“Please No More Excuses” for South leaders

By: Orphan Anynie, RSS

AUG. 08/2012, SSN; I remember when the “transition period” was negotiated into the peace settlement, many of us were aggrieved feeling we should get our vote for Independence immediately since we had already suffered for so long. At that time we were told we need the interim period to get our house in order and to grow up, to mature, as it were into statehood. It was a bitter pill to swallow but we eventually acquiesced.

With our immense capacity for patience and our seemingly endless ability to wait, we consoled ourselves with daydreams of the sweet Referendum to come and we busied ourselves planning ways in which we could help build a new nation. All we wanted was to be given the space to add our contributions.

Notwithstanding, for the last seven years the ruling party in RSS has been whimpering that it is a ”baby” (though, paradoxically, an obese and gluttonous one).

The first year after the CPA, the second year after the CPA, the third year after the CPA, the fourth, the fifth year…and even now at almost the end of the first year of Independence, citizens all over the country have all had to suffer this grating, immensely pathetic mantra that is used as a cover for the party’s intractable crudeness, theft and ineptness; it’s bumbling inability to get its house in order.

This brings me to a few questions. First, how can you claim simultaneously that you deserve to rule the masses because of your service during the Liberation Struggle and, at the same time, that you have no capacity to do so because you are a “baby”?

Second, do you think that Dr. John Garang, for all his own imperfections, would have sung the ”I’m just a baby” song? And for so darn long? Moreover, if you shuffle around grinning from ear to ear saying that you are just a baby whenever you get caught red-handed in some obvious dysfunction/pathology (such as stealing billions from the national treasury) or whenever you fail to perform the simplest of tasks, how on earth can you expect any respect or continued patience and understanding from the “International Community?”

My suggestion to the RSS Administration is this: If you want to be a big man on a big playground, GROW UP. Stop making excuses for yourself and stop bullying, abusing and robbing from your own citizens. It is not charming to see grown men who call themselves ‘’leaders’’ run around making excuses.

It is not charming to see them repeatedly ask others to overlook the dysfunctional systems they themselves have not only created over the last seven years but that they are also attempting to enshrine in order to stay in power via force and manipulation.

The “Thanksgiving” Campaign the Vice President led should be renamed the “Forgiveness” Campaign, and the ruling party should be begging the citizens of this new Republic for forgiveness for their crimes. They should ask for forgiveness for testing our patience with childish lies and excuses that even widows and orphans wouldn’t make. In the meanwhile, they have become morbidly obese and morbidly embarrassing.

Further, if the International Community really has any sense and backbone, they will issue a travel ban on ALL MEMBERS of the RSS Lootership until they repatriate every last pound of the money they have stolen right out of the mouths of ACTUAL babes.

This is the next lobby for the diaspora. Summoning again the networks it made during tireless campaigns for a just peace for South Sudan, the diaspora should knock on official doors all over America, the UK, Australia, etc. and demand that ill-begotten RSS money is returned home. Without this, this peace is not just.

As a lifelong supporter of the SPLM and a voter for Independence, I can truly say now that I would much rather have had a unified Sudan led by President John Garang (who at least had a vision) than an independent South Sudan run by a group of infantile (their own assessment) thugs.

It is exceedingly difficult for Southerners, yet alone foreigners, to take this bully administration seriously. It is exceedingly difficult to feign respect for those who obviously don’t respect themselves or their country.

Though we ALL had a birthday, these ghoulish infants ate all the cake. Now, mouths full and bellies bursting, they sheepishly request that we not scold or punish the ‘’Big Baby.”

However, just shy of a decade into the generous grace period which they were given, everyone’s patience has worn thin. It’s time the adults in the crowd had a word with these developmental sloths and told them to either GROW UP OR GET OUT.

The party and the cake are for us all.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are solely those of the author(s) and do not represent those of the website.

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