Position of Jieng (Dinka) Council of Elders of the Republic of South Sudan on Peace Negotiations Process in Addis Ababa – Ethiopia

PRESS RELEASE, OCT/30/2014 JUBA: NOV/07/2014), SSN;

We, Jieng (Dinka) Council of Elders of the Republic of South Sudan resident in Jonglei, Lakes, Northern Bahr El Ghazal, Unity, Upper Nile, Warrap and Western Bahr Al Ghazal states, have learnt with grave concern that some member states of the International Community, in collaboration with some of the regional powers are indulging themselves in local national politics of South Sudan by pressuring for a regime change in Juba.

This is viewed as an interference and propaganda against the norms and values of democracy that respect and uphold the will of the majority of people that popularly elect their leaders in accordance with the principles enshrined in the Transitional National Constitution.

Therefore, for the regional and International mediators to encourage and support change of a democratically elected President, Parliaments and governments (National and States Institutions) in the Republic of South Sudan, because some people have revolted, is absurd and an ill-conceived project.

The support for military coups or violent transfer of power is no longer a popular notion in modern world politics. It is contrary to the will of the voters who consciously evaluate and freely choose capable leaders through the transparent electoral system after which power is peacefully transferred.

We, Jieng (Dinka) Elders are extremely saddened by this impression and precedence.

Firstly, the mediators are busy visiting the capitals of Addis Ababa, Kampala, Nairobi, Washington and Juba organizing reconciliatory meetings between President Salva Kiir Mayardit and the Nuer rebel leader Riek Machar Teny.

Furthermore, the mediators are equating that rebel leader with the legitimate Government of South Sudan and the elected President, General Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Will this not set precedence for a disgruntled individual or any South Sudanese ambitious power hungry armed group to stage a violent take-over of power from legitimate Government of South Sudan?

On our part it appears as a deliberate undermining of the mandate of the people of South Sudan, at the time when the end of the mandate of the legitimate Government of Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, is only less than one year.

This is clearly an intended action to deprive the people of the Republic of South Sudan from giving their verdict in the forthcoming 2015 elections. The people of South Sudan are entitled to exercise their Constitutional right to elect from among their sons and daughters a capable person as President to lead the country.

Secondly, we Jieng Elders across the country vehemently detest the machination of the politics of South Sudan by external Powers in their blatant taking of sides against Jieng (Dinka) community as if Jeing had imposed their son Salva Kiir Mayardit into power over the Republic of South Sudan.

Such assertions and negative campaigns against Jieng are not true and misleading! What we want the mediators to know clearly is that attempting to impose on all the people of South Sudan a cosmetic political solution that rewards rebel leader Riek Machar Teny is utterly unacceptable.

Yes, it is absolutely true that Riek Machar Teny and his tribes’ terrorist Nuer white army succeeded to massacre countless number of innocent Jieng people in 1991 and many more after December 15th 2013.

However, make no mistake, the Jieng communities will neither accept nor recognize the anticipated Interim Government. It is a violation of the Constitutional privilege/right to elect our own leaders!

Thirdly, ironically the mediators are blaming the rebellion of Riek Machar Teny on the government as due to weakness in the leadership. But this is a pretext to impose their will on the people of South Sudan.

They are decided to impose punitive actions including sanctions on individuals in the leadership, travel bans, blocking of bank accounts, and on the nation: oil embargo and introducing the oil for food program as infamously done in Iraq.

Due to the high level of illiteracy in South Sudan, the regional and International Community wish to turn South Sudan into another enclave where very few elites are bribed into owning shares in multi-national companies of the western world, while the rest of the masses are left to languish in poverty and disease despite the large oil deposits and other mineral wealth that abound in their country.

There are also others who are aiming to turn South Sudan into another Congo/Zaire in order to remain isolated in jungles without working to realize any development of the abundant resources and communication infrastructure, especially when South Sudan is a land locked country.

South Sudan would be worse than some South American countries that are left without development but to only engage in illegal business enterprises.

By all means, Jieng people of South Sudan will use all means necessary to challenge this calculated humiliation and to oppose any such degradation and subjugation policy.

Fourthly, we know the value of national reconciliation and we have done it before! Rebel leader Riek Machar Teny even after massacring over five thousand in Jonglei and Upper Nile states in 1991, was granted amnesty in 2002; Paulino Matip with all other armed militia groups who fought for decades against the SPLA since 1983 were granted amnesty and were absorbed into SPLA in 2005 and thereafter.

All political parties that opposed the liberation of the South were pardoned because they did not know the joy of freedom and are now participating in the current inclusive government of national unity under President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Despite these positive far outreach approaches of reconciling our people, in disregard of differences in opinion or ethnic diversity, Riek Machar Teny, and those in opposition have mistakenly construed internal peacemaking, reconciliation and forgiveness to be a weakness on the part of the leadership of President Salva Kiir Mayardit as well as being a simplicity or naivety of Jieng people who allow themselves slaughtered as a price for peace, unity and stability of the country.

Those who care for genuine reconciliation among South Sudanese must listen to all points of view and must follow the traditional ways of reconciliation amongst Jieng and Nuers.

They should not aggressively dictate their own cosmetic unrealistic notion of unworkable inclusive government of national unity. The incumbent Government of President Salva Kiir Mayardit is exemplary and prototype of real national unity.

Finally, In the name of Jieng people of the Republic of South Sudan, we Jieng Elders want to surely inform the regional and International Community that Riek Machar Teny and his “terrorist Nuer white army” cannot and should not be rewarded with power to execute his “ELIMINATIONIST” Policy.

We have learned, from a distance of the horrific and genocidal tragedies of Rwanda in 1994. We will not permit further killings that might result into massacre of our Jieng people.

Although the “terrorist Nuer white army” is getting financial and military support from the neighboring countries and illicit economic and military empowerment, we are capable of defending ourselves.

Africa and the world at large shall not list Jieng as the second majority tribe to be eliminated in the presence of African and International Peace keeping forces as it happened in Rwanda.

By: Jieng Council of Elders The Republic of South Sudan, Juba
October 30th 2014
Section Represented: Name of Representative: Signature

1. Upper Nile State:

1) Abialiang Honourable Deng Chol Deng ………………………..

2) Ager Honourable Akot Dau ………………………

3) Nyiel Honourable Gatwec Nyok ………………………

4) Dongjol Honourable Thon Mum ………………………

5) Ngok [Lual Yak] Mr. Joseph Nyok Abiel ………………………..

6) Marbek Dr. John Sntipas Ayiei ………………………

7) Paweny Mr. William Sunday ………………………

2. Jonglei State:


1) Luac (Padang) Honourable Joshua Dau Diu ………………..

2) Hol Honourable Anne Lino Wor Abyei ………………..

3) Nyarweng Honourable Daniel Deng Lual ………………..

4) Twic [Bor] Honourable Deng Dau Deng …………

5) Athoc Honourable Deng-Tiel Ayuen …………………

6) Gok [Bor] Honourable Maker Thiong Maai ………………..

Section Represented: Name of Representative: Signature

3. Unity State:

1) Ruweng (Panaru) Honourable Benjamin Majak Dau ………………

2) Ruweng (Alor) Honourable Battaria Monyror Makuei


4. Lakes State:

1. Yirol:

1) Atuot Honourable Daniel Deng Athorbei ………………..

2) Kiec Honourable Gabriel Daniel Ayoal Makoi …………

3) Aliap Honourable Permana Awerial Aluong ………………..


1) Agar Honourable Chief Daniel Dhieu Matuet …………

2) Pakam Honourable Gabriel Daniel Deng Monydit …………

3) Gok Honourable General Daniel Awet Akot …………

5. Warrap State:


1) Rek of Tonj North Ustaz Lewis Anei-Kuendit ………………..

2) Luanyjang Honourable Cauor Adong ………………..

3) Rek of Tonj South Honourable Mawien Akol Aduol ………………..

4) Rekof Tonj East Dr. Riak Gok Majok ………………..

Section Represented: Name of Representative: Signature

2. Gogrial:

1. Rek

1) Aguok and Awan General Agasio Akol Tong ………………..

2) Apuk (GiirThiik) Justice Ambrose Riny Thiik …………………..

3) Kuac ( Nyok) Honourable Joseph Lual Achuil


2. Twic Mayardit:

1) Twic West Honourable Mayom Kuoc Malek …………………

2) Twic central Honourable Charles Majak Aler


3) Twic East Honourable Kuany Mayom Deng ………………..

6. Northern Bahr El Ghazal State: [Maging Aweil]

1) Akuang Ayat Honourable Joseph Aguer Alic ………………..

2) Malual Honourable General Albino Akol Akol …………

3) Paliopiny Mr. Cleto Akot Kuel ………………..

4) Paliet Honourable Arthur Akuen Chol ………………..

5) Abiem West Honourable Pio Tem Kuac Ngor …………

6) Abiem Central Honourable Aldo Ajou Deng Akuei …………………

7) Abiem East Honourable Kom Kom Geng ………………..

7. Western Bahr El Ghazal State:

1) Waau of Marialbai Moris Yol Akol Tiit ………………..

[Longar Majok]


  1. Martin L says:

    “The incumbent Government of President Salva Kiir Mayardit is exemplary and prototype of real national unity.” What a nonsense!!

  2. Majak Aderek says:

    Absolutely! a sense of urgency has begun to emerge as grim and bleak future overshadowed our nation. Nonetheless, some people always exacerbated this trend as they often vent their disenchantment and dissatisfaction toward Jieng.

    what we have to do is not to connived but to convince those who tried to stitched up, rekindle and hurled tribal diatribe. Avoid those firebrands who use to imagined themselves as a gun-toting violent heroes, they will never be heroes, a real-life McCoy is out there. Very sad but maybe true.

    At this moment of tussle and melee, most jilted and vindictive tribal zealots adamantly and inadvertently blaming Jieng. In our hindsight, we don’t need to deal with a resulting damage, as our innocent people usually become collateral damage. Moreover, your serious introspection has ensued wide support by the same soul-searching needed within South Sudanese communities who desire to see their young nation steered away from destructive beliefs and behaviours.

  3. Deng Hanbol says:

    Jieng slaves, naath will teach you another lesson you will never forget. As you well know, during 17th and 18th centuries, Nuer of Western Upper Nile [Nuer] tribes sent warrior under the leadership of Latjor Deeng Yean to cross the lake No to attack Padang Dinka in Fangak and other Dinka clans in the area. The Nuer warriors were instructed not to kill any capture Dinka, but assimilate them.Therefore, the Nuer warriors had been taken captive from Dinka. In other words, thousands of Jieng population were assimilated into Naath people. In addition, General Lajor and his tribe men had occupied most of your lands in Greater upper Nile. Such as Pangak, Ulank, Nasir,Auot, Waat and many more. Mr. Bona Mulual, gen. Peter Gadet is coming to Warrap very soon and for sure he will make your state a no man land. Unlike gen. Lajor, gen. Gadet is a lion-hearted who does not want any captive from your coward soldiers. I mean he has a callous attitude towards Jieng: Please Staytune!

  4. Peter Uku says:

    Tribal politics in making, may God help South Sudan.

  5. J Son Man says:

    We all know my fellow jieng men and women that these regional leaders have their own hidden agenda and that’s oil nothing else 4 example Ethiopia wants the pipeline 2 pass through her territory b’se they want to be rewarded 4 what they did to the SPLM/A under the late leader. But we all know that it is only God and only him who can defeat us, No human being on the planet that can do that. Take 4 example during the rebellion we as Jieng stood our ground against the entire Arab world and we managed to defeat them that’s why we have the now RSS. Where were Equatorians and these terrorists called nuers as they were the slaves in juba and khartoum, am telling you we can do it again just coz we are not united but we can fight the region just believe in yourselves and mobolise 2 million youth you will see a great change my camarades, am ready to command that army let those fools fuck around in Addis as we prepare ourselves to face them in the field i personally 4rm greater BOR want the head of that Dr. fool and the likes leave talking and be like Israel coz these fools believe in actions.

  6. nyaluk says:

    So, you’re talking about how the Danka’s have been killed in 1991 right, And You mention genocide, But you never mention the genocide of the Nuer people in juba in 2013 by the killer Salva kier and you talked about the terrorist White Army and you forgot about the terrorist and Ebola Salva Kirr who killed 10’s of thousands of Nuer.

  7. False Millionaire says:

    No need for peace n reconciliation but general Gadet coming to Warrap?God have mercy!!!

  8. Kulang says:

    To these Jieng elders the actions of Jiech Mebor (White Army) is called retaliation, now terrorism is what your “son” and his partner in crime (Malong) did. They recruited their tribesman from their clans in Warrap and Northern Bhar Ghazel states and trained a private army to kill innocent civilians based on their ethnicity, with these obedient tribal soldiers believing what their doing is right and just due to being indoctrinated in radical tribal domination, to eliminate any threat to Banydits throne. But Kiir and his scheming blood thirsty inner circle lack the mental capacity to take into consideration the possible consequences of their actions. To their surprise the conjured coup which had served as a catalyst for their cleansing of one ethnic group did not include evidence which could be used to confirm it had ever taken place.

  9. I do not think Dinka Elders (peace makers) can write such gabage. Do not spoil the name of Dinka Elders.
    Our elders p/se rise to refute suck propoganda…Absurd.

  10. Tangata Riri says:

    I think our country could do with an upper chamber of parliament composed of chiefs from all tribes of South Sudan & religious leaders. The number in the house would be proportional to the size of the tribe or section they represent. This chamber would not legislate but would scrutinize legislation and propose amendment. It would also comment on legislation and current affairs.

    Why do I propose this? Because no matter what we say, South Sudan is a tribal country. We must not deny the reality as this is counterproductive, but try to find a better way of working within that context.

    Chiefs would not be immune to politicization or corruption, but most of them do faithfully represent the wishes and concerns of their people. Giving a forum for them to talk amongst themselves, to find ways of resolving disputes, to seek advice from neutral peers and to apply traditional authority to moderate heated political conflict may be just the calming force our country needs. They are also more likely to be independent thinkers.

    Also, we would be sure that alleged comments by elders are really comments by our recognized elders. Just an idea. Would love to hear other’s critique of it?

  11. False Millionaire says:

    Dearest Tangata Riri:

    That’s wonderful!!!You even sound like an old too good english administrator seeking to build civilisation from ground zero.At the end any good begining would start from there.

    • Tangata Riri says:

      False Millionaire

      Thank you for your endorsement of my idea. For all their good intentions, the British were ruinous to our country (although not as bad as the Arab). I have met many who served in the 1950s in South Sudan and many immediately apologized for their actions upon hearing I am South Sudanese.

  12. GatCharwearbol says:

    What a shallow release! This is the very reason why South Sudan is in this chaotic state. Elders who supposed to give good guidances are now even the worst than the youths. God have mercy on our country and innocent people!

  13. GatCharwearbol,

    I tell you, these are not elders at all. These are politicians who feel affected by the outcome of Negotiations in Addis,
    E.g Makuei and Ateng are the most tribal Dinkas worst then any other Dinka. this press release comes from them not our respected elders.

  14. J A C Ramba says:

    Whatever made the Dinka [Jieng} Elders to come together and issue such a political statement is no other than tribal politics at its highest as embraced by the elites. I don’t know what this kind of political position is set to gain at the negotiation table in Addis Ababa , Ethiopia – however in South Sudan it is simply tribalism brought to the surface. The Dinka (Jieng) constitute no more than 35% of the total population of South Sudan. But whether this figure really accounts for the majority being claimed by members of the Dinka (Jieng) tribe is an elementary school arithmetic.

    When you have 35% on one side, then you must be aware that there is nearly double that figure to confront. a political group of 35% cannot stand in the way of the other 65%. And which ever way you choose to discuss it for now, I can still see a future where the marginalized 65% will eventually use this very democracy and its logic of numbers to fundamentally bring a radical change into the South Sudanese Politics..

    if we say the current conflict in our country is a national conflict and not a Dinka vs Nuer issue, then what this Dinka [Jieng] elders position signifies is that the problem is between the rest of the South Sudanese and the Dinka [Jieng] that they represent . This is in fact the bigger picture of our the situation in South Sudan where the Dinka [Jieng] as represented by their chiefs here, are imposing a total hegemony in the country, simply because they (35%) are the majority over the rest (65%) which they consider as a minority.

    But let us be a bit realistic here and acknowledge that the majority of South Sudanese (65% of the total population) are NOT Dinka [Jieng]. So is it not apparently clear that when we talk of a majority rule for South Sudan , it is indeed possible for a Dinka [ Jieng] NOT TO EVER rule the country !

    It is time that the chiefs and elders of the true majority [ the Non-Dinka (Non-Jieng) that constitute 65% of South Sudan’s population] redo their simple arithmetic and address this tribal headache once and for all.

    If you really love South Sudan, please take the reasoning I have forwarded here at heart and proceed to act putting in mind that the majority in South Sudan lies with the 65% of the population ( the Non-Dinka) and not the 35% Dinka [Jieng]. Adopt this as a policy, a religion, a philosophy and an ideology wherever you are, and you will see that our country will begin to change for the best.

  15. info@southsudannation says:

    Dr Ambago
    The Jieng do not constitute 35%. They are less than 25%. If we take the results of last census each of the former provinces of South Sudan makes a third of he country which means Equatorian is 33.3%, Upper Nile is 33.3% and Bahr El Ghazal is 33.3%. Now there are no Jieng in Equatoria. Upper Nile is dominated by Nuer and Chollo with the Jieng making less than 15% of that region. It is only in Bahr El Ghazal that they make the majority. Even here the smaller tribes make about 40% of that region. Forty percent of approx three million is 120000. This means the Jieng in Bahr El Ghazal are 180000. In Upper Nile the 15% Jieng of approx three million is 450000 with the non Jienga making 2550000. Now let add the total number of the Jieng. Bahr El Ghazal 1800000 + Upper Nile 450000 = 2250000. Therefore the total number of the Jieng is two million two hundred and fifty thousand which precisely makes approx 25%. The Jieng through lies inflate their numbers to justify their abuse of South Sudan. If a credible Census is done in South Sudan I am certain their percentage of the country will be much less than working figures. Your argument is valid and stands as argued. The others are the majority.
    From: ElHag Paul

  16. Amum Machar says:

    Dr. Ambago,
    Sorry, I think you should do your homework much better than that. There is no abuse of power by Jieng. There is a sharing of power, which others representative tends to abuse by themselves. This is an insult to Jieng community, and in near future if you decided to run for public services I believe you would apologized for your miscalculation comment. Get record straight!

  17. Aguok - Kuei says:

    on which basis where you dividing Gogrial communities. large in area, number of people in the community, seniority in the government and relatives of president.

  18. Garang Ngor Akot Geng says:

    Best compliments, am delectable without disconcerting especiall to implore Almighty Lord God indeed to increase a quick thinking to JCE and to bless them all to do a rights thing in front of God to our civillians

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