be your problem.
        i am ready to die and leave my family leave a good life.
        Titus. gd 9t.

  5. Ceazar Ohisha says:

    Government militia training fields are expanding rapidly in Eastern Equatoria. Most people the government named IDPs in the State is just to seek for international aids to support unknown government plans against the people in Equatoria. Unlike the training in Magwi County, the training in in Jie and in some isolated parts of Equatoria are comprised of Dinka only. The training in Jie was opened by Kuol Manyang. Today if there are Dinka IDPs in your area, please watch out. They are for a different purpose than you know. They are using IDPs as pretext, these are armed Dinka been directed to your area by government. Don’t be surprised, these IDPs will soon cause damage in Equatoria no body would like it.
    It’s late that the governor is speaking angrily. Dinka had long time covered his face with blood money. Some Equatorians who are still being used can’t see the suffering of their own people. But one day we will be free from this virus.

  6. Terketh says:

    Justin S Kwaje, if not only a sake of writing on website. Noneses are not good, you have to write something that can help a citizen of south Sudan. there is nothing called Militias under Kiir it is a general plan for directorate of SPLA training to recruit as a sovereign state .kiir is a president that who was been elected if there is any mistakes from him why not to be patient so that to contest in coming elections rather than to rebel and killed innocent citizens. Preaching in the name of Dinka tribe to gain some individual benefits locally, regionally or internationally will not take us a head, most Dinka people are now more suffering than you who occupied most positions in public and private sectors.

  7. Thomas T says:

    Death has made people mad to talk like this asI am very sorry could nuer turn against James hoth! If there was no James, you would have not still insisted to rebel. Many Dinka leaders have died through his tactics. It was my first time to see anti-tank being chased away by mere men in Dong but this was done for nuer to succeed in defeating the spla. Time has come for you not to rebel the third time! Warning to rebel with in! if they will run to heaven when what they planted burst

  8. Thomas T says:

    Death has made people mad to talk like this as they would run to heaven during the fight

  9. Oyet says:

    some days back before Christmas, when I was in Magwi to see my in laws some villagers told me about the call by JJ Okot for boys from the age of 15 and able body men to register for national military training, though I wasn’t interested to hear their stories but this pieces have now cleared my doubt and it is true the call for national services made by Okot could be actual to fight against his people. Oh my Goodness, spare our people from this madness of Kiir, JJ where will u be when Kiir’s days in the office ends?

  10. Dear Mr.JJ Jebel:

    There is a hefy price to be paid for a federal system!!Bear it hard in your head! I now knew.There are advocates from Equatoria politicians.They ringing the bell for a federal system while they are totally blind! Federalism comes from politics! What is politics for you???What does it mean for you????!!!!

    Thank you! If Nuer are having for self determination for themselves,in Nuer homeland, yet politics will make them fight again for themselves a part from the South Sudanese society in the mainstream! Happy for The Newly Year been 2015!God lucky for your endeavor for your federal system in Equatoria!! I am going back to Sudan in the Equatoria in the South Sudan!!! Back to you to the audience in the forum on the board discussion board South Sudan Nation

    Ongelet Village,Torit South Sudan-Sudan

    • Kondokoro says:

      Thanks Chief Abigo
      You understood what a secret agenda these guys have these independent is in a risky position when some are spreading lies to divide us Abigo I remember you i hope you remember we were in School in khartoum together in Maridi where Wol was our Principle, as you said federalsm is given when the states institutions are built and strong now Riak had destroyed the little we have just built and he is calling for Federalsm what agenda of a devil it is ?
      soon you all will see the real colours of this guy many are returning even the commander of white army had gone back to Juba you can here him talking in an interview with BBC reporter in Nasir
      God will open our eyes before riak confuse all of us

  11. Lobroko Jendo says:

    Dear Chief Abiko Akuranyang,

    Let me define to you what is federalism? Mr. Chief Abiko Akuranyang. Federalism can be defined as an arrangement where the same territory and people are governed by two levels of government, both of which share the some functions and exercise others autonomously of each other. There are many definitions for federalism but all them agree that federalism as a term used to describe a process of almost any successful combination of unity within diversity. To me, your off track completely because you do not what you are taking about. We are demanding for federalism because it is an empowering device which gives autonomy in deciding over issues of local concern including your own state.

  12. Dear Lobroko Jendo:

    Federalism cannot unite people!! Nigeria Republic which was well federalized before in the continental of Africa,it has a blood now!!! Nigerians people,they are much civilized in you in South Sudan. I am a pure Southerner in the land of Sudan in the country.Southerners people are fully of gossip,fully of envious,and full of jealousy! They will never and ever make South Sudan running very a head in front of God at this point! They want kill themselves just for jealousy which come from TRIBALISM!!!!!! Thank you! Back to you to the audience! HONEST KILLS ANGER!


  13. Santo Kur says:

    It is a shame to see the well-educated people, the like of Justin S. Kwaje published comments or opinions that aims to incite tribalsm and destruction of hard-won sovereign country called South Sudan. I doubt that Mr. Justin S. Kwaje participated in the liberation struggle. He might be one of the few individuals who were enjoying luxurious life in Eastern African countries or Europe at the expense of freedom fighters.

    Please calm down and refrain from posting your destructive and uncivilized comments. What sense it makes to you and to your readers when you always equate Dinka with Equatoria. Equatoria is not a tribe. it is a region and Dinka is a tribe.
    If you hate President Salva Kiir please hate him as an individual and don’t hate him because he is a Dinka. President kiir was elected not because he was a Dinka . Salva kiir is an individual person. He was entrusted leadership by his party and not Dinka to lead the country. Where on earth a civilized and educated person like you invites doom to fall upon a country.
    It is my first time ever to hear and knowledgeable person advocating and inviting destruction to the people. To remove President Salva Kiir does not need one to put your tribe at risk and suffering as Nuer wrongly did. Nuer people are dying for no apparent reasons just because one man called Riek Machar did not get seat of presidency. What a foolish thinking is this?

    There is time when Salva kiir will not be a President but Dinka as a tribe will still be there no matter who is a President. Even Nuer who are blindly chasing wind of Riek Machar will one day come to their sense and confess that there is no one-tribe revolution. Riek is an individual person within Nuer people. He is not above the Nuer tribe. There is time when Riek Machar will not be there as their leader but the Nuer tribe will still exist as it is..

    Let us be realistic Mr. Justin. For example if we say that the national government in Juba is there because of resource each tribe contribute to national revenue then we Dinka are contributing more than any tribe in South Sudan. Dinka might be contributing 95% of total revenue to the government in Juba . For example, Melut County in Upper Nile State produces 80% of total Oil outputs South Sudan exports to international market, 15% Oil outputs comes also from another Dinka territory of Pan-Aru in Unity State. Only 10% comes from Nuer territory in Bantiu.

    So if Federalism means controlling over one’s own resources then the Dinka should be the first people to accept introduction of Federalism than any other tribe in South Sudan. But we Dinkas are are very much concern about the well-being of South Sudanese as a whole regardless of which tribe contributes what. South Sudan cannot be divided into small and weak federal states no matter how hugely Dinka sacrifices more than any other tribe in this nation. We are there together as one nation and not tribal states. .

  14. Kondokoro says:

    Justine is not educated these guys are in welfare eating goverment money or may be from the single mothers of the americas they will never act like educated people only tribalism
    they will never go home to help their constituencies with development only Dinka dinka you cant finish Dinka my friend if they can get finish Beshiir had killed 1 000 000 dinkas in this independent war alone while greater uppernile half of people were militias allies to khartoum which resulted in oil being in Bentiew been control by the north same riak was there
    justine and philips should go home not talking here creating confusion but rather go and join riak
    we are tired of these guys blood in their hands soon some will start to do the work of snitching becuz 2015 is tough since riak is trying to gain time it had gone to the ears of SPLA clearly we have to crush these guys or we will be in a big problem

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