Optimism: Is there any hope to hope for in South Sudan?

BY: Ocholamero Otir Bure OROTO, JUN/29/2016, SSN

His Excellency, Salva Kiir Mayardiit, President of the Republic of South Sudan.
His Excellency, Dr. Riek Machar, Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan.
His Excellency, Wani Igga, 2nd Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan;

The Sudan People Liberation Movement & Army (SPLM/A) had done great work and valuable tasks to rescue South Sudanese from the tyranny of Arabs’ government in the old Sudan. No one in South Sudan can pay any of the liberators for such a gift. I meant, no money can be enough as a token of appreciation to all the SPLM/A personnel who fought for the self determination of South Sudanese.

Allow me to bring to your attentions the following, as an ordinary concerned South Sudanese, who would like to see the best happen in this country.

The view that dialogue is a tested means to resolve issues peacefully is a reality when people accept it, and I, the writer, is a proponent of peace through dialogue and reconciliation. But in a society where it appears that the leaders make ordinary people feel like they are not listening, it is difficult to see any progress.

There is no hope! It has been for a while now that people are regretting due to the fact that they voted for separation. Because many have not experienced such insecurity and brutal killings of innocent civilians when the country was not divided.

It appears clearly that the current government has failed terribly under the leadership of SPLM/A in the provision of good life and security in the country. The sole purpose of leadership is to lead by good examples.

If it appears that the government leaders are messing the playing field for peace and reconciliation, it is a waste of time for ordinary people or communities at grass root level to try their best in fostering peace and unity.

It is terribly sad to see how this country went from celebratory mode to the extreme mode of sorrows due to brutal killings in the hands of liberators! So to speak. Yes, South Sudanese need to create their own solutions, but it is clear that the leaders and influential figures are not showing any interest to return the country back to peaceful situation any time sooner.

It seems there are many deceptive information and abuse of power is so rampant! How could such behaviour facilitate peace and reconciliation in a dysfunctional newly created state without the sense and spirit of nationalism?

As leaders of the government and leaders of SPLM/A which is perceived to be the movement of the people, it is about time to work out what went wrong and work to correct it. In other words, identify the faults and correct them kindly.

It is the case in any given society that moral and ideological support can be given to the presiding leaders when they show interest and take visible actions that can give hope to the people.

Otherwise, what is clear at the moment is that under the current helpless situations, South Sudan will remain ‘a hell on earth’ for several years to come.

The answer to the truthful solutions to the current crisis is within reach, but consciously or unconsciously it appears that the leaders are beating around the bush and not doing enough to solve the real issues.

The ordinary community members are ready to reconcile and most of them do not have any inter-tribal issues, but, the current situations had instilled or reconstructed deeper inter-tribal dislikes over the years.

Some questions deserve some thoughts among others:
1. How could societal members change their minds when leaders are the factors of continuous mess?
2. How can peace be implemented in such a situation?

The SPLM/A top leadership should wear the onus of the security failure and they are in a better position to act in a humane manner to reverse the country from the current crisis.

Considering the current SPLM/A ideological malfunction and what most South Sudanese and the rest of the world call as a failure, there is no HOPE to hope for! Because, who else should “we” the South Sudanese turn to for security and peace?

It seems that South Sudan has become a deadly field of atrocities and unpredictable killings. Until further notice, there’s no sign of peace in South Sudan due to the political unwillingness of the SPLM/A top leadership.

At present, there is no projection for peace. The only sign that is visible is more brutish killings in the land of deception, rampant continuous immorality and dehumanising acts.

This is all what people are experiencing in the country not to forget the resultant effects of war like hunger-lack of food. How many will die of hunger this year alone? Just think about this and try to feel it.

Question 3. How could the situation in South Sudan be in 10, 15 or 20 or more years to come?
South Sudanese are yearning for peace. Taking the current trend in perspective, it is difficult to see peaceful co-existence and improved security in the near future.

This means SPLM/A will go in history as the worst movement known in the 21st Century. This will tarnish SPLM/A reputation for good. In other words, without taking steps to maintain peace and security in South Sudan, people will only remember SPLM/A for bad things and forget the many good that SPLM/A have done on aggregate.

Thus there is no sense in concealing the reality on the ground. The problem of South Sudan is in the hands of those who control SPLM/A (the leaders and their associates who could influence good policies and return to the good mission of the movement).

By the same token, SPLM/A as an entity under your leadership is the solution to all these problems. Nothing more and nothing less.

The ordinary citizens can only and only help when the leaders correct their errors of policies and correct their ideological mistakes and accept to correct themselves. Otherwise, they (the SPLM/A leadership) are running in circles. That mean attaining peace will never be an easy work without the change of minds and hearts of the leaders who wield the power at the moment.

Tentative recommendations:
1. Sudan People Liberation Movement and Army (SPLM/A) top leaderships, President Kiir, VP Dr. Riek, 2nd VP Wani Igga plus their associates, need to urgently act to curb these situations.

2. The top leadership needs to lead by examples and ensure the field is leveled for peace and reconciliation agenda to prevail. This will ensure peaceful dealings.

3. Please re-visit, revise the SPLM/A manifestos and deliver to the people what you promised e.g., the justice, equality, freedom of communication and prosperity.

4. Show people that the SPLM/A was, is and will be the movement of the people.

5. Show the world that South Sudanese can and have the ability to govern themselves peacefully.

6. Show people that South Sudanese are one people who struggled together and are willing to overcome these challenges collectively.

It is the case that however slow the vehicle of peace is travelling, if it is travelling in the right direction, there will come a time when the vehicle will reach the targeted destination.
The Sudan People Liberation Movement/Army, has the capability to steer this country toward peace within foreseeable future.

It is not too late to make a U-turn. I write to you out of concern and out of love to see the Republic of South Sudan prevails and attain the values that you fought for over the course of your lives. South Sudanese will be extremely happy to see that your offices work toward the attainment of ‘Justice, Liberty and Prosperity’ for all.

Once again, SPLM/A under your leadership is the surest solution to the current problems. Allow me to make this request; could you please shift the gear forward, Mr. President, speed up and you have the support of the concerned people to back you up in propelling the nation toward peace.

Therefore, is there any Hope to Hope for? Yes, there is!

Mr. President, the hope is your collective efforts to attain peace. With that in mind, I wish you all the best, may our good South Sudanese ancestral spirits guide you to steer this nation in the direction leading to peace and progressive development.
Yours sincerely,

Ocholamero Otir Bure OROTO.
A concerned South Sudanese
E-mail: ocholamero.oroto@uqconnect.edu.au


  1. Beek says:

    Your article is a heart break.I didn’t read all your article,but it seems your telling nonsense on here. John Garang and his cronies like a MIDGET Wani Igga were not interesting in Peace than only their new (Confucianism) ideology walking from Door to Door to play our people,our people are not educated because we never have a government. Please Our people had lost everything while those were begging around the clock in the name of our people in order to pay their bills. We have being Hacked with out any reason.

    • Ocholamero Otir Bure Oroto says:

      Dear Beek,

      You made your point clear. You are right that, our people are going through a lot of lost and suffering per se. However, First dismissing that my article is about nonsense does not make sense. Because, you did not understand my approached and the meaning that I am trying to express. How can you reached a conclusion without reading the entire articles. Please learn to activate your mind and do not be a lazy reader. I urge you to go back, read he article line by line and tell me first what makes sense and then tell me what does not makes sense added by the reasons for your conclusion. Lazy minds will not help at all. We are all suffering and we have to be active mentally in order to be able to express our feelings with dignity.
      Thus; I like your contributions and would like to engage more on different topics. You have raised points that I agree with. But, I think there is a better approach to critique an article than just dismissing it entirely. I am eagerly waiting to hear from you. Once again, thanks and let us keep the candles of discussion burning.

      Ocholamero Otir Bure Oroto

  2. Force_1 says:

    For the sake of peace; my suggestion would be President Kiir and Riek Machar must step down and go home and let Vice president James Wani Igga take over and form his new cabinet. Anyone he would appoint as his a vice president and his entire cabinet would be up to him to do so. President Kiir and Riek Machar must be far away from Wani and his new government; those two would never let South Sudan rest from these chaos!
    Humility pays and vice president James Wani Igga deserve every penny of this country’s respect!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Oh.. my God, what’s happening to you? Wani-Igga for president of which country??? That would be an abomination for South Sudan… except if it was the fictional country of the Lilliputians (remember the novel “Gulliver’s travels”)? That is the story of the island of the little people!!! No, actually Wani-Igga would be the personification of the lilliputian ruling the giants……that, of course, would be unimaginably impossible!!!!
      As a clown, a puppet and a hopelessly not-ever-funny joker, Wani-Igga would drive this nation down into the abyss.
      By the way, has Wani-Igga even got his own head with eyes and ears to realize, hear and see the misery of the people who’re now clearly suffering and dying right in front of him because of his insensitive, naive and midget-like role in the diabolical Kiir-Machar disaster?

      • Force_1 says:

        Well; all loud and clear; now who is your choice for president that you think I and other 60 or 70% of South Sudanese would have their “respect”! It seems all we know how to do is say “No” to anything! But saying “No” to anything isn’t the solution but the opposite of the solution.

        Lack of respect to anyone is our problem that we never paid attention to in our country! We can never have progress if we don’t have “respect” for one another! When is the last time vice president James Wani Igga was given all the power he need to run the country and ends up being a puppet to anyone or to any group of people in the country?

        An assumption about anyone is not the same thing as the truth about anyone. You don’t say something doesn’t work until you actually test it! If vice president Igga ran today for president he will automatically have my vote.

      • Nikalongo Sanduksanduk says:

        I am beginning to think you have an uninformed view about Wani Igga. The war, sufferings and mismanagement in South Sudan has nothing to do with Wani Igga. What in your opinion should Wani Igga have done to avert the constant feuding between Dinka kiir and Nuer Riek? Wani Igga may be a comedian, joker, lilliputian or whatever name you can come up with but he is not the author of confusion that is engulfing South Sudan. He can only do what he is capable of or what is within his reach. He up his position so that we can have peace. What more do you expect of him? If Savage Dinka Kiir and Brute Nuer Riek had the compasion and personality of Igga, South Sudan would be a prosperous and peaceful country.
        Editor, direct your frustration and disappointment to those responsible for what our country is going through and leave Wani Igga out and alone. We do not blame neighbours when a wild cat takes or is interested in making a meal out of the cock of a village chief. Wani has niether the military strength nor the political number necessary to stop the battle for supremacy between kiir and Riek. Peace and tranquilitywill prevail the day Riek, Kiir, their militia generals in Bilpam and Pagak and millions of their supporter tribesmen in the cattle camps in Bahr-el-Ghazal and Upper Nile lay down their arms. Shifting blames when we know what the truth is, is an act of dishonesty. Stop that nonsense.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Your criticism betrays itself when you wrote “he (Wani-Igga) can only do what he is capable of or what is within his reach.”
          Truly, Wani has shamelessly exposed his utter political incapability and limitation by ‘sitting on the fence’ as the nation is being destroyed by his godfather, Kiir and Machar.
          Brother, if only this Wani had firmly postured himself since 2005 as a serious leader, say of Equatorians, he would have strongly stationed himself in the third corner and both Kiir and Machar wouldn’t have had the luxury of their blatant domination of power in the nation.
          As a supposed leader, Wani must create or have a constituency where he firmly puts down his feet as an assertion of power. Many of those Equatorian generals, like Obuto Mamur, Gadalla, Thomas and others would then have politically leaned on Wani and that would clearly send the signal to Kiir and Machar that here is another rival that has to be seriously recognized.
          Obviously, the great Equatoria that bravely drove away the jiengs from its territory in 1983, the great Equatoria of Tafeng, Gwatala, Aggrey Jaden, of Solid Rock Surur, has been unforgivably betrayed by Wani and his ilk.
          A great nation is built when there is balance, political equanimity and fairness, not tribal imperialism as being unfortunately seen in South Sudan today.

          • nikalongo sanduksanduk says:

            I knew it was not only about Wani Igga but Equatoria. You know Editor, there are more Nuer Generals and soldiers fighting to maintain Kiir’s Presidency than all Equatorians put together. To be precise, there are more Nuer SPLA soldiers in government than those who joined Riek.Wani Igga had only the Vice Presidency to give out for the sake of peace. That Riek and Kiir continue to squabble has nothing to do with Equatorians sitting as you said on the fence. The only difference is that, the day there will a universal insurrection in Equatoria is the day South Sudan will cease to exist as we know it today. That editor is the truth. If and when that day should come, even the dead laying peacefully in the graves will be deported from the land of Equatoria.
            We still have opportunity and time to rescue our country and should not let that chance slip by and away. Taking to arms or instigating more insurrection instead of quenching off the present one is a bad solution to recommend. Wani has so far done the best in the name of peace and stability. Remember his famous quote, “we either resolve this war or the war will destroy us”. Equatoria and Wani Igga should be applauded for insisting on a peaceful resolution to the conflict rather than being accused of sitting on the fence.

    • Eastern says:


      I quote “For the sake of peace; my suggestion would be President Kiir and Riek Machar must step down and go home and …….”. Oh dude you are beginning to see some sense now! The substitute for the two men is not James Wani Igga though. Wani lacks resolute leadership qualities; he’s a flip-flop!

      • Force_1 says:


        Well; just saying “No” to any suggestion without your own and solution doesn’t make you someone with any sense either. This is like travelling with someone who doesn’t want to take any direction but opposes any direction suggested and couldn’t tell anyone which direction he think is the way to go; that doesn’t make him anything other than a fool! Save your breath calling other senseless; take a second look at yourself and no one would be surprise that you fit that description.

    • Gatdarwich says:


      Your man, the well known Jenges’ puppet, Wani Igga–baba ja is too timid and a great appeaser that has zero standard to be a leader of a kraal leave alone being a President. The patriot and unquestionable nationalist, General Lado Gore is the Equatorian that is capable, has the desired leadership qualities, and indisputable high standards to be president.

  3. Beek says:

    Heart-break,SPLM even they slept within because they had destroyed trust.

  4. Eastern says:


    There’s no need to continue skirting around the main issue: SPLA/SPLM is too deformed to be reformed as one of their own once said. Don’t peg your hope on this monstrous party [movement really] and army. These establishments are full of deceit, greed, intrigue, murder, theft and all the other felonies you can think of!

    The original ideology of Dr Garang of giving his numerous “commanders” and their foot soldiers free leeway for access to what they want using force of arms is deeply ingrained in this monstrous movement and former guerrilla outfits who have failed to adapt the lifestyles of true liberators and statesmen/women. There is no any hope for hope with SPLA/SPLM at the helm in Sudan, just to use part of your words.

    Now Kiir who claims SPLA started with him seems hellbent on wanting the same monstrous organization to end with him. Please follow this link, which I am certain you must have read. https://radiotamazuj.org/en/article/salva-kiir-splm-started-me

    We shouldn’t attempt to promote Mugabeism or Musevenism in South Sudan. Kleptocrats must be told that the path they are threading now is the wrong one. While it’s true that some of these men fought hard battles with NIF soldiers during the protracted war, that doesn’t give them the licenses to continue lording over the masses by way of arbitrary arrests, killing, pillaging, raping, grabbing land, property, stealing public funds to buy properties in Australia [in your neighborhoods], etc!!!

    The other option now remaining is to ask the SPLA “midwife” to throw in the towel and relocate to Akon to tend to his bovines!!

  5. mading says:

    Beek, Looks like you are still mourning your masters jallabs, Good luck.

  6. Gatdarwich says:

    SPLA is the party of deaths and destructions. It unremorsefully been killing it own volunteers–soldiers plus civilians since it inception in 1983 to the present—over 4 millions south sudanese from all walks of life lost their lives because of this Party–SPLA’s constant delivery of deaths and destructions to the NonJenge–the patriot 63 tribes. It will and shall never deliver anything besides deaths and grand livelihood destructions to the noneJenges full stop

  7. mading says:

    Gatdarwich vice president wani is not ababa ja man, as you put it. He is a man who has country in his heart, not the leadership your devil Riek machar who like to people kill for power 91,2013 .

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