Padang Jieng Community in Diaspora Position on government plan to destabilize & annex Padang jieng counties motivated by Taban Gai


Pres. Salva Kiir Mayardit, the President of the Republic of South Sudan
Cc: Taban Deng Gai, First vice president and James Wani Igga, vice president of the Republic of South Sudan

When your leadership gave Padang their two states from 28 states, it was for the benefit of peace, stability and the security of the whole South Sudan. The creation of 28 saved many lives across South Sudan during the Juba coup attempt on August 8, 2016, at the J1 (presidential palace), by rebel leader Riek Machar, to subvert the government. Why should Taban Deng get permission to run the show of putting the people back to war?

Mr. President, politics is “an art of the possible.” Remember that Taban Deng still has Riek Machar’s and Lam Akol’s ideas to destabilize Jieng in South Sudan. If you allow the declaration of Padang states or counties to be annexed to other states other than leaving their status quo, then you are inviting carnage. Padang is tired of its land and people being sacrificed for peace or used as a screen to gain wealth, power, and fame.

The Padang Jieng have no any other government other than your government, so why Padang land and its people are being auctioned out to the enemies of peace who have just killed us yesterday? Well, we have a single message for your government and Taban Deng Gai.

Note that, any attempt to reverse the creation of Padang two states to be divided among other states will be the RED LINE and the LAST RESORT, should such plan is allowed to be executed, then it will be a declaration of violence with absolute resistance.

Mr. President, you know that Padang’s States have a border with Khartoum from both locations; therefore, Padang knows how to fight their way to Khartoum if that is the only safe haven to get any support. Let us be clear to your government that, Padang has the power to defend their territorial integrity and their God given resources as well as to join the Sudan if this redistricting of the two states to other states was a plan of your government (TGONU).

The Padang is the peaceful community, therefore; we support the idea of good neighborhood-ship, but not annexation or detachment of our two States to Shilluk or Nuer states at this time.

If you want to expand the South Sudan States, then Eastern Nile and the Ruweng States of Padang Jieng must remain intact. It is a warning and a red line to be crossed should an attempt is made to partition Padang states to other states; we must take any measure should the government along with Taban takes an oath to divide us again.

Mr. President, the Padang Jieng Youth, women and children across diaspora and South Sudan refuse the peace that will result into a serious repercussion for dividing Padang states among Nuer and Shilluk states in order to make this peace more attractive. It was a deliberate plan by Taban Deng, as he claimed during the speech he delivered in Juba with his SPLM/IO advance team.

He made some reservations about the 28 states particularly Eastern Nile State and Ruweng State in your watch, however, you had made clear that, “If anyone wanted to reverse the creation of 28 states, he or she would go and talk to people in these states”. T

he question is why Taban is still talking about Padang states’ problem now? Mr. President, Padang has been the victim since 1991 and 2013 because of the name “Jieng.” However, we are ready to pay the price should the partitioning of the Padang states to other states is implemented as result of a conspiracy cooked-up by Taban Deng Gai, and those who are behind it against Padang in general.

When Taban came to Washington last month, he held a meeting with the South Sudanese communities in New Jersey USA on 9/24/2016, and he told the audience that, “Malakal issue is a problem that I will resolve because Malakal belongs to Shilluk as well as my land that Dinka took in Unity State called Manga that “he” previously dubbed as “Dual-Jang in Nuer language” has been annexed to Ruweng Jieng Padang State which is very painful to me.” End of the quote”

This narrative was supported by Defense Minister, Kuol Manyang Juk to which he responded: “when we go back to South Sudan, we will make sure to resolve the issue of Malakal.”

Mr. President, Padang Jieng in Diaspora and at home would like to clarify to your government and people of South Sudan that any attempt to annex Padang Jieng counties from Eastern Nile State, and Ruweng State is a red line. It is a promotion for declaration of violent resistance from Padang Jieng in the Republic of South Sudan.

As you know that, the unity of Jieng is in your hands, either you support Taban Deng or some of his element’s decision against Padang states or leave the Padang States peaceful intact.

The second issue, Padang Jieng Community in Diaspora and at home urgently calls on your administration to address and relocate the SPLM/IO unconstitutional military that still settled in the areas of Padang Jieng Counties such as the Greater Pigi which is currently Atar and Khorflus County and Gal Achol in Baliet County.

These forces are not national forces that abide by the nation’s will and constitution. The residents of these places occupied by those illegal forces are scared to go back to their homes because they do not trust them since they are not organized national forces.

The Padang Jieng Community peacefully requests the Government of the Republic of South Sudan to make an urgent consideration to relocating those unconstitutional cantonment forces that are in Padang Jieng Community areas mentioned above.

Our children are desperately in need of going back home, and Padang community was not interested in starting anything that may derail peace in the country but with your administration activities in Juba, thing will be different if our demands are ignored. The Padang Jieng Communities are yearning for peace the same way as every South Sudanese community. Padang Jieng Community deserves peace in their newly created States like other south Sudanese in their states.

Mr. President, Padang Jieng states’ security have been hindered by the presence of these unconstitutional forces in Padang areas in Eastern Nile State in particular.

The third issue, your administration has marginalized Padang Jieng Community that was your backbone in the military by not promoting them in ranks like everyone else, rather your government demoted them by forcing high-ranking officials in the government into early retirement.

Among the generals of Padang retired, demoted and not mentioned in ranks are as follow: 1. Michael Miakol Deng Anyang “Abushok Battalion command.” 2. Deng Along “Muzulum Battalion command.” And so, on …… Mr. President, any attempt to undermine Padang Jieng Community who has been suffering will derail the peace you are trying to build because no one would want to live with a snake in the same room.

Taban has a head of a human which you may see but in a snake’s body.

Padang Jieng Community’s two states are willing to endorse internal peace between its neighbors and the whole country, but the decision of your government in Juba plus the presence of these illegal forces pose a threat to the bilateral coexistence, peace, stability which are at the point of achievement.

Padang Jieng community in the diaspora kindly extends our message to our governors across the 28 states in South Sudan to respect their States policies and act in an ethical manner that promotes peace and harmony with their neighbors. Padang Jieng asks for their States to remain unchanged, undivided or emerge to other States.

We reject any attempt by Padang sons and daughters to buy positions in the government with their God-given land and resources. Anybody from Padang found to conspire with our enemies to divide and rule Padang, will definitely face serious consequences.

We are peace loving community. We always embrace peace in our young nation, therefore, we will stand together with our government to achieve everlasting peace in the republic South Sudan.

Signed by:
1. Wilson Thonakur De Lual – Chairperson of Padang Community in North America
2. Mayiik Deng Kiir – duty chairperson of Padang Community in North America
3. Ngor Kur Mayol – acting secretary of Padang Community in North America


  1. you trouble making thugs why do you want always to fish in dirty water by claiming lands of other communities .Who doesn’t know that your people used to be flogged at the entrances of Malakal when they want to enter the town in Adam’s suits in 1960s. You don’t fight but you managed to engage SouthSudanese to fight Collo on your behalf, thank God now that some of you are coming to their senses.Let Malakal be handed back to it’s legitimate owners then you declare your war on who ever you want.

  2. Nguet Luelpiny says:

    Collo Refugee running for Kings of Collo are Claiming Makal East Bank.
    you have been settle byNgok and Dongjol for peaceful coexisting. Go back to your west side lokcollo.

  3. Thon Machar says:

    Othom, I feel sorry for you as well as your shallow knowledge about Malakal history. If you were born in the shilluk area you would have heard or at least know what Padang Jieng do to their enemies if you are talking about fighting. Just pray that President Salva Kiir do not mess up to follow Taban Deng’s SPLM/IO tactics of wanting to destabilize Padang States for being the silent destroyer of their evil rebellion and plans since 1991 to present. Othom, if this peace don’t work, you losers need to bear in mind that Agueleck Shilluk militia of Olony will be Padang women leave alone your Moms over the Malakal issue if you are talking war and not peace. So, get your head off your ass!

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