Political months ahead: Dr Machar could face ICC!

BY: BLESSED ABRAHAM, Sydney, Australia, JUL/01/2013, SSN;

It was just a matter of time before we would see vice president Dr Riak Machar out in the cold. Being in the cold once more, he will without doubt experience the extreme wilderness and the heat withal and may by himself realise how horrific being in the cold can affect.

In my first article [Justice thrown away: “who is who in the SPLM”], I predicted these tough times based on the former rebel commander’s rabble rousing speeches and the smear campaign he instituted behind the scene to remove his boss.

There is a saying that an early bird catches the worm. Likewise, there is also unforeseen casualty insinuated to it. That is, if by coincidence that bird comes across its predator, it will definably meet its fate.

Machar’s early campaign consisting of notoriety and absolute indeterminable criticism, spearheaded by a group of hooligans and people with corrupt tendencies, who by pledging their support unto him as a flag bearer to remove the President and seal possible investigations in their fraudulent activities, has now backfired.

This political turmoil that has eroded the state for months that divided the party and had affected service delivery which might not have pleased the president and the public whose welfare rests on the government.

The difficulties owing to the removal of Machar has nothing to do with him as an individual nor to the power struggle in my understanding, but had something to do with the interest of the party and the people, in fact no body is bigger than the SPLM in a literal sense.

Relieved from his duties prompts a question, why now? What was the president waiting for when Machar was busy campaigning against and dividing the party? Why did he make him vice in the first place?

Having referred to him as the “first comrade in arm” the president should have realised that something is wrong with that reference. What happened to one trusted cadre? Mind you, things are often hard and controversial in politics and you can really see some bad moves by bad guys when it comes to survival.

In the game of political survival, Dr Teny has been out-radicalised, out-popularised and ultimately out-positioned. The odds are staged against him because surviving from survival is a hard won trial that seems unlikely.

Although he will try to independently run or form a party to contest 2015 elections, he will only agitate for change and save his soul, that equally is arithmetical without an answer. Should he pin his hopes against 2015 elections, then he will have to fight even harder.

It is just a sad site, seeing men used to wielding so much power being publicly humiliated, reduced to sludge, isn’t fun. You just can’t but feel pity for Riak and Amuom, the damage they have done notwithstanding.

When someone starts saying, “the president was right to remove me,” when no one has asked them, you know it is rough out there. It is good to look back in order to look ahead, to check the previous wrongs and rectify things for the better future of our people.

Look left and look right to proceed with safety, isn’t something all people do. There are those who do not look back and look ahead nor look left and right. They amalgamate things to their peril.

If the move to remove vice president was about survival, then they will continuously keep him out to secure fundamental safety in the same way they would have done if that decision points to policy disagreements.

Of course, there are many people who think this decision is severe and would have faced different political approaches – by not removing Machar, but suspending him and hauling him before the disciplinary committee for bringing the party into disrepute and for dividing and campaigning against the party.

In the end, his actions will lead to expulsion or relief which can be examined differently if he is found guilty, but his immediate removal is a clear short cut for safety and a politically motivated one I believe, but it’s a right decision.

In fact, there are two most discussable and interesting scenarios in this saga, Kiir didn’t prioritise sacking his friend before the party’s convention, but it seemed there was unavoidable mounting pressure by his disciples, specially those who felt that Machar’s existence as vice was a risk to the president and to them.

They also know that the chances of keeping their positions may be ditched if Dr Machar Teny is elected president. The president was under siege to act before things fall apart.

First, an intention to remove him peacefully based on the so-called presidential decree is an advantage of being an incumbent. Second, to indict him regardless of the universal pardon issued by the party after the CPA was signed. By the way that pardon can be overridden by statute-defeated and void, exposing him to the helm of the ICC.

It would have proved difficult and could have caused a deep rift in the country and in the party, had he been indicted by the ICC while still in power, because he could easily use his power to campaign against a politically motivated move, publicly and in the government, which would not have been healthy for the country.

Now that he is out, his survival rests in his hands. It is twofold: if he fights back, he will crash and burn. And if he surrenders in defeat and sells himself as a sacrificial lamb hoping to be accepted into the family again, it will even prove more difficult for him because some sections will make sure he is kept in a complete wilderness.

It looks simple when we look at it that way, but it is not that simple as such. Machar is a politician never to be written off in the simplicity of our judgements and shallow discussions of self-favour.

Believe it or not, he will die trying. He will kick, punch and bite anything is necessary to survive. The public needs the president they can trust and who can deliver. If Kiir is hell bent on reserving too much power for himself without delivering to the masses, then his dethroned comrade will be able to capitalise and resurrect himself.

There is nothing unfortunate as having an insignificant bunch of political nonentities like Pagan Amum. Gosh! This man has sacked the sweat and the blood of our people more than we can imagine. A man for himself with allegedly millions and millions of stolen money. We didn’t want that for our country.

God and not Kiir have punished him because his time has come and he has to pay or leave in disgrace because he is not a part of that government and the people. He has drained enough.

He, like Machar, cuts a lonely figure, sad figure. The political engineering and embezzlement of public funds he allegedly did has been visited by mysterious Shiluk god ‘nyikang’ who told him he had embarrassed Shilluk’s dignity and integrity and that he will deal with him.

Indeed, this nonsensical Shilluk boy has embarrassed himself to the madness of SPLM, not the Shiluk community because his corrupt tendency has nothing to do with his community at large. Don’t celebrate too much for their demise though, for we don’t know when our turn will, because in this world you could easily become a victim of something you did not do but not in his case.

South Sudan is going through a first transition. This must not be achieved through crooked ways but through peaceful transition, in absolute transparency and honesty. The SPLM must rid itself of these crooks if it wants to achieve that transition.

BLESSED ABRAHAM is the Director of Young Christian Association of south Sudan.
He can be reached at blessedabraham28@yahoo.com.au


  1. The truth says:

    Abraham, you’re a useless Dinka just like the rest of your kin, no point debating someone like you.

    • blessed Abraham says:

      @ The Truth. you have held out, missed the point, brother Truth. Truth is, this article is not about the useless Dinka or useless Nuer, it is about what could possibly happen to your next of kin Dr Teny as a result of his useless approach to politics that has and will continue to cause him dearly. I know that it has given you and your brother in-law a sleepless night. if no one takes him to court on the victims’ behalf, am ready to do so, so as to answer charges of the 1992 massacre.

      • Raan Naath says:

        Cursed Abraham,

        You are dreaming dude. Your useless dream and writing will make you Dinka Bor be massacred again by the Lou-Nuer. Stop your cry like a woman and think like a man for the future of all. Even Bor officers killed others like John Garang who started massacring Gaajak-Nuer in 1985. Now the Gaajak are not crying like women and living in the past. Grow up or you risk bringing another punishment to your community by your childish writings.

  2. John says:

    You do not what you talking about sir. rethink again, read it again.

  3. Lokilachong says:

    Dear Blessed Abraham,

    Your article is full of good staff but I’m afraid you have too much negativity. Your patriotism is manifested on your concerned to build our nation. Dr Machar and President Salva Kiir are our heroes, they experienced suffering and they know how to fight for liberation. However, to redeem our country from corruption and failing state, I think Salva Kiir should honourably retire in 2015. Although Machar is not the anointed successor, we want someone who is patriotic like the two, or someone better should emerge to steer our country to the right direction.

    Dr. Machar should have a very easy pass to the presidency but his wavering decisions in various occasions worried south Sudanese. Instead of building good legacy on the foundation that was laid by Dr. John Garang, he remained very ambitious to the presidency. Dr machar is a good person, and he can grab support from his tribe. Nevertheless, apart from being from one of the largest tribes in south Sudan, Machar has nothing to show that he is prepared to be the president of south Sudan. To have Machar as president of our nation, I am afraid his presidency can be catastrophic in many ways. As VP he squandered all the opportunities to the presidency, he is tribally oriented, and as VP, he had dubious motives. His removal with other ministers was a good thing because most of them were corrupt.

    I don’t know much about many people in south Sudan, but I think any transition can be tough. Let’s not look so much on particular tribe but our focus should be on a better person that can lead our nation. SPLA as a party can transform itself. Machar and other begrudged SPLA members such as Pagan Amum, Deng Alor, etc should form their own party and then challenge the SPLA for the presidency. There is an African saying that “you can not poop of the dish that you are eating from” and that is what Machar and other ministers were doing. Salva Kiir exercised his authority well by removing them and he has hired now new ministers, only that the choice of the new VPs will be tricky and difficult. In my opinion, he should choose someone who is not ambitious to be president and that will be a noble course.

    • Lokilachong.
      you have raised a good point here the president did what he did. this has been long due in the waiting. There can be only one captain of a ship, having more than two will steer the vessel in the rough sea waves and this is exactly what happened here. The SPLM as a party needs reform otherwise it will be too deformed to be reformed, as the next fight is likely going to be in the party and politburo.
      I will agree to disagree with you that Machar and other begrudged members of the SPLM such as the former Sec. General Pagan Amum and others like Deng Alor to form their party in order to challenge the SPLM for the presidency.

      To me I don’t I think that is the right way to go. you can see how the SPLM_DC is running its affairs with Lam Akol running the party with remote control because he failed to challenged the SPLM internally to make reforms from within. Too many parties will not take us anywhere as most of the parties are also tribal based with some without a postal Address. If the South Sudanese want clear direction for development cut down the number of political parties down to two or three for a number of years and see what happens. There is this African proverbs that too many cooks spoil the broth or too many Rats will not dig a hole.

      All the other parties should merge to form one united party for south sudan if they are not happy with the SPLM then can there be changed otherwise within the next two generations to come we will have more than 50 plus parties, formation of more parties is not part of the maths.

    • Lokilachong:

      I like your comment and political analysis. You are truly very knowledgeable of our political affairs and where we are heading as a nation. Please keep it and continue to unearth some more truths about the politics in our Country.

  4. Issac Deng says:

    I congratulate president Kiir for taking bold decision to dismiss all the thrives this time. Dr. Riek Machar and Pagan Amum have been condemning and disrespecting president publicly. These two uncultured men who used to be poor have allegedly stolen enough public money from the government and are now very rich millionaires. Pagan Amum has many houses allegedly all over the world, he should be forced to return all the SPLM stolen money back to south Sudan. He allegedly started stealing back in the bush and never stopped since. He only knows how to open his big careless mouth in the media but does very little to organize the party. He ordered the Chinese out of oil fields in Bentiu and finally the shutting down of the oil pipelines which has severely affected the economy of south Sudan. The SPLM under Pagan Amum has become dysfunctional, too corrupt and a laughing stock.

  5. Chol Wek Chol says:

    HAAHAAAAAA Abraham or aboruuuuum I don’t Know.

    Will you really survive in this third world where technology is all over with your godfather Salva?? It is not a crime to bark for the sake of your survival, but shame will determine your future, brother, as matter of fact. Whether you like it or not Kiir is leaving and the only resting place for him is ICC for the genocide he did in Murle land. Again Kiir will first clear himself from the supreme Court of South Sudan before attending before ICC court for the embezzlement he did for the last eight years in power. this is the person who will die in prison with all his nephews who he involved in that business.

    first of all, the world has been watching and have all the records right from the war time to the last day of Salva Kiir term in 2014. likewise to others culprits who are using other people expenses. these days ICC is looking at all proved crimes not just street talk like the one of Dinka Bor who were caught red handed by Lou Nuer youth over cattle raiding and point fingurs to Dr Riek and Dr Lam.
    Abroruuum or Abraham, may you give me full details of report about Amum being blamed by his Shilluk fellows? can you describe the delegation is comprised of who and headed by who? don’t just talk out of context.
    Stay afoot and I love your article.

    • blessed Abraham says:

      @chol Wek Chol, i will pronounce your name properly regardless of how you have done me, because i am not short sighted. i appreciate your comments that has threatened my life just to please your embattled comrades and share in the stolen wealth with them, that i will have every reason to suspect you and equate you a enterprenuer. Have you forgotten that change comes by death? have you forgotten that it was this change that our leader Dr Garang put his dear life on line? have you forgotten that you are living today in freedom just because some gave up their souls for you? Again, i cannot support kiir if there is a genuine case brought against him because no body is above the law. But there are 150 pounds, reasons to justify that Kiir can come out clean if he is to be taken to court according to your words.

  6. Choromke Jas says:

    This article is emotional and is not based on knowledge, to say the least. The person who risks the ICC attention is Don Salvatore Kiir. No body is immune from ICC indictment, even if that person is still in power. The army, through its Chief of Staff, should be careful about its pronouncement on neutrality in the current matter. One of the functions of the army is the maintenance of constitutional order. Kiir is breaking the Constitution left and right. By doing so he sends signals to others that the rule of law does not matter. This can be followed by rampant lawlessness in towns, as is now apparent in Juba, and in the bushes of South Sudan. In this situation, the army cannot be neutral.The SPLA must now seriously consider calling Mr Kiir to book, a la Egypt. The parliament has abdicated its duty and the only one recourse we have against this lawless and cavalier President, is the army. Give him a marching order and then the ICC investigation on genocide in Murle can kick in.

  7. Gatkuoth LOK says:

    The article is one sided, ill-subjective, written by a lackey, sycophant whose name blessed ABRAHAM is a misnomer, in fact the reverse is true. Because your article is egotistical and also egoistical to make others or the common herd believe that they are not humans to make right judgments on their own for your tribal interest rather than the common one. and that you chose dictatorship as the best system for you, it may be good for you, but nonsensical and absurd for almost every citizen. Look, it was difficult for those of you to know that Dr. Machar’s pursuit was our salvation, the Independence of South Sudan, however, realised when Garang’s pursuit the unity of Sudan, was left to Malik Agar and Yasir Saed El raman in the NORTH Sudan in 2011 referendum on self-determination for South Sudanese, likewise Machar’s program, democracy will be realised only when he is our president. I know it will be expensive, but its prices must be paid for democracy is always expensive to be obtained. We have got a job.

  8. Chol Dau says:

    Mr. Abraham, you have a good point.
    But, I am afraid Dr. Riek cannot be tried by ICC, if your are referring to crimes committed in the aftermath of 1991, because ICC can only prosecute cases involving crimes committed after July 1, 2002, the date the Rome Statute legally came into force.

  9. Nhial says:

    All are nonsense, if you are really a professional and investigative writer, there some points you should not talk of, if people are to recall the past events, all our current leaders are not clean including the incumbent president. they have butchered people in numbers. Riek Machar has done nothing, but his loggerhead with late Garang was seen as a personal initiation. this was not the case.
    The point of contention was the objective for the liberation, in which Garang termed it as an entire Sudan liberation contrary to Riek philosophy of free independent South Sudan. Riek is a master of South Sudan self determination which granted us our independence we are enjoying today.
    If your ill planned thoughts are deceiving you, Riek through his determination will make it to the top seat of this nation one day. you will all get surprised. watch your critics and hope for better in this nation. your comment and statement are becoming so tribal. let us use our diversity for better aspirations.

    • Nhial:

      I do sincerely respect your political opinion and analysis. However I have some difficulty comprehending the motive behind Dr.Riek Machar’s move to Khartoum during the liberation of South Sudan. Why did he go to Khartoum and allied his militias forces with Jalaba (Arabs) to fight the SPLA if he was truly fighting and asking for the independence of South Sudan? And Why did he return to General Kiir Mayardit and Dr. John Garang who had not changed their political ideologies or belief in liberating the entire Sudan? Was Dr.Riek Machar demanding the self determination of South Sudan from Dr.John Garang (Dinka) or from president Omar Hassan Al Bashir, the (Arabs)?

      Cousin, The past events are indeed revisited in order to reflect the future or to avoid the repetition of the past occurrence. What will happen if Dr.Riek Machar doesn’t get elected president of South Sudan in 2015? Is the presidency of Dr. Riek Machar the major problem in South Sudan? I have some personal beliefs that the power and leadership struggle of 1991 will be different from the election of 2015. Let us all be vigilant and prepared to accept the outcome of the 2015 elections. The civil war or tribal conflict is not the political option in our Country, however no one will refuse it if it is imposed on people because of one man’s leadership/presidency. We have lost 2.5 million people for the liberation of South Sudan. Are we ready and willing to lose another 2.5 million people because of Kiir and Riek Machar’s presidency in South Sudan? What have the people of South Sudan or Dinka and Nuer gained from their leadership/presidency in the past 10 years of their rule?

      • Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

        Dear Gatnyerupdeng;

        Why Dr. Garang and Sava Kiir allied their forces with Ethiopian Government and attacked Nyany II in 1984 in both Itang and BilPam? Why Dr. Kim Jong il Garang and King Abdullah Mayardit betrayed Nyanya II to Ethiopian Government? Why Dr. Garang and Sava Kiir changed the history of struggle from 1975 to 1983? Is it because the movement was not initiated by Dinka and you want to give credit to Dinka only like you are practicing at the moment? Event though the SPLA massacred all Nyanya II, they should have given them credit for being the first revolutionists who rebelled against Sudan government and never give up until all the southerners joined them in Biel Pam.

        However, I agree with you that Dinka and Nuer will never gained any thing from any kind of war but enormous lost. Nevertheless, you Dinka people you always like to repeat the injuries by reminding us about what happened in 1991 instead of going forward with new agendas that could bring prosperity to our country.

        Pelpel Jang, you forget that Dr. Garang and Kiir Mayardit are the ones who betrayed Nyanya II to the government of Ethiopia. SPLA allied its with Ethiopian troops and their coalition forces 1. massacred Nyanya II. 2. Massacred Gajaak. Nyanya II did not do anything to SPLA if you were not there, president kiir can tell you.

        Nyanya II soldiers were massacred simply because 95% of them were Nuer and Shilluk. Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang I wish I could have a face to face debate with you man.

        • Bentiu Ramaran:

          Dear Cousin Bentiu:

          Please allow me to correct the spelling of the name of our first movement which you are trying to distort it in your article due to the anger and frustration of Riek Machar’s recent political turmoil in Juba. Please know that there is nothing call NyanyI or Nyany II in the history of the Republic of South Sudan. I must assume that you meant to spell and address the political term given to our first movement “Anyanya I and Anyanya II” in your comment. I don’t blame you because Nyany or Anyanya is not a Nuer or Dinka word. The word Anyanya originated from one of the Greater Equatoria tribes and it means Poison.

          My Cousin, Bentiu Ramran, You have totally misunderstood my political intention and views. I have never ever attempted to make the Dinka/SPLA/M the sole liberator of the Republic of South Sudan. I always praise and give The credit of our liberation and freedom to AnyanyaI,Anyanya II and the SPLA/M movement. Have you never heard me praising General Joseph Lagu and the rest of our forefathers or heros/heroines for starting and leading the first liberation movement in our Country?

          Please be informed that the Anyanya II and the SPLA got into the conflict over the political naming of the movement. Dr.John Garang and his group who were the veterans of AnyanyaI wanted to rename the movement as SPLA/M in order to generate more political and Military support from the Sudanese people, especially the most marginalised African Sudanese and the international Community as well. Dr.John Garang told Gai Tut and Akuot Atem that they wanted to attract the support of the international community and the marginalized Sudanese people. However Gai Tut(Nuer) and Akuot Atem(Dinka) wanted to stick with the name of AnyanyaII. Do you think that the Nubians and the people of Blue Niles/or Darfurians would join the SPLA/M and fought alongside the South Sudanese if it was named Anyanya2 or SSIM South Sudan Independent movement? Do you know that Nubians and the people of Blue Niles or the so called Marginalized people were the one fighting against the liberation of South Sudan (Anyanya1) between 1955 and 1972? Do you know that the Nubians and the people of Blue Nile were the only people fighting alongside Dinka and other South Sudanese when Riek Machar and Lam Akol went to Khartoum and allied their Militias forces with Jalab/Arabs? Cousin, We owe those people(Nuba and Ingesina) dearly for the independence of South Sudan. They truly became our loyal and genuine brothers during the liberation of South Sudan more than Riek Machar and Lam Akol. If I were Riek Machar and Lam Akol, I would be too ashamed to hold the position or seek the leadership or presidency of South Sudan. Why would I need to lead the Country which I had once betrayed to the enemy?

          Dr.John Garang went to Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda because he needed their political and military support. He did not go to Khartoum because he was smart and wanted to liberate South Sudan from Khartoum government. Why did Riek Machar and Lam Akol went to Khartoum if they really wanted to liberate South Sudan from Jalaba/Arabs?

          Cousin,Bentiu Ramaran, Sincerely, I always admire your political ideologies and opinions and I regarded you as one of the future leader of this Country. However I’m now losing hope and confidence in you because of the way you are presently reasoning. You are talking just like your primitive Uncle Riek Machar. Cousin, Why do you want to go into the political grave with the killer and loser Riek Machar? Frankly, I feel Sorry for you and my Cousin,GatCharwearbol and many others for having decided to blindly follow the moron Riek Machar into his own political demise or grave. Anyhow,for the sake of being honest and smart Cousins, I will respectfully lay some wreaths/flowers on your political graves if you have blunderly decided to die young and hopeless with your Uncle Riek Machar.

          Please stop fabricating and spreading vicious lies on the national Forum SSN. Anyanya2 and the SPLA were both comprised of Dinka and Nuer Soldiers when they politically disagreed and fought in 1980’s. It was not a tribal war against Dinka, Nuer or Shilluk. It was purely a political war between the Anyanya2 and the SPLA movement. Mr.Akuot Atem who was originally from Dinka Bor and many others including Mr.Sabrino Majok Majok from Dinka Malual/ Aweil and many others were on Gai Tut/Nuer side while Commander William Nyuon Bany and numerous Nuer and Shilluk soldiers were on Dr. John Garang’s side. Where did you get the idea that the war was about to exterminate Nuer and Shilluk soldiers? In fact, It became a tribal conflict when Mr. Abdallah Chuol(Nuer) slaughtered his Dinka allies such as Akuot Atem and the massacre of Dinka Bhar El Ghazal recruiters who were ambushed and massacred on their way to the SPLA’s training Camps in Bilpam.

          Cousin, I strongly advise you not to stress out or commit suicide because of Riek Machar’s political downfall or turmoil. Stay alive so that we can debate live on the South Sudan National TV or in the national Parliament of South Sudan in the near future. I have a feeling that you and I and many others on the SSN will one day reconcile our political and tribal differences and work for the unity, common interest and betterment of our Country. South Sudan needs you and I and many others to make it a better place to live. Please stay well and don’t volunteer to carry a cross for someone else’s political stupidity. You are very smart and you deserve something better than that.

      • Gatkuoth Lok says:

        Hi Mr. misusing the name Gatkuoth!
        You asked the reason why Machar went to Khartoum, and I answered to sign Khartoum Peace Agreement, KPA which for the first time in our history enshrined Self- determination in the Sudan constitution, look for Abel Alier Book; too many agreements dishonored. In this book mentioned, you shall be enlightened to know that there is no human person on the earth surface, in Africa continent, in the Sudan and more fashionably in South Sudan who devised or orchestrated this golden idea, (our salvation) and who corrected the grave mistake of New Sudan to Independent SOUTH SUDAN other than Dr. Machar, the angelic founding Father of this country based on his own mission and vision of South Sudan secession.

        During the referendum on self-determination there were only two things. What were they? Dr. Machar’s pursuit (Secession of this Republic from Sudan, became our salvific country independence) and Garang’s Unity of the Sudan left to SPLM-N NOW. Is it clear Garang, misusing my name? You cannot prove me wrong whatsoever, though many of you are trying to make some distortions of our history yet we must work hard to put things right for the benefit of us all, not of group and cronies. Scientific writings prove this manifestly. Thanks Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang for this is enough to inform you, even though you seem to refuse to learn knowingly and intentionally.

        • Dear Gatkuoth Lok:

          Thank you for trying to answer my question about Dr.Riek Machar’s going to Khartoum in 1990’s. Your answer is great but I’m not really satisfied with it because Riek would have signed the agreement in another Country instead of Khartoum as General Joseph Lagu did in Addis Ababa- Ethiopia in 972. General Kiir Mayardit and late Dr. John Garang negotiated and signed the CPA agreement in Naivasha-Kenya in 2004/2005. Cousin, If Dr.Riek Machar is regarded as father of self determination, How would we call General Joseph Lague, General Salva Kiir Mayardit, late Dr. John Garang and many others who fought for the independence of South Sudan in Anyanya1 movement? The war for self determination started in Torit, Eastern Equatoria in 1955 and ended with the Addiss Ababa peace agreement signed by General Joseph Lagu in 1972. Was that Dr.Riek machar’s idea?

          You said that I misused your name, Gatkuoth. How did I misuse your name? You have also accused me of refusing to learn. What kind of useful and credible information did you give me and I refused to learn it? In fact, I don’t refuse to learn, however, I do not want to learn wrong stuff and later on try to mislead others.

          Please tell me useful information and I would learn it and pass it on to my children and grandchildren. I would be shamful and naive to tell my children and grandchildren that Riek machar is the father of Self determination in South while General Joseph Lagu was the leader of self determination movement” Anyanya1″. Please go ahead and fool those who are willing to be misled by you and Riek Machar. I have learned much about South Sudan’s history and I can not be misled by you and your Uncle Riek machar, the father and master of 1991 confusion and insanity. take it easy Gatmallen/Cousin and be receptive for change and viable information. Please don’t carry the cross for Riek Machar or jump into the political grave with him. Let him carry his own cross alone because he has messed up our lives in South Sudan.

          • Gatkuoth Lok says:

            Dear Garang,
            Your are not scientific, in the sense that you majestically failed to show me where it is documented that your said personalities fought for secession in the anya anya 1 phase of our struggle. By anticipation you will not show me or prove me wrong in any way.
            CPA was an achievement of Drs. Machar and Garang by courageously making an outstanding compromise to sign the agreement to allow south sudanese see what they could choose, between Machar’s secession and Garang’s socialist new sudan, the Unity of sudan and indeed they all opted for Machar’s secession. Can you remember when he said the dream became true both the day before the Independence declaration celebration, 2011 and when raising our flag in Washington the same year? Garang’s unity of sudan is let go for it is meaningful only for those of Malik and Arman. Therefore; it is Machar who is the father of this country, dear Garang! Admit that for truth will set you free, the holy bible states categorically. Remain healed.

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Dear Gatkuoth Lok:

          Thank you so much for shedding more light on this topic to Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang. The founding father of self-determination is unquestionably Dr. Riek Machar. Lukudu Garang will knowingly deny this well known fact. That is ok because it is up to him to either learn the truth or live in denial. As I know, Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang is living in a fool’s paradise. His judgement is clouded by his fanaticism to his tribe and he does not look around to see the reality on the ground.

          No matter how much we try to educate him, his die-hard support for Gen. Kiir will always get in his way of learning the real stuff he could possibly use in the future and transfer to his children. In fact, he is determined to teach his children wrongly that his revered Kiir is the father of self-determination. The funny thing is that Gen. Kiir himself knows that he is not the founding father of self – determination. But his staunch supporter, Gatkuoth Garang is tarnishing his name by giving him credit he did not work for. What shameless hypocrite!

          • Puot K.Chuol says:

            @Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

            First of all, your name is a baseless name, which itself makes me sick. Stick with your name that your parents gave you during your birth, please. You sound too smart to have a wrong name. I know your intention for this name; is to cover or represent three regions of our nation but you made it worst. For your information, having our tribes in South Sudan is not bad. The worst thing is what comes out of the mouth of individual like you. You are shamelessly arguing that Riek Machar is not the champions for self determination, then who else fits to be called that if not him?

            Gat-gualeen, you are full of it. John Garang and the company were fighting for Secular United Sudan. Everybody knows this even Mama Nyadeng. Yeah, I know you would say it was strategy like you have already stated in some of your comments. What seems like you forgotten is fact that Sudan was not meant to be together at the beginning. The Arab elites and Egyptians plus the British cheated us from our right. South Sudan should have stood as a nation on her own in 1956. But because of these groups mentioned above, we were bullied to remain with main Sudan. You seem like knowledgeable on our past history because you mentioned the mutiny of 1955 several times in your responses. However, you still denying the facts layout by others as of Gatkuoth Lok.

            Where did you grew up gat-gualeen? Here is the thing, leaders like Joseph Lagu started the struggle and they did their parts. There were fighting for separation of South Sudan only ended up with more autonomy for the southern regions. With all these in mind, do you know that the SPLM/A of Garang, Nyuon and Kirr misled other Sudanese for falsely fighting for nonsense? Come to your sense and recognize that gaining our independence was core case since 1955. Also this was the case of disagreement in 1991.

            Dr. Lam Akol and Dr. Riek Machar that you hated the most were right as you could see today. We have our nation now and we are proud of it. Stop dwelling on unbearable truth and just accept the realities. FYI, Riek Machar is not going nowhere. You can call him names but it will not stop him. Also, stop saying he signed his peace deal in Khartoum. There is nothing wrong to sign peace in Khartoum when everybody end up in the same Khartoum after the peace is signed my friend. If signing an accord in foreign nation is better then, the then 1972 peace accord was trashed by Arabs of Sudan. More so, Riek Machar and his group left Khartoum because Khartoum did what it does best; dishonoring agreements.

            Now president Kirr has been in the helm for 8 plus yrs. To me his only credit was reuniting the armed groups with the southern origin with influence of Machar. Anything beside that is a mess my brother. Two years after independence, our country was labelled a failed state because your uncle Kirr’s leadership. He is the worst President ever lived in the land of Sudan leave alone SouSudan. He doesn’t fit to be in anywhere near government. He needs to stay in his Luri cattle camp for good.


  10. Philemon Daud says:

    Blessed Abraham,
    if you are a true young Christian association leader, you should avoid emotion and negative statement. we are praying for peaceful political atmosphere in our beloved country. internal party power struggle should happen everywhere in the world including Australia that you are living. In case of South Sudan seems like politicians didn’t use too hard internal party power struggle.
    Our president is such an angry man all the time as I observed, he’s never used to criticism plus wrong advisers that drive him crazy to degree without analysis and those degrees may in the near future ruin his legacy and leadership. I understand your article as a one sided color instead of looking at a bigger picture for political and constitutional crises in South Sudan.

    • blessed Abraham says:

      @Daud. my name is not Daud. I am no mixture of both islam and christianity, point blank. if you are such a strong observer, why did you fail to observe yourself? didn’t you realise that you too, is emotional? and because of so much weak observation, you have failed to comprehend the true meaning of the article. it is not about my organisation, not about personality, in fact i do not want our christian youth and young children to be brought up in such ambiguous , hatred, corrupt, violent and tribal atmosphere. to do this, i have to speak out and i will survive it whether people like you like it or not. I am taking it on from where my late leader Dr Garang left it……second revolution in the first transition, brother. stay on board, i like your comment.

      • Blessed Abraham,

        You are double devil like Garang. John Garang was an enormous evil person, thanks God that he did not make it to independence. I hope God will continue eliminating such people with evil spirits.

  11. Tongun Lo Loyuong says:

    Useless and unchristian-like article. If I were your boss, I would have shown you the door, and relieve you from spreading your venom to those young South Sudanese Christians you are assigned to mentor and direct.

    • blessed Abraham says:

      @ no body shows me the door because am not in a corrupt organisation and am not corrupt either. i have nothing to fear because i have no blood in my hands. your brother Riek, has blood in his hands. he killed in rumbek, Jonglei, warrap and many more. but he still kills. He sponsored rebels like Yau Yau and others. This is inhuman. To your face! this is my organisation, a clean and life changing organisation including yours. I am the president and the director and i will stop at nothing unless change comes to young people through changes at the top brass. They have to be an example to us all. To support someone who is not clean is like supporting the disaster. am not a fun of anybody.

      • Puot K. Chuol says:

        @Blessed Abraham,

        Your name is so foreigner to indigenous names we have in South Sudan. What happened to have good name like Wani, Chuol, Akol, Koang or Ayuel, which has to be identified as an indigenous name from South Sudan? Stop crying far away from Australia. On the ground of South Sudan, people don’t want your King Kiir no more. He needs to go home.

        I thought Australia have so many clinics (hospitals) that could treat war traumas easily, which seem to ignite your internal soul. You are instead killing your time with useless article? Stop the madness my brother. People like you are what Riek Machar termed as the “INTERNET WARRIORS.” Let me assure you, am not sitting here behind the computer’s key board to defend Mr. Machar, but don’t through useless accusations that the man is supporting rebels like David Yau Yau. What made you come to that conclusion if I may ask? Am not going to touch the other baseless claim you’ve thrown up there like killing in Rumbek, Jonglei, Warrap was done by Riek Machar.

        Flip the coin and ask yourself who’s in charge of our nation today? Salva Kiir is in charge right? He was in charged for 8 years. How are you going to blamed a former VP when we have President in the country? LOL…pooor “blessed Abraham”, you should be ashamed to yourself my countryman. Get over that pointless claim and criticize the man (Riek Machar) in constructive way without bias.

        FYI, your article doesn’t make no sense but choas to public as you can see now, most of the commentators are against it.

  12. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear Blessed Abraham,
    You have an extraordinary name, but it is misplaced. Your name should have been different because you are not clearly blessed. What you put down here fits unblessed person’s thinking.

    As you may know, ICC came into force on July 1, 2002. The 1991 incident you keep bringing up was in the past. It took place before ICC was created. You can now keep barking until you are blue in the face and nothing will really happen to Dr. Machar.

    If I were you, I would worry about the fate of your Uncle Kiir Mayardit. He has already committed numerous crimes against humanity and he is still adding more. This is not looking good on his CV.

    The killing of Isaiah Abraham is well documented and will keep haunting Kiir for very long time. What is taking place in Jonglei right at the moment is another crime against humanity you and your King Mayardit should worry about. The inappropriate arrest of innocent journalists in Juba is one thing you should worry about.

    Above all, I predict unstoppable war in South Sudan. Kiir and his oversize hat are the reasons of this upcoming war. ICC will indeed come after him because many innocent souls will be lost. This is the real thing you should worry about right now rather than just running your mouth for nothing.

    Mr. Chol Dau;

    Thank you so much for making my day. Hopefully Unblessed Abraham will shut his lying mouth up.

  13. Bless Abraham,

    You are preaching Dinka born-to-rule amendment indirectly in this article. You are an enormous tribalist no doubt. Your article is calling for an assassination of Dr. Machar and the indictment of Pagan Amum for blaming the president for the corruption that are taking place every where in South Sudan. Again, it seems that your article is calling for assassination of anyone who might attempt to campaign against president apart from Dr. Machar. You the advocates of president, don’t you know that the assassination of Dr. Machar will cost another million lives? and not only that it will also lead to ICC involvement which will result in the indictment of your tribal president Abdullah Mayardit for crimes against humanity. Do you want our country to be like North Korea, that has been ruled by a single family line since 1800s? Or you want our country to be like Somalia that has 19 governments fighting each other?

    Remember that Dr. Machar’s federalism vision for our country will be very beneficial to all the tribes in South Sudan if we give him chance to lead. As we all know that Dr. Riek is not a power angry man who would like to stick in power for the rest of his life, but what advocates him to want to be president is because our country is so corrupted and the citizens do not have rights to choose the leaders they want under current constitutions. Dr. Machar wants to introduce federalism rule that comes with a freedom of speech and a freedom to be secure in our houses. If Dr. Machar gets a chance to become president, then he will also introduce term limits under his federalism vision.

    Dr. Machar federalism is good for all the citizens of South Sudan. For example, under federalism laws, all citizens have right to choose the leaders they want. It is not president who can appoint the leaders. According to Dr. Machar, federalism vision, each state citizens will nominate and vote out their governors. Under federalism law, the president has no right to appoint governors. Under federalism agendas, every county citizens will nominate and sack their commissioners. It is not governor who can appoint and fire commissioners for the counties. Under federalism constitutions, every state will have supreme court to solve state issues. Under federalism, each county will have court to oversee the concerns that might occur in the county. This federalism rule is exactly what we want and that what we had been fighting for ever since.

    Ultimately, under federalism constitution, a new law can be approved by 2/3 of the opposition party to become law. Under federalism, if the law is passed by one party and it is opposed by 70% of the opposition party, then the law will not be effective and that what Dr. Machar is fighting for.

    My last words to you, Mr. Blessed Abraham, please do not encourage your tribal leaders to assassinate Dr. Machar, doing so will cause so much damages in South Sudan than we could imagine.

  14. Lual Nyanthon says:

    I m very much impressed by author of this article because he has revealed the true color of Dinka born-to-rule policy. Well, Riek Machar as an individual is being targeted for political purpose that fits the interests of all Jieng people in South Sudan. Now he is out of system and shall no longer become threat to the national security of Jieng Kingdom. We don’t need him in SPLM, let him form his own party or will face humiliation if he will not stop the act of sedition. Lion Kuol Manyang will hang him and nothing will happen.

  15. Jijury says:

    It’s really sad that some people can’t wait to spread nothing against some political leaders in South Sudan leaving their own kinsmen alone. the good news is Riek Machar’s dream to lead south Sudan will not be stopped by these negative thinkers. As for the ICC thing, you can bark all you want, it’s human nature.

  16. What a shit!
    Abraham, Watch out! Riek was for independence of South Sudan while Garang was for unity Sudan. Who is who now? And I am sure if Riek had not gone to protect his life, he would be dead by now through Kiir whose work was to slaughter our good liberators to pave way for him. Kiir will go to ICC one day but, not Riek. This war overstay coz 1) over ambition by Garang; 2) Poor leadership that caused 2,000 000 lives. not all of them were killed by the Arabs. Kuol Manyang alone killed 20% of these people. So Brother, dream of Kuol Manyang and Kiir but, Not Riek coz Riek was protecting his life.

  17. Itikwili says:

    Blessed sounds like a typical president’s apologist, that is not true; she is just resolving her own emotional contradictions. not even the SPLM apologist, for Riek and others are still members of that movement-turned party and use the framework to address their frustration with the system. Blessed also breath fire with emotions flying out with relative ease towards some officials with a great sense of personal emotional relieve, going as far as referring to Pagan Amum who have served us well as an ardent negotiator as a ‘nonsensical Shilluk boy’; leave aside issues of corruption, people have always used the term to describe each other since Jesus’ time may be even before if Greek’s philosophy is to be relied upon. The matter is even made worse when we now know BLESSED ABRAHAM as a Director of Young Christian Association of south Sudan. her words and position are in conflict. St. Ignatius cautions us not to say anything under emotion. let us respect our leaders whether they are within the government or outside. it is also good to learn to separate the person from the ideas and policies they execute; for describing an official ‘nonsensical Shilluk boy’ is far beyond their ideas and policies. there are ways we separate these things and that way even the policies of our president can be castigated, torn apart and rubbished without touching on his person and maintaining that respect.

  18. Joe. Lo kadi says:

    Dear Blessed Abraham,

    If you are a product of an Australian education system, then you have not been to class. What you can do is to go back to school. Secondly, you have to voluntarily relinquished your current position as Director of Christian Youth Association for South Sudan because you are a venom among those youth.

  19. How many people killed from Dinka by Nuer and how many dinka Villages burnt by Nuer? dinka do not understand even though they are being killed. we give you only one week to kill Dr. Riek and Pagan if you are men. we are forgiving you, do not want to kill you. let us go to battle-field to fight because of presidency. Nuer can take it in six hours.

    • Dennis says:

      ChiengKuoth Kong,
      You are just a child and still inexperienced in politics; and I think you should refrain from these tribally impregnated comments. Your father CDR is a great south sudanese patriot with a mind that is far from narrow as most seem to have on the board.

  20. Eastern says:

    Dear Blessed (AKA Cursed) Abraham,
    You are perpetuating the Dinka hegemony South Sudanese are crying about. It’s important for you to sit down and write your articles with South Sudan at heart. Both Riek and Kiir (Garang) have their negative spots in the war of liberation.

    Remember, Riek commands a following both among the Nuer and Equatorians; this is a fact you must consider before you begin your mud-slinging campaign; we love our country. What Riek is telling Salva Kiir is that he has ruled enough (considering the low life expectancy of a South Sudanese). The president needs to prepare his followers to accept the inevitable: Dr. Riek becoming the next president of the republic – no need for unnecessary bloodshed.

    We need to appreciate what Dr. Riek did while he was the VP of the republic: from New York, Ethiopia to Khartoum. he showed great leadership qualities. I want him to demonstrate that at the presidential level.

    Stay well.


      Dear Eastern,
      cursed, is not me. Devil did not understand Jesus and his messiah-ship. he scorned everything Jesus used to say and do. So, how is it that you in the same nature can understand the simple article? Devil thought he was superior to Jesus but he was defeated. He called Jesus all sorts of bad names. I am not saying that am Jesus, but you reversing my (Holy) name to suit your interest is satanic. There was no doubt that people like you will take it upon themselves and make this article personal because all the gates to corruption and killing has been shut at last. i know that you are hurt because you will have no where to steal.

  21. Eastern,

    I salute you man. Blessed Abraham is preaching what they used to say in the movement “Dinka born to rule”. That is the main reason they support president Kiir dictatorship and constitutions written by one man from Aweil.

  22. Chiengkueth Kong:

    Dear Cousin Chiengkueth:

    You always talk as though you have just immigrated to South Sudan from Gambella-Ethiopia. What do you mean by saying that Nuer can take it in six hours? What can Nuer take in six hours? Food, War or Presidency? Dr. John Garang died in the SPLA/M leadership although you and your Uncle Riek Machar and Lam Akol Ajawin had been attempting in vain to dethrone or overthrow him from the SPLA/M leadership. What will it make it possible and easy for you now to take it in six hours when you were unable to take it in 22 years?

    If Dinka or president Kiir wanted to kill Riek Machar, he (Riek) would have been slaughtered when he shamefully and helplessly returned to the SPLA/M movement in 2000 after having betrayed Dinka and the SPLA/M in 1991. President Kiir has just killed him morally, psychologically and politically. Please take your Uncle Riek Machar to his holy, muddy Luak in Adok/Bantiu and decorate his fat, handsome neck and ears with Nuer’s wut and gak Beades. The moron is politically and morally dead and out of South Sudan’s political arena. Why would Dinka/Kiir want to kill a dead man, Riek Machar? I have just learned from the credible sources that Bari and Mondari people are planning to confiscate the land that Riek Machar had illegally and forcefully seized from them in Juba when he was the Vice President. What a shame? He lost his big land and mansion to Jalaba (Arabs) in Khartoum during the separation of North and South and now he is losing his huge land to Bari and Mondari people due to his own political stupidity and greed.


      Dear Lukudu,
      you are a true son of south sudan, a patriot and a decent person. your comments are highly appreciated. I often say these wise words, and i quote, ” Men who are not righteous have no spirit of truth in them, they do not accept the truth nor speak the truth”.
      This group of kitchen boys are angry because the kitchen is no more operating and they are running out of the stolen money and will have nothing left to buy the prostitutes. So, they don’t want to accept the fact that we are exposing them out of our dear nation. this nation is not for dirty people whose gains are always ill-gotten.

      • Dear Blessed Abraham:

        Thank you so kindly for your compliment. The truth need to be told because this Country, South Sudan has taken many lives and those who had betrayed it in the past are the ones attempting to reclaim it from those who sacrificed their lives and limbs for it. They just take the freedom and the beauty of this Country(South Sudan) for granted.
        They really need to be educated and enlightened or reminded about their past shortfalls or wrongdoings otherwise they will never learn from their mistakes. They must be re-educated and reminded about their past mistakes if we can not kill them or kick them out this Country. Stay blessed as usual.

    • The Truth says:

      Hey the only land we will take back is Kiir’s one not Machar’s

    • point of correction. Riek is not losing his land, but Bari are re-owning a grabbed land not only by Riek but dinkas as well.

  23. GatCharwearbol says:

    Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang:

    Dear Cousin:
    I have noticed that you have been calling Naath Food Lovers when you are the real food lovers. Yes, Food Lovers can capture Juba in matter of six hours. That is what warrior chiengkueth meant. You have been crying endlessly about Bor Massacre; are you now looking for another Massacre to cry about? Has Bor Massacre become boring to you that now you would like a new Massacred to cry about?

    Last time was Bor Massacre, but this time the Warriors are coming to your backyard. You better sweet-talk Salva Kiir’s boyfriend (Yoweri Museveni) to come to your rescue. Kiir and his boyfriend are nothing. Naath are strong enough to face them until same of you run with their underwears (Salva Kiir) know what I mean here. I hope he did not forget when he ran with only underwears on because of Naath. If you do not know, Salva Kiir is not stupid that is why he left for Gogrial when he sacked Dr. Machar; he did not want to run naked again. He indeed learned his lesson.

    Keep running your mouth and soon you will have another Massacre to cry about. For now, have fun babysitting Kiir’s children and please pass my greeting to Dinka’s boyfriend (Yower Museveni). Tell him that Naath are watching your moves closely and ensure that he sleeps with his clothes on because you never know when Naath can strike. It will be a total shame for a boyfriend of young Dinka’s Lady to run naked.

    • GatCharwearbol,

      President Kiir is not only making too many crimes but he is selling our country to Foreign Countries which can defend his dictatorship ideologies. As we know he already sold Abei to Sudan Government. In addition, now there are so many Ugandan troops in a place called Luri near Juba to spy us in the country. President keeps Uganda soldiers inside South Sudan in case Dr. Machar declare Kach Lorah in Juba. Kiir is paying them with our money meanwhile our people are suffering. Salva Kiir baby sitter Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang and Salva Kiir boyfriend Yower Museveni are so happy because they are enjoying this corrupted government of King Abdallah Mayardit.

  24. Aj says:

    I have to say your stupid article is worst than a reasonable primary five school kid could reason better. First of all, who in SPLM/A is clean one? All present leaders in Juba are big time murderers and they all deserved prosecution and the death penalty. I have participated with my life fighting for this country call south Sudan but what leaders have done to all these years were tribal firing squad and kuol manyang is one of those deserved to be burned alive.

    That aside, we are heading toward a war. People like you write articles that are doom and dull to future of the generation is more trouble. Be realistic and move toward positive action.



      Aj. i would not blame or be moved by an inch by your remarks. it is no doubt that some people read articles today with a up of whisky, and they will have every reason to distort anything because their mental capacity is lowered.

  25. andrew poth says:

    Actually mr ABRAHAM, the author of this article talks nonsense he does not have sufficient evidence to back up his claim. i would says he is maybe insane absolutely.
    is what i think. so what do think ?


    Both, it is not that i do not have enough evidence to support my case, but the reasons being debated with political nonentities which in sense is like throwing words in an empty vessel. i will be okay debating your master and weigh all my legal knowledge and actions behind his back.

    • Blessed Abraham:

      Why would you want to wast your precious time debating a fool who does not know or comprehend anything about the history and political system in our Country. Those idiots and tribalists have their minds set up on Dinka and on the food in Juba as well. However,they have no a clue on how the food came to Juba. Please keep reminding them that the food came through the Barrel of the guns and the people have sacrificed their precious lives and limbs for it.

      They should know that the food did not come to Juba as a charitable gift from Khartoum. Dinka and some South Sudanese patriots have purchased that food with their own lives and limbs. So What kind of proof or evidence are they asking? They should be advised to shut up and enjoy whatever food falls off from the holly mouth of president Kiir Mayardit. President Kiir and his corrupted Cousins or loyalists could loot our wealth in Juba, however they would never own the Republic of South Sudan forever nor would they return it to Khartoum when they are done with the looting. It would remain our Country forever and we would pick up all the pieces and rebuild it nicely for every South Sudanese to enjoy it, love it and proudly call it their own Country.

      There is a saying that “Rome was not built in one day” and based on this saying or proverb, I strongly advise you to keep your faith and hope alive for the better tomorrow!

      “THE TRUTH MUST BE TOLD EVEN IF IT HURTS” lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

      • BLESSED ABRAHAM says:

        thank you so much, brother lukudu,
        I believe if everyone has the same mind as you do, we would not be making comments of and against each other in negative terms. Although negativity is made in order to irritate and necessitate defeat to pick to thrive, some of the negative things we say or do, can not be as negative as we think. I know that there are those who are hell bent in this discussion on wedging war of words with me/us, summarising the article as nonsensical because of shallow mindedness. I do not have dictatorial tendencies to stop those who want, would want or those hurling abusive language at me, for i do respect different views and i go as far as i can possibly do to accommodate both the “good” and the “bad”. you are very articulate and visionary. it is not a vision of today as our friends in discussion think. i do appreciate you not because of who you are ,but on what views you express in this debate.

  27. Mathew Riek says:

    It is funny that the Blessed Abraham and his likes do not see who has been steering South Sudan in to a pit. Abraham, you need to read more about government. You know nothing my friend.

    Let me give you this quiz,
    Salva is driving a car to Gudeli. Dr. Riek is a passenger along with another third person. Reaching Custom, Kiir swerved too fast to avoid an on-coming vehicle. Unfortunately, the car skidded and overturned killing the third passenger. Both Riek and Kiir survive with a few injuries. It comes down to investigation to find the mistaken person. When Salva is asked who caused the accident, Salva answered saying it is Riek Machar. He kept telling me that I don’t know how to drive. I got mad and he made me to cause the accident. Blessed Abraham, in your right mind, who really caused the accident?

    a. Dr. Riek b. Salva Kiir c. The Dead passenger

    Whether or not you choose the right answer Blessed Abraham, your article missed the right answer on who to blame for the mistakes of our government in South Sudan. To be honest with you, our president, Salva Kiir is the right person to blame. Kiir has been a failed president.
    1. when Kiir came to power, his interest became his fellow guerilla comrades. To please them, he augmented the small government which we had in the south by adding to it the South national ministers who represented South in Sudan, hence, increasing ministries to 29 or 30 making each ministries have so many directors, undersecretaries, and so on. Those butch of thieves not only looted the government money through dubious salaries but also through stealing millions of dollars. For Kiir to say the government was too big and reduced it to cut lots of money going into salaries for development was a no brain answer. some foolish people during his martyrs day speech bought that, but I didn’t. I blamed him for he was the one who had made it big to appease his guerilla fighters.
    2. Kiir as the chief official of the government has to carry the blame for the rampant corruption whether or not he was involved in it. Kiir acknowledged the corruption and spoke to the 75 ministers. He promised to deal with the problem, until now nothing is done. He keeps a lump some money in his unsafe office which got stolen. this and many more cases of financial corruption has to be blamed on Kiir as president.
    3. Kiir has proven as a dictator. He persuaded the SPLM party to give him all constitutional powers which he himself is not using in a lawful manner. He sacked governors and ministers without consultations. As the chief observer of the law he should not allow his hand appointed caretaker governors rule beyond 60 days, but he led it happen.
    4. Kiir chose to rule with an iron fist. As president you are chief diplomat of the country interior and exterior, but to speak like a headstrong dictator does not give him good look in the country as well as internally. Yes, Murle have their only problem against other tribes, but as president you must not use words like if Murle do not stop I will “crash” them. In Wau incident, Kiir joined Rizik’s side by saying if he was the governor he would also join to fight his own citizens who burned flag or staged destructive protest.
    5. Kiir shot himself in the foot when he shut down the oil after listening to his dumb legal and illegal advisers. Where in the world would you have a 98% budget coming from oil and you still shut it down. Hoping that the people of South Sudan would still survive just like they had been during the war, but he knew during the shutdown he has his stuffed bank accounts to survive the shutdown period while the poor fan for their lives.

    There is just a lot to count against Kiir as president and he must not run around trying to blame passengers of an overturned car that he was its driver.
    Politicians like Kiir are dumbly intelligent in that they know many south Sudanese like Blessed Abraham are still ignorant. they do not realize my failure. They still credit SPLA for the war which they did not win though of course they impacted the northern government and want to give SPLA or Kiir a free passenger in the midst of record high failures to be a president in 2015. That in itself is the ignorance of our population, and it is no wonder that Kiir refuse to fund education in South Sudan because he does not want the people to be enlightened to know how to read and write so that they pay attention to what corrupt government of South Sudan is doing.

    However, I have hope that the 2015 election is a referendum on Kiir not Riek. Riek has a right to echo out the mistakes of the government since no want wants to and he also has a right to contest chairmanship and 2015, but when I vote against Kiir in 2015 I will want to send my message to Kiir that he had been a worse president and I need someone else whether Riek or someone else I don’t care. South Sudanese suffered during the Arabs and should not continue to suffer under selfish leaders like Kiir and his cabinets.

    WARNING: You South Sudanese should watch out for the ministers who were recently sacked. Because they have been sacked, they will now try to ally with you against Kiir. Please, let them not deceive you again. Kiir and them have the eight years records of failures and they must not be allowed to come back now or in 2015.


    • Mathew Riek:

      Dear Compatriot and SSN Friend:
      Your Warning is great and in place. I would take it seriously, however you forgot to mention Dr.Riek Machar and Mr.Pagan Amum along with the ministers. They are part of the team and I’m pretty sure that they might have been exposed and infected with the virus of the Corruption in Juba. Therefore, I strongly oppose their rights and eligibility to run for the presidency of the Republic of South Sudan in 2015.

      There is saying that if you live or associate yourself with A thief, you would automatically be influenced by a thief and one day you could become a thief yourself. In fact, Dr.Riek Machar and Mr.Pagan Amum have been passengers in the most corrupted Car of president Kiir Mayardit and I don’t think that they are fit to lead this Country. We need Somebody new and has never been a passenger in the Car or government of prsident Kiir Mayardit. Stay blessed and focused on the truth!

      ” The truth must be told even if it hurts”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

  28. kikisik says:

    It is very funny reading most of these comments. I think if Ukwa is invited to South Sudan, he can produced a nice movie! It is very unfortunate that we have run out of ideas, what is left of us are insult and nonsense.
    No doubt, everything has not been ideal – but haven’t we given enough thought to the unhappy times? It doesn’t do any good to ruin the present time recalling what went wrong in the past.

  29. Mack says:

    There are blind followers who don’t read history. The right for self-determination for the South Sudan first demanded for in Juba 1947 Conference and the first parliament in 1954 in Khartoum. It’s did not start in 1991 Nasr attempted power graft declaration.

    For the other blind ICC advocates who want Dr. Riek indicted for the alleged Bor Massacre by his forces, the court has mandate to prosecute genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression committed prior to 1 July 2002.
    So forget of bringing any charges before the ICC against Dr. Riek.

  30. Onyo Hobu says:

    Blessed Abraham,

    This post is bias and does not reflect the ICC policies. Let us post things that can help us into peaceful co-existence and democratic South Sudan. This is a little bit childish, tribal and violent inciting post.

  31. TAP DAK says:

    August 2, 2013 at 8:02 am

    The article is one sided, ill-subjective, written by a lackey, sycophant whose name blessed ABRAHAM is a misnomer, in fact the reverse is true. Because your article is egotistical and also egoistical to make others or the common herd believe that they are not humans to make right judgements on their own for your tribal interest rather than the common one. and that you chose dictatorship as the best system for you, it may be good for you, but nonsensical and absurd for almost every citizen.
    Look, it was difficult for those of you to know that Dr. Machar’s pursuit was our salvation, the Independence of South Sudan, however, realised when Garang’s pursuit the unity of Sudan, was left to Malik Agar and Yasir Saed El raman in the NORTH Sudan in 2011 referendum on self-determination for South Sudanese, likewise Machar’s program, democracy will be realised only when he is our president.
    I know it will be expensive, but its price must be paid for democracy is always expensive to be obtained. We have got a job.

  32. Dear, brother & Sister
    I think you guys are really joking .please can you join juba now and see how peaceful our people living .War is there .but who are the one go now.

    I just wait to vote in 2015 Election and see who will win the election, that all i can say here

    Thank you all & God bless you

  33. Doctor Ocampo says:

    A Clean mind pours out unity but dirty minds like the one of Abraham pours out scorn, horror, division and lots of thrash and squalid words!
    cursed are such in the persons of Abraham because they do not preach peace !

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