Peter Moi Julius: First Journalist shot & killed after Kiir’s murder threat


A journalist working for the New Nation newspaper and the Corporate Newspaper, Peter Moi Julius, was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in the Jebel area of Juba Wednesday evening.

Multiple sources have confirmed to Radio Tamazuj that Julius was killed as he headed home from work.

The incident comes three days after President Salva Kiir made a comment threatening to kill journalists for reporting “against the country.” Kiir made the statement at State House on Sunday before flying to Addis Ababa to attend peace negotiations.

At around noon Thursday a police ambulance brought the body to the mortuary at Juba Teaching Hospital.

At the hospital, Moi’s father Julius Kilong told reporters he found his son’s body near UNMISS in Jebel at a place called Hai Gomaroya after receiving a phone call at about 8:30 about the shooting. He said local residents told him they heard gunfire at around 8 pm.

Julius said his son was shot twice in the back but police prevented him from looking closer at the wounds. Photographs of the body reveal bloodstains on the left torso.

The elder Julius said his son had been with a girlfriend earlier in the night who lived in the same area as the journalist near the South Sudan Breweries Limited complex. He said he was unable to contact the girlfriend so far.

AFP news agency reported that his cell phone and money were not taken from his dead body which could indicate a targeted attack.

The head of the Union of Journalists of South Sudan (UJOSS) Oliver Modi said Kiir’s statement may have contributed to Peter’s murder. “This might also been taken by some individuals and then they acted to confirm what the president has said,” he explained.

“I would appeal to the president to give a press statement against his words so that the people of the Republic of South Sudan will get convinced of what he has said because now we have already started losing journalists,” he said.

Modi said he condemned the killing and said the security agencies are responsible for protecting all citizens including journalists. He called on the authorities to bring the perpetrators to account.

“This is not what the vision of this country,” he continued. “When we moved from 1955 up to date the vision is very clear to establish a new nation, and that was very clear in the words of the late Dr John Garang, moving from dictatorship of Khartoum regimes to a nation where we can guarantee freedom of expression, freedom of media.”

At least seven journalists have been killed in direct relation to their work in South Sudan this year, including journalists killed by unidentified gunmen during a January ambush of an official convoy traveling through Western Bahr el Ghazal state.

Earlier this month, the South Sudanese government shut down two newspapers and Free Voice, a group that is known for producing dramas aimed at promoting peace.

This article was updated at 15:57 on 20 August 2015.

Corrections: this article initially stated Moi Julius was found in Gudele – it was Jebel- and that Kiir made his remarks at the airport, when he had done so at the State House.

Photo: Moi Julius, Facebook



  1. Bia Juron says:

    It not far from the truth, the threat by the president is the cause of the death of Peter. God rest his soul in peace.

    • Joana Adams says:

      Such a young life tragically cut short due to an irresponsible statement by a president. Rest in peace Julius, Kiir will pay for your blood with blood.
      And may the Almighty God give your parents, relatives and friends the strength to bear this terrible loss. And your journalist colleagues, Kiir has dug his own grave. He will never win the war he has declared against the people who elected him to be their leader.
      One day and soon Kiir will go, and we will all together rejoice and enjoy the freedom we all dearly sacrificed to achieve. In the men time look after yourselves.

      Joana Adams

  2. taban lowani says:

    This government of Jung have lost direction. They don’t know what to do with these current crisis in the country. The leadership is not just a wards . It is a wisdom and vision. As you can see ,Mr president, everything in the country is going from bad to worse because of the poor leadership. Please resign before it is get out of control. Cry to your beloved country south Sudan. Do the right things to your country and you can be rewarded for generations to come. You’re name cannot be forgotten like abil allier. Mr president, your accountable for what’s happened in south Sudan. It is not Rick machar or musvuni of Uganda. All people of south Sudan, their eyes are watching on you. They need peace and stability in this beloved country. what you did to them after you have been elected was an acceptable.How can’t your heart is not longer feel anymore when you see your country is going to hill and the numbers of dead reached fifty thousands or more. God please safe south Sudan from Those heartless Jung.

  3. AGUMUT says:

    RIP,but South Sudanese need to wake up because they can not be with government and Rebels. Stop working with two in the same time,

  4. Eli says:

    May your soul RIP, your blood will plead for justice and bring true FREEDOM to our trapped and hostage nation. Tyrannical murderers and dictators find pleasure in spilling innocent bloods. But time is coming when they will answer for every lives lost.

  5. Simba says:

    Kiir has threatened killing journalists who do not subscribe to his demented views, and now we see a journalist dead. Is there any illusion that Kiir is the murderer in chief?
    Kiir detains other without charges, when there are many charges against him to be indicted by the international criminal court.

  6. Where are Nikalongo, False Millionaire, Charles, Daniel A. Ayoung, and Bishop Paradi Taban who always preach that South Sudan’s problem is A Dinka – Nuer problem. These people never feel sorry when Nuer were massacre in thousand in Juba instead they enjoyed the Nuer massacre. They think that Nuer positions in the government will be given to them.

    These individual keep on pointing their figures at Dinka and Nuer equally regardless of who is at fault. If South Sudan’s problem is a Dinka and Nuer issues, then why Equatorians are dying? Why Equatorians are compiling in UNIMISS in Yambio? Who is killing them? Now the history of South Sudan is telling you that you are after money that is why you do not want to the tell truth. Money silence you all that is why you do not want to say anything wrong about tribal corrupted government.

    Peter Moi Julius, May God rest your soul in peace brother and may God bless your father, mother, sisters and brothers and the rest of your family and friend. Rest in peace.

  7. Aramana achawan says:

    Tragedy…tragedy in the hand of Ruthless government. What a pity to threat and kill your own Statesman?

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