Power Struggle in the SPLM


The tremor triggered by the power struggle within the Oyee machine is creating unprecedented fissures in the supposedly mighty organisation. Since the story broke out into the open, every day the sun rises the fissures widen with rumours spreading like wild fire. These cracks threaten the entire survival of this monstrous organisation. To calm the situation down, the Oyee machine appears to have engaged a new breed of spin doctors whose job is to confuse the public. This is represented by people like Mr Akol Marial and his article “Sour politics of conflict and suspicion due to adversarial relationship between SPLM leaders” published by South Sudan Nation on 30th March 2013.

The power struggle among the Oyee machine leadership is heating up and bringing forth the ugly memories of 1991 split with its aftermath. Understandably, the SPLM machine is now gripped with fear and anxiety with its followers confused not knowing what to do. Marial expressing his helplessness which may be representative of the average Oyee member points out that several failed attempts have been made by SPLM highest political organ, the political bureau, to put its house in order and to go to the national convention with just one voice like in 2008 but to no avail.

The challengers of President Salva Kiir, (they’re: Vice president Riek Machar, Secretary General Pagan Amun, Speaker Wani Igga and Madam Nyandeng De Mabior) are just as unruly as they have always been in the government and are refusing to submit to the president. Each one of them wants the high chair at all cost.

As the convention is still few weeks away the Oyee Machine is in turmoil without any direction and this also no doubt affects the running of the already dysfunctional government of president Kiir.

According to Mr Marial, the contestants have come to the conclusion that president Kiir is a total failure and he can not be relied upon anymore to continue to lead the country. This is a fact. Most of South Sudanese reached this conclusion a long time ago.

Grounds given by the contestants for challenging the president include “current economic crisis, rampant insecurity, corruption, rebellion in the part of Jonglei and regular SAF incursions at the border areas”. Please see “The Cogs of the Oyee Machine Desert President Kiir” published by AllAfrica.com on 28 May 2012 http://allafrica.com/stories/201205290096.html

These aired reasons no doubt constitute negligence on the part of the president and in any properly functioning state, president Kiir would have been impeached long time ago to account. Unfortunately, the fact that the government is dominated by the Oyee machine, and policed by brutal security services loyal to the president and the party meant that the state has not had the chance to be appropriately managed as it should for the benefit of its citizens.

In short, the state has all along been wantonly mismanaged with the full knowledge of the contestants.

These contestants who Marial calls luminaries and Gerard Prunier describes as “idiots ….rotten to the core,” perhaps should reflect a little bit on their own contribution to the failures of their supposedly new adversary in the person of president Kiir.

Without exception, all the contestants have been key players in the government of president Kiir with key responsibilities. Take for example, vice president Riek, he was responsible for the renovation of the entire ministries buildings including ministerial housing in early 2005/06. He had at his disposal to be precise three hundred million US dollars to perform the task.

What did he do? Nothing! The resultant work was total shambles which if properly audited would cost no more than 30 million dollars, an amount representing 10 percent of the overall allocated budget, but yet the remaining hundreds of millions of dollars vanished without any accountability. Does this not constitute grand corruption?

Again, on the issue of Panthou, Riek and the Abyei boys handed a precious piece of South Sudanese land with huge mineral resources to Khartoum freely due to utter incompetence. Is this not first degree negligence and failure in government? Would you be comfortable with this person as your president?

Let us look at Pagan Amun, his performance in talks with Khartoum leaves a lot to be desired. Pagan and the Abyei boys connived to allow South Sudan borders with the Sudan to be porous in the September 2012 Addis Ababa agreement with the Sudan in spite of the fact that such concept does not exist between any countries anywhere else in the world. Does this not show lazy thinking and poor judgement?

Again Pagan embezzled South Sudanese money on SPLM party which led to the saga between him and Arthur Akuen Chol. The fact that SPLM is using state funds to run its affairs in itself is a crime. As a political party/movement, it is an entity by itself and therefore it is like any other individual. Thus it has no right whatsoever to be favourably nurtured and treated by the state at the expense of all other parties in the country. What does this say about Pagan’s ability of judgement? Would you be comfortable with him as your president?

What about Wani Igga? Interesting. His case would make such a lengthy story but let me work out how to cut it short. Mr Igga is a very loyal subject of the Oyee machine. He is prepared to do anything to gain love of the powerful in this organisation. In July 1987, Mr Igga’s SPLA forces moved into Equatoria visiting Moru land and Yei districts. In Moru land he arrested late Col. Martin Kejivura with some church men.

Soon after following pressure from the international community, the church men were released but Col. Kejivura remained in detention until late 1990s when he was murdered in cold blood with those of Martin Majier by the SPLA.

To date there has not been any credible reason given for this heinous crime. So Mr Igga has a case to answer now or in future. Why did he arrest Col. Kejivura who was retired at the time and was not a threat to anybody or organisation? Why was he indefinitely detained? Why was he murdered in detention? Fundamentally what crime did Col. Kejivura commit?

The treatment meted on late Col. Kejivura before his murder, God forbid but it appears to be applied on Moulana Peter Sule who indefinitely now remains in detention on trumped up charges.

Mr Igga’s self-subjugation to president Kiir in the current power struggle is not surprising at all. Mr Marial writes in reference to the contestants, “All of whom except James Wani who’s decided to throw his weight behind Mayardit.” Although Mr Marial tried to present it as sweet as he could it can not hide the reality. What weight is Mr Marial talking about?

The issue of Mr Igga’s weight is debatable because he seems to have no credible support within the SPLA and within greater Equatoria. Mr Igga in reality symbolises the extremely weak position of greater Equatoria in the Oyee Machine. He also unfortunately does not exhibit any leadership qualities.

Mr Igga’s preferred choice of taking a piggyback on the president instead of leading his people is not only an opportunistic act, but it is the ultimate revelation of the man’s inability to lead in times of crisis. If there was any time that Mr Igga should stand up, it should be now during this leadership crisis. But it has to be noted that this is not the first time for Mr Igga to duck responsibility.

When Riek Machar fled from Bashir with a coiled tail in 2000 following the failure of his “peace from within”, he returned to the Oyee machine seeking accommodation in the leadership. Dr Garang and the others were firm in holding onto their positions. Guess who vacated his position to Riek? It was Mr Igga and he did this to endear himself to Dr Garang. So this is the second time that he is chickening out from taking difficult decisions about national issues.

As you can see he is an appeaser and leadership is about taking tough decisions. Imagine, here is someone who is tagging himself to a failed president who has been labelled with evidence as hopeless. What a disgrace to Equatoria and South Sudan? On corruption, Mr Igga is the one person who fleeced the Nile Commercial Bank to its last penny.

The current inability of the parliament to hold the executive to account is down to his subservient character and his incompetence. Would you like such a person to lead you or to be in a leadership team ruling you?

It is the perceived lack of appropriate leadership in greater Equatoria that has allowed some people like the writer, Mr Marial, to take a swipe at the current 3 governors of Equatoria. Marial disparages Equatorians as tribalists and unnationalistic people who are dividing the country.

He crows, “But the fate of our country is still in the melting pot where some leaders still think along tribal lines or rather the so-called greater regions, whatever you call them, is the cancerous disease that kills in the midst of the spirit of nationalism and unity of our people. I want to see a nation where political differences do not mean antagonism.”

This is very rich coming from one of the masters of tribalism and disunity. But it is important to bear in mind that the problem with people like Mr Marial is that they use terms without actually understanding their meanings. It is their arrogance and ignorance that make things complicated. If they could only take time to research the words they use, we would be a lot better off in our exchanges.

For Marial to brand a whole region as unnationalistic is a display of ignorance of unimaginable proportion. What is nationalism? Nationalism in its simple meaning refers to identity and its attributes such as language of the people, symbols used by people, land of the people, geographical location of the people, etc… and the fierce will of the people to protect such attributes.

South Sudan nationalism is a result of a process that can be traced back to 1947 with the Juba conference of 1947 where the chiefs of South Sudan tribes collectively spoke about the distinct nature of South Sudan to the British, the colonial power at the time.

This conference clearly became the marker of who the South Sudanese are and what territory they occupy in the Sudan giving them a distinct identity. Further, this identity was bolstered by the fact that South Sudanese are of African descent and practise Christianity while the Arabs in the north of Sudan are of mixed stock and Muslims.

It is this identity of South Sudanese comprising its unique culture and the people that form the basis of South Sudan nationalism and it became the motivator of the struggle and inspiration to fight for freedom from Khartoum.

South Sudanese nationalism (including Equatoria) was demonstrated beyond doubt when they overwhelmingly voted for secession with a result of 98.83 percent in January 2011. With this cast iron evidence, what makes Marial to question Equatorian nationalism? Or, is he trying to intimidate the Equatorians into silence as a way of forcing them to deny themselves and give up their rights in South Sudan?

The contemporary history of South Sudan clearly shows that Equatoria is the basis of South Sudan identity and nationalism. Equatoria started the fight to free and protect South Sudan identity before the likes of Marial even knew what South Sudan is. In light of this, nobody has the right to question Equatorian nationalism.

The calls by Equatoria conference of 14/15 February 2013 for release of Moulana Peter Sule and federalisation of the country is in fact in pursuance of South Sudan nationalism and harmony in the country.

The intention behind these calls are to ensure that South Sudan survives from further splits that could result from formation of regional nationalism if South Sudan is perceived by its people from the different regions as unfair, unjust, discriminatory and oppressive.

What is not nationalistic is actually the behaviour of the Oyee machine. For example, it imposes on South Sudanese identity attributes that have nothing to do with the country and the people. Take the case of the name of the Oyee machine itself. It names itself as Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement. This is confusing because this party is actually identifying itself with the Sudan and not South Sudan. Why is this?

Again, take the case of the flag of South Sudan. This is used by the fighters of SPLM North. They wear it on their military fatigue. Why is South Sudan identified with a rebel movement in another country?

The failure of the Oyee machine to take these issues seriously will no doubt land South Sudan into troubles.

Furthermore the ills listed by Mr Marial himself in his article as reasons for calls against president Kiir are acts of crime as opposed to acts of nationalism. Because the Oyee machine is not nationalistic and is run by tribal cabal, it mismanages the country and chips away at the identity of South Sudan by their reckless behaviour.

Therefore, Mr Marial needs to properly understand that it is the Oyee machine that “is the cancerous disease that kills in the midst of the spirit of nationalism and unity of our people” and not Equatoria.

There is no point in confusing the people of South Sudan in order to promote the Oyee machine. South Sudan is bigger and greater than the Oyee machine. The crisis befalling the SPLM is of its own making and it should not drag the rest of the country into it.

The so called luminaries who Mr Prunier identifies as “idiots …..rotten to the core” can not get South Sudan out of its troubles for the simple fact that all of them are part of the problem. Their frame of mind is the same and they can not see outside of the box.

The failures of president Kiir is a collective failure shared equally by all the so-called contestants or luminaries. It is unfair to hold president Kiir solely as the culprit when these so-called luminaries milked the country jointly with him. They have all let South Sudan and its people down.

As the struggle for power is an SPLM issue, the rest of the country should take note and not be fooled by the contestants’ songs. They are birds of the same feather. Please see “Corruption saga – the SPLM Five Big Guns or the Quintet Squirrels” published by AllAfrica.com on 26 February 2012, http://allafrica.com/stories/201202271279.html

The rest of the country has an obligation not to vote for the Oyee machine thieves come 2015 if at all there will be elections. What South Sudan needs is a completely new breed of honest leaders with the country at heart.

Riek, Pagan and Nyandeng are just challenging president Kiir because they want power to protect their loot and to boost their egos. Having been part of the crimes in the country, each wants to ensure that these crimes remain buried. Thus their challenge to president Kiir has nothing to do with the well-being of the country but selfish ends.

So, whether president Kiir remains or is replaced with any of the three, it will be business as usual without any tangible change in the country. Change can only come with a new breed of leaders and a new South Sudanese party. Albert Einstein rightly said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Elhag Paul


  1. Dear Brother Mr. Paul Elhag:
    You have said it many times repeatedly. So there isn’t anything new to listen to anymore! Speak fresh issues and challenges in the government in the South Sudan. We are waiting for election in year 2015! We need to change President Kirr administration in the government and his entire inner circle! We do not care whether they fight over power within the party.

    For Peter Sule problem, let the government release him! There will be no peace in the South Sudan for people. Politicians should not be treated like common people in criminal cases! Kirr has given amnesty to those of George Athor and other people in the South as well. Why not Peter Abdurahman Sule?? It is time for forgiveness.

    For James Wani Igga’s problem, to contest for the presidency office in the country, I agree with you! He is not KNOWLEDGEABLE! He is very small! He is good in talking! Maybe Vice president Riak! But he has just improved his political skills recently! Despite of being less in POLITIKING!!! Thank you very much! Keep up!

    • Dear Chief Abiko:

      Thank you for the comment and advice. It seems that our truth telling prophet, Elhag Paul, has run out of new ideas against Jieng. Why is he so concerned about what is happening with the SPLM leadership since he is not a member of that Political Party? He should create his own political party and nominate himself for the presidency of the ROSS for 2015 so that he can prove his good governance and leadership to Jieng.
      That traitor and confused truth telling professor, Elhag Paul, is good at gossiping and spreading vicious lies against Jieng but he is unable to prove or deliver what he has been preaching to the people online. The time has come for him to cease whining like a woman and act now so that we can see his goodness in action. What is preventing him from running for the presidency in 2015?

      Elhag Paul should be grateful to Jieng for getting him out from the Arab’s Kitchen and slavery in Khartoum. He should know that there will be no Jieng without South Sudan and there will be no South Sudan without Jieng. This is a plain truth that Elhag Paul and his likes should reconsider when attacking Jieng online. He is free to return to Khartoum and reclaim his Sudanese Citizenship if he does not want to live with Jieng in South Sudan. The gallant soldiers of Jieng and other patriotic South Sudanese have perished under the current flag of South Sudan, therefore it will extremely fly high at the United Nations’ headquarter in New York and everywhere in the Republic of South Sudan. It will remain the nation Flag of our Country as long as the South Sudan remains a Country.

  2. KW Ngor says:

    AlHag Paul, I am always curious who is AlHag Paul? Someone told me before AlHag Paul is Dr. David Dechan who converted to Islam in Khartoum last few years in his political tenure, is that true? I have nothing against the man but I want to know because he is knowledgeable about our politics.

    Editor’s comment: I fully attest that Mr. AlHag Paul isn’t and never was Dr. David Dechand, he is truly and physically a fully avowed and concerned South Sudanese citizen and never was or is a convert to Islam.

  3. Power struggle in the SPLM, does this make the SPLM a party to reckon with?
    Why should there be a power struggle within the SPLM and not without the SPLM? There are party principles which must be followed and put in place instead of power wrangling within than to look at the opposition.

    Is that the reason why we do not have opposition party to oppose the SPLM, but opposition within and without?

    The Splm must show the spirit of nationalism within and prepare for the upcoming general elections as one body and not divided within for power if that is true. Vice president Riak is next in line if he is elected as a candidate by the party, it is not going to be like shifting from low gear to high gear…. unfortunately the SPLM has no reverse gear. If the SPLM is failing now why won’t they fail us even if they bring in Riak Machar, Wani Igga, Pagan Amum or Madam Nyandeng when they will not function as a unit.

    If the People are tired with SPLM go ahead and bring in a new person with a fresh idea from the many oppostion parties in the country otherwise it is crystal clear that leaders come and go and South Sudan will remain at large.

  4. Tyson says:


    Thanks for nailing this. It is up to the SPLM to sort its rot. The so called SPLM ruling clique has nothing to offer. They have looted the country and continue to loot, they have commited more crimes in the name of liberation and are useless commodities to sell.
    None of them has the capability, vision, nationalism or patriotism, to mention but a few.
    Anyway, their families and immediate beneficiaries will champion their course and vote for them.
    Almighty God, protect this precious South Sudan against broad daylight vipers and wolves.

  5. Bro Paul,
    i really wish that these guys have time to read your articles but how, their schedules are full of nonsense such as drinking in hotels. these guys have eight years now in kiir’s government without improving anything or disagreeing with the system regarding current mess in security and services in the entire country or unless to resign to show to the public their sense of seriousness, so that the entire public might feel that these are the real gents of change and development.

    But whoever is a resident in south Sudan and more specifically in juba might have a full knowledge of how government apparatus are operating in this country, it shows how this country is been run by incompetent and inexperienced cadres whose minds are still in liberation time which has nothing to do with the management of a country.

    There are many gangs practices that are been carried out in this country through the blessing of big guys in the system like what happened in munuki 107 where a human being was slaughtered like a goat or chicken and the suspects are the house guards of one of the big guys in the system.

    it’s God to free us from these rotten guys by death.

  6. Mabior Makuek says:

    Dear El Hag Paul,

    In this article, you came out open to condemn generalization and calling it a vice, but you have on several occasions charged Jieng as a society. Do you feel the badness of this generalization?
    Please, don’t sip wine and give others water. Retract your generalization of Jieng and anytime you pen any article, remember to avoid this very generalization you are criticizing others of doing!

  7. chol says:

    We are well informed on South Sudan struggle while you were in fact passive strugglers.
    FEDERALISM in South Sudan is a hurry to democracy; we need to move together on shoulder to shoulder to deliver services to our people. We didn’t fight as Equatoria/Upper nile/B.Ghazal but as Southerners. I couldn’t have agreed more with my friends that the discussion on South Sudan Conference was indeed becoming boring while there could have been other pressing issues of common interest that needed attention. It was also becoming monotonous as no new argument was being made. It was better to move on.

  8. dmajak says:

    Thanks you, Paul, for missing out the word Dinka from your vocabulary today. I think it is a sign of maturity in your writing and politics in general. I have read many of your articles, but this article is the best of all because you attack president kiir as a person of south Sudan not A Dinka. I also agree with you that there is power struggle within Splm party, but it is not that serious as 1991 episode.
    To Paul, you are good public defender, but your problem is just you defend one side of communities such as Bari, mundari or Greater Equatoria. To be patriotic, you need to fight for the rights of people who couldn’t speak for themselves regardless of their tribes. Do you know that there are underprivileged people in Dinka or nuer that need your help?

    • Moses Jal says:

      Kirr by himself alone, a single human being, has no power. Kirr acts with impunity because of unconditional support from majority of his tribes men. As long as our Dinka brothers are quiet about his misrule and remain his loyal support base then they become guilty by association.

      When the great public defender like Elhag, Isaiah Abraham, A Dinka was killed by Kiirs government, we saw Dinka condemning the government for the killing. If we see this kind of condemnation coming from dinka about Kiir’s corruption and atrocities, not just when a Dinka loses life, then we shall know, kirr stands alone and he and he alone with his government will be condemned without mentioning his tribes man. but as long as the dinkas remain loyal and unconditional supportive of him, totally silent about the suffering of others and majority of kiir’s appointees are Dinkas, them it is totally fair to talk of them as jeing!

      • Moses Jal:

        You should know that Jieng (Dinka) did not ask Kiir Mayardit to join the Anyanya 1 movement at the age of 17 years and fight under the leadership of General Joseph Lagu until the Addis Ababa Peace Accord was signed in 1972. General Kiir Mayardit was one of the first Dinka officers to defect from the Sudanese Army and joined the SPLA movement in the early 1980’s and fought until the CPA Accord was signed in 2005. General Kiir Mayardit was not asked by the Dinkas to leave the Sudanese Army for the SPLA movement in 1983. He did it in his own initiative and will. General Kiir Mayardit assumed the SPLA leadership shortly after the untimely death of late C in C Dr.John Garang and the late Garang was not killed by the Dinkas in order to pave the way for Kiir Mayardit’s presidency in South Sudan. In 2010, The South Sudanese including you and your parents rejected Dr.Lam Akol Ajawin’s bid for the presidency of South Sudan and chose president Kiir Mayardit instead. Where on earth are you blaming Dinkas for Kiir’s rise and grip of power?

        General Kiir Mayardit has been fighting for the liberation, freedom and betterment of the people of South Sudan since the age of 17. He is extremely courageous,dedicated,nice and patient person. My argument or disapproval of president Kiir’s leadership is that he allowed his relatives to dominate the government of South Sudan and that he is too kind to fight or discipline those thieves around him. The man is too kind and naive to fight those corrupted politicians in his government, therefore I agree with those who call for his resignation. Having said that the man (Kiir) deserves the right to ripen what he has sown or tolled for numerous years.

        The question you and Elhag Paul and your likes should be asking the Jieng is that Why Kiir is harvesting the Farm of the South Sudanese alone with his relatives and loyalists? The only answer for that question is Vote him out of the leadership peacefully in 2015. Ballots will be the most effective weapons of getting Kiir and his relatives and loyalists (Thieves) out of the government of South Sudan once and for all.

        Let us closely examine what the political prophet of Naath, your Uncle Dr. Riek Machar has done to the people of South Sudan and no body has blamed the Naath (Nuer) people for it. The Naath’s political Prophet, Dr. Riek Machar defected from the SPLA in 1991 and renamed his Nasir faction as SPLA United. What role did the intellectual brains of Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin play here? He broke up the the SPLA movement and renamed it SPLA United. United with who? Again, he Changed the name of the SPLA United into SSIM (South Sudan Independent Movement) and attacked Bor which was under the SPLA mainstream movement. Massacred the innocent civilians in Bor Town and moved to Khartoum to sign the so called the independence of South Sudan in 1997.

        in 2000, the Naath’s political Prophet, Dr.Riek Machar realized that his fake agreement for the independence of South Sudan was not binding and his life was in danger in Khartoum. So he defected again and rejoined the SPLA’s mainstream under leadership of late Dr. John Garang and General Kiir Mayardit. He took the Naath’s White Army to Khartoum and left it there with the Sudanese Army to fight what they called Dinka Movement, the SPLA until the peace agreement CPA was signed in 2005. Due to the presence of their C in C Riek Machar and late Paulino Matip’s in Juba, all the Naath’s White Army, the well known Friendly Forces or Allies of the Arabs have moved to Juba and are the ones looting and grabbing lands at gunpoint in Juba in the name of Dinka because those stupid Equatorians can not distinguish Naath from Jieng and that is why they call them Dinka Nuer.

        After all these occurrences or wrongdoings,no single Nuer has come out openly to condemn or denounce their political Prophet Dr. Riek Machar. Instead, they are lobbying for this lunatic to take the leadership of South Sudan in 2015. What changes or leadership will your political Prophet, Riek Machar bring to the people of South Sudan if elected president in 2015?

        Now you are blaming the entire Jieng tribe for not condemning Kiir Mayardit’s weak leadership and you are advocating for the leadership of Prophet Riek Machar. Don’t you think that Riek Machar is worst than President Kiir? Please don’t be fooled by Riek Machar’s educational credentials or PHD. He had those educational credentials or PHD when he split the SPLA and rejoined the SPLA in 1991 and 2000. He had those credentials and PHD when he ordered his Nyagats Malitias to massacre innocent Civilians in Bor in 1992. He had those credentials and PHD when he betrayed the SPLA and signed a fake agreement for the independence of South Sudan in Khartoum in 1997.

        Brother, Moses, I’m so ashamed of your political Prophet, Dr.Riek Machar. I know that the Prophet Ngundeng had cursed the Naath people for being defiant and abusive to him and his spiritual leadership by cutting the tongue of Bull into small pieces and said that you, my people, Nuer, would never be united or agreed unanimously on anything valuable in your life time. I wonder if the prophet Ngundeng had also cursed the intellectual, intelligence and comprehension of Naath (Nuer) people. Why is it so difficult for you and your likes to understand that Uncle Riek Machar does not fit to lead our new nation.

        If you think that it is the rightful turn of Naaath to rule South Sudan after Jieng, then I will advise you to nominate Riek Machar’s Wife, Madam Angelina Teny, our liberator and hero General Chief of Staff, James Hoth Mai and/or Mr. Peter Lam Both. Those people can bring good leadership and governance to the people of South Sudan more than the prophet Riek Machar Teny. Please take your Uncle Riek Machar home and make him paramount Chief of Naath although he will not unite and bring Nuer under one Umbrella or leadership. The almighty God of Ngundeng will bring us another leader to lead and rebuild South Sudan in good faith and harmony. Kiir and Riek should now be advised to collect their cowboy hats/Boots and go home to their villages in Akon and Bentieu.

        • South Mole says:

          Garang and not Lukudu, you’re nothing but a refugee from Kakuma where you spend most of your live while real men were facing the bullets. Now all of a sudden b/c your uncle, Kiir, is president you now claim to have liberated SS. We know you for what you’re. During the struggle you’re moving from one camp to another following UN trucks. All you did was liberate FOOD instead of the land.

          Dr. Riak Machar deserves to be the next president. In fact without his 1991 coup against Dr. John Garang, the issue of self-determination won’t have been on the table because Dr. Garang was nothing more than a unionist who was fighting for a UNITED NEW SUDAN.

          I’ll therefore choose Dr. Machar over the food-loving Dinkas who are incapable of cultivating and fighting that is why they’re in Equatoria while we occupy their land.

          • Dan says:

            South mole,
            The betrayal of 1991 had no influence in the peace agreement that was signed in 2005. For your information the peace talks started when Riek was still in Khartoum and he was never even part of the negotiation’s team. Riek is a very divisive figure and i am afraid the whole Upper Nile region will never win any democratic presidential election if he (Riek) is the most qualified candidate among the Naath. The fact there are three contestants from Upper Nile is a proof of this. The rest of the regions have one contender and that shows their internal harmony. Someone without a lot of baggage is needed here for our dear region to move as one unit like the rest of the regions of South Sudan .

          • chooldol dei amen yin riek says:

            mole, you are not right to mention that all dinkas were in refugee camps, if dinkas were in refuge camps, who then fought Arabs in south sudan 1991 when Riek joined the Arabs in Khartoum?
            You lie.

        • Peter Madual says:

          Mr. Lukudo Gatkuoth Garang, whenever some one mentions Machar’s name, your comments are crude. You ought to show more respect for vice president and Nuer people. Indeed we know that non-Dinka tribes including Naath have continued to govern by a policy divide and conquer since 2005, nevertheless, people of south Sudan live here in harmony. Therefore, it is better to avoid this topic since it’s too crude for Naath sensitivity.

          • Peter Madual says:

            Mr. Garang, please be aware that Dr. Riek is the only leader who inspires us to be a free nation. In actual fact, GatMachar fulfilled his peoples’ expectations by becoming the champion of self-determination, thus many people if not most will vote for him in the upcoming elections. Don’t be frightened of Machar’s government won’t hurt you.

          • Peter Madual:

            Please advise your Naath people to stop grabbing the Equatorian lands at gunpoint in Juba and pretend to be Dinkas. Tell those stupid Cousins of yours, Moses Jal and South Mole to stop insulting and blaming Jieng tribe for Kiir Mayardit’s weak leadership. Let them know that Kiir is Kiir and not Jieng. Your Uncle Riek Machar is not exempted from what is happening under his nose and fat belly in Juba. Stop insulting Dinka and Equatorians and I will leave your Uncle Riek Machar alone.

  9. Gaidit says:

    who are these contestants who want to challenge president Kiir for the top seat at a Oyee convention in the next few weeks?
    If am to guess the contestants to challenge Kiir, i may say no, big NO, NO, because they have been in the party since 1983 up to date and adversely mentioned in the corruption scandals that had brought country’s economy down to its knees.
    Those i know to challenge Kiir possess good qualities but they wasted their chances by not resigning sometimes to attract the attention of the citizens and the world at large the reasons for their resignation.


    • Ajo Dadora says:

      I am so pleased with the commentaries left by the repliers to Mr. Elhag Paul. What has Kiir and his elites done to convince the people to vote for Kiir? For us to take Kiir out of the office, let’s all as southerners unite behind a future party that will be named later in the days to come. Imagine the death toll in Juba alone in 2012 and it has crossed now to 2013.

      Look at the suffering of the people in the hands of Kiir and his elites and watch his every Saturday movements to Kapuri where he is said to have a big Mora (Zeriba where cattle are gathered.) Did we fight this war for wealthy individuals or for the entire community of south sudan?

      Forget talking of Jieng, Moru, Balanda, Shilluk, Azande etc…. South Sudan only but without Kiir and his swimming pool mates of betrayers i.e … Ministers, parliamentarians, etc.
      Ajo Dadora.

  10. Michael Abu says:

    This is one of the messages that we the South Sudanese want to pay attention to. Also, it is one of the messages that Mr. Paul wrote on behalf of the South Sudanese interest and needs to be supported. For the last 8 years, our country had achieved nothing under the president leadership and from the SPLA/M rule except mismanagement of resources. Also, there had been no goal/vision of how the country needs to move forward since Mr. Kiir took the leadership after the ultimate death of Dr. Garang and now will be a time that South Sudan need to be led by someone with vision, someone who wants every citizens to test the fruits of independence but not a bunch of thieves that rule with intimidation and puts the country money in their compound like what the president is just doing.
    It was a shame to learn that president stored $6 million in his office because he doesn’t want the public to know what he had in account. What country in the world where the president doesn’t put his money in the account if not South Sudan? Can this president be trusted to lead us anymore? Be a judge for these questions? Write like this, Mr. Paul, and professionals will agree with you.

  11. Dneg A says:

    good luck to you all

  12. Deng A says:

    Thank you Mr Paul,
    I think you have been wasting your time describing meanings of nationalism and attacking president and other politicians within SPLM.
    Who is the alternative person for the coming election out of those you have just mentioned? You got to be careful of using abusive language towards Oyee machine as you called them, because they gave you a chance to write this article freely, otherwise you wouldn’t be having too much freedom to abuse the president like that if you were still under al Bashir leadership in Khartoum. If you want to engage public opinion, please be responsible or brave and show your new preferable direction for the people of South Sudan, but abusing leaders online should stop.

  13. Juma says:

    The concluding parts of Paul’s article suggest that none of the above possible candidates have qualities to be president, but the saying goes, a bird at hand is better or worth two in the bush. since we do not have any alternative person, common sense has it that one of the above will be a president come 2015, so it better for u bro, to keep on writing constructive criticisms highlighting all the weaknesses one of them may have as u have done above, so that, some of them can learn from the mistakes u might be exposing here. Otherwise your article is wonderful, we have known what we didn’t know before, keep writing as long as all that u write contain verifiable facts.

  14. kikisik says:

    Brother Al, and the rest who have replied to this beautiful article, I thank you all for speaking your minds and I tell you I can smell the wind of change blowing very slowly. Let us rest assured that whether it is going to take years, but it will happened.” Leaders come and Leaders go; but South Sudan as a nation is gonna remain forever”.

    The SPLM as a ruling party had a very big opportunity to reform, but despite the cry of the people South Sudan turn deaf ear to the suffering of the very people they pretend to have fought for. They thought they are going to rule South Sudan as a majority party for ever. Wait for the coming convention of the Political Bureau; you will see the party falling down and breaking into pieces. Look at what happened to Kanu party in Kenya, who will believe that Kanu party was going to be the opposition party.

    Kanu (Kenya African National Union) ruled Kenya for 40 years after its independence from British, until it lost at the end of 2002. Like SPLM, Kanu was formed to articulate Kenyan grievances against British. So here there is a little bit of similarity. Who would have believed that Kanu was going to be defeated in 2002, because according to Moi, Kanu was going to rule Kenya for 100 years. That did not happened because the power of the people is more powerful than the power of the party. So this is what is gonna happen to our SPLM party. Wait and see!

    • Kikisik:
      You said it all, my compatriot. This is the kind of debate or argument I want to see on this forum. Those of Elhag Paul and his likes have been advocating and singing sweetly for the change of government in Juba, but they have no any vision or plan in place to execute and bring forth those changes. None of those self nominated members of the SPLM will bring the changes we need to see in South Sudan. Whoever is going to come will definitely follow Kiir’s path and the Country will fall apart.

      Our Former Masters in the North, have told the world that South Sudanese are not fit to rule themselves as independent people and therefore, they were appealing to the international Community to keep South Sudan within the united Sudan. Due to our hatred and ethnic diversity, they predicted that South Sudan will be another Rwanda or Somalia in Africa. Are we going to prove them wrong or right? All we need in South Sudan is a visionary leader like late Dr. John Garang with a strong political mandate and it doesn’t matter to which tribe he/she belongs. We need a non-tribal political party that can strongly challenge the SPLM leadership if they don’t come up with a strong leader to lead the party and the Country as well.

  15. Gatkuoth Lok says:

    It is partly good and partly bad because it is one-sided and embodying every aspect of red herring: serious fallacy which Mr. Paul of the article has been committing through out his writings against the Jieng Nation for it suits his ambitions to pave his ( or friends ways) way to achieve his (their) goal (s). Meaning, it is good for the author and bad for the political leaders against whom the strictures are labelled.

    I personally respect his opinion, however; AlHag Paul, should know that it was in 1991 that necessary evil was initiated, to fight for the liberation of South Sudan ( Machar did it) which today becomes what every south sudanese feels at home to have achieved as their breathtaking-ultimate goal: Independence of the South. Did all of us agree to do that? No, only those who thought it best to confront our fallen hero Dr. Garang, to give up his vision of New Sudan, which I think only has a few supporters among us, and yet with full support of Northern SPLM/A, did the job. The same person ( Machar) in good faith, after having shown us this direction to our Independence, is also willing to show us another important congruent constituent of his life commitment: establishment of Democracy in the country, which he has to bring into existence necessarily. This is the only occasion ( democracy) in which the rule of law ought to prevail and accountability has to flourish and corruption be radically reduced if not eliminated. Machar’s tenure as president will necessitate all those.

    And third one of the constituents: respect for human rights will automatically fall in line. I am not saying that Machar is the only person to do that aforesaid but he has the all programs with him, at heart, ready to initiate wholeheartedly. I do not want to tell you that Machar was not allowed to do all those things aforementioned because you yourself (Paul) know very well when our humble President Kiir came out loudly voicing parallelism in the government and when Dr. Akol mentioned Machar’s helplessness in the Government, just to mention, but a few.

    • Gaidit says:

      Dear brother Gatkuoth Lok, you have really explained fully what is always my thoughts and to repeatedly mention them, Rule of Law, respect of human rights and lives and eradication of corruption but not reducing it as it can anytime re-germinate. All these issues have a direct person among SPLM leadership who can rebrand himself into a new party by quiting the SPLM party. we all know of mismanagement by Kiir and his clansmen excluding other sub tribes of Dinka to suffer trauma of victimization from the rest of citizens across 64 tribes who had been loyalists of SPLM during the war and being discriminated by Kiir and his relatives from the share nationally.

      Indeed you mentioned Dr Machar as solution to our foul cries, if we believes in the value of education and how education acts as an agent of transformation and democracy, then Dr can be our Savior to rescue us from the attrocities caused by Kiir and his relatives who owned our government thinking its theirs. For us to be freed from abuse of Human Rights as witnessed last year through assassination of Isiaih Abraham, we should be actively involved in the following number of things;

      1. All of us to be ready to call for uprisings as done in North Africa and Arab world
      2. Give pressure to Dr Machar to resign from SPLM and establish his own party which i believe can be tribe-less and Him will bring change to the country
      3. Make sure to shed blood for democracy to prevail because no democracy without loss of lives as seen in the early 1900’s in Kenya.

      If we do the foresaid things, we should be freed from Kiir mistreatment making us third-class citizens in our own country.

  16. I think you have made huge effort, Elhag Paul, what you are saying is the real truth about our nation’s future. I really like your clicking sentence where you talked about new breed leader rather than the same SPLM party. They have failed the nation already. In my view no need of them to run the nation once again.

    Enough is enough., they have killed, they corrupted the nation’s financial institution. no hospitals, schools, university and colleges for future generation.

  17. John P'Obua says:

    Dear Paul El Hag,

    Thank you for the enlightenment on what is going on within the government of Republic of South Sudan.
    In my opinion, I think there is no need for Mr. Kiir to come back or for any of the three to take leadership of South Sudan.
    President Kiir is a total failure, he can not be relied upon and can not lead the nation anymore. Come 2015, Southern Sudanese need a new face, not old faces who have all failed in their leadership. Kiir government has been corrupt, they have stolen $4b and the president said he had open an account in Nairobi, so those who has stolen the money should deposit it in secret including himself. Is that the right way to advise people who have taken government property as the president? No way.

    There is a lost of insecurity in the country, especially in Juba, lands are being taken away from the poor by force and the government is not saying anything about it, there is economic crisis, there is rebellion in the country, the government is tribalistic and nepotism within the government. South Sudan is not for only one tribe, and all southerners fought for the liberation of our people.

    The poor people are becoming poorer and the richer becoming richer everyday. I think it is a high time that the president should prepare himself to leave the office come 2015 and he should pay back the money he’s taken from the public fund. Recently the president kept a lot of money in his office, I do not know why such amount money has been kept in the office of the president and suddenly got disappeared. I still remember 1980s when the former General Gismalla Abdallah Rasha took thousand on money and put it in the coffin and was transporting it to Wau when the driver reported to the police on their way. History can repeat itself.

    By the way, why the whole president steal public fund and tell the nation that the money disappeared from his office? Funds are handled by the minister of finance and his officials not the president.

    Neither the vice president, Secretary General Pagan Amun, Speaker Wani Igga or Madam Nyandeng De Mabior will not take the leadership of the country, because they are the same people and when they come back they will ruin the nation’s resources. We should not continue like that when we see our country become a laughing stalk. I remember during the Independence day, one of the reporter said, South Sudan is the most poorest country in the world.

    When the president is elected is not for one tribe, but the present government is for only two tribes in Southern Sudan.
    I do not understand when Mr. Marial saying that, Equatorian is the cancerous disease that kill the spirit of nationalism. How soon he has forgotten that, most of the people holding high posts in the country are from the same two tribes? Where is the nationalism in this case? Mr. Marial is a disparate politician. We know what is going in the country, when SPLA/M were in the bush all the tribes in Southern Sudan took arms to fight the enemies, but now most of the tribes are neglected by the present government. We should learn to embrace nationalism and work together for the betterment of our country.

    As we look towards 2015, let’s walk with each other in harmony even if we differ in our political affiliations, let our common goal must override our political persuasions. We must belong to each other and live together and yet remain free to excise our freedom. Create a space for each other. Southerners should find someone who has the leadership quality inorder to be able lead the masses of South Sudan in peace, without corruption, without injustice, without discrimination and without tribalism and nepotism. Although the Oyee seat is in the next weeks, pray to God to give us someone competent. Can we follow Mandela example.

  18. Peter Madual says:

    Mr. EL-Hag, we have achieved independence because of Kiir, Machar, Wani, Amum and Nyandeng. And without them, South Sudan would still be part of Sudan. In actual fact, I used to be your supporter, however I’m not anymore and you know why?

    • Peter Madual:

      LOL,Ha Ha Ha. I have been telling you and Naath people that Nobody likes Nuer and Dinka in South Sudan. You have been supporting and applauding Elhag Paul when he was spreading his vicious lies against Jieng and now you suddenly stop supporting him because he stabbed your Uncle Riek Machar on the back. If you were wiser enough, you would have realized that Elhag Paul was politically campaigning for his bid of the presidency for 2015. Fool, it is too late now to stop loving and supporting the master of character assassination, Elhag Paul. Why did you stop supporting him now? Is it because he does not support the nomination of the Naath’s Political Prophet, Dr. Riek Machar?

      Please let me tell you this, your Uncle Riek Machar will never get a single vote for the presidency of South Sudan in Equatoria or elsewhere in South Sudan. Stop daydreaming now and go back to Gambella and bring all those Gambella Nuer of Ethiopia to come and vote for your Uncle Riek Machar otherwise he will soon be going home to his muddy Luak in Bentieu.

      I knew deep in my heart that the Equatorians will not vote for Riek Machar in the forthcoming election. The people of the Greater Equatoria have no sympathy for Dinka and Nuer otherwise they shouldn’t be bitching about President Kiir Mayardit who gave them 11 Ministerial Positions in his government. Those thugs are not good for anything at all except whining and complaining just like children or second wives. Tough luck with your Uncle Riek Machar’s presidency, Ramraan!

      • South Mole says:

        Garang, the wannabe Equatorian, must know that given a choice between Dr. Machar and Mr. Kiir, Equatorians will vote overwhelming for the former. That later is nothing but a tribal thief who has legalized nepotism and other ILLISM in South Sudan.

        I know you so admire Equatorians very much that you chose Lukudu as one of your nom de plum. Guess you’re trying to tell us that you’re now as civilized as Equatorians considering that your home state of Warrap is one giant cattle “mura”. However, the truth of the matter is that although you’ve left the MURA, the MURA hasn’t left you. Hence, your pathetic and lame thinking is geared towards promoting your tribal and thieving regime because you “sacrificed” more when we all knew that all your sacrifice entailed was following relief conveys from one camp to another in order to LIBERATE the food from UN and other humanitarian NGOs. You’re afraid of Dr. Machar because you fear he’ll stop your embezzlement and imprison you and your uncle Kiir.

      • Peter Madual says:

        Bravo brother. South Mole, the so called Lukudu Garang is just one of Garang’s orphans. Mr. Garang, you should know that Kiir’ decision to distribute $8 billion to the Dinka tribe at the expense of non-Jieng has caused a major dilemma for your community. It seems that you understood South Sudan public opinion turns against Jieng community. Indeed, the president and his cohorts- who have stolen the public money, don’t know what to do now; it’s a real dilemma. When it comes to the upcoming presidential election in 2015, there is no doubt in mind that gat Machar will inflict a humiliate defeat on his cousin Mayardeit. The vice president has become popular because he’s the only nationalist figure in our time unlike the president whose goal is to loot the money. Dear cousin, only iron triangle will save our president. He’s a waiting his imminent defeat anyway.

  19. Dau-network says:

    Hi Gatkuoth Lok! I don’t know why people like Gatkuoth did not understand Dr Garang when he had a meeting with Akot Atem and Gai Tut back to 23/ 7 /1983! Many people said DR John Garang was for unity only but failed to understand what he mentioned on 16/5/2005 of S.P.L.A 22 yrs anniversary in Rumbek.
    “I and those who joined me in the bush and fought for more than 20 yrs, have brought to you the CPA in a golden plate. Our mission is accomplished. It is now your turn, especially those who did not have a chance to experience bush life. When time comes to vote at referendum, it’s your golden chance to determine your fate. Would you like to vote to be second-class citizens in your own country? It’s absolutely your choice.”
    If Dr Garang was not for separation, what did he mean by vote to be second-class citizens, he was encouraging separation. Be realistic guys.

    • South Mole says:

      Stop trying to change history. Dr. Garang is on record saying that he was against separation and that the first bullets of the SPLM/A was actually directed against the separatists int the movement. You’re nothing more than Dinka revisionist who is trying to deceive the people of SS.

  20. The change should be encouraged by all, because if we don’t it will stand on our ways, I mean the good or bad thing that we may encounter should we study wrongly and calculate poorly the big events expected, linked to the current situations we eye on daily basis.

  21. Domac says:

    I quote, Gakuoth Lok stated the 1991 evil was initiated to fight for the liberation of South Sudan ( Machar did it). Mr Gakuoth, please elaborate it to me, how did Mr Riek Machar liberate people of South Sudan from Arabs? straight to the point, Riek Machar stabbed the movement in the back when the SPLA/M was about to win the war by armed struggle. He defected and joined the Khartoum government forces, fought against SPLA. is that what qualify him to be called Liberator, because he fought war against his brothers/sisters?

    if I were Nuer, I can’t never, never talk about his vision. but I can’t blame you guys because blind society can be led by fools. The man is really big for nothing, he brought a big shame to Nuer society. Some Nuer fellows might be thinking that, one day our Riek Machar will become president of South Sudan, we are going make history. Naath, you are barking. there is no chance for him. whether you like it or not.

  22. Wani Losake says:

    Who is this Elhaj Paul?
    i suspect these are jalaba full of hatred toward the new Republic but they will fail

  23. Kikisik says:

    Nobody in the SPLM corrupt government would be capable of leading the South Sudan to prosperity especially those in the current leadership. The president was begging the thieves to bring back the stolent money secretly and the same time on some occasions, he contradicted himself by saying his government is going to work hard to fight corruption and he even went further using the Beautiful word “ZERO TOLERANCE” (Kidif sakit). Brothers and sisters, is that the leadership we need in the present or is that the leadership that we will need in 2015? Each and every South Sudanese can answer.

    Why did people suddenly turned quickly against the SPLM Party? Is it because they hate the Party or is it something else? Some die-hard supporters would think people hate the SPLM Party. The answer is very clear. Many of us have been supporting the SPLA/M movement since its liberation movement despite the atrocities they have committed during that time.

    Yes, the SPLA facilitated the independence of South Sudan and they deserved credit for that, at the same time they deserve criticism if things are not right. Not only that but time has changed because we are in nation building that need to involved every South Sudan despite our political differences. Being a majority in the government, instead of sticking to the principles the party have fought for, they become gangs of looters. The recent incident is a good example.

    According to press release, but before that they categorically denied that there was such thing and start blaming the media,later they confirmed that there was actually less amount stolen not in million. Is that not going to be a weapon that the thieves will use against them? Because what I know the amount stolen was in millions. Unless the office of the president will come to a bargain with the thieves not to tell the exact amount that was stolen so as not to be embarrassed.

    The most shameful of all, nothing ever happened in all the corrupt countries of the world that money had been stolen in the office of the president. Not only that but why keep huge sum of money in the office of the president? That alone is corruption. Money is always kept in the bank or in the ministry of finance. Coming back to the point, it seems there were rumors that negotiation is under way for the culprits to return back the money. As a matter of fact, the SPLM slogan is “no more SPLM OYEEEEE.” The new official slogan of the SPLM is “Bring Back the money.”

    • Dear Kikisik:
      You have nailed it down, boy. I’m already falling in love with your political views and criticism. This is the kind of political criticism we need to adopt in our new Country and it is the only one that the white men call it a constructive. Please keep writing and posting this kind of article or reasoning so that you can teach those illiterate and lunatic politicians such as Elhag Paul and his likes on how to criticize the government officials without insulting and blaming their respective tribes. Keep it up, Brother! We need those positive thinkers like you in South Sudan and on SSN Website.

  24. Joseph says:

    Dear Al-hagi and Supports,
    Do not bother us with your nonsense, for how long will you continue criticizing the SPLM government with out giving us alternative candidates. Yes we all do not like the people you mentioned in our article because none of them fits the leadership position in our Country. Please be like our friend Dr. James Okuk who criticized the SPLM government and supported Dr. Lam to be his president of RSS. Otherwise, it looks like you are just a confused man in South Sudan or you just want a position in government, ….period.

  25. nyaputa says:

    First of all you should give Paul el-haq thanks and thumps up for exposing your retarded leaders (jinege) retarded to their maros. look joseph, where is it in the world a president of a country can put 6 million dollars in his office? the corruption you jienge are engaged in has become too much in your tribal institution and everybody in the world knows you very well. what is really wrong with you jienge? all of you just roam south sudan for no reason. why don’t you put your butts down and start cultivating like the rest of south sudanese? people are tired of you.

    leave paul el-haq alone or you need to respond to his article in an intellectual manner or shut up with your nonsense

    • Nyaputa:
      The Mighty Jieng is eating or looting what they had fought for. Why do you blame Jieng for eating something you haven’t sweated or shed your blood for? Where were you when the Arabs were raping your mothers/sisters in the broad day light and looting your national resources for 50+ years? Shut up busters and let Kiir eat his money in peace. He deserves to eat or store his money wherever he chooses. What is your problem, cowards? All the Jieng gallant soldiers and civilians are killed everywhere in South Sudan by the Arabs, Nuers and Equatorians. Therefore every Jieng has the right to live anywhere they choose in South Sudan. If you and your likes are tired of Jieng, come see me at Jebel Dinka in Western Juba.

      • nyaputa says:

        Gatkuoth Garang,
        You came to Equatoria as walking skeletons. I have no idea on what you’re talking about. you should respect us equatorians as people who have shown you a light. do you think you have made it up to looting stage without equatorians during the war time? YOU BIG LAIRS JIENGE. you claim something that doesn’t belong to you and said yours. one day you will vomit it out.

  26. I’m just laughing at all! No comment to me.

    • Dear Chinthiangyom Ajolajak:
      Please keep laughing or keep your mouth shut because you have nothing good to say than praising your corrupted politicians in Juba. Enjoy looting our wealth and national resources until we, the hungry and angry people of the Republic of South Sudan, arrive with our bitter and deadly Bullets and Ballots on 2015. Remember the saying that those who laugh first, laugh the last. Guic Amok/ Ngam lieldu!

  27. Alierthiy says:

    So, Riek Machar, Nyandeng de Mabior and Pagan Amum are vying for presidency??? They are all from Upper Nile region. Weird. President Kiir is also eyeing for another term. What a shame! He is from Bhar el Ghazel. Mr. Wani Igga an Equatorian is alleged to back President Kiir…Hmmm.

    So what’s wrong with Equatorians? I see their complaints often against dominance by other regions (Upper Nile and Bhar el Ghazel) but when opportunity comes they backed down. Pathetic! SPLM as a party has competent sons and daughters from Equatoria. The likes of Dr. Itto, Mr. lado Gore, Mr. Kosti Manibe, Dr. Cirilo Hiteng among others. Not to mention two of these regions governors (Bakosoro and lobong) can also make good candidates for South Sudan presidency. But here, they’re all passive and later after South Sudanese elected another weak leader from Upper Nile or Bhar el Ghazel, these passive leaders will have guts to convene meeting of their regional members and call against marginalisation of their region.

    Ya Elhag, tell your politicians that the time has come to change the failed National leadership for capable, visionary, focused, developmental oriented, incorruptible leadership. All of us are looking forward to see such a leadership. We all believe that a charismatic leader with a drive, ambitions and passion to serve his/her people sincerely and honestly with a true sense of integrity and dignity will win our votes despite our regional and tribal differences. If our Equatorian brothers and sisters have such a leader we could not go for him/her unless he/she has decided to run for presidency.

    Since we have known Kiir, Riek, Pagan, Nyandeng weaknesses, those of us who are currently seeking change of the affairs in our country must lobby those they think will inspire most among us.

    I challenged equatorians to participate fully by having one of their own as a candidate instead of remaining passive and complaining later.

  28. Dear Lukudu Gatkuoth
    You don’t know what makes you hungery, leadership is not only way to feed yourself than you are coming with corruption, the corruption you had talk about it, accusing Kiir’s leadership. I’m laughing at selfish people like you, have no ideas, I think you had someone you knew in South Sudan, have high ranking position in government and do nothing to his clan people rather than tribe people in general. I’m someone like you who does have hunger too. Do you think every Dinka is given money by Kiir Mayardit?

    • Dear Chinthiangyom Ajolajak:

      I’m glad that the hungry and fools are now making sense or reasoning well online. I wondered why the hungry man like you was furiously defending Kiir’s and Riek’s thievery and weak leadership online. I thought you were paid by Kiir and Riek to defend their thievery and fat bellies online. Brother, I sincerely apologize to you for criticizing or demeaning you online. I had completely mistaken you for Kiir and Riek’s paid agents or Cousins. As from now on you are out of the hook. Please enjoy your freedom and peace online and let Kiir and Riek’s paid agents and Cousins defend their corrupted men.

  29. SPLM is not a one-man house, where he can always sit in it alone. Dr. Riek Machar is not a second class citizen. those who want to rule forever by force will face popular resistance from other South Sudanese people. peace will be there for those who it and war will be there for those who want to use force.
    Salva Mathok Gengdit has already started the war before SPLM Convention. he always kills people in his home in juba.

    • Chiengkueth Kong:

      Dear RamRaan:

      Nobody has called Dr. Riek Machar a second class Citizen. We just call him a traitor and murderer and because of that he is not fit to rule the people of South Sudan as president. In regard to the war, we have all tested our manhood and General Salva Mathok Gengdit was one of the SPLA’s top commanders during the liberation war. So he is now exercising what he knows the best.

  30. Peter Madual says:

    Dear Nyaputa, you hit the nail. Mr. Garang you are just a disgraced orphan. Why are you acting in the manner of a swashbuckler? Dr. Riek Machar is a hero and without his vision, we would still living under occupation. Gat Machar’s resilience in the face of Garang’s orphans conspiracy is partly a result of clever politics. Unlike your uncle traitor John Garang who killed thousand of people a specific tribe for the sake of unified secular Sudan. In fact,the death toll of John Garang is truly immeasurable. Therefore, your uncle Garang deserved the tragic death. Question for discussion: Lukudu Garang, why our compatriots Equatorian tribes only showed hostility towards Dinka? Yes, the Equatorians showed hostility towards these Dinka. The study revealed that this intolerance is linked to the fact that the newcomers from Jineg tribe do not know the codes of politeness and the system of neighborhood associations of the Equatorian tribes.

  31. Lokeri says:

    I disagreed with some people who comment on Alhaj Paul’s article on the topic of power struggle within SPLM. Every candidate wants to claim a highest position in the Republic of South Sudan. But they could not ask themselves what did they do to the citizens of this country to motivate them to vote for them?
    Those candidates are all bi-product of Oyee machine SPLM party who looted the resources and mercilessly killed innocent people in cold blood. Oyee party always harassing its opponent and threaten because they disagreed on the principle in which a country should be manage.
    On the side of kiir the president, he’s only in that seat to serve the interest of Dinka. Dinka are the beneficiaries of Kiir regime. He actually did everything to enrich jieng community by all means. Dinka as a unit tribe in the republic of south Sudan had enjoyed the fruits of independence of our nation. Their nonsense of reiterating being the liberators of south Sudan is out of context and they tried several times to falsify citizens of republic of south Sudan with a tale story. And what about the other candidate who want to contest against the president kiir?
    Those colleagues of kiir have been together with him in all this period. They have nothing beside what the Oyee machine will produce from the party cadres. None of those guys have disclose his or her program to conveniently make people understand what they planned to offer to the citizen. All of them are damned to face people of south Sudan whom they have cheated in all this period.

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