Open Letter to Bishop Daniel Deng, Chairman, South Sudan Peace & Reconciliation Commission

BY: Peter Dragu Wani, RSS, NOV/08/2013, SSN;

Dear Bishop Daniel Deng,
Whilst thanking you for your effort to bring peace in EES (Eastern Equatoria State), I categorically want to state my understanding that peace is not only the absence of war, especially in the situation of our nation of South Sudan.

Your Grace, allow me to define peace to enable my readers to understand why I chose to write about your inexhaustible effort to bring peace in our new nation the Republic of south Sudan.

* Peace is a situation or a period of time in which there is no war or violence in the country or an area.
* Peace is a state of being calm or quiet.
* Peace is a state of living in friendship with somebody without arguing.

Having given the above definition, let’s try to analyse the situation in our own context. Out of the ten states of South Sudan today, which one of them is the most peaceful or most violent and why is that so?

Without any doubt, seven out of the ten states in South Sudan have the Dinka ethnic groups as dominant or significant indigenous inhabitants.
Unfortunately, however, out of the seven states where the Dinka are present, Jongelei state scored the highest points of being the worst state.

Since the comprehension Peace Agreement (CPA) was signed, exhaustive efforts by stakeholders including some European countries and USA have been availed to maintain the hard-earned peace in Republic of South Sudan (RSS) but instead of sustained peace, war is on the rise.

One wonders why after millions of dollars were spend there still is no peace. Does this mean the term ‘peace and reconciliation’ is used solely to attract more donations? I leave it for others to answer for themselves.

The situation in EES where I come from, is relatively peaceful compared to the seven Dinka populated states I referred to earlier. The unrest in EES state can be characterized as a new problem caused by external forces mostly the Internal displaced persons [IDPs] being engineered by some elements of politicians within Juba.

Your Grace Bishop Deng, you can’t categorically be a peace advocate when you don’t have your house in order. Just as you can’t remove the speck from someone’s eyes unless you removed the speck in your eyes first.

Equally, the qualities expected from you before you step out to take the banner of ‘peace and reconciliation,’ I would like to refer you to the very doctrine by which you live in the Book of Timothy 3: 2-7.

The most pressing issue, let’s be candid here, that will derail the peace and reconciliation endeavour in the state and spill out to the remaining nine states, eventually eating up the whole country is Jongelei state.

I wonder why the unrest in Jongelei which was created in the watchful eyes of the government in Juba has taken so long to find a solution to it.

What has been happening in the South Sudan since the day CPA came into effect and now since gaining Independence can be characterized as solely due to the unbalanced representation of power by the Kiir led government, which is an extreme exercise of superiority complex by one tribe over the others.

As a result, this has directly created power vacuum, repression, land grabbing and massive occupation particularly by Dinka tribe of lands belonging to other nationals or tribes.

The Dinka tribe, a tribe where you came from and which wrongly values such qualities as their right, I must say, is a thing that is very unfortunate for reconciliation and peace building because whatever you say will not be effective on the subject of peace you are preaching as your very people are doers of the opposite of your preaching.

Frankly and emphatically, the Kiir government should have appointed someone other than you, because, how can you talk about peace when your own people, whom you are part and parcel of are still causing havoc and they are not ready for peace?

Bishop Deng, as a man of God, let me draw your attention to the volatile issue of Nimule where there are more than 45,000 Dinka forcefully occupying the land of Ma’di and forcing the Ma’di of Nimule to remain in Oliji Refugee camp in Adjumani District of Uganda.

Theses IDPs have been in Nimule since 1994, the date they fled from the defection of commander William Nyuon Bany and up to the eventual signing of the CPA, but inexplicably, we haven’t seen some of them ever return back to Jongelei.

Instead, since attaining the independence, a new massive surge of IDPs and IDPs’ cattle influx in Nimule has been seen, reaching a startling high figure.

Your Grace, Bishop Deng, this astronomical invasion has been brought about by the imperialistic political agenda that has now become a common knowledge, the prevailing intent is to wipe out other smaller tribes from their land of origin.

Apparently, the diabolical reason is to pass the so-called ‘newly conquered land’ to those Dinka who were brainwashed to fight a war that will see them make a comeback to occupy the Equatoria land, a cynical deed of kokora payback!

Whilst I was fighting the war of liberation against the Jalaba oppression, little did I personally know that what was being chanted in Dinka language to those foot soldiers was none other than a stabbing in the back for the rest of us the non-Dinka South Sudan liberators.

Nearly ten years since CPA was signed and nearly two years since South Sudan became an independent country, there are still armed Dinka men who are not part of national army of RSS who are dangerously roaming with AK 47s in the market of Nimule, threatening the lives of the unarmed poor Ma’di people.

Seriously, you, Bishop Garang, how can you talk about reconciliation when you have failed to tell your own people about forceful land grabbing and oppression of others in their very own ancestral land?

Your Lordship, Bishop, surely reconciliation comes as a result of the offenders realizing and recognizing their offence, and must be willing to rectify and apologize for their actions against the offended or victims.

That forms the basis and essence of true reconciliation. Without identifying the core problems and outlining the solutions to the problems, I wonder whom are you coming to reconcile in EES?

Is it the killing of an innocent people or the killing of the Nimule chief by your people?

Or is it what is suspiciously sitting at the tip of your tongue which will easily roll out as the so-called Acholi/Ma’di issue?

Whichever it is, I will assure you that, yes, without any denial, the Acholi and Ma’di have some issues to reckon with but these are brothers who have lived together in peace and harmony.

Their intermarriage has seen some disharmony amongst aunties, uncles, nieces and nephews and what eroded that harmony of co-existence recently between the Acholi/Ma’di was influenced and fuelled by some greedy politicians to gain their own interests and power.

Again, not far from the influence of deceitful power promise to the politicians by your Dinka minded government that has exacerbated the problem.

Bishop, let’s not be blindfolded by what you claim to offer because we are all matured in our God given knowledge. Peace will come to EES when your present boss, Kiir, agrees to take decisive stand to say enough is enough, and tell the Dinka IDPs in Nimule to pack their roaming cattle which have become part wildlife and go back where they came from.

Until this is done peace will not prevail and the training program you talked about during your visit to Torit will be a waste of state resources.

It doesn’t take a million dollars or 100 people to bring peace, so why waste vast state resources on what is not peace?

Bishop and Mr president Kiir, let me suggest to you five ways if you want to see a democratic South Sudan to be a nation we all aspire to cherish, where our children’s children will grow in peace without hatred.

The suggestions are as follows:
1. Repatriate all the Dinka IDPs in Equatoria, Shilluk and Nuer land, just to mention a few.
2. Address the issues of Murle amicably.
3. Stop forceful land grabbing in Equatoria or any other parts of RSS. Let’s follow normal and legal procedures to acquire land.
4. Try to be inclusive in the formation of your government rather than your cabinet being your close friends or tribes mates, resulting in you sacking others without any sound reasons.
5. Finally, speed up the program to rewrite the national constitution, and stop dragging the national army into politics in order to fulfil your long time political ambition.

I would rather like you to pave way for the coming election in order to bring fresh blood into the nation.

Bishop, it is very important for the sake of peace to prevail in our nation that you do exactly what a peace maker should be doing, tell those Dinka in Nimule to go home, advise the President precisely that he is the president of the nation, not president of Dinka.

Remember, the referendum was our collective effort, it was our common belief that has resulted into the birth of RSS. This is the long awaited aspiration of every South Sudanese.

Please, my appeal is, don’t bury this long aspiration to see our people living in peace, our children growing up in peaceful environment without been discriminated regardless of their appearance and the language they speak. It was on this that I was prompted to write this note to you.

How I wish I could address you and Mr. President directly but unfortunately in a nation like ours, leaders are not servants but rather they are Kings which makes them become utterly unreachable.

Peter Dragu Wani


  1. Dan says:

    South Sudanese are funny people. They have no shame at all. This man (author) claims he was an SPLA soldier and he does not have any clue about when William Nyuon Bany defected from the SPLM/A. He does not even know when the displaced people from Jonglei arrived in Equatoria.
    Any wonder why somebody called you (Ma’dis) as foreigners masquerading as South Sudanese? Why is it hard to make a bit of research before you rush your cheap articles?
    And who told you that the Dinka are the cause of insecurity in Jonglei? If you were a South Sudanese, you would have known who is behind the insecurity in Jonglei.

    • Dau says:

      Mr. Dan
      The writer of the above article is really a visionary South Sudanese son. He is unlike blind, greedy people, who are only filling their pockets with stolen money from all innocent people of South Sudan. Shame on you Dinka.

  2. Dau-network says:

    Just let the author bark with his non-essentials .
    Is high Bishop Dr Daniel Deng Bul for dinka or he is a high Bishop of S Sudan?

  3. Deng Owen says:

    I am a Dinka and I am sick and tired of the behaviour of our people! Sometimes I wish I should change my identity but I couldn’t. Surely we have created hatred in South Sudan which will eventually lead to our eviction and demise in the new country.
    Currently we think that we can use the combination of violence and looted oil money to oppress non-Dinka, but when the situation is ripe enough, we will cry until there is no more tears- and even God will not rescue us for we have become the agents of devil!
    Change now before it is too late, remember numbers don’t count much as we can see in the case of Israel living in the sea of Arab enemies.

    • majongdit says:

      Liar! Who do you think you can deceive? Cheap campaign. Thank you for helping Dinka get together. One day we will accept being a tribe Dinka and we will wait to see you become Israel. I wasted my time answering another with a chicken brain – my wasted sleep.

  4. Mohd Adam says:

    Hey Dan,
    It does not need a rocket scientist to know the period of time, when the IDPS came to Equatoria, it was those days of William Nyuan, and the White army of Riek Machar, killing Dinka Bor. The Equatorians, welcome them, as brothers and sisters, but now they have turned around, killing the same people who gave them shelter in the first place. God is watching!!

    • Dear Mohd Adam:

      Your comment has profoundly touched my heart and soul, and I would therefore refer it to Mr.Kuot, the paramount Chief of Dinka Bor IDPs in Nimule to reply it to you. Chief Kuot and his Deputy Mr. domac.
      Please address this issue of Dinka Bor IDPs and the killing of the innocent civilians in Madi land rather than beating around in the Bush. Please know that you are not occupying my land and I don’t really give a damn about your bravery, cowardliness or outdated military achievements in the SPLA movement. If the Bor people in Nimule are government officials/workers as you claimed earlier on this forum, then Why are they brought back to Nimule for the burial when they die in their ancestral land in Bor?

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

  5. kamba says:

    Go to Dinka land and leave our beautiful Equatoria to Equatotians

  6. mindra says:

    thanks a lot, Dragu wani,
    my humble advice goes to Mr Dan, accept these facts and we will build peaceful south Sudan. the truth is always bitter. with this behavior of Dinkas, we will not live to see peace, liberty and prosperity. it seems to me right that every Dinka pretends to be a politician.
    The core goal of peace is to have driving force in place, thus includes; forgiveness and love. we will love to see peaceful and democratic south Sudan.
    Most of the Dinkas are even employed by their government occupying high positions without paper or sub-standard qualifications, some even attended three months training or either workshop less than three months.
    I am a master’s degree holder from Makerere university in Economics but up to now I did not get a job but am not complaining because I know everything has its own time.
    let us embrace peace only. freedom is limited and don’t let it pass just like that, let us enjoy, it’s a gift from Mighty God.
    I have only a question to ask, Is there any public accounts committee in the parliament of south Sudan headed by opposition?
    if yes how many times have they published the results in media for the public to be educated about and the threshold of it?

    This chairman of peace and Reconciliation has been given millions of dollars. you must know that you are of a man God. I believe where you are and as your public background can remind you that it’s not always good to spend public money on something which is not result oriented.
    Rev priest, pastors and any elderly persons in the churches can account offertory before congregation so that the Christians can raise the volume of their offertory.
    Remember that what you are spending on conference is tax-payer’s money. before God and man you will be held responsible one day, at one time.
    Mr kirr is using you like scapegoat to cover the crime he’s doing. we are waiting 2015 which is not far from now.. Dr Machar…. oyee

    Mindra-madi-go, I live in Loa local Pageri payam, Madi corridor

  7. MAJOK B. says:

    Dear Peter,
    You are so tribalist and against peaceful coexistence of our people of the new nation.

  8. Daughter of Equatoria says:

    Your lordship Bishop Deng and Dan just stop diverting your attention from brutal acts by your tribes men, well the end justifies the means. Think BIG.

  9. Daughter of Equatoria says:

    you simply pick points that fit your argument while avoiding the whole truth, come on, face the reality.
    your tribe is the most notorious in causing all problems and insecurity in the RSS. HOW?
    The case of Jonglei dated to the 2010 rigged elections. Now in my region Equatoria the case of land grabbing and illicit occupation is overwhelming by this very dinkas, wake up and face the truth, you see this inability attitude of your tribe to accept the truth and repent of your sins will never make South Sudan a peaceful country internally.
    And because of Dinkas the image of the people of South Sudan are portrayed horribly in the whole world, so disgusting.
    learn the truth, Dan and your fellow tribes men, it amazed me that even his Lordship Bishop Deng is pretending not to know the sector of people causing havoc in RSS, how miserable.

    • Dan says:

      Daughter of Equatoria,
      I only pick the parts that expose the whole lie about the article. If you want to know the liars, they start introducing themselves as former/current SPLA soldiers, colonels or even generals and down the road into their articles, they will show complete lack of knowledge about the army they claim to be part or have been part of it.

      No one claims to know everything, but major incidents like the defection of former deputy leader of the SPLA, William Nyuon Bany, which took place in the land of Acholi/Madi should have never been very hard for anyone let alone the SPLA soldier to remember. Nyuon’s forces did not target civilians for your information. They went straight for big boys.

  10. malith Alier says:

    Here is a great battle of ideas and tribes. Watch out guys particularly those in diaspora who have half baked truths about current affairs. Talking of IDPs in towns is like living in the past. What about all the other Earth people who have come to South Sudan, the Eritreans, Ethiopians, Australians, Americans etc. You can include them in your list of IDPs because they have been displaced in their countries economically and so forth.

  11. --------- says:

    Please let us all ignore Mr. Peter Dargu Wani. the Best is to ignore people who are suffering from serious ignorance and fatal inferiority complex.

  12. Chol Dau says:

    Mr. Dragu,
    Why do you tie Bishop Deng’s involvement in peace and reconciliation to ethnicity? Must the peace and reconciliation start from his home town of Bor to be called effective?

    Can you see the fallacies in your below listed demands?

    “The suggestions are as follows:
    1. Repatriate all the Dinka IDPs in Equatoria, Shilluk and Nuer land, just to mention a few.
    2. Address the issues of Murle amicably.
    3. Stop forceful land grabbing in Equatoria or any other parts of RSS. Let’s follow normal and legal procedures to acquire land.
    4. Try to be inclusive in the formation of your government rather than your cabinet being your close friends or tribes mates, resulting in you sacking others without any sound reasons.
    5. Finally, speed up the program to rewrite the national constitution, and stop dragging the national army into politics in order to fulfil your long time political ambition. ”

    Are you writing to Bishop Deng, or the Dinka tribe or the Government of the Republic of South Sudan whose President is Salva Kiir (a Dinka), and Vice President is James Wani (a Bari) and NLA Speaker is Magok Rundial (a Nuer)?

    • Joseph says:

      Chol Dau,

      The new approach to peace building in current and modern World’s states that “PEACE BEGINS AT HOME’ period. please educate your so called man of god.

  13. Wani Mike Jada says:

    Thanks Mr. Peter,
    You greatly have some knowledge about peace building. His Lordship Bishop Daniel Deng is a facilitator of peace in EES appointed by Kirr and some giants in ROSS government. I’m glad that you gave a sincere message to them both. If he is using Christ message to deliver his aspiration for peace in EES, then there is a big mistake.
    Jesus told his apostle to begin in Jerusalem, not in Eastern Equatoria State. Beginning from Jerusalem would mean for His Lordship to begin in Jongolie where the real trouble and restlessness in this new country is coming from.
    The behaviour of some giants in SPLA/M, especially those from Dinka tribe in particular is pure colonial mentality.
    Mr. Peter, you also mentioned about land grabbing and some trouble generated by IDPs in Nimule. I don’t know if you were following whatever was happening and is still happening there closely.
    Madi land of Nimule is almost becoming a base for eroding Equatoria as a whole. Sending his Lordship Bishop Deng to EES is a platform meant to expand colonial ideology, period.
    His message is dominated by message from the gospel of Matthew 5:1-12. For example, happy are the pure in heart, pure in spirit, peace maker, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    Above all, happy are those who suffer for the cause of right will be used to silence those who are being tortured by the government as their resources are taken away from them.

    Starting with land and all other resources will fall in their hands once land become theirs. His Lordship is there to promote what ROSS had in mind about EES, it is an alternative to brutality which is facing international criticism.
    Honestly, South Sudan government is a colonial style government. How long will these continue is in the hands of South Sudanese.
    Wani Mike Jada
    Juba-South Sudan

  14. Deng says:

    South Sudanese are still traumatized because some of them have been in Refuge Camps, IPDs, Lost Boys and Girls and those in Diaspora, where every body is having his or her own thinking about some one. shame and shame .

  15. FOX says:

    I am very happy at the rate which South Sudanese want development, political reforms, Change management, peace among other essential issues.

    This reflects the good use of our time and resources especially the Migrated, refugees, asylumists in developed countries. Applause to them.
    However, it is very sad that the young nation military gangs have failed to recognize the clear facts that our people are highly learned and that they can no longer be deceived.
    Another fact is that for a country to have its development plan implemented, Formal knowledge is a plus.
    The SPLA/M the fact that it started from a Dinka land, Led by a Dinka and peace negotiated with majority of Dinkas does not justify Dinkas to be accommodated in all sensitive positions. The truth is we need the skilful human resources regardless to your party affiliation or Loyalty.
    I also have an inner feeling that Nuer as a leader is even a disaster.

  16. Ohi'de says:

    The Dinka IDPs in Nimule must peacefully go home to allow the Madi of Nimule who are still in Refugee camps in Uganda to come home and settle in their place in Nimule. All those IDPS must understand that the population of Ma’di originating from Nimule are still in Uganda. They want to come home but could not because their places are taken by the Dinka.

  17. Gabu opikoli says:

    The Bible says when you tell the truth, the truth will set you free, it is equally important for Dinka people both civilized and uncivilized to accept the full responsibility of the crimes they committed on other ethnic groups, especially the havoc caused by Jenge from Bor.
    Apology doesn’t mean you are defeated but rather take responsibility for the wrong you have done to others. Generally the dinka have spoiled the name of civilized societies of south Sudan, their untamed behaviors have caused us a great deal, it is based on this untamed animal behavior that is why in Kampala all the south Sudanese are generalized in the same pool as dinka.
    I am sick of their untamed ideology associating with cows. In the 21st century you can’t use jungle rules to govern a nation like south Sudan.

    To those who think Dragu lacked wisdom about the so called Bishop, a man like him/bishop must be ashamed to think he can bring peace and reconcile the people.
    What is the track record of the so called bishop in peace making? why is that the jenge want to employ a system of superiority complex which was used by Nazi Germany over Jewish people?
    The answer is simply because jenge are power hungry, they feel they were left behind by other tribes in RSS that is how they are using our country’s resources to send their children who actual lack wisdom to study in foreign lands.
    They don’t like to leave the land where they tasted their first real food, the fertile land of Great Equatoria. Shame on them and their Dinka president who looks like a cow boy, indeed he is a cowboy.

    • majongdit says:


      I am a non-civilized jenge from Yirol, Bahr el Ghazal but I want to tell you that Dinka Bor have never committed any crime against any tribe. Please believe me, I am from Yirol. What I am telling you is nothing but truth. Dinka Bor are the most peaceful of all the Dinka clans. If any other Dinka like Malual Giernyang, Ciec, Atuot, Agaar, Rek, etc could be where Bor is today, Murle tribe would have long gone extinct.

      • Joseph says:


        You LOVE dinka bor because you are not neighboring/bordering them as well as raiding cattle with them. So they are very good to you!!

  18. Dear Peter Dragu Wani:

    You need help! Do not attack Lord Bishop Dr. Daniel Deng Bul just for nothing! You rambled too much in your article, you did not focus on one issue! Are Dinkas IDPs in Nimule enemies of South Sudan? Are they white people to call them imperialists? shame on you!

    • Joseph says:

      Chief Abiko,

      I suggest that you better go to adult literacy classes if at all you’re living in US. Who told you that imperialists/imperialism means white people? My chief, this is just a theory, and theory does not have a colour. You better feel ashamed for yourself than point a finger to Peter Dragu.

  19. Lokilachong says:

    Dear Mr. Peter,

    What you have said can not be diluted with some nonsensical. Peace mediator is a person that is appointed to reconcile a warring parties. Writing from the diaspora, I thought his Grace Bishop Deng was appointed to reconcile the people in Jongolei state, the Nuer, Dinka and the Murle who are at war in that volatile state.
    It is absurd to learn that Bishop Deng has now devoted his time to talk reconciliation to the people of EES, which is the most peaceful state in south sudan. Why Bishop Deng is not telling the truth to the people of Equatoria is shocking indeed.
    I understand he wants also to include Governor Lobong in the peace committee because he learned that “Lobong” has “a paper in peace building.” This is an absurdity, a waste of time and out of focus.

    I agree wih Mr. Peter that Bishop Deng, if he is a peace builder, should tell one thing clearly to the Dinkas. THE IDPS DINKA in Nimule and else where in Equatorai should go home to their land. Since day one when the Dinka IDPs stepped in EE in the 1990s, they destabilized the state.

    Now bishop Deng is like the European emissary sent with the Bible to preach peace and reconciliation to the people of EES while his fellow Dinkas are armed to the teeth with guns, taking land and brutalizing the indigenous Equatorians. Why does he not tell the IDP Dinka to go home? Our people in the North, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and else where in exile are coming home, to their ancestral land. Why not to tell the Jenge to leave Equatoria because the war is now over?

    Does Equatoria need to be preached peace and who are those in Equatoria that are at war? Bishop Deng is a man of God, we respect him and we want him to tell the truth. One of the truth that he needs to tell is “IDPS Dinka should go back to their land in Jongolei. Dinka should not occupy the land of other tribes. IDPs are the source of instability and frictions in Nimule and other parts of Equatoria.
    The Dinka IDPs presence in Eqautoria is worn out and nobody needs them any more. These are the truths that Bishop Deng should tell the Jenge everywhere, and if he says these things, the truth will set him free. The people that need peace are in Jongolei, Warrap and Western Bahr El Ghazal and that is where Bishop Deng Bull should be.

  20. majongdit says:

    Useless open letter to a very important man. Many of us become victims, including ‘english language’. The guy has mixed up in the way he is addressing Bishop Daniel Deng Bul as the President of South Sudan. Again there are no Dinka IDPs in Nimule. Nimule has been only settled by Dinka, period! Nimule belongs to all South Sudanese. Those who are propagating on dividing our people have an agenda that is so secret among them and those whose agenda they carry out.
    However, regardless of their desperate attempt they will all fail and South Sudan will continue to rise and rise.

    • Eastern says:

      Majongdit or I should refer to you as Majongthin,
      this blind arrogance will not take us South Sudanese anywhere. You are not even ashamed to tell the whole world, through this forum, and I quote, “Again there are no Dinka IDPs in Nimule. Nimule has been only settled by Dinka, period! Nimule belongs to all South Sudanese.” Really???
      What indigenous Nimule inhabitants are telling the Dinka settlers is that there are thousands of Ma’di people still in exile. Those are the people who were displaced in March 1989 when Nimule was captured by SPLA. The plots of these people are now occupied by Dinka people. Where will the rightful original owners settle when they return now before the Dinka occupants vacate? Are you insinuating that Ma’di people become squatters in their own ancestral land.

      Look around Nimule if you are familiar with the town. Abila, Motoyo, Malakia and Reyi areas were all occupied by Ma’di people but now all these people are stuck out there in exile, mostly in Uganda. Where do you want them to be? To remain as refugees for life? Come back home and remain squatters?

      Give us good answers/suggestions instead of castigating Dragu and his like-minded people. The migration of Dinka from wherever they are from to settle in Nimule has robbed Ma’di people and Equatorians in general the wrong way. I am aware of the interest of the Dinkas in Nimule, Yei and Kaya but that’s not for me to delve into now.
      It’s known fact in South Sudan that where there are resources/money, therein you find the Dinkas. This trend is true in government establishments, business, institutions (look around at executive student leaders in East Africa, etc). Do not castigate Dragu for his views.
      Peaceful co-existence and harmony can not be forced through coercion, false love or indeed through intermarriage as suggested by the comedian-cum-vice president recently. The Nimule issue if not handled well will become the undoing of the current leadership. The writing is on the wall!!!

      • Majongdit says:


        I now tend to like your kind heart. I am moved with your interest in seeing to it that our people in exile have to have land vacated for them before they even start coming home. My question now is: you take to heart about our madi people in exile – who again have failed to come back home since 2005 – what about those who are already here and are residing here? Do you want them to squatters right from tomorrow?

        • Eastern says:

          Majongdit, the Dinka settled in the above mentioned suburbs of Nimule are illegally occupying other people’s properties/land. The rightful owners are stuck out there in Uganda and other parts of the world because of this illegal Dinka land grab!!

          Ask these land grabbers to go back to Duk, Cueibet, Akon, Bor, etc. They have vast land in these Dinka villages simple!!

    • john jerry says:

      whatever it means you cannot call the Dinkas in Nimule settlers because they did not go to Nimule on their own accord but were forced by the war and the term IDPS is in place, no wonder how you understand the English language. Now that the war is over, what prevents you from going back to where you came from?
      Settlers as you put it is wrong and should not be used as an excuse to remain in greater Equatoria.

      As citizens of this great country RSS, any south Sudanese has the right to live and stay in any part of south sudan, but not to come and grab land and impose themselves and claim to be what they are, not over the native people of the land.
      This is unacceptable before God and the law. Be reminded that you will go back the same way you came, there is no safe haven in a land grabbed in anarchy.
      To build peace and love in Nimule or elsewhere in south Sudan the Dinkas must learn to live in peace and respect the people who welcomed them during the war time that is important.
      Dinkanization is not the solution to this great nation and the Dinkas must understand this.

  21. Samule Ajak says:

    Hello South Sudanese,
    Peace is needed everywhere in the country. As some Equatorians are complaining about Dinka occupying their land, Bishop Deng is not there to help Dinka occupy more land. If you keep complaining, no problem, but it’s your own weakness. If you know your weakness cannot allow you to expand your territory, blame yourselves.
    We shed our blood to get that far, if YOU Equatorians think you don’t like SPLA policy WHY do you people think you joined the movement? You have Vice president James Wani Igga, an Equatorian. why do you think he is not opposing what some of you think is Dinka policy?
    You think you need peace as Equatorians, we need the land and you will surely live in peace. Keep crying, but you will never get it.
    Samuel Ajak

  22. Bhanyker says:

    Dear : Mohd Adam

    You stated that God is watching. Who told you God exists? Stop ignorance, get up and fight your right. start fighting tonight they will leave tomorrow. Stop waiting for God, there is no God.
    ON other hand the Dinka had become the most hated tribe in South Sudan. Therefore, it is inconvenient for the Dinka to be a man of peace and reconciliation. Who is going to listen to this evil called Daniel Deng.

    • Majongdit says:

      Why do you hate Dinka? What did Dinka do to you? What the Dinka did is a serious misgiving. We liberated the country and then gave it to un-appreciating lots. You hate Dinka, but God loves Dinka.

      • Dear Majongdit:

        In additions, the Dinka will liberate themselves from those who hate them in South Sudan. Why would the Dinka live with someone who hates them? Dinka fought with Jalaba for over fifty (50) years and we got rid of them from South Sudan because they hated us and mistreated us. Who is next to Jalaba?

        “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

  23. Jonathon show, says:

    You are our problem; you are divisive and selfish commentators in Equatoria. If you are able to defend yourselves in where you are (homeland), you have right to stay. East, west, north and south, home is the best just.

  24. Tyson says:

    While some of your might disagree with Peter’s frustration, the fact is that majority of the Jieng are the problem on the issue of Ma’di land. Why do the Jieng continue to disgrace themselves as IDPs while leaving their beautiful ancestral homes?
    Secondly, the so called learned Ma’di and the pseudo Ma’di politicians are also adding salt to injury. Why can’t they take a moment to reflect and find a solution to the issues affecting their poor communities. Paying deaf ears and lip services to grievances of your own communities simply because of the oil booty is a recipe for total chaos.
    As for the failed Bishop Bull, he better use his time wisely to concentrate on the work of soul healing. Bishop Bull has a lot of work to do because even our leaders are running away from the churches because they don’t want to acknowledge their sins and seek God’s forgiveness. Bishop Bull has failed to convince Yau Yau, and equally he does nothing in Eastern Equatoria because the issues raised by ordinary Ma’di remain unsolved. The community needs a land to settle!!!!!
    Instead of labeling the writer as tribalistic, please read between the lines to understand and identify with those in need whether being in Equatoria, Jonglei, Bahr el Gahzal or Upper Nile. Many of our people are suffering silently while Kiir and his cohorts continue to mercilessly abuse the freedom that took over 2.5 million lives of our innocent people.
    May God lead us out of this misery because it is not the threats and gun wielding that have authority over our lives and freedom.

  25. dictatorship in making says:

    Involving the church leaders is good in peace making process, but the problem is, the church leaders are working with the corrupted government who will later spoil their reputation and the church’s as well. I always argue our church leaders to resign since the government is not serious about peace. you see people are still being killed in large number by yau yau but government have nothing to do about it.

    Stopping corruption is the key initiative to peace in south sudan, but the church may not be able to tell the president to stop corruption. for instance last week the president say he stopped going to church in eight months because one of the the priests talk about corruption in the church while the president was inside the church. Meanwhile on the other hand the leaders told the church to educate people about corruption issues.

    how comes the church continuously accepts the position from such a government which changes the colors every time? this may spoil their integrity and independence of the church at large. since the work has been politicized there is need for the church to withdraw from this work otherwise they may be viewed by other as politicians.

  26. Laat Dhoran says:

    Those who think peace can be achieved through effort of Dr. Daniel Deng Bul are just kidding, Deng is known for his tribalism since the beginning of being head of ECS in South Sudan, it is just a way of accommodation that makes him qualify to lead the country peace and reconciliation process and the way of enrichment, empowerment tactic by President to his fellow Dinka.

  27. Thomas Matiop says:

    First of all, Equatorians have to learn some lessons. Survival is for the fittest, as Dinka we have the right to educate people of Equatoria. Where were you when our brothers and sisters were settling over there? Cowards and you ran away now you want to come back. Better stay where you are. Some Equatorians are Ugandans, Kenyans; and Congolese.
    The only pure South Sudanese are Dinka and the land belonged to us. If you are not satisfied, next the little will be taken away too. In any country there are majorities and in South Sudan we are the majority. If James wani Igga, Louis Lobong, Isaac Obutu Mamur cannot support the way you Equatorians are thinking, yes, there is problem with you that is why you are deserted by your own people.
    Thomas Matiop
    Bor the Great- South Sudan

    • SPLA says:

      let me tell you there’s no such thing as empty land. I feel very sorry for you as your comments are indicative of your ignorance, primitivity, barbarism and lack of reasoning. Whether you like it or not Madi land is not your ancestral land and will never be.
      My advice to you Dinkas is to pack your rugs and go to develop your backward land!.

  28. Tyson says:

    It is the thinking of your caliber that caused the genocide in Rwanda. Watch out from this careless statements!!!!

    • Majongdit says:


      Genocide? Who do you think will be the Hutus and who will be the Tutsis? Let us embrace peace. Humanity is one and we should not bring such statements up in a public forum. why do you think the Madi can massacre the entire Dinka? Why do you want Madi to attack finish the entire Dinka? Genocide on the Dinka is what I am waiting for. Go on Tyson and just have the Dinka killed…that may quell your thirst. And be careful when you do it.

  29. Ping says:

    Preach hatred by minority and rip the fruits. You see, being majority opens all doors to participate in all manners. The confusion within S. Sudan is caused by minority and rush to cry louder. Look at Murle, a minority and it’s a cause of problems to other tribes in Jonglei.
    For the case of Madi, they left their land for Uganda without any reason and when others came, they get empty space and make it home.
    Please minority, stop these tactics of putting the majority on the spot as an obstacle in all endeavors.

  30. Mohd Adam says:

    Where is Bishop Paride Taban?

  31. dictatorship in making says:

    Nuer Dominates 18 counties out of 72 counties in south sudan but they don’t proud themselves like the way dinka mistreat minorities tribes in south sudan.
    i don’t know why dinka mistreat us even when they are in the power? south sudan needs alternative leaders from other tribes not dinka and more, south sudan will be united when dinka are not in the power.

  32. Mohd Adam says:

    Quote: ‘For the case of Madi, they left their land for Uganda without any reason and when others came, they get empty space and make it home. Please minority, stop these tactics of putting the majority on the spot as an obstacle in all endeavors”!!

    Hey Ping, your statement above does not hold water at all. When the Nuer kicked you out of your homes in 1992, you ran to Equatoria, and received shelter, food and even clothes, because many of your women, came naked. Did anybody went and occupied your land.
    When the Madi left their land due to long war in South Sudan, did they ask you to come to replace them in their ancestral home? Shame on you guys. Bishop Deng should first make peace for himself and his land hungry tribesmen before talking of peace in EE.

  33. Daughter of Equatoria says:

    Thomas Matiop,
    You really don’t have shame at all, prove it from originality that the land of South Sudan only belongs to Dinkas. you are very much arrogant indeed, did you go to school really?
    if so then you must have read the title of the book and not the contents, even the teletubbies reason far better than you and your cattle in the kraal, you are still wearing shorts though hahah, wear trousers huh.

    As for James wani Igga, Louis Lobong, and Isaac Obutu, WE Equatorians DO NOT care for them at all, We don’t need them, who cares.

    Matiop, you are very cheap, sorry.

    • Dear Daughter of Equatoria:

      If you (Equatorians) do not care about General James Wani Igga, General Louis Lobong and General Obutu Mamur mete, Who do you really care about in Equatoria and Why? I know those people were hated by you Equatorians, from the day they joined the so called Dinka movement, SPLA in 1980s. Anyhow, they are indeed our heroes and liberators and it doesn’t matter whether you love them or hate them in Equatorian. They are much better than those Equatorian politicians who preach hatreds all the times on this forum. Please bear in mind that anyone you hate in Equatoria just because he does not have ill feelings against Dinka, we will adore him/her and make them leaders of Equatoria and South Sudan until you die of hatred, jealousy and shame. LOL, Ha ha ha ha…I really like those Equatorian Generals. They have liberated you and I from Jalaba’s slavery. They are my heroes and heroes of this nation.

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang.

      • Daughter of Equatoria says:

        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

        Equatoria have some brilliant politicians and heroes who share the common man’s sufferings unlike these selfish, corrupt and betrayers of Equatoria whom the dinka brainwashed. Their brains are colonized by dinka and the stolen wealth of the people of South Sudan, so such persons can not and will not gain the trust and respect from Equatorians, yes, they don’t have support either.
        Will you stop singing this outdated so called “we liberated you.” Come up with some thing NEW. STOP BORING PEOPLE.

  34. Gur Beny says:

    Lets peace reign for those who want peace and damned to those who don’t want peace, am so surprised to hear Mr. X and Y talking about peace in Jonglei, Warrap, Unity and Lakes states respectively.I think there is need to get educated on the problem of South Sudan leave alone the issue of Dinka. The focused of this nation is about roads, Health centres, schools, Abyei, Border demarcation and living standards of our people across the nation.
    i wonder when some of our guys left the country for one reason or another and came back from no where to talk ill of others. By the time you left the country, it wasn’t a Dinka or Nuer nor other tribes problem but our brothers in the North. why do you want to preach about genocide in the country? The sentiment of your thoughts will teache you a lesson that you will never forget in your life. Most of the guys are crazy about the land issue, and you will continue to be crazy about the land. Why is it so important to talk about the land that you have not shed blood for?
    One day one time the land will question some of you that what have you done to me? since the land was idle and no body to protect it. You should thank individuals who have protected this land of South Sudan to open ways for this freedom you are enjoying, otherwise time will come for us to reply back what you want to be.
    It is senseless, to keep on repeating the same words which does not hold water, we are talking of big things not domestic issues hence your land is the one which bears the registration number but don’t talk about the land of South Sudan.

  35. South Sudan will never be stable nation under the current primitive/alcoholic president, unless we say enough is enough for change in 2015.

  36. kikisik says:

    Mr Adam,
    I think your question should have been- What did Bishop Deng Bul achieve to be appointed to head this peace and reconciliation committee? Because in a real world, people are appointed to any position based on their credentials or what they have achieved in their life time- not in RSS.

    If it is not of our dirty and tribalistic politics, that position should have been given to a right person- Retired Bishop Paride Taban. Because this man [Bishop Taban] did a lot especially during the struggle-Movement, and where was Bishop Bul- he was in Khartoum with the Jaalaba.

    As a brief account of Retired Bishop Taban, in his two decades as Bishop from 1983-2004, he has devoted his energy and time travelling through out the world providing leadership in the most difficult time during the Sudan’s civil war. As a Bishop, he was a spokesperson and champion for the people of South Sudan, bringing food to starving and securing additional relief.

    How much this noble man contributed to the movement and the people of South Sudan is unspeakable. He was a voice of voiceless and as Equatorian, I am proud of him – this is how we Equatorians are- and will be.

    Going back to the article, Let me begin by thanking the writer of this article- job well done, keep it up! you have said it all. We can sit here arguing, but truth will prevail. What is clear is that, the appointment of Bishop Deng was politically motivated only to please Dinka-Bor.

    So long as IDPs still exist in Nimule, land grabbing continues to be practised, poor management of country by Kirr, Yau Yau presence in Jonglei and other parts of the country, peace is death on arrival.

    My personal advice to Bishop Bul is to go and reconcile the division in the SPLM party first because that is the starting point of reconciliation.
    “Leaders come and Leaders go, but South Sudan will remain forever”

    • Daughter of Equatoria says:

      That’s the point kikisik, Bishop Deng Bul, you must first reconcile Kiir and Dr Riek and Amum and others as well. After this then you reach out to Jonglei, Lakes state, Warrap and Western Bar elghazal and NOT IN EQUATORIA. Good luck Bishop Bul.

  37. dictatorship in making says:

    congratulations, Daughter of Equatorias.
    teach those cattle keepers, claiming the other 62 ethnic groups that the land doesn’t to belong to one person, it’s unfair.
    Mankien Town.

    • Mankien town:

      When did you learn about this land? and Where were you when the land was in need of its’ owners to die for it?
      Excuse me! Did you say Cattle keepers? Are you not a cattle keeper in Unity State? What do you do with the Cattle you steal from Warrap and Lakes States every month? Please try to smart up and reason like an intellectual.

      Dinka and Nuer are known in South Sudan as Cattle keepers. No matter how educated they are.Therefore Kiir and Riek Machar are Cattle keepers. Does PHDs and coming to Juba relieved Nuers from being Cattle keepers just like their Dinka Cousins? I’m totally lost and confused if the Nuers are calling Dinka cattle keepers. Why do you want to be a monkey keeper, my Nuer Cousin? Will that make you smarter than Dinka? Please don’t deny your cultural heritage and identity. You are a Cattle keeper and not a Monkey keeper. If you deny it, then I will call you a Monkey keeper.

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Dear Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

        Makien Town was in Bentiu and still lives in Bentiu. He did not run to Nimule.

        • GatCharwearbol,

          Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang is traumatized and completely confused. He does not know what he is talking about in this forum. Please do not waste time answering this Salva Kiir baby sitter’s words.

  38. Dinkator says:

    Congratulations, Daughter of Equatoria, i like your comment so much i hope others could have good analysis like you, so that our country comes to light.

  39. Thomas Matiop says:

    Although you Equatorians are reacting negatively, it’s too late. Whatever I mentioned is right, it’s lack of understanding from you Equatorians. If you cannot live in South Sudan in Peace, better join your brothers in Uganda, Kenya or Congo. We know Kuku belongs to Bugerere in Uganda. Madi Adjumani in Uganda, Zande in Congo, Kakwa Koboko in Uganda. Bari also have a Bari man in parliament in Uganda. This automatically puts Juba in question.
    Almost all the Equatorians tribes are invaders, the land is not yours. You like SPLA/M, you must behave exactly as required by the government or you leave the country. This is a country for which we shed our blood; the land you are complaining about was recovered from the Arabs by our blood, Dinka of blood.
    You Equatorians, some of you joined the movement when we are already succeeding. Now what? You want the land to give it back to the Arabs? Remember he who succeeds is never at wrong.
    Thomas Matiop
    Bor the Great-South Sudan

    • FOX says:

      Good afternoon Major General Thomas Matiop,

      I salute you and your excellent research on equatoria and its tribes, as well as the boardering tribes in our neighbouring countries.
      Your research is correct, However please be reminded of the simple history of migration, colonisation and boarder demarcation. Even non-formal education attendees (Grandparents) would act as reference.
      I am even suprised that you can write constructive English yet lack the basic vital information for an upright, conscience human being.
      I would rather suggest you enroll for primary school classes, learn something and come back stronger as an upgraded individual. Theres no age limit for school therefore ignorance/ Illiteracy is unacceptable in our current community.
      Please be guided accordingly.

  40. Gabu opikoli says:

    Thomas Matiop,

    you have no knowledge of early migration, anyway I don’t blame you rather I blame you little education, even a kid of grade 5 knows about the movement of people in early days.
    To say kuku belong to Bugerere is like you are saying you are older than your father, Kuku like any other southern Sudanese took refugee in Uganda during the first civil war in the country, the kukus like majority of us went to Uganda between 1956-1966, and for whatever reason some of them decided to remain in Bugerere, originally there were no kuku in Uganda. I hope that is a big lesson for you.
    For Kakwa be it that of koboko or Yei or Kaya, they were one people just been divided by British in 1901, the same to Ma’di and the Acholi.
    Now tell me who told you dinka are supposed to be in south Sudan today? dinka originally belong in Khartoum before the coming of Arabs traders who later on intermarried with dinka and fur kingdom, just revisit your history.
    So to me jenge are the most coward kababisi of south Sudan.
    I think in the next elections we the equatorians will join forces with Nuer to kick you out of the politics, some of u have to go back to Khartoum where you have enjoyed 100 of years of intermarriages with Arabs. and your cowboy style looking president will soon go as I was told he is sick with…….

  41. Joana Adams says:

    The problem with oppressors is that they hate themselves and wish to be like the people they oppress. It is called self hatred. No matter how much you oppress if you do not reconcile with yourself and begin to love yourself, no amount of oppression will make you happy. In the end you will die in your oppression.
    I don’t get what the outcry is all about. Is it so bad to tell someone that they should first put their house in order before they start preaching to others?
    Is it not fair to tell Bishop Bul to be honest and tell the President he is representing that he Kiir is one of the problems and not solution of South Sudan? And now since when has a man of God stripped off his robe to put on a political one?
    Surely the man who sides with state terrorism against vulnerable citizens cannot be a man of God or can he because in South Sudan anything goes.
    I’m very sorry for His Lordship. He ought to have said no to Kiir and should have recommended a more appropriate Commissioner or was the fat trimmings (financial gains) too much to resist.
    What a disciple of Christ who holds the Bible with one hand and the guns and dollars with the other?
    I hope your congregations all over the South have as much to feast on and have as much peace and tranquillity to enjoy as you do.
    You may escape any accountability now but the day of judgement is fast approaching and let’s see if your Lordship will escape that too.

  42. tongtong says:

    Some people midgets are so deluded here. Now get these

    1. South Sudan was LIBERATED by the majority. Jenge have divine right to bask anywhere in South Sudan.
    2. Equatorians should stop complaining about the Dinka. After all, you can be denied citizenship by the Dinka. Fact!
    3. If you can’t appreciate the liberation, most of which are sung in Dinka, then you have no business talking about South Sudan. You reap what you sow…. stupid!
    4. There were Equatorian generals. Fact! There were hardly any Equatorian foot soldiers. Fact!
    5. To Equatorians: How are your brothers in Uganda and Congo doing?

  43. Thomas Matiop says:

    Equatorians, shame on you for calling me uneducated. If you think south Sudan is being ruled by illiterate minds, let’s see if your barking will yield any fruits. By election or whatever, which Equatorian can change this government? May be Equatorians I don’t know. Cowards! If I may ask, why Equatorians ladies are running away from their counter parts Equatorians men? Simply because there is nothing productive from you people. You want it or not, majority will rule by election or by population doesn’t matter.
    Remember Nuer are not Equatorians, if that is the reason why you people joined William Nyony Bany in 1990s you will continue to pay the price so long as Dinka exist in South Sudan.
    South Sudan is Dinka land even international community knows it. Since you Eqatorians squeezed yourselves in, you will continue to serve our interest or leave the country.
    There is no question that Kuku are Ugandans –Bugerere. Bari and Madi-Adjumani, Kakwa-Koboko. We toured all those places and there is credible evidence based on research. You are behind if it comes to brevity. What do you know about South Sudan? Dinka land, we will rule it for hundreds of years.
    Thomas Matiop
    Bor the Great-South Sudan

  44. kikisik says:

    Mr. Fox,
    Though you claimed to be liberators, but time of liberation is over. The only thing remaining is for Equatorian to liberate your barbaric behaviours.
    Joana, I am proud for your comments too. And for those who are thinking they will rule South Sudan forever, I tell you- I can see chairs turning. Watch what is coming on the convention if not-2015
    “Leaders comes Leaders goes, but South Sudan is going to remain forever”

  45. Daughter of Equatoria says:


    The idiosyncrasy in you is driving you mad coupled with poor mental built-up. Why are you still nostalgic? The past is past, you will never bring it to the present. Go ahead highlighting nonsense then you remain forever doomed in ignorance. We need fresh people with brilliant ideas in modern South Sudan to push it forward and erode people with brains like you and Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang, who are dragging the country to barbarism and backwardness.

  46. Madi Pride says:


    You’ll also soon reap what you’re sowing. These Equatorians you call foreigners will soon go with ALL their land (yeah, how do like the taste of self-determination/succession)? And if Bashir and your Nuer cousins ever give you hard time, DON’T EVER think of running south. Because there will be no ‘save haven’. See, you’ll either have to fight for your own survival or go six feet under…That’s the choice you Jenge’s are making for yourselves. You cannot have Equatoria without Equatorians—the land is the people and the people is the land. Calling us foreigners makes you foreigners in our land (if you ever have eyes for your twisted logic). You cannot be an Equatorian but remain Dinka at the same time.
    I keep saying this: Jiengs are extremely insecure and self-loathing. If that is not the case, what is preventing you people from cleaning up your [criminal] acts, living peacefully in your land, and developing it? Why do you always have to seek ready-made areas? Success is the result of civility and hard work, not belligerence and sloth. You people need to catch up with the rest of humanity…

  47. tongtong says:

    You Equatorians can bitch and complain about the Dinka until Jidada/chicken come home.

  48. Moked Batali says:

    Deng Owen,
    God bless you.
    I quote: “I am a Dinka and I am sick and tired of the behaviour of our people! Sometimes I wish I should change my identity but I couldn’t. Surely we have created hatred in South Sudan which will eventually lead to our eviction and demise in the new country.
    Currently we think that we can use the combination of violence and looted oil money to oppress non-Dinka, but when the situation is ripe enough, we will cry until there is no more tears- and even God will not rescue us for we have become the agents of devil!
    Change now before it is too late, remember numbers don’t count much as we can see in the case of Israel living in the sea of Arab enemies.” End.

    You are one out of a thousand of your own people who recognise the truth. Keep educating them of the truth.

  49. Mohd Adam says:

    Hey tong tong, it is not yet over until it is over. The Equatorians are capable to take the on going crisis to the next level if the on going Jienganization goes on unabated. Just watch, man.

  50. tongtong says:

    coward nyam nyams, talking tough on the net, but would rather be Congolese or Ugandans when the going gets tough. All these affirmative actions in favor of Equatorians way should be reexamined!

    • FOX says:

      We have signed a petition to kick out all the TongTongs, we are getting an indication that Nyagats are closely teeming up with tongtongs (LRA), they are even going public in support of the latter with coded names to seek influence. You and your gangs are under surveillance and soon will be extinct. BE WARNED!!!!! EQUATORIANS CAN BE RUTHLESS!!

  51. Peter Tong says:

    Dear Equatorians,
    It’s sad. I hope you were following the writing of Matiop closely. I for one, I am upset about his writing. Matiop was brainwashed by politicians during the liberation struggle. A lot of false promises were given to the SPLA soldiers to raise their morale to continue fighting the war.
    Major Thomas Matiop, currently in Bor Garrison, is a man who knows nothing about politics. He is a soldier.
    Today one of the biggest problem in South Sudan is that SPLA Soldiers are looking at themselves as politicians which is already a problem in the Country. His writing is all about engaging Equatorians to take arms and fight the government. I believe he is conceived by ignorance, therefore, his ignorant mind should not put us in a situation he wants us to be.

    He is a man capable to causing a fight even in his own family. He lacks spirit of nationalism, so his bitter language is his own, not of Dinka as a tribe. As Equatorians you have the right to express your disappointment.

    As a Dinka I am personally offended by his behaviour and I hope such are people the government is supposed to punish right away if found. What Thomas put here is more than enough for a war if Equatorians could have the same mind set as his. But as a major in the SPLA does he think he alone can fight a war which he is trying to create from nowhere? He is not even defending the Bishop. Regard him as st…. SPLA soldier. I think you will understand my words. Thanks
    Peter Tong

  52. jobjobjob says:

    Dear Nyamnyams,

    The last time I checked, tongtong was a constituent of Sudan Army so-called Friendly forces comprising of LRA (alias tongtong) of Joseph Konyi (an Acholi) centered in Palataka, Equatoria Defence Force of Clement Wani, the Didinga merceneries of Chukudum, the ever aimless Toposa…… the list is long. In short, it’s incredibly absurd for Equatorians to stake claim in South Sudan. Leave the Dinka alone!

  53. Mack says:

    What Dan said is true. The author has exposed himself to be described so by Dan. When William Nyuon defected I was present. That was in Pageri Town. His headquarters was in the center of the town while Dr. John’s was north of it, along Keripi road while Salva Kiir’s was in Arapi Farm and Kuol Manyang Juk’s was south of Pageri along Ashwa road. Kuol Amum’
    s HQs was east of Pageri along Opari road, the route William went through to Magwi when he defected. He left Pageri on 12th of September at 3:00PM in 1992.
    The people who are being called IDPs in Nimule today went there in 1994 after the capture of Pageri by SAF. Prior to that they were in Moli and other camps after fleeing 1991/92 Bor Massacre by Riek’s forces. Some joint them after the fall of both Kapoeta and Torit in May 1992. After the fall of Pageri, they all moved to Nimule which was the only town under the SPLA/M control at that time. The rest with majority of Madi people crossed over to Uganda and settled in transit refugee camps in Adjumani and Ogujube.

    Coming to the current contention of Nimule being occupied by IDPs, I think it’s mind-boggling to describe it so. Nimule is a “town”! Urban town where all citizens have a right to live in. If those IDPs go and occupy villages outside Nimule, then that is not acceptable. You can’t call a fellow citizen who suffered like you during the war an IDP in his/her own country, unless South Sudan becomes a 63 mini-states if tribes are segregated to live in their respective cities, or towns.

  54. Aj Eze says:

    Hello my people of South Sudan. Let’s remember that this is our God given country and we all as South Sudanese have shed blood to obtained it. We as youth are the strength and the future of our country. We are educated and are not in the same condition like our forefathers back then. To achieved peace in our country needs us to unite hands and work together to make our country a safe haven. Guys lets be civilized and say words that will bring peace and development in our country. There is no point in arguing and insulting other tribes. Tribal division will continue to be a curse to us if we do not change our attitude and the way we talk. My prayer is that time when we shall live in this country as South Sudanese brothers and sister united together for the development of our nation. God bless my country and people of South Sudan.

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