‘Pres. Kiir et al, they’re all Bastards:’ Dutch Minister calls out South Sudan leaders over famine

BY: Ben Winsor, www.sbs.com/au, MAR/31/2017, SSN;

Dutch Minister for International Trade and Development Cooperation, Lilianne Ploumen, isn’t one for holding back.

“The leaders of South Sudan are bastards who starve their own people,” she told Dutch TV station RTL4 this week.

“The people of South Sudan have been abandoned by their leaders, left in the lurch, and they need help desperately,” she said.

(((((Link provided: http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2017/03/30/theyre-bastards-dutch-minister-calls-out-south-sudan-leaders-over-famine))))

The outspoken politician made the comments during a nationwide campaign which has seen the Dutch government and the public donate tens of millions of euros to UNICEF and Dutch NGOs as they struggle to address four major famines.

UNICEF says that nearly 1.4 million children are at imminent risk of death from starvation in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen.

While few have stated their views on South Sudan’s leaders in terms as strong as Minister Ploumen, the Dutch politician isn’t alone in blaming South Sudan’s own government.

According to Reuters, a confidential UN report said the government should he held responsible for the famine, with President Salva Kiir using millions of dollars in oil revenue to back his forces in an ongoing civil war.

President Kiir also came in for criticism from UN Secretary General António Guterres in a report to the UN Security Council last week.

“All the optimism that accompanied the birth of South Sudan has been shattered by internal divisions, rivalries and the irresponsible behaviour of some of its leaders,” the Secretary General said.

“One hundred thousand people are enduring famine, 1 million are on the verge of that fate, and 5.5 million may be severely food insecure by this summer,” he said.

The UN says the situation has been driven ongoing conflict and a drought which had created the world’s “fastest growing refugee crisis.”

“There is a strong consensus that South Sudanese leaders need to do more to demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of the country’s people, who are among the poorest in the world,” Secretary General Guterres said.

But despite the success and popularity of Ploumen’s ‘She Decides’ initiative, her days in the job are numbered.

While the politician’s personal popularity helped her leapfrog a candidate in her own Labour party to win a seat in recent Dutch elections, the party has been reduced to minor-party status and is unlikely to be included in an eventual coalition government.

‘Klootzak’ in Dutch is a commonly used derogatory term in the Netherlands, equivalent to ‘bastard’ or ‘a—-hole’.



  1. Rupcaim Kowai says:

    Thanks Mrs. Lilianne Ploumen,
    our leaders are the real bastard leaders, These ugly leaders are pretending to their tribes, while their respective tribes are being killed indiscriminately. It`s the lesson to the people of South Sudan, for having elected these bastard leaders, and it`s unfortunate..

  2. Lokosang says:

    To the Dutch minister, the best way is to use your influence to convince the international community to switch oil revenue that the regime in Juba use to buy weapons to kill innocent citizens to humanitarian purposes.

    • Beek says:

      She is leaving in the few months time because her Party did not win in the election. That is what we call Real Democracy and not like that Riek Machar and now in Limbo.

  3. Beek says:

    The people of The Netherlands alone had contributed more than 30 million Euro to save the lives of innocent people of four countries including South Sudan. In my opinion, I think Riek Machar had sold our people again and had damage our image again. It is good that he will never ever become our president for life. never. Riek had sold us which is very painful.

    • Steven John says:

      You may hold Beek with his feet up and head down in a hope to shake and jostle his brains and thereby twist his convoluted logic, no way bro. Every jaang sees Riak as the problem. They have become paranoid and any attempts to convince them otherwise is useless and hopeless. The more you argue with a jaang, the more the line of sanity and logic get diffuse to the point of idiocy. The best you can do us just hold back. Think of “Kin ko kak Köimot ko loki” it just gets into one whole nasty mess.

      • GatNor says:

        Steven, I honestly think your observation is precise and true to the issue at hand in regards to many Jaang including Beek sadly but obviously.

  4. Lokosang says:

    Mr Beek I think you were born by mistake and has no brain to think what a pathetic human being you are. The facts coming from inside revealing that Kiir has given $10 million to president Ohuro of Kenya for election campaign while your relatives are dying of hanger and yet you blame Dr Riek Machar what a senseless human being you are.
    Ask yourself why the government of Netherland contributed that big amount of money to save your people while your semi illiterate president and his stupid chief of staff are embezzling our oil money for their own benefit.
    You better zip your mouth rather than fooling yourself.

    • Beek says:

      It is the people who had contributed that and not the government. Government is going add more.

      • enagtuny says:

        Look at you! if you don’t know that government is the people themselves then you are not a person worth to comment in a forum where intellectuals are…hold your primitivity to yourself.

        Individuals you call government are merely those delegated to implement what the people need and more so, what you think government will give is tax payers money and who are they, the people!

        Often think twice before posting your useless comments in this forum.

  5. johnjerry says:

    Uhuru Kenyatta is the fourth richest president with an accumulated wealth of more than $510 Million Dollars and Kiir has been giving Money to Kenya like crazy. He donated money to Kisumu University where he was given an honorary Degree in which field I do not know and a lot of Towa kitu kidogo (TKK) when the majority of South Sudanese are suffering not knowing where the next meal will come from. Stop listening to JCE and make your own decision or consult with the parliament which is the true representatives of the people then and only then will peace return to RSS. People know that you are a man of Peace but those JCE and those hungry Jiengs surrounding you are the once who are misleading you into becoming a bad leader. People thought at the beginning that you were going to be the real Biblical Joshua and they were wrong.

  6. Kima says:

    Who is surprised,

    The leaders are not bastards but agents of Lucifer.

    What we need to hear are not insults but international strategy for dislodging these monkeys

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