Pres. Kiir and Gov. Rizik are planning to turn Wau into a mass grave in the context of Wau events

By: Vanivongo Sii, MAY/27/2015, SSN;

The plan of jieng elders under the leadership of president Kiir to chase the helpless indigenous people of Wau from their home to Central Arica and settle their Dinka people in Wau, started long time ago, but today the plan seems to be getting to its climax stage.

The killing of the paramount chief of Baggari in a gloomy situation, became an opportunity of targeting many people from Wau and the villages around under false accusation, arbitrary arrests are now being conducted, deployment of the forces are now taking place in many villages, oppression is widely committed in a final attempt to force the indigenous of the area leave their home and let the ground get prepared for the Dinka people to settle.

The long-term plan was designed by the Dinka elders in the sixties. Historically, the indigenous of Wau are the extension of the greatest African Bantu, by nature they are peaceful dwellers and hard workers, they believe in coexistence. They have special respect and honor for their quest and neighbors. They have never experienced violence among themselves.

It was because of this nature they became victims of slavery; many of their grand fathers were taken and sole in the markets around the world. Their neighbors Dinka started to come to their land in 1930,s as a result of trade exchange, bringing their milk and cattle in order to get salt and Beans. All regimes that came to the area, were not allowing them to stay in the town because of their today’s behaviors.

When Addis Ababa agreement was signed 1972, they get their ways into the town and received the civilize way of dwelling from their neighbors the indigenous of Wau. As their culture, they welcome their brothers and treated them as human being, but unfortunately they later turned against their brothers the indigenous, abusing the good treatment and recognition given to them, thinking of the domination, as far as chasing them from their home and occupying the land.

When they got into power 1972 after Addis Ababa agreement, the started disseminating the plan with the intention of putting it into reality. The Dinka of Marial bai whom were one day fed up of their brothers in Warrap and came to the north east of this peaceful land for temporary rest, were taken as a future key for the penetration deeply into land of the people of Wau.

It was not easy for the Dinka leaders to carry out the implementation openly, but right from that time, they were working under ground. Later ordinary Dinka started to disclose their will openly when the referendum was at the door, a number of them were promising the chasing of the people of Wau to Central African Republic as soon as possible when independence is achieve.

By this time, Jieng elders under the leadership of president kiir had a deal with Governor Rizik Zakeria Hassan of Western Bahr Elghazal State, a Fur (Darfur Region in the Sudan) by origin, to carry out the plan and hand over Wau to the Dinka in gradual stages, a good amount of money was issued for the implementation and he was promised to remain in his position as far as possible.

The whole plan came out clearly during the independence day, when the flag was raised in Juba at the level of the Republic of South Sudan and followed by the ten States, coming to the level of the counties; there was a problem in Wau.

At the time people of Wau county were about to raise their flag, the people of Jur River county former Tonj district whom were instigated by the Dinka, were also wanted to raise their flag in Wau county, while the Dinka of Marial Bai on the other side were celebrating the independence at the false Tomb beside the Post Office.

Aywil Longer, former deputy Governor, made this false tomb in 1994 when he was in power in an attempt of creating evidence for claiming ownership of Wau in the far future. At this junction, jieng found that, they have succeeded in creating suitable environment for pushing their project ahead, so they forwarded to Governor Rizik Zakeria, the proposal of transferring Wau County to Baggeri area and Jur River County to Niyanakok while Wau town was to be made a municipal under jieng Administration.

Governor Rizik Zekeria who is a contractor of the project, couldn’t justify fairly, but only stopped the two commissioners from raising the flag, putting the celebration pending.

Unfortunately, after few days, he came out with the memo to the council of ministers proposing the transfer of Wau County to Baggari area and Jur River County to Niayakok while Wau be made a municipal.

The representatives of Wau County in the Government had a consultative meeting with the intellectuals on the issue, the proposal was officially rejected in writing, signed by over 700 people and was handed to the government.

For the important and sensitivity of the issue, civil society of Wau County organized one-day conference at the Palica center in order to brief the grassroots, share discussion together and come out with one joint decision.

Everything was made clear in the presence of elders, Chiefs, Intellectuals, Women and youth. Deliberations took place, so the conference came out with one decision that is, Wau should remain at it’s motherland, and it is a historical responsibility of the people of Wau to defend this God gifted right.

Few days after the conference, the government arrested some chiefs and intellectuals who attended the conference, but when they proved to be practicing their rights provided in the constitution, they were released. The government still insisted to go ahead with the project.

By the mid of the August 2012, Governor Rizik Zekeri issued a degree ordering the commissioner of Wau County to move with his county to Baggari area and commissioner of Jur River to move with his county to Niyanakok and Wau be made a municipal.

The decision was against the will of the people of Wau, as a result, the youth of Wau County came out to protect the resolutions of Palica conference. They gathered at the Liberation square near Baggari road, to express their feelings in a peaceful demonstration.

Series of dialogues were conducted to reach solutions but with failure. Later the national security in an effort to get solution, invited the leaders of the youth for more dialogue, but unfortunately they were detained.

These behaviors provoked the youth to come out and block all the roads leading to Wau Town from Raga, Baggari and Tembura in efforts to get their leaders released.

Unfortunately the government instead of getting just solution it started with the opening of fire at the peaceful demonstrators at Rabi Mountain on The 8th Dec 2012, killing one person and 13 wounded.

The Situation provoked the people of Wau and made them to rush out the next day 9th Dec 2012 to express their feelings peacefully with leaves in their hands, but to their surprise, the government again opened fire at them killing 8 persons and 26 wounded.

Governor Rizik Zekeria ordered the dead bodies be taken to the forest and be burned with petrol calling them criminals, but with the efforts of religious leaders and civil societies, the dead bodies were taken to St. Mary Cathedral, prayers were conducted in a critical moment, and the burials took place at the Liberation square under gun point.

It was a first serious violation of human rights in this new born nation South Sudan, conducted in the eyes of the whole world in daylight, a clear violation to the constitution of the country.

The government instead of paying condolence and apology to the families of the victims, it planned to cover it’s crime and shame by sending a special force to Warrap state where a tribal war was taking place among the Dinka.

There, dead bodies of these Dinka were collected, taken to Baggari area, and then accusations was fabricated on the people of the area of killing those Dinkas.

Chief of the area was arrested with numbers of civilians. A big mobilization was conducted in the greater Bahr Elghazal on that accusation, thousands of Dinka were brought from Aweil, Rumbek and Warrap on lorries to make the use of this chance and participate in the battle of chasing the people of Wau from their home, but Almighty God made his miracle and defeated them.

On 24th Dec 2012, president Salva kiir in the incident paid a visit to Wau, while addressing his Dinka people who came from Greater Bahr Elghaza for the battle. Instead of paying condolence and apology to the people of Wau, he said that, Governor Rezik Zekeri did nothing.

Surprising, the president uttered that had he been around in Wau at that time, he would have lead the war and crushed the whole Wau in one hour!

By this time, the people of Wau got convinced that the regime in South Sudan does not believe in the principle of democracy, there is no room for peaceful expression, all rights provided in the constitution are not any longer working, the rule of law is not prevailing, the constitution is put aside and the country is functioning out of brains.

President Kiir in this occasion gave more powers to Governor Rizik Zekeria to arrest, torture and do whatsoever he wanted to do.

A wide campaign of arrests was carried out, a big number of intellectuals and officers of different organized forces from Wau sons, were arrested and put into the jail, some were falsely imprisoned, others sentenced to death and some were released and left at the places of their work without assignment.

All these were happening in the eyes of the National legislative Assembly, no any one in the government showed mercy on the people of Wau, they remained without protection of the State but only Almighty God.

Anyar Anyar, a Dinka of Marial Bai, who did survey one of the oldest cemetery in Wau for the settlement of his Dinka People, was appointed as Mayor of Wau and Zekeria Garang of the Jur River County as minister of infrastructure to fulfill the technical grabbing of the land. The two guys did a lot of mess.

In August 2014, the Youth of Wau County decided to join SPLM/A IO under the leadership of Dr. Riek in order to participate in the liberation of South Sudanese people. This decision annoyed the government; a campaign of arbitrary arrests was conducted, again numbers of intellectuals and youth were taken by the National security and put into jail accusing them of mobilizing people to join a rebellion, until today, some are still staying without any legal procedure.

Recently, the paramount chief of Wau county Angelo Baggari was killed in a gloomy situation. All indicators pointed at Governor Rizik Zekeria, the contractor of jieng project, a plan designed to let the way for the fulfillment of President Kiir’s dream of crushing Wau within one hour and deporting its people to Central Africa, as he declared on 24th Dec 2012 in Wau Stadium.

Today, arbitrary arrests are taking place, big numbers of people from Baggeri and Wau are arrested, forces are deployed in the villages around, people are under oppression, aggressive abuses are conducted, Dinka’s cattle keepers are getting nearer in preparation to occupy the land in case the government crushed the indigenous.

The situation seems to be like the final preparation for the fulfillment of jieng vision under the leadership of president kiir.

Wau is about to turn into a mass grave if not rescued.

Rizik Zekeria Hassan, mind you, those you killed in Wau on 8th -9th Dec 2012 are not criminals but democracy martyrs in the history of this new-born nation, their blood will bring the true liberation.

Kiir, you think you are the most powerful lion in East Africa, but remember, God the supreme power, who defeated you in Wau Dec 2012 in the hands of the poor, will still defeat you, and his name will be glorified over that peaceful land.

South Sudan Ngoginda


  1. Mawien Magol says:

    Mr. Vanivengo Sii

    I would like to advise you and those who taught you on how to hate Dinkas people. I think the best advice I can say to those tribes in Western Bhar el Ghazal State is to be careful for what you want to shown Dinkas people. As you know there has never being an issued about discrimination among minority tribes in the Regions of greater Bhar el Ghazal this is because it is the culture norm from Dinka societies unlike others tribes who are lacking friendship around them. I think the Idea of trying to hated Dinka tribe as a way of coming up to get chances is absolutely very dangerous Idea thus, if you raise up by abusing Dinkas people clearly, it is not going to work for you guys. Most of the Western Bhar el Ghazal State don’t know the conditions which most Dinkas members have had faces during the struggle and even Today still there many challenges facing Dinkas people but does not mean we will forgets these event of hatred imposed on us we Dinkas people but we works hard to make sure such attitudes of hatred must be resisting.

  2. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Sii,

    There is a need to show great appreciation to your work before proceeding any further.But I hope you are a genuine citizen of Wau so that you may be expected to bear up well with comments related to Wau.To this context,after the independence,Wau was divided into two counties meaning Baggari and Jur.I would have wished that you had explained if it was better to seat the headquarters of the two counties in Wau instead of transferring Baggari county to Baggari and jur county to Niaynakok.

    The events of,”8th-9th December 2012″,in your article,capture my attention in a particular way becouse I was in Wau precisely two weeks before.At that very period,Wau was in an absolute calm and it was a great surprise to learn of them.In fact me personally I am for justice for all and abhor tribalism.I condemn any violence by the agents of the power and it’s a moral obligation to express condolences to the families of those whom you have narrated to have been kilt.

    I just have one small point to make.I was able to get information about the events including the massacre of dinka innocent citizens who were farming in fertit land around Baggari by fertit citizens in a way that is described to have been related to the political events in Wau.It’s up to you now to refute the notion that dinka ordinary citizens are legitimate targets in your political struggle against the government.

    There is no objection on your joining,”SPLA-IO”.But as a fellow brother,it’s good to debate with you.There was a counter insurgency armed malitia trained,armed,financed and deployed in Wau by the sudanese government with objective to fight the SPLM/A under John Garang.Do you remember?That force was exclusively made up of fertit citizens.But quickly they turned their guns on dinka innocent citizens turning Wau to hell on them.Many lives were lost.One hoped that was a by gone dark chapter in history to be forgotten for ever.But sadly today,the murder of dinka innocent citizens in fertit land by fertit citizens for political motives during the events of 2012 is a very unfortunate case that brings back the dark chapter to light.I hope you and the rest of the people in your leadership are aware of the danger of setting fertit and dinka innocent citizens in a tribal conflict as a way of achieving political objectives.

    “The SPLA-IO”,which you say to have joined is a very interesting case.If it was a tribal movement in reaction to the events of 15 December 2013,it has never failed to live up to it’s name from the first hour.For the nuers,the enemy is dinka and it doesn’t matter if he is in the government or not.Under such context,it’s success to the national helm of power has been compromised.It has no place in it’s leadership to accommodate constructive forces with great national convictions.Things should be viewed very clearly.Any,”SPLA-IO”,likes movements with intentions to settle tribal grudges but not for great national objectives for all in RSS will fail.

    Wau:the former capital of the greater Bahar el Ghazal province from the era of the english administration is like Malakal to Upper Nile and Juba to the greater Equatoria.They all have something in common.They were all financed and built with taxes collected from all citizens.Take for example,those from the greater Yerol district:they had contributed to the taxes that were used for building Wau in much the same way as those from the greater Raja,Aweil,Gogrial,Tonj and Rumbek.So each citizen from those districts has the right to claim Wau.But instead of entertaining such a laughable idea of dividing it up neighbourhood by neighbourhood among them,in which case it’s not empty of justice,or seek the dangerous initiative to take it over as your own exclusive belonging,it would be best to treat it as a a metropolitan town with accommodating conducive conditions for all.You will never do wrong.Other wise you will only invite troubles if your intention in wanting the headquarters of Baggari county to be Wau and not Baggari is an attempt to take Wau as your exclusive belonging!!!

  3. Kilwiloli says:

    My Magol
    The hatred you are talking about is created by your behaviors. Why don’t you go back to your sense and reviews your behaviors then justify in fairness so that, you become acceptable by those who hate you?
    This is one of the chronic diseases that you need to treat it.

  4. Toria says:

    False Millionaire
    I don’t understand your reasoning, do you really need to answer or comment on every article posted on SSN? So far after reading some of your bogus comments, you sounded like an expert intruder, although I doubted your personality and state of your mental stability, personally I think you are a jobless person collecting welfare checks somewhere in the western world, but it will catch up to you soon, NO FREE RIDES.
    You still keep maintaining a fake identity just like your cohorts, Nikalongo and others. If you fellows are real patriotic why hiding behind fake names? All that you do is criticism of others while you never come up with any new ideas nor have ever posted even an article. A typical uncreative and block headed mindset of jienge.
    The author of the above article is absolutely right about everything he said, among the rest of South Sudanese your tribes kins the jienges are the worse rotten eggs in the busket. Do you people really believe that you can win this war by these nonsesical idiocy like what is happening in this failed state? If you do then you are living in a fairy tale island.
    The real war hasn’t even began yet, the end is still too far as to who are the winners and losers. The coming wars are beyond Salva Kirr or Riek Machar. Now that Pres. Beshir is invited back into South Sudan prepare to be reconquered and every marginalized person will join the new rebellions emerging daily in SS.
    Bad luck

  5. False Millionaire says:


    I am born to work and live by sweat and effort and,”FREE RIDES”,aren’t for me as you falsely assume.Please trust me to tell those you may know to be,”collecting welfare checks”,to choose to be simple hard working honest citizens any where they are and they may never fail to succeed in anything and in any way in life.But don’t hang yourself if you are jealous of Nikalongo becouse of his intellectual elegance and great sense of reasoning.Just do as in sports:work on your weaknesses and you can still become as good as he is:may be better if you really try hard.Start your first lesson with the word,”busket”.It’s misplaced to the context if you meant basket for those you want to insult as,”rotten eggs”.

    I am afraid you must be up to the neck in the mud becouse of lack of culture and intellectual attitude to ask some body such ridiculous,irrational and irresponsible question as,”do you really need to answer or comment on every article posted on SSN?”Why not?That should confirm to you that there are those who care to follow events on RSS daily.Comments are reactions to articles and to others’ comments in what is called participation in dialogue leading to understanding.That is the cream of intellectual life and you must be the most unfortunate ignorant idiot on earth not to appreciate it.

    To say,”the real war hasn’t even started yet”,isn’t untrue.The ancient nuer prophet ngundeng predicted it.The earth will burn fire every where in RSS.There will be too few hiding places.That’s why it’s best never to show your ugly tribal face too readily becouse you may be forced to want to shelter your ass among non tribal constructive forces in the doom’s day.Watch out rude boy:your rotten tribal mind -set is already making you a loser before hell’s hour!!!

  6. Toria says:

    Hahahaha fake millionaire;
    Look in the mirrow, thanks for correction but “becouse” is spell because. You know what they say? “Empty barrells make loud noise”. Keep running your mouth but there isn’t a room left for empty heads like you. Get a job and for sure your claim of being patriotic or intellectual are all bogus, real patriots don’t hide in fake names. I don’t really care what you say about yourself but every reader here knows you are a coward pschoycophant looking for a job from kirler kiir, but your times are up soon the floor shall be left for real action takers not loose mouths.

  7. Toria says:

    I corrected myself. It should have read “Psychopathic” and that’s you mr fake.

  8. False Millionaire says:

    Are you a woman?please…….get lost one good time for ever.You are dishing rubbish on the net in total ignorance of practical weight and back rounds of RSS problems.Why aren’t you in the field among fighters of any rebel group if you have any cause to achieve by violence?How would you know if I am not a holder of a professional position far higher than your’s and your boss’?But ok.Your behaviour suggests you are a hopeless drunkard.Why are you being arrogant on others when you have the enemy named alcohol camping deep in your mouth?!!!

    • Lavina Lual says:


      What is wrong for being a woman; are you not proud of your mother/sisters/aunts/grandmothers/nephews because they are women too?

      Your writings amone will keep on judging who is alchoholic or sobber?

  9. Toria says:

    False Millionair
    What a professional, heh? if the type of professionals are like you, isn’t that the end of mankind? What a shame and loss for our nation to have thousands of professionals who have no clue about anything but bunch of criminals. What a junkyard mentality? From your writings and reasoning obviously you have bought and forged those credentials. No wonder SS is a failed and crumbled state due to dumbass professionals who have no calibres, talking all nonsense on net. Whatever you claim to be holding is useless and amounts to nothing. Why don’t you go to upper nile or bahr animal and build a functioning system? Go home and develop your own land. You are a lost bustard, everytime you like to act as though you understand the whole of South Sudan, while you don’t even know your own self. You are a drunkard just like your father kirler Kirr who can’t even speak until high on drugs. Alcoholics like you have no room on public forums, just go back to school and learn to talk some sense. Time wasters are not worth talking to.

  10. Kilwiloli says:

    Dear False Millionaire
    Before independence, Wau was a county with its capital in Wau, while Jur River County with capital at Udechi. The so-called Jur river county had a coordination office in Wau as the result of insecurity during the war to keep its affairs function temporary. Baggari is not a county as you stated, but a bayam. This is one of the misinformation you dinka created to deceive people and to lay the ground for grapping the land in Wau. The spirit you showed in regards to justice is good, but it should be seen working in practice.
    My brother False millionaire, the armed militia you talked about was not a mere rogue force like the SPLA-SPLM under the leadership of Garang and Kirr, but an organized, disciplined and peaceful one, which emerged as the result of what your people were doing to our people when they came into our areas under the umbrella of liberation, looting, torturing, rapping, killing destroying the villages and aggressively practicing various forms of abuses. The main mandate of this force was to restore the dignity of our people and protect them within their land. I challenge you, to tell and show me one day during the twenty years of war in south sudan where this force went to dinka land and caused destruction as you dinka had done in our land using first the jur chol as your foot soldiers and later the dinka-dominated SPLA forces.
    In regards to the killings of dinka civilians in 2012 in Farajala, this too was fabricated to falsely frame the Balanda people and to cover the crime of the government and mobilize the ordinary dinkas in Warrap, Rumbek, and Aweil for the war. Those civilian dinkas were killed by your own fellow dinkas in intra dinka tribal wars in Warrap and their bodies dumped in Farajala to frame our people. Furthermore, the civilian dinkas who were working in Balanda’s farms in Farajala were never harmed, harassed or killed. Those dinka civilians said that none of them working in the farms went missing and that the bodies of the dinkas dumped in Farajala were brought from outside.
    In regards to Wau as the capital of former Bahr El Ghazal Province, you must understand that it was built with the taxes and sweat labor of its rightful indigenous sons and daughters more than a hundred and twenty years ago when you were uncivilized and still uncivilized today. Where have the dinkas ever pay taxes or made any positive and significant contribution to then Sudan and now South Sudan? You do not work, you do not produce food, you do not know how to build houses (your women build houses for you) but you consume all the taxes, services, and public funds first in then Sudan and now South Sudan at the expense of everyone in South Sudan.
    The people of Equatoria can speak about paying taxes, but not you as dinkas because every body knows you do not pay any taxes. You talked about Wau as belonging to all the people of South Sudan. The question is this: Who are true indigenous people of Wau? The answer is: It is not you dinkas or jur chol. Furthermore, can the people of Wau, Juba, Malakal, Yambio do the kind of terrible things that you dinkas are doing to the people of Wau, Juba, Malakal, and Yambio in Rumbek, Bor, Aweil, and Gogorial without any challenge from you dinkas? The answer is resounding no. Why do you then expect the rest of us to sit and take abuses from you dinkas? Any capital can bring in people from different places, but it doesn’t mean you can deny the right of the indigenous as far as landownership is concerned. Finally, my brother false millionaire, here is a rude awaken truth for you to consider: There is soon to be a forceful regime change in South Sudan whether you like it or not and when this occurs, we are going to hold those responsible among you, accountable for the all the crimes, thefts, rapes, pillaging, plundering, lawlessness, discrimination, intimidation, murders, and disgrace you have perpetrated against the people of south Sudan over the last one century. We are going to make you pay back the people of south Sudan all the taxes, public funds, and public properties you have stolen from them over the last one hundred years. Even if your bogus saint Garang comes back to life today, he would not be able to rescue you. The day of reckoning is upon us and there is nothing you can do about it because the torch of a new dawn has slipped right through your fingers.

  11. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Kilwiloli,
    I read your dispatch with great interest and must not shorten to show appreciation.In particular,I find it more enlightening than Mr Sii’s article to which I had reacted with the dispatch that you have responded to. But we are in a forum with many other participants.So there is no question of head-on collision between you and me than to leave our views exposed for others to see and to react to them if they may find it fit. But take no grudge. It’s better to give dialogue a chance before bullets. One can never know, some unexpected ways of arriving at peaceful solutions may surface up to outdo any need for bullet.

    Thanking you so greatly,good luck sir!!!

  12. Toria says:

    Mr Kilwiloli,
    I have to tell you, your short and percised comment above here is worth a thousand times and absolutely better than what this idiot dinka in sheep skin called false millionaire have written ever since he learnt to write.You have summed it all brother, the dinkas are the only obstacle to peace in South Sudan. They are the rotten apple in the basket, the only way to find peace in South Sudan is to break their horns.
    In the present moment everything looks to work in their favor, but the long term plans are now in full motion during that time the whole wide World will come to ask the question: Where are the dinkas now? What happened to them? They will be nowhere to be found, not because they will be killed all but because fear will be driven into them by force to denounce barbarism and they will ALL come to realize how stupidly they behaved and so many of them will start to deny to associated with the name dinkas. What I am predicting here WILL happen, it once happened in Equatoria during the Kokora not all dinkas were expelled from Equatoria, there were many dinkas especially those who called themselves dinka-wau were very disciplined dinkas I have ever known, I guess they learned that from the peaceful Balanda of Wau. Kokora was never about dinka as tribes but it was all about their ugly mentality and inhumane behaviors.
    Just a reminder; reading from history, almost every barbaric tribes of the past have disappeared. If dinkas don’t change their thinking quick their fate lies in boiling doomsdays of the far future.
    One philosopher once said; “You may win a war, but it takes more than a war to stay in the fight”.
    What the dinkas don’t realize is they are forcing the minority tribes to unite, and in due time these sidelined population shall make the unimaginable history. Rest assured.

  13. Toria says:

    Mr Kilwiloli,
    I have to tell you, your short and percised comment above here is worth a thousand times and absolutely better than what this idiot dinka in sheep skin called false millionaire have written ever since he learnt to write.You have summed it all brother, the dinkas are the only obstacle to peace in South Sudan. They are the rotten apple in the basket, the only way to find peace in South Sudan is to break their horns.
    In the present moment everything looks to work in their favor, but the long term plans are now in full motion during that time the whole wide World will come to ask the question: Where are the dinkas now? What happened to them? They will be nowhere to be found, not because they will be killed all but because fear will be driven into them by force to denounce barbarism and they will ALL come to realize how stupidly they behaved and so many of them will start to deny to associated with the name dinkas. What I am predicting here WILL happen, it once happened in Equatoria during the Kokora not all dinkas were expelled from Equatoria, there were many dinkas especially those who called themselves dinka-wau were very disciplined dinkas I have ever known, I guess they learned that from the peaceful Balanda of Wau. Kokora was never about dinka as tribes but it was all about their ugly mentality and inhumane behaviors.
    Just a reminder; reading from history, almost every barbaric tribes of the past have disappeared. If dinkas don’t change their thinking quick their fate lies in boiling doomsdays of the far future.
    One philosopher once said; “You may win a war, but it takes more than a war to stay in the fight”.
    What the dinkas don’t realize is they are forcing the minority tribes to unite, and in due time these sidelined population shall make the unimaginable history. Rest assured.

  14. False Millionaire says:

    life has taught me the hardest lesson that dealing with a woman is never easy. But I must still sacrifice my time to go another two kilometers in the hope to drive a common sense into you.
    Mr Kilwiloli is a brave rebel who has taken his cross for the best as for the worst.He is at the point of no return.If you were well informed,you would have understood already that there is a rebel force around Wau hitting here and there.That force should be an SPLA-IO battalion manned by fertit citizens exactly as Mr Sii implies in the article and Mr Kilwiloli should be one of them.
    Their objectives: liberation of Wau from dinka and to make dinka pay for everything that went wrong in south sudan and RSS for the last one century.So there is no need for more rubbish to dish than to help yourself to the filthy alcohol,shit,masturbate,sleep and wait.If alcohol doesn’t kill you too quickly,you will be able to hear the news of Mr Kilwiloli’s success or failure.That’s all what you need to do my idiotic old lady!!!

  15. Toria says:

    Even in a thousand years you are still a stupid cow and you will never come close to human caliber. Just like every other of your kin idiots you seem to have problem with associating your opponents to women. Doesn’t that sound familiar? I guess if you recall your cousin Kuol Manyang telling those who refuse to recruit are women? Obviously you are a sexist women hater like everyone of your tribe, lazy dinkas and hopeless, you are lousiest creatures ever known to mankind. Shame to share a nation with you worthless animals.

  16. Vanivongo says:

    My friend false millionaire,

    It is not important to get all enlightenment from Mr. Sii’s article, but mind you that, the article was a key for you to get enlightenment from others for fair judgment.
    As an author, when you launch an article for debating, it is not wise to start responding to each and every comment immediately, but you need to let the ground first for brainstorming as what is happening now, and after all, you clarify every thing. It is good that now, you got a lot truth.
    My friend false millionaire,
    What do you think of a kind of creature, continuously causing harm to you?
    You expressed yourself to him in a brother way, he couldn’t listen, in a visual means, couldn’t see, in writing form, couldn’t understand, in a drama form couldn’t recognize, in shaking hands, couldn’t feel and in all the peaceful means couldn’t respond as a reasonable human being, but moving deeply to the worst, thinking of tarnishing you from the surface of the earth. I think there is a need for you to adopt the culture of logic.
    May Almighty God bless you?

  17. Eli says:

    You are an idiot, you got nothing intelligent to say, just shut up.

  18. False Millionaire says:

    Mr vanivongo,

    Your dispatch is fairly up to expectations of a constructive dialogue.But I take us back to the article.I am not in disagreement with you on the assertion that,”The rule of law is not prevailing,the constitution is put aside and the country is functioning out of brains”.The culprit to this corresponds well to,”the kind of creature”,in your comments and I hope we can agree that it’s the SPLM/A government lead by Kiir.

    But the grave problem in my opinion is within the general problems that are affecting every citizen in RSS.I encourage you to read again my dispatch to you in reaction to the article and you will find that I had asked you a question if you were aware of a counter insurgency armed malitia manned by fertit citizens that was trained,armed and financed by the sudanese government and deployed in Wau with the mandate to fight the SPLM/A under John Garang.That that force went on a rampage aginst ordinary dinka citizens causing immeasurable degree of suffering and loss of many lives.A fellow blogger named Kilwiloli provided an answer.I thank him but his explaination is to my judgement way off the mark.
    In the article,you aseert that the security forces went to dinka land in warrap to collect,”dead dinka bodies”,presumed victims of intercummunal violence and,”taken them to Baggari area”,to justify,”accussations fabricated on the people of the area”.Sincerely speaking,you try very hard to pre-empt the true fact of the notion that innocent dinka citizens were murdered in cold blood by fertit citizens in Baggari area in December 2012 in a manner that fits well as part of violent political struggle for the control of Wau.You aren’t obliged to admit ofcourse.But it’s good to know that your effort like Mr Kilwiloli’s is also an unconvincing cenimatic expsé that’s only a bad joke for those who are well informed.

    If I waste my time in the debate,it’s because I am for every one’s rights:yours and you kinsmen’s included.Me and my likes are dissatisfied with the SPLM/A goverment in much the same way as you.But there can never be any justification in hitting innocent citizens on the account of their kins being part of the dissatisfying government.Out of this context,my most brotherly conviction obliges me to drow your attention to the fact that you will put your just struggle in great defficulty if you tolerate elements of your movement who commit acts that may be interpreted to mean you have intentions to set innocent masses against each other as a way of achieving political objectives.If that ever becomes the case,eventuality of grave human tragedy is more easy to predict before any political success.I hope that isn’t also a part of your objectives.

    Thanking you for giving me time and attention,best luck and have a very good day!!!

    • Vanivongo says:

      My friend false millionaire,

      The kind of creature in my article, you can call it the government, but the really government in our country is the Jieng council under the leadership of kiir. Elders are known in the history of mankind, mature people who mostly gives good advice, but this thing, seems not to be there.
      I have been following your comments carefully right from the begging. It seems you are not going deeply into the comments of your collage; most of things have been made clear to you.
      Mr. Kilwiloli gave a question to you, to whether this force once went to a dinka land and cause destruction or not, and you have not answer, by the law any person have a right of self defense. You can ask your people whom were mobilize all over greater Bahr Elgazal to come to Wau Dec 2012. What was the purpose of their coming? Whom do you call innocent, somebody killed defending his right in his house, or invader killed while attacking some body in his house?
      The innocent dinka whom you are talking about, to be killed in a clod blood by the fertit, I am not aware about them, but you can see the fertit who are in the system with you, people like Rizik Dominic who was by then the security advisor in the state, how he was trying to maintain his position, mobilizing the dinka in the official media to come and attack their neighbors the indigenous of Wau. How he got promoted immediately after the events and transfer to the office of the president.
      Most of the words and terms you chose in your comments are aggressive, reflecting insult and ignorance to others, associating your opponent to a woman is one of your behaviors which has just led to this war, forgetting that, the woman you are ignoring is your mother, you were conceived in her womb, she endured all your pains, gave birth to you and take care of you until you become a man. Today, you don’t have a place for her.
      This is one of the negative behaviors that we are talking about, turning against somebody who has done well to you.
      Don’t you know that, the women whom you are ignoring, is the most strongest human being among the mankind but humble, it was through her power, that the devil was defeated and the salvation came to the whole world?
      The salvation of this new born nation will come through the power of woman.

  19. False Millionaire says:

    Please take no ofense.The league is just a hot premiere league with so many mediocres refusing relegation.So what do they do?they dare to accuse us of being sexists and haters of woman in order to drow women to help them.That’s how too desperate they are and the means justify the end for them.
    But the true reality is,me myself,I am a son of one father and forteen mothers,a brother to many sisters and brothers and as a father,I fought with teeth and nails for my woman.Say a sweet heart chery who is just as good as you with the rest of the most beloved sisters out there.So please do away with the false idea implying manhood feeling for men than for women from my part.

    wishing you a very best evening,thank you!!!

  20. Toria says:

    False m
    Nonesense, why don’t you just go to class? Lavina is right, you behave like a fag just like kirler kirr wives of updf homos. Shameless animals.

  21. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Vanivongo,

    I am surprised to get the impression that you want to show that Wau is a foreign territory therefore if dinka innocent citizens come there they must deserve to be kilt by the armed malitia as it happened during the SPLM/A struggle under Garang and during the political events of December 2012 in Baggari area.
    But please do yourself a great honor by expelling such ridiculous idea as dinka people,”mobilise all over greater Bahar el ghazal to come to Wau Dec 2012″.This is the resounding prove for those who know Wau too well that you aren’t really from Wau or if you are,you are either naive or has simply chosen to mislead those who don’t know Wau about the true practical facts.That’s a very irresponsible behaviour my friend becouse already in Wau,there is a thickly densed jieng population that can outnumber fertit citizens by a margin of 2 to 1 if not 3 or 4 to 1.Out of this context what was the need of mobilising more?you owe up to answer that.

    It would have been very useful for you if you read my comments with an effort and you would have understood that I am not part of the goverment but dissatisfied with the government.I always have intention to make it clear under your article that you will fight yourselves into grave troubles if you fail to distinguish between the failed government lead by a dinka president and the dinka innocent citizens who aren’t part of the government but suffring greatly under it.But I am not on your way in any way.So good luck in your struggle.Time is also a best judge to prove whose position is right and whose is wrong.

    Before logging off,let’s stick to the affaires of men.It’s needless to dramatize any insignificant phrase to make of us,”sexists and haters of women”,according to Toria.I know you do this in order to demonize us and that’s just one part of your desperate effort in the struggle.FYI,we are also human beings born of mothers and have profound love for women in much the same way as you do!!!

  22. Eli says:

    Mr False
    When it comes to women rights dinka cultures are full of derogatory terms against women, your own dinka women can testify to degradations they experience in dinka men hands, just few monthes ago the gov. of Warrap State Hon. Nyandeng Malek Deliech said women in her state are experiencing high rate of abuse in Warrap State, abuses such as; lack of opportunities, iscrimination at work places, underage girls are forced to marry old men three times older men, no schools for young girls, polygamous marriages, defacing, pulling out front teeths, harrasing and sexual abuses are the common are just few of the normal practices women are going through in every dinka isolated communities that they don’t want outsiders to know about the sufferings of women.
    How do I know because I lived with one, recall about Aluel? She hates every dinka men, according to her the only reason your women are with you is because majority of your population still live in cow camps and in bushes, no outsiders are allowed into your closed societies for fear of losing your women to non dinkas, and no civilized men want to go where there are no roads. But most of all is you trade with women like commodities in stock markets.
    False, dinkas can no more hide in the cattle camps if you want to lead a nation, your dirty tricks are now exposed foe the whole world to know who dinkas are? You can’t hide anymore, too late it’s information age, news travels across the globe within minutes if not seconds. You so called educated dinkas need to come out and accept reforms, denounce ignorance, time for culture shift.
    As to your remarks to Vanivongo that dinkas population out number others has nothing to claim that you own the land nor that you are better than anyone. Let’s be honest that the reason dinkas are fleeing their lands is because you lack unity, just look at Lakes States, you lack wisdom to live in respect of one another, you are void of creativity to develop your own lands, you are lazy and loved ready made things.
    False, instead of arguing and pretending to be a smart dinka, you need to accept corrections, humble yourselves and learn to live in peace with others regardless.

  23. Vanivongo says:

    Sister, Lavina
    Bravo for your participation, a woman is not like any mere object to be drag for help without her reasoning as my friend false millionaire think, but a complete human being with five organ of sense. She can see, listen, recognize, make analysis and take right decision. Her respond to things depend on the way she is treated.

  24. Vanivongo says:

    My friend false millionaire,
    Your understanding seems to be narrow, mind you that, no any innocent human being deserved to be kill, whether in his county or in a foreign territory. Most of the comments have address your points and you are still repeating yourself. I ask you to go back; reread carefully the article and all the comments. I am writing as a true indigenous and an eyewitness during the events. You cannot deny the mobilization done and the big launching of the war conducted at the eastern bank of Wau River, the whole world has witnessed if you don’t know.
    Let the issue not be the matter of defending your people blindly, but condemning them if the did wrong to others although it is very hard. You need to learn from our sister Lavina. This is a time where any reasonable human being can accept the fact and apologies for the welfare of the country. Be brave, accept the fact and apologize for the way forward.

  25. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Vanivongo,
    Respectfully there is no need for abuse.Armed struggle is your choice and you are deep into it already.The ball is in your court.So please face it with dignity!!!

  26. False Millionaire says:

    I hope I had recieved your dispatches under different circumstances.But nonetheless all the same I still thank you very profoundly.
    Being a ma’di fellow who complain of illegal land occupations in your homeland by your in laws presumably from the greator Bor,it isn’t a surprise why you appear too readily influenced by crocodile tears of Mr Sii and his likes in your comments.FYI,Wau is a town,most precisely,the capital of greater Bahar el Ghazal under English administration.All the taxes collected from the citizens of the districts under BG administration were brought there.In brief,it was financed,built and maintained by those taxes.But be it as a piece of land in fertit area and there can never be a denial that fertit cetizens have the right to claim it.That ofcourse can never push off those who have contributed for the taxes of building it as having the right to live and work there.

    Wau is over one centuary old.Through out the length of that period,dinka citizens contributed to it’s development.It’s dinka citizens who provided milk,eggs,meat and even carried water in tins on shoulders to provision areas and neighbourhoods that had no running water.In business,the northern marchants with the grecs dominated commerce in such high value commodities like fuel,and imported food goods like sugar an wheat flour.
    But dinka citizens took the ground on such simple items as tea,zalabia,foul madamas,vegetables and fruits in open sunshine markets and were also the ones in black smithing work producing farming equipments like hoes and kitchen eqipments like knives and spears.
    Out of this,a class of wealthy dinka citizens developed.Among them are Aweit Aweit Kon,Augustino Anyuon Manguak,late safareno Cher Rehan among others.Go to the most chick Wau neighbourhoods like haya Jallaba and némera talata and you will never miss to find awesome houses owned by those dinka marchants.They didn’t buy them with stollen money but with hard won money.
    But you will also never miss to see that there aren’t fertit citizens owning houses there.Why?becouse they had as they have never worked hard enough to make enough money that could have permitted them to buy homes in such key central places.So the majority of them,educated or not,had lived as they still live today in less developed neighbourhoods like haya jebel,haya kosti,haya Nazareth and haya suk loklogo.
    It’s at this point that they are consumed and burned by jealousy against the dinka citizens but strangely never against the northern marchants and grecs who owned more chick houses in Wau than the dinkas.

    The Anya Anya War came under General lagu and the fertit citizens chosed their camp from the first hour.They cooperated with the jallaba and they were the ones doing dirty work against symptahisers to Lagu’s movement.Many dinka intellectuals and ordinary citizens lost their lives.The episode even turn to humilliation as dinka country side people bringing milk or lifestock for sale in Wau Markets got their belongings robbed and given the chance to either run back to the country side or follow them and end up being kilt after.

    Addis Abab agreement came in 1972 and the chapter was forgotten quickly.A necessary measure of reconcilliation.But the fertit citizens rose up again with their evil intentions as soon as the SPLM/A under Garang began.This time,they were recruited,trained,armed,financed and deployed by the sudanese government with a mandate to fight the SPLM/A.That was a golden opportunity for them to fight the dinka as tribe.Out of this,they inflicted so much suffering and loss of many lives.But the CPA came and the independence soon after and that dark chapter seemed to have been forgotten again by the victims,the dinka citizens.A measure of reconciliation?ofcourse in thery but never in practice from the part of fertit citizens.

    The failed SPLM/A government under Kiir came up with a plan to move Wau county headquarters to Baggari.That greatly angered and disappointed fertit citizens and they rose up to riot against the government in Wau.But achieving no success,they turned around and murdered harmless innocent dinka citizens working in Farms in ferit homelands.
    As of today,such protagonists as Mr Sii are part of the SPLA-IO.Their struggle is already tribalized and they are on a rampage.Every dinka citize whether in the government or not is a target.
    But how long would they continue to do this before setting fertit and dinka innocent masses against each other?It’s clear that is the most eventual out come to happen soon.
    At such eventuality,Wau in particular and greater BG in general will be destroyed like greator Upper Nile.For the sake of saving many lives and avoiding destruction and mass displacement of innocet masses,this must not be permitted to happen and criminals like Mr Sii and his likes should be delt with without mercy.That’s a most sacred obligation for peace loving citizens!!!

  27. Vanivongo says:

    Sister Eli,

    Congratulation, your comments are genuine, never mind, the name false millionaire really fit this guy called false millionaire. Don’t be surprise to get more false comments.

  28. Vanivongo says:

    My friend false millionaire,

    Who gave you this name false millionaire? This name really fit you and your writings. South Sudanese people, need to be very carful in following your comments, otherwise they will be confused. Your writing to sister Eli is in line with your name false millionaire. What will you gain from these huge false?
    You said in Anyaya one, the fertit were in sympathy with the Jalaba. You are lost and lacking the history of the straggle of this nation. A history cannot be narrated from the middle, but from the roots. You need to go back for deeply researches, you may find in Juba Conference 1947, a Character like Chief, Peter Fahal Ukanda, and (the first call for the independent South Sudan). In Anyaya one, General Ferdinand Goi the backbone of the Anyaya movement, who left his priesthood for the sake of this nation and later assassinated.
    In regards of the work your people did in Wau, it was for their living and got returned to them in terms of services. They were treated well, but unfortunately today, they made to be number one citizen in Wau, All the key posts in the organize forces, police, prison, wildlife, fire brigade, security and Army are occupied by them as far as civil service. The indigenous are marginalized and oppressed.
    SPLM/A IO is a national movement for the adjustment of this new born nation, that is why today, you find some sound minded comrade from Lakes, Warrap and Aweil are joining and participating effectively. What is wrong with you?
    May Almighty God bless you?

  29. Eli says:

    Thank you, but the name Eli is not a female name, I am Eli Wani an advocate for human rights, for equality anf justice for all peoples of all walks in life. I am a mature man, a founder of an organization that is working to re-liberate our people from both physical and intellectual liberations. Our people are held hostage by SPLA and we need to bring this monstrous corrupt organization down or force them to accept reforms.

  30. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Vanivongo,
    “A history cannot be narrated from the middle,but from the roots”,thank you sir.Assume we agree to nominal validity of the roots without dismissing the middle.That’s admission to everything I had narrated to Eli.That is to say again for one more time:fertit betrayal of Lagu’s Any Anya in siding with the jallaba,killing Anya Anya’s sympathisers the majority of whom were dinka and jur chol citizens;the death and hell suffering the fertit malitia had inflicted on dinka for the account of the sudanese government during the SPLM/A war under Garang;the fertit murder of harmless innocent dinka citizens in fertit homelands during the 2012 political events in Wau and the role you have chosen to play today in the ranks of the SPLA-IO,a tribal movement of thieves,looters,murders rapers and destroyers who have reduced the greater upper nile and the citizens there to more than one centuary behind time.

    You will never do any honor to your intellectual image if you continue to fail to quote any phrase in dispatches that you may want to refute.If the word,”false”,gives you the taste as good as eating a banan in fertit land,fine.But that’s irrelavent as explanation to the trgedy at hand.Aren’t you aware yet that you already have and still are handing out the cross on many innocent lives?You write to Eli,”your comments are genuine”,what is genuine about his comments?You warn him,”Don’t be surprised to get more false comments,”what’s false about my comments?

    To be very sincere with you sir,you and the rest of irresponsible idiotic savage criminals like you will inflict so much suffering upon innocent citizens.But that will never mean that you wouldn’t be brought down to nothing at the end!!!

  31. Vanivongo says:

    My Brother Eli,
    I apologize for misunderstanding the name, thank you for the correction. In fact your participation is a valuable one and remarkable in this forum, as far as an advocate of the helpless South Sudanese People in it’s straggle.
    May Almighty God Bless you?

  32. Vanivongo says:

    My friend false millionaire,

    I was expecting you to be brave enough, and introduce your self to the South Sudanese people as what our brother Eli did, but you have failed, if this name was given to you by your parent, there is a need for you to go back to them, and ask them to why, they gave you this name, and If you are the one who chose it for yourself, then there is a need that, you ask your self, what comes into your mind until that name got penetrated into your brain, the reason why I am insisting, There is no name given out of vacuum, there must be a secret behind. And I want all of us to discover that secret.
    Brother I assure you that, there is something wrong with you, and God wanted to reveal it to the South Sudanese People in terms of this name, so that all of us collectively get treatment for it.
    Mind you that, the jalaba you are talking about them, are human being like you, created also in the image of God. Do you expect people to remain idol, while you are practicing new form of slavery on them?
    Many questions have been addressed to you, and you have not answered.
    – To whether this force once went to dinka land and cause destruction?
    – Whom do you call innocent, somebody killed in his house while defending his right, or invader killed while attacking somebody in his house?
    You chose to blindly defend your people, and your government, which betray South Sudanese people. It is your believe that all South Sudanese people remain under your domination. You think the government is yours, and all the resources of the country, are in your hands. You can do any thing, as you like; no one has the right to talk. You throw the constitution of the country in the Trash and applying your traditional system on the county.
    Anyhow you are not impose to go back to your sense, review your behaviors and adjust yourself, but continue to do it, time will come and you will become surprise. Your threatening is not working any more; life under your administration has no value.

  33. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Vanivongo,
    The force didn’t,”go to dinka land and cause destruction”,that’s correct.But it was made to murder innocent dinka in Wau which wasn’t as it isn’t a foreign territory.That’s also correct.
    To say “invader killed while attacking somebody in his house?”,you owe to elaborate which incident you are refering to.If you are implying the case of the innocent dinka kilt while working in farms in fertit land during the political events of December 2012,it’s a misfit because they weren’t invaders but innocent needy people who were there to work to get bread by sweat.What do you consume as false in this debate?!!!

  34. Vanivongo says:

    My friend false millionaire,
    Yet you have not introduce yourself, proper introduction gives the really image and picture, reflect the inner theme and fairness manner for proper verification and justification.
    May Almighty God bless you.

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