“Power is not forever, it’s not a village thing,” Archbishop Lukudu tells Kiir

RADIO TAMAZUG.org, DEC/16/2014, SSN;

Catholic Archbishop of Juba, Paulino Lukudu Loro, warned Monday that “power is not forever,” while urging South Sudanese people to accept they are ethnically divided and seek forgiveness.

Archbishop Lukudu was speaking at at a special service in Juba to mark the one year anniversary of the South Sudan Civil War in which the ruling SPLM government of president Salva Kiir, himself a Catholic, massacred thousands of Nuer citizens in Juba last December 15, 2013.

“Somebody wants to be in power forever? It is not like that. It cannot be like that. You have a period to serve, and once it is finished, go and enjoy your brothers and sisters, and you become a normal servant. It is for a period of time, it is never forever,” he said.

The special mass took place after a memorial march from Malakia to Saint Theresa Kator Cathedral where mourners wearing black remembered the dead by walking through Juba with “candles of peace.”

At one point during the mass, South Sudanese security personnel entered the church, searching for one of the suspected organizers of the peace march.

In the days prior to the peace protest, security personnel sought to prevent the march from taking place, but it went ahead anyway.

“I think they are misusing power,” the Archbishop told the congregation. “I think we are misusing power, we are overvaluing power, misunderstanding power.”

Lukudu stressed that leaders are mere “servants” who derive their power from the people, not by birthright.

“Power is a humble gift of service to the people at large through the voice of the people for some specific period of time and not forever,” he said. “It is not a thing of my village. Power is not from my village. It is not from my father. It is a vocation.”

Archbishop Lukudu cited the Pope in Rome as an example of a leader who views power appropriately.

“Our Holy Father the Pope generally calls himself the servant of the servants of God,” he explained. “He is the top leadership in the faith and the Pope calls himself ‘servant.’ Very correct. Leadership is not yours.”

‘We have ethnic problems’

The church leader went on to say that South Sudanese citizens must accept that they are divided by ethnicity.

“My brothers and sisters, at times we seem just to be burying our heads in the sand and we do not want to accept some realities of our situation,” he said.

“We need to recognize that we have a problem. We have tribal problems. We have ethnic problems.”

He said the problem of tribalism can only be addressed if it is acknowledged first.

“We must accept [our problems],” he said. “Then we should be able to address them peacefully, honestly, and correctly…rather than hiding them.”

The church elder closed his sermon by encouraging South Sudanese to begin reconciliation.

“Let us have the courage to say, ‘I forgive you. I am sorry. Forgive me, and I’ll forgive you,’ ” he said.

“Let us forgive one another, forgive and pardon, give and receive, so that we can be forgiven in this country…so we can begin a new life. Enough is enough, let us not again be bitter towards one another, we don’t want again to fight and kill ourselves.”


  1. w.o.k says:

    Dear Archbshop.if Mr president didn’t acknowledge the sermon,so as to while away the evil of the securety from the church,than you keep queite and safe us the agony.you know better of the old testament kings, when they went off,and the prophets. just keep praying for the the nation. May the GOD safe us all.Amen.

  2. Nyeri says:


    Yes, its about time that we accept the reality and start working for reconciliation with truth before the Lord.

    Thank you for the beautiful honest speech

  3. Dear Archbshop:

    Thank you so much for telling the truth. Salva Kiir thinks like he inherited the presidency from his father. Yet, Kiir does not know how to run the government, Kiir does not know what leadership means, he does not know why South Sudanese fought with Sudan government for many years, Kiir does not know what democratic means, and he never think of what he can do to set South Sudan apart from Sudan. Kiir abuse his power too much more than president Bashir, and president Yoweri Museveni is helping kiir destroying his own country without fear. Because of the strong support Kiir receives from Ugandan president, Kiir treats South Sudanese citizens like his own wives, children, and dogs and Kiir thinks that South Sudan is his own private property.

  4. Majongdit says:

    These are the kind of Bishops we have in South Sudan…Bishops that preach water and drink wine. There was one only Bishop I recognize in South Sudan, an Italian, Caesar Mazollari. Those of Paulino Lukudu are not different from the Arabs we fought. Lukudu is himself a tribalist who believes in ethnicity. Go away Lukudu, you are a preacher of doom.

    • Tyson says:

      Your comments are misplaced! This is not your rudimentary luaks where pepole behave in their primitive way. Surely, RSS is not Jieng kingdom. Whether you like it or not, leadership is not manufactured and nutured in your cattle camps.

    • Taban Hakim says:

      Majongdit, people of conscience tell the truth. Folks who are remorseless like you and your tribal president, believe that they own South Sudan, and they can do whatever they want. What the Bishop has said in his homily is the truth. The likes of you and your president can’t colorblind the South Sudanese people-the people of south Sudan are way too smart for your tribal ambitions. Committing horrific and heinous crimes against the South Sudanese people in the name of. a fake coup, doesn’t hold any water.

      • Majongdit says:

        Ya Taban Hakim, it’s Riek who committed crimes…tell your Lukudu to direct those words at Riek not Salva Kiir. We running out of patience. It will reach a time when we will give you all what we want.

        • Taban Hakim says:

          Majongdit, the killing of the Nuer people started in Juba by Kirr’s tribal malitia and every South Sudanese knows that. What the bishop has said in his preaching is an axiom-doesn’t need any explanation. Your president need to understand that power isn’t birthright or something manufactured. As he always claims that the people elected him to power-why murdering the people who put him to power. This mentality of tribal mind won’t be any help for your president.a

    • Kondokoro says:

      you dont respect Kiir now you jump to Bishop soon you jump to crictise God but you cant fight everybody
      Bishop had played a big role in libration time and our big enemy as south sudanese is not respecting our leaders

  5. galdino. sebit says:

    So, Italian Bishops should come back and lead us. Is that what you mean Majongdit? What the Bishop preached, I believe, is to the Pope’s expectations. This is typical of the Arabs, during 1964, when the Italian missionaries were kicked out of southern Sudan. Bishop Lukudu, is a south Sudanese in the first place and can speak up his mind when ever it is appropriate. Forgiveness doesn’t cost a dime my friend.

  6. Majongdit,

    In your mind any one who tells truth and condemned the Juba massacred is a doom, right? When Dr. Machar asked kiir to call for the SPLM convention in order to choose SPLM party chairman and get prepared for the upcoming election in 2015, Kiir replied “you are a prophet of doom and I will not accept another 1991″. Today when one of the most respectful men in South Sudan Catholic Archbishop Lukudu, said power is not forever,” while urging South Sudanese people to accept they are ethnically divided and seek forgiveness” you called Bishop Lukudu “preacher of doom”.

    You want South Sudanese to call Salva Kiir baba like the way Wanni Igga calls him, right? You want the people of South Sudan to talk like Dinka colonizers in SSTV, right? you and Kiir are double blind wild animals with ambiguous mind. You fail miserably to deliver sustainable development services to South Sudanese people. Bishop Lukudu is 100 percent right. Kiir is misusing power, overvaluing power, and misunderstanding power and he is totally idiot to lead South Sudan as a president.

    • Majongdit says:

      Bentiu Ramaran,
      Put your usual propaganda aside. I know it’s what you are good at but listen to me. I want to tell you and my Bishop Lukudu two things:
      1. The December 2013 war killed both Nuer and Dinka but in January so many Dinkas were killed in Bentiu, Bor, Akobo and Malakal. Dinkas have died more than the Nuer but Dinkas speak less than the Nuer. That is what younger brothers do. Nuers are younger cousin to Dinka.
      2. The Dinka have not accepted the ethnic division of the country and that is why there are Nuer still staying happily in Juba, Lakes State and Warrap.
      I am only telling my Bishop to direct his criticism at the right person to blame and that is none other than Dr Riek Machar.

      • Majongdit,

        Well, if you are not trabalists, then why burned every single Nuer town the government captured? You must be a college graduate with a degree in liars. The Nuer who are in the government are Nuer who believe in bribery and their relatives live in Lakes and Warrap States. They are just Dinka’ s figurehead they never condemn the killing of their relatives.

        The Nuer who live in Lakes and Warrap are relatives of Nuer who are fighting the rebels in Unity State if you killed them there would be no government troops in Unity State all of them will died in Unity State. The Bull section of Nuer tribe is standing with the government and they are the largest sub-tribe of Nuer in Unity State and the families of the fighters are in Warrap and Lakes. It is up to you whether you want to kill them or leave them alive we do not want them either because they have been betraying Nuer years after years.

      • Taban Hakim says:

        Manjongdit, Nuer people are currently living in camps under UN protections- is that a happy life?

  7. muni james says:

    always idiot can not believe in reality.u idiot majongdit,ur little or limited knowledge about the root caused of 15 december war in juba make you not to believe in bishop words.if you are son of a person who killed people on that very day of december or you are one of them,one day you are going to regret.God is watching you.

    • Majongdit says:

      Muni James,
      Imagine we share a name with you, James. Why do you call me idiot for expressing my views. I still respect my Bishop regardless of his statements that I think will not be received well by the Vatican. We in the Catholic Church don’t play politics. Our priests don’t meddle in politics. Bishop Lukudu must know that properly.

  8. GatCharwearbol says:

    A problem well-defined is a problem half-solved.

  9. arabbmoi says:

    Dear Bishop Lukudu Loro, what you said is true nothing but the truth. The man called leader by name Salva Kiir Mayardit is a primitive man who could not understand what you said. His defend minister Kuol Manyang Juuk had slapped Bishop of Torit Paride Taban and I hope God will guide you over there for his defend minister not to do the same thing he did to Paride Taban God feared people.

  10. Deng says:

    I don’t believe he (Archbishop) said those words otherwise, I would not allow him to kiss my ring next time again if I were him (Archbishop) before he repent.

  11. False Millionaire says:

    Merry Christmas n best luck!!!

  12. Numberless says:

    Hi commentators,

    May I respond to Majongdit that it is better to drink that pure water the bishop preaches to quench your trust and live his wine for him? it is helpful that way than criticizing which won’t beer fruits……..!

  13. Majongdit says:

    Dear all,
    I am a devoted Catholic. I was raised in Church. I greeted the Pope John Paul II in Rome in the year 2000. I know Bishop Paulino Lukudu. He is a true man of God but he cannot match those things that were done by the likes of Bishop Caesar Mazollari. Bishop Mazollari was a fighter who didn’t only bring faith and hope to South Sudan but he also opened hundreds of schools and health centers in South Sudan. He brought to South Sudan Catholic NGOs like CRS, CARITAS, TEIRANO etc. He died in church in South Sudan in a morning Mass while lifting his hand to bless the congregation. He is buried in the church. Hundred of thousands of us are praying that Bishop Mazollari be beatified into sainthood. My Bishop Lukudu should carefully select his positions and try to avoid dividing us otherwise the flock will not walk together. I’m going to pray in Kator on Sunday. I will listen again to Bishop Lakudu and I shall try to believe that his words are coming from the mouth of God, the Most High and not from disgruntled politicians. Amen!

    • Tyson says:

      Lucifer was among the powerful angels God and Judas was among the twelve disciples of Jesus, yet they did what pleased them. Being a Catholic does not qualify you to be among the blessed people of God. You participated in killing innocent Nuer in Juba. Please repent for the Kingdom of God is nearer. Remind you godfather killer Kiir to repent and atone for his sins.

    • Taban Hakim says:

      Majongdit-does being a Catholic warrant you to not tell the truth? The bishop says exactly what has been happening in South Sudan,period. Don’t put the light under a table.We as South Sudanese have to always stand for the truth regardless of tribal affiliations.

  14. Majongdit,

    Nuer built several Catholic churches in Gambella and Iteng in 1987 and again Nuer built one Catholic church in Panyindo in 1988. However, when Dinka’ pastors (Abuna) Matong and Madol came in 1989 they arrested all Nuer catechists in Gambella, Iteng, and Panyindo and sent them to jail for several months some of them were beaten to death. While those Nuer catechists were in jails, pastor Matong and Pastor Madol replaced all of them with Dinka. It was a huge violent impose on Nuer by Dinka’s priests. If Dinka cannot lead, they will work hard to destroy the unity of South Sudanese. Since Dinka are power hungry wild animal and Lukudu is a powerful leader in the Catholic church, I think president Kiir is making secrete plan now to arrest Archbishop Lukudu Loro and replace him either with Malong Awan or with Kuol Manyang.

    I think if Archbishop Lukudu said those words against Riek would appreciate him a lot.

    • Majongdit says:

      Bentiu Ramaran,
      I was also in Panyido during the same time you stated. I was in Group 6. I was ordained there in Panyido by Fr. Benjamin Madol Akot whom you accused of arresting Nuer priests. Since when has militarism gone into church affairs in Ethiopia? The fact is that Gambella, which is a nuer region was over flooded with Dinkas to an extent that the Nuer were immersed by Dinka. The churches were all overcrowding with Dinkas. I was there.

      • Majongdit,

        I am glad you accept the evil act your pastors did in Gambella though you did not admit the crimes they did in Panyido. As you might know father Madol Akol was the one who used to run logistic in Panyido since 1987 until replaced with Alier in late 1988 or early 1989. After Alier took over the logistic in Panyido, Madol was arrested and sent to military training camp in Panyido out post. While in the training camp, Madol acknowledged the trainers that he is a priest.

        Subsequently, Madol was release from the training campe and returned to Panyindo and decided to open a catholic church. The Nuer church in the west of Panyido refuge near football field was full of Dinka at that time because it used to be the only catholic church there. Shortly, before father Madol opened his catholic church in the East side of Panyido, he ordered the arrest of all senior catechists in the Nuer catholic church and sent them to jail. Among them were Stephen Gai, Simon Reath Mut, and Stephen Gathuoi.

        After being in jail for months those catechists were released and sent to military camp in Panyido for training, but were identified immediately by the most of trainers so they were released within two days of their arrival in the camp because there were so many Nuer who were military trainers in the training camp who knew them. Lastly, Madol block all the catholic goods and services used to come to Nuer catholic church.

        I hope this help you understand the evil act of your monjang priests did to Nuer.

        • Majongdit says:

          I used to pray in that church you called a Nuer church. the church was being run by individuals who were not trained or catholic ordained priests. when Fr. Benjamin Madol Akot opened the church people migrated from the former Nuer church to his new church. there was no force applied there. I was baptized by Fr. Benjamin in that same church together with some Nuer and Dinka colleagues. it was never a Dinka church. that there was a nuer church or a dinka church is your own making. it was not in panyido.

  15. Isaac Dongrin Malith says:

    Archbishop Paulino Lokudu who called himself Holy man of God is not Holy at all. In 1970s Idi Amin Dada of Uganda made Archbishop Loum of Kampala Cathedral to swallow a bullet from his pistol because of his un Godly behaviour. This man Lokudu is an anti government and anti Dinka. He called power is not a village thing?, he must know that Equatoria is a Dinka village. The ideology of 1980s where he was involved in expulsion of Dinka from Juba will never happen again. You Equatorian chased us, now have come back. Well loaded and well armed. Tell the Mundari to pull out their clubs now now and wait to see the consequences. We fought you people to be back in Equatoria. Since we are the rulers, you have no right to tell us what to do. We will treat everyone in South Sudan the way we want. Our power will never flip in the hands of none Dinka and we are ready to defend it. We ruled now for over 30 years, we will continue to rule until Jesus under whose cover Lokudu is speaking comes back. This man is not a church leader, but a ghost leader. He must stop hiding in his white collar.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Mr. Malith,
      How un-Christian you are. It’s said when Jesus comes back, he will destroy such rulers like your president Mr. Kiirler.

    • Tyson says:


      Be courageous and try your rubbish now! Don’t keep on barking but touch any Equatorian now so that you will burn better!

  16. Majongdit
    Whether u like it or not u will definitely leave juba,juba is for equatorians the civilized race who taught u how to wear pants

    why waste time in equatoria? go back to sleep in ur luaks and eat ur cowdung,u lazy animals


  17. AGUMUT says:

    Bolingo Makasi should have been a 2nd many years ago,me thinks!

  18. Deng says:

    Dear Editor,

    I did not necessarily doubt your report instead I was not convinced that the man of God has finally comes to his sense to tell the truths. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  19. Dear Isaac Dongrin Malit,
    I think Archbishop Lokudu said what he suppose to say. Remember when Archbishop Bull Deng went and preached peace in Torit, when those in Easter Equatoria are peaceful. Instead of going to preach peace in Malakal, Warrap, and Jongolei states, he was running around Equatoria instead. You never open your mouth to criticize him because he was a Dinka. For Dinka Eqautaorai is heaven, a place where all Dinka must ascends to have solace.

    The truth must be told, power is not forever, power is for service and not for torturing citizens. That why leaders comes and leaders also go, for better services. Remember, there are many good leaders who abdicated power to the youth because they think that they were frail and unable to govern. For example, President Julius Nyerere, Nelson Mandela, Joachim Chicano, etc. There re also other bad leaders whor served badly such as: Robert Mugabe, Yoweri Musevi , Mumar Ghadafi, and your mentor Idi Amin. Do you want Salva Kiir to be like these guys, like Idi Amin Dada?

    Futther more you said “you Equatorian chased us, now we have come back. Well are loaded and well armed. Tell the Mundari to pull out their clubs now and wait to see the consequences. We fought you people to be back in Equatoria. Since we are the rulers, you have no right to tell us what to do. We will treat everyone in South Sudan the way we want.”Such arrogance is what makes south Sudan a volatile state because you think that might is right, it is delusional and nonsense. This is typically a writing of insane person, ignorance, and it is empty jenge ideology. If you thinks so, why do you Dinka run and take refuge in Uganda? Even so, president Museveni will not last in power forever, his days are numbered and when he dies, where will the the Dinka go, perhaps back to Khartoum?

    Archbishop Lokudu did not say anything bad that deserve any attach from you the Dinka. He didn’t not even talk about our president, our president is call Salva Kiir, and Lokudu talked about importance of power and service. Now I understand why you the Dinka wants to remain in Equatorai forver, you want to learn to be wise and reasonable like Equatorians. So that when to you talk and write, to will talk sense. But still when you become like your teacher, you needs to go back to your motherland to teach those behind in the Manyatta, to be wise and reasonable like Equatorians, right?. Please, leave the Archbishop alone: take your hatred back to Jongolei, Rumbek, and Warrap.

  20. Oyet says:


    you see I can see the stupidity of Dinka in you, once I was told all dinkas are the same both learnt and unlearn, and I was told the jienge have mindset like sheep, you see how stupid and silly the sheep are? have some sense to reason like other civilized person, until when will u the dinka be able to accept modern civilization? it is true that the only people that can not be tame by the existence of technology are Dinka. Do you acknowledged what is happening in our nation is due to stupidity, and do u know how much we have become laughing stuff?
    Blessed Bishop, this is how a man of God should speak, 100 % true, you have spoken on 14 December 2013, but your message went to some stupid ears of Kiir as a result we are where were are today, shame on Kiir and hell to Dinka

  21. False Millionaire says:


    The culprit for the bad comments is Majongdit but what does he have to do with dinka as a tribe?Will the bishop agree with your generalization?In the schools of your great education,were you taught that administration of justice is going on a rampage as a means of handling a particular case?

    I am sorry to say but you have made yourself appearing like an ignorant rural school boy disconnected from sophisticated national realities therefore choosing to play ill feelings of tribalism in total ignorance.Please go back to school.You are walking naked!!!

    • False Millionaire,

      You call your self “False Millionaire” correctly because you are hypocrite, don’t you have a Dinka name?. People like you are the ones who brings shame to our country because they want to remain anonymous, they come in public like thieves in the night. Majongdit article is full of arrogance and generalization of Equtorian. Whom do you think will accept his bullshit statement?

  22. False Millionaire says:


    It’s good to see you come back to your due place.Drifting from this path is what had invited criticism upon you.Take Majongdit to the gallows for,”his article full of arrogance and generalization of equatoria”,and expect no single objection from any one.I agree no one,”will accept his bullshit”.In fact Majongdit could be a highway bandit who is not even a dinka let alone imagining being a dinka’s spoke man.See how he had tripped you into compromising your high intellectual status so that you took the place of a mere small town tribal minded person?We have a long way to go with our struggle n I bear no single grudge with you.
    So happy new year to you n your family!!!

  23. False Millionaire says:


    I shouldn’t forget to remind you that,if you choose to be equatorian spokes man in defense of the bishop,you will reduce the universal authority of the bishop into a simple equatorian tribal representative.The question is:is that what you have in mind to achieve or are you behaving out of mere ignorance?The pop presiding over the catholic church in Rome today is from Argentina.But that doesn’t matter at all.He is the pop for the chines,the white as for the black people alike worldwide.Our church in RSS is part of Rome serving our needs.Sine the pop couldn’t be presiding in Juba,it’s our bishop who is presiding in the place of the pop.In this context,the expectations are such that he is the bishop for the equatorians in much thesame way as he is for the rest of south sudanese citizens including the dinka.Any contradiction to this will make his authority irrelevant.If this is what you want to achieve by defending him as an equatorian against the dinka,you will finish reducing him into a simple tribal witch doctor for equatorians n would no longer deserve to be in his place as,”our bishop”.Watch out you are roaming in darkness on the road to hell in a broad day light!!!

  24. Dear All,

    I do disagree with some statements of His grace Archbishop Lukudu such as; “somebody wants to be in power forever? It is not like that. It cannot be like that. You have a period to serve, and once it is finished, go and enjoy your brothers and sisters, and you become a normal servant. It is for a period of time, it is never forever,” he said. “Power is a humble gift of service to the people at large through the voice of the people for some specific period of time and not forever,” he said. “It is not a thing of my village. Power is not from my village. It is not from my father. It is a vocation.”

    These are all too direct and portray Archbishop’s contempt towards the sitting President of our republic. If there were bills/acts or ethical laws legislated in South Sudan against political uttrances, these statements would put Archbishop at odd with State leadership and Presidency in particular!

    The genesis of the current conflict are too deep to be misconstrued as making of President Salva Kiir.

    First, there has been high running tension in the army -SPLA, where President himself condoned integration of hundreds of thousands of Nuer militias in the name of Peace in our country. The SPLA soldiers who took up arms, and toiled to fight for the cause of South Sudanese suffering were sidelined in all forms, of ranks, benefits and leadership, thus, were not happy of this act by the President in the name of Peace. If this was a mistake by President, thus blame him for this act.
    Second, Riek and his group were so much impatient to take up leadership. Why didn’t they wait for elections, which was one and half years away to contest for Presidency, even if that means forming their own parties and leaving SPLM if they had really wanted this country to be in peace!? Their acts amounted to treason if there were laws legislated to judge politicians. Mismanagement of our country was everyone act and responsibility in SPLM. Why only blame President Kiir for all wrongs? Who among those in G11 or SPLM-IO is clean in all forms of corruption, nepotism or call it tribalism? All talks are just a misguided slur to blackmail any sensible South Sudanese anywhere in South Sudan or aboard.
    Third, I would like to warn any commentator on this website, Editor to take note, that there is need to differentiate individuals from Community. Dinka is a community that no one has any absolute right to insult. If I am Mabior, please treat me as ME. If it is Majongdit, take him as HIMSELF! Generalization of this kind also deepens our differences and this is something we should work to eradicate from our South Sudan society. It is South Sudan for us ALL! It is neither for Jieng (Dinka), Nuer, Equatorians or any tribe in South Sudan. Mind you, there are 64 tribes that make South Sudan as a society! Someone somewhere should know that Naath (Nuer) are created as against order, if they are, then it is temporarily. Ask British administrators who were deployed in Southern Sudan then, and there are living witnesses of people and books to support my argument. Give them this Country to lead, and you will see more disintegration and more bloodbath than you would talk of the Jieng (Dinka) that everyone is now demonizing as misruling South Sudan! Before anyone just jump to criticize me, google.com any book and Naath (Nuer) anthropologist, and come back to criticize me as Mabior and Jieng (Dinka). This is my view.

    Thank you.

  25. some people can not change even if how much people talk about them, when some one tell you to change he expect you to have more qualities in you not necessarily ignoring what is said and if we need to change this country for the better then we should admit our mistakes and not to repeat them.we should embark of spirit of transparency for the better.

  26. mindra says:

    Dear all southsudanese,

    my countrymen didn’t how to debate on media,only abusive languages,comments,attacking personality and so forth…
    shame on kirr and kuol mayanga juuk for having slapped man of God.
    Oh God Save southsudan from collapsing again

    mindra from loa local,pageri payam madi corridor,EE State

  27. mindra says:

    hey SS,
    When will SS says the truths,whenever someones come openly and say the truths ,still people can challenge.
    can i advise the media to avoid abusive languages..

    mindra from loa local madi corridor

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