Open letter to President Salva Kiir Mayardit: Imminent reforms expected

By: Ater Garang Ariath, MAY/04/2016, SSN;

Mr. President,

As the nation moves toward its dream of hope for peace, stability and sustainable development upon the return of Dr. Riek Machar Teny to South Sudan as the First Vice President, South Sudanese people foresee the realization of harmony again in the country.

Mr. President, when you, Dr. Riek and Igga shook hands after First Vice President took oath of office, it far demonstrated a sign that you are partners in peace and the announced Transitional Government of National Unity.

The Transitional Government of National Unity should of now work to embrace national healing and reconciliation among all South Sudanese common men and women that were psychologically fractured in different areas during the conflict.

The genuine realization of peace and national cohesion among all South Sudanese within and outside the country can only be achieved if your leadership appoints competent, skilled and experienced Advisors in the latest cabinet.

Like any other South Sudanese citizen, I would like to take this opportunity to call for appointment of Presidential Political Advisor, whose credentials were of course impeccable, highly intelligent, a superb linguist and a born diplomat to revamp our diplomatic relations.

Appointment of senior experienced and political acumen South Sudanese man or woman as Presidential Political Advisor after the formation of Transitional Government of National Unity(TGONU) will be of great asset toward refurbishment of South Sudan political exposures within and outside the region.

The Political Advisor with strong vision of South Sudan loyalty as nation “first” should work on programs that will revamp South Sudan’s diplomatic and political exposure in the region and beyond.

As we move together as nation to rebuild damages that were brought on our societies by recently elapsed civil war, there is a high need to appoint an impeccable Presidential Political Advisor in the Transitional Government of National Unity.

The crises faced by our country are merely political ones, which need your leadership to fix by ensuring that white-headed South Sudanese, who care for national interest, are appointed to hold strategic presidential advisory roles in order to avoid another pitfall path caused by recently concluded war in our history as a nation.

Mr. President, behind every successful leader, there are sharp and wise handful or bevy of strong advisors, whose appointments are based on skills, competence and professional experiences especially to harness direct areas whereby a leader lacks certain abilities.

We had suffered from inadequate leadership in all spheres of life, political, social, economic, religion and so forth and so on, they (leaders) whom you bestowed national trust upon them, raised our expectations sky high only to disappoint us on many occasions, however, as citizens, we are patiently waiting upon recently appointed authors in your cabinet to introduce their chapters to the nation.

Worse still, sufferings caused by unprincipled leaders who seek scapegoats for their failures and gross incompetence by stringed up tribal hatred among our beloved communities, well-known example is the recently concluded senseless three-year war that eroded our social fabric as South Sudanese society, which I hope the Transitional Government of National Unity should first address problems of internally displaced citizens that are in United Nations Camp before any other thing.

As a committed and staunchest member of the country’s ruling party, Sudan’s People Liberation Movement (SPLM), I felt that South Sudan after attaining her hard–fought sovereignty should not follow the painful path experienced by most African revolutionaries in those liberated countries.

Therefore, what had happened has happened and you are now brought together by the Compromise Peace Agreement on springboard as leaders not opponents in the helm of South Sudanese system again, of which critical scrutiny is requires during selection of various Presidential Advisors.

Mr. President, South Sudanese are desperate to see imminent reforms in the system , whereby political appointees
should value most national cohesion, rather than promoting their narrow political interests that override core principles of nationalism.

As South Sudanese common men and women, we are yearning to see leaders in the system , who internally question themselves, what does South Sudanization,a kind of our nationalism as South Sudanese people means to them and the country that the belong to?

In fact, we have a long journey as South Sudanese people to understand or forge nationalism, the spirit of nationalism is
still hovering in South Sudanese thin air ,though with hope and determination , it will take hold in the sub- consciousness of our people.

“The roots of nationalism are nurtured by people who share a common identity in the form of historical memories, pride, humiliation, pleasure and regrets” , attached to common incidents of the past, According to Historian John Stuart Mill, however, South Sudanese past from Arab rule, would provide a platform for cohesive ideology to command the loyalty of all peoples of South Sudan.

The country Mr. President need devoted Advisors, who will begin to devote vast energies to build a nationalistic ideology, which will command loyalty of all South Sudanese people toward their country and the leadership.

South Sudan as nation indeed needed fearless Advisors, with extra astuteness of judgments and ability to make fast decision on spot, of which a nation like of South Sudan always on edge of tribal wars desperately require.

The Presidential Advisors are the first layers of the government, who commit themselves to noble course of the leadership, and more especially to the country and the people whom they serve.

The great leaders know limit of their own abilities, therefore, they surround themselves with bunch of others capable
men and women who can share objectives and work together with, to achieve them.

It is on this same context that I urge, the leadership of Transitional Government of National Unity to remove obstacles and mistrusts been engendered during two years conflict, just to pave way for sufficient will of implementing the Compromise Peace Agreement on the Resolution on Conflict in South Sudan.

Nevertheless, steering nation from current dire situation faced by our people to prosperity , will not only be left to
President Salva Kiir Mayardit , First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar and Vice President James Wani Igga, but all
members of the cabinet along with South Sudanese masses should amicably engage hand in hand to achieve it.

Mindful of the heated debate stirred by poor representations of some states that emerged after the formation of Transitional Government of National Unity on Thursday 28Th April , 2016 by Presidential Decree , but such nonstop debates will not bring sufficient solutions , unless we put aside our bitterness and rally support to the appointed cabinet to deliver desire results by all South Sudanese people.

To conclude my argument here, as one concerned South Sudanese citizen, I call upon the international community, Troika countries, IGAD, China and Japan, which are the immediate guarantors of South Sudan peace, to step up measures of reinforcing peace implementation, through financial support for amelioration of economic shock experienced by the country.

This peace is only our hope of finding justice, freedom, happiness and prosperity that is in fact our inalienable right as South Sudanese people to enjoy.

By Ater Garang Ariath
The Author is South Sudanese journalist Living in Republic of South Sudan
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  1. A says:

    Mr Ater Grang,
    Don’t expect Kiir to pull a rabbit out of his hat.
    No matter how long our current political leaders fake their personality, they will always be who they are.
    Have you seen the appointment of the his 10 advisors of the Transitional Government of National Unity?
    Clement Wani Konga gets Special Affairs. What! Special Affairs for what!!!
    As the saying: When a man fails to know how his problem started he may not be able to find a solution.
    “No matter how long a log stays in water, it does not become a crocodile”

  2. Gatdarwich says:


    This current deadly war is not “merely political” but pure genocidal-tribal war period
    Your witty and gross euphemization of it as mere political won’t and shall never magically erases the harsh realities of this genocidal tribal war from the targeted victims’ minds full stop
    So, your call for Killer NyanKiir to employs competent genocidal-tribal advisors is not what the recently formed Government Of National Unity needs, but it’s needs to implement the followings in sequence:
    (1)Abolish the pseudo 28 states.
    (2)appoint governors for the 10 states
    (3)repatriates and compensate the South Sudanese currently residing in UMISS-concentration camps in Bor, Malakal, and Juba.
    (4)initiates the accountability process for this genocidal-tribal war.

    Ater, implementing the above 4-points is exactly what president Killer NyanKiir, Dr Riek, and Wani Igga must do before talking of national reconciliation, healing, and communal cohesion period

  3. josephbaros says:

    if a cup of sugar in da market is 25 SSP how do u define this 2 leaders per? dis are just Chinese products leaving in a luxuries life yet millions dead an thousands displaced??? who cares? just prayers??

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