Operational Major Daudi Kisire’s war on Ma’di: A Bleeding nation

BY: David Kanyara Aju, South Sudan, OCT/17/2013, SSN;

Since the death of chief Ajugo on 08/09/13, the Ma’di people have been crying in agony over the loss of their son of the land, the pain couldn’t get any better with the killer(s) still out at large.

We the community have been failed by the Eastern Equatoria Government (EESG) and the security organs that have yet to show their true colours to a nation in mourning. Business as usual to them meant rounding up for interrogation of gatherings of anything more than two persons in the village-turned-town of Nimule and its surrounding villages in a new form of terrorism that hit Ma’di in the wake of forcing the unpopular Nimule Town Council (NTC) on the people.

Where the EESG’s arm of ruling fell short in Nimule, self-imposed agonizing aunt, Dr Anna Itto, had Ma’di sure duties of the state carried out by a small boy in the name of Daudi Kisire.

A son of a farmer/businessman, late Araki, opportunist Daudi Kisire, a 1990s Muslim convert due to hardship in the Uganda refugee camps, has landed another job in the new Republic of South Sudan.

Allegedly, as a caretaker of the businesses of Dr Itto in Nimule and a few other government elites, he is always seen ‘hanging out’ with her whenever she visited Nimule. When he is not doing his own businesses, he surely is taking up building contracts, clearing vehicles and other goods for these elites he is involved with in other unclassified deals!

Kisire, his brothers Anyala and Mangara, and cousin Abi have now added to their portfolio a family Limited company of ‘Internal Security’, a security organ within the national security.

This group of organized criminals has ramped up their desire to ‘catch’ the killer(s) of chief Ajugo. In actual fact, what they are doing in their nightclub meetings has been the fulfilling a dirty political agenda against the Ma’di in a bid to appease the EESG, a scheme where money exchanged hands for the undemocratic implementation of the NTC.

Their go-between allegedly is none other than Nimule Payam MP, Aventore Amure Bilal, a man who has lost self-esteem selling his fellow nationals for peanuts.

The Nimule thugs, who are also local businessmen have now taken the law into their hands and are cruising the streets of Nimule looking for any community member who attended the 24/08/13 Nimule-held meeting organized and chaired by the late Nimule Payam chief.

In that decisive meeting on 24/08/13, the late chief Ajugo named and shamed a few people who are involved in the NTC saga. These are local businessmen and businesswomen who have been sponsored by the EESG in order to see to it that the NTC was established.

As a result, MP Bilal who occupies the Torit seat lost his mandate with the people when he chose to represent the Ma’di minority in the likes of local businessmen Kisire and his henchmen who have become the right hand men of EES.

The community denounced Bilal and his representation publicly when it downed on them that he did not only abuse their trust but he also sold his own soul.

By standing out to do the legs’ work, Kisire and his henchmen are protecting the vested interest of the likes of Dr Anna Itto, a political recluse in the circles of the Ma’di and Mr. John Anduga who allegedly failed to assume his position in Zimbabwe mainly due to incompetence but also equally due to lack of obvious funds for embezzlement in his new job.

This network of criminals has managed to flourish this far completely unchecked because the one jigsaw piece that was missing was indeed a character none other than the quite elusive and deadly John Andruga with his handy and free access to the high ranking security organs.

He allegedly fed them with falsified information about the events in Nimule Which led to the deployment of heavy Army presence in Ma’di.

Whilst EES Governor Luis Lojore ruled the state remotely from his university campus in Kampala where he is studying for his degree course, his Deputy, Jerome Surur, a himself a Ma’di, meekly carried out all transactions in favour of his boss.

Embarrassingly, up to date, he is even neither sure why the Ma’di leaders and elders were arrested, nor does he know who ordered their arrests.

Mr. Surur is surrounded by fellow brethren John K. Maire and Oreste Todo (both men having failed miserably in USA and the latter having allegedly embezzled community funds before running off to Torit), who have just been accommodated in their jobs in order to serve the inner circles.

With Todo managing the direction of investment in Torit, he couldn’t have sealed the development deals any better! Maire, allegedly is being deployed as Protocol Director to Pageri of all the places, can only serve one protocol person in the Anna Itto home town.

In this network where the beneficiaries have varied interests and gains ranging from political favors, power and control to financial gains and watching each other’s back has been the play in diverting or obstructing justice for late Ajugo.

Amidst all the physical, emotional and psychological sufferings brought on the Ma’di community, the plan to commence NTC is intensified shortly after announcing this undemocratic transaction over the national radio.

In the meantime, businessman turned security organ operative, continued to terrorize the nation by night. The much-feared Kisire and his alleged dark powers was never called to account for his whereabouts nor summoned for interrogations because he has become the untouchable.

He is the one who oversees business for the elite government officials. The catalyst in the equations! So long as the EESG remains in power, Kisire and his right hand man Anyala cruise in their vehicles ensuring those in the cells are tortured while he and his men add more to the list of the detained as the prophetess’s words came to pass.

None of those named by chief Ajugo before his death have ever accounted for their whereabouts.

The very MP Bilal who said whether the Ma’di liked it or not, the NTC will be implemented, and yet he has not been questioned as to what he meant by that statement.

Not a single man or woman from those proposing NTC was ever brought for questioning. So the very people who were pro NTC have become innocent Gov. Luis Lobong’s stooges who are rounding up whoever tickled their fancy for arrest.

Unsurprisingly, they have now stooped as low as planting secret pictures of a servant of God in the name Priest (Padre) Joseph Otto whom they want to capture on charges of causing unrest in the community. ]

Since when did prayers cause unrest?

Did Ajugo’s killing bring about a windfall? Well, before the decaying process even began on Ajugo, as our people would say, the EESG had already announced the NTC and has gone to appoint one in the name of David Eriga, the EES Governor Luis Lobong’s Madi brother-in-law in the position of Nimule Town Clerk.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Eriga deserted his post as Nimule Payam chief to take up a more lucrative job in Kapoeta. Whilst in Kapoeta, he took with him the salary of the post he deserted leaving his successor to work for free while he earned double salary.

It remains a wonder if in-law Eriga will come back with double salary to his new post since he has the immunity from big brother!

Since individuals that paid bribes were publicly spelled out in that 24/08/13 meeting, it is worth letting the wider community members know where the tornado that swept the whole nation came from.

The men that are walking freely in the land even when the EESG is aware that money exchanged hands prior to the death of Ajugo are as follows:

* Daudi Kisire is a businessman original from Mugali. This head of the Mafia is also known as Mr. Major. He entices people to fall into his trap by giving and caring.
* Inyani Jackson, a businessman from Mugali who paid 5000 SSP towards NTC. He is Lieutenant to Kisire and also the master brain of the group. He is deadly when you cross his path.
* Yanga, another businessman and Lieutenant of Kisire.
* Gwanya, a businessman from Mugali is the owner of Motherland hotel. He is rather quiet, difficult to place his role.
* Andwe, another businessman from Mugali who owns the Royal Palace Hotel. He is one of the richest in the group. Seems to be a good guy who probably took a wrong step and got stuck in the mud.
* Ogili, a businessman from Loa who is a new recruit whose role is not yet clear.
* Abi, a cousin to Kisire is another Mugali recruit who works as the driver to the team.
* Taban, from Moli is a security officer and the owner of vehicle number EE 075B that was allegedly used in kidnapping Angu Abdalla from Uganda. (It is allegedly said that Kisire, Angu and Taban are the likely people that took part in Angu’s arrest).
* Augustine Omony, a security officer in Nimule who is most likely behind the arrests in Nimule
* Konyuru Geoffrey, another Mugali chap who does the leg work for the group.
* Taban Oliver, a businessman from Opari paid 15000 SSP upfront towards NTC.
* Anyala, younger brother of Kisire also a businessman is there to watch big brother’s back.

I do not have the full names of every one of them involved in this dirty deal but for those of you in Nimule, you probably know what I mean. I do not recall all the names of those who paid up for the illegal NTC. And for those of us who were in these meetings you can watch the unfolding trend of events for yourselves.

It is worth noting that some peculiar deaths occurred notably as:
1. A teacher by the name of Jino Lou went for a follow up after improved health suddenly died.
2. Soon after Ajugo’s murder, chief Simone Idro of Anjara payam died after short sickness.

Both these two community members had changed their minds about this NTC pending wider consultation as agreed by the community.

As long as the Ma’di elders and leaders remain dead silent or locked up in the cells, the EESG will continue with its agenda of implementing the NTC at the expense of the innocent bleeding and suffering of the Ma’di.

Unless the political gallants stop the ‘divide and rule’ tactic of the EESG, and as long as huge monies continue to exchange hands, Ma’di people will continue to pay heavier prices.

EESG is there to fulfil the words of mouthpiece Bilal when he did say in one of the community meetings that: “Whether you like it or not, the NTC will be implemented”, Bilal 2013.

One question I beg to ask is where will you as a Ma’di fit in the land once it has been consumed by your greed and forever lost to the vultures you symbolize?

Whatever your motives, just remember: “Do not move an ancient boundary stone or encroach on the fields of the fatherless.”

David Kanyara Aju;
concerned community activist.
” A voice for voiceless”


  1. Mankien town says:

    Dear David,
    never talk when you are here in Europe or America, you need to go and talk to Dr. Itto face to face in Juba With her master Kirr. most communities in south Sudan have been bribed in exchange to get in to power by theirs son and daughter in return to power appointment.
    do you know Dr. itto will not listen to the community during this time of her looking to replace Pagan Amum as secretary-general of SPLM, believe me.

  2. mindra says:

    Bravo bro Aju,
    well done for the articles. indeed this is the fact on the ground. if now the government can position their deliberation on the matter, then these culprits are to be tried first to give fertile ground for the trial of the suspects, like for the people that you have mentioned here in didn’t study and that is why they want to benefit in confusion.
    It’s totally different when your mother tells you: My son/daughter, i love you: than when she says son/daughter i like you. love and like are similar in meaning, but love is stronger than liking. if prayer is bad then let the government of south sudan show a way of growing spiritually unless they didn’t want people to be spiritually upright. Lobong was once a seminarian and his soul would also prove that his lifetime in seminary whether prayer is bad. A priest has nothing to do with the politics. Shame on those trying to arrest, never tried!
    let us embrace peace and solidarity, for the peace to prevail in madiland.

    Concern madi-go,i live in loa local,pageri payam

  3. nikalongo says:


    A mafia gang from Mugali? It is like u are victimisimg any M’adi who disagrees with u, particularly the rich and the highly placed govt. officials. It is like no longer about the killers of the Chief and the IDPs.

    • Chaka, Jill says:

      To the contrary,It is my hope that what is happening in madi land will serve as an example and eye-opener for the rest of the country! These evil elite in Juba uses the ancient trick of divide and rule. They come after you using your own people. This may indeed not be their initial intent but rather expect the people to follow their sons and daughter in high places blindly but not the Madi people who have never followed a leader Blindly. In fact what they are doing, exposing these agents of the corrupt government is a new beginning for our country. It gives hope for the rest of us, It sends the clearest message that power rests on the people not the seasonal leaders of the time!

      each tribe must fight the corrupt children from among them, Each tribe should not follow their corrupt and evil sons or daughters simply because S/he is one of them! If each tribe does this then we can clean our country from these cockroaches! To me this speaks well of the Madi people and it is up to each of our other tribes to emulate. For example if the Dinkas were to publicly expose Kirr and other corrupt Dinka elites who are bringing our country down as these Madi do their elites, then no one can blame what Kirr does on the Dinkas!

      So David Kanyara fight and fight on for your people by extension our beloved Country!

  4. Moigo says:


    That is the fact, people on ground fear those mafias in Nimule, they are gangsters, close agents, their mission is to eliminate and kill people whose views are not the same to theirs. Time will come for these gangs to give to people what belongs to people, brave, indeed Kisire is evil man, it is not above those who are highly placed as suggested by the previous commentator, we ma’di knows this better, please leave us to blow our trumpet.

  5. So where is the Dinka involvement in the killing of chief here?

    • Chaka, Jill says:

      How could you have missed the foot print of the imperial Dinka Elite? They the Imperial Dinka Elite have caused unrest in their ancestral home, they have hidden their relatives and cows in Nimule, because of this they know they are not affected in any ways by the insecurities in their ancestral lands because their relatives are hidden in the midland. Mind you in the Madi land, these gangs are armed with AK47 and grenades. These therefore are not IDPs, these are occupying forces!
      To legitimize their occupations, The president has pushed for turning Nimule into a town, doing so means, Those occupying forces will not move from Nimule. The Madi people refused this deal of turning Nimule into a town, For Kirr’s government to achieve its goal, they have the named traitors among madi people as highlighted by Kanyara above.
      So Ador, there it is plain as day, take it or leave it.

  6. majongdit says:


    There are some of us you need to excuse! One word, not even a sentence is enough to kill our reader appetite. I, just like any other peace loving South Sudanese citizen, and from the bottom of my heart, condemn the killing of the Madi chief. Much as I wanted to go thru your story, I stopped reading when I arrived at the words “nation on mourning”. No one really sensible wanted the death of Nimuli chief. But I beg that you believe that there was no day declared (and there will never be any day) to mourn a madi chief or any chief. If you want us to mourn the madi chief, then there must be law put in place to mourn every chief – including those who died from natural causes -and there you will be right.

  7. jay johnson says:

    one of the best articles i have ever read. the reason being that it is a bottom-up instead of top-down criticism that we are so accustomed to. If we leave our corrupt and unethical ethnic kins and concentrate on demonizing people from other ethnic groups, then we are doomed to fail forever.

    Our leaders whether from the federal, state or county governments are mostly corrupt, a fact we try to ignore and instead blame every thing on president Kiir and Dinka people. political changes will be realize only when we start our criticism at county and state level. we need our representative at the local level to demand changes at the top or federal level.

    it means that the equatorians need to abandon the threat of secession, denounce kokora as a segregation and discriminatory policy and to get on with victimhood mentality. they need to compete with the Dinka and Nuer for political office instead of being followers. Kiir position is up for grab and the equatorian should not hide behind Nuer by trying to be cheerleaders. I prefer a equatorian politician possibly wani igga because he does not share the succession aspiration as oppose to an unindicted criminal from Upper Nile region.

    And should this unindicted war criminal became president miraculously or otherwise, the equatorianS will bear the responsibility. I am talking about Dr. Naïve, Dr. Hitler and Dr. amateur Riek Machar, a man who hails from lawless and militia infested upper nile region. A region that is so accustomed to rebellion and war lordism to the point that it has become a profession and getway to power and resource control.

    Upper Nile Region is equal to genocide, lawlessness, banditry, anarchy, barbarism and cruelty as is Equatoria equal to gossiping, hatred preaching and victimhood. the choice is, should president Kiir loose the presidency, between lawlessness, militia/warlords, anarchy, genocide and naivety or gossiping, victimhood and kokoraism?

    the question is who should be next president of South Sudan in case Kiir is robbed of his presidency for some reason? The militias, rebels, warlords or anarchy of upper nile region or do you want the victim and cheerleader from Equatoria region? I prefer the victim from Equatoria region. South Sudan can not afford more anarchy, warlords, militias and rebels from upper nile region

    Who do you prefer?

    • Eastern says:

      Very naïve Jay Johnson, so the presidency should ONLY remain with Kiir? You are insinuating that if it goes to Upper Nile; it has gone to militias and warlords and if an Equatoria takes it; it has been taken by cheerleaders – Kiir will have been ROBBED of the presidency?
      This is typical dinkish thinking!!! We have seen this kind of belief in various communities where there are dinka people: they want to be THE LEADERS!

  8. Dan Eberu says:

    Calling a ‘spade a spade’ is not in politics. But in religion yes, it is. The truth will set you free is the tone of the holy Bible.
    Bravo Kanyara. Madis are not an island. They are a tribe in RSS which cannot be ignored because they do not want anyone even a politician to sit on their rights. The British feared to recruit them as army because of their true nature of inquisitiveness. They do not tolerate carrying out of orders for the sake of it. They are smart and god – fearing people on the surface of the earth. They need justice to others as they need it for themselves. Above all they respect others in their way of culture without imposing theirs on them (the Madi).
    Politics is a dirty game which cannot compromise with religion which Madis find it conflicting. This does not mean that politics has no room in religion or among the madis. There are several good politicians who played good rhythm in politics. Perhaps one day, the Madi will be exemplary again for our new nation in world standard as a country which is accredited for corruption as long as the leaders come from the people who do not know their rights than expect their stomachs to be filled or bottle fed by these dirty politicians who shamelessly divide and rule the people with the money of the community to which they are trusted as stewards.

  9. Modo says:

    If we are to follow the rule of law, is it rightful for someone to be arrested for over a month without charges or trial?
    Honestly, the governor has to choose one either education or governance, otherwise he is taking very big risks. How will he answer to Kisire’s actions in Madi land/nation unless indeed Kisire is his operational manager?


    • Terenzia says:

      Very true Mr Editor. Our community leaders are now close to 3 months in the cell and they have not been charged. We hope a decision would be made very soon on their case.

      Mr Editor, some feedback for you. I have got feedback from home and diaspora that our community is reading your website daily to follow up what is going on. Thank you for letting our voices be heard through your site.

  10. mindra says:

    dear David,
    keep the ball rolling bro, it’s right to expose the corrupt members of madis who are in the government. if other tribes fear exposing theirs, then we are not taking this young nation forward. very soon these mafia from mugali can be dealt with.
    corruption is not only aim at embezzling cash money but corruption takes different forms. one of them could be braced of trust at one’s capacity as civil servant or politician.
    let some people stop chanting on this issue of madis especially when giving comments. let them educate themselves first on matters because they are giving messages to the world.
    write what is correct but don’t fabricate matters as some people are experienced and professional lairs. if you go on the net try and do something tangible. leave us alone to dance our own traditional dance because it doesn’t call for the dinkas as they coupled together with this mafias/gangsters of mugali.

    mindra madi-go,i live in loa local pageri payam

  11. SPLA says:

    I am very disappointed with our MPs and these greedy businessmen in Nimule. Very soon those named businessmen who are involved in this dirty game against Madi people will be banned from Adjumani and moyo. I have taken this upon myself to ensure they will be arrested when they set foot in Adjumani. You can’t kill Madis in S.Sudan and pretend to be a good person to Madis in Uganda, no way. What is happening to the Madis in SS is equally painful to our brothers/sisters in Moyo and Adjumani.

    • Dear SPLA:

      Who the hell are you then? Are you an Ugandan or South Sudanese Madi? Having dual Citizenship and tribal identification in both Countries is indeed causing trouble in the RSS. How would I tell the difference between the South Sudanese Madi, Acholi,Kakua ect from that of Uganda? Why don’t you guys move either to Uganda or South Sudan and live there permanently? You are the ones causing confusions and problems both in Uganda and South Sudan. Most of you fled to Uganda and lived there as Ugandans during the liberation war, leaving your home towns or lands for the Dinka and Jalaba to battle over it for its’ occupation. Due to recent peace and stability in South Sudan, you have now you returned with your Ugandan Cousins like flies to reclaim the lands and Towns which you have abandoned during the war.

      Please shut up and live side by side in peace and harmony with your Dinka neighbours in Nimule. Stop calling them and treating them like Aliens or IDPs in their own Coutry. They have all the rights and privileges to live there more than your Ugandan Cousins who you have just brought them back as a deal or payback for hosting you during the Civil war in South Sudan. You must bear in mind that if you and the likes harm the Dinkas in Adjumani or wherever they may be, you will never set your bloody feet and hands in Nimule, South Sudan, PERIOD!

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

      • Elijah Samuel says:

        Lukudu, Who the hell do you think you are? You are what is wrong with our country. Your arrogance has blinded you and you do not see the hand writing on the wall. Keep sleeping and you shall have a rude awakening when the time is ripe. The power belongs to the people and a government is only for a season. These tribes you named have survived the Tukutukus, the British, the Arabs etc and so shall they survive the newly emerged invaders and oppressors, the Dinka Bor! Take that to the bank and you can bet on it.

        • Dear Elijah Samuel:

          Please know that our ancestors had also survived the Tukutukus, the British, the Arabs and Kokora warlords. I don’t hate your people, but your hatred against my people will make you join your Cousins in Uganda once and forever. In case you forgot about me. I’m the man who fought and protected your land from the Arabs and LRA when you fled to your Cousins home in Uganda. As South Sudanese, I welcome you back to your ancestral land in Equatoria, however I ask you nicely and peacefully to let me stay with you otherwise I will send you back to where you were during the war. Who the hell do you think I’m ,Coward? I’m Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang, the man who doesn’t put up with BS and nonsense. Do you I need to explain myself more?

          Please let us share your land in which I buried my loved ones. The ones who were killed defending this very land when you were enjoying peace and tranquility in your second home in Uganda. Let us be good neighbours and live in peace and harmony in Equatoria. Attacking or evicting me forcefully from the greater Equatoria will narrow this region into the size of human underwear and it would not fit or accommodate us all. Make your choices and make them wisely as it’s consequences would be bitter for all of us to swallow or enjoy in Equatoria.

          “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
          Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

          • Elijah Samuel says:

            I hear you cry bitterly about Riak Machar’s erasing your so-called bravery and you became a woman and could not defend your own ancestral land from his rage when provoked by this your kind of arrogance! You were chased and found refuge in Equatoria and Nimule in particular…
            Not only that, you have not successfully defended any of your ancestral land, you ran and were forced to fight in the Equatoria land. Equatorians did not ask you to fight in Equatoria land, if you truly did it as you claim, you were a mere masonry and fighting to grab land since you lost yours to Machar and the Arabs at that time.
            So as far as south Sudan is concerned and as far as Equatoria is concerned, you are worse than the Arabs you claimed to have fought.
            Lukudu..You are no braver than John Garang and he is dead.

      • Eastern says:

        Dear LGG,

        This threat will be actualized if you Dinka people don’t want to observe your limits. Do you know what happened recently when a vehicle travelling from Juba towards the Ugandan border knocked a dinka child who was not being properly looked after at Motoyo in Nimule. But by God’s grace, the child was not killed in that accident but the driver knowing very well what the dinka police in Nimule will do, fled across the border and handed himself to Ugandan police at Elegu.

        When news reached the parents of the child who was knocked by a speeding car, they abandoned their beers and other drinks from a nearby bar/brothel and followed the truck driver to Elegu police post in Amuru district in Uganda and forcefully tried to bring back the driver to Nimule to “come and face justice” . These dinka men were subdued and got themselves detained in Elegu. One of them was carrying a pistol.

        They were later released and advised to follow the case through Interpol.

        Mr. Lukudu, if that’s your name, the essence of writing this long story to illustrate what I’m driving to is to let you and your like know that there is sovereignty of every country and community. You as a dinka man cannot drive a wedge between Ma’di people who lived together as one people till as recent as 1956 and 1962 when the Sudan and Uganda got their independence from the British.

        What dinka people do on Kakwa, Ma’di, Acholi and other border people will have consequences on other dinka people leaving outside the country. Instead of taming dinka people, you are proudly encouraging them to behave like they do now in Australia, Canada, etc. Dinkas outside the country have created themselves a very bad image!! Do not deny this fact!!

        Yes, truth be told, but it’s very bitter.

  12. Dr Andy Murusal says:

    This is unbelievable. The RSS is truly a failed state and Somalization is at the doorstep of RSS in the remaining rule of under this government of general Kiir. God save and bless and bless RSS.

  13. Lisangi says:

    Do you need evening class to understand the article? If at all you have nothing to contribute, better keep quiet. If you think intimidating and harrasing people will satsify your greed… you are mistaken. Be informed that the Arabs tried all the means within their reach to arabise, assimilate and annext South to the Maghrib; were they successful????
    Now, please be warned that Nimule is not like a commodity where one can go away with it.

    • mindra says:

      Hello bro lukudu Garang

      Am sorry mr lukudu to mention this, but i have to tell you this point blank. it seem to me right that you don’t know your right to left or left to right. as per your names you have mixed blood either from dinkas or from Bari.
      The problems in nimule is not only for madis alone but for the greater equatorians. these businessmen who are named are gangsters. for how long have you known them?
      you see even if you are the best dancers, you can go on dancing any tunes that comes ways. here you missed the whole context. it’s true that these gangs are keeping their families in adjumani, moyo and selling Nimule to make money to meet their family needs abroad.
      However much you people try your best to spread the madi of Uganda and madi of South Sudan, it would not work because we are one people forever and ever more. what is created by God, man can no disregard it never.
      those who force Nimule town council will one day come to an end because chances comes and go.

      mindra-madi-go,i live in loa local pageri payam,

  14. umoja says:

    lukudu gatkuoth garang

    Is very unfortunate you are behind the news. Muro and Azandes chase dinks in less that 7 days. Murle is almost finishing dinkas in Jonglei. So your dreams will not help you. Madi is not like Deng Majok to sell Abyei to arabs in return of food.

    If dinks can not resist the tiny Moru tribe in Mundri and now Murle in Bor, what to do u think dinkas can do in Nimule? It is just a matter of time.


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