PDM position on SSOA members signing as a bloc

To: Hon. Mr. Gabriel Changson Chang
Interim SSOA Chair
Mobile: +254 725 331 244 (Direct/WhatsApp)
Email: chang.changson@gmail.com

Date: 26th August 2018;

Dear Mr. Gabriel Changson, interim SSOA Chair

Re: SSOA Delegations recommend that SSOA signs as a bloc

Further to your communication on the above, dated 25th August 2018, requesting SSOA leaders’ position on SSOA Delegations in Khartoum recommending ‘SSOA signs as a bloc’, am therefore writing on PDM’s behalf to communicate our response.

Firstly thank you for the letter, PDM position remains as before that SSOA does not initial or sign the agreement as a bloc.

All SSOA members initial and sign the agreement individually, each in the name of their organization, providing that they are satisfied with the final text of the proposed draft Agreement.

PDM is flabbergasted by the claim of the interim Chair that there is need to sign or initial the Agreement as a bloc to protect certain unnamed SSOA members.

Since when did protecting certain unnamed SSOA members has become such an overriding obligation that is critical to negotiation in good faith, and to initialing and signing the Khartoum agreement?

PDM is of the view that protection of all parties to the HLRF process, which includes SSOA members, lay with the IGAD Special Envoy for South Sudan Office, who are responsible for inviting all parties to the HLRF process in Khartoum.

However, the main reason offered by the interim Chair to sign as a bloc is “to protect some of our organizations that experience some difficulties these days”.

This statement is misleading and not persuasive. It’s also not evidence based, it doesn’t say which organizations needed protection and why, nor what “difficulties” they faced!

There is no justification either for hiding and not sharing any factual information or evidence from SSOA leaders about who those “organizations” are and what “difficulties” they are likely to face as a result of either signing in the name of their own organization or not.

The agreement text, in PDM’s view, should also record who the members of SSOA are, by way of signature, so that SSOA can be legally identifiable as associated with the specific names of its identifiable constituent members. This is not currently the case.

Secondly, the objective of SSOA was not about protecting some unknown, implied or un-named constituent member organizations, which are unidentifiable, but rather to negotiate in good faith in a legitimate peace process as parties to the HLRF.

PDM does not therefore agree with nor approve of initialing or signing of the agreement as a bloc in the name of SSOA without record of each constituent member’s initials or signature.

Any member of SSOA shall do so only in the name of their organization as a constituent member of SSOA. This position as adopted by all SSOA members, was borne out of the 27th June 2018 coerced SSOA signature as a bloc on Khartoum Declaration of Agreement (KDA).

Dr. Hakim Dario
PDM Chair


  1. Eastern says:

    Dear Dr. Hakim Dario,

    Thanks for the measured response to Gabriel Changson.

    If South Sudan has leaders who are firm, resolute and honest like you, the country won’t be where it’s now.

    If our so called leaders still fear for the Unknown gunmen (sic) in the heart of Khartoum when negotiating with the regime in Juba by hiding behind the decisions they make so that they don’t become the main targets of the regime goons in Juba, then why are they wasting time with this nearly stillborn IGAD HLRF…?

    PDM and NAS are honest in their dealings with the regime. A while ago, some folks thought they could use the NAS brand to be in bed with Kiir but they nearly got the taste of their own medicine.

    Let the products of the jokes in Khartoum not be the key ingredients of the next war!

  2. Dear:PDM Dr.Hakim Dario

    I do not see any good reason why you have boycotted to sign the final document on the peace talk agreement in Khartoum? I read you stance and position.You would like the South Sudan to be backed into three(3) provinces of 1956 in the United Sudan Government in Central Government Based in North in Khartoum.This is why you have taken arms to fight against the government of South Sudan Republic against the incumbent leader in administration of His Excellency President Salva Kirr Mayardit. There is nothing else all at this point! This is too cheap!

    Well,by the way,there have been before three(3) regions in the South Sudan in the year 1983 during the Redivision of KOKORA POLITICS AND IMPLEMENTATION POLICIES in the South Sudan Local Autonomous of 1972.There have been no development into those three(3) regions totally! Instead the three(3) regions,have moved in north in Khartoum and have operated therein with too much corruption without any accountability and prosecution! People who overjoyed the bloods of the South Sudanese during Redivision in the poilitical parties, they were People Progress party led by the Late Solid Rock Mr.James Eliaba Surur,SAPCO led Lawrance Moris Lowiya and Pacifico Lado Lolik,and others in Bahr El Ghazal and Upper Nile as well!

    Time has come foe expansion for people! People wants to make many towns and cities,and many work opportunities! If you want tople President Kirr in his administration in the regime,in Juba, you have to strength in both POLITICALLY AND MILITARY IN ARMY! especially on POLITICALLY! Back to you to the audience in the forum South Sudan Nation(SSN) Dicussion Board.

    Sincere Making Good government and Good Unity Among People in the Nation!

    Abiko Akuranyang!

    Kannsas City Missouri,USA

  3. Lokosang says:

    This is my first time in revolutionary history that people who claim to change regimes for a just cause want to sign an agreement without revealing their identities. This is an indication that some members of SSOA joint the opposition just for positions and money and what Gabriel Changson mentioned has justified what the regime in Juba has been saying all along. It is now crystal clear for the South Sudanese to know which opposition group or movement is for a genuine change and which ones are not. Some people may blame why Gabriel was nominated to represent SSOA in the first place given the SPLM/A history in which certain people without mentioning their ethnicity, change side all the time in quest for positions and money. To me that was a good decision to measure his motive whether he is for real change or just planted to play a role. His request for SSOA to sign as a group has proved my doubt otherwise. Had SSOA accepted him to sign on their behalf, he would have sold SSOA cheaply without regret.

    And to my friend Chief Abiko all along you have been covering yourself with hyena skin now the smell of money and position in Juba has exposed your true colour! As Newton says what goes up comes down. You cannot hide forever without being notice. I just want you to mark my wards, the fake agreement just signed in Khartoum will never materialise. I say “Khartoum Agreement not Khartoum Peace Agreement” because it lacks peace ingredients.
    Do you remember the so called Khartoum Peace agreement which was signed in 1997? It is the same Riek Machar. He failed in 1997, 2015 and now 2018. What makes you think he will succeed this time. All indicators shows that this agreement is dead before implementation phase. The guy has great ambition for leadership but lucks leadership quality and political consciousness. Any person who do not learned from previous mistakes and ups and down would never succeed and would always end up as a failure.
    Good luck Mr chief.

    • Taban Alimasi says:

      Brother Lokosang,
      I thought you knew this at very beginning, “not all who call me Lord would enter into my Father’s Kingdom, but only those who do the will of my Father in heaven”. This is the situation we found ourselves in, many of these opposition members don’t mean what they preach.
      Remember these politicians are former government officials who were dismissed by the president and decided to rebel against government, not because of reform.
      Based on Khartoum agreement these individuals would regain their positions, so the reason of rebellion is resolved, why would they fight.
      Only those who have the interest of South Sudan citizens would continue to ask for reform and good governance.

      Brother Abiko,
      you tried to recount the brief history of regional government of the High Executive Council, but what you have presented is not truth.
      The regional government was more organise and have done more development than the current government. 1972 agreement brought real peace in southern Sudan, education system was established, children went to school and the sick were treated, we are the beneficiaries of the education system.
      What has the current government of independent South Sudan done to citizens, education, food and health all from Uganda, only the rich can go to school.
      Even the offices the current government is using in Juba were built by the former regional government. The current government failed to build a single bridge on the river Nile, please don’t downgrade the regional government of the high executive council, neither compare with these looters, who have nothing but corruption. You mentioned after the decentralisation the three states moved to Khartoum, that is not correct there were coordination offices established in Khartoum to carter for the need of South Sudanese who were displaced by the civil war.
      Never pretend to have known history, if you don’t know because those who know would not sit by and let you spread incorrect information.

  4. peterkenyi says:

    Those who don’t experience Dinka life and attitude will be living in delusion that south Sudan will develop, even Dinka themselves. Those peoples are born looters and will remain looters until they recognize that they are the problem of south sudan development.
    There are Dinka who are marginalized in this delusion of building Dinka kingdom. But if they’re seeing well, most of prestigious positions in the government are occupied by the sons and daughters of this jieng council of elders. Example is the representative of South Sudan in the United nations.


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