Political future of South Sudan should not be pegged on Kiir and Machar’s ambitions

BY: Andrew BARUNGI, African Review, FRIDAY, SEPT/25/2015, SSN;

South Sudan has been engaged in a civil war since December, 2013. The main protagonists are President Salva Kiir and former vice president Dr Riek Machar. On the surface, the war has ethnic dimensions— the Dinka vs the Nuer, the two being the largest and most influential ethnic groups in South Sudan.

Wars and civil strife seem to be common in new states, especially in Africa. There are very important questions that have to be asked about South Sudan. Has the South Sudan project been a failure? The peace talks we have been following in the news since 2014, have they turned into peace jokes? Whom do these peace talks benefit?

The South Sudan project was something many human rights defenders, both in Africa and the international community, had envisaged. Why? South Sudan fought a civil war with (North) Sudan because of marginalisation.

The Sudan, which was a creation of the British in 1956, set the precedent for South Sudan’s current problems, by bringing in completely different groups (such as Muslims, Christians and Animists on the one hand, and Arabs and Africans on the other hand), together.

The leaders of the north seemed to be privileged or favoured during colonialism and thus imposed their chauvinism, which resulted in a war. In 2011, South Sudan voted for independence and many thought this was a new dawn.

But could this have been another case of placing the cart before the horse?

As noted earlier, South Sudan was marginalised before and after independence when they were part of the Sudan. It was under-developed; there was hardly any infrastructure, education or healthcare for the population.

However, that did not stop some South Sudanese such as the late John Garang and Machar, among others, from going to school and pursuing PhDs in the West. That said, it is possible that the root of the conflict is lack of development.

Also, alarming levels of corruption have been reported in South Sudan, which might be fueling the conflict because some selfish individuals want to control and profit from the country’s natural resources such as oil.

This corruption is viewed by the majority as an act of impunity perpetrated by the minority – in particular people with power derived from their positions in the military.

Civil war

Let us not forget that the civil war is a conflict between ethnic warlords who use ethnicity as a bargaining chip. Another issue is that South Sudan did not establish a national and professional army; it just merged different rebel groups— this was common in post-independence Africa.

Which brings me to the question, have the negotiations between the warring parties been peace talks or peace jokes? There have been many peace agreements only for clashes to resume. History in post-independence Africa shows that warring parties rarely honour the peace agreement and absolute gain is in the interest of the protagonists.

These peace talks seem designed to appease the international community but in reality only benefit the warlords, not the South Sudanese people.

Take for instance the major concessions being exchanged at the so-called peace talks. How will cabinet posts, federalism or the number of guards one person has bring development to South Sudan? Are these issues really addressing the core issue of under-development, nepotism and corruption?

Remember peace is not the absence of war, so if these concessions result in some kind of peace agreement, it may only benefit a few elites and perpetuate the current semi-feudal state in South Sudan, which is a harbinger for another civil war.

The international community should also understand that sanctions do not bring peace. The warlords will still find a way of fighting to protect their personal interests (as opposed to the wider interests of the State).

What alternative remedies are at our disposal? South Sudan probably needs a fresh political dispensation – a new constitution bereft of the personal influence of the main protagonists – President Kiir, Machar and their allies.

The peace talks should focus on establishing a transition and timetable for developing a new constitution that caters for the interests of all of South Sudan’s ethnic and religious groups based on principles of fairness and equity. Such a process should hopefully bring new faces of leadership to South Sudan, people who are patriotic and have a vision for the country.

The political future of South Sudan should not be pegged on the personal ambitions of President Kiir or Machar. And the new constitution should give a voice to all ethnic and religious groups and not just the two dominant tribes of Nuer and Dinka – as it seems to be the case today.

Mr Barungi is a social scientist. ankal1@alumni.morgan.edu & Twitter: @andybk82


  1. Andrew BARUNGI,

    You are one of many visionless, clueless, and objectiveless South Sudanese. Waste of valuable time to read thoughtless articles written by idiot writers like you.

  2. Guet Athina Guet says:

    Mr. Barungi,

    I know for fact you’re not from south Sudan, but Ugandan citizen leaving the united states. Checked your credentials at Morgan state university.. very impressive. Read your article very carefully, and I am not sure if you really understand the situation or how long this problem between Dinkas and Nuer … this goes back 1800, it’s something any of you will ever understand … Dinka and Nuer are the same people except for different ascent.
    You ask ” Has the South Sudan project been a failure?”, I don’t think so, south Sudan government is functioning as well as other countries. Your claim of “alarming level of corruption” that’s hearsay sir, you must have fact to even mention it. And yes, the minorities are the ones spreading all the big lies to discredit the government from doing it’s people work. During independence in 2011, yes we did not have national army, but today we do have formidable notional army and the butcher of south Sudan have reckon with. I also, I agree with you regardless of peace, another war is looming in the corner, as long butcher Machar is not sent to prison, for the mess murdered he committed 1991 of women, children and the old. Machar must be brought to justices by any means necessary and charge with war crimes against humanity.
    May god bless President Kiir and keep him safe and may god bless south Sudan.

    • Nyongoro says:

      Guet A. Guet,
      Your comments with your bad English is nothing but adding insult to injury. It is evident that you have not even taken time to internalize Andrew’s article because you are anchored to tribal political and military superioriority ideology. I don’t blame you because you are a victim of indoctrination from birth. The little education you strived to achieve has not even corrected the tribalism in you. You don’t even realize you have been made a permanent problem to the solution.

      Please find it in your heart to forgive me, albeit for saying the truth. What is not said today will be the problem tomorrow.

      In a nutshell, RSS needs new blood in its ageing political and military veins. There should be a quota system to avoid a tribal army because RSS political elites draw their legimacy from the military instead of getting mandated by the people through the ballot box. A good government will educate its people and with education, people will rise above tribalism and embrace diversity. People from different tribes and walks of life will embrace diversity and together as citizens harvest its blessings.

      One can write endlessly but the underlying fact is we have to educate our people to accept unity in diversity and allow every citizen to equally enjoy the blessings of citizenship.

      • Guet Athina Guet says:

        Mr. Nyongoro,

        Your comment(s) is well taken, you’re absolutely entitle to your opinion. The problem is many of you are quick to criticize the legitimate elected government. President Kiir is doing excelent job at these conditions of war. I reject Mr. Barungi, assertion of putting president Kiir name in the same sentence with the butcher Marchar who has killed women, children and the old in 1991. You need to appreciate those military elites for hard work during the struggle to free south Sudan from the butcher of Khartoum Bashir. You people should direct your anger to the butcher of south Sudan Machar who’s a serial killer. You asked for quota, why don’t you give example to your readers on how to restructure the army to accommodate all tribes. You’re right in your third paragraph education is the way out for all our people.
        May god bless president Kiir and keep him safe, and may god bless south Sudan.

    • Dear Mr Barungi,

      Thank you for your input in regard to the crisis in South Sudan. I find myself agreeing with many of your views. Solving our national problems does not preclude taking good advices, ideas and solutions from outsiders. This is why the current peace agreement was brokered by the international community. Your assertion that the civil war was a conflict between ethnic warlords bears some truth and you are definitely right that South Sudan did not establish a national and professional army. Yes, South Sudan needs a new constitution that would embrace federalism as the system of governance. The overwhelming majority supports it and it was the demand of the South Sudanese since 1947. As to your question at the beginning of the article, ” Has the South sudan project been a failure ?, I would like to say when the matter is people’s liberation and independence, failure will never be the end result. It will always be the defeat of the oppressors and victory for the oppresssed be it with or without the help from outsiders.

      • Guet Athina Guet says:

        Mr. Kwajok,

        This is not the time to talk about federalism … not now. Maybe after the country is has stabilized. Sorry, but ou can forget about your dream of federalism, is not going to happen and it can not be allow. Majority of south Sudanese do not need the so call “federalism!”.

  3. johnjerry says:

    Mr. Barungi,you are right to say that political future of South Sudan should not be pegged on Kiir or Machar’s ambitions.The Rumbek conference and the 1991 rebellion by Riak and Lam Akol tells it all.Both Riak and Kiir are rebels and should stop blaming each other for being a rebel. It was Riak Machar that stepped in between Dr. John Garang and Salva Kiir to keep Salva as Garang’s deputy or he Salva Kiir will form his movement hence the CPA will be spoiled.

    We have the greediest politicians who are ready to see thousands of people die and seem not to care for the life of others, but theirs alone. Do on to others as you would want them to do to you and love your neighbor as you love yourself this is one of the basis of the Biblical Ten Commandment from which all the other form of laws are derived and there is no law greater than the 10 Commandment as followers of Jesus Christ. When the Song ” I have decided to follow Jesus no turning back,no turning back” was written in ASSAM what is now India in 1823 by a missionary Family.One Family decided to become a Christian in a predominately a Buddaism Society. He was married with 3 children and the Village Chief asked him to renounced his religion,but the man refused. He was told if you don’t renounced your religion we will kill you and your family. And indeed the Man said he has decided to follow Jesus, no turning back,no turning back. One of his child was killed one after another and his wife. Then at last they told him to renounce his religion else he will too be slain. The Man boldly said I have decided to follow Jesus no turning back,no turning back. The Man was then struck death. The village Chief was then suprised and thought who is this Man Jesus from a far away land that this Man has decided to follow. I too will become a follower of Jesus Christ. Being a Christian is not enough to go to Kator to pray every sunday,but to be a real believer in Christ. Both Kiir and Machar have had people die in their thousands innocently because of being power hungry.King Solomon was a great Leader because he was a believer in Christ,put God in your life first because you might try to kill someone who is really a God as we are made in the image of God. Who knows what a God looks like.

  4. Eli says:

    Mr Barungi
    Your article is to the core, you have touched some main points and summarized the whole events, although I may disagree when you said; “On the surface, the war has ethnic dimensions— Dinka vs the Nuer, the two being the largest and most influential ethnic groups in South Sudan.”
    Sir, I don’t know when were you born? But if you have been following the history of our nation, these two tribes have never been the forerunners in the national political arenas until in early 1980s, the origin of the true struggle for S.Sudan’s independence actually started in Equatoria, 1955 in Torit Mutiny, E. Equatoria, that was even before the British handed us over to our Northrn neighbors during Sudan’s Independence. And once again it will go back there in the near future for its redefinition of true sanity.

    Let’s face the truth; these two tribes have deep mistrust of one another (to the core) and putting them both on the top two positions was only a bait for a one way ticket. Yes, Dinka and Nuer at this time are the most armed to their teeth militarized groups but that doesn’t mean they are ” the most influential ethnic groups in South Sudan” or dominant groups, becasue that will one day change, just like every political systems have come and go. Just watch how quickly they will relinquish polical dynasty to real reformists who are at this point playing dummy until the right time elapses.
    It will be a gross mistake if Dr Riek Machar joins in the same old same old staled SPLA adaged failed politics that has corrupted everybody, if he forgets the most needed reforms; i.e FEDERALISM, EQUITABLE NATIONAL ARMY FORMATION, FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND EXPRESSIONS FOR OTHER POLITICAL PARTIES, HUNGER AND STARVATION, LACK OF EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF ROADS AND BRIDGES, NATIONAL POLITICAL REFORMATIONS etc. then he risks going back in bush by himself this time.
    Now, is the time Dr Machar; he got the final chance to impress the people, let’s hope that he will utilise this moment wisely as he started. We trust his vision will steer us to lasting peace.

    Bentiu Ramran and Guet Athina;
    I am not sure why you two overeacted to Mr Barungi’s article very harshly? I don’t see any infringment here but the article does points some sincere concerns. Yes, I too think there was no point for the negotiators to waste time in how many bodyguards each leader needs, after all if they really meant peace then why are they so insecure in the land they are leading? Doesn’t that give a negative impression that everyone or certainly those SPLA generals all must have as many bodyguards as they can afford

    Leaders who come forth and asks for gorgiveness and initial reforms could be PARDONED, but only with a sincere apology. Both Pres.Kirr and incubent 1st VP Dr Machar deserved second chance or perhaps final.

    Again, the writer made a good point to say:”The peace talks should focus on establishing a transition and timetable for developing a new constitution that caters for the interests of all of South Sudan’s ethnic and religious groups based on principles of fairness and equity”.
    Bentiu; Isn’t Dr Riek Machar hand-picked by the IC, TROIKA and IGAD members to lead the reforms according to IGAD PLUS? If yes, then where did the writer go wrong?
    I really hope that we don’t go back to the same mentality of trying to silent and intimidate reformists and start to listen to voices of wisdom and correction.
    Being stiff-necked and sturbone is not the answer to our perpetual plights. We must all be reminded that’ this peace agreement was only signed between the SPLA parties, it didn’t for whatsoever reason include ALL the South Sudanese Publics, Civic Societies and other non militarized political parties. So that means there are still tougher times ahead, we just hope this time the turmoil should be fought in the parliament or bloody revolutions are waiting to explode.

    • Mr. Eli,

      I remember I disagreed with you on the article that was posted by academicians in USA regarding the conditions in South Sudan a while ago. The article was not base on the root cause of conflict and many problems we have in South Sudan, but those academicians’ criticism was based on Dinka, Nuer, Kiir, and Riek. It was very naïve for skillful academicians to write such thoughtless articles that could not help bring South Sudanese together in the future.

      Mr. Eli, often time you disagree with Nikalongo and I strongly believe both of you are Equatorians. Less say you are a Zande and Nikalongo is an Acholi and you seriously disagree over the formation of government, regional, and national constitutions. Consequently you got in a physical fight in the office. Real concern citizens all over South Sudan who want to solve the problem completely would look into what cause the conflict between you and Nikalongo and then take it from their. Those concern South Sudanese who seek to solve by finding the root cause can solve any problem no matter how big or small and how complex the problem is. However, writer who would just say this is Acholi-Zande’s problem or Nikalongo-Eli’s problem will never ever be able to solve any problem in South Sudan and Andrew BARUNGI is one of those people.

      Mr. Eli, I disagreed with Mr.Andrew BARUNGI because he failed to acknowledge what cause problem between Kiir and Riek. Mr. Andrew BARUNGI’s article was criticizing Dinka, Nuer, Kiir, and Riek equally regardless of what party is at fault. Mr. Eli is this the proper way we should be solving our problem in South Sudan? In this world there never two people who got in fight that are equally wrong or equally right no matter how stupid or smart the judge is one of them must be wrong.

      If the current chaos in South Sudan, is Dinka-Nuer’s problem, then why people are fighting in Western Bar-El Gazal, Western Equatorian, Central Equatoria, and Eastern Equatoria while are no Nuers in those states? Whom are they fighting with you?

      Mr. Eli, did you read Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok’s article? What was your opinion on it? I think South Sudanese want South Sudan to be stable country in the future should write like him. I like Dr. Kwajok’s article because it described what causes problem in South Sudan, but Dinka-Nuer, Kiir-Riek. Do I know what tribe is Dr. Lako Jada is from? However, what I know he is not Nuer or Dinka, but he is just a concern fair citizen.

  5. False Millionaire says:

    Bantiu Ramaran,
    Did u really read and understood Mr Barungi’s dispatch before crucifying him as,”visionless,clueless,objectiveless,thoughtless and idiot”?
    U would do very well to dispel the crude sense of ignorance clouding your doubious intellectual image if u could define the true meaning of such terms and how they fit into the context of Mr Barungi’s excellent dispatch.

    If your rampage owes to the account of support to Dr Riak and the SPLM-IO,why do u forget to remember that he was in the government looting along with Kiir and the rest of the SPLM/A elites before the events of 15 December 2013?
    Thanking the IGAD-Plus in general and US and Britain in particular,”the compromise pease agreement”,is nothing more than a mandate for exclusive power sharing between Dr Riak and Kiir’s camps.
    It means restoring the looting and misruling circumstances as were before the events of 15 December 2013.
    Such context will not only put RSS under the grave conditions of under development,it will provide the dangerous climate of insecurity forever.
    This is the true reality Mr Barungi is attempting to expose.
    Now who is idiot,Mr Barungi who is enlightening the masses about the unfolding danger or u who is blasting at him in defense of insecurity,corruption,misrule and pursuit of lack of development?!

    • False Millionaire,

      You always claim to be an Equatorian, but the government is killing Equatorians day and night and I never see you condemning the killing. You are heartless human being who believe in currency. Shame on you.

  6. Hardtarget says:

    Thanks Barungi.
    I am disappointed in you and Guet and Rimara

    Sometimes I wonder if we the south Sudanese are human at all. Barungi’s Argument is on target. I live in juba and happen to have so many colleagues working for the government. Corruption is real, far beyond imagination. That is not to say it is only manifest within the government circles, No. The NGOs,NNGOs, CBOs, the churches are all but part of the vice.
    Why blame the government??: Surely in the absences of institutionalized and operational polices geared towards reducing corruption, all state and non state actors including the UN found a fertile ground to market their stock in trade; deceit, exploitation, hypocrisy talk of organized corruption
    Yes! the Government takes the blame for not standing against it, characterized by display of disturbing level of mediocrity
    The Dinka Nuer game; One Dinka friend of my told me this “ I tell you forget about peace as long as Dinka or Nuer are in power” his argument was that these groups are traditional enemies, with well documented culture of robbery and looting , even today cattle raids is still not uncommon. So it’s just transiting from cattle looting to state coffers looting – Simple. the rule is the mighty take it all.
    He even cited an example of contrast between encountering Dinka police man/woman and Equatorian Policemen/women. That the former barks to instill fear without explanation unlike the later
    It brings me the conclusion that ethnic federalism is the best for South Sudan, these will bring in completion among the groups hence enhances development at grassroots level other than clustering in juba, where all the loots are feasted on.

    Secondly, minority rule at the federal government is better option for now as we work on developing all inclusive constitution and avert possibility of Dinka vs. Nuer clashes for influence and resources

  7. Hardtarget,

    I am afraid that you and Andrew BARUNGI will remain stupid, clueless, visionless, and directionless if you still think the problem of South Sudan is a Dinka-Nuer problem while your people in Greater Equatoria are being humiliated. Now there are problems in three Equatorian States. Are there Nuers in Greater Equatoria that the government is fighting with? Just believe what you want to believe.

    • Holo Kor says:

      Bentiu, me and the rest who are from the other tribes, exclusive of, of course, you the Nuer and Dinka are the liabilities of South Sudan. So, you are not better than Dinkas-at least in my view. You are so obnoxious-people! Leave people alone because what they write, truly make sense.

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

        Holo Kor,

        I love it when people of your kind can’t contrast and compare. As an advice from a countryman, please help yourself to an english book where you can discern the art of contrasting and comparing so you can become a beneficial citizen to the RSS. Thank you in advance for accepting my advice. After you fully comprehend the art of contrasting and comparing, give it another shoot to compare Nuer and Dinka. I have confident in that you find the fine line between these two communities or tribes.

        • Holo Kor says:

          Hi Nuer, and whatever that other name is…a copy cat sort of! Oh my,an english or “English”. Please don’t just make people laugh at you. I thought by now, and being pompous as you are- you would’ve by now mastered the elementary rules of usage in English, but it is nothing but pooh-pooh for you as usual, and what else can one get from you, but… never mind, anyway!

          And please, you’re what I said that you are. So, any question? I seem you’ve nothing for me, now.

          • Holo Kor,

            Since you are clueless and brainless who lack reasoning ability just continue to be a bystander, Nuer will bring you genuine democracy to your door. The Nuer blood will bring you lasting freedom no matter how long it will take. You are like birds which just standby watching the farmers who cultivate their farm, but when grain get ready the birds are the first one to eat before the owner. Enjoy the farm more than the owner.

          • Holo Kor says:

            Mr. Ramaran,

            I was going to be convinced and beyond reasonable doubt that I’ll just ignore you so that you feel better about yourself and that you have won a debate. But hey! I has come to hate one line of the conversation and you squabble that: “The Nuer blood will bring you lasting freedom no matter how long it will take.” Really! I think also that can be a good news and effort from your part, but, don’t you think about yourself and especially those ladies, or women like Nyabena who need this freedom more than me? You and the entire people are crazy and that is all I can say.

            Mr. Ramaran, I’ve come to know you, and a lot; I know you sometimes love to vex and also dithers too much and hum and haw, just about everything. So, finally, if you want to fight and to rescue the innocent people, please help bring to us Nyabena and those young girls, and home to their parents-please! …”Women held as sex slaves by Kiir’s South Sudan army “rape camps”, Bentiu, South Sudan: Daily Nation, Southsouthnation.com and now, you can see and read what I’ve been talking to you about. Therefore, stop this browbeat of yours and do something and start this among yourselves, the Nuer.

            So, stop putting the high hat, haughty and narcissism aside, these are not not helping.

  8. Hardtarget says:


    You problem is that Emotions took a better part of you that is why your reasoning in impaired.

    The naket truth is that you guys are bent for revenge and the Dinka on consolidating thier power at all cost, that is why the masses are suffering. The Innocent Nuer, and Dinka pay the ultimate cost as the semi-gods like Kiir and Riak reap the harvest. WHAT I PITY.

    Mark my words, the damage is already done, we are not suppose to wallow in the past, but forge new way forward for the good of all

    I was there when the government butchered innocent Nuer Kids and women. revenge revenge and revenge will push this nation to the edge

    • Hardtarget,

      I am glad you said you were there when Dinka-Kiir butchered Nuer civilians and then why are you accusing us brother? What do you think we should have done differently in such critical situation? Could you tell me what Nuer should have done rather than fighting back to safe themselves?

      • Hardtarget says:

        My point is that tension between the two fault lines is still high. If Dinka is allowed to lead and dominate, then there is possibility of suppression, marginalization of Nuers as they will try to consolidate their grip on power hence a recipe for more violent resistant.
        On the other hand, some Nuers lost more than just lives, if given opportunity(power) will do everything to avenge their kins.

        In these case I believe minority Groups should be given the opportunity to lead the nation during Transitional period to calm the storm,, reform the Institutions etc as the two giants prepare for elections

  9. survior says:

    the article was spot on; while peace is a good thing! how does this particular peace benefits ordinary south Sudanese? particularly, ” How will cabinet posts, federalism or the number of guards one person has bring development to South Sudan? Are these issues really addressing the core issue of under-development, nepotism and corruption? ”
    These are some of the question that any patriotic southern Sudanese would ask.
    but of course, as much as we would like to place the blame on the leaders. someone of us (ordinary citizens) lack the ability to see the “forest before the tress” so to speak. case in point Bentu Ramaran.
    we quickly forget that these foes were equal partners in the crime of looting south Sudan; namely Kiir and Riek. they looted and became rich at the expense of the ordinary south Sudanese. they both failed to build functioning institution, schools, hospitals and roads, just to name a few. once they discovered that the masses weren’t happy with them, they started to bicker and started to blame one another, while mobilizing their own tribal posses for military actions. now that they have succeeded in destroying South Sudan. they are now making up once again, and they will continue to enrich themselves, without regards to the poor sons who bitterly fought, bleed and died fighting their aimless war. unless we start to wise up and start to see bad as bad without regards to one’s tribal affiliation, personal connection or what have you. once we start to judge our leaders based on merit. what have you done while in office? rather then make excuses for a failed corrupt politicians.
    with regards to this peace agreement; the warring faction won but the ordinary citizen of South Sudan lost. we are back to square one.
    whether one agrees or not; the fact is, the duo of Kiir and Riek. meet all the measurable s of warlords
    the only way forwards is, if we all join hand on the table of brotherhood and sisterhood, see what is true afflicting us and work on solution, rather base personalities. we need to start to shun warlord-ism and embrace true democracy. we need to learn that war is not a solution, especially in our situation.

  10. False Millionaire says:

    Bantiu Ramaran,
    To take a refuge in such absurdity as,”the cause”,will allways set your fortunes in a smoke no matter how hard others of good will may dare to help u.
    Ramaran,if u belong among those in Dr Riak’s camp,u should be very thankful to the US and Britain for mastermining,”the compromise peace agreement”.
    Why?not only have they rescued u from the depth of the pit where Kiir and company were bound to bury u,they have also brought u to the same table of the national power where u will loot the national resources with Kiir at equal terms.

    The truth is,if Kiir and his entourage are clinging to power,it’s to keep hold of access to national resources.
    If those of u with Dr Riak are struggling to conquer power,it’s also for the same reason.
    “The compromise peace agreement”,in theory will divid up the resources among u.
    And what will u do?sit,loot,eat,get married to as many women as possible,take care of your kins and in-laws,murder those who may appear to agitat against corruption and lack of development and finally set the masses again in a war.
    It’s a grave mistake to expect peace and prosperity in RSS as a result of your making.
    It’s out of such context that,”the compromise peace agreement”,handing u over RSS in a silver plat is a mistake.

    If I were ever given an opportunity to have a say,I would advise the americans and the british to take over RSS immediately.That’s to say if they really have political,social and economic interests at stake that might have forced them to impose the compromise peace agreement.
    Beating around the bush with the bad calculation to climb on board over the shoulders of the thugs would only give way to the evil opportunity that will give birth to a tragedy that will oblige the americans and british to climb in upon a heap of mass human bones at the end.

    Mr Barungi is a citizen of good will.
    But for the hopless corrupt reactionaries like u,u are advised to stay calm,feast on the fortunes that u don’t deserve and be patient.
    It will never take us one centuary before seeing,”the compromise peace agreement”,failing miserably!!!

  11. Toria says:

    Bentiu Ramaran
    Sorry, but it looks like you are the new face of dictatiorship, you are a bad spokesperson for Dr Riek’s camp, if that is what you are trying to do. Take a break brother and think deep before erattic behaviours in Public Forum. You are on a rampage of calling everybody all the nasty names, you need to control your temper and use some civility. I would like to refresh your memory, if you may allow me, remember, where the war of liberation and independence originated in 1955? I hope you do, if you don’t, this is not the war of Nuer vs Dinka, becasue you and your cousins are struggling against each other only for power and control. I do agree with Target above here wne he noted;
    “The naked truth is that you guys are bent for revenge and the Dinka on consolidating their power at all cost, that is why the masses are suffering. The Innocent Nuer, and Dinka pay the ultimate cost as the semi-gods like Kiir and Riek reap the harvest”

    Besides that there isn’t much substance. But the real war hasn’t even started, it’s the war of mental liberation and sanity in the house of “Common Sense”. I promise you once Dr. Riek is back inside Juba it is business as usual, there won’t be any reforms or any change but instead the Kirr and Machar’s camps are going to team up against the others. We have seen this before, when late Dr Garang teamed up with Dr Riek after butchring each others followers in thousands they turned against the others. Here is another truth for you; the reason Kirr signed this agreement is to bring Nuers back to face the rising challenges fermenting in Equatoria, FYI, your cousins the Dinkas knows very well how to use others for their advantage, now tell me if the Jiengs are really different from Jallabas? Not at all. So I urge you Bentiu not to fall for that cheap divide and conquor old school crookery, beacause even the British who started it tried it and were still defeated, and so will everyone of them so-called “colonizers” fail. One more truth is; all that the Dinkas want is to use you to control everybody and in particular the Equatorians. But, it’s too late now, their plans are too shallow and naked for everyone to see in the open. Again, if you can answer this: Why there is no mention in IGAD Plus of justice for the lives of the innocent people murdered in the last 30 months or the millions of dollars stollen from national treasury and hiden in foreign accounts, the thieves and murderers are still runner on the streets looking for more victims to feast on? Bentiu;If there are really true reforms then it should start with accountability of bringing the culprits to face Justice. Truth and Reconciliation Commision must be formed and the pains still FRESH in people’s minds be addressed. Otherwise, it’s just a new cycle of turmoil starting to boil once again. Accept wisdom or reject it and the end is doomsday.

  12. Toria,

    Sleeping dogs always remain sleep no one bother to wake them up, but when they see danger they run faster because dog do not reason and do not predict nor foresee what will happen to them tomorrow. For you Toria and the like continue sleeping, yet some one will wake you up and tell you one day this South Sudan problem is not just Dinka-Nuer problem it is bigger than this. The bottom line is Nuer do not like lick people’s feet and Nuer will not allow colonization and recolonization in South Sudan. All the bystanders, clueless, visionless, cowards, and sleeping dogs in South Sudan will yet wake up one day understand what principles Nuer stand for.

  13. Eli says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you. Thank you for the wonderful truths, an eye opening questions. For xample, when you commented;

    “If there are really true reforms then it should start with accountability of bringing the culprits to face Justice. Truth and Reconciliation Commision must be formed and the pains still FRESH in people’s minds be addressed”.

    Just after reading your wise comment, I turned on the News and it was right there on the BBC World Service Afternoon News, the AU is forming the “Hybrid War Crime Criminal Courts” as we speak just for South Sudan. Finally our calls for JUSTICE is been answered.
    Toria; I think you are an excellent predictor, we must keep up the good job to bringing true freedom, democracy, justice and equality and stay focussed in pursuits of LIBERTY and true happiness to ALL the people of South Sudan.
    Eli Wani

    • Nikalongo says:

      The Hybrid Court should remember to take along with them the leaders of SSNLF and other peripheral groups for crimes against humanity and encouraging people to commit acts of violence. I warned them (SSNLF) before for getting involved in other people’s (Dinka-Nuer) war, now they will have to face justice for refusing to listen.

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

        What are you? A self appointed judge! Museveni got involved, are you going to have him face justice?

  14. Toria says:

    SSNLF is ready to face justice if anything could be proven, but instead Eli stands for the voice of the voiceless in South Sudan. Most probably you and your partner False Millionair are part of Kirr’s Juba regime/JCE have your hands socked in innocent bloods. Justice is about to knock on your doors.

    • Nikalongo says:

      Mr False unlike the Nuer and Dinka hooligans, works for every bit of crumb of bread he eats. He hunts crocks and hippos on the Nile for his kebab and komnia. Those of Another Nuer, Ramaran, Eli and all the faceless supporters of the Dinka and Nuer bloodthirsty thugs in Juba and Pagak, famous for inciting violence and barbarism on SSN are now trembling with fear in their pants. It is a matter of time before the hybrid Court hunts them down. If and when they are locked up, we will have the keys to their prison cells given to Lucifer in hell.

      • Toria says:

        Did you mean hunting crocs and hipos? Well, that is a very good incriminating information, because hunting such animals are now banned, these are rare species and must be preserved under the new wildlife legislative bylays. Now, we openly know about your partner False M is a poacher and possibly a murderer, keep bringing forth the evidences. Remember, everything you said here shall be used against you and those you nameed in the court of law in the future. It’s good that you start confession before you are ask, because of guilty conscience. Keep up the good job Nikalongo.

  15. Alier Gai says:

    Toria speaks up his mind better now and the greater nikalongo is rearing the truth. What about eli supporting riek?

  16. Hoiloom says:

    False Millionaire

    You should also be very thankful for the same US that ordered UPDF to rescue you in late 2013, otherwise we would be singing a different song now. As for those who abused Ramaraan Bentiu for telling the truth, some of our Equatorian brothers don’t seem to get this, it’s a national issue and not Nuer v. Dinka. I doubt Nuer are the ones causing havoc in Nimuli, Mundri, Yabio or Lainya county. Let us look at our national crises from a different perspective, otherwise some of us will just be mere spectators. Equatorians soldiers are heavily involved in fighting on the side of the government, the evident are the POWs who where captured in a barge in Pangak (northern Jonglei state) last month. This is just one example.


  17. Nikalongo says:

    Hoiloom or Holum,

    Bentui Ramaran telling the truth? Since when? The man does not know what truth is. He is an embodiment of all lies. He deceives you that the Nuer – Dinka war is national. Crab. There is nothing national about the senseless tribal war. Fighting in Wonduruba, Mundri and Maridi is a conspiracy by the Nuer and Dinka Generals in Juba and Pagak to expand their theatre of war to Equatoria.
    There were no Equatorian soldiers on those barges. The 5 Equatorian civilians or so on board were relief workers on their way to help hungry and trapped Dinka and Nuer civil populations in the UNMISS camps in Greater Upper Nile.

  18. False Millionaire says:

    Your name is Ho,Ho,il and ooom om om.
    That makes me laugh.But I mean no harm at all my brother.
    It just scares me off.It sounds like a solitary hippo bull in the marshland in a complet doubt and it mows to scare away any probable intruder.
    But let’s get down to business and listen to me.
    Your intentions are within the context of the sphere of the nuer life long ambitions for a nuer nation in RSS correctly as assumed to have been predicted by the prophet nundeng.
    Accordingly:no matter how so daring u may attempt to shed crocodile tears to fool every one on earth into seeing u in the light of a victim,there will allways be many individuals with moral courage to stand up fermly and tstify as what u represent and what intentions u are driving to achieve.

    To the point I have a relible insider.A nuer citizen who took part in the events before,during and after the 15th of December 2013.
    On the 14th of December 2013,a secret nuer tribal meeting was held in Bor.
    The meeting briefed the participants of a coup that would take place in Juba on the 15th of December 2013.
    That the proceedings were to be conducted as follow:
    1 in case of success,nuer citizens would stay calm without harming any one untill further plans and orders;
    2 in case of failure,nuer citizens armed or not would masacre every dinka citizen,old men and women and childern included,within their reach to provoke an earth buring human,material and livelyhood destruction in the scale of Hutus vs Tutsis in Rwanda.

    But leaving the meeting,the insider made a mistake and betrayed the meeting’s confidentiality.
    He advised close fellow friends of dinka origin to leave Bor before the 15th of December 2013.
    According to the insider,the action was well prepared,well coordinated and it were nuer soldiers from the republican guards in Juba who shot the first bullet and overrun Geddah military barrack.
    But attempting to capture Belfam,resistance had already taken form against them and the shooting battle ensued between them and the other soldiers who didn’t constitute a party to their mutiny.
    Such intense was the street fight in Juba according to eye witnesses.
    At the end,the mutineers were defeated forcing thousands of them to run for safety in the UNIMiSS camp in juba where they still shelter today.

    At that point of the events,the UPDF had not yet intervened.
    But in the face of failure,the nuer citizens acted exactly as it was planned for them.
    They masacred every dinka citizen within their reach every where in nuer land and far beyond.
    About a week later,Dr Riak assembled the white army malitia with orders to march On Juba.
    It was the moment of the white army march on Bor on the way to Juba that witnessed the UPDF’s involvment.

  19. Hoiloom says:


    Your readers will take you seriously by telling facts, what would civilians do in a military convoy? I guess I am wasting my time responding to your nonsense.
    False Millionaire, you must really be False from your name. If your reliable source from Bor is true than you should have produced the evidence in G10 trial last year. For God sake SSN has a very well informed audience who know what is taking place in our nation, but hei what do you expect from the likes of Makuei Lueth? Good luck with your new creation of 28 states.


  20. False Millionaire says:

    Please be reminded that I am a spectator on a neutral ground.
    The G10 trial or the lack of it is none of my business.
    But the true facts about the events in my story could never be irrelevant to u.
    According to ELhag Paul,”truth hurts but it is also liberating”.
    I am not here to twist your arm.
    But I am satisfied to feel that u know the truth all too well but only keeping them under the carpet.

    As for the case of the 28 federal states,it’s another ping pong shot in the SPLM/A life long fishy games.
    There isn’t any surprise about it.
    But u wanted federalism and now u are lucky to be on the field of federalism.
    So boot the ball as u like and then sit and see how Makuei Lueth reacts!!!

  21. Hoiloom says:


    Neutral? Truth is not in Dinka vocabulary! There are very few Dinka that will tell truth but majority are a bunch of liars who love to twist facts, like yourself. Leave the great author, Elhag Paul alone by not quoting him because he’s out of your league
    Until you prove your Bor evidence of coup narrative, I will consider you Makuei Lueth in making.


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