Open letter to Japan Juba Ambassador & UNWPD Director, Ms. Vaese: Remove Dinka IDPs from Nimule

From: David Aju Kanyara , Nimule, EES, FEB/26/2016, SSN

To Japanese Ambassador to Juba, South Sudan, Mr. Kiya Masahiko, and
To UN Women Program Division Director (UNWPDD), Maria Noel Vaeze;

We, the concerned Ma’di community, the Native ethnic tribe of Nimule, in particular, and Ma’di mainland at large, are extremely disturbed and disappointed by your mission’s distribution of agricultural tools to the Internally Displaced Persons [IDPs] in Nimule.

We see no reason why your Missions in South Sudan with the office of UNWPDD office headed by Maria Noel Vaeze should distribute agricultural tools to the IDPs currently forcing more new settlements in our land.

The so-called IDPs are alien gangs arming themselves with rifles and other automatic weaponries acquired from the current governing regime in the country and their presence in our land has contributed enormously to insecurity, and the destruction of farming land by their cattle.

Therefore the so-called IDPs should not be encouraged to extend their illegal settlement in our land by providing them with such agricultural tools. This move by your Mission encouraging illegal Dinka land grabbers settling in Ma’di land will undermine the development policy of Japanese Government which since the end of Second World War has had a good track record in many foreign countries.

The same group of IDPs who tried to legitimize their illegal resettlement extension to Nimule and Mugali, want to legalize their unwelcome stay which was justified by the former Interior Minister, Aleu Ayieny Aleu, who during his visit to Nimule in October 2013, before the Dinka-Nuer conflict staged to cleanse the Nuer broke out.

Minister Aleu had brazenly demanded that these IDPs be recognized as natives of Nimule.

“There are no South Sudanese IDPs within the country. You cannot be an IDP in your own country,” he said. This move I believe was to position the Dinka in a secure and easy exit position in order to give way to the Juba massacre in2013.

We the concerned Ma’di owners of the land in the strongest possible terms condemn the action of the Japanese Mission in South Sudan, that has so far portrayed a negative image of the Japanese government.

We call up the Japanese Mission in South Sudan to instantly retract its agricultural tools from the IDPs in Nimule and rightly redirect such tools to the Ma’di natives who have the special knowledge, the land and the skills for the rightful use of those tools.

At the same time, we strongly urge the UN Women Program Director for South Sudan, Ms Maria Noel Vazae, to immediately repair the damage callously and irresponsibly done by UN agents who began the repatriation of the Dinka IDPs from Kakuma refugee camps, in Kenya in 2007 to Nimule.

This happened when the UN refugee agent very well knew that Nimule basically belongs in the first place to the Ma’di people. Shamefully, the UN agent chose to taking bribes to re-settle the Dinka in other people’s land. And to this date, the UN has never taken the responsibility of the blame for the chaos caused by IDPs in the Ma’di land.

The agricultural equipment we are talking about were handed by Japanese Ambassador to South Sudan, Kiya Masahiko, and by the UN Women Program Division Director, Maria Noel Vaeza, on Tuesday 23 February 2016, the coverage later shown on SSTV.

The agricultural equipment are earmarked to women’s groups in Nimule in Eastern Equatoria State, not those IDP Dinka women whose primary role in life is to milk the cows and look after the cattle.

The equipments in question include five community cereal grinding mills, four greenhouse kits and four units of one-acre drip irrigation kits as part of the UN Women Humanitarian Assistance program which is co-funded by the Government of Japan.

In conclusion, we want to caution the Japanese Mission in South Sudan and the UN women program Director to South Sudan not to temper with People’s land by facilitating farming for squatters which is a clear highway to the blatant robbery of our land.

These two foreign entities should strictly limit themselves by remaining doing their diplomatic Missions. Otherwise their action will amount to direct land grabbing by distributing such equipment to IDPs without consultation from the rightful land owners.

Unfortunately, this will inevitably generate circles of conflict over land. And should this happen we, the Ma’di natives, will hold the Japanese head of Mission Mr. Masahiko responsible and accountable.

Therefore, to prevent the probable spillage of our people’s blood, we are calling upon the Japanese Ambassador to South Sudan to immediately withhold sending such equipment to Nimule IDPs who have no agricultural land in Ma’di land.

We are further urging the Japanese to encourage the IDPs to go back to their own tribal states so as to utilize their energies to develop their own states since peace and calm has now returned in our country.

David Aju Kanyara
Chairman of concerned Ma’di community.
A voice of voiceless


  1. Ray says:

    OMG,…How low is this,..You are asking foreign national to removed Dinka from South Sudan,..Mind you Nimule is part of South Sudan the last time I check,…Some folks in South Sudan are just willing to sell South Sudan to anybody,..Shameful and keep worshipping those mudungu….David Aju Kanyara just being a fool and probably does not love South Sudanese people,…


    • Opiombira Kiirendeazele says:

      Ray, How Dumb are you? No ALL and the ENTIRE South Sudan is of Dinkas nor for Dinka. Nimule is part of South Sudan but is not part of the Dinka! You Dinka have laid claims of the entire South Sudan, with your fake 28 tribal states, you have curved other peoples lands and given 50% of the South Sudan territories for Dinkas, indicating clearly you are not thinking of South Sudan but Dinka and Dinka only in exclusions of others. David Aju like me loves South Sudan, those who does not love South Sudanese are Dinkas like yourself who have ethnic cleansing of other tribes as manifested by displacements and taking their lands away! Think about this, when you take others peoples territories then they cease to exist as a unit of people (Cleansed) while You Dinka continue to move and occupy these places as Dinkas and yet you want others in the name of South Sudan to leave their lands for you?? How is that Dinkas are the one in every corners in the nations as Dinka not as individual South Sudanese?

      You do not love South Sudan, you love Dinkas and you want to eliminate others like the Madi from their lands. If you Love South Sudan, you will let others enjoy their ancestral lands without disrupting their cultures and lifestyle. If you love South Sudan, you will not kill the Nuer off from Juba, You will not annex the Shiluk lands you will not kill the Muro, the Azende etc. To hell with you and your likes!

    • Southan says:

      Mr. David, folks you all right, he who ever blames David for calling foreigners to extract dinka from Madi land is saying the right things. Mr. David, your appeal to Japanese not give the equipment to Dinka IDP is also correct but it is not enough to help the job done. people of Madi, or maybe I can say ( Naath Madi like the way Naath Nuer call themselves) mr David I suggested to you in order you voice would be heard please do the following:
      1. go door to door tell your youths let them go to battle field be martyrs and died like dinka and Nuer so that to save Madi land.
      2. let your people, or Politicians go to United nations like what Sholk tribe had done they represent their case before the united nations and their voice had been heard.
      3. you have to tell Elab, or father Joseph Lagu, he was the one behind the Madi land occupations by Dinka for revenging kokora.
      you folks, I means all people of south Sudan let no one blames each for evil to destroy south sudan had been conspired so long in broad daylight by Dinka elders and no one oppose. what do you think would happen to Madi people when joseph Laagu had divided South sudan into there Regions Wau, Juba, Malakal Reik Machar had opposed Dr.John Garang dictatorial style of leadership both Machar and Lagu have share common thing which is revenge. see the revenge when the government troops burn down Lar town a birth place of Dr. Reik Machar the international had strongly condemned the government of president Kiir.why? because Reik Machar had using both voice and action that mean the talking and bullets. Here we could learnd descriptions of ElKalife Ommar Eibin Kataf are: 1. iza throb Awja 2. Iza kalim Asma 3. Iaz Macha Asra. (sticking it hard, talking you will be heard, and go faster as you could)

  2. alex says:

    Hi all

    I think we need to know what kind of letters we are writing.
    Aju needs advice from Madi elders. This letter amount to complete mental breakdown. If l am to ask mr Aju when the madi people took refugee in Uganda, were they denied agricultural tools because you are refugees and did not own land in Uganda ? What you wrote here is the expression of the amount of hate for other people.
    The issue of land is being used by cheap old politics of uncivilised politicians who have ran out of political ideas. The same people have seen tribal politics are crumbling and now they are trying to use land as a political tool. If people are to follow cheap politics like you , then we can argue that Nimule don’t belong to madi people. If you read the origin of madi people ,you are not owners of Nimule but let us embark on really national politics. These are cheap childish politics of backwards politicians who have not reached intellectuals politics of the civilised society.

    • Opiombira Kiirendeazele says:

      Alex, Who are you preaching to? Have you asked yourself as to why is it that the Midland is peaceful enough for the blood thirst salvage Dinkas to come all the way from Dinka lands and jump all the South Sudanese territories and settled their asreses in the Midland? It is because the Midland is a land of the Civilized not Primitive Salvage. A land that did not not intercommunial bloodshed now is deep in blood shed thanks to the Salvage!

      The Dinka oriented government of Kiir settled the Dinka in Midland against the will of the indigents and now the Japanese government is trying to obtain favors from the Tyrannical government by treating in preference Kiirs people in other peoples land??? These is what many foreign nationals have done, in order to obtain favors from the Dinka oriented government of South Sudan, they cater to Dinkas, in Dinka land or in other peoples land. When did the Dinka started to cultivate? If they are given Midland to cultivate, then what lands will the Madi CUltiivate, the Acholi lands or the Bari lands? If that was the Case what about the Achlis or the Baris?

      The Cheep and evil politics are practice by the Dinka centric government of Juba, they Kill the Nuer in Juba, they are now killing fellow south Sudanese in Western Equatoria States. To hell with land grabbers and to hell with foreign governments that caters to them helping Dinkas Commit ethnic cleansing in South Sudan!

      • alex says:

        Mr Opiombita
        I am very sorry for such deformed man like you who without shame lashed you hate on fellow country men who need protection. You have shown to the world your bankrupt politics. You are the people who always plan a seed of hate among out people. If up to now some madi people are refugees in Uganda and are digging other people land” then why complain.. You belong to those group of lazy people who just want to claim land without digging it. My advice to you is lets be realistic if we want people. If one is opposed to the government, you have to build a strong case and argue with the government in a professional manner
        Lairs rumours and allegations will not have your course. So I hope you are aware of your actions and the consequences. You will be called to account for any silly actions . So if you want to fight try the government troops but not innocent IDPS.

        • Opiombira Kiirendeazele says:

          Alex, The Dinka have proven themselves to be worse than the Arabs! No Arabs from Anynya 1 to the second war of liberations did what the DInkas have done to South Sudan. Dinkas could not forget nor forgive the Bor Massacre, now they have committed worse crime 100 times over than what the Nuer did to them in 1991, why should we call such criminals brothers? They need protections but yet they turn a peaceful place like Yambio into hell and the Madi corridor into hell?

          The Madi people do not want them and they should not force themselves on other people. They ruined their ancestral place because of their violent nature, I say let them go to hell. When Equatorians take refuge in Uganda, you do not hear much complains because Equatorians respect the local rules and laws, they do not intimidate the locals nor do they take lands by force. As visitors they ask for favors and take what they are given and express gratitude not the kind of bullshhitts that we liberate this land etc but yet they can not liberate their own lands.

    • Southdn says:

      Please don’t misunderstand me and don’t ever insuilt me, because, if I differ With you thoughts. First of all who are you referring as uncivilized politicians and childishness?. In my opinion everyone in South Sudan who might consider he/her self civilizes then others is demand wrong. Ask your self where did you acquired your civilization? We’re you the one invented airplane, medicine, and wings? If no please don’t ever thank you are civilized. “1984 every body in the world own nothing except his/her skull”. Dear sister Alex, I tell you, playing with deep words and turns them into your properties will let you be trample by Europeans people whom had opened you forefathers eyes by assimilating them. You seems to be a product of a jeing elder council, who wants to destroy an opportunity we South Sudanese got independent which we been denied for 10000 yrs. Sister Alex please don’t ever polluting this forum with bad statements. I once heard during South Sudanese first struggles and the second raise of SPLA 1984 Egyptians pledge there would be no country along the river Nile except the North Sudan that how we been excluded 10000 yrs. Now we go independent instead we had to be peaceful country the Dinka elite had destroyed that opportunity which later will lead our independent be cancel mark my words forgetting insult me if I’m disagree with you. Just think about how many tone of South Sudanese wast gose through the Nile to Egypt? Does Dinka Elder council are that if Egyptians government learn we South Sudan are polluting the river Nile they could exterminate us like insect. Just think about global warming which the civilized and free world are fighting “

    • Itikwili says:

      Ya alex better shut your damn mouth; what mental breakdown? Aju is expressing his pain and the pain the Madi, the most peace loving community, have been subjected to by these lawless cattle rustling government over all the years. peace is around the corner although your JCE is trying to shoot down. you have curved for yourself jonglei because you don’t like murle, why do you need agricultural tools in madi land, when you are supposed to go to your jonglei and cultivate there? Agricultural tools for a community that knows cattle rustling! that is what is even insane to think of; they are just being provided with extra killing tools to finish each other off in addition to their houses already saturated with guns.

  3. Yien Mathew says:

    Hi Chairman Of Concern Ma’di,
    Your talking does not make sense here you are that type that instigate violence and war which you may not participate.Martin Kenyi is yr son he joint us in the SPLM/IO but u madi did not follow him and today u are just making noise about innocent IDPS,i advice u just to keep quiet please.You are instigating war and when it happen you will find yourself in Ajumeni refugee camp in Uganda please give peace a chance.Your son Martin Kenyi has shamelessly ended up as a lonely man in our movement.Nimule that you are assuming to be yours can even be taken away by force and you will not do anything about it.War in the net will not help you and yr community.Please work for peace in the whole country innocent p’ple are the one suffering.END Comrade Yien Mathew

    • Toria says:

      Yien Matthew
      You are a lost individual, one minute you are a Nuer and the next a Jenge? You are a political prostitute, so go and sell your black arse for that cheap petro dollar and suck up to Kirr and Riek. Nothing is over until it is truly over, the war will never end just because Riek defected to his soul-mates SPLA Juba, they are the same bunch power hungry. Let me warn you that you are pouring more fuel into a burning house with you idiotic remarks here. Jenges don’t belong in Equatoria and they will never be welcomed. We fought the British, the Arabs and now Dinkas will be defeated soon or later. Just remember that you cow head.

    • Opiombira Kiirendeazele says:

      Dinka Yien Mathew, While Aju may be instigating Defensive Violence against intruders and aggressors, Your Dinka Centric governments and its primitive foot soldiers are executing violence in many parts of South Sudan as we speak! They are actively Killing the Nuer, the Shiluk, the Azendes/Muros, the Fajulus. The act of occupying other peoples lands is violence itself and resisting it is a natural rights!

      Get this and get is sooner or later: THE RESPECT FOR OTHER PEOPLES RIGHTS AND LAND IS THE BEGINNING OF PEACE! The Violations such is Violence and war period! Dinkas can die just as others can. Just watch and waite. If you want peace leave others to practice their cultures in their lands without interference, when you choose to come to Midland come as a South Sudanese who is willing to leave by local cultures or become a Madi but not coming as a group and displacing to grow as Dinkas in none Dinkaland which is an act of ethnic displacements and ethnic cleansing AKA Dinkanizations of South Sudan I say to hell with you and Dinkanizations!

  4. marie says:

    Well if Nimule is not an issue, then why are people complaining about the creation of 28 states, that other people land have been curved to benefit Dinka. Since the land all belong to South Sudan, nobody should complain then. The wars all over the country should now cease.

    • Beek says:

      Actually what will gain from disaster. Be patience,you can not change over night.War is over and there is no war at our areas either,28 States is the beginning. Everything will change in near future.

    • alex says:

      Miss or Mrs Marie
      Leave those people alone. These are guys with no vision. What they is only Know is to use the issue of land as a legitimate reason to fight or start a war of hate. Aju himself is staying in other people country if he feels the country is now safe why not return to S. Sudan. Aju is the lowest man among the lowest people in the country. I am happy because we have nationalistic well informed politicians in the Madi people unlike like this useless so call community leader . I hope he is not a leader of alcohol

  5. Chan says:

    Let me tell you a short story I witnessed during 1990. There was a midle age young Dinka man who went into another man’s garden and shit (feces) there. The garden was close back yard to the town.Then some one saw him shitting,and told the owner of garden quickly before he stand up. After that garden owner arrived with some other people,I were include there; The garden owner started behave badly to ward the Dinka man. He demanded the guy to get plastic bag and pickup his shit and take it with him or he would beat him very badly. Then people who were witnesses there talked to a garden owner to forgive Dinka man and let him go,but what a owner told people who were witnessed there was a supprised. Here what he said, “If I let him leave without taking his shit with him now;he will come back tomorrow to claim this place or steal something here.” So a man chose to pick his shit and took it with him.The guy proofed his point in my point of view according what Dinka is doing now in South Sudan.if he still alive now I would like to go and check his hand for not letting a Dinka man to leave his shit in his garden.

    You are 100% correct Mr David Aju. better kike them out know then latter. Dinka are looking to live with civilized people while they do not know how to behave themselves. They need to practice first then they can be welcome into civilized communities..

    • Southdn says:

      Your allegation is so streng. Don’t think gardener could do such and forces a human being or Dinka to scoop stool. to a D, as you mentioned the incident took place 1990, please state where actually the incident had happened. Any way,your story remind me story had happened loong ago between Nuer travellers and Dinka padang. The story I’m relating had happened at seventieth, 1970 as Nuer used to travel by food during rainy season to patch for clothes in Malakal and Adoung. Dinka Padang were very nice people they coexist with Nuer for so long. Among Dinka Padang, we had a powerful relative name Monyror Saeb his mother was sister of my greatgrandfather Monyror saeb who possess by (Deng Aguek) a god of rain. Monyror was a good man he help his neighbours by distributing rain to those facing drought. Any way i mentioned how Dinka Padang uses to have coexist with nuer for 10000 yrs. Coming back to my response to you Mr Chan, I want to say there are bad Nuer and Dinka, however we need not say all Dinka are bad, all Nuer are bad. Here I would like to tell you a story which had happened Nuer travelers in Dinka Padang land. When groups of Nuer travelers decided to spend night they had to go to a Dinka Padang’s houses asked for fire, cooking and pots but the Dinka family would refuse to give any thing to Nuer travelers, but Nuer would do whatever will quench their thist and hunger, they patches water from ditche, made the fire from sticks or lits but when the Dinka Padang man seen blink Of fire would come and poured water on the Nuer travelers fire force them to leave and take everything with them including the cash.

      • Chan says:

        It seem strange to you because you live among civilized community now. Absolutely, all Dink are evil. No good one from Dinka. They are making chaos every where in South Sudan even in the place where they are welcome as guest.
        Do not lie to yourself Dinka Padang Had never and will never put out Nuer’s fire.

        • Southdn says:

          I disagree Dinka are not bad people. If you continue arguing, I would wine the case. Please could you write me three things which shows Dinkas are bad according to your opinion. As I had mentioned Dinka Padang used to refued giving cooking utensils accommodation to Nuer travelers, this didn’t means all Padang are bad. Dinka Padang are known, some possess magic power. thus why they are afraid of travelers, thinking Nuer travelers might cast spell and bewitched them thus I’m saying Dinka are not bad, but those who denied Nuer travelers accommodation are Dinka magicians.

  6. Toria says:

    “If people are to follow cheap politics like you , then we can argue that Nimule don’t belong to madi people.” Here is a plain revelation of Dinkas crude politics of land grabbing, in fact you Jenges plans are not only in Nimule but all over South Sudan, look at the mess you created by grabbing others lands in forming 28 states. Just because Dinkas lost Khartoum, Abyei etc to Jalabas doesn’t mean you can copy their tactics to use in South Sudan. I hope you don’t dream that Dinkas will always be holding guns until the end of the end, because the time will come when Jenges will pay very dearly for their stupidity.

    • alex says:

      Mr Toria
      Your argument is of a person who id frustrated in life. It is fools who can buy your nonsense.
      The IDPS should dig and the Japanese government has done a wonderful thing. Your want other people to live with Ira alcohol like you that is not acceptable. IDPS should be assisted to be self reliant. No body has taken somebody’s land. Your claim of land grabbing is lack of matured politics and you will never shake the unity of S. Sudanese people. Let UN and Japanese people go ahead in helping our people . We will not allow our people to depend on relief food all the time. Its time we will not allow politics of hate to flourish in south sudan. Yes the Dinka lost abiyei because Kenyi was fighting for Omer El Bashir. He was the commander of the Equatoria militia for Omer El Bashirs but this you need to put the interest our people first. I hope you will not make a mistake of planting hate among our people.

      • Toria says:

        How long are you Jenges going to keep running? You ran from Senegal, from Niger to North Africa, then Jenges ran to khor tum, then to Abyie, now from South Sudan to Uganda, Rwanda and everywhere else. Soon after loosing the government to Nuer where will you ran?

  7. Eli says:

    Amba Ajugo
    You have made a very good point, thank you for informing the world about the situation on the ground. We appreciate your tireless effort, as we all are on the preparations of what lies ahead. There will be consequences for every action. Peace between Dr Riek and Pres. Kirr doesn’t mean peace for all South Sudanese. Once again the mighty evil SPLAs have united to terrorize our people.
    For those who say this is the end of the wars are lying to themselves, this is just a temporary ceasefire to put your houses in order for the next move.
    Japan and those nations who are encouraging land grabbings on our soils they will meet their fates. These Japs need to remember what happened in Heroshima not very long ago, the wound is still fresh in their hearts, because of their ignorance and selfishness. Japan is one of the racist nations in G8 nations that will never allow Black people to immigrate into their lands, and so why are they coming to cause troubles in Africa?
    And this Maria Noel trash need to mind her own business and if she wants she can resettle those IDPs in her native country, wherever she comes from. Am afraid to say, if these idiots are left unchallenged their next move could be to resettle Syrian refugees in South Sudan? To hell with IDPs, let them go and develop their ancestral soils, if they need help we can help them.

    No peace in South Sudan without justice, the criminal SPLA killers are still roaming the streets freely. They must face justice, and SPLA unity does not mean peace, because we haven’t forgotten all the human right abuses commited by SPLAs.
    Prepare yourselves people because plan C is about to commence.
    Eli Wani

    • Southdn says:

      Good job Mr. Eli you have spoken frankly as one who is going to undermine peace in the near future between the Nuer and Dinka But even though you been blinds by this senless war and abstain your self by taking neither side. Unfortunately there will be no second war.Read the united states congres hearing on South Sudan, they are saying this is the last negotiation on South Sudan conflict resolution. There will be a plan B, if President kiir didn’t succum hoever plan B will not be reveal and no one ever will Will going to start the war in South Sudan again. My suggest is you have to joine Peace. Because, if you making statement that equatorians are going to start a new war against Reik Machar and Kiir, this is ridicliouse. My freind you have to think about coming new world order, they against pollution, global warming. Stop calling upon the second war which i think would not happen, please mark my words,we South Sudan are responsible for dumping 10000 tones of body wast into river Nile. does Dinka Elders council know if they insist wagging war against Nuer could lead to cancelation of independent of South Sudan.

  8. Gatdarwich says:

    It would be extremely hard to make the Jenges leaves the Madiland using diplomatic means. They won’t and shall never leave voluntarily, but Silver bullets will and shall make them hurriedly packed–re-emigrated to their abandoned worthless villages period

  9. john Yugu says:

    Yien Mathew! I used to have a lot of respect to you though i have not met you in person. Before you fled Khartoum and joint the movement in the early 2000. You were an active member of the seventh day adventist church in khartoum.Yein the very Equatorian you are belittleing in almost all of rejoinders in this forum. were.the very people who helped. You up,when you were struggling for survival in Khartoum! so plz respect youself before trying to insult others!
    Martin Kenyi is and cannot be a lonely man as you claim! You need to get matured. In reasoning. If wanna be valued as humanbeing not as a cow!!

  10. Dear Uja Kanyara,
    If you would have been first well taught about who you are and adventure about the coexistence of the earth in generally, then you may be right to write this critic letter to the Head of UN mission in Nimule county, but your being shallow idiocy has fooled you from your being articulated view points to claim about Dinka given some non assistance by the UN in charge for the IDPS sheltering communities who are mainly South Sudanese without a diversity identification, but given away of non items to any IDPS from Madi members who take remedy at the UNMISS center or sheltering in Nimule county of former Eastern Equatoria State has nothing to descriminate any single tribe members who seek in there since the current crisis in South Sudan should not be knotted on Dinka people’s necks.if I would ask where the other tribes of 64 tribal in South Sudan had been to then? However, mixing grains with Sandy would not actually make us telling the truth to the worldwide if we usually forget our main identity and just focusing on tribal aliens, which will not make us an equally on the face of this coexistence earth Mr. Writer Uja Kanyara, just look at writing what does it will benefit your Madi community members if the Dinka IDPS members who sought for the sheltering should have given up the non distribution items by the UN then? I believe in you something else may be wrong you about finger pointing at the IDPS Dinka Members who live in the sheltering for their mere life protection like any other South Sudanese who are welcome to live under any UN protection.

  11. yien Mathew says:

    Hi Reader,
    I laugh when i see some of you calling me a Dinka.Iam not a Dinka and i can not be the way you think.John Yugu misunderstood me i was advising yr madi chairman not to instigate war which he himself can not involved.When we were for war with the Dinka gov,t u refuse to joint and now we as SPLM/IO are for peace with the gov,t you begin to make noises.Time for every thing, time for war and time for peace.I want you madi p,ple and other Equatorians to actively participate in peace building which i believe you can do it better than war.Mr.Yugu you denied Martin Kenyi of not being a lonely man,were you with him? or tell me who were those equatorians who were with him in the SPLM/IO.Those who were there are just individuals job seekers such as Lado Gore Who claim to representing Equatoria region and he got no body in front line.Any movement that can success is the one that has enough human resource who can fight but not job.Please if you are a christian there is time for telling the truth.Thks, Comrade Yien Mathew

    • Toria says:

      yien Matthew
      “When we were for war with the Dinka gov,t u refuse to joint and now we as SPLM/IO are for peace with the gov,t you begin to make noises”. this is nonsense.
      The truth is Nuer did not rebel to fight corruption or seeking good governance.
      The number one reason for Nuers rebellion is because Riek Machar was fired by Kirr as VP.
      The number two reason was because of the massacre of thousands of Nuers in Juba in 2013.
      And there are other hidden agendas why Nuers rebelled. So you need to stop lying, you think Equatorians are stupid to side with you just to make Riek Machar a president and you want Equatorians to help you to revenge Nuers massacre in Juba in 2013? You people sold your own souls to the devil and killed thousands of innocent unarmed civilians just to bring Riek back as 1st VP. What benefit is there in fighting for position if you are really a nationalist?
      If you think this so-called peace is going to last long, then you are up to a surprise. Did I forget to mention that your oil rich soils have been stolen by Dinks? Oops!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Southdn says:

    Dear Yien
    You have dropped a comb, telling truths, a bomb of being frankly, and bomb of being brave. I once saw Mr Alfret Gore, when he had joined SPLA/IO saying he will mass troops. Like you given example Martin Transue who had joined SPLA/IO but till now he had on one following from Madi people. In this case, Please I don’t want anyone insult me Mr.Yen, I know there are people out there waiting ready to insult, because he/she had nothing logically to contribute. I don’t know how to speak frankly, but could convey a message. Mr. Yein I tell, if you never present on this forum since the war started 2013. Some folks were saying this war is a jieng and Nuer war. I personally had been insulted by my colleague in Khartoum at the time when spla had moved from Ethiopia to equatoria region. I was Nuer supporting of SPLA. For this reason, I was simply insulted as person belongings to group of ignorance, and nacket.No doubts in my mind this war is a jienuer war like they used to depicted Arab and South Sudan war as Jeing, Nuer and Arab war. Folks it’s a reality people Of South Sudan are being watched by Angel and they died Paradise.Folks, sorry forgive my kingly language.

  13. To:David Aju Kanyara

    Agriculture tools,they are for Japanese government agriculture tools.They are not for Madi agriculture tools! My dear:jealousy and tribalism, will not build a good community network all upon people in worldwide! Jealousy and tribalism, they are as good as destructive! They themselves the IDP,they are part of your own blood at home!Whether you like it or not! But not the Japanese and United Nations,are part of your own blood at home!

    As you know,giving the tools to IDP,it will help them to produce their own food solely for themselves alone! Instead of being depending for humantarian supports always! The humantarian assistance,is now making people not take care themselves alone! They are promoting laziness on people! Africans people in the continent,they were better off before! before foreigners brought wrong things to them in the continent of Africa.

    The South land is good for people to depend for their own selves for their lives! Back to you to the audience on the floor!


    Kansas City, Mo. Jackson County,USA

    • Opiombira Kiirendeazele says:

      CHief, You are not Chief, You always come out to defend the Dinkas. Your Equatorian people are being killed in Wonduruba and in Yambio, I have yet to hear you condemn it. you are not a Lotuho, you are not chief, you are a Dinka wife!

  14. Itikwili says:

    Dear Aju,

    Thanks for your efforts in monitoring closely the development in Madiland. Forget about the noises, humanity has awaken, the Madi are very much awake. South Sudan will not be the same. It is a question of time!

  15. David A Kanyara says:

    Only people with narrow mindset like their animals “mindset” will dispute what I wrote, people with Intelligent IQ will condemn the what is unjustifiable and unacceptable illegal way of grabbing people’s land and annexing it to Dinka dynastic. The True is there is peace now in the country why don’t we encourage the primitive animal mindset Jienge to go to back to their cattle kraal to continue with their uncivilized culture of hostility which has now become endemic?

  16. Dutajiing says:

    P’ple are stupid for sure a person who wrote this letter needs a painful death b’se he does not deserve to live even God regrets creating him b’se wat he have in his head is porridge not brain u can disagree with bt that z the truth he WISHES death to the p’ple of RSS

  17. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Kanyara,
    “…people with narrow mindset like their animals”,really?
    What was the need then for writing the article if u weren’t for dialogue and understanding that may lead to possibility of a solution without a gun shot?
    Better jump into the depth of shit sir like Yien Mathew who murdered,raped,looted,burned and seen his comrades wiped out,his communities distroyed and forced into exile only to end up achieving nothing.
    That’s why he is advising u for peace.
    There will be so much to learn from u if u ever come back in two pieces if u are truly a field rebel than a mere internet blackmailer!!!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear False Millioniare
      What dialogue are you talking about? There is no need for dialogue at all. The Jieng created the problem and they can solve it by just returning to their homes in Bor and Bahr El Ghazal. You can not aggress people and then ask for dialogue. Please shade your imperial mentality for peaceful co-existence. Here is a good illustration of the problem of land grabbing: “Those land grabbers are of the following:
      1. Your Cowards that ran away from the war leaving the Nuer and others to defend our boarders from our northern enemies
      2. Your Cattle robbers mostly from Jonglei and Lakes states
      3. Your men posted by the government to the boarder towns to loot tax money
      4. Your jobless men and women

      All of the above have no regard to the hospitality granted to them by the locals. Instead, they pay them off with grabbing land and other if their properties. Did you hear any of the Equatorians in your area exploiting the hospitality of your people while serving? This is what I am talking about. So forget about your empty rhetoric of liberating Equatoria. Let me tell you this. If not for my late uncle Eliaba James Surur whom John Garang begged to mobilize Equatoria sons and daughters in the midst of SPLA collapse, do you think you would have had the guts to talk today? Why did John Garang and your likes taking refuge in Eastern Equatoria ( New Site) and your current leader Salva Kiir in Yei leaving the Nuer to Defend the Northern Front. Is that not enough to call it cowardice and shame. You should be thankful that with the mobilization of Equatorians by uncle Eliaba Surur helped saved your butts from being pounded by the Arabs. Why did you guys turned to be lost boys and sent to America? It is this same cowardice and lying spirit of your ancestors that you were the most affected in the war instead of telling the world the truth that you were simply running away from the frontline. We know you guys and this behavior is not going to be allowed in the next years to come. You have lied to the world and the nation for so long.

      Lo Daudi Jambo”

  18. alex says:

    Mr Southdn uncivilised politicians are people who use tribalism as means of acquisition power. They burn vital infrastructure down, they insist in revenge. Uncivilised people do not care about human live. They do not care about the suffering of their own people. Uncivilised politicians are those people who does not care about the development of their nation. They will sell and betray their own people. They do not believe in diplomacy. Uncivilised politicians are those who allow themselves to be used by the enemy to destroy their own brothers because of meer promise of being given power by their masters. See the oil pipe lines were able to be build by Khartoum because these uncivilised politicians were used by Khartoum to wipe out their own brothers by killing, burning villages. The uncivilised politicians are those who were helping Khartoum in fighting the SPLM in the struggle for independence because they value money and power more than independence. Uncivilised politicians are those who are working day and night to destroy liberators their own heroes because of greed for power and they did not appreciate the sacrifices made by their own brothers. Uncivilised politicians are those using mere things like land to cause hate among his people because he wants power anf these are cheap childish politics.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Alex
      Well done! You have brilliantly managed to describe the Jieng politicians correctly. They commit ethnic cleansing. They sell the country to foreigners, for example Uganda, JEM of Sudan and SPLM-North. They sell their own brothers and sisters in Abyei to the Arabs in Khartoum. They loot the country’s coffers and take the money abroad. I am proud of you for describing the destroyers of South Sudan. Never mind the time of accountability is fast approaching.

    • Southdn says:

      Thanks Alex. For only seeing one side of coin, there is something you never know, you don’t know the truth. Alex, I don’t think the destruction in South Sudan happened because of power struggles as you thinking. to me this destruction occurred because the thief came at night took everything, killed everyone in the, and set the house into ablaze. I know you are so proud happy for the killing of Nuer.certainly nobody would have power in South stop Dinka Nuer war. I hope the same solution that stop Dinka Nuer and Arab North of 1983, will stop Dinka Nuer war Of 2013. A time to tell lie and a time for truths.

  19. Abiko! says:

    Opiombira Kiirendeazele

    All people in my own face,in the Sudan in general,they are part of my beloved family! I am a true Equatorian.Born and raised in my village Ongelet in Otuho Homeland! Nothing will change my Equatorian home identity never! What is going now at home in the South Sudan,is home political affairs! There is nothing else! It is always politics who is a killer!!

    I have said repeatedly to all of you in this forum in the louder and clear voice that we should DEMOCRACY A CHANCE! NO CHANCE FOR DEMOCRACY,BLOOD WILL IN CONTINUE AGAINST DICTORS!!!

  20. False Millionaire says:

    Professor Elhag,
    U have the right to freedom of expression in much the same way as I do.That’s why I take your rampage with appreciation.
    But if you have no clue about the tragedy of the child soldier in SPLM/A brigades named the red army,the majority of whom were wiped out during the days of the civil war under Dr Garang,the sacrifices which were crowned with military victories which could have translated into the final victory for RSS independence without any need of a recourse to a referendum had it not been due to the betral by Dr Riak,Dr Lam Akol,Dr Nyaba and the likes as testified by the events of the 1991,just give heed to the events of 2013.
    To begin from the begining sir,nuer and dinka have cross breedings by merit of intermarriages dating to time immemorable.But giving the events of 15th December 2013,the nuer masses in nuerlands proceeded to murder not only pure dinka citizens in nuerlands but every nuer citizen with dinka’s breeding roots.
    Forget what had happened in Juba under the spolight of the media attention.That which has not come into the media therefore u don’t know anything about it is more tragic in magnitude than anything u can ever immagine with your human brain if you really have one that isn’t impaired in any way.
    The master minders of that tragedy include such fellow bloggers in this forum and among them is comrade Yien Mathew.
    But what did they get at the end?
    Nothing and that’s why they have come to their senses repenting and preaching for peace.
    If such context doesn’t provide any lesson to learn,one can only feel sorry for u.No earthly man has the right to force it upon u.
    So go hurry up.Have the courage to transform the internet war rhetorics into practical actions.
    The jieng IDPs are every where within your reach in equatoria.Many of them have long succeeded to throw their sperms around producing human cross breeding with equatorians resulting in a mixed ethenic race which memebers never set foot on jieng’s home lands.
    So go get them and good luck.I will be among the masses in impatience to see what u will achieve!!!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear False Millioniare
      Good attempt to sell rubbish. No Sir I am not buying your manipulative stories. I know the events of 1988 and 1991 like the back of my right hand. Ask Ateny Wek Ateny and all the Jieng who know me personally and they will tell you my position about those events you aired here. If you managed to cow-down Yein and the like it does not mean you will prevail. Just go on deluding yourself in this mess you the Jieng created. We will preach vigorously for accountability and accountability we will have it. South Sudan will never heal without accountability and if you are a true patriot you need to condemn your Jieng government.

  21. False Millionaire says:

    It’s good to learn so much about u.
    That if u want to imply being a contemporary to the likes of Ateny Wek Ateny,I am most satisfied to understand why u are what u are.For one good reason sir,those of Ateny Wek Ateny,Deng Alor and Pagan Amoum were neither foot nor child soldiers but only symbolic figures who were only deemed useful with the words of the mouth.
    Time has already proven that such status of being neither civilian nor military has played against them so terrible as they have now become old men.
    In such context,u can never expect any one of them to evolve into the status of a positive dictator like Mouseveni or Paul Kegamé who are now managing so brilliantly their countries civil and military affairs.
    That unfortunately is also your place.You are neither a military none a civilian.That’s why u dare to incite the equatorian ordinary masses to enter into the gate of hell while sitting infront of a computer screen some where in a safe heaven in England.
    U are a source of great disappointment sir even in casual intellectual exchanges as these ones on the internet.
    I was expecting u to taile up the thread of the debate to the point of arms where u can pick up a machet and turn loose on any jieng near u even in the backward suburbs of london.
    But surprise:what makes u talk about,”accountability”,after ruling out dialogue as contained in the comments of your first dispatch?
    That is ideally the confused personality of yours that ought to have been the very reason that compelled u to be pushed out from the ranks of the UN staff after 8 years without progress.
    How then should u expect us to disagree with Yien Mathew who makes of your likes fantom politicians who are only too good in making,”noise”,in the internet without anything practical to follow?!!!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear False Mllioniare
      As I said earlier to you “whatever”! A source of disappointment or no disappointment is not something that concentrates my mind. What concentrates my mind are issues of human rights, equality and justice. Anybody even my own family members abusing these will not get my support. You and your Jieng have consciously chosen to be human rights abusers, killers, unashamed thieves, imperialists and nasty tribalists. With this you have openly declared enmity with South Sudanese and therefore we have the right to fight back. We will insist for accountability until it is done. So I do not care what you think. If you were civilised as you masque red you would have condemned your president Kiir and your Jieng government.

  22. Yien Mathew says:

    Hi Elhag,
    I agreed with you in the areas of mentioning Deng Alor and Pagan Amuom these guys are the top thieves in the country.As in the case of Deng Alor the reason why he is now against the president,He Kiir did,t allow him to own 8 millions usd he stole with his colleagues kosti Manibe.After failing to secure the money both of them became anti gov,t.Arrogance Pagan Amuom he do stole millions and he is the first to condemn corruption, after all they were all expelled from the gov,t they plan evil that lead to the death of thousands of innocent people.The incident of dec,15 2013 will be accounted to G 10 and i want them to be excluded in the gov,t of national unity.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Yien Mathew
      Correction! I have not talked about Deng Alor or Pagan Amum. It is False Millioniare who dragged the duo in and not me. Regarding the December 15, 2013 ethnic cleansing of the Nuer, the people responsible are:
      President SalvaKiir, General Paul Malong Awan, and the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE). The African Union Commission of Inquiry in South Sudan (AUCISS) has conclusively found out. Please read this report before making convenient wild allegations. As much as I do not support the SPLM-G10, they are innocent in this specific incident and credit to them for condemning it consistently. Therefore, the people to account are mentioned with their supporters.

  23. Joana Adams says:

    David Aju,

    You are absolutely right to write to the Japanese Ambassador to stop meddling in our internal affairs. They have no business resettling Bor Dinka who are fleeing from minority Murle in Madiland. No piece of Mailand is for sale. For the information of Jieng lunatics, Martin Kenyi and Lado Gore and other Equatorian leaders are not without supporters. Their supporters is none of your business. Does the constitution of South Sudan say, no one can join the army unless they have supporters?
    Just look at your murderers you shamelessly called leaders. No wonder we are in this mess. Time will soon come when leaders will be selected on the basis of competence and not crowd mentality which should be confined into the dustbin of ancient history.

    Joana Adams.

  24. False Millionaire says:

    Let me take u in your own game.”Human rights,equality and justice”,thank u for bringing them to attention.
    But questions of justice that are the roots of human rights and equality among citizens are the basis of the foundation of the english law.
    Your intellectual behaviour in this forum shows a sense of superiority that’s worthy of some one who was educated in elites schools like Camboni college,Rumbek,Antob and the rest of the likes which were well up to the english standards before those standrds collapsed through out the two Sudans.
    That as u now live in UK,one would expect that the quality of learning that u obtained from those schools has been solidly reinforced and that u ought to be among best intellectuals on earth.
    But look at u in the mirror:U incite equatorians to punish jieng in general without any consideration to who is quilty and who is not.But instead of keeping your toes in the mud,u proceed to talk about accountability.Where in the english law can u tell this forum that justice is ordained to be done by way of rampage?!!

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