Panic agenda of Warrap generals: Plot against Equatorian leadership, yet again Obuto Mamur

BY: Justin S Kwaje, SouthSudanLibertyNewsJUBA, NOV/30/2014, SSN;

A senior army general within the government armed forces under President Kiir, revealed to South Sudan Liberty News correspondent, in an exclusive meeting in one of the hotels in Juba, that during a recent closed-door sessions with senior army officers mainly from the President’s home state of Warrap and Bahr el Ghazal regions, during which the generals were instructed by the President to be vigilant and were directed by the President to immediately and carefully plan an assassination against the national security minister Obuto Mamur, as he is a heavyweight, in particular if the Equatoria region descends into rebellions as now they feared to be imminent.

The playbook has been seen with the Nuer rebellion!

Our informant revealed that the President is worried about the rumors of the uncovered secret military camps in Kapoeta, and now that of yet a new rebellion within Greater Equatoria.

The informant disclosed to South Sudan liberty news that Kiir’s worries stem from the fact that the now suspected general, another heavyweight Equatorian general, Mr. Martin Kenyi, is a close friend to Obuto Mamur, therefore the President suspects Kenyi would have not acted alone.

The President reportedly alleged that Obuto Mamur is the mentor of Martin Kenyi, and if indeed Kenyi has defected as alleged by the government, then Mamur is implicated.

As readers can recall, this is the second time this year, the Warrap thugs are plotting against Mamur and SSLN is at the forefront in reporting it.

Given this government has proven beyond doubt it is blood-thirsty even to the point of killing women and children, we choose not to ignore any such information leaked to us by government insiders and informants!

Our source reports that during the alleged closed door security meeting, the generals have tried to forged evidences to implicate Martin Kenyi, but the data did not add up to link him to any rebel groups, even then, they the generals are determined to patched together evidences toward elimination of Kenyi.

During the closed door meeting the President and his Warrap generals resolved as business order number one, given the growing threat of rebellions within the greater Equatoria, Mamur should immediately recruit more Dinka army faithful to bodyguard him, since at the moment, he is heavily guarded by Elite Equatorian army unit who are his longtime faithful.

The plan to change in the ranks of body guards to Dinka faithful is to make Mamur vulnerable to assassinations!

The Warrap Generals are worried, that should war engulf Juba, Mamur who has surrounded himself with heavily armed Equatorians, who are also well trained with sophisticated armors, if they are not neutralized now, in the eventuality of any rebellions, they will turn their guns against Kiir.

Our informant further revealed that the same Generals under the directives of Kiir, held a secret meeting with General Johnson Juma Okot, AKA JJ Okot, another Equatorian heavyweight but Kiir’s faithful and a staunch supporter.

They sought him with the objective to use Gen. JJ Okot to supply light and heavy machine guns to Acholi Panyakwara, Magwi and Agoro who are loyalists to JJ Okot, to exploit the uneasy relations between the Acholi Panyikwara and the Madi.

The primary objective is that the Acholi militia should be used to defuse any upraising in Greater Equatoria. The Acholi militia is to be paid, armed and encouraged to fight the Equatorians. They see the Acholi Panyikwara as their only loyalists in the Greater Equatoria.

In this goal, while the Acholi Panyikwara fight the rest of the Equatorians, the government forces will concentrates in fighting the rebellions under the former vice President Riek Machar; this is a divide-and-conquer at its best.

What these Warrap generals do not realize, however, is that it is only a handful of closely associated Panyikwara, close relatives of JJ Okot, who are favoring the Dinka because of the benefits Okot managed to amass under Kiir’s government from which he, JJ Okot, is the greatest beneficiary among the Panyikwara people but also perhaps the whole of Equatoria, while the rest of the Acholi have nothing to do with him and his handful Acholi group of Dinka faithful!

Furthermore, according to the general who asked for his identity to be concealed due to fear of his personal security and that of his family, President Kiir, in addition is very worried about the sitting governor of Central Equatoria State, Hon Clement Wani Konga.

During the meeting they agreed that the SPLA should increase security surveillance around the residence of Governor Konga, to monitor his activities and movements, they also agreed to beef up security around the Governor’s house to ensure, in case of war engulfing Juba, that the Governor should be the first target to be eliminated so as to stop the rebellion from expanding to Mundari land, and also to create psychological warfare on other high ranking members of Equatorians in the armed forces from defecting.

Our informant also disclosed that there was a proposal to reshuffle the position of the vice President James Wani Igga with the Governor of Western Equatoria State, Joseph Bakasero, in doing so, Western Equatoria will be kept in the government’s camp, justifying it that James Wani is ineffective and not doing enough to recruit the Equatorians, simply because he has no influence among his people, the Equatorians.

As such, thereby, the generals believe Governor Bakasero is the only influential person who will be used to convince the Equatorians including Martin Kenyi to rejoin the government.

According to our informant the debate about switching the position of Vice president ended in the air, as they could not reach an agreement, since there are Warrap generals who insisted Wani Igga’s loyalty must be rewarded not tempered with, but his lack of followers and influence among Equatoria worries them, since in the case of an Equatorian rebellions, he is of no help to them.

Other agendas discussed included the position of the minister of foreign affairs, Dr. Barnaba Benjamin. Some of the generals see him as inactive and ineffective, and others suggested that he should be moved to the ministry of health while the current head of the ministry of health Dr Riak Gai to head the ministry of foreign affairs.

Dr Riak Gai is seen by the generals as someone with vision and influence, and if properly used by the government, he, Dr.Gai, will exert his influence in reaching out to many Neur.

The generals see Dr Benjamin Barnaba as someone with no influence since the Nuer do not recognize him as one of their own, given his mother is from Dinka.

Finally, our informant revealed the generals urged the president to work hard in order to forge a peace deal with “the Nuer rebellion,” as they call it, given the now rumored “Equatorian rebellions” as they coined it, before they could link combined forces with the growing threats within the Greater Equatoria.

They are keenly aware this could mean the end to their regime.

In the views of the generals, if a deal is quickly reached with “the Nuer rebellion”, then the Nuer army will be used to fight against the Equatorians whom they accused of waging a war of separation from the rest of South Sudan.

The generals further believe that if indeed the rumor of Kenyi’s rebellion is confirmed, they urged the president to launch an immediate media campaign and project any rebellion in Equatoria as for Kokora and for breakaway from the rest of South Sudan in order to win the support of the Nuer, whom, as per their views, they the Nuer have always fought for a united South Sudan and are now fighting for a Federal South Sudan.

My fellow countrymen, there you have it! As it is said, there is no smoke without fire! Again when it comes to this regime, we rather let you be the judge than we second-guessing our informants! We report, you decide.

You must be vigilant and alert, should the above leaked information be true, then it clearly reveals how the Warrap generals have no national interest other than tribal agendas.

Should we forget Kiir’s infamous own words: “This power I have belongs to you, they want to take it away from me, will you let them?”

‘You’ meant the Dinka, and of course, the answer from the Warrap generals by the above and as witnessed on December 15th 2013, was an emphatic NO, at all cost…

They, the Warrap generals intend to keep Kiir in power for life, and will not hesitate to unleashed lethal means to eliminate whomever they see as a threat to their tribal dominance and survival in the republic of South Sudan. This includes the killings of women and children to inflict terror and strike fear in the hearts of all who live in this our great nation that deserves to exist free of tribal tyranny.

Justin S. Kwaje
Juba South Sudan


  1. Wani Paul says:

    Dearest Our Father General Obuto Mamur,
    If you are there, please we strongly advised you as Otuho to immediately leave the government before you get killed by this tribal government plotting against you day and night. We must fight and change this government in order for the country to go forward.

  2. Mapima says:

    Ohhhh this is evil act and uncivilized agenda of the jiege, now they are advocating for all war out, this time our people should prepare for all war out with the animal mindset jienge, they touch Hon Konga that will be declaration of operation wipe out the dinka on the the map of south Sudan, after all the Dinka are not south Sudanese they sold out their Khartoum to the arab their in laws due to laziness and stupidity.
    If they are courageous enough they should begin to touch Obutu Mamur and Konga, and if JJ Okot is a real man, let him begin to recruit his handful Panyikara relatives, we will clear them and JJ will be taught a tough lesson he will regrets if his survived.

  3. Elijah Samuel says:

    Justin Kwaje,
    Indeed you must not withhold such info! This regime is capable of the unimaginable! These generals of death instead of protecting the citizens they are protecting their tribal interests! Equatorian must not wait until they break the back of the Nuer people! The Nuer have never targeted Equatorian as do this criminals! e must bring them down! They are not generals they are warlords!

  4. w.o.k says:

    this is many generals like this is supposed to be of either Awil or rumbek number-wise. cause everybody knows who died most at the original struggle in the bush.

  5. Yiey W. Teny says:

    Well, good people of Greater Equatoria, wake up. It is a time to call a spade a spade. We will not enjoy peace in South Sudan as long Kiir is the head of our country. In fact it is not because most South Sudanese don’t know that, It is because people fear their lives. If you need change you have to fight for a change. Our brothers, Dinka hate transparent, they don’t organisation, they like leadership that doesnt deliver services. They love themselves more than anybody. But time will come. Look at most Dinka intellectuals, they are keeping quite, saying nothing and they do really know that, Kiir has failed the country to the core, but they are saying nothing that Kiir can learn from.

  6. Eli says:

    Justin S. Kwaje,
    And thank you for this BREAKING NEWS. Also much appreciation to this informant who leaked this plot. Indeed this is part of our mission ‘ to launch rebellions both from within and outside’. In reality this news is not knew, but already there is a lot of fear in the regime’s elites about the Equatorians even before the Dr Riek’s rebellion.
    Everything you wrote in you article is true for the most part, yes there are rebellions in Equatoria and I am one of the orgazing committee and a member of one group. Let Salva Kiir and his groups plan everything including their exit from not only the government instutions but out of the country.
    So far in Equatoria there are split decisions; some want secession and declaration of a secular territory, others want Equatoria to join either Uganda or Kenya while others want Equatoria to stay in united S. Sudan and work hard in the realization of Federal system, so far the latter option remains the focus and first two will depend on referendums in the future to come.
    The Nuers are as well not united at this point, same as Equatorians some Nuers want to join Ethiopia, others want a secular state while others want Federal system to prevail. All in all the common enemy now is Kirr and his clique of embuzzlers. If Pres. Salva Kirr and his former VP. Dr Riek Machar rush to agree before the grievances of the Nuer people are brought to table, they are risking another rebellion from those Nuers who want to see justice done, they (Nuer) who lost so many innocent civillians will not accept any government with Kirr as the leader. Also there are some dinkas who are alienated by Kirr’s regime like the groups of late Gen. George Ator and others are still in rebellion, they are seeking the revenge of their assassinated leaders, right now most of them are with Dr Riek’s rebellion. That’s why this peace negotiation is taking so long, had it being for Dr Riek alone he could have already taken a VP or PM post and come home. The reason why Equatorians need to move tactically is because we need to avoid collateral damage, we will win this war while the majority of our citizens remain in their homes, that’s why it’s going to take longer to achieve the goals. As we speak fronts are already being organized both internally and externally. Some of our delegates are soon heading to Switzerland to bring charges against Kirr’s regime for genocide and other African Nations are behind our moves. In Uganda with the exception of Nyamkoles all Ugandans are on our side.
    The UNITY of South Sudan lies in the hands of the Equatorians and the Nuers peoples, not to exclude some Dinkas are as well with us, they have no part in this Juba dictatorship.
    Rest assured freedom and justice is on the way, but there will be some sacrifices and hardships before we see total peace and development to ensue.
    Eli Wani

    • Deng Hanbol says:

      My schedule has been hectic doing final exam at University and therefore I have made no comments these days. Dear brother Eli, your comment is very informative. Regarding Dr. Riek Machar, despite the fact that he’s (Machar)facing a lots of pressure and conspiracies, I am 100% that he will never signed any document which will kill his people tomorrow. We are aware that Deng Majock’ sons Namely Dr. Francis Deng and brother Dr. Luka Biong have been busy day and night to bribe some American scholars such as Prof.Douglas Johnson, Prof.Eric Reeves and many more so that to persuade them to destroy their enemy Dr. Machar and the community. Despite of many setback because of Yoweri Museveni’s military intervention, the Nuer generals made clear that their intention is to capture Kiir and Warrap generals alive or dead. No matter how long it will take. If Naath People and Equatrioans have united it will take less than 4 months to wrap up the job. By the way, Naath people and greater Equatrioa have already united here in Canada since the two communities believe that their ultimate foe is Dinkoracy. The only way is to get rid of this savage tribe. Therefore, Dr. Machar, and gen. Lado Gore have united for they realise that their unity is an asset and since they know that their people are in great peril. My appreciation goes to Peter Kelto Obuto Mamur who has been played a greater role on this issue . He’s consistent in his opposition to the Dinka regime. Despite the fact that he’s very young 30 years old. Kelto is a bright and articulate young man. In fact, he’s very charismatic and that is why he’s very popular not only among the of people of Greater Equatrioa, but also among the Nuer intellectuals.
      TheDinka Bor and Dinka warrap are facing a real dilemma. Indeed, their fate is now in limbo.

  7. Tyson says:

    Usher jokes for these Jieng merchineries.!

  8. kikisik says:

    Mr. Justin Kwaje,
    Thank you brother for leaking out this ill plan of “INNU” Kiir for his ill feeling against the people of Equatoria. You have done your part it is up to Equatorian to do their homework and this leak should be taken very seriously. I know there is no smoke without fire. I don’t know if” INNU’ knows that he is trying to wake up a giant sleeping lion! Please Mr. ;INNu’ know that you are in Equatoria land should the sleeping lion woke up from sleep that is going to be the end of the game.
    “Leaders comes Leaders goes but South Sudan will remain forever”

  9. Mr. Long John says:

    Another ELHAG Paul. Shame to the tribal instigators! pieces of crook lies put together to make up an article!

  10. dau bol gak says:

    well this is just a report let wait until its happen

  11. Mabok Baak says:


    You Equatorians, I don’t know how will this rebellion of yours come up. You have seen what happened to the Nuer on Dec 15 can Equatorians endure that suffering? Your women will be raped, men killed and properties looted. What I know is you people don’t fight but you only fight with your internet war which no one of you can stand it practically.
    Ok. I agree with you in bad governance of Kiir but he’s a person not tribe so when you said Dinka you will face it rough, look at the Dinkas of Lakes State they are not friends to Kiir government but do they need rebellion to change him absolutely noooo but votes count much in change of regime.
    So stop preaching about war which you will never make.

    • Tyson says:

      Baak,y now if you
      Equatorians are not stupid! Your words are enough to lend you in the Hague. Try now if you have real balls! I challenge you to shoot your bullet now BUT not brickering!

  12. Jake says:

    People saying that the problem of South sudan is Kiir and not the Dinkas, must not be in south Sudan. Kiir uses Dinka elders to justify his dictatorship to his community. Who in return recruit for him his Gelweng militias, hence the reason all the dinkas are the problem in this nation. The Dinka intellectuals also keep quiet and don’t advice Kiir against abuse of power. Apart from being the looters of this country’s wealth as a tribe. The same Dinka elders approved Kiir ‘ s shameful alliance with Uganda, in order to retain power by force and continue to loot the nation’s wealth. If you don’t believe me here is a link, where they basically approve of Kiir and encourage War. Also keep in mind these same elders are the ones benefitting from Kiir’s Tyranny, in terms of wealth accumulated through corrupt means, through Kiir’s office.

  13. GatCharwearbol says:

    Mabok Baak,

    Did you and Kiir change Khartoum regime through voting? I know you are worry that your bread-crumbs will be taken away from you. You should truly be worried. We will do everything humanly possible to yank your bread-crumbs from you and stop you from looting this nation again. Amass yourself what you can right now before it is too late.

  14. Mr Justin,
    you are a true enemy of peace and wanted South Sudan to remains in chaos. this article of yours is a fabricated one and fools of your likes will believe in it. the writer of this article is not from Equatoria but a disgruntle Nuer who want to indirectly mobilize Equatorian to fight their ngundeng war. continue advocating for it but you will not get the followers.

  15. Mabok Baak,

    I do not think equatorians and Nuers decleared war against Dinkas. They are against Kiir led Government which includes Wani Igga and Magok Rundial. So is Gen Dau Aturjang against Dinaks, Is Maboir Garang Against Dinkas…

    • Arop Peter Biar,

      I agree with you man for saying that the Equatorians and Nuer are against Kiir regime, but not Dinka as a tribe. For example, when Nuer massacred in Juba none of the Equatorians and Nuer, including priests, pastors, and bishops in the government in Juba condemned the killing of innocent civilians. However, four government ministers who are Dinka denied that there was no cue attempted by Machar and openly condemned the massacred of Nuer civilians in Juba. For example, Nyandeng denied that there was not cue attempted and condemned the killing of Nuer in Juba .

      An education minister in Lakes State denied that there was not military cue attempted by Riek and the minister condemned the killing of Nuer in Juba. Another Minister from Warrap denied that there was not plot attempted by Riek and the minister condemned the killing of innocent Nuer as well. Finally, another minister who represent South Sudan in Khartoum from Dinka Abiey denied that there no cue attempted by Riek and the minister condemned the murdered of innocent Nuer in Juba. Subsequently, all these ministers who denied the cue and condemned the killing of innocent civilians in Juba were all dismissed from their positions.

  16. John Khot says:

    Equatorian brothers
    Making up lies to cause unrest will do you no good. Please learn from the current tragedy in the greater Upper Nile region. Thousands are needlessly dead, millions are displaced and are at risks of diseases and starvation. This is what war means. Please be advised not to take your people to war for no cause. Nobody wants to kill well respected general and freedom fighter Obuto Mamur. Stop spreading your nonsense.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Every human have blood and one life to live that includes the Jieng!!! There comes a time a people decides and resolves to themselves, “Live free or die” That time has come!

      • John Khot says:

        Dear Chief Abiko.
        Thanks for understanding. You are the only commentator on this forum whose conscience has not been poisoned by tribal hatred and bigotry in general. As for Elijah Samuel and the rest of Equatorian bigots, I can assure you that whatever evil you are clamoring for will visit the innocent villagers in greater Equatoria with just a stupid little step such as that of foolish mutinous Riek Machar’s guards in Giyada last year.

        The sad part is that none of you cowards and violent preaching Internet militants will be on the ground to experience firsthand what it means to witness the scenarios described in my first comment. None of the Nuer commentator on this forum is currently participating at the front lines in greater Upper Nile while they have been instrrumental in whipping up emotions over the last few years. The likes of Gatchawearbol, Bentiu Ramran are hiding in the West while young boys are getting killed or wounded in a war in which the former stoked and fanned over the years. I expects to witness the same behavior from you coward war mongers from Equatoria when the violence finally spread to your region. Isn’t that morally pathetic for educated folks to act that way.

        I know that this Martin Kenyi guy and a handful of his followers will be easily hunted down and crushed within a blink of an eye since Kenya, Uganda or Congo wouldn’t provide safe haven for any of these idiots. Gatdet and Koang Chuol are still alive because of the hostile Sudanese government.

        • Elijah Samuel says:

          Khot or kut,
          Meet you in the frontline! You do not want the boat to be rocked because your plate is full, you do not want to loose it! The war is inevitable because you choose to dominate, marginalize and colonized, robbed others of their lands women and identity! It is your behavior that brought us to this stage! it is not the words of those who cries because you are sitting on their neck like my people the Quatrains! If you want brotherhood behave like one! If you behave worse than the Jalabas expect to be fought! Do not be delusional, our fathers started the Ayanya 1 and fought it with bows and arrows, the Arabs could not crushed them as you dream of crushing us! Meet you soon cattle brain!

          • Bol says:

            You might have missed the liberation war of RSS…. It’s your time now to pick up your gun fight for the liberation of Bari People’s Republic…..Sweet dreams of Equatorian Che Guevara….. are just flashing in your sick head ……Justice, Dignity, Self-esteem and Prosperity for my long- oppressed kinsmen….I am building a free-corruption government where land in Juba is allotted to my people …didn’t our ancestors say Juba Na Bari? Why will a Lotuko be settled in Juba anyway? ……Expansion of my mother tongue …Is on the list … Is it not the most beautiful language on the planet? Cleaning up my ancestral land from the living and dead remnants of Dinka filth is on the list too ….. In 10 years, my BPR will be a regional envy …..Our GDP will exceed those of Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania because we have what these economies lack which is human capital, fertile land and commitment to excel …..I will show this Dinka maroons the arts of government ….They will beg me to annex their jungles, but I will refuse such demand because I know their evil heat … They want a way to disturb peace and sabotage our economy …..Just like what Somalis are doing in Kenya …I really hate this people with their cattle-camp mentality. ……Rejoice world ….One sick person is no longer littering the net with his hate speech.
            Cheers ( Equatorian Che Guevara)

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          John Khot,

          Thank you for acknowledging that the war started between Presidential guards but not a purported Coup as concocted by Salva Kiir. Nobody likes war including myself and Bentiu Raramaran, but if some thugs murder innocent children and women, it is feasible to fight. We are indeed doing the right thing and we genuinely believe that. As you can see, we have shouldered this war imposed on us for one good year and counting. We do not regret for it. It is the right thing to do and as men from Nuer, it is our responsibility to protect our women, children, and dignity. This is what we have been doing.

          Rest assured, Dr. Machar has nothing to do with this mess, he clearly ran for his life when your thugs want to murder him in Juba. Therefore, there is no need to blame the victim for your shortcomings. In fact, had you pursue only Dr. Machar, there won’t be a war in this country as we speak. The biggest mistakes you made was taking your frustrations out on innocent Nuer women, children, and elderly. This is the ultimate reason why took up arms. I hope this help clarify your misinterpretation of this war.

  17. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear John Khot:

    Your respond to enemies of peace in Equatorians,is real appropriate!Take care!Thank you!

    Missouri Kansas,USA

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      You are no Chief and you are no Otuho! There is no coward and sold out Otuho! How much did Kirr pay you? You call those who reveal the truth about this murderous regime enemies of peace? You know What is enemies of peace, these are those who killed women and children in Juba, This are those who stifled democracy in South Sudan, These are those who pilled the government with their kins, these are those who grab other peoples land! All this Spells Dinka, Jieng!!! Get it?

    • Chief Abiko and John Khot,

      Chief Abiko, If you are not an idiot, you would not have appreciated foolish comments made by John Khot against Nuer murdered in cold blood in Juba. Now John Khot and Kiir are claiming victory for killing children and women in Juba and yet, you Abiko still appreciating that arrogant false claim, while you are blindly calling yourself peace lovers. What kind of peace do you have in heart when you support the killing of infants, children, women, blind, and elderly people?

      John Khot, what benefits did you and Kiir get when you murdered those innocent Nuer in thousands in Juba?. The women, children, the elderly, and the men you and Kiir massacred in juba were not enemy of peace, but the people who killed them and are still massacring Nuer are true enemy of peace. Because Gatcharwearbol and Bentiu Ramaran are telling truth about the brutality of Kiir and his guards, you point your dirty figures full of blood of innocent children and women at us.

      Khot, for your information, the pregnant women, the 1 month old children, the blinds, and the other vulnerable Nuer who were murdered in Juba by Kiir did not do anything wrong to Kiir. Leave helpless Nuer that were murdered alone, event Dr. Machar, Gatdet Yaka, James Koang and the rest of Nuer did not do anything wrong to Kiir either when Kiir ordered Yoweri Museveni troops and his presidential guards to assassinate them. Both Gatdet and Koang were innocents, but the war was imposed on them by the greedy and power hungry dictator in Juba. Dr. Machar was pushing for the SPLM convention, but Kiir cancelled the SPLM convention 9 times in 2013 alone. He (Riek) was also innocent too for the war.

      Johh Khot, you said “Gatdet and Koang Chuol are still alive because of the hostile Sudanese government”. Event your dictator Kiir and Malong are still alive because of Kiir’s boyfriend Yoweri Museveni involvement. Gatdet and Koang would have cut their head off if it had not Uganda government involvement in the South Sudan conflict.

    • Taban Hakim says:

      Abiko- those who think night and day to murder Equatorian are the enemies of peace; every day people disappear in Equatoria. What do you talking about. You may be the only Otuhoni who backs up dinka conspiracy.

  18. Oduho says:

    Abiko, do you want Mamur to be killed? I think you are a traitor. Dinka have not just started thinking of killing mamur but since the struggle time. That is why commander Africano from Hiyala advice Mamur to keep dinka very far from him because africano knows the evil plan. Do you want a dinka to tell you that they are indeed planning to kill equatorian leaders? Are they stupid to do that. Now you believe when tribalist Khot said it is a lie, yes it is a lie until mamur is killed and then you will know it was not a lie. But we are for prevention. this dinka government must go for riek to take over the leadership.

    • Oduho,

      I agree with you. In addition, bear in mind that some of our people are naturally foolish, they do not know how to judge wrong from right. Some people are just blindly favor the government because it has money and they are much better-off with this corrupt government leads by thieves, criminals, and drunkard leaders. When a targeted person escaped death and fight back in self-defense the visionless contributors would say she or he is an enemy of peace. If you let yourself killed, then these visionless individuals would say you are a good person and nationalist.

      For example, people term Dr. Machar, enemy of peace because he escaped death and fight back. Riek would have been nationalist if he dead. However, when defend-less late Cecilia, former mayor of Yei was Murdered, these visionless contributors said she was good person. However, if Cecilia would have escaped death and ran away and fought back in self-defend, these double blind participants would have said she is an enemy of peace while they know very well the enemy of peace is Salva Kiir.

  19. AGUMUT says:

    Generals in general needs to be educated because it is not a job for life,their bosses should think twice. Former General Andrew Makur was Ambassador because that was not impossible without education.

  20. AGUMUT says:

    Riek Machar and his new generals need to think TWICE.

  21. John Kuek says:

    The question is not whether when they touched Gen. Obote, Governor Konga or any other high ranker Equatorian for the Equatorians to feel it closer. These Gongrial thugs have murdered enough intellectual Equatorians already. In my opinion, it’s better to be killed in action than in cold blooded. How about if this information is indeed not counterfeit and these elders and influential Equatorians are murdered, God forbid, what will Equatorians do after? Cry, take a round of fire fight and get convinced and cower? My friends, given everything else that have happened already in our country, this information is credible and deserves attention. One thing I want to bring to your attention is that Nuer will never forsaken any South Sudanese to any enemy of peace and unity of South Sudan. This tribal govern will be changed eventually soon or later. Equatorians need to fighter for their own sake, at least for now that nobody else will help them in Juba should something happen between them and the Dinka.

  22. arabbmoi says:

    I hope, Mamur would listen and heed to allege against him by Jengers. He was put in jail by kiir for many years and we will not know this Jengers might finish him now if he will not take action as DINKA ARE THE REALLY ENEMY OF US NOW.

  23. Alier says:

    This is just a lie. Obute Mamur, Wani Igga, Elias Lomuro, Agrey Tisa, Beshire Ghandi, Wani Konga, Luise Lobong, Bakasoro, Ann Itto, Nunu Kumba, among many other high profile officials within South Sudan govt, are people Pres Kiir could not afford to lose. Pres Kiir, though he’s wildly understood by Equatorians to be an incompetent and inept, he is the least among the Dinka elites to harbour ill-intention against Equatorians. Have you all forgotten how ores Kiir threatened to dissolve the National Parliament if the parliament could not pass Wani Igga as Vice-President…this was in June, 2013. So the article in question was written by Lado Gore’s supporter…all that is statef therein is nothing but lies. Obute Mamur intelligent serve Pres Kiir during the worst days of December 2013 crisis. Pres Kiir and Wani and Mamur will go up and down togather just as they did during long years of SPLA war against Arabs. Abd by the way Kiir is stepping down on 2020 to give Hon. Wani Igga a chance…this is a deal sealed by the SPLM echelon. Have peace.

  24. Oyet says:

    Liberators are on their run!
    Thanks bravo Justin, this the true, and I can see this true has set the Kiirs boys into panic, time is coming for the so called LIBERATORS to be on run, I was told the so called displacement camp in Nimule was empty with fear that General Martin Kenyi is coming, Indeed we will not spare anything this time, we want to teach a lesson to the so called Liberators, so that they will not continue to sing the same song again after the current storm subside.

  25. For how long will this naked animals called Jiengs continue to protect their Kingdom under the Mad Dog called Kirr without the support /approval of both Greater Equatorians and the Upper Nilians already opposed to their misrule ???????????????????? Jiengs think twice as you are currently sitting on time Bomb which can explode any time in the Greater Equatoria and see whether you can afford two front lines in both Upper Nile and Equatoria by touching Mamur and Wani Konga will bring an end to the Jiengs rule and presences in our region.The Nuer were not prepared that was why you managed them out of Juba ,but with Equatorians try and we see the Disco as you Dinkas are always saying Equatorians are cowards and we have being preparing that ring of Death.

  26. masmino says:

    dinka must go to sudan not here

  27. False Millionaire says:

    Respect is due to Mr John Khot.

    Being from Jonglei,having witnessed the ravages right from the foundation of the SPLM/SPLA,that of the events of the 1991 split n those of the current war,he is the best person to advise us never to provoke violence.Conciously or unconsciously,he represents the attitude of Ghandi n Mandela who advocated struggle for changes but with means that did not translate to destruction of their countries n the societies.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Mr False,
      The killing is not broUGHT by those who speak out against injustice like myself!! The Dinka must get it right, The provocations is by the act of injustice as is practice by the Jiengs and their governments! Whether we speak or not people are feeling the injustice in every corners of South Sudan! The locust of the Jiengs have invaded every corner of South Sudan and boasting we liberate you and we take your women and lands This is the provocations you should tell your people about and it must stop! This is what brought death! Riek had no intention to fight it was the lies of Kiir that unleashed the current death on Nuer and your people! Wake up and speak the truth and it shall save you and it shall save me! Do not be deceived we are have lives to loose! Otherwise let death rain!!!! We have declared, LIVE FREE OR DIE!!!!

  28. Hey Guys Elijah Samuel and my enemy Oduho Otuho Mamur:

    I am laughing at you on your comments for my comment to Khot! You know,you are a moppets! You need to grow up maturely!

    Otuho people,knew very well their true enemies from last to end in Sudan land! They have not taken Dinka people in the tribe as their POTENTIAL ENEMIES!Their hearts and hands,they are very clean! They do not have Dinka bloods on their hands! They in fact,sometime have a communal fight with Dinka based on a self defense! It is normal always to societies all humans by nature! Even Otuho themselves they kill thier own people by themselves!

    If you are still seeking fighting in Otuho tribe,better leave Dinka aside! Better you go to PUNCH SUDAN AGAIN ON THE FACE!!!!

    Politics:The war in the South Sudan against Sudan government in north in Khartoum,has finished up!You have now your own government in the South Sudan.Why do you people still wants killing yourselves for a top post for nothing! Better give DEMOCRACY A GREAT CHANCE! The citizens are the one to give you a top post through a vote on a yes and a no! This is to minimize a high price on people bloods in Bodies!

    Missouri Kansas,USA

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      CHief or Cheff,
      From now on you are no Chief, You are Chefff cooking for the white man in Missouri!! You are disgrace for the brave tribe of Otuho! What democracy are you talking about? Kiir could not allow internal SPLM party vote what made you think he would allow presidential vote in the supposed 2015? Dint you hear, he said, ” this power I have belong to you (Dinka) they (Nuer) wants to take it away from me, will you allow them”…Thus the lie, the killing of Women and children in Juba, tell me who is the enemy of peace and who deserve to die??

    • Bol says:

      Chief Abiko,
      Thank you so much….for being in the minority of wisdom and courage….These warmongers will deeply regret their actions…When RSS collapse…Everybody fighting everybody just like what happened in DRC, Somalia etc.
      General Mamur should be a target if he is harbouring rebellion’s ideas . He should be investigated, put on trial or even liquidated without any due procedure if deemed too dangerous to national security.

      • GatCharwearbol says:


        Is this the peaceful method you have been advocating? You want things done peacefully on one hand and on the other, you want General Mamur dead. What a double standard perspective! Choose one, you cannot have it both ways. Dinka mentality at best, always blaming others for their missteps.

  29. Yaya Akech says:

    My message to all tribes in South Sudan: we must accept to live together like brothers or perish together like fools.

    • Yaya Akech,

      South Sudanese are more than happy to leave together, but it is Dinka Dictator Salva Kiir, and double blind supporters who do not want South Sudanese to live together as brothers and sisters. What do you think should other people do when one tribe which accumulate well of the nation for their own benefits is bullying other tribes man and women?

    • Bol says:

      Anybody deemed a thread to national security can be killed by security operatives regardless of their tribes.. Athour was kill for the same reasons
      Manure is not that especial. This rule is in western countries too. Please step out of your tribal thinking for a minutes and you see the world differrently .

      • GatCharwearbol says:


        Where in western world? Do you think you are the only one who has been to the west? In west, if you voice your dissatisfaction, you are not to be hunt down. It is in fact your right to voice your concern. There is no one man rule in the west unless if you are talking of west side of Warrap.

        • Bol says:

          Can you contemplate fighting Canadian state or join forces fighting it and be left alone? I am really disappointed that a person of your cliber couldn’t fit in western society way of life and thinking…. Please come home this new year …. raise some caws , goats and a donkey for your transportation. Please forget about Engineering Degree …. It is not helping in any way….We may make do of it in designing good looking LUAK…Imagine having well cooked WALWAL in a beautifully design LUAK…. That would be a great achievement, wouldn’t? Cheers.

  30. AGUMUT says:

    You don’t know where Dinka live since you discriminate yourself,you should have being a second wife long time ago. Do you understand what i mean? You can’t defeat Dinka or government in Juba,Dinka are going to puts all of you in exile mark my words.

  31. Martin Kwaje,

    Thank for disclosing this painless secrete of looters. These are not generals, but bunch of chiefs and looters with power hungry foolish chief. They are only good for hell

  32. arabbmoi says:

    As we write, people in Yei have been disappearing taken away by commandos Dinka police and at Nyakurona center in Juba Dinka man stabbed a lawyer who is Equatorian man Called David Dada. These are the fact that can not be ignore by Equatorian people who are still believers to with Dinkcroat who called them coward. Lt Gen Mamur could has to heed to alleged rumors from jenge groups. Leave them Mamur people of Equatoria like you we do not want you to be humiliate like Cecilia Tito or like before when Jengers put you in jail for no reason.

  33. Taban Hakim says:

    The likes of Abiko are the people whom the Dinkas appreciate. Being a friend of dinkas doesn’t mean you have to ignore the danger or calling those who uncover the evil plans of dinkas liars. This is not the first time the dinkas conspire to kill Equatorians.

  34. Majongdit says:

    Justin Kwaje,

    After you Equatroians have finally rebelled…and after you have removed the regime….then please write another article. What you have here is a trash that lacks evidences and credibility. It deserves not be published at all. One reason why you will never win against the government is because you twist it together with the Dinka. Today even kokoro can never be possible in Equatoria. Your eyes give you the proof everyday that it’s not possible to attempt another kokoro and go away with it let alone a complete rebellion.

    If Equatorians rebel then they should forget being a south Sudanese. Since most of Equatorians have Ugandan and Congolese passports they should go back to where they used to be during the days of war when they denied that they are Sudanese.

  35. WENGER says:


  36. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


    It is not one-way street. How many Dinka are already in Exile? Talk about sending people to exile when you are not in your home. Where are you? Aren’t you in Exile? Please, go play deceptions somewhere else. We know better.

  37. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear Mr.Bentium Ramalan:

    Both Kirr and Riak,they have bloods on their hands!Do not make one person a guilt one!The number of people killed in Juba,from Nuer,it was not very high! It was very small indeed!There was no secret being attached! Human rights groups,United Nations Mission in the South Sudan,and the rebels in opposition,they are the very one who have shown a great number of people been killed from Nuer by Kirr regime in South Sudan in the government!

    Can you give to me a statistic number of Nuer people in Juba living in Juba,before the episode of 15,December,had taken place???!!!

    Missouri kansas,USA

    • Chief Abiko,

      I came to realize that you do not have a reasoning capability at all. You are just wild animal who throw words unknowingly. Your answer to my comments do not exactly follow what I said. It does not matter whether they are 2 or 5 people, still we need to know why the drunkard president ordered the killing of Nuer in cold blood. For you Abiko, how many Nuer do you want to be killed so that you can be satisfied that Nuer were massacred in Juba? Well, how many bodies did you count in Juba? I am glad that you are in Missouri because damn people like you need to stay out of South Sudan. You are only worth for headcount.

    • Mayomdit says:

      Dear Chief Abiko,

      I appreciated your comment for told truth,brothers Nuer are fight to bring Riek Machar to the Power by Force.this is will not come,because Riek and Kiir are have blood in their one alternative to one another or both are not good to be national leaders.we are here fight to return the country to the peace co-existence,so that the country will be have elect theirr leader.Bro Nuer should drop of support Riek Machar to Power and see alternative not Kiir or Riek.

  38. AGUMUT says:

    I don’t live in exile,but if i could that should have been my choice because i never ever killed innocent like SPLM / ANYANYA-IN Minus (OPPOSITION) had done. Anyanya are Anyanya even they change themselves,they are still Anyanya / insects.

  39. False Millionaire says:


    Would I have hurt you if I asked you to calm down?I stand to agree with you that you n your kins are victims of injustice from Kiir’s regime which shortens to uphold the rule of law giving jieng the liberty to dish out acts of land grabbing,raps of women n brutality upon your people n your homeland.But that frustration of every one in RSS on the bad government I with hold from saying.What I find most terrifying is what will happen should violence break out in Equatoria.I advise you to read Mr John Khot’s comments again n please take his advise seriously.He is some body among those who know something,by experience,so bitter about horrors of violence n lawlessness exactly as he has narrated.

    With violence,the first victims are childern,women n elderly people.The population of violence affected areas is dispersed n forced to flee.Many of them die of violence,hunger,thurst n of diseases that are related to malnutrition n bacterial contamination as feeding couldn’t be done regularly n under proper conditions of hygiene.Only a few lucky ones may reach refugee centers.There they will live under conditions that can be best discribed as hell.Their cattle will be lost n they can never farm their lands for free subsistenc.Please do not ignore to think about the 17 years of Any Anya struggle n the suffering it had brought.Do not forget the 22 Years of SPLM/SPLA struggle for independence.The events of 15 December 2013 are not one year old yet.But to be sincere with you,they have provoked heavy human cost,destruction n suffering.There are human bones littering every where around Juba,upper nile n in many parts of bahr el ghazal.The UNIMISS camps are packed with internally displaced citizens existing under the conditions of hell.This is the worst scenario to run the society into.That is the scenario that I hope to say must be avoided at all cost.

    You see my most dear fellow brother,I am not white washing you to discourage you from doing what every citizen thinks is the best.Conditions of justice for all must be fought for n brought forth in RSS.It’s only the method of doing it that put us in differences.We need to study successful methods that other best political struggle fighters in history like Ghandi n Mandela had used that neither failed them nor translated to destruction of their countries n societies.We have racially free south Africa n an independent India today kicking n bursting in dynamic prosperity among most respected nations.There is no need to rush.We have time to think over n over.Violence is never the first choice.But forgive me if I am disappointing you.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Almost Ten years of Kiirs leadership with the help of his kin has taken us to no return mindset descrip best by they ” Live free or die”!!!!! Those who should prevent such suffering are those who are commenting the injustice! We can not simply because of the horror of death sit down and do nothing, is that not what we have been doing the last 10 years? Didn’t they called us cowards! It is time for the sleeping giants to awake and let the game begins!!!!

  40. False Millionaire says:


    I still owe to wish you best luck brother!!!

  41. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Equatorian.
    go ahead with rebellion and death will bless you where ever you re in south Sudan, including places of Dinka.
    make sure that no single equatorian will be in Dinka land at that time.

  42. John Kijana says:


    Well, which stupid Equatorian would voluntarily want to go to jenge-heartland, where anarchy, brutality, hunger, deprivation, sickness, fear, illiteracy, and abject poverty predominantes? Even quiet sensible jenges like Kiir do not want to live their. Get on with your luaks. Equatoria will develop and prosper while you annihilate yourselves

  43. You still don’t get it. In your narrow little world (not the only narrow little thing I suspect) men are either manipulating posers or cliched video game addled geeks. I won’t even go into the fact that I know men in that industry who not only defy your every stereotype but have successful relationships with women. Instead I’m going to argue with #3 (“Don’t Have Drugs”). I think you need to do lots of drugs, particularly the kind that expand consciousness. I think you need to do anything that expands consciousness. And also, if your major included a focus in Women’s Studies, I think your parents should demand whatever money they paid for your higher education back.
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