Position of Chiefs from Equatoria Region on the on-going Peace Talks in Khartoum, Sudan

TO: Mr. Antonio Gutereas,
The Unted Nations Secretary General,
UN Headquarters, New York,
United States of America (USA)

JUL/14/2018, SSN;

We, the chiefs of Equatoria Region in Uganda deliberated on the relevence of the recently signed ‘Khartoum Declaration of Agreement’ and we would like to bring your attention to our position if a lasting peace is to prevail in South Sudan.

1) IGAD mediation team, AU and Troika countries that are trying to help in bringing peace to South Sudan should address the root causes of the conflict before signing of any agreement. We shall not be part of any peace agreement that is imposed on us by the mediators.

2) The most important step is to focus on the immediate ending of the sufffering South Sudanese from brutal killings, rape, violent displacement, looting of properties and many other forms of mistreatments instead of focusing on oil production. When there is peace then automatically economic activity thrives and the country’s economy improves

3) Federal system of governance.
Equatorians have suffered a lot since the successive wars of liberation till to date. We offered our own sons, daughters, men, woment, lands, resources and more for peace for all in South Sudan. It’s our desire that for any inclusive peace agreement to be signed, the federal system of governance should be a core/principal item in the agreement.

4) Relocation of South Sudan National Capital out of Equatoria land. We, the chiefs are supporting the idea that the national seat of the government of South Sudan be relocated to Ramciel from Juba as proposed earlier on.

5) Your excellences, we would also like to bring to your attention that the chiefs fully participated in the successful referendum in 2011, thus any peace agreement signed by president Kiir of Bahr el Ghazel and Riek Machar of Upper Nile without considering our views in Equatoria is not national in character. We shall not be part of that agreement and shall be ready to our region at all costs.

6) Youth and Women.
We, the chiefs of the Equatoria Region would appreciate the participation of the youth and women in the peace process and leadership in future government unlike the recently signed agreement between Salva Kiir and Riek Machar, where youth and women are excluded and we even believe not consulted altogether.

Your excellencies, we confidently believe and trust that you will consider our views to be extended to IGAD, AU and Troika, so tht a comprehensive and inclusive agreement for a lasting peace can be celebrated by all South Sudanese.

Yours Sincerely,

Chief, Scopas Lobur Peter,
Executive Chief, Bori Boma, Kangapo 2 Payam
Kajo-keji County.

For Chiefs of the Equatoria Region in Uganda

Chairperson African Union
Chairperson of the African Union Commission
IGAD Chairperson
IGAD Council of Ministers
US Secretary for African Affairs.


  1. Mondeto says:

    Equatoria exit or Kokora. Dinka and their president must go to their region, Wau, Bahr El ghazal. And Nuer must also go to the Malakal, Upper Nile, and our brothers and sisters who will not like to be with those two tribes must be relocated to Equatoria. Enough is enough with Dinka Government. Dinka is a problem in South Sudan, undisciplined. They have to know that Equatoria They want to rule South Sudan as a Jeng nation. they’re minority in the country, but majority by tribe only.
    Let them rule themselves.

  2. Micheal West says:

    Dear Equatoria Chiefs,

    Why do you write a letter in Uganda and you are supposed to be in South Sudan to defended your region?

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Michael West,
      Like the famous dictionary of our younger days in South Sudan, certainly you should have easily deduced the reason why every one is now out of the country except for Kiir and gang. All sound and serious political leaders are out of the accursed country of South Sudan, and so that’s why those patriotic Equatorian chiefs are now in exile.
      In short, the struggle continues against Kiir’s tyranny, inside and outside, it doesn’t matter.

    • Bismark says:

      Micheal West,

      Kon Koch!! Ya wod jenge!!

  3. Mamur Victor says:

    Thoughtful idea, it could actually bring peace as mentioned.

  4. Agutraan says:

    What Equatorians doesn’t know bout freedom is that; freedom is not handout like food in the UN compounds for free; it take very valuable lives for decades before it happened. You can ask Dinka for it cost!

  5. Micheal West says:

    Dear Mondeto &Info@ southsudannation,
    How many years do you guys keeping saying Dinka is the problem of South Sudan and you who are not the problem are worsen than Dinka. its seem like the so called Equatorian Rate are trying to put the bell on the neck of cat, but who is ready to put it first? it is not clear from Equatoria of which they are more talkative and less action in their creature. Mr.
    Info@southsudannation you have not answer my question if you are in a position of Equatorian Chief what make them to leaves their land or region and talks In Uganda if they were to Defended their land in any cost at all? as he mentioned it in his paragraph of letter. just be specific or precise to the point as required of which I don’t need preaching here.

  6. Force_1 says:

    The antelopes are not that brave enough to force the lions out of their den! It’s very easy to talk tough at a distance out of lions’ view!
    You have to not know Dinka to think that you can do that easy from them!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Don’t be like those antelopes in your comment, come out and write your real name. People might not know you as a Dinka!!!!!!!


      • Force_1 says:

        info@southsudannation, aren’t you like those antelopes as well? And if not; then what’s your real name? Make no mistake that I don’t know your real name and the top official of South Sudan! It would be naïve of you to think that people wouldn’t know your names given the fact that you had this site for almost two decades! And the violent that killed many innocent on the roads in South Sudan were covertly generated by people associated to this site!
        I might be in trouble for letting this top secret out but —————!

        • info@southsudannation says:

          My name isn’t info@southsudannation.com…. that’s the email address, for your urgent information. That’s how I communicate with people who visit this website.
          For your info, my name is publicly written on the website. Just look for it on the site.
          As for the violence and those road deaths, blame your president Kiir…. he knows the reasons better than me.

          • Eastern says:

            Dear Esteemed Editor,

            Do not belabour to explain yourself on this name thing; names or indeed being personally known is not important. Ideas only matter. The regime in Juba thrives in KNOWING its adversaries some of whom got kidnapped and departed to Juba and others killed by the infamous unknown gunmen.

            That being said, the loud cry for those killed in cross fires while traversing Equatorian countrysides seems to be overshadowing ghost towns in Equatoria left behind by those forced into the refugee camps by the dinka militia, the Mathiang Anyoors. Please leave the Force_1s of this world in their lanes!

            Dear Editor, your’s is a priceless gift to all those out there calling for reforms in the governance malfeasance in South Sudan. I urge all pro-reform South Sudanese to look into the latest opinion by Dr. Hakim Dario, I give you a link here to such article on Nyamile……http://nyamile.com/2018/07/21/kiir-revitalization-agreement-kra/

            Somewhere on a different platform, Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey seems to see some light in the same direction.

            The fallacy of the idea that Kiir and his nemesis Dr. Machar are the panacea of the country stability is being laid bare to all and sundry to see.

            Being brief shouldn’t be equated to paucity of ideas!

            Kind regards,

            The Eastern Rock

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