Over 1,000 refugees enter Uganda daily – Red Cross

By: Francis Emorut, NEW VISION, KAMPALA, (published APR, 12, 2014);

BREAKING NEWS: More than 3,000 Sudanese refugees have over the last three days entered into Uganda according to an official of the Uganda Red Cross Society.

This brings the total of Sudanese refugees to over 70,000 since tensions flared on December 15, 2013, in South Sudan following an uprising among military officers in support and against president Salva Kir.

“The situation is still precarious and we continue to receive refugees on a daily basis,” Stephen Alatawa the operations manager of Uganda Red Cross Society, based in Adjumani district, said.

The refugees crossed into Uganda through Nimule and Elegu border points.

The deputy commandant of Ayilo refugee camp, Johnson Okot, said the camp was congested and yet they continued to receive more refugees.

The new refugees have, however, been relocated to Mungula new refugee site camp in Adjumani district.

Humanitarian agencies like the United National High Commission for Refugees, Uganda Red Cross Society, the World Food Programme and Oxfam among others are providing interventions to mitigate the effects of overcrowding in refugee camps in Adjumani.

According to the Uganda Red Cross Society 90% of the refugees are Dinkas and 60% of them are children.

Other refugees have been resettled at Ayilo resettlement camp.

The Uganda Red Cross Society has installed piped water using new technology with the help of the Germany Red Cross and the Red Cross of Norway.

The agencies are also providing psychosocial support to traumatised refugees.


  1. Eastern says:

    Why are dinkas running away from a situation they helped create. Didn’t we warn you that Dinkocracy was going to drive this country aground? Refugee life is not bed of roses.

    Let’s come to our senses and see the contribution of the so-called minority in building South Sudan. Rwanda is progressing as we see it under the leadership of a minority group. When we don’t discard this majority bullshit, we liberated you, we brought you CPA, blah, blah, we will continue to leave in Ayilo, Mungula and other refugee camps in Adjumani district and other parts of the world. Let’s blame Dinkocracy for all this mess.

  2. Elhag Paul says:

    This is the first time in history that members of a ruling group run away from a government controlled by their own kith and kin. The Jieng are breaking record in everything to do with human management. It is unfortunate that the Jieng are not honest to themselves to accept they do not have what it takes to be leaders.

  3. Loguca says:

    They deserve it by starting the on going war. They should send a message to Kirr to stop war immediately. As long as this war continues, Dinkas will not have any where to live in South Sudan. Those IDS in other provinces within South Sudan should be taken to camps. Other ethnic tribes don’t like your presence in their land. Take your cattles and goats in IDS camps

  4. Choromke Jas says:

    I thought Adjumani is a Madi land? When we say the Jieng are under developed, they sneer at us. You cannot rule a more civilized population when your own are destitute. Where is the pride of leadership? Poor people! Shame on you!

  5. Omang Rollo says:

    Is this a success story for the rebels?

  6. Ambago Ramba says:

    They need to penetrate further into the jungles of Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo territories. Another thirty years of displacement these guys will start to grow short like their new hosts. Maybe its a natural way to pacify them. Uganda and DR Congo both are perfectly the right places where much of these arrogant creatures can undergo reformation and cultural polishing.

    This war isn’t stopping any soon.Obviously the “dinkocrats” have got more that what they bargained for. If anything , this a lasting lesson , when one’s own making goes around to render them helpless, undignified and speechless.

  7. Loguca says:

    The situation in South Sudan have never happened in any African Countries. This is a clear indication of a terrible governance the Country is facing. Other countries in African thought we were brave people after fighting for freedom for many years from Arabs in the North, but it turned out we have become a laughing stock for not being able to govern our country and live in peace and prosperity. After 1972 Addis Ababa peace agreement, Joseph Lagu was appointed PHEC for autonomous government in south Sudan. Though he is from Equatoria, the Equatorians themself did not take the government in Juba like their own the way the dinkas now do in Juba

  8. Loguca says:

    Where on earth does someone blind lead someone who can see. Equatorians should wake up and stand up for themselves. I’m surprised to hear Commissioner Luis Lobong is complaining that people should defend their resources from foreign countries sending their troops to fight along side Kirr’s thugs in South Sudan. As Equatorians in Kirr’s government, just like the so called Vice president, you are the guys who are betraying us. Who are the people mobilizing child soldiers in Equatoria ? From reliable sources, all recruits in Military Training in Owinkibul are all under 16 years old. Five of them are my relatives. These are people who should be going to school not go and die for unjust course. They are decieved that they will become National army, when the government can’t even afford to pay salaries to soldiers during this time of war. What a government.

  9. arabbmoi says:

    We all Equatorians let dinka not to settle in our land let us all protest and chase them away in Equatoria soil. Those people are warmongers and prone violent creatures we have no need for being with us.

  10. Elijah Samuel says:

    They send their women and Children into midiland being in Uganda or South Sudan thus they can carry the war in Unity and upper Nile states without much worries because their families are out of reach for the white army. They do not have skin in this war! It is time for the entire South Sudan to get rid of this despots!

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