Panic in Juba as SPLA Generals at Bilpam order arrest of Senior South Sudan Army Officer on Account of ‘Lost Battle Tanks’

JUBA: South Sudan is in a panic mode tonight as high military officials composing of the Chief of General Staff and his deputies order the arrest of Pariang Commanding officer, Col. Achuil Mathiang Kiirnaar. Achuil’s arrest follows a fierce fighting in Unity State last week between the South Sudan army, SPLA, and the rebels of the SPLM/iO supported by the Sudanese army. The fighting which took place at the western part of Ruweng County at Toma South, Aliiny Payam, lasted for three days.

The fighting was allegedly instigated by the rebels after they reportedly attacked and set ablaze oil facilities. Attempts by the SPLA, under the general command of Col. Achuil, to extinguish the explosive fire which threatened to destroy oil reserves worth billions of dollars was met with steep resistance mounted by the combination of the South Sudan’s rebels and the Sudan army, SAF, from Panthou.

As fighting raged on for three days and the SPLA, under the general command of Col. Achuil Mathiang were pushed back. As a result, two tanks, one with deflated wheels and another which had run out of fuel, were seized by the rebels and their SAF supporters.

As anyone might expect, the generals at Bilpam were shocked at the loss of the tanks. Achuil and his army of volunteers who have never been paid since February 2014 have become the objects of military wrath at Bilpam.

What is surprising, however, is why Achuil and his army who were supporting the cause of the government and people of South Sudan, by protecting the most important national resource there is at the moment, were to bear moral blemish.

Besides the loss of tanks, insiders also revealed that the generals have accused Achuil of taking orders from senior oil ministry officials, namely Paul Adong Bith and the Minister of Oil and Mining, Stephen Dhieu Dau.

This news has, however, not been received well both in Juba and at the frontline region of Ruweng County, the county which sits on more than 85% of proven oil reserves in Unity State.

The general concerns in Juba and around South Sudan is that, should the Panaruu people be angered, as this is likely to be the case, they might be forced to abandon their support to the government. The result is one that might tip the scale in favour of the rebels in this conflict.

Reports from Juba and Pariang.
BY: (Name withheld) Fresh News, JAN/28/2015, SSN;


  1. Thoman Lual Mading says:

    Col. Achuil Kiirnaar orders should come from the SPLA HQ, not from the likes of Paul Adong and Stephen Dhieu. This is not family business and is not about Ruweng County or community as you put it. I ‘m surprised that you don’t value the losses caused by his the ill judgments of the said colonel to South Sudan.
    It is now time for the government of South Sudan, especially President Salvatore Kiir to stop this minister from interfering in the SPLA affairs.

  2. mel ngor says:

    how can you expect the stability under the stupid leadership of the current president and his stupid cabinet ?

  3. Duot The Dinka Boy says:

    I am surprised, this is not the first time the rebels manage to win the battle in the field. If the Generals rush to arrest their government supporters on the account of lost equipment under duress, then they will alienate the population and hence collapse of the government.

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