Pres. Kiir bent to annihilate Dinka Bor Community

BY: Elizabeth Apajook Deng Lual, USA, JAN/29/2014, SSN;

After the untimely and suspicious death of Dr. Garang, the founder of South Sudan ruling party Sudanese People Liberation Movement (SPLM), persona of President Kiir accorded many South Sudanese comfort and solace. The people were simply comforted by the fact that President Kiir was one of the founders of SPLM who would ensure the mission of SPLM is realized through implementation of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and beyond.

However, I was not impressed by Kiir’s ascendency to power because his ulterior motive to completely annihilate peace loving community of Bor was going to be realized.

Mr. President since he joined the movement in 1983 and became SPLA general chief of staff and head of intelligence has been busy working to ensure the Community of Bor is wiped out.

The following discussions will highlight specific roles he played and continues to play to ensure his ulterior motive of decimating or paralyzing the community of Bor is realized.

As a head of SPLA intelligence, General Kiir concocted numerous seditious claims against loyal members of SPLA/M leadership who happened to have hailed from Bor community; unfortunately as a result majority of these people were arrested and fatally tortured in the prisons characterized by harshly inhumane conditions.

Notable and highly educated sons of Bor Community, who selflessly served in SPLM/A ranks and files, were hunted down and brutally murdered in cold blood.

In earlier months of 1991, General Kiir claimed that he had gathered enough intelligence against Dr. Riek; that Dr. Riek was planning a coup against leadership of the SPLM/A. Consequently, Late Dr. Garang commissioned General Kiir to arrest Dr. Riek.

However, given his lack of tactics, General Kiir allowed Dr. Riek to get to Nassir where he mobilized and prepared his tribesmen into a robust military unit and summarily killed cadres of SPLM/A who were of Bor origin.

Dr. Riek attacked and helplessly killed civilians in Bor area, at the time when Bor sons had converged at town of Juba. Dr. Riek and his army, mostly comprised of few former SPLA soldiers and vast majority of untrained civilians under spell of Wurnyang’s magic, killed unarmed civilians – women, children and elderly, looted livestocks and burned crops and buildings.

Many civilians lost lives and many more got displaced from Bor area, thanks to General Kiir.

Pass forward to post referendum. At a prayer gathering held at late Dr. Garang’s house in Juba, Dr. Riek was moved by the speeches of various elderly members of Bor community; he became emotional and broke down.

Then he confessed about atrocities he committed in Bor area and asked for forgiveness – a move that was welcomed by the members of Bor community who wanted to bury the hatchet and start new a chapter with Nuer community in general and with Dr. Riek in particular.

But the President General Salva – who is constantly giving amnesty after amnesty against enemies of South Sudan – ironically dismissed Dr. Riek’s turn of heart as ineffective; the President told Riek that local apologies would not suffice.

Dr. Riek clearly heard Mr. President’s call for bigger platform on which to deliver his apologies for atrocities he committed; and came up with and worked for an idea of national reconciliation.

However, the same president who called for bigger platform pushed off Dr. Riek from organization of national reconciliation.

The president’s moves are aimed at stonewalling any reconciliation between Dr. Riek and Nuer community on one hand and the community of Bor on the other hand.

The president would like Nuer community and Dr. Riek to remain as sworn enemies of Bor community; this fits the president’s ulterior motive to annihilate Dinka Bor community.

President Kiir’s selective disarmament process leaves a lot be desired. Peace Loving community of Bor was targeted for disarmament while hostile communities of Nuer and Murle remain at large with guns.

While Dinka Bor community has given up their guns, the government stood by while civilians are raided and helplessly killed by these belligerent communities.

To make matters worse, supposedly SPLA forces stationed in Bortown comprise of members of these hostile communities of Nuer and Murle – forces which are reluctant to pursue their own tribesmen who are committing atrocities against civilians.

While sons of Nuer and Murle are stationed in Bortown, sons of Dinka Bor are assigned to South and North borders where they would not be able to defend their civilians; majority of the SPLA cadres of Dinka Bor origin have been prematurely and disgracefully retired.

Literally, this president is working overtime to ensure the community of Dinka Bor is at a position where they cannot defend themselves.

If all of the above scenarios are not enough to make my case, let’s look at the president’s activities leading to “coup attempt.”

President was expected to set a reconciliatory tone in the meeting of SPLM, but he instead veered off from the tabled agenda and personally attacked Dr. Riek.

The president went further to dare Dr. Riek to commit similar atrocities of 1991. Sadly, Riek repeated his actions of 1991.

He helplessly raped and killed elderly, children and women. Sick people in Bortown civil hospitals, people who had sought refuge in churches and elderly were killed.

The forces tore down buildings and anything they could find. Atrocities Riek and his forces committed this time around are two times those of 1991.

I am sure the president would be contented now for many civilians who are killed and more displaced and it would take several years for Bor to be Bor again.

Though one would clearly see President Kiir’s intention to destroy Dinka Bor community, one would not understand what could be the genesis of this deep-seated hatred. He is bent to annihilate Bor community in part or as a whole.

Elizabeth Apajook Deng Lual: the author is an anthropology student at University of Maryland and could be reached through


  1. Mohd Adam says:

    Apajook, you are a mad bitch. Tell your likes that your continuous occupation of Nimule will make your elderly community back home in Bor, venerable and an easy target of the white army. You people do not want to stay in your ancestral place, but prefer to settle in others places. All the Dinka Bor youth are in Nimule, while Bor was left for the old, blind and disable. Violence, is your culture, so you must reap what you sow without blaming Gen. Kiir. Tell your youth to go back home, so that they could defend their parents from Nuer youth, who are poised to come back in the near future. How do you people feel, when the Nuer boys raped your elderly mothers and G/mothers? Shameful, isn’t it? So, let your people leave Nimule and go home to defend, the panda or mading! Do not cry fault, while you are causing the same pain to other communities in South Sudan, especially, the Madi community, which continuous to suffer under your occupation. Your hate against comrade Kiir is nothing, but jealous and envy. Bor community should start taking a stock of what they have done to others, since the days of Abel Alier to this day.

    • jay johnson says:

      Mohd Adam,

      Please, please try to avoid and minimize the use of profanity language. We need to be respectful of each other especially, when some one like Apajook choose not to use anonymous name like you do.

      You went too far and I ask you to apologize to Apajook for calling her Bitch. If you do not heed my advice, I will be force to use nasty languages against the daughter of Equatoria as retaliation.

      • Manoon Thonchol says:

        Jay Johnson, do not attack Daughter of Equatoria. Mohd Adam is a Dinka of Bhar el Ghazel based how he reacted to Apajook.
        Useless Dinka Bhar el Ghazel needs to understand a major Dinka split is coming and the world will witness a terrible conflict conflict in its history.
        Useless Dinka Bhar el Ghazel caused this war.

        • jay johnson says:

          manon thonchol,

          Thank you so much. I was about to unleash my venom on daughter of Equatoria and Joana Adam, which would have been unfair, since the guy is not from Equatoria, but from Bahr Kalas as you pointed out

          I thought Mohd Adam was an equatorian. And if he is from Bahr kalas Dinka I will response to him as the need arise. My priority now is to teach the Nyam Nyam and char makuony the virtues of nationalism, patriotism, love, peaceful co existence and the important of rule of law.

          And surely, we will have that Dinka civil war very soon

      • Pan says:

        Jay Johnson, good advice to Mohd Adam but poor solution. At some point we’re all going to have to try to rise out of the filth we are all wallowing in. We’ve become like those giant pigs.

  2. jay johnson says:

    dear Apajook,

    thank for your courage to write this insightful analysis of current political situation in our country. I would though want to disagree with you for implicating Salva Kiir for the suffering of Jonglei Dinka. The problem though is that we happen to be surrounded by hostile communities of Murle, Gawaar and Lou Nuer who thrives well in the state of anarchy and lawlessness

    Kiir have made some mistakes but it is not fair to blame him for what we have gone through. The attack on Jonglei Dinka community by Murle and Nuer goes further than 1991 and 2013. The Northern Border communities of Nyarweng and Hol Dinka have been under constant attack from Lou and Gawaar Nuer since 19th century. These communities have suffered a lot in term of human lives, property and land.

    The Bor Dinka of Bor county have also suffered a lot from Murle raids since 18th century. Our neighbors, the Nuer and Murle simply have unsatisfiable lust for our bloods, property and land for which Salva Kiir can not reasonabye be held responsible even before he was born.

    Secondly, it is time to wean yourself off from the so call GREATER BOR community. It is a fiction with no historical substance. I mean, Twi, Hol and Nyarweng Dinka are not Buor( Bor Dinka). they are independent Dinka sub tribe just like Bor, Agar, Luanyjang, Gok or Kiec Dinka just to name but few.

    Greater Bor community or Bor south, central and north is dead and will be bury following the conclusion of current conflict in our country. By calling Twi and Duk Dinka traitors and Nyageet, the Bor Dinka have killed this sinister project call Greater Bor, Bor North, Bor central and Bor south. It is over!!, it is finished!!! and it is dead for good. Just forget about it.

    The Hol, Twi and Nyarweng Dinka no longer want to be refers us BOR Dinka, nor do they want their counties of Twic East and Duk to be refers again as Bor central and Bor north. It is up to Bor Dinka to maintain Bor south reference or they can drop it and call themselves Bor county.

    Let close this chapter about Greater Bor or Bor north, central and south nonsense and let look a head to the future on how we can defend our respective communities against our hostile and anarchist communities of Murle and Nuer Gawaar and Lou.

    Peace be with you. welcome to the brutal world of internet political debate. I doubt your survival now that you have decide to join. Well come again

    • Daniel Mawei Deng says:

      Jay Johnson, so you are now opt for another bloody conflict between Bor North and Bor South since the current killing in our community is not enough? Go for it, we will see how it will end.
      I am talking about Twi and Duk being called traitors and Nyageet; who said this? Or you resorted to believe in Face-Book blind propagandas? I thought you are one of the young men I have been proud to have in my community, unfortunately, you appear to be a weak soul, with very light conscience.

      Daniel British, South Sudanese Political Activist, USA.

    • Daniel Mawei Deng says:

      “Let close this chapter about Greater Bor or Bor north, central and south nonsense and let look a head to the future on how we can defend our respective communities against our hostile and anarchist communities of Murle and Nuer Gawaar and Lou.”
      The only way we can defend our respective communities against our hostile and anarchist communities of Murle and Nuer” as you put it, is to unite and leave behind this divisive attitudes among ourselves. May be you see it your own way, but I am telling you, the only way to defend ourselves is to stand as one Bor Community.

      Daniel British, South Sudanese Political Activist, USA.

      • jay johnson says:


        We have debated this issue before as you might recalled. And my position have not change since then. I have tried to avoid introducing political issues past or current to this topic, of who is Dinka Bor and Who is not. The reason being that when you bring political issues to this debate, there is a potential of distraction from the topic. So I have always try to stay away from politics as possible as i can.

        But sometimes, patience can wear out especially when some people, some with high profiles resort to use of some unfortunate and baseless term like Nyageet and traitors against other communities. It is true that Majak Agot have been accused of plotting a coup against the government. we do not know for sure whether he participate in the alleged coup or not. It is also true that Nyandeng chol Atem have been critical of coup claims by the government. She have call for Kiir resignation.

        But the people of Twic east and Duk county do not deserve the label of traitors and Nyageet simply because Nyandeng have call for resignation of Salva Kiir ,and because Majak Agot have been accused of plotting a coup. It would have been foolish and suicidal for Duk and Twic east civilians to confronted the reported 25,000 white army when they march to Bor in December. We do not know why the white army spare Duk and Twic East civilians and instead killed Bor civilians around Bor town.

        And indeed, a high profile politician from your community have used those words ( Nyageet or traitors) and have even threaten Kiir to resign if Majak Agot is release from prison. Nyandeng have been disrespectfully call birch and Mabior Garang have been called traitor by some people from your community. I do not want to give you names but if you are curious as to who said them, please do your home work

        Also, Dau Akoi Jurkuc, the commissioner for Twic East county, had repeatedly denied and dismissed these allegation of support for the rebels through the media. please check GURTONG website, especially for January 2014 edition and articles.

        Moreover, it is not the first time the word Nyageet have been use against other communities in our region. The case in point is the people of Duk county during the 22 years of struggle. so I did not bring it out of blue. it have been said numerous times.

        As with regard to war between Bor North and Bor south you alleged. there is no war unless you wish it to happen. And for your information. Twic east and Duk counties are not Bor North. They are Duk and Twic East respectively. Bor north is Athooc and Bor south is Gok. Just accept that and this debate will end. Otherwise we will continue to debate it until you guys give up and quit.

        And finally, Why are you emotional and resign about me. What about freedom of conscience and expression? am I not entitled to either of them?

        • Daniel Mawei Deng says:

          Dear Jay Johnson,
          you are entitled to any freedom of speech, but building hatred among our people is unacceptable and not one of them-the freedom of conscience and expression you are aspired for.
          “And indeed, a high profile politician from your community have used those words ( Nyageet or traitors) and have even threaten Kiir to resign if Majak Agot is release from prison.”
          Yes, someone yesterday wrote Minister Michael Makuei Luth was quoted as saying this. Please I need evidential and reliable source, otherwise, I would contact Makuei if there’s an evidence for this statement. I flipped through news and videos, and I asked some people down there, but no evidence whatsoever.
          Besides, Nyandeng de Mabior said this during BBC interview: ‘
          “It is not true that people have been killed and displaced from Bortown. Paleeks, the owners of Bortown, are still at home “, Said Nyandeng de Chol Atem in her interview with BBC.
          What do you say about that? Why is Bor South not pulling away from Bor when they heard of this outrageous statement from our prominent politician? Do you think Bortown is for Paleeks? What is a reason, a mother of our community who well understand our history equate our town with Paleeks only?
          What is the reason for Nyandeng to deny 14 elderly women killed inside their Church? Sickly and elderly men and women killed while in their deathbeds in Bor hospitals? Those bodies which were lying openly in the streets of Bortown? Do you believe it is not true that people have been killed in Bortown?
          I meant, even though Nyandeng is out of her sanity, I still believe in her. This crisis has caused all of us to be emotional and to react whatever way, but I think the future is still in our hands, and one day we will come back together as South Sudanese. Picking up manufactured lies is not value of Twic East community. Please, refrain from collecting hatred-like street statements.

          Daniel British, South Sudanese Activist, USA

          • jay johnson says:


            I would advise you to desist from using some words with the potential of chilling impact. In deed some of the words you choose to use are not conducive for debate.

            words and phrase such as war between bor north and Bor south as well as hatred are meant to intimidate those who held different opinions. Objection and disagreement does not necessarily equate to conflict and hatred. In fact, The Pro Bor classification sympathizers have used these strategies to silence their critics and opponents.

            Those who opposed DINKA BOR classification have been branded as hateful, divisive and inciters of violence, just like the way the politicians who oppose Salva Kiir have been treated. This threat is un intellectual and should have no place in our discussion.

            We, I in particular do not see you ( Mawei) as hateful and controlling base on your position on this issue. I see you as uninformed, lost sheep and someone who is historically ignorant. I felt that I have an obligation to educate you with substantive history of our people.

            You asked me to provide you with evidence and sources. I simply decline to do so. I believe those words were said and uttered based on the history I narrated in my previous response. You can disagreed with that. But under no circumstance should you compel me to give evidence when the evidences you are seeking is in abundance.

            Did you check Gurtong website, January 2014 articles about Dau Akoi Jurkuc response to alleged support to the rebels? If you have not, please go and read them and let us begin from there.

            I have not seen the BBC interview in which Nyandeng uttered those words. And if she did as you have stated, I do not agreed with her. And of course, I see Nyandeng and her son, Mabior as traitors for standing behind the greatest traitor and killer the south sudan have ever known. And I could not understand why Nyandeng and mabior would support a violent removable of Kiir.

            I am not here to defend all politicians from Twi Dinka. And of course I do not denied the killing that happened in Bor county and town. In fact, I am saddened by it. I do not see thing in term of black and white as you do. We can have different opinions on various issue but it should make us see each other as enemies.

    • Dear Jay Johnson:

      You seemed to be bothered and distracted by the political and geographical division of Bor South, Bor Central and Bor North. Please know that those divisions are found everywhere in the Dinka Community and this doesn’t mean that those sub-communities are annexed to each other. In fact, the Sub-communities were defined and formed way before the political divisions came to South Sudan. Therefore your Twi East will never be annexed and assimilated into Bor South Community.

      Twi East will remain Twi East even though Nyadeng Chol Atem and her Son Mabior Garang and Majak D’Agoot are attempting to sell or annex it to Lou Nuer. I strongly advise you not to be bothered by your internal differences in Bor. I want you to stick to the national issues that affect the existence of Jieng and South Sudan. Leave that policy of divide and conquer to Kuot, Domac, Kuir e Garang, Dan, Anok Maketh, Nyadeng Chol Atem, Mabior Nyadeng Chol Atem and Majak D’Agoot etc. You are a national leader, therefore I want you to address the national issues and not the ones that divide Jieng and South Sudan. I stop calling Twi East Cowards and traitors because of you. However I will address those cowards and traitors individually rather than generalizing the entire Twi East Community. Keep the fight on and stay blessed!

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

      • jay johnson says:


        Your advice is well receive. I did not intend to bring this hotly contest topic up for debate, especially at the time when our nation is undergoing war stress, cause by the greater traitor and murderer, Riek Machar Puot Nyuon;

        It is even not appropriate to debate such topic when our innocents civilians have been murdered cold blooded by the anarchist, the white army of Lou and Gawaar Nuer. It is even inconceivable to discuss such topic when our existence as Jonglei Dinka is being threaten by our hostile neighbors, the Lou Nuer, Murle and Gawaar Nuer.

        But I was annoyed when Apajook, A dinka women or girl who knew nothing about our history refers to independent communities of Twi, Hol and Nyarweng as Bor Dinka. And as you know in our culture, the history of people, especially their genealogy is passed down from one generation to another by men and old men in particular.

        Apajook, as Dinka girl or women knew nothing about the history of Jonglei Dinka. Women do not talk about history in Dinka community. Their job is to cook and take care of kids. That is what inflame me to response to her article and I was expecting her to defend her choice of the words she used in her article.

        Otherwise, I have no interest and appetite to bring up this emotional sensitive topic at this particular time. But the debate about who is Dinka Bor surely is not over. we will discuss it another time as appropriate.

        Again thank for your advice. And May Nhialiny Deng Garang, Ayuel Longar, Deng Abuk and Lirpiou bless you as we continue to fight the Nyam Nyam, Duor, Juur and Char Makuony

        And also to teach them the virtues of nationalism, patriotism, love, rule of law and peace co existence in the federal democratic republic of south sudan

        • Shamga says:

          Jay Johnson, do not teach people to hate one another in our communities. Are you not satisfied now with the resultant effects of it as shown between dinka and nuer. I thought we would keep it only to between dinka and nuer, where it has turned into a natural headache between the two tribes, that is where it is deeply ingrained for ages, and is where it is required to continue. We do not need more of it right between us.

          Hate is an intrinsic response to a fear of the unknown. And generally, this can be overcome by interacting with people from whose fear of the unknown they cause you. Of course, to hate comes from fear of something you may know only as an individual, but that does not mean everyone is scared like you and that they are with you. You may have a lot more than yourself who may not be with you on the receiving end of your feelings .

          People with fear do not normally want to interact, instead they try to create a buffer zone in order to be alone. And when they do that as individuals and it fails they want to involve their communities. But one thing to be understood is that hate causes jealousy – this results sometime from inadequacy is internalized within onself rather than dealt with openly.
          Hating is stupid of all kind. We hate people like criminals and killers Risky Masochist Taunted Devil or Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon as his followers call him, because we do not want to feel a connection to him. We dehumanise them and hate what they reflect about us and our society. This is true for a lot of hate of this nature.
          In reality hating another as nation, tribe, sub tribe et cetera just makes no sense really at all. It is based on this stupid individuals’ belief they are better than all other ones and they let the idea that it should be their way to do things dominates their minds. We do not need this between/in bor, greater bor, bor south and north, nyarweng, hol, twi and bor, whatever you call it. It is absolutely unhealthy brother. It does not exist so lets not bring it into existence. Cheers

  3. Shamga says:

    Do not worry Eliza. We are superior in mind and this is where we acquire enemies. But we have so many enemies, not just as Bor but as Dinka in general. The main problem as Bor is our geographical location. We are in a kind of location that if any other dinka group is swapped with us they would have the same difficulties. We are surrounded by mentally inferior communities-nuer and murle.
    Feeling inferior to others stems from multiple factors that gradually build themselves into a person’s whole character. The nuer are inferior in all aspects, making them a target of verbal and emotional abuse among all communities-with dinka being the leader. The results of verbal and emotional abuse can have long-lasting, psychologically damaging effects on a person believe they are less deserving of acceptance by others, condition manifested clearly ugly nuer.

    As dinkas we have always been critical of nuer- criticism which has always been truthful and really painful to them but real. But they should aware of criticism that involves circumstances that you cannot change-how stupid they are can not be done anything about. This type of verbal abuse very often leaves a person feeling emotionally with serious low self esteem and hatred for those they better. This kind of criticism feeds inadequacies and adds to the inferiority complex-a character nuer have been known for in ages. A few of them are try to disprove that and it is the reason why you see Risk Masochist Taunted Devil or Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon fighting hard to be leader of Southsudan. It is ingrained in all of them but few like him are fully convinced yet of that, hence he continues to try despite knowing he will never succedd.
    Given that it is virtually impossible for them to change their stupidity, they often suffers great harm since nothing or no solution to this form of mockery can be sought they simply choose crimes.

    • Coldit says:

      It definitely a shame to have people like u shamga are amongst us ss pple. If Nuer are inferior to u Dinkas they should always concern about ur progresses. But look at how the Nuer behave when Dinka are leading the nation, and abusing the power by looting public resources of which their origin is from Nuer regions. Look at the shame and treason Dinka regime has committed: Dinka president training his tribesmen and making them Republic guards with the main task of massacring rival tribes; then when confronted in the field by civilians whose relatives were massacred by his guards, he decided to sellout the country to Uganda for his own protection and the protection of his tribe.

      Mr. Shameful or Shamga which tribe in South Sudan can do this coward shameful act this Dinka has done? U and I know that the Nuer out of this question as history of South Sudan proved the Nuer and Azande are the only tribe who resisted colonial power who used Dinka Bar El Gazel as a lunching point to the Nuer area. I know u are trying to buy support from Dinka Bor but u shld know keeping Dr. Majaak in the detention centre will always prove u and your stokes (Kuol Manyang n Makuei cowards).

      We all SS pple know the Nuer are far superior than Dinka in the war-field, leadership skills, nationalism and in right culture. Therefore, if the Nuer have the chance to lead this nation we will all be satisfied with whatever we have in ss and we will live in peace with our neighbours and the world in general. So, please DO NOT spoil ss pple with ur usual Dinka arrogance against the Nuer, we knew who is who amongst u two tribes.

      • Coldit:

        You are misusing the word”dit” This is a very important title given only to those who are very wise, mature and responsible people in the Dinka Society. However, unfortunately,the way you are talking here has definitely disqualified you to be called Coldit. You should definitely be called Colthie rather than Coldit as you are talking childish, stupid and irresponsible.

        By the way, if the Nuer is very responsible tribe as you claimed here, then Why did Riek Machar and his Nuer followers loot and destroy Bentiu, Bor and Malakal? Is this the demonstration of Nuer ‘s leadership and responsibility? Where is the logic in your claim when the entire Upper Nile region is looted and burned down by the Nuer tribe?

        “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

  4. malith Alier says:

    Dear Apajook,
    You have singled out Kiir leaving one family who was responsible for half of the atrocities at the time, the John Garang family he received orders this very family. Please can you write a piece on this family and its contribution to Bor Human rights crimes? The problems of Bor are not solely on the event of 1991, they go further than that.

    • jay johnson says:

      what atrocities malith you alleged to have been committed by Garang Mabior family? And what do you want Apajook to write about Garang family. Do we want to open the cane of worms within Dinka community?

      Clearly Nyandeng and her son, Mabior are traitors. They surely have betrayed Dr. Garang for standing the with greatest devil and murderer of our community, Riek Machar Puot Nyuon.

      But I think we need to debate it another time. Garang Discussing Salva is relevance as he is the president. And as I have said, he can not be reasonably blame for what we have gone through as a community. But he is not completely innocent.



    • Daniel Mawei Deng says:

      Dear tooke*bai-ngo, if you could provide credible source for quote “Mr. Lueth even went further saying he will resign if like of Majak de Agoot are set free.”
      I am amazed that we intellectuals are addicted to inciting or instigating of violence. Though we mired in current conflict, we are opting to incite the next.
      Most of us live far away, but we love to stir conflict that we know always cause our dear fathers and mothers and dear brothers and sisters’ their innocent lives. Why should we continue to do that? What’s the gain?

      Daniel British, South Sudanese Political Activist , USA

      • Dear Daniel British:

        I agreed with your comment 100%. However, I wonder Why you only appear when a Twi East member writes a complaint about Bor? Do you think that the division of Bor South, Bor Central and Bor North will cause more calamities than what the Nuer has done to your Community? Dividing or uniting Bor does not mean anything to me at all because it would not stop your enemies such as the Nuer and Murle from attacking and killing your people. All I want you (Bor, Twi East, Nyarweng and Hol to do is to dismantle all your social communities in Diaspora, come home and form/revive The Red Army for the protection of your people. Don’t rely on the Muonyjang of Bhar El Ghazal and Upper Nile to give you the protection all the times.

        Why don’t you guys stand up and fight against the Nuer of Gawaar, Lou and Murle. The Western Nuer has been disciplined by the Muonyjang of Bhar El Ghazal therefore Riek Machar and Peter Gatdet who hailed from the Western Nuer run and create war in Jonglei. Please do something for the protection of your people and land or else move out of Jobglei State. The Nuer is just like an Arab. It would not let you rest if it is the one killing you. Please fight back like your Dinka brothers/Sisters in Bhar El Ghazal and Upper Nile(Padang).

        “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

        • Manoon Thonchol says:

          Dear LGG, I believe unity is the only viable solution for South Sudanese. I am not passionate only for Bor community to unite, but for a whole South Sudan to unite.
          Yes, absolutely, I believe if Bor community stay united, they will find a solution to bring over their brothers and sisters from the communities around them.
          I don’t like to use “hostile, ” belligerent,” “wild,” etc., to describe these communities around us, because I believe some people like brother LGG love to use these words to hostilize these communities in order to fulfill their ulterior motives Apajook was talking about in her article.
          About who “protect” who, I have to abstain from such debate because I am from a military family and I, myself, is a military graduate from Bongo military camp (Ethiopia). I was also among soldiers fighting Riek Machar’s forces in 1991 under current Defense Minister Kuol Manyang Juuk, and I am closely aware who are fighting in this current crisis though I live as far as the United States.
          As a Sgt. (rank) when Kuol Manyang Juuk’s forces drove Riek’s forces out of Bor in 1991, I have remembered 3 soldiers in my platoon who where not Bor by ethnicity and the entire forces under the then high commander Kuol Manyang had no more than 50 soldiers who were non-Buor.

          So, I don’t think it is easy to lecture to some body who knows more than you do, But just keep trying.

          Daniel British, South Sudanese Political Activist, USA.

          • Daniel Mawei Deng says:

            Manoon, why you pretended to be me? Your message content resonate with my view and you also used my signature. Don’t you think it is a crime to copy someone on the social media? What is your agenda of doing this? Your writings here are far radical and divisive. Trying to gain credits by spoiling someone else is uncalled for. Malicious intention is unhealthy. Got it!

            Daniel British, South Sudanese Political Activist, USA.

  6. Hurry Robert says:

    Well written my dear sister unfortunatly people like Makue and Kulmayang will not understantd the ulterior motive of Kiir and continue to blindly defend him.Very sad.I think the time has come for all the southerners to stnad up and say no to fabrications and lies of coup etc.The fact is that Kiir and his group can not win any election in any transparent and fair manner that is why they are fabircating lies against competitors and oponents to scare them away,detain them or force them to rebelion.That is what he has exactly done in 1991 and again 2013.

  7. Kong Puok Tong - Finland says:

    Dear, Miss/Mrs. Elizabeth Apajook Deng Lual, USA
    Thanks for your analysis, in written you quoted I don*t know what do you meaned by title of Kiir bent to annihilate dinka Bor community?

    I have got your meaning that, Beny Kiir mayardit did of in as revenge for dinka community killing by white army loyal to Dr Machar. Infact, am not supporting such death innocent people.My comment to you is that, the ethnic war between rivals dinka and Nuer had begun in 1983, Bilpam during formation of SPLA/M and Ayanya two, Nasir decleration 1989.

    In 1991 it was a reconciliation meetng both fections in Kongoor, Bor between Nasir fection and torit fetion led by John Garang, and suddently th torit fection as mentioned led by late John Garang soldiers were came out and attacked the meeting which by bothside, and our uncle Joseph Odou was killed with others . The white came reattacked on Bor SPLA base until spread to bor commuity. That was happened in it*s incident , But SPLA had blamed.

    If our Govt who holding SS power fiscal, oil revenue or all power we gave in order to secure unarmed innicet people acted on dec,15, 2013 as well then who will be trusted? And thanks for remind.

  8. Elizabeth Apajaook says:

    Dear Mr. Adam:
    I am politely asking you to refrain from use of obscenity , but to position yourself as a mature person whose views might be seriously taken . Until you recant your unwarranted abuses against me and the community of Dinka Bor, I would not waste my time answering you .

    Mr. Alier , I have not forgotten of Dr. Garang’s family for their role exacerbating atrocities against my community of Bor . Look out for my next article .

  9. Ww says:

    Apajook and her likes are completely wrong. The problem of people of Bor is the thinking that they know everything. In their minds they’re the most intelligent, highly educated, and better than everyone else. To believe in superiority to others is to believe in stupidity itself. Your culture doesn’t appreciate others, it teaches children at the very age to devalue other communities and Bor should be the only one on top. Let me be very specific here that this attitude originated from Bor south, Bor north is just a victim

    Please don’t blame kiir, to safe bor bor youth need to stand up to depend it locally. Government belongs to all south Sudanese not just Dinkas or Dinka Bor. Bor arrogance brings hate from other tribes on Dinka as a whole. Tell your men to go home and be men. I pray for day when I will hear that bor youth have gone and attacked either murle or nuer in their lands. Stop complaining and blaming others. Bor, small part of Dinka, has benefited a lot from this country and yet they’re never satisfied.

    You abroad have moved the whole of bor community to east Africa. The majority of south Sudanese leaving in kenya and Uganda are from bor. Go and see for yourselves on Sundays in all the cities of the mentioned countries and in refugee camps. None of you should write another article like this, you are a shame to all Dinkas.

    • Elizabeth Apajaook says:

      Ww; I am not sure if you take time to think before writing . Things you have highlighted above are least of my concern. However , I will try to answer few . What does your community teach young ones? Do you instill fear and stupidity in them? My community believes young ones should be challenged to think bigger and to have sense of pride in their community . Your views about us are not true , rather they stem from your self-perception.

      Secondly , do not wish for the day when Bor youth would rise against other communities . Wish that we remain as peaceful as we are .

      • Ww says:

        I don’t believe you thought critically about those unfounded liars and accusations you levelled against the president. Don’t deny the truth. Your community is too arrogant.

      • Jimmy says:

        your comment hit the scale of being a woman. In every community not only in Bor as such children are taught how to protect thier mother land aggressively. Who do you think will protect your community. What do you mean by saying yuong ones are taught to think big? That thinking is useless if they left elderly age behind to be slaughtered by Nuer Lou Yuoth.
        Honestly we will have Dinka Kenya and Dinka Uganda in the near future.

        • jay johnson says:


          “Honestly we will have Dinka Kenya and Dinka Uganda in the near future” so what? The Dinka migrated to southern Sudan from Central Sudan region of Gezira at the beginning of 12th century AD. The point being that people migrated to other areas because of man made and natural calamities.

          Most of our people have been killed during the war. And majority of them were displaced during the 1991 genocide by Riek Machar.

          What about the Equatorians in America, Canada, Europe, Australia, Middle east and East Africa? Do you think all them will come back? you are being historically ignorant.

          • Kidepo says:

            Most of Equatorians who migrated abroad with the dinkas and other communities have come back except dinkas in Nimule, Yei, Juba, Nadapal and other lands in Equatoria who have refused to come back or go back to build their ancestral lands.

            In Nimule and Yei specially most refused to be call dinka they will opt to be called dinka Nimuel, Yei, and others those mentally are not matching creatures in Equatoria

  10. Jimmy says:

    I am not complaining of president Kiir because what you have observed as a person may be different at the way other people view it. This is not the first time that Bor community fall victim to Nuer Lou youth and their leader Riak Machar Teny. I quote from your statement that ” At praying gather held at Dr. Garang’s house in Juba, Dr. Riak was moved by the various speeches of elderly members of Bor Community; he became emotional and broke down. Then he confessed about atrocities he committed in Bor area and ask for foegiveness”
    Are you sure that Dr. Riak was recovered from his senseless behaviour? what Riak want was to inherit the wife of Dr. John Garang; technically he had achieved that aim. There is no reason for Nyandeng to colloberate with a traitor who want to kill her late husband just because of leadership. Those who defended Dr. Garang’s murder vsion were not Suotherners Sudanese alone there were Nothern Sudanese like SPLM-N from Nuba Mountain, Darfur, and Eastern Sudan front. It is too shameful and stupid for our allies who defend Dr. John Garang to heard that wife of Dr. John Garang who Riak wanted to Kill become one of Riak,s girl friend.
    Elizebeth should blame Nyandeng for her reckless behaviour and the way she jeorpordise Bor for the second time after Garang death.

  11. DOKUORI says:

    Don’t lie to us we are mature and we know everything Greater Bai-Bor and Upper Nile region is not full of capable sons and daughters. Say EQUATORIA IS FULL OF SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF BAI-BOR.

  12. Daniel Mawei Deng says:

    Mohd Adam, I think you are dumb. While I am not going to defend Bor, you have to understand if Kiir’s government will survive this political crisis it will be tremendously attributed to the political savvy of Bor community.
    Think about it why President Kiir called Bor elders and met them in Juba when the government was near collapse and begged for Bor to return to the government resulting in the coming back of Kuol Manyang Juuk as Defense Minister. My friend, yes we will suffer, I agree with you, but we will prevail, and prevail, and prevail, etc.. There will be nothing to it that will make this community not stands tall on the top of South Sudanese, whether you like it or not.

    Daniel British, South Sudan Political Activist, USA.

  13. Mohd Adam says:

    Ms. Apajaook, the word Bitch may sound veg, but in reality what your people are doing to the other communities in South Sudan is what has transpired to this level of hatred all over the country. You people are none God fearing in all your actions and behaviours. Nuer are far better than Dinka Bor in the way they conduct themselves. The only defect from Nuer is their lack of leadership, which is why they are known as anarchists. But your Community, has so much to blame if South Sudan one day leads to Somaliazation. There will be a day, when those communities will say, enough is enough. Death is death. That day will come, and I hope and wish, you Apajaook will be in or around Nimule to witness for yourself. In fact, it is not only Nimule, you can choose to be in any part of South Sudan, when that day comes to pass.
    Lastly, do not blame Comrade Salva Kiir Mayardit, he has done his best. He stood by Dr. John to the last, when the Movement was breaking into clanism after 1991 coup of Riek. If he was a tribalist, as you seem to believe, he would had followed Karubino Kwanyin Bol with the BG SPLA faction, but he stood tall on tribal politics. Even you people of Bor were divided, as Southern Bor of Majier, Arok Thon Arok, vs. Northern Bor of Garang de Mabior. Litte did some of us know that Nyandeng and Riek Machar were in boy friend/girl friend relationship until their recent betrayal coup on Dec. 15.2013. As such as I say, I withdraw the word “Bitch” but stand with the rest of what I have told you. Some of you really, need to know how destructive your community has caused, on to the peace loving people of South Sudan, since the times of Abel Alier to this day. I rest my case.

  14. DOKUORI,
    I am not sure if you really understood what I MEANT BY “VIEWING THE WATER”, also I would like to urge that you go back and re-read my comment carefully. I though LOU NUER & MURLE ARE PART OF GREATER UPPER NILE REGION. Where did you get that Nuer & Murle not being people like DINKA?

    THANKS ALOT FOR ACCOMMADOTING DINKA BOR though BECAUSE CLEARLY IS THERE MISTAKE TO STARTED THE WAR OF THE LIBERATION. Please!!!! just do not complaint or whine SIR. In all African culture, when you HOSTED your guests, you do not talk about how much it cost you and at the same time wanted a credit for.

  15. Michael Coma says:

    Jay Johnson
    You are misleading the wise twic community and maybe you know nothing about word Bor.Which means a place that’s mostly flooded.Me having live in Twic,i know twic is also always flooded too.That’s why we are all Buor.Can’t you listen to yourself? You are telling us to go and defend ourselves,how can we do that when people like you are dividing us.You have no different from those individuals who calls our brothers from Twic and Dukeen Anyageet.Now i will remove the word Bor.Do you want all of us to be call (Mor) don’t you know the Dinkas on other side have one name in common(Bahr el ghazal).Thanks,Apajook.

    • jay johnson says:

      Mr. Coma,

      you are about to suffer from coma as you are having emotional breakdown. why did you used insulting words (MOR)? did you ran out of words or what?

      This is where you are being misled. Bahr el Ghazel is a region but Bor is not a region but a name of Dinka sub tribe call BOR. Ca ping? Ngoth. Can You tell me which DINKA region do not experience floods on annual basis?

      if you are looking for collective name for Bor, Twi, Hol and Nyarweng, THEN It is surely Jonglei Dinka. Ca ping?

    • Dear Michael:

      I hope you are no longer in Coma as I believe the SSN website would not accommodate any individuals in Coma. In fact, the Abor (Flood) comes and goes every year, and it affects each and every community in South Sudan. Perhaps it had occurred before and after the Twic East and Twic West were named.

      Was the Bor community called MOR before the flood occurred in Bor? If so, then please go ahead and rename your community MOR and let Twic East remain Twic East should they don’t want to adopt the name BOR. Ensure that you consult Madam Elizabeth Apajook in regard to the renaming of your Community to “MOR” so that she can not blame it to president Kiir Mayardit.

      FYI, the Dinka on the other side (Agortuie) does not have Bhar El Ghazal in common nor are they united under the name Bhar El Ghazal. They are independently living under the name of their various sub-communities and are united under the name of Muonyjang and Bhar El Ghazal. Each and evey Dinka community in Bhar El Ghazal is known by its’ name. We have Dinka, Agar, Dinka Atut, Dinka Aliap, Dinka Ceic, Dinka Gok, Dinka Rek, Dinka Luac, Dinka Malual, Dinka Twic Mayardit(Twic West) and Dinka Ngok(Abyei). All those Dinka sections are united under the theme of Muonyjang and Bhar El Ghazal. They extended that spirit of Muonyjanganism to you in Upper Nile Region, therefore they come and die in your backyards like flies. However, they will no longer continue to die in your backyards should that Hooker, Rebecca Nyadeng Chol Atem continues to bitch about the Muonyjang of Bhar El Ghazal in the social media. That fool and traitor,,Nyadeng Chol Atem with her Daughter, Elizabeth Apajook have totally forgotten the fact that it was GeneraI Kiir Mayardit and the Muonyjang of Bhar El Ghazal who defended and made the leadership of her late husband, Dr. John Garang, the way it was. If we knew Nyadeng Chol Atem was a coward/traitor that would collaborate with the Killer Riek Machar and turn against the Muonyjang of Bhar El Ghazal, We would have withdrawn our support and let Riek Machar and his White Army chase Nyadeng Chol Atem and her family to East Africa.

      I thought the “word born to rule” which was angrily uttered by one of the Dinka Jonglei MPs during the Kokora debate in 1980s was meant to be for all the Dinkas. However it appears to me that it was mainly intended for the Dinka of Rebecca Nyadeng Chol Atem and her family alone. The traitor Nyadeng Chol Atem, the Master of the concept of “Born to Rule” is now bitching about the leadership of Kiir Mayardit as she had never thought that the leadership of South Sudan would be held by none other than her Dinka Bor. What a fake hope and believe! Really? Would Rebecca Nyadeng Chol Atem and her Boyfriend, Riek Machar Rule South Sudan without the support and blessing of Muonyjang of Bhar El Ghazal? As far as the truth is concerned, the traitor, Nyadeng Chol Atem has dug her own political grave and invited the Lunatic Riek Machar to urinate into the grave and bury her alive.

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

      • Daniel Mawei Deng says:

        “Dinkas are born to rule,” said late Dr. Yaach Arop during “Abel Alier” leadership at a debate in Parliament in the 1970s.
        Daniel British, South Sudanese Political Activist, USA.

        • Dear Daniel Mawei Deng:

          Every time I attempt to talk to you, somebody popes up out of Blue and try to speak on your behalf and behaves as if he is a Lunatic or pimp. Please watch out for such people as Mr.Manoon Thonchol. He might have enrolled in the school of identity theft and that he may steal your identity and commit a crime on your behalf. I believe you are a decent guy, however their weird behaviours and actions make you look like a political activist for the Bor Mafia in USA.

          Please check the record of your claim with regard to the allegation you made about late Dr. Justin Yac Arop. In fact, the statement of “Born to Rule” was uttered by one of your Dinka Bor MPs. It was not said by Dr. Justin Yac Arop. Why would he (Dr. Justin Yac Arop) make that Statement when he was fired from his ministerial position by president Abel Alier? please do more research on who uttered the Born to Rule among your Dinka Bor MPs. It wasn’t Dr.Justin Yac Arop or anybody from Dinka Bhar El Ghazal at all.

          “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
          Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

        • Pan says:

          Daniel, you are hung up on one sentence uttered in the 1970s and yet we are berated not to mention the butchery of Riak in the 1990s. What gives, man?

      • jay johnson says:


        What more can I say. You said it all with regard to this issue of Bor. It is only in the east of the Nile, and particularly south east region would such debate be a big deal. And as you pointed out, there is no community on your side of the river who want to shallow other communities alive by denying them their historical identity.

        Even the Rek, which include Malual by extension, and which numbered more than a million souls have Not attempt to imposed their Rek identity on smaller communities of Luanyjang, Western Twic and Ngok Abyei. Which Beg the question, why do Bor Dinka want to imposed their identity on Twi, Hol and Nyarweng Dinka.

        Well, it have been 40 years since the Borization of Twi, Hol and Nyarweng was introduce and put into literature. We must reverse this trend. Hol, Nyarweng and Twi Dinka must reclaim their lost identity without wasting more time. We need to win the mind of current generation otherwise it will be too late for these communities to restore their historical identity as independent Dinka sub tribes, east of the Nile River

        The threat of conflict, war, hatred and disunity have been played numerous time. It will not deter us any more. We are determine to push this issue forward. We are certain victory is on our side.

        Thank again LGG. you have been an invaluable resources to me.

  16. Colins says:

    Can you learnt ladies and gentlemen make peace? Emotional statements does’t make anything better, just insight further bloodletting. Fact is that, Dinka and Nuer (subtribes notwithstanding) will forever be neighbors. The earlier you begin preaching peace, the better for the future of your children and the children of your children.

  17. Sebit says:

    Adam, what is wrong with presence of Dinka Bor youth in Nimule? Is Nimule not part of South Sudan? I have understood ur point of encouraging tribalism in South Sudan under the umbrella of Dinka and regionalism. Don’t u think uniting ur self under the umbrella of tribe repels other communities n become enemies to u? What wrong did Abel Alier commit against u that u just quote him without elaborating more about what he did to u during his presidency? Encourage tribalism in ss but u will reap its fruit!! Ur community is good 4 nothing apart from prioritizing corruption and looting pple’s property….

  18. DAVID OJULA says:


  19. Ring LoKen says:

    Stop crying over spilt milk. It is your people’s making. Your worriers, true sons of Bor are out terrorizing people of Nimule and Yei mostly, land grabbing and raping of their women and killing their husbands. The Americans say CYA. Bor people left that intimate and sensitive area unprotected. They need to hurry back and protect their own instead of grabbing from others especially when they give excuses like “we bought this country with our (Dinka) blood” as if Dinka fought exclusively alone during Garang era. Truth is the Dinka did not fight the SPLA war alone. The other tribes fought gallantly, even though they are denied credit. See, when the other tribes refused to fight alongside you proud fellas, your people got slaughtered in Bor. The truth is the Dinka are cowards and that is why the Nuer have upper hand with Uganda’s UPDF on their side. It is a shame that the proud Dinka who claim superiority, and majority cannot fight a Dinka made war and shamefully ask for Museveni help. Stupid Museveni!!!! With 1000 UPDF dead in Bor alone the Ugandans will never be proud of their reckless interference.

    Let us abandon the negatives in us as SS people and build on the positives. Negatives like “we are born to rule” or superiority complex lead to unproductive traits like corruption stealing of cows, disrespect of human lives simply because every Dinka wants to get rich at all cost…stealing government money, raiding cattle just to mary or buy a woman with 100 heads of cattle is senseless. This happens mainly because of the unhealthy superiority complex instilled in childhood whereby every Dinka wants to be Beny dit even the illiterate and very ugly . Learn from your neighbors you our Dinka people. Instill in your unborn children the positive values of HONESTY, HARD WORK and RESPECT of ELDERS irrespective of tribe, something a young Dinka man finds hard to do…to respect a monjur. All the above two can be elaborated to make a man a man not a thief and respect of elders widens into respect of others which lacks in Dinka communities. The Dinka respect their cows more than people. They cry like babies more… if a cow dies. Not when a child or a woman or a man dies. Humanity is more valuable than cows. Change your cultural values and you will live peacefully with others.

  20. Majakdit says:

    I must appreciate your good writing skills; your used of metaphor is highly decipherable, however, your main setbacks are lies, hatred and excuses are baseless as can been seen on the exaggeration of the truth!
    You people (Dinka Bor) not for the first time always have been complaining of this and that even the time your own son Dr John Garang was still alive – God rest his soul. Riek Machar is the most evil man in Africa after Idi Amin but it’s ironic how you turn the blame of your own faults at Gen. Kiir as for daring Riek! You talk balderdash when in fact, you haven’t got a clue about the history of the struggle apart from this internet propagandas. You are slowing down the people of Bor from taking action against Riek for the atrocities he committed against. You’re nothing but a creep who cannot tell A from B of what’s happening now in South Sudan. Stay safe out there and shut your pretty, filthy mouth. We’re busy serving the people of South Sudan and you can criticize as much as you please. Otherwise make it simple for yourself and come home to fighting both Riek and Kiir so Bor could be return to its 1991 and 2013 self.
    Shame on you mama Elizabeth!!!!

  21. Isaac Deng says:

    Elizabeth Apajook Deng Lual, you made me tear up, but it is not going to continue since everything has got D-day. There are two enemies the Bor community must fight, those who kill women, children and elderly people and those who are planning evil day and night against Bor community. You spoken the truth that president Kiir would like Nuer community, Dr. Riek and Bor community to be in permanent war as sworn enemies, but only wise Bor community should say no and shame the devil. The sooner Bor community reconcile and make permanent peace with their surrounding neighbors the better for the well-being of this great people. Nuer and Murle are going nowhere and Bor community is going nowhere. They are there to stay side by side for generations.
    I think poverty is to blame because it forces some human beings to think irrational making them to go and steal other people’s properties and kill children, women and elderly. A wise leadership would have invested portion of money from oil revenues in Pibor or Akobo to improve the livelihood of these frustrated Nuer and Murle youth. I agree with you 150%, therefore, president Kiir is to be blamed for horrific things happening to Bor community and in Jonglei. President Kiir has shown his true color that he cares about false intelligence, gossips, rumors and ready to act foolishly without thinking the consequences behind his unfiltered poor decisions. I wish president Kiir has the same courage to punish those close relatives and ministers stealing billions of dollars from the country.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Dear Isaac Deng,

      People of greater Bhar El Ghazel are laughing at us. We become their laughing stock since they are trying really hard to eliminate us, the Upper Nilians. It is in their wishful thinking that we will stop existing. Even if they employ thousands of thousands more Museveni apart from Museveni of Uganda, Upper Nilians will remain here in South Sudan. It is our turn to mourn and cry for our decease, but there will be time when the opposite will taste the same medicine. Time for upper Nilians to stand together and put aside their differences will come. Museveni will rod away.

      In fact, those Ugandians will remember for the rest of their lives what Upper Nilians taught them. When another war break out, they will think twice before Museveni throw them in Burning fire.

    • Jimmy says:

      Issac Deng
      When did Nuer and Murlei communities co-exist or lived side by side with out Problem? without fighting? When these communities are well off; is it at the time Kiir become president? don’t blame Kiir for local communities problem blame him on state affairs which are not connected with tribes.
      The solution between your tribe and your neighbours is to go to war with them whcih is another way to obtain peace or negotiate and settle everything peacefully if you are unable to fight back.

  22. Rieet Deang says:

    @ Apajook, I wouldn’t call you names for some biased information in your article. It is true that Bor people have suffered during the 1991 SPLM political crisis. For those who have been leaving where SPLA/M was founded in 1983, 1991 events were the results of what had been done since that period. Equally, the recent events are the results of the 1991 events. My comment here is that your analysis is partly true and partly speculative based on your long internalised tribalism. If there is any body to be blamed for the recent outbreak of hostilities, president Kiir would be the one to be blamed for everything and not Dr.Riek who escaped assassination from the hands of the President. Bor people cannot be blamed from these events too for Instigating vengeance on Nuer except that they are being made victims not by the Nuer and Murle as you claimed but by the same government which has been projecting its crimes on others. Don’t forget that there are video evidences and lies detectors prove who did what in South sudan. Many Bor people made it to Nimule because of the rebels you are blaming. President Salva Kiir has not always been there to protect civilians other than his leadership. I think you are not informed about the past and current events in the Republic. For that reason, you are writing based on your assumption that it is Dr.Riek again doing killing at Bor while he himself is hidding from air bombardment by the UPDF forces. These are the same people who killed ever moving human creature in Jonglei. They can’t differentiate Dinka Bor, Nuer or Murle from the air. Please, research more for the truth before you come up with biased information lest you be taken to lie detector for evaluation in the USA.

    • Manoon Thonchol says:

      “Equally, the recent events are the results of the 1991 events.”
      Mr. Rieet, tell me how 1991 Events caused this war? In this context 1991 Bor massacre was used as a tool to protect power, blackmail Bor community and consolidate dictatorial leadership. Using 1991 as a means to protect power and build dictatorship is insincere and an injustice to those who died in 1991.

  23. Deng the fearless says:

    @Adam and ww…you saıd ıt all.Dınka bor people thınk that thy are the most ıntellıgent, educated and the founders of South Sudan yet thy are the most bloodıest and shamefull refugees the world has ever had.Thy want salva kıır to protect them hahah ıt wıll not happen unless you leave beıng a long do you people want to be ın other peoples land ? Dınka bor have ashame us totally especıally ın east afrıca.what kınd of people are these? go home and protect your women,elders and chıldren and stop cryıng lıke chıckens.thy have surely ashame the whole Dınka at large.

  24. Awomdit says:

    I just pity you little girl. My worries increase more when those who seek education abroad are as shallow (in reasoning) as those who were running from bush to bush to dodge antinov bombs until CPA came to the rescue. Kiir of all men does not have a bone to pick with anyone. In fact he was quoted after the 1991 Bor massacre when he saw piles of bodies in Bor, and a few days later in Ethiopia seeing thousands of orphans he exclaimed thus “I thought Riek had exterminated Bor but thank God Bor is still alive”..He had hope in your type that you would carry on the name, and here you are without shame blaming poor Kiir..Why did Garang trust him. If he had bad intentions towards your people, would he be alive by now..Talk of Riek, why is he waging war on your soil every time..because you are cowards!!! Cowardice is not a virtue remember? You boasts of brains but a brain without a strong blood pumped from the heart is nothing. Kiir has nothing against you woman! write something better or shut up

    • Manoon Thonchol says:

      “Talk of Riek, why is he waging war on your soil every time..because you are cowards!!! Cowardice is not a virtue remember? You boasts of brains but a brain without a strong blood pumped from the heart is nothing. Kiir has nothing against you woman! write something better or shut up.”

      You Bhar el Ghazel think you are brave. You will be useless in the eyes of South Sudanese very soon. Did you watch cliff posted by BBC News where that presidential militia ran like women leaving the British Journalist standing alone. A man without gun seemed be braver than those who carried guns. Riek wage war on Bor community every time because he knows that’s the powerhouse of Dinka tribe. Know body consider Dinka Bhar el Ghazel as threat in South Sudan. I think you know most generals killed in this war are from Bor. Could you tell me examples of high ranking generals killed from Bhar el Ghazel. Don’t tell me Gen. Akoon because he wasn’t in any war.
      What’s coward means to you when Malual Ayom Dor from Bor is leading military operation in Jonglei, Jok Riak Makol leading military operation in Unity, and the rest of military operation generals on the government side are either from Bor or Nuer, where are the brave Mr. useless?
      Days before war began in Juba, you would see Bhar el Ghazel dominated the media including Aleu Ayeny Aleu, Awet Akot, Salva Mathok, etc. dramatizing up the war (wuo be roth moc, wuo be roth moc) and when the war started, they all disappeared leaving military planning to Kuol Manyang Juuk, Malaak Ayuen Ajhok, Philip Aguer Panyang, and again to our Nuer brothers like James Hoth Mai. Where are you ya cowards?
      If these leaders are not there, Juba would be by now in the hands of Riek Machar. Thank to Uganda troops who help these leaders in the operation. I don’t think you will talk after this crisis is over.

      • Manoon Thonchol:

        Coward! Wake up and smell the Diaspora coffee. General Malual Ayom Dor is commanding the troops who were brought from Division 3 and Mapel in Bhar El Ghazal. General Garang Mabiel from Bhar El Ghazal was wounded in the Battle of Gameiza on his way to Bortown. Commander, Ajak Madit who was brought to Bor from Mapel Divisions and many soldiers from Bhar El Ghazal are killed in the liberation of Bor. Also the Governor of Northern Bhar Ghazal State, General Malong Awen was in the frontline in Bor co-commanding or assisting general Malual Ayom. I, Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang is presently fighting in your Backyard in Bor. Please come and see for yourself how many troops from Bhar El Ghazal are currently fighting in Bor. Stop displaying Bor`s bravery on the social media. Come and prove your bravery and manhood in your hometown which is under the occupation of another men from Jonglei,

        The Unity State, Bentiu was recaptured by the Gallant soldiers of Bhar El Ghazal under the command of General Santino Deng Wol from Bhar El Ghazal, Division 3. Please stop discrediting the military contributions made by the people of Bhar El Ghazal in the liberation of Bor. Coward! Pick up your damn phone and ask General Malual Ayom Dor to find out how many soldiers from Bhar El Ghazal are participating in the recent liberation of Bor.

        Mr.Born to Rule, What can you do without the support of the Mighty Muonyjang of Bhar El Ghazal and Padang? Have you ever seen the Muonyjang of Bhar El Ghazal fleeing to Equatoria because of Nuer. The Lunatic Riek Machar and Peter Gatdet Yak are from Western Nuer, Unity State and are neighbours to the Dinka of Bhar El Ghazal, however, they never dare waging war or an attack against their neighbours. They always run to Bor and attack those whom they think are cowards and inferiors, How would you rule South Sudan if you can not defend your own ancestral land from Murle, Lou and Gawaar Nuer. Did you see what the Gel Beny did in the Military Barracks with Riek Machar`s food lovers and looters.

        The truth hurts hut it is worth telling it
        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan`s forgotten Martyrs)

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Dear Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang:

          Dear Congenital Liar,

          Please quit lying to Manoon Thonchol. Bentiu was captured by sellout Nuer with help of JEM and SPM-N. Deng Wol never sat his smelly feet in Bentiu. Unless he did after JEM, SPLM-N, and sellout Nuer captured it. Why are Warrap people running away when no Nuer is heading their way to attack them? Who are those running to Uganda and Kenya for food? Aren’t they Bhar El Ghazians?

          Kakuma Refugee camp in Kenya is full of Dinkas and Uganda refugee is crowded with your people. Shameful indeed. I would think that with help of UPDF, JEM, SPLM-N, and Rwanda dinka would be comfortable enough to stay in South Sudan instead of running to refugee camps. Are you not secure enough with Museveni and the rest of East Africa Countries on your side? Poor people of Bhar El Ghazel are trying really to take credit for what they did not sweat for. Do not leave your homes before Nuer march to Bhar El Ghazel. We are just afraid that there will be nobody in Bhar El Ghazel when Nuer march there as the country is Empty right now. Only Nuer and Uganda are in South Sudan. Dinka have switched position with Uganda. They have now moved to Uganda in Their Thousands.

          I was in Gameiza battle and I did n’t see any Dinka there. Only few from Bor community. I can tell by their Marks. Those Dinka Bor we captured, we let go. Those Uganda we captured are still under our custody.

  25. @Adam and ww…you saıd ıt all.Dınka bor people thınk that thy are the most ıntellıgent, educated and the founders of South Sudan yet thy are the most bloodıest and shamefull refugees the world has ever had.Thy want salva kıır to protect them hahah ıt wıll not happen unless you leave beıng a long do you people want to be ın other peoples land ? Dınka bor have ashame us totally especıally ın east afrıca.what kınd of people are these? go home and protect your women,elders and chıldren and stop cryıng lıke chıckens.thy have surely ashame the whole Dınka at large.

  26. Daniel Mawei Deng says:

    “The sooner Bor community reconcile and make permanent peace with their surrounding neighbors the better for the well-being of this great people. Nuer and Murle are going nowhere and Bor community is going nowhere. They are there to stay side by side for generations.”
    I am very proud of you brother Isaac Deng. I wish this is your real name and I wish I know who you are. You and Apajook are examples of who we used to be. Smart and hardly be used.

    “Nuer and Murle are going nowhere and Bor community is going nowhere,” Isaac Deng.

    Daniel British, South Sudanese Political Activist, USA

  27. Ring LoKen says:

    Cowardice. Cowardice indeed!
    The Dinka Bor should start by loving their own God given land. Bor is beautiful and habitable. I just don’t understand why Dinka Bor people have continued to be internally displaced even today, leave alone East Africa. The so called lost boys were Garang’s idea of smuggling Dinka only boys and girls out of the war torn Country so that they can grab education and be the only ones to lead and rule thereafter. This was discrimination on late Garang’s part so that the non Dinka kids can be made to fight. The only non Dinka LLost Boys who came to the USA had to use Dinka names to get through. Garang himself was a dictator and a tribalist hiding behind nationalistic “New Sudan” ideology. No doubt he was intelligent and gifted, but I know he would have made a bad tribalistic president also. It seems majority of Dinka leaders are tribalistic. Once they grab power they will put Dinka first and, not the nation and use other tribes to further their goals. Abel Alier was the same. Kiir is the same so I am yet to see Dinka leadership that deals with other tribes on merit.. Kiir was trying to do the same with the 39 laws by getting Nuer out of the way first and then the others considered to be weak can just be forced to serve the Dinka. Land grabbing or occupation in greater Equatoria is part of the game.

    Greed is dangerous. It kills!! Dinka Bor are out there looting and stealing from others because they are not satisfied with their own. Be content boys of Bor and don’t abandon the elderly the women and children. No tribe can be strong without their sons and daughters participating in community building. Just go to Nimule, Kaya and Bazi where the Dinka are just basking in the sun while the locals dig in the field to produce food. Laziness? Corrupt? Grabbers? Steal but don’t take the money out of the Country. Build micro Industries, invest the stolen money in Agriculture and SS will be better than Kenya and Uganda which you love to hide in. The Kenyans, Ugandans and the Western world worked hard to make their land admirable. Return the money to the Country and build factories. Return the money and build better schools so that the young generation like Elizabeth can be schooled within and only come out when necessary.

    With technology, the thieves of SS can no longer hide. They are exposed the moment they bank over a million dollars of money. We know them all and the moment there is change in government all the money will be returned to the people of South Sudan. Let them eat the money quick because collection time is rapidly approaching. Kiir has failed and I don’t think Riek is the right person either. I campaign for rotational presidency whereby the three greater regions of BGP, Uppernile and Greator Equatoria have alternately a chance to rule the nation 4 years or eight if leadership is good. The two waring tribes cannot be allowed to drag us down with them.

  28. Mohd Adam says:

    The solution for Bor community is, go home and rebuild your land of ancestors. Quit your obsession of occupying other peoples’ lands. Otherwise, God will punish you for the suffering you people inflict on others. Wreath of God is real. I have heard many voices crying in South Sudan because of what Dinka Bor have done to them. From Shilluk to Moro, Azande, Madi,Didinga, Acholi, Kakwa, Bari and many others, all have asked, wether God really hears to their crying as the result of Dinka Bor agitations and arrogance over their lands. My appeal to Ms. Apajook is to convey this massage to her community and act accordingly to the humble wishes of the suffering communities mentioned above. Otherwise, they the Bor community will also weep in such national calamities. Lastly, but not least, stop blaming Kiir Mayardit, Nyandeng and her son Mabior, are the culprits of the recent carnage in your Mading Bor.

    • Kidepo says:

      For the firs time I ma saluting you for accpeting the wrecless manners of dinka bor who were dispalced by Dr Riek in 1991 to Nimule. Due to their lying manners they propogated that they captured Nimule and termed the lands owners Ugandans.

      Now that the Uganadans have liberated your asses from Nuer onslaught. Move out of Nimule let the UG occupy it since they have recaptured for you Bor town. Where are the so called we are the fighters, liberators, etc……….isha ketir sakit!

  29. Alierthiy says:

    What I hate from our brothers and sisters of Twic East County is that: the entire county is confused on its identity! Some of them, like Jay Janson or Kuir e Garang, detest to be identified as Bor Dinka. Some Twic East folks wholeheartly agreed that they are Bor Dinka by identity. Apajook Deng Lual, who wrote the article in question is from Twic East County and she is agreeing that her identity is Bor Dinka! Just last weeks I saw Deng Dau Deng an MP representing Twic East constituency at South Sudan National Assembly claiming that he is the chairperson for all MPs representing Greater Bor (Duk County, Twic County and Bor South County). So Deng Dau, Nyandeng, Majak Agot and other intellectual from Twic East are identifying themselves or the community they come from as Bor. So Twic County is a confuse county when it come identity. I have concluded that Twic folks love to be called Bor only when they are leading…they just like to rallythree counties under the same banner so that when anything backfire from their leadership then all will be affected. when Twic are not leading, they are the first to deny that Bor is not their identity.

    • jay johnson says:


      Never believe the politicians. Deng Dau, Nyandeng and Majak Agot are politicians and not historians. Their main objective is to get and maintain power at all cost, including selling their people identity ( Twi Dinka) for their political survival.

      They are using your name ( Bor) for political gain. it is people like you who need to stand up and say enough is enough. We do not hate our brothers, the Bor Dinka but we want to be equal when it comes to identity as oppose to be made a section of Bor Dinka. That is what we object to.

      Twi, Hol and Nyarweng Dinka were not known as Bour even during the Anglo Egyptian condominium. Borization of Nyarweng, Twi and Hol was introduce during the presidency of Abel Alier and then John Garang pick it up during the 22 years of struggle.

      We know the task is monumental, but we are certain that our position of recognizing the identity of Twi, Hol and Nyarweng as equal to Bor Dinka will prevail

  30. Alierthiy says:

    Nyandeng and Majak Agot plus many intellectuals from Twic County complained that Kiir Mayardit has marginalised Twic County by not having a minister from Twic. They rekoned that Makuei Lueth and Kuol Manyang are from Bor and they arw Twic…Nyandeng and Majak complained as such in private but when in public Nyandeng and Majak preached that their identity is Bor. They do this because they are well aware that many people from Bor have died protecting Garang de Mabior just because Garang was identifying himself as Bor. They also know many people from Bor South had suffered just because of John Garang leadership. 1991 Bor massacre was a result of Garang leadership but Bor County didn’t complained that Garang was not Bor. Today Nyandeng and others conspired with Dr Riek to kill Bor county civilians just because Makuei Lueth and Kuol Manyang in Kiir’s cabinet happened to be from Bor county. Twic East are not well aware that leadership comes and goes…you don’t need to betray your kins and kith just because of hollow leadership. Too, intergrity is important to decent human being. Stop cooking lies…Makuei Lueth and Kuol have no grudges with anybody from Twic County. Both of them (Makuei and Kuol) are courageous Bor sons who fear no obe when they know that they are right. Makuei who we know can’t stoop so low to victimise Majak or anyone. But if Majak or any close relative of Makuei plan anything siniater against innocent people, would be the very first person to condemn that becuse he condone no malpractise. So don’t spread lies…if you have evidences of where and when Makuei called Twic abd Duk rebels or where or when he said if will resign if Majak is released then let us know. I am happy to be differentiate from Twic folks…so I like to see them go. Or if you want remain as Bor as preach by your current lwaders then the like of Jay Janson or Kuir e Garang must shut up.

  31. Ring LoKen says:

    I have many friends from Bor who are morning because they have lost everything, including property, the elderly, children and women. There’s even no one left to bury the dead. This is because the young either ran away or are busy committing atrocities in Nimule, Yei and other parts of Equatoria. Indeed the Equatorians are weak and that is why the Dinka can do anything they like and get away with it.

    The Madi and Kakwa are cowards. A case in point is: A Dinka men wanted to mary a Kakwa primary school girl against her will and against the parents will. The SPLA Dinka terrorized the family to submission but the parents begged the young man to let the girl sit for primary living examinations then he can take her. The illiterate Dinka took this as a rejection and came with a bunch of Dinka SPLA and shot all 9 members of the family including children and women. The man was arrested but because Dinka SPLA are above the law, the criminal, the killer was made to disappear by the Dinka superiors. He was made to get away with it. There’re such cases happening in Equatoria but if it is a Dinka under Dinka command, the perpetrator would go unpunished. So this is my message to all Dinka. God is punishing you for your crimes. The weak Equatorians cannot fight back but God will punish you. Dinka Bor has taken most of the wrath of God because they are the leaders in discrimination. Dinka BG got mixed up in it because of identity. Thus I ask that the Dinka should ask for forgiveness from God. The crimes committed in Equatoria against humanity must be fixed and the losses compensated. Otherwise, God will bring the Dinka to their knees because God is on the side of the oppressed. Young educated Dinka like Elizabeth need to work for cultural change in Dinka land. Instead of teaching them some unsustainable superiority complex, they need to reverse Dinka worldview with simple cultural values of HARD-WORK, HONESTY AND RESPECT OF HUMANITY regardless of who… The benefits are blessings, peace with God and mankind and peace within self. Peace within self is very important because the Dinka are not content with what God has given. They have land but they grab land from others; they have smart women like Elizabeth but they try to take non Dinkas by force; they have wealth in cows and looted money but they try to take and take from others; they have property but they take from citizens, claiming that they bought S.Sudan with their own blood so God is not happy and you will continue to slaughter each other until you repent. The blood of the people you have killed is crying out loud to God and God ain’t going to stop punishing you people until you stop punishing others. Elizabeth, as anthropologist you can contribute a lot to write about necessary cultural change in South Sudan. To do that you need to get out of Dinkanism to Humanism. See thee world through Humanist worldview and not through Dinkanism.

  32. Alierthiy says:

    Jay Johnson, you said that Twic politicians (Nyandeng, Majak, Malok, late Garang de Mabior, Bishop Deng and Bishop Majok and many others) identify themselves as Bor because of political interests how about young people like Apajok Lual Deng and many other non politicians from Twic County who identify themselves as Bor Dinka?

    • jay johnson says:


      people like Apajook are confused and ignorant about Dinka genealogy. And as you know, Men are custodian of history in our community not women like Apajook. She does not have creditability when it come to who is who in Dinka society.

      Other non politicians you reference left the area when they are young. They have not been educated by their grandfathers and fathers because of disruption of war. Some of them are aspiring to be politicians and they need to embrace Borism if they want to have a shot at political and bureaucratic office. so it the same narrative.

      Some of them do not even know that the Dinka have been in south sudan for about 700 or 800 years. As recently as 11th century AD, the Dinka were living in Khartoum/Gezira region of central Sudan.

      Twi, Hol and Nyarweng were not call Bor Dinka as recently as late 1960s. There is no other name the Bor ( Athooc and Gok) call themselves. They call themselves Bour. Secondly, theY speak the same language. Thong Bor is not a Twi, Hol or Nyarweng Dialect. It is Bor dialect. THE LANGUAGE AND LACK OF COLLECTIVE NAME THE ATHOOC AND GOK KNOW THEMSELVES IS THE KEY TO UNDERSTANDING THIS WHOLE ISSUE.

      • Daniel Mawei Deng says:

        Mr. Jay Johnson,

        “And as you know, Men are custodian of history in our community not women like Apajook. She does not have creditability when it come to who is who in Dinka society.”
        I am surprised. It is very impressive that the so-called my educated advisor still hold negative views against our women, even the very powerful ones like Pajook could still be regarded as no human beings. Da Beny-die, you are talking of respect of opinions and expressions in your response to me under the other topic, but here you seem to a most disrespectful debater in the history of the debating world.

        When we discussed this topic in the past, what did I told you? I told you that linguistic and dialectic differences do not really amount to the determination of us being ethnically different. For example, you identify yourselves as Dinka, does that means Dinkas are not linguistically and dialectically different?
        If you are distancing yourselves from Bor community because we are linguistically and dialectically different, then there would be no point you call yourselves Dinka since these differences will still be within the Dinka community.

        Daniel British, South Sudanese Political Activist, USA.

  33. Mohd Adam says:

    Thank you, Ring LoKen, your piece is in complementary to what I have been conveying to Elizabeth Apajook. Her Dinka Bor community is facing God’s punishment for the sins they committed to their fellow South Sudanese. Unless they stop and repent, Bor will continue to be a killing ground. Vultures and dogs will feast over dead bodies of Dinka Bor, periodically. Specifically, in every eight years this will happen, according to Riek Machar’s calendar. It was in 1991 as it was in 2013. Fellow Dinka Bor, as arrogant as you are, watch out, 2021 is a year for another massacre of Bor. This is a prophesy you should not ignor unless you change your arrogance, it will surely happen.
    Thank you all!

  34. Elizabeth Apajaook says:

    Mohd Adam , I am not sure if you really like peace in this nation of South Sudan . If you do , you should stay away from edging communities against each other . Your messages on this website are clearly aimed at spreading division among ethnic groupings of South Sudan and as such people should not waste their time with you . Mind you , it is important that Dinka Bor remains as peaceful as they are ; for the peace sake .

  35. Mohd Adam says:

    I rest my case Apajaook, it is said that a daughter of a snake is a snake, if it does not bite you to day, it will bite you tomorrow. Continue with your arrogance and you will reap from it. Change and you will enjoy the love of other South Sudanese. The choice is yours. IDPs or refugees inside/outside in Kenya and Uganda until when? Sister, you should have peace within yourselves first, then with others. My last response please!

    • jay johnson says:

      Mohd Adam,

      Time will come when the Bahr Kalas Dinka will be asked to carry their own yolk. You have looted pubic resources for more than 10 years. Yet you have no shame to look East of the Nile for scapegoat. While we on the East do not support the violent over throw of Kiir government, we remain opposed to his mismanagement of the nation.

      The untimely death of Dr. Garang caught Kiir by surprise. He never, in his live envision becoming a president of a nation like south sudan. Which is why it has been a disastrous presidency. Does he ( Kiir) regret his speech and criticism of John Garang in Rumbek meeting?

      What about maram or muralhini calendar? Is it every 10 years or every 5 years? What about Miles 14 area? Why did you allow your land to be grab by forced by the Reizigat of South and East Darfur? Have you really ( Bahr Kalas Dinka) sold out Abyei people and region to the Arabs for oil and money?

      And why did you guys release Athor Akuin from prison by force? I hope the God of Deng Abuk, God of Deng Garang, God of Ayuel Longar, God of Loi-dit and God of Lirpiou is watching you!!!!!

  36. Jimmy says:

    Before posting any article I would like you to have critical thinking before blaming a person. Have concrete reason or evidence to shape analysis next time otherwise you be another tragedy like Nyandeng the girl friend of Dr. Killer Riak Machar.
    Nyandeng troubles are alarming because her bad behaviour reminds me of the way her sibling Mabior misbehaves in Nairobi capital city. I am worried just because what I see of you is what I see with Nyandend pointing finger to a person without real reason is absolutely unfair.
    You are heading for a brick wall and that is strange.

  37. I find it difficult to comment!

  38. Ring LoKen says:


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