PDM Leader response to IGAD and Council of Ministers

Dear Excellency Ambassador Ismail Wais,
Please accept my greetings and I sincerely hope this finds you well.
Your Excellency, 
Further to IGAD’s Council of Minister’s communique in which it directed you to reach out to the R-ARCSS non-signatories to either join its implementation or otherwise be labeled as spoilers of the peace process for non-compliance with the directive, PDM is dismayed by the unfortunate and threatening directives.
PDM would like to caution that IGAD’s  threats to label the R-ARCSS non-signatories as peace spoilers for not joining the R-ARCSS implementation without conditions nor incorporation of their positions in the R-ARCSS which they did not participate in negotiating, are in the least uncalled for, but seem to toe Juba government’s intolerance for legitimate dissent.
PDM has issued a public statement a copy of which is attached for your info and attention. PDM stands with its proposals ready to join in a negotiated opening up of R-ARCSS for review to incorporate our people and constituents driven proposals for a just and sustainable peace which addresses the root causes of conflict and governance crisis in our country.
Accept assurances of our highest regards
Kind regards
Dr Hakim Dario
PDM Chair

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