“Predator Genes:” A threat to public funds and a cause of economic collapse in South Sudan

By: Justin Ambago Ramba, MAY/04/2015, SSN;

The independent Indian Ocean Newsletter has recently exposed the institutionalized corruption network of the infamous Jieng “Dinka” Council of Elders in South Sudan. In its report, the Newsletter ascertained that there is a small number of “privileged people close to the ruling circles” in South Sudan who are benefiting from the country’s collapsing currency and shortage of dollars.

According to the report those well placed corrupt individuals continuously access dollars from the Central Bank at a rate of about 3.1 and then sell them for pounds at a rate of about 9.1. God knows, this could just be the tip of the iceberg on how damaging the hidden hands of the infamous Jieng Council of Elders can be.

It is also true that the IMF made no secret of it when it recently warned the regime in Juba of the imminent economic catastrophe. Summing all these whistle blowing, one conclusion comes to mind… that this new country’s economy is literally now gasping its last breath.

Yet many who have keenly followed the developments in South Sudan can tell you that in actual fact this new country has never had any economy to start with, and it would be too much of a courtesy to thus talk about its collapse.

A country totally dependent on Oil revenues and again spending the whole of that revenue on paying millions of unproductive soldiers, security agents and idol civil servants cannot be said to have an economy. I mean, what is the economic activity here!

A country dependent on Western Aid for the last decade to run its rudimentary institutions while services like schools, hospitals, roads, clean drinking water, and electricity are all non-existent or run by foreign NGOs cannot be claimed to have an economy.

Even the claim that the government was working towards diversifying the economy to shift from Oil dependence to agriculture, is itself becoming an empty rhetoric. This overdue and long term plan will not solve the immediate economic crisis in a country looted dry by its own government.

What agriculture are they talking of in South Sudan when an average member of its ruling nomadic pastoralist community still cannot tell the difference between spinach and wild vegetation or between maize, millet, cassava and elephant grass?

Indeed South Sudan has a lot of potential to diversify its economy, especially in the area of agriculture and other resources, including untapped minerals and livestock, but not in a population genetically ingrained with “predator genes” for cattle rustling, child abduction, lawlessness and revenge killings.

Under the incumbent Salva Kiir regime it can be argued that the Kleptocracy, corruption and nepotism currently crippling the state institutions of the new country are the direct off-springs of the widespread predatory attitudes towards public funds on display.

These in turn are the direct products of the deeply seated “cattle rustling mind-set” characteristic of pastoralist communities worldwide. .

The only hope is in a future government that is prepared to embark on introducing legislations that does not tolerate any complacency with government officials known to be Public Fund Predators. Impunity must end and accountability must prevail. Government appointments must be based on meritocracy and sound track records.

The priority of the future administration must be to improve the management of local revenues by developing and introducing a revenue management system in what will be a federated system of governance, preferably starting immediately with the transitional government of national unity.

On a quick reflection we can say diversification of the economy has been a much talked policy of President Salva Kiir’s government for many years. However, under his rule this policy has remained a talk that has never been walked.

This is likely to puzzle a few as it remains unclear to them why this “much cry little wool” talk on diversification was never effected, leaving the government to solely depend on oil revenues to run the system!

The answer to this central question squarely lies in the “chaos by design” policy hatched by the infamous Jeing “Dinka” Council of Elders.

The existing socio-economic and political chaos in South Sudan are without a grain of doubt, the brain children of the Jieng Council of Elders. It is its way of securing an economic advantage for itself and its wider membership and political constituency.

This is a tribal capacity building project that’s being achieved at the expense of the national capacity building.

This same policy is also designed to relegate the members of the others 63 ethnic groups to a yet another designed state of destitution characterised by both political and socio-economic disenfranchisements, except of course for a few who serve as widow dressings for corrupt Jieng Council of Elders.

The much publicized current tour of East African nations by the country’s vice-president, James Wani Igga, a co-accomplisher of the corrupt Jieng Council of Elders, can be seen to have come at a time when the official exchange rate for the South Sudan pound has reached 16 pounds for one US dollar in these East African countries.

And although the deputy president and chief co-accomplisher for the Jieng “Dinka” Council of Elders, James Wani Igga might have been to invite these East African countries to send their financial experts to participate in an economic conference scheduled for May 6, 2015 in the South Sudanese capital, Juba, the tour is likely to have become an end in itself.

Inviting East African economic experts whose countries are themselves caught up in the same economic crisis and tasking them to strategize on how to remedy the dire economic situation in South Sudan, sounds more like a blind man asking directions from other blind people.

A crazy thinking at its best, especially when salvation is expected to come from these very East African countries that not long ago turned down South Sudan’s request to join the East African Economic Community because the former does possess what constitutes an economy in the real sense of the term!

Common sense dictates that you must have an economy to start with if you are ever to join an economic community. It is straight forward like this, isn’t it?

Those who keep count of events, they will remember how many international experts including East African advisors have ever since been advising President Salva Kiir and his corrupt Jieng Council of Elders government on all kinds of issues on economy and governance from since 2005.

How many times has President Salva Kiir and his corrupt Jieng “Dinka” Council of Elders regime visited countries like Botswana and Rwanda to hear their success stories? Were they not impressed by what they were told in those countries or did it all fall on deaf ears leaving the inherent “predator genes” to dominate.

No wonder, the only diversifications to the source of government revenue in South Sudan under this ailing regime has become confined to begging from neighbours and friends, taking high risk loans, and of course over-printing of worthless South Sudanese bank notes!

“The Zaire of Mobutu”, we are becoming!

Author. J.A.C Ramba. A South Sudanese citizen and a voice for the voiceless.


  1. Choromke Jas says:

    Chaos by design! Any South Sudanese (from the 63 communities) who casts a vote for these products of predator genes will forever burn in hell.

  2. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Ramba,
    “Under the incumbent Salva Kiir regime,it can be argued that the kleptocracy,corruption and nepotism currently crippling the state institutions of the new country are the direct off-springs of the widespread predatory attitudes towards public funds on display”,that’s exactly what I personally believe.But I am surprised why you have taken out the thunder from this most valid phrase by attempting to explain it as,”this in turn are the direct products of the deeply “seated cattle rustling mind-set” characteristic of pastoralist communities worldwide”.In doing so,if unconsciously,you have unfortunately compromised the value of the article by making yourself subject to misunderstanding.Accordingly:one feels obliged to believe that you had intentions to finger point upon nuer,dinka and the rest of political elites who are or who have ever been in the government from pastoralist communities to be the only ones responsible for the failure of RSS.
    So is it really the point you had wanted to make:that other political elites in the government as well as those who have ever been in the government from none pastarolist communities haven’t played any part?!!!

    • False Millionaire,

      Continue deny and cover up the crimes committed by your masters, the South Sudanese are yet to overcome this devil president with Satanic advisors and council of evils.

  3. Khang Chol Khang says:

    Dear Justin, Thanks for writing and your opinion on South Sudan ‘ economic that already at the brink of collapse. I am much concerned with way of addressing your subject matter. You seem to Jieng as your subject and a challenges to current economic difficulties. It will be hard to fix our issues if fail to differentiate Jieng from those in the government. The problem in South Sudan is with running the government both CPA and post CPA time. I believe you them. For the better of South Sudan you need revise writing and address your subject correctly avoid hurting the community.

  4. John Kijana says:

    Dear Mr.Ramba,

    Thank you for the nice piece. Again histsorians of socal anthropolgy will tell you that civilization is a gradual process that began with: hunters and wild gatherers, then pastoralists, then sendentary agro spatorlists, then agriclturalists lastly the technological and computer age. Now, our jiengs are way behind and it will be a while to catch up with the agriculturalts let alone with the modern computer person. Good luck!

  5. Eguatorians says:

    Indeed,it is a CANCEROUS MONSTER to say the least. Corruption has eaten south Sudan right to the bones. I applaud John Kerry, the US secretary of state concern for the depletion of South Sudan’s resources to benefit only a few at the top. This is an institutionalized theft in a country that is Rich but intentionally made poor. As of now,borrowing is licensed to loot more,by using oil as collateral commodity thus the future generations to come,are DOOMED in poverty.

    • Lavina Lual says:

      It will backfire the looters of this country to their forth generation (from now to 400 years to come) because a person’s guilt is genetically passed down to all his descendants; from father-child-grandchild (Deutrenomy 5:9)……….. that is hwy Soudanese should not bow donw for this idol called kiir and his supporters

  6. Chol Deng Anyieth says:

    Mr. Justin,
    Your writings and the ones of Elhag Paul do not contribute to the welfare of our nation. You always like to insult communities. Please leave your childish thinking behind and propose the solution to the existing problems. Or alternatively go back to school of thought in order to learn constructive criticism.

  7. Khang Chol Khang says:

    Dear Justin , Thanks for your writing and opinions on South Sudan economic that is already at brink of collapse. I am much concerned with the way you are addressing your subject matter. You seem like addressing Jieng as your subject matter instead of challenges to current economic difficulties. It will be hard to fix South Sudain issues
    If we fail to differentiate Jieng from those in the government. The problem in South Sudan is with those running the government from which ever tribes in South Sudan both during the CPA implementation and post CPA time and I believe you know them by names. For better future of South Sudan you need to revise your way of writing and address your subject correctly and avoid hurting Jieng Community.

  8. Burakeel Nyanwundit says:

    I believe Mr.Ramba repudiates his own telling of what is going on in the nation which its government he calls the Jieng Council Elders government. And he keeps going as far as wind without providing substantial evidences corroborating his mindless message by formidably failing to come up with how the Jieng Council elders has implicated in the institution the association is not the one Departments. Mr.Ramba has lost in line of connecting the president Kiir since he is a Jieng member.This could be interestingly interpreted that such people like him needs to tell us straight that their cry is to give the helm to run an optionally tribal government of which they guys are accusing Kiir and the distant Jieng Council of Elders. Instead of coming up with different educational strategies he reverts to the similar means and ways the president he has denied by him and his likes. He has talked at length of livestock by which he still maintains his incessant insults as the way forward to improve the national economy without realizing it was the same livestock his community has been long denied rearing them there. And not that alone, sometime he writes a long articles claiming all the other citizens from other tribes with cattle need to be departing to where they will not be productive to jump-start the economy he thinks could be aided by cattle. In that scenario where is the Jieng Council of Elders meddling in with national management if this writer is not delusional in disseminating his weakest stance. Piecing two different things together that are completely contradictory would never help solve this problem we are supposed to dig deep down to find well formulated solutions rather than strictly stay on blames. Having not have learnt from your academical background until today will start exacerbating this issue, not solving.
    Our other brothers didn’t yet get the clear indication to where they could frame their grudges. But managing the matter as one tribe case is a self- defeating stance. How would the government which as has its representatives from every corner of the country can be referencing to as the Jieng Council of Elder government. What will keep off that leveling if some one not from Jieng becomes the next leader? Or you are promulgating in your upcoming constitution that wherever the next president comes. Are we going be be calling his or her tribal association its government as you lauded for since your articles hit the internet? I would like to know before your next government takes over because this current government is failing according to your discretion, and the next one is warming itself using insults and unapologetic approaches. The very discretion you have been hovering higher as winged creature dropping any word without deploying this great word “discretion” which seems to missing in your vocabulary compendium. There is no way for us to come off in this self-inflicted conflict when we could not ponder how to voice our opinions right. Any opinion deserves recognition and recommendation but not reiteration of reckless writing such as these confounding ideas. Anyway, I do know if I continue to write articles that are adding flame to the fire already burning. How would I call myself a well read fellow instead of naming myself a village boundary keeper? We do not need to be perpetually propagate propaganda that will haunt us for long which demand ceasing them before teeming the country with those noxious writings. A change is for all but does not need to entail war and its facial expressions. We all have gone through experience by which none as this writer is always almost appeared to have an insatiable and a voracious appetite to drift and veer off our people as he has already and assiduously appealing to keep us in it as the worthy doing thing.

  9. Ag says:

    If a person is trying to look for flies in his own food, then he is already satisfied with it, african proverb. The author is sanctimonously satisfied with liberty and freedom for the south sudan, and he is looking for flies because of the reason known to his satisfaction. But he has forgotten how he gets the flies there in the food and eat the food with flies in the first place without excuses. The flies contaminated this freedom called food today in the south many decades ago from the north, and the north then threw the infected food away because of the flies. Here comes the man eating dinka’s flesh with innumberable excuses against jieng and its sacrifice. Ramba believes that anything under kiir is for jieng and jieng is the only problem minus him, by contaminating the system in the south. However, you have to accept the truth how jieng made this liberty happened without or minus him. And all the negative thinkings are with him, in him, by him, and for him. Dinkaphobia is the headline throughout ramba’s writings with nothing he is ashamed of.

  10. J A C Ramba says:

    Dear False Millionaire, Khang Chol Khang, and Chol Deng Anyieth.

    The truth hurts and those of you who are scared of reading the naked truth, I understand your concerns. You simply want me to portray a wrong picture suggesting that members of all the 64 tribes in South Sudan are to blame for the widespread crippling corrupts in the country. Unfortunately that cannot be true when evidence has it that it is only members of a single ethnic group whose names have been predominantly associated with corruption and embezzlements.

    Even the report by the independent Indian Ocean Newsletter clearly stated that a small number of “privileged people close to the ruling circles” in South Sudan who are benefiting from the country’s collapsing currency.
    The dollars are taken out of the Central Bank of South Sudan on daily basis and sold to the black market. Who is the boss of the Central Bank of South Sudan and who are the boys selling the illicit dollars in the black markets of Juba? The fact that the Dollar venders and the Manager of the Central Bank all come from the same ethnic background says it all. Let’s not fool ourselves.

    Now the caretaker governor of Northern Bahr al Ghazal state has recently been impeached by the state assembly over misappropriation of public funds. As we talk not only has a state minister of education in Warrap state had been purged for financial misappropriations, but also two senior military officers at the ministry of defence Lieutenant General Bior Ajang Duot, under-secretary at the Ministry of Defense and veteran affairs and major general John Lat Zachariah, director for procurement at the Ministry of Defense have been suspended by President Salva Kiir over financial scandal amid fears they may also be arrested will help make my point.

    Now just tell me those members of non-pastoralist communities in who have set such records of corruption in South Sudan.

    If saying the truth is what you people are against, I don’t see how we will ever agree. I will continue writing what is true of South Sudan for I very well know that there are communities who are messing up the country and they too want it to appear as if everyone else is doing the same. After all we are not the same, so how comes that others want to lump us together when they cannot control their appetite for public money and state funds? This is unbecoming!

    If we tell the truth they say it will spoil the search for peace. If we support justice and accountability they say it will spoil the chances for peace. If we hail the UNSC decision to impose target sanctions on those who are holding South Sudan hostage by blocking peaceful negotiations, they say sanctioning these exploiters with spoil the search for peace. You see what, these people are only protecting their damn asses. Should we give in to them? The answer id NEVER!!

    The Jieng “Dinka” Council of Elders is a supremacist organisation and its has a political constitution both inside South Sudan and among South Sudanese in the diaspora. this we all know. All their hidden agendas of disenfranchising other non-Jiengs is already in the public domain. Obviously I dont expect to be attacking this evil council and not be met with disapproval from its political constituency.

    If you are ALL complacent to the fact that the Jieng “Dinka” Council of Elders is using the name of ALL Jiengs (Dinka) in government and out of government to achieved their agenda, then obviously you support what this “Council” stands for. In that case just forget about any chance of having a peaceful united South Sudan. Not now, not in a million years !

    • Chol Deng Anyieth says:

      Mr. Rubbish,
      When the 2 generals were serving in the army, they served as South Sudanese citizens but not as Dinkas. Their appointments/promotions into that rank were on merits not on tribal basis. You also need to be fair. Have you seen the list of 75 officials who misappropriated 4 billion dollars? Are they all Dinkas? Also the Indian Ocean newsletter stated ” the privileged people closed to the ruling circle”. Here, the word/phrase ‘ruling circle’ refers to those in government or ruling party but not tribe. Be realistic.

      • Eastern says:

        Chol Deng,

        Don’t become emotional. The two generals are dinkas, aren’t they? Dr. J.A.C Ramba is trying to link the impact of the ‘predatory genes’ inculcated in young pastoralist during their cattle camp days at play in Kiir’s government. During early upbringing in the cattle camps youths are encouraged to take other people’s cattle.

        You will be shocked when the list you alluded to is realised. It would have over 90% government officials from the pastoral communities!

  11. Hoiloom says:

    Justin Ramba

    Great article indeed! What did South Sudanese expect from Greater Bhar el Gazal communities where people don’t practice farming? Of course if you put such people in charge of our national leadership the result will be obvious;constitutional looting of our resources right on our watch. I’ve worked and lived in that part of the country and to tell you the truth these people do not work hard, you see Wau city full of street children coming from Aweil, Kuacjok and Rumbek. Fathers marry as many as four wives but cannot take care of theirs kids,pathetic.

    The good news is when leadership slip from them it will take generations for South Sudanese to trust them again to lead;therefore they’re fighting now hard not to let go of the leadership.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      A shouting example is the current SPLArmy chief of staff, Paul Awan, former governor of Northern Bahr el Ghazel state. He shamelessly admitted that he has sixty or eighty wives and hundreds of children, in an interview with BBC correspondent, James Copnell (read his latest book, “A poisonous thorn in our hearts.”
      Also, Paul Awan frankly admitted that he is utterly an ‘illiterate,’ now one wonders first how was this guy doing before joining to fight in the SPLA, and secondly, as a buffoon (that word was used once by a BBC correspondent to describe Iddi Amin of Uganda, an illiterate like Paul Awan.
      Now you just wonder where all the monies of Northern Bahr el Ghazel state had gone and now, where the millions of money of the destitute and unpaid SPLArmy soldiers are going to….. just perhaps to maintain his ‘harem’ and the vagabond children.

      Damned South Sudan! With so-called leaders like these, the nation is cursed forever.

  12. False Millionaire says:

    John Kijana,
    If you are a descendant of,”hunters and gatherers”,who due to the evolution,the progress of civilization has landed you in,”the technological and computer age”,are you now in a paradise in the sky or are you just rotting in misery among the poor somewhere on earth?
    And by the way,could you elaborate the term,”gatherers”?It could be interpreted as if you mean gatherers of shit than anything else!!!

  13. Hoiloom says:

    Correction;institutionalized corruption instead of constitutional.

    Editior, that is the point I had wanted to drive home. You see People like Malong will never go quietly because there is no money to support over 80 wives and more than 100 children. They will keep on looting our national coffer dry to the bones.
    See how he fought very hard to remove the former acting governor of Northern Bhar el Gazal, Kuel Aguer because the later refused to follow his unethical corrupt practice.

    Stay Bless,

  14. False Millionaire says:

    J A C Ramba,
    It’s neither the question of,”The truth hurts”,nor the pain of,”reading the naked truth”,that are my'”concerns”.But Mr Ramba,with all your great level of education and the long length of life experiences that have brought you to the place of God in the eyes of young people,what is the matter that is the problem that obliges you to refuse to call spade a spade?In the article in question,you have sacrificed your status as a great scholar by speaking of meat eating animals in general when in reality your target is simply the lion.Taposa,dedinga and mundari among others are equatorian,”pastarolist communities”,and they have'”cattle rustling mind-set”,like all other pastrolist tribes in RSS.If they are irrelevant to your intentions,then one sees that you have fitted them in the sphere of your article as unconsequencial small meat eating animals to sugar coat the lion that you refuse to call by his name meaning:dinka.So I hope next time,it will give so much satisfaction to see you being precise and you will never expect your readers like me to challenge you to provide clarifications.

    I would just like to further my comments to let you know that I belong among citizens of the generations that are behind yours.We have witnessed,experienced and are still living in the dark side of life.We have also followed great events in Africa that include the struggle against aparathied that ended with the ANC peaceful victory,the tragic events in Rwanda,the collapse of our neighbouring Central African République and the rebounding of Uganda under Museveni and Rwanda under Paul Kegamé.We have our frustrations and disappointments and that,'”kelptocracy,corruption and nepotism”,in our country are among the highest causes.Our wish is to fight the forces that are responsible for them to the last thread of their roots:be it dinka or not.

    But we have a major problem becouse if the enemy becomes dinka as a tribe,it’s a grave mistake becouse 99 percent of dinka tribesmen have nothing to do with the ill deeds.That is precisely why we view the enemies to be the dinka political elites in the misruling government.Viewing things in this context,a victory for the change that will replace the misruling government will certainly come.But that’s only by mobilizing the dinka ordinary citizens togather with the rest of citizens from the other 63 tribes.Why?becouse giving the true fact that dinka is the biggest tribe in RSS,no political change can ever be envisaged to take place without sacrificing many lives if dinka citizens are not encouraged to take the central role.That’s why one hopes that great scholars like you should limit your campaigns against the dinka elites in the government.There is no justice in including dinka ordinary citizens or in stigmatizing dinka as a tribe and there can never be anything to gain in insisting to do so!!!

  15. Khang Chol Khang says:

    Dear Ramaba, Remember this if you start breaking up South Sudan into small tribal units to meet your political ambition. By time South Sudan will not be there and you find yourself in small unit call it Toposa, Lotuko, Bari, Jieng, Anyuak , Chollo and Nuer the list is long, still people will start subdividing to the smallest units and you will find yourself becoming more irrelevant. The point here is corrupt person is corrupt and no questions about this. If I am corrupt or you it has nothing to do with tribes. If those in the system are corrupt the best thing is to tell South Sudan people to reject them come election time. Tribes will never change South Sudan but good governs, institutions and national values can. Some of us support constructive criticism. If Kiir is corrupt that him and not Jieng, if Wani is corrupt it not Bari and if both failed in governing they should be told they are mismanaged the Country. So please stop miss using tribes names. You start fragmenting South Sudan and will go down to the level of your own family.

  16. Okuc says:

    Dr Ramba,
    I will not be surprise of your article will offend some of the readers despite your correct analysis of mismanagement of economy by Kirr’s inner circle to loot the country.
    The problem we have in South sudan is that there are ethnics or tribes whose social structures do not distingusih between
    public and private property. I think these are people who belong to” Predator Gene”, and many of Kirr’s inner circle belong to that category.

  17. J A C Ramba says:

    Dear Khang Chol Khang & The False Millionaire.

    I can see that you are comfortable behind your hidden identity. My friend The False millionaire, while you enjoy hiding behind a false name making both a false millionaire and a false character, you have been joined by Khang Chol Khang in your projectionist method of defence. By erroneously suggesting that I am the one who is trying to break South Sudan into tribal units when I haven’t even mentioned my tribe in the article, is totally absurd.
    My question to both of you is, ‘what do you think of this so-called Jieng “Dinka” Council of Elders (JCE) who are now officially operating in South Sudan’ under a tribal banner? Do you think that this tribal Council which has now come to the open domain to protect the Jieng “Dinka” interest by writing letters to the African Union, The IGAD and The United Nations are indeed working to unify the country when they have ceased to be its representatives and instead chose only to care and cater for their Jieng “Dinka” tribe?
    My fellow compatriots, we are all too big for these mind games. You can’t talk as if pointing out a bad act becomes the crime and then go all the way to cover up for those who carried out real tribal acts, not locally, not nationally, not regionally, and continentally but they have even done it at as high as the United Nations’ level making it an international outreach tribal politics.
    I have not gone out there killing South Sudanese simply because they hail from a certain tribe like it happened in December 2013 in Juba! And unsurprised of course, I am yet to hear you hypocrites talking against the tribal armies recruited by the Jieng Council of Elders and financed by President Salva Kiir! If you have not come out to condemn these acts as they truly represent threats to the national unity of South Sudan, how comes that you want to be counted separately from these tribalist elders?
    If there is anything that is going to sink our country, then it is what others do in broad daylight and then go around smothering others from criticizing it in the open. This Jieng Council of Elders is a Dinka supremacist organisation and it can never be condoned by any right minded patriotic South Sudanese. If you chose to keep quiet about it, you will as well join it, of course if you have not already done so!
    What I write here will continue to act as the mirror that reflects what goes on in South Sudan. You can of course choose to bury your heads in the sad only for reasons better known to you. But remember what I am writing here has been expressed millions of times already be that verbal or in other forms.
    If the two of you want to be counted out of the obvious Dinka political tribalism, nepotism, and favouritism in and out of the state departments of South Sudan, it is you to come out on your own and set the records right. I cannot be searching my lungs out to find who the non-tribal Dinka are! So please don’t waste your time asking me not to generalise the Dinka when discussing the rotten state of affairs in South Sudan, when you are all comfortably sipping the spoils..
    For a Dinka who doesn’t want to be counted with the disgraceful elites and elders of the Jieng ‘”Dinka” Council have the moral duty to stand up and show, that they are indeed against the on-going sad state of affairs under the government of Jieng hegemony. Do this through real actions, and not empty words while hiding under false names and identities.
    These are hard times for our country and I don’t understand how you “The False Millionaire” expect us to take you for when you don’t even command the courage to use your true identity, yet you have the guts to urge as if you really care. So you want to eat you cake and also have it, is that it?
    Come out of that cocoon, for the country now needs real people who can discuss face to face and in total frankness if we are ever to understand one another. It is enough that the country suffered from millions of ghost names on its payrolls just to enrich a few greedy people. We can’t also be expected to discuss crucial matters that involve the very existence of our country with another hundreds of ghost politicians, commentators, opinion writers, analysts and critics. Can’t we begin to keep it real ?

  18. False Millionaire says:

    Warawar,really?if you aren’t a dinka or an in law to a dinka,then you must be an FBI.How else can you know so much.In fact your story is not false.But take great precautions.They don’t like people who know so much who go vocal about what they know!!!

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      Talk of a South Sudanese Expert on South Sudan!

    • Omang Rollo says:

      He is an Acholi, that is his full time job, learning more about people, places and use it to stab people in the backs.

      • Eastern says:

        Omang Rollo the psychopath is at it again! What’s the meaning of Eastern in Acholi?

        Hey folks, Omang Rollo is one of the Dinkas who have been hopping between Owing Kibul and Nimule giving hard time to the civil populace there. The fact that you may have grasped some Acholi language ( which I don’t understand at all) doesn’t mske you one of them!

        I am not a dinka (by blood or association) nor an Acholi. I am Eastern, a South Sudanese an Equatorian.

  19. Hoiloom says:

    False Millionaire,

    One does not have to be a Dinka in law or an FBI to know what’s taking place in Northern Bhar el Gazal. It just takes some research and reading, that is all. As for Omang Rollo, you need to refute my argument with facts otherwise what I’ve indicated in my comment is correct.

  20. False Millionaire says:

    Dear Okuc & Ramba,

    This forum is very interesting thanks to the editor for the service.Let’s admit we are a family.As such let’s stay cool and expose our points of view with serenity.But Mr Okuc,I am surprised why you joined ranks with Dr Ramba who lost his way and jumped into the mud.For adults like us,circumstances of age,life experiences and the merit of the levels of education forbids any social or political display in the context of ignorance.You have sadly fed that context by asserting that,”The problem we have in south sudan is that there are ethenics or tribes whose social structures do not distinguish between public and private property”.But why have you failed to name any of those tribes for example?That would have settled much of the confusion and saved time.But instead,you proceeded to misplay it deeper and say that,”I think these are the people who belong to the “predetor gene” and many of Kiir’s inner circle belong to that category”.Oh God help us?what is so difficult in seeing that many people,”of Kiir’s inner circle”,come from all RSS tribes?well since you have mystified,I invite you to keep sitting down in the mud and follow me to Dr Ramba.It isn’t the best place but that’s why you shouldn’t have followed Dr Ramba so blindly.

    Public life for a public figure is another world so subject to fragile conditions.Cher Dr Ramba,you are lucky you were not a candidate in the Britsh’s last elections.Otherwise you would have hit the ground like a super fat elephant and explode into thousand pieces without any single illusion of come back.But luckily our situation is virtual with long coming consequences that may never affect you personally,since you are in heaven in england,if you ever succeed to achieve the end of what you really mean with your preachings.So well come back in your efforts to retrace your steps to civilization as you address me and Khang Chol Khang as,”my fellow compatriots”.

    The mistake you have made is in not bringing,”the jieng council of elders”,along with the misruling kiir’s government that it’s members are misguiding to the spotlight as the subject of your article.If you have ever done that,we would have jumped into the same wagon with you with eyes closed.But instead,you took the difficult road to smear all the,”pastarolist communities”,simply becouse your target in reality is dinka.But why?becouse of Kiir and the jieng council of elders.

    One can never imagine any doubt as where the steps of your great education have taken you.There are schools of philosophy,of sociology,of criminology,of political science and of law and justice among others.You are well armed from such institutions to assume the place of God among us and be able to be a great help as we are in the darkest circumstances.As such,a minimum application of principles of justice would have easily identified who really are the members of,”the jieng council of elders”.I debate with you becouse I know you are a grown up fellow citizen and that you know who really are the likes of Aldo Aju Deng.They had joined company with those of Omer el Bashir’s NIF and fought John Garang and the SPLM/A.

    Does that context tell you that they were doing so inorder to further jieng’s interests?No.But things were better then becouse there was a great sense of leadership in Garag’s ways that would never have accommodated them in the SPLM/A central roles.In brief,they were after their own material interests at all cost and Garang knew it.Such are exactly the same interests that they are after with Kiir as they have concocted the misleading false organization so called,”the jieng council of elders”.But since there is nothing akin to a great common sense in Kiir’s leadership as Garang had,it is the very unfortunate cause that opened the door for them to exist playing a presumed misguiding central role in the government.

    I hope you can see now that as the members of,”the jieng council of elders”,do not represent jieng’s interests,they are elements of destruction for the nation and the society as a whole.But what bring them to be complementary with the jieng ordinary citizens?nothing at all.That’s why one believes that,the best way of doing justice is to set them with their misguided government as one single entity apart from the jieng ordinary citizens and dinka as a tribe.So go inflict any severe punishment on them and you will never see ordinary dinka citizens shortening to give you a helping hand against them.The jieng ordinary citizens are under conditions of hell in RSS and,”the spoils”,are being enjoyed by the members of ‘”the jieng council of elders”,and the SPLM/A elites in Juba!!!

  21. False Millionaire says:

    Sorry brother.I didn’t mean any harm.Have a good evening!!!

  22. Kizito Panther says:

    Dear Ramba and Hoiloom and others,
    It is true that Dinkas are predator genes that have messed up this new country called South Sudan. I know this truth from all aspects of Dinka Socio-cultural settings: Street kids in Wau are 99% Dinka, probably some from Malong Awan, and Salva Kiir since these guys have the highest predator genes. Most Dinka men do not know their children, but they know that they have released their sperms to many of their wives, whether some have been translated to children, rabbits or dogs or street children or not. It is only their wives who know these things. For them they go ahead doing their animalistic business as usual. And the saddest part of this is that these very species of human beings, totally different from other normal human species claim to be leaders and no wonder why South Sudan is collapsing every minute under Salva Kiir. Kizito Panther

    • Eastern says:


      If you have ever been to Wau, Aweil or Kuacjok you will have seen what the street kids do to people. These kids sometimes storm restruants/eateries where they can incconvinience customers.

      Don’t make the mistake of harassing them even when they grab your food or the men across the street taking tea or playing dominoes under the neem trees lining the street will kill you! These kids are intact their children (mostly boys). The girl children from actions that let to bringing forth these boy street kids are being closely guarded at home for possible future wealth generation. How disgusting!

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Those street kids in the places you mentioned above symptomaticizes the impeding degeneration of the nation known as South Sudan under the failed regime of this monstrosity known as the SPLM.
        Sadly but surely, John Garang de Mabior must be rolling in his grave of the futility of his heroic endeavour.

  23. False Millionaire says:

    Bentiu Ramaran,
    Scholaristic regulations require reference to any claim that you can accredit to me.Why haven’t you quoted the phrase where you say I,”continue to deny and cover up crimes”?
    But any way you are out of your mind and whisky will kill you before taking one foot step to any battlefield.So do what you do best:booze and spit rubbish!!!

  24. False Millionaire says:

    I don’t disagree with you.But it’s so sad that useful people like,”John Garang de Mabior”,as you assert,are only recognized and admired long after they are dead!!!

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