Pack of white lies against the SPLM/A –IO’s Top Leadership: A response to the “Prime Minister’s position

A response to the “Prime Minister’s position being contested in Pangak” claim
For Immediate Press Release

On December 4th, 2014, the Government of South Sudan’s mouthpiece, The Nation Mirror published a malicious false allegation titled “Taban Deng Finalize Plans to Overthrow Riek Machar.”

On December 6th, 2014, it was again republished by another Juba Government’s agent, Gurtong Trust- peace Project under a different title, “Prime Minister’s position being contested In Pangak” just to maximize the lies against the SPLM/A –IO’s top leaderships to wider audiences.

As a concern citizen and an SPLM/A –IO Resistance Movement sympathizer looking for
meaningful peace through the installation of system of good governance in South Sudan, I would
like to take this opportunity to inform the general public, the people South Sudan, the Freedom
Fighters and friends of South Sudan around the globe that the reports you have read both in the
Nation Mirror and Gurtong Trust Project are nothing but pack of white lies manufactured by the
Government of South Sudan’s agents and does not bears any truth.

I like assure the people of South Sudan that your people’s movement, the SPLM/A -IO
categorically denies such malice propaganda. It is a hopeless attempt to mislead the general
public by the enemies of peace.

There is no such thing as “finalized plans” by Gen Taban Deng Gai against anyone within the SPLM/A –IO or otherwise.

I therefore, confirmed to the people of South Sudan that Gen. Taban Deng and his comrades in armed are committed to bring lasting peace to South Sudan whatever mean necessary. There is no return to misrule by minority cliques of Dinka background.

In this regard, the SPLM/A –IO Resistance Movement urges the people of South Sudanese to disregard Gurtong Trust Project and the Nation Mirror’s baseless reports and render them as desperate propaganda from a dying beast.

For the last two days, your people Movement’s cadres have been engaged in serious and opened intellectual debates in the conference deliberating on how to bring lasting peace to our

As such, on behalf of the Movement, I took this opportunity because people of South Sudan ought to know the truth and not misinformation based on wishful thinking from enemies of peace.

I repeat, what the Nation Mirror and Gurtong Trust have reported on the social media outlets was the work of the enemy. It was intended to befuddle the SPLM/A-IO’s top leadership
and the people of South Sudan from deliberating on importance national issues meant to bring
lasting peace to our country and rescue our suffering people from murderous and failed regime in Juba.

As a reminder, the SPLM/A –IO’s top leadership and the Movement’s overall goal is not about occupying a cheap prime minister post but to overhaul the dysfunctional and corrupt system in Juba and install a new system of good governance guided by federalism as a system of

It is your Movement, the SPLM/A –IO’s sole objective that meaningful change must come to South Sudan so that our can again live in peace and harmony while cherishing their diversity.

December 8th, 2014
Prepared by: J. Nguen


  1. Morgan Malith says:

    Another ramnant of rebel making noise , Your blind support for Riek who is known of rebellions will land into deep troubles

  2. congutalation Gen Taban let not those devil of juba thrown the stone to ur movement

  3. dhor dit says:

    you really deny the truth but it will reveal by it self. mighty you people in the grass root here are fedup with your promises every day.

    » children are not going to school,

    » people are not doing business.

    » people are starving/ exposed hunger.

    » people are dying of diseases day and night.
    » victims of isolation by other tribes.

    there you promising change.

  4. SPLM/A-IO has no objective, it is true to believe that they only want to occupy political power.

  5. SPLM/A in Juba,
    is full of thieves no agenda,no vision,lack of directions towards development but very very good and capable in looting the resources of the country and land grabbing thanks to three Governors and H.E Professor Dr Riek Machar for making Federalism a must in the peace talks discussion.
    God bless Greater Equatorians and H.E professor Dr Riek and Death to all the Arian Jiengs /Including the Useless VP Mrs Wani Igga NyanKirr……..

    • Faustino Mogga says:

      you are right bro, useless and coward vp James Wani corrupt government thieves, i wish this government is toppled soon.

  6. malcum says:

    dinka government is usless,baseless let them go

  7. dau Kongor says:

    Yeah we all knows Mr. Taban Deng that, you were in the meeting for the peace to come to South Sudan. Please can you assure and tell the public the resolutions that you have agreed in order to bring peace back to South Sudan, instead of just responding the posted comments on the website. For instance,the President, the Government officials and the citizens of the Republic of South Sudan had been looking for peace since, as we evermore witnessed the Government delegations had abandoned their activities in Juba and committed themselves to Addis Ababa talk for the sake of peace to come back but the rebel faction always differ from that, so let’s thank God if you were really in a peace meeting,as our suffering citizens are concerns for all of us.
    God bless Republic of South Sudan.

  8. Dau Kongor,

    Please stop lying. Which president is looking peace? Kiir has never been looking for peace. For example, two days he signed peace in Addis on Nov 20th, the government force captured Fangak. When the president signed peace on May 9, the government forces captured Bentiu on May 13. When peace was signed on January 23, the Rebels were in Bor, Malakal, and Bentiu and many government control areas in Greater Upper Nile today. Please do not lye to yourself. Your tribal chief does not want peace.

    • Francis says:

      Dear Bentiu Ramran, You are right rebels are always rebels. They controlled Bor, Bentiu and Malakal at the beginning but unfortunately now they control hotels and camps in other countries. Let us just call it a day, please just come back and join your country men and women in reconstructing what the REBELS have destroyed. One man’s position cannot cost the whole nations’ their lives and livihood. Stop the war on the net and come back from those beautiful hotels to build South Sudan.

  9. J A C Ramba says:

    Dear Dau Kongor

    I like you piece, “as we evermore witnessed the Government delegations had abandoned their activities in Juba and committed themselves to Addis Ababa talk for the sake of peace to come back”.

    No wonder they (Government delegates) have abandoned not only their activities in Juba, but in fact they have even abandoned their families, however not in search of peace. The government delegation has abandoned everything in Juba, because the Chief government negotiator is earning $2,000/ day, the rest of the delegation gets $ 1,000 / day each with their cashier getting $700/day.(Source: Radio Tamazuj).

    For the Juba -government delegation , reaching Peace is like killing the goose that lays the ” Golden Eggs”….The flow of those US dollars is what those so-called government delegation are all about, especially Nhial Deng Nhial and Michael Makuei. And why should they be in hurry to kill the goose that lays the “Golden Eggs? !!!

  10. Alier Gai says:

    It seems that your month is getting juicy for cash, because you already ran out of beer to generate many conundrums to the people of Cush. Your own writings have been laying eggs to the very choas south sudan is facing, not the real goose who made the current situation looks like it is. Hope that you leave the bottle of beer outside the Church’s entrance, and go in and pray for the forgiveness of your sins you created so far. Remember, no more beer until the prayers’ services are over tonight. Don’t pary for the beer to be increased, don’t pray againest anyone, for it will weaken your ability and make you think negatively. Merry Chrismas! Merry high time no.

  11. Dut Paul says:

    The people of South Sudan are not foolish or stupid enough to follow (IO) In~Opposition) your killer organization, where was your organization when SPLM/A was liberating the people of South Sudan for 21 years from Arab slavery. Correct the past before you move to the future otherwise the people of South Sudan haven’t forgiven.

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