Open Letter to Pagan Amum & SPLM Former Detainees: No ‘Third Block’

By: John Adoor Deng, Australia, MAY/27/2014, SSN;

Dear Comrades,

Allow me on the onset of this letter to greet you all in the spirit of nationhood and patriotism. Comrades, the aim of this piece is to highlight my feelings and presumably the feeling of many others towards your recent position regarding the resolution of the hostile conflict that has engulfed our country for months.

As a concerned citizen, and as a person who once had the privilege to have led Sudanese Communities in Australia as then president of Sudanese Community Association of Queensland (2006-2009 SUCAQ INC) and Interim chair of the Federation of Sudanese Australian Communities (FOSAC 2008-2010), I have the heart of my nation and courage to express in a small way my thoughts on issues of significance and of interest to our God’s given and blessed young country, South Sudan.

By calling a spade a spade and not a big spoon, I severely disagreed with your lukewarm, politically ambivalent and a monkey-trick-position that put you as neutral or a third block in the conflict.

My disagreement toward your sophisticated lobby for a third block in Addis Ababa is illuminated by the following reasons:

1- Firstly, you as Pagan and your colleagues now referred to as Former Detainees were part and parcel of the very genesis of this obnoxious conflict whether directly or indirectly. Indeed, your collective dismissals from active roles as Secretary General, Former Vice President, your colleagues as former ministers, and former governors, undoubtedly triggered this conflict.

(The so-called ‘Third Block’ includes: Pagan Amum, the presidential advisor, Rebecca Nyandeng, former ministers, Deng Alor, John Luk, Kosti Manibe, Oyai Deng, Gier Chuang, Madut Biar, Majak Agoot, Cirino Hiteng, Lakes state’s former governor, Chol Tong and former diplomat Ezekiel Gatkuoth.

2- Secondly, you and your colleagues are blamed to have agitated the sitting chair of the SPLM who doubled as president of the Republic of South Sudan, instead of subduing difficulties of governance within the SPLM under your carpet; and in secret, you both rushed to the media and speculated your differences as one house but know what? A house divided cannot exist! When these things occurred, were you a Third Block?

3- Thirdly, your calling of the third block in the negotiations is, in fact, a pretext of diversifying the conflict. It is, in fact, opening a third parallel front which we as South Sudanese don’t want to see at this critical time.

Comrades, most conventional conflicts are solved or managed within a parameter of two conflicting parties. I have not heard a famous conflict solved through a triangle machinery.

It is through the obvious knowledge of conflict being handled between two parties that prompted President George Bush (junior) to remind his allies once that they either join him or join his opponents.

4- Fourthly, your calling for the third block is in effect an element of confusion and a tactic of taking over when protagonists are demised or exhausted.

5- Fifthly, on the other hand, your calling for a third block or neutral block indeed incapacitates and narrows your expected contribution to the conflict resolution.

In other words, you are duplicating SPLM-O position in also calling for interim arrangements, you are duplicating SPLM/SPLA position by calling an end to the conflict and condemning the atrocities committed by the rebellion. The government position on your roles seem to make sense, the government cannot negotiate with two parties of the same orgin in order to solve one conflict.

Comrades, we value you higher than such positions. Good example, when some of you were still in jail, we interceded for you and in one of my social network message I compared you with the biblical personalities of Meshach, Abnego, Shadrach (read Daniel 3:16-18) who faced a humiliating wrath of King Nebuchadnezzar. My proposition in these were that if you were innocently jailed then you shall come out like Meshach, Abnego, Shadrach from the greatest fire set by King Nebuchadnezzar. Comrades, if you think that joining one side of the conflict will make your political image dirty then you are mistaken, the SPLM as a whole is dirty and smelly, you have in one way or other destroyed the future of our generation. None of you should pretend to wash his or her hands of this conflict, if such hand washing is perceived done, then it is a Pontius Pilate’s hand washing but ordered Jesus killed (read Mathew 27:24). The conflict has gone beyond scaping of causers and triggers and thus active participation is the only help needed to help conflict come to an end.

Therefore, your abstinence will never make you holy. Truthfully you must do one of the following:

Joined one side of the conflict and contribute maximumly in ending the conflict by all mean. If the choice is joining government’ side, then make few kneeling down to President Kiir and his inner circles. If the choice is joining SPLM-O then ask Dr Riek to forgive you, your recent comments against his group
Joined civil society organisations and contribute as members of civil society freely and out of attachment to any political party.
Dispersed individually to look after your children and become active farmers helping in food production in the country.
Go to exile and seek political asylum in western countries so that you are not followed like Megistu.

Finally, comrades, this conflict can only be solved if all SPLM members are engaged in two parties’ conflict negotiations such that the resolution reached may be unanimous and comprehensive. This conflict can be solved if all SPLM political leaders forgive each other reconciled with one another and put the interest of the country first then their own.

The Author is John Adoor Deng, BA, BTH, MPRL, MPPP (current), and Director of South Sudan Support Foundation (SSSF). He can be reach by


  1. monychol says:

    Adoor Deng Ngon, You missed the point and sounded like Makuei Lueth.Who told you that the issues that are being discuss in Addis Ababa concerns only the two armed groups of the SPLM?I thought you were a pastor.The extreme and idiotic idea that you can be with us or with them is an anomally stated by idiot George W.Bush.Who told you that it is a philosopical statement made by a wise person? Since you are down under and had never been to the top of the world where that statement was made, you may think it was made by any wise person.The world is never and shall never be divided into two extreme camps.

  2. monychol says:

    Brother Adoor if you do not know how to approach political issues, itis bette to cease and decease rather then trying to damns issues down.Call it a quit because that perspective is the 14th century one.It

  3. kuol says:

    Mr Adoor, you have put it right, my friend.
    Those whom called themselves third block are the real killers than kiir and his government. We south Sudanese don’t need those F…..g idiots third block. It would have been better if they keep quiet and avoid Joining peace talks instead of going there to complicate things at that important event.
    Mr Pagan will never be president of South Sudan at all nor one of that group . If he is behaving like that. Let him (pagan) know that the Blood and the suffering of the south Sudanese civilians will not go without tracking them too.

    • Mabior Atem says:

      Mr Kuol,try to be responsible when writing any comment instead of insult.On the point of third bloc,what is wrong with them at the category?Would be a party to parties that have blood of innocent people in their heart?To me,Both the government and the rebels should carry the blame because they have killed our people.The government have killed innocent Nuers and rebels have killed innocent non-Nuer.And when you look at former detainees,they didn’t killed any person.All what they were trying before the crisis is just a normal process of democracy.How do changes comes?Do you just sit there and changes get you while in your house?It is smple.Only that people are not civilized.Look at how politics is played in Kenya and Uganda,does it hurt?Why does it kill people in South Sudan?There is something wrong.It need to be fixed.

  4. A. Peat says:

    John Adoor Deng,

    Bravo man, your contribution will be highly valued by any peace-loving Southern Sudanese who want stability to return to this nation. You are sharing these wonderful ideas with numerous individuals concerning our former SG of SPLM-political party.It appears that our comrade has no clue at all how to safe our people by mediating the two warring parties in SS namely President Kirr & Dr. Machar, the rebel leader.However, lets’ not worry because God knows what He planned for us without involving the so-called G12 who are believed to have been involved in the corruption that destroyed our beloved nation for the last eight years.This may be ” blessing in disguise” as the saying goes.Your are indeed a God- fearing man who practices what he preaches, keep up! May the Almighty Father bless you!

  5. Itiqwili says:

    Dear John Adoor Deng,
    Your analysis is commendable I must admit. I also thought the Former Secretary General Pagan Amum, of the So Called, in fact, overly discredited and bloody SPLM, sounded too verbose and defensive but in vain as to absolve their group, the “third block” from their central role which consummated into the current crisis. Based on what we know of the genesis of the conflict, I refuse to be convinced and persuaded that Dr. Riek had any intention to launch a rebellion. It is a war imposed on him. He literally flee for his life. It will be any body’s guess to imagine what would have been his faith, if he were to be arrested given the insanity of destruction and havoc which tore into rubbles Riek residence (in fact a government facility for the matter) . In fact, Pagan Amum, has acknowledged that their lives were protected and even spared as a result of the good faith of the Inspector General of Police, Pieng and the former Chief of Staff, James Hoth.
    That much said and for reasons of objectivity, and before we begin to pontificate about the insanity of the War in the manner the Former Secretary General Amum arrogated to himself as to portray a picture of the “good guy”, it is pertinent to acknowledge this circumstances for what they are. We all know that this war is insane; it is in fact worse to imagine a government using its machinery and facilities to kill its own citizens. The Nuer in various UN camps are too frightened to date to come out and live like normal citizens. Many of defections have been caused out of fear. The killing of innocent Nuer soldiers murdered by the Dinka soldiers in Pochalla as their continued to entertain the sheer hope of being loyal to the government is a stark reminder of how dirty this conflict has taken turns. Riek may have a share of the blame, more so in the manner he manages the situation, but we must first acknowledge this reality before levying him and his entourage the blame due to them.
    Pagan Amum may have refused to liken his so called the “third block” along that line of those waiting for carcasses of a fallen giraffe, nonetheless, in principle, the third block is in fact doing just that. We know only two protagonists sitting at a table to resolve a critical national issue. The only pressure group that can come in the middle to instill more sanity and move the negotiations forward in ways that capture the concerns of the ordinary citizens are the civil society groups for which the third block is not. What leverage does the third block have except the few noises they make in Addis as more of bystanders? In fact if the third block was to be in Juba, and given the government conducts as has always been, the bloc will simply throw behind bar or in detention as the government continues with what it knows best: killing its own citizens.
    What needs to be appreciated from the onset is that joining any of the camps in resolving this national issue does not necessarily translate into condoning the ongoing senseless violence; in fact doing so may help revert the course the conflict is taking and yet to take. At least we do not expect the block whether individually or as a block to join any of the side and agitate for more wars, but move forward a political process that would lead to cessation of hostilities and nation building. For now i do see this coming from the Block except playing for opportunist, the vulture situation if you like, alas!

  6. Beek says:

    That bleeding mouth’s Pagan Amum will look exactly like Laurent Kabila,his dreams will not will not succeed to take over from Kiir.

  7. Beek says:

    Amum little mouth,food itself plus 40% ALC Whisky are killers.

  8. Chul Mi Bor says:

    A 3rd Bi ngoth (block).

  9. AW Joseph says:

    Pagam Amum is never always grateful. He has a foul big mouth.
    I do not know how he got into that position when Amun is so selfish, greedy, power hungry, arrogant and corrupt.
    Instead of going after innocent Nuer Civilians, the Gelweng should have taken care of someone like Pagam Amum who is part and parcel of the problem…..

  10. anok maketh says:


  11. anok says:


  12. You are absolutely right @ Adoor, as you have said that,’’ none of them should not pretend to be washing his or her hands of this conflict’’. I personally agreed on what you have put, but mind you that’’ facts are bitter’’. Otherwise your Open Letter to Pagan Amum & SPLM Former Detainees: No ‘Third Block’ is highly welcomed by readers and political analysts.

  13. Daniel.A..O. Ayong says:

    Dear readers,
    What is happening within ruling party SPLM is a clear indication of lack of integrity, objective and principle to govern the South Sudan.
    It seems that everybody is wishing to mount to high leadership position, this is why you find rivalry within the party. They will continue dividing themselves into small entities and their division remind me of what was uttered by Equatorians during Kokora, saying that let all Nilotics go to Bor and divided themselves there, for some called themselves, Nuer, Shilluk and Dinka but all are Jienga.
    This imply that all discrimination that led to Kokora was made by Nilotics without exception.
    Now, the division within SPLM will not give any certain group credit to look good insight of South Sudan citizens. Therefore, all units with SPLM are caused of misery, agony, tribulation and suffering that befell the people of South Sudan as Equatorians said to all Nilotics previously.
    Today the politic in South has become a tortuous as a result of personal ambition especially for unqualified people who cannot find a job which need qualifications, or people thought that the politic is a easy way to enrich yourself as soon as quickly, or some wish to become a leader because the country’s wealth is unevenly distributed.All these are assumption of each divided groups.
    In conclusion, the SPLM is a problem whether in Government, in Opposition or in Third block, or in whatever they called themselves.
    Third Block cannot claim to be clean because they were part of system for eight good years, and the damage they made is unrepairable.
    Please done dream of becoming part of interim government of notional unity and reconciliation except new faces within SPLM are welcome.
    If you are going to be included, this tell people that only means to become part of the government in South Sudan is through killing your own people.

  14. Beek says:

    John Garang visions and SPLM must change or go because of BRAINWASHES.

    • monychol says:

      Whoa! Is that is your little conspiracy? We eventually got what you have at the back of your minds.You refused Garang’s vision long ago but you have not devised the alternative yet.All we see is bullying, intimidation and anarchy.If that is what you dropped Garang’s vision for it?
      We know all along that you thugs and hooligans from Bhar el Ghazel donot wants to try Garang’s vision while you have not designed your own to replace it.You said you are looting, fucking and feasting.You have been doing this for 9 Years till the country collapsed on us all.We will write this down as your history and this is representative of all of you and how you thinks.You are like ticks that sucks the blood of animals even if the animals are dead,they won’t know untill they themselves dried out on a dead carcase.

  15. zambrau says:

    It really beats ones mind with Machar “dispoles” who claim he is figthing for demcracy, yet they dont bealive in Democracy which involves freedom of choice. whoever is against SPLM/O IS BRANDED called names etc. why dont they accept that not every south sudanese should join there bandwagon. learn how democracy is practised, before you can convince more dispols!

  16. Adoor

    You are right. They fear to be part of Kiilings, but by keep quiet they prolong the kiirs Killings or that one of Machar.
    Are they then any better?

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