Peace cannot hold with Kiir as president for life!

By: Anderson Riek, Nairobi, MAY/20/2014, SSN;

Since this crisis started in December of last year, and the months preceding this, I had decided to go underground, for reasons best known to myself. It wasn’t because there was nothing to write about – a lot of stories and events that needed another person view/bird’s eyes. Since then, a lot of water seems to have passed under the bridge.

South Sudan, a country born in 2011, is now in flames. Only God knows when and how this conflict will end, but as its now, only innocent women, children and the elderly bear the brunt of this senseless war imposed on the people by Salva Kiir and his cronies.

The events which unfolded before the December 15th meant that we were headed for a serious crisis, one worse than any other crisis (es) in history. We all knew that the actions (the unpopular, so-called presidential decrees and the vile threats at the December 14th SPLM national liberation council meeting) of the then president Kiir were antithetical to peace and stability in South Sudan, and any right minded person would have concluded that it was a declaration of war on those deemed as his opponents or stumbling block for him to cling on power endlessly.

What happened on the night of December 15th in Juba was not a coup attempt by any definition, as attested to by many witnesses who have written before this little author. It was a premeditated plan to eliminate all the political opponents of Kiir, and a plan that went terribly wrong, as it didn’t hit the right targets.

Yes, they managed to arrest some innocent political leaders of the party, who only woke up to the guns rattling at night and didn’t know what was happening. The prime target, on hearing gunfire at the presidential guards unit, had to look for escape route as his dear life was in danger – knowing fully well that it was all about him.

What started as an internal fighting within the presidential guards unit, turned out to be tribally motivated killings of innocent Nuer civilians, because the man they wanted to kill had escaped unharmed. They had to use a tank to crush/kill the children, women and whoever they found in his house on the 17th of December when they realized that he was not in the house.

The records we have at our disposal put the number of innocent Nuer civilians killed in Juba alone at 17,000. Most people were killed at their homes during the door-to-door search for Nuer by Kiir’s militias from Bhar el Ghazal with strict orders ‘shoot-to-kill’. Others were killed as they tried to go to UNMISS compounds.

The author narrowly escaped on the 16th of December and bear witness to what happened.

A shaky cessation of hostilities agreement was signed in January and on the day of its signature, the pro-government forces went on the offensive, attacking the anti-government forces in multiple fronts, in total disrespect of the agreement.

They burned Leer town to ashes; and raped, killed women and children on the 6th of February. They looted the town and took everything they could find around – heck!, they also looted UNICEF school’s bags, which attracted UNICEF condemnation from their HQs.

But then, judging from what has been said by the so-called ‘international community’, the world is simply not fair!

A certain guy called Toby Lanzer has been promised renewal of the contract by Kiir’s government but on condition that he had to report falsified information regarding the alleged atrocities committed by the rebels.

When more than 200 innocent (Nuer) civilians under the protection of UN in Bor were killed in broad daylight, the death toll was reduced to 60 people; so as not to disgrace the UN, while treading on a fine line not to arouse Makuei’s wrath.

When civilians were targeted and killed in January (in Bentiu) after the JEM and pro-government forces recaptured the town from the anti-government forces, Toby Lanzer never opened his mouth to condemn it. Likewise, civilians were pulled out of churches and hospitals in Malakal and killed in huge numbers after the town was recaptured by the government forces and the UN never said anything about it.

It has become abundantly clear that the UNMISS is doing according to the whims and caprices of the illegitimate government of Kiir and Makuei, with regards to the ongoing conflict in South Sudan.

It’s either the so-called “international community” is blind to the truth or doesn’t want to know the truth.

After all, we didn’t want somebody, who decided to be blind to the truth, to tell us that so and so is the legitimate president when his hands are full of blood from innocent’s civilians killed, with his full knowledge.

If there is still something called “international community”, they should start calling on this illegitimate president to step aside in order for peace to prevail over chaos and anarchy, as evidenced now.

The only acceptable transition is one without Kiir as president of South Sudan. Otherwise, we are wasting resources (time, papers, inks and money) in Addis Ababa hotels, trying to negotiate peace that will not be achieved in the foreseeable future as long as the conditions are not ripe for it!

The truce cannot hold with Kiir as the president unless we are not seriously for peace. The US and the wider international cannot just impose an impractical and forced peace while turning a blind eye on the glaring and blatant violations by Kiir’s government.

The truce cannot hold with Kiir who has conspicuously and categorically declared he is president for life, as he tightens his grip on power and extend his contract beyond 2018 or thereabout. The truce cannot hold with Kiir who does not believe in peaceful resolution of this conflict but believes in crushing the rebellion through the bought mercenaries – the Ugandans, JEM, SPLA-North and Egyptians with vested interests; and the world doesn’t see anything wrong with this.

Salva Kiir is bent on exterminating ALL the Nuer in South Sudan so that he can rule for life, and nobody will question his dictatorship tendencies; and the US cannot see it because they have decided to be blind to the truth.

What is happening now in South Sudan has all the hallmarks of genocide in it. The world is not fair because when 17,000 innocent Nuer civilians were massacred in Juba alone, nobody bothered to condemn or talk about it.

The world isn’t fair because when more than 200 innocent Nuer civilians, mostly children and women; who were supposedly under the protection of UNMISS in Bor were killed by government soldiers, nobody condemned it much.

I just cannot understand it; and thus, don’t envisage peace in South Sudan as long as Kiir is still claiming legitimacy that has gone to waste with the 2011 referendum papers.

Needless to say he burned his card/credit when he killed 17,000 civilians in Juba in December 2013, and many more elsewhere since January up to now.

The Author is a civil society activist based in Nairobi and can be reached via:


  1. Bol says:

    Dear Anderson Reik,
    Your article is tribally bias and twists facts in order to make them fits your agenda. The fact is: Unknown number of non-combatant Nuer were murdered in Juba, and less than 100 Nuer were killed in Bor town, unknown number of civilian from Dinka tribe were murdered in Nuer controlled areas. Its painful to know that a single citizen has lost his or her life a leadership battle, but using unfortunate event for political gain or inciting hatred among citizens is not, and will not help anybody.
    Kiir would have been out of the Office by now, for killing or failing to protect sizable number of citizens, but Dr Reik ran away and turn Kiir deadly mistake into Dinka vs. Nuer, forcing good number of Dinka to line up behind Kiir . We are all aware that Dr Reik can not protect himself at long run, leave alone winning this war.
    The myth of all Dinka are behind President Kiir at all cost is not true. A quick look at ethic composition of SPLM leadership in Detention proves this point. What you need to topple Kiir is the right language, not a “Paper Tiger” of White Army.

  2. Eli says:

    Although Nuers are the most victimized in the current carnage, all the other tribes directly or indirectly including the Dinkas are victims as well. This is a South Sudanese challenge, what we need is to continue the pressure upon President Kirr and his cohorts, not on all dinkas as a tribe. Now we all have seen President Salva Kirr’s aim is to stay as president for a ifelong he officially declared himself as a dictator in Addis Ababa in front of global media. I applaud the positions taken by widow Nyandeng Garang and her son to join the opposition, their stance has shown that this war isn’t just between Nuers and Dinkas.

    • Abu says:

      I don’t think Madam Nyandeng was correct to join Riek who is for sure the firewood behind this fire. Was it his first time or had he ever shown any respect to the president before being sacked. MRs Garang would have scanned this: History will tell, and by the way, she may lose her position as the mother of the nation for ever. Do two wrongs make a right?, where is the difference?. Facts remain: hunger for political power, unreasonable quest for recognition at all costs (whether people are dying or not), corruption, sectarianism and many other vices in that order lingers on the face of very many even those some of you want to portray as saints. Tell me anyone with a family or children in South Sudan? So others should die and the privileged come and rule? But iam still convinced peace will come but not through the likes of Riek.

  3. Majongdit says:

    If these are the civil society activists in South Sudan, then it is a pity.

    • Nuer-another Israel in East Africa says:


      Let me guess and I know my guess will be correct. According to you, the only proper civil activist is Makuei Lueth. I nailedi it, didn’t I?

  4. Diplo Guest says:

    There is nothing good to be wasted on negotiating with Salva Kiir. The only formulla is war to oust him by force. Kiir is using our resources for bribing youth, women group, civil societies, political leaders to say what he wishes to say. This is unfortunate. The people of south sudan din’t know whether Salva Kiir would behave like this when the people of south sudan overwhelmly voted for him; and now he is killing people who brought him into power.

  5. Beek says:

    Kiir is QUEER.What is in his left eye?

  6. Omang Rollo says:

    The current war is a sum-total of all your rebellions, you had killed people under Athor and Peter Gatdet Mayom’s declaration and were not punished for. this culture of you Nuer killing people all the times has hurt the nation. it is up to you to change or continue with your life of militarism and face extinction in the hand of the government. What are you fighting for that others failed to see? are you the only community in the South that care much about this nation? Why you went to Khartoum during the war if you were this patriotic?

  7. jalabay says:

    The Nuer people need to stop being proud or act as people who never wanted to respect nobody in this beautiful world. it is also difficult to tell whether these people are human being or not because they are the heart of the problem in every part of the world.Even in America they are well known for being trouble makers and the white people have already fed up with the way they behave in a certain way!!!

    • Nuer-another Israel in East Africa says:


      if you are northerner, you are out of touch with reality. Go back to Khartoum and remain there; it is your proper place. Leave Nuer alone and let them deal with food lovers of East Africa. If you are one of the pretenders of Junub, we are in it for long haul. Museveni is going to regret his involvement in South Sudanese affairs.

  8. Eli says:

    Southsudan Nation
    I just wonder what the white people think of us when they read what we say about each other on this website? Would it not justify their arguments that black people are less intelligent? Just my thoughts.

    MR. ELI,

    • Eli says:

      Yes brother, for a while I used to think the way you think, that; arguments and criticisms was a good way to know each other, but now I am kind of convince that we as blacks Africans are losing our sense of purpose, no directions, and no convictions. In the past all Africans were a lot more united against the invading outside forces, we fought so hard to become independent, we united to end apartheid in South Africa, slavery in America was denounced, racism is being combatted everywhere in the world, we have the first African American President amongst other things, but yet we remain the most deprived and majority of us are among the lowest classes in terms of development, progress and reformation.
      I just want to say that maybe we should change the direction of how we continue this struggles, how we view politics, religions or moral values, ethnicity and impact of our cultures in todays information age. One thing we all should look into is maybe we need to be able to feed our own people and have enough food for everybody on the table, be able to put clothes on our peoples backs and shoes to wear, we should be able to shelter our peoples I mean in comfortable and decent environment. All in all, what I am trying to allude to here is that first we need to take care of the basic things, like FOOD security. I am sure sir you will agree with me that as a human the first thing that comes in a man’s mind after waking up from sleep in the morning is; “WHAT AM I GOING TO EAT today?” or when you have kids; what are they going to eat? Other things come next but without food in stomach the temptation to steal or to find food by all means is highest.
      The president of Rwanda Paul Kagame said something very important that I hope all Africans not only the leaders but ordinary citizens need to think about his speech. If you haven’t read it yet go ahead and read it on; “Blame African leaders for failure to resolve conflicts: Kagame.
      We all need to come to our senses, really quick here or be the victims of endless strives, miseries and agonies. The fact that we keep pointing fingers and keep singing songs of the past such as slavery, colonization, discrimination and many other bluffs won’t change our situations.
      Among some of his speeches here is a short quote:
      “Kagame, however, insisted that African leaders should work together and solve their own problems, without seeking assistance from western countries.”
      “Why do you (we Africans) have to wait for Europeans to solve your (our) problems? he asked, adding that “I think we should work together to solve our own problems”.
      One of the biggest obstacles facing us is the issue of divisions, “a family that has no unity is bound to fall apart.” Unknown.
      Thank you Peter for keeping this motion civilized.

      • john jerry says:

        Dear Eli President Kagame of Rwada is a leader and a statesman. He knows how to handle his countries issues and does not blame it on other people and nation. Rwanda is developing in all sectors of the economy and human resource and has put behind it the war of genocide which nearly crippled it and has learned a lesson that others have to learn from it. Africa is a rich continent with a lot of natural resources which needs to be put to good use and develop the human resources then can Africa free herself on depending on other nations.

        Look at the Asians Tigers, they are dominating the world with their produce now. In the 1960’s these Asians countries like India, china, Malaysia and Korea were no match to some African countries ,but as soon as the African Countries became independent most countries started to go backwards because of poor politics based on tribal, corruptions and power hungry to stay in power. The world community can help Africa by working with them at their level instead of giving Aid. political stability and economical growth is what Africa needs and wants not Aid.

        • Eli says:

          Thanks John,
          Yes, as you made it clear about President Kagame being a statesman. Sometimes that is all we need, one of our (the black) African visionary leaders like Kagame, we need to ask what he is doing right and how we could emulate or imitate his models. We need to let go of our petty tribal differences and ethnic alliances and look up to those brothers and sisters with big visions and bright ideas for Africa to get us out of this mud.

          I mean, how long do we really want to keep watching our starving children being seen on World Vision TV standing on lines with dirty plates begging for porridge from a white person while they are soliciting for millions of dollars that they turn around send the money back to the west to build for themselves mansions and private jets, yachts and enjoying themselves on the beaches of the Islands
          It is shame on us that even as citizens of the so-called rich Africa we don’t reap or benefit from our resources while the outsiders come here and get whatever they want.
          My suggestion is that for many years we have been beating around the bush by too much talking politics; I think we African should shift the focus from petty non profiting politics to actions by individually taking personal responsibilities and by taking our affairs into our own hands.
          Just let’s say for example; if you put your money in a bank but the bank is treating you with no respect why leave your money there? You could even withdraw all your money and put it somewhere you are happy, or put it under your pillow, provided you have a good door lock.
          So we need not follow our governments around, instead let’s live the politicians and those power hungry leaders to beat around the bush and let each an individual Africans start the process of building your own self-worth and lets start creating millionaires and then see very soon the government shall start to come to its people for help, then that is when you can tell the government to bend over. I think our answer lies in the areas of personal responsibility if I may put it in a simplest language.
          Lets keep this civilized and on going.

  9. YKC says:

    I think this is not the end of the history. Just keep barking about killing of innocents Nuer. However, barking of dogs will never threatens Nuer in present and future as the histories concerns.

  10. Yanga says:

    A word of caution, Mr. Anderson: don’t bank so much on the international community – they didn’t do this, they didn’t see that and etc. The truth is, you have to take charge of your affairs a country and not to depend so much on the international community which is itself divided. If not convinced, please look at the many examples in history, the most recent in Rwanda. The slaughter of 800,000 Tutsis over a period of three months happened right under the noses of the international community – did anybody raise a finger?

  11. Chul Mi Bor says:

    Excellent article brother Riek. This pinhead called Kiir is a pariah in our nation. His days are numbered. It may take long, but eventually he will be removed. A leader must give up to go up. Successful leader must maintain an attitude of sacrifice to turn around a country. One sacrifice seldom brings success. Simply Kiir is unsuccessful leader!

  12. Tutbol says:

    Peace will hold president Kiir, let the Nuers and their Europeans and Americans and West Africans in London; they are all criminals. Does anyone believe West Africans these days? Only the English people in London believe still Nigeria West Africans.

    The Nuers were bombarding the newswires that the Dinka has brought in mercenaries into South Sudanese people fight on the South Sudanese people as if the Dinkas have organized a war between the Dinka and the Nuers. The war has come, the Nuers must not accuse everybody else. In South Sudan, we don’t English people, juus, West Africans of Nigerians descent, arabs and presently our ethiopian prostitutes.

    criminality of West Africans may come and destroy our peoples’ culture, when we know their culture stink like English people’s culture. Remember, we never love English people in our Nilotic plains. English people are evil people. We will campaign in South Sudan so that, countries like the UK and France are removed from their evil UNSC and we will want to face them without their UNSC evil cover.

    Africans, have their peoples who don’t evil white men and English people intrigues. arabs and white men specially English people and some corporate America are at war with some African countries. And they must go to countries in Africa where the white men of America and England are wanted. In South Sudan though, let them go else where.

    • Jok Bul says:

      I think we like arguing when the incidents had happened instead of coming together and sit down and sorts out our differences amicably, we trying keep on complaining now then and accusing one other.I do believe this will never made any change at all in future. The only way out is that let us all embraced peace in our country and stopped fight among ourselves so that we shall built our beautiful country.

  13. Mapuor says:

    Rubbish,the figures that you put dear author have never been killed.Majority of soldiers in Juba were Nuers,Dinkas who resisted the coup were few but courageous.Kiir will rule for life and will be doing that democratcally.

  14. Lavina Lual says:

    Dying horse….

  15. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


    First of all, there was never a coup. Get your facts straight. Second, there were 15 thousands privately trained army of Kiir. While there were only 200 Nuer fighters who were member of Presidential guard. These are the only soldiers who fought both Commando, Tiger, 15 thousands privately trained army, and the rest of the Presidential guard who hails from Dinka and the rest of the 63 tribes.

    Your claim is absurd; checks your facts again.

  16. Beek says:


  17. Tut Thol says:

    Truth vs lies
    People of South Sudan are mindless and opportuntis who relied on something that will risky their life. This war was purposely planers and carrying out very wrongly. Why people think the really cause of war it is about Riek Machar? even some people gone too far that Riek murdered Nuer in juba. Those types groups are misleading the public and they think they are solving the problem, they are not. Here is what I think they are missing it or may be they know, they dont want to put the fact in place.
    1. 15 thousand one tribes Dinkas who were training privately by President.
    2. there were 200 Nuer soldiers inside presidential guards and the rest were Dinkas and others tribes.
    3. Dr. Machar were fire back in july last year in july in his post as vice president and he was not held anything since than.
    All thing was started as political process and should be remain as peaceful political process. When you take look into it. Asked yourself question that, Why Nuer presidential guards be disarms? how come they will be different or private army than national army? who ordered army to targeting one ethnics inside who held large number of ethnics? you can take look very closely and count those who team up with Riek machar that time and identified them by ethics and tell the world who are they and where they are from.
    If we are not be care in this conflict, we will fuel the situation into uncontrolable situation. Those who think that Riek machar is only situation are wrong. They need to rethink as they want to solve the situation. Also pieces out these three point I listed and figure out the answer of it.

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