Only the mentally dead would want to continue under Pres. Kiir!

By: Justin Ambago Ramba, UK, JAN/16/2014, SSN;

While I believe that power should be transferred peacefully in our nascent if we are at all to develop, I don’t think that President Salva Kiir Mayardit is still relevant for the leadership of this rapidly disintegrating country known as Republic of South Sudan.

Who out there is waiting to be told that the peace talks between the delegations that represents the oppressive regime in Juba on one hand and those representing the new armed dissident group formed of the true sons of the land has stalled.

I bet by now you already know that the negotiators have failed to strike any deal. And how could, when IGAD which largely represents the interest of the rotten leadership in the region is given the mediation role?

Any lack of progress in the Addis Ababa talks has been largely a result of the inherent weakness and lack of impartiality by the mediation style offered by the IGAD team and their patronizing attitudes towards the dissidents’ position.

The main reasons for the stalemate in talks can be summarized as follows:

First on the list is President Salva Kiir’s unstable position on almost everything.

Secondly the position expressed by some irresponsible African leaders like Museveni of Uganda who has chosen to be a part of the problem than the solution, has also complicated matters the more.

Thirdly the dubious way how the Ethiopian lead broker shuttles his mission between Addis Ababa and Juba is also worrying.

For example how could it have convinced anyone that the mediator’s last few trips were a good mediation when his visit to Juba that was mainly to convince President Salva Kiir to deliver on a priory promise to release the political prisoners and have them flown to Addis Ababa to join the talks turned into him the mediator convincing the prisoners to accept to remain in detention and have nothing to do with the negotiations (be that a cease fire / cessation of hostilities or any others…

It was and still is Salva Kiir’s lack of understanding and appreciation for democratic principles in his SPLM/A, not ignoring its negative ramifications on the life of citizens in general is set to move in this nascent, that has without the least doubt set the pace for whatever destruction engulfing the country at the moment.

Things have always been crookedly done under Kiir’s leadership, while he only seeks the satisfaction of his ego to remain in power unchallenged and indefinitely.

For the people of South Sudan to breathe a new breeze of democracy, freedom of expression, the rule of law, Salva Kiir, his tribal militiamen and his Gogrial thugs of the secret security forces and wanton killers of innocent civilians must be brought down in whichever way and method!

They have continuously murdered and assassinated innocent civilians, intellectuals and politicians in the name of state security that is not there.

Salva Kiir is leading a regime that has killed and assassinated its own citizens than it has built schools or hospitals or employed the youth. His thugs must also go, first to the ICC, then to the dust bins of history. Here I rest my case!!!

Join us in the march to an inevitable change for a better South Sudan by spreading the word and sensitizing people in your communities to work for a people led change that they badly yearn for.

When this change comes, please my people remember to embrace it as it will be yours and never let go of it.

This is our walk in a long journey to free ourselves from the tyrant called Salva Kiir Mayardit and his Gogrial Kitchen cabinet and other puppet associates.

Can we the people of South Sudan now see an end to an over eight years of tyranny imposed on us by the so called liberators who turned oppressor?

The answer to this question lies in how you react to the wider call for the second liberation that is now in the making!

Neither Museveni or the indicted Uhuru and Al Bashir will prevent the people’s revolution in South Sudan from becoming a reality and move towards the full realization of its aims and goals.

Our eyes are set to achieve a country free of tyranny and One-man rule! We will win!

Can you get fair representation in the army or the security organs under Kiir? The answer is NO.

Can you get quality education under Kiir >? The answer is NO.
Can you get infrastructures under Kiir? The answer is NO.
Can you get clean water for all under Kiir? The answer is NO.

Can you get freedom of expression, freedom of press and true multi-party democracy under Kiir? The answer is NO.
Can you get a rule of law under Kiir? The answer is NO.

Can you get a government free of tribalism under Kiir ? The answer is NO.
Can you get a clear and genuine separation of state powers to executive, legislation, and judiciary under Kiir ? The answer is NO.

Can you get government transparency and accountability, under Kiir? The answer is NO.

Can you get tribalism, corruption, lawlessness, gender discrimination, kleptocracy, dinkocrasy, visionless, directionless leadership under President Kiir? The answer is YES and we are fed up with it. Enough is enough!


  1. Peter ocheng says:

    Ambago, excellent and incredible pieces of article, Kiir has to blame his shortsighted vision indeed it’s the time for second liberation and this must be taken as people’s liberation. 8 years under Kiir South Sudan has not only lost it’s sons under the security apparatus of Kiir but multi dollars were stolen by Kiir, his lack of leadership style resulted on crashing down anyone opposed to him and his government. Now that the golden opportunity has come we the pro democracy have to resist and a raise against Kiir’s downfall this apply to Dinka as well. As for a killer Museveni I have no syampthy for him but u felt terrible sorry for young Ugandan uniform men and women he commit to fight a war that they are not part and with this it’s upto Ugandan public to a raise against the killer president otherwise on the days the fight reaches at the border towns, Ugandan villages nearby South Sudan have to blame their killer president for unforeseeable events that would happen to them. Though Ugandans at the border are all our brothers we would not like to see them get hurt due to what Museveni has commit himself with in South Sudan. I know northern Uganda matter to Museveni,he knows his munyokole people are far away to feel the effect of this conflict.

    • Jemmy says:

      This is a prime example of just how deeply selfishness and greed have infected the brains of far too many academics.
      Riak is bigoted pure and simple no need to microanalyze it.

      • Jemmy,

        You have been a naïve participant in this forum. You do not have a critical thinking at all. What do you think Riek should do when he severely attacked by your idiot president? Did Riek train Nuer and brought armed Nuer to Juba? Did Riek army use tanks and ran over Dinka people in Juba? What atrocities Riek has done in Juba that cause the War? President Kiir Ordered his Dinka army to arrest Riek in the Meeting. Riek security guard informed him about what about to happen. Riek left the meeting and went home. Riek was attacked at home, 49 people dead in his house but Riek manage to escape. Nuer civilians were ran over by military tanks.

        What option has left for Riek to use when the president ordered the Dinka army to arrest him? Some times you talk like Equatorian but I never see an Equatorian speaking too ill like this.

        I know the killing of Nuer is great for you and every Dinka but the Killing of Dinka by Nuer is a crime.

  2. Arabbmoi says:


    Keeping Kiir for more years would not help at all. He will continue his looting and killings to lead Dinkocrasy as he has done for the last nine years Kiir must go or force to go.

  3. Madi Pride says:

    Dear Good Doctor,
    Am glad to see that you’re back to keep the fire burning on the issues of the day. It’s good that you’re a chiropractor by profession; hence you can envision South Sudan as a body with a crooked spinal cord (Pres. Kiir). The man clearly never saw this coming: His ill-informed tactic to silence and subjugate his critics has BACKFIRED badly. Even the clumsy “Coup D’etat Theory” has holes in it since it could not/ cannot hold water and was subsequently shot down in the US Congress. Maybe he should fire his advisers (*just saying*). Now the detainees have to be tried on trumped-up charges such as corruption among others. I can’t wait to learn details of the trial (if at all it reaches that stage) since everybody involved has dirt on the other one way or another. But that’s for another day.

    Back to the raging fire and the joke that is IGAD/AU. These bodies represent nothing more than breeding grounds for Africa’s BIG MEN (and dictators for life). That is where they tutor one another on skills of the trade. No-one in his/her right mind should expect much from the talks in Addis Abba: It only keeps those ‘leaders’ busy without doing much…Change has already been set in motion in South Sudan and only those benefiting from the current tribal hierarchy would resist. The fact that the US is pressing Kiir to release the detainees and is considering sanctions against some SS officials clearly indicates that the King is losing his best friend. You cannot be friends with the US and behave like Hitler at the same time…

    As for M7, he will soon find out the price of propping up an incompetent leader against the will of the people. Maybe he was asleep when the North Africa/Middle East caught fire during the “Arab Spring”. I wish both gentlemen luck. We South Sudanese are on our way to change and there’s no reverse-gear.

    Long live S. Sudan!
    Long live Change!
    Long live Freedom & Prosperity!

    • Kidepo says:

      Madi Pride-

      Kiir is loosing the corruption trilas on the officials too. recently they requested the Governor of the bank Koriom who is from Kiir county to testify on the issue of Kosti and Deng Alor (USD750,000). The Governor of the bank refused and instead delegated his deputy Jamal Wani who have no idea about the money saga because Wani himself was not aware about the approval that was done by Koriom. Meaning Koriom who is from Kiir county has got another hand on the USD750,000 just like he has a hand on the USD60,000,000 meant for pucrhasing a less than 1st class plot in Juba.

      Bit scandals. How can Kiir tried those of Deng Alor and Kosti who did not even sign the docuemnt. The docuemnt was signed by Marial-meaning all the corruption was dinka game-from Koriom, Marial to Deng LAor later Kosti was put in as escape goat

  4. jay johnson says:

    Mr. Ramba,

    one thing that is clear from this carnage cause by senseless war is that, majority of southerners do not want violent transfer of political power. Though most are oppose to Kiir mismanagement, they do not want aspiring politicians like Dr. TRAITOR to violently and illegally fought their way to power.

    That strategy will fail no matter what. even if the rebel succeed by overthrowing a democratically elected government by force, there will be no guaranteed that they will govern the country in peace. it will lead to a vicious cycle of coup attempt and rebellion just as they have done.

    In order to safeguard the future of south sudan, the rebel must surrender and agreed to peace. After that they need to break a way from SPLM and form their own political party. that is a sustainable way forward.

    Had the Iraqi, Libyan, Egyptians and Syrians opposition foreseen the violence and instability after the fall of Saddam Hussein, mummer Gaddafi, Hosni Mubarak and an attempt to remove Assad regime, they would have opted for peace strategy of regime change as oppose to violent overthrow of these regimes

    In other words, the end does not always justifies the mean.

  5. upiu says:


    It’s no brain-er that you could be calling for more violence while distantly placed from the scene of war. In UK, your country of residence, how many violent ousters of ruling regimes have you witnessed since you immigrated? What has IRA achieved with their arms rebellion/struggle? Remember, you are not just calling for violent ouster of Kiir but you are inadvertently calling for elimination of important resources of our nascent state…vital human resource.
    If my memory serves me well, then I believe that you belong to a different party and not SPLM. And since politics is about opportunities, there can never be a better opportune time for the opposition parties to utilize for their eventual political gains. First, they need to distant themselves from the mess SPLM has brought to our country. Play kingmakers by showing statesmanship through preaching of peace and its fruits. Portray SPLM as violent and disorganized, just what S.Sudanese are witnessing. This needless carnage if better utilized by opposition parties can swing South Sudanese in their direction. Great SPLM, the liberator, has turned into the destroyer of the nation of South Sudan.

    Food for your thought: If Kiir, who was democratically elected, could be become the dictator we now know, who is going to dare challenge another dictator who is going to get to power through force?
    Think outside and around the box.

    • Pan says:

      Upiu, thank you for your wise comment. The saddest thing about this disaster is that if Riak is installed by force rather than ballot, as you rightly point out, he will have the armature in place for his own dictatorship. If Kiir stays put, he will be more determined and heavy-handed than ever, having experienced the mutiny of his comrades. In either scenario, the peoples’ voice and well-being sinks another hundred levels down. Democrary is a figment of the “Real SPLM” and the “Fake SPLM’s” imagination.

  6. John Yugu says:

    Kirr and his cohorts are the problem. They have to go , for everything there is an ending! What a shame for king Kirr ending ,unpopular regime .
    Out of the ten states in South Sudan ,seven states are not in favour of Kirr tribal regime!

  7. chol says:

    president Kiir has gone state of crazy due to what he had done to his own people because he betrayed them in the expense of his tribes he selected as presidential guards.May God condemn him in the way he had made to the innocent civilians.

  8. malith Alier says:

    You used to writing objectively in the past but something is clouding your judgment. WE all are looking for change but it must be credible change not the one by those you called true sons of the land. They are more criminal and they were once part of this regime who demonstrated lack of patience. Furthermore, they failed to distinguish themselves from the pack.

  9. Hi Mr. Justin Ramba, you are wishfully thinking and whatever campaign you take on to depose the legitimately elected Government in South Sudan will not yield fruits, you are inciting tribal chaos, but remember, the issue is not Gogrial but the main thing is that, you cannot find South Sudan without the Dinka, the rebels you call as true sons of South Sudan, their army is mainly composed of tribal sections of Nuer whom you are supporting and expecting to achieve your goal in proxy, remember you cannot incite other people to fight your war while enjoying in UK Hotels, you must come to south Sudan and join the fight if you are really genuine, you are in a democratic Country and instead to preach for peace and denounce taking power by the barrel of the guns, you chose to abuse the freedoms given in that land to incite chaos in the South Sudanese communities, our principle should be that, any power aspirant should get it through democratic means and not by force.

    • MzeeKijana says:

      Akec, whereas you may be right in alluding that Kiir was democratically elected as president, I refuse to acccept that we cannot find South Sudan without Dinkas. It is not about numerics/quantities, it is about quality of Dinkas. Yes, as an Equatorian, most Dinkas have no added value to us: whether academically/intellectually, work output and production or otherwise and we live without them outright. If indeed the Dinkas had value, then with the stolen billions, they would have developed their luaks to mansions, had enough schools, hospitals and made Bor or Gogrial attractive for others. Regrettably, idly sitting under trees playing mungula do not make you productive. Sad though, Equatoria is already experiencing a degeneration and drop in intelligence, quality of education and life of our children. Only Kokora and federalism will work, this time around with force of arms. Good that Riak is also advocating for federalism and this has given Kiir and other jenge sleepless nights.

      • J.Chin Jacob says:

        Don’t take or misperceives the slight changes in Capital City, Juba as an effort from Equatorians, those buildings and other properties you are seeing and rest under their shadow were built or brought there using national resources, be it in the Old/United Sudan when we are under the regime of Arab or when we separated to be independent and sovereign state, and I used to saw or read your childish comments where every puppets in Equatoria claims to be more civilised or educated and that your region is the most developed one in the country and forgot to remember that the mode of development and civilisation in every continent or country starts in the Capital City , so there must always be a slight difference between Capital City of the Nation and that of States but that differences shouldn’t be used as a tool for describing other States or tribes as uncivilised, uneducated or underdeveloped by the shameless crooks who would like to be whom they preferred and claims to be when they/you ‘re not actually.
        I don’t understand why depthless-minded like you fails to analyse or digest your own comment before sharing it with the public, in fact i don’t know how cheesy folks and self-proclaimed civilised like you defines the term civilisation and development, because in 2012/2013 a famine had hit Eastern Equatoria State until some States contributes to assist the starved people of the most civilised and developed region in South Sudan, thank God our Governor in our State has also turned up to give in his contribution to willingly help the so called most civilised and developed region of South Sudan.
        Wise people have said this earlier that every human being is made of different characters, beliefs, attitudes and personalities, so Equatorians can’t miss everything because you ‘re known country wide as cowards and most doubled agents and now you are very good in spreading lies as you grabs the song of patriotism & nationalism and start singing them without appreciating the producer or want to know who compose this sweet songs am singing now instead you went further to labels your freedom makers as nothing in South Sudan what an apathetic concept and unachieveable demands from you and your likes?

  10. Andrew Jenge says:

    Mr Ramba
    Indeed, mentally dead and insane at the same time. It is people revolution wheather they like or not, it has to be done, period. Nowadays the phrase “we liberated you” has disappeared, the Nuer has rebelled against other tribes/government of South Sudan, really?! There is no and will never be any better time to rise up and put this Dinkatoria down once and for all. I have just read on Sudantribune website that another frontline has been opened up in Warrap State, it is about time for those fellows who came from there and congregated in Equatoria plus the recent militia duped presidential guards to go back and fight unless they want UPDF to go and protect important infrastructure in that state!

  11. Tyson says:

    Well articulated. Change is needed now.

  12. Bentiu today says:

    if Dinka are not women” than why asking for help, from Uganda.
    the man call Nuer now is fighting two nations Uganda and south sudan government but we will defeat both without an help from anybody.

    Mankein Town

  13. Jemmy says:

    How long have you been compaining for the party which is not exist? In this century rebellion are considered incompetent to governed the country. Modern policies are design to minmize the lost of live by suggesting upraising as the best method for change if the government is found not fair in its election. Arab uprising have change so many government including kingdoms in Middle East. if we believe politician are doing the right thing or representing our interest in Suothern Sudan we can do the same
    Selfishness and greedness will not allowed Suothern Sudan to develop because every selfish one can make a coup or rebelled if his need are not fulfill. I wish we could have the election in 2014 before the rebellion, it is scary to think how bad things will get before the people of Suoth Sudan can vote the idiots out.
    I urge you to advice both sides to restrain from fighting for the sake of civillian lives.

  14. Alfred says:

    Jay Johnson and Valention Akec,
    It is sad to hear you still hoping for change within Salvatore kiilers’ click. History has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that dictators are not uprooted using ballot but Bullet. Unfortunately, ours is not wise like that one of Uganda. Also he is a poor student of both history and politics.
    – Elections will just lead to what they say…”Let Alfred Lado Gore win the gubernatorial seat and impose clement Wani on them kindly by force…” Elections can not remove Kiir!
    -Forming a new party (SPLM-Liberal) or joining another was Kiir’s wish on SSTV that is too outdated policy. SPLM does not long to Gogrial looters/puppets only; also Lam Akol’s example is enough for any sane South Sudanese. Are you with me!
    -Pushing Nuers and Riek Machar to bush and declare a party Split! Wau walayi de biga aktar min Ganun. So that convention would kick off in their abstinent is a wishful though as well. So instead of having South Sudan at heart his has proved that his is power! Down Dowm Kiir Mayartdid.
    -Thinking that peoples elected Gov’t can not be overthrown is absurdity of the naive politicians. Jesus Christ the Son of the living God was welcome to Jerusalem with thundering Ululation than Kiir Mayardit but five days later what happened?? Ya Jay Johnson.

  15. Alfred says:

    Dr. Ramba,
    I have no any meaningful English word to describe this meaningful posting. You are different than Kuer Garang whose criticism to Kiir is meaningful but end up with meaningless suggestions; changes for Kiir, by Kiir and for Kiir’s Administration to be Better call it improvement!. If he failed for 8 Eight Years then how possible can those intra-changes happen? Let us all rally for his removal period!!!!!
    Thank you so much.

  16. Chotngaal says:

    Dr. Justin Ramba, for sometimes last year before this current anarchy, I was considering leaving SPLM and joining United South Sudan Party (USSP), the party in which you are the Secretary General. one of reasons for trying to leave SPLM was because of perpetual failures by the SPLM leaders to carrying on with the hard work of nation building but instead they engaged themselves i widespread corruption and never satisfied power struggles. another reason as to why I didn’t consider joining other political parties in South Sudan was because most of they call for overthrowing and elimination of Dinka as a tribe in South Sudan instead of calling for overthrowing and ending the SPLM ruling in South Sudan lead by President Salva Kiir.

    Frankly, let me tell you Dr. Justin Ramba that, the reason why President Salva Kiir and his SPLM is going to stay in power for long, is because all the political parties in South Sudan including your party and the SPLM disgruntles are not fighting President Salva Kiir and the SPLM but instead they are fighting a wrong person called “the Dinka” which has got nothing to do with the power and ruling party in the country. the same mistake is being done by my fellow tribe mates “the Nuer”, that Dr. Riek Machar is going to be brought into power by Nuer themselves alone by exterminating the Dinka instead of chasing away President Kiir and his SPLM.

    Until you Dr.Justin and your cohorts differentiate the difference the SPLM party, President Salva Kiir and his government and then the Dinka as separate nation from the government and party, then will you definitely inherit the power in the country. God bless South Sudan

    I thought you

  17. Anonymous says:

    The Doctor has mentioned it all. Whether we like it or not the wind of change has began blowing and nothing can impede it except God alone. He did it in 1972 and again in 2005 after millions of our loved ones perished so that this place called South Sudan and South Sudanese can live in freedom, peace and independence. That was the price our people paid for willingly. The results of referendum after the end of the bloodshed in 2011 said volumes. But what have we seen our own do to us. The elimination of ignorance, disease and poverty became a forgotten thing. Plunder of national wealth from government coffers became legal. Tribalism, nepotism and corruption became the order of the day. Our roads became chains of pot-holes with broken bridges. For how long should the ordinary man wait for change when his life is under constant insecurity by those who are supposed to entrench security, law and order to the people.

    Other fellow intellectuals who are criticising the trend of polito-military situation in the homeland are either politically myopic or else they are the beneficiaries of the evil imposed on our people as such they are devils themselves. I hear they say other means of achieving political change should have been tried and not what is taking place right now. Are they trully sober in their minds? How many times have SPLM political bureau meetings been called by Secretary Amum to iron out political problems that the country been facing and got rejected by His Excellency? His excellency preferred to use the gun to rule!! The likes of Abraham disappeared for logical criticism over the media!! The editors of The Citizen, Juba Mirror were detained for no apparent reasons other than writing the true stuff!! Where is freedom of speech, press, and association that our dear loved ones sacrificed their lives for? It should be abundantly clear that our people sacrificed their lives for choice and that choice is DEMOCRACY. It should also be known that if the gun is used to silence those who think choice is the right thing as many of us do then only the gun remains the only choice to bring that change to fruition. Peaceful means failed and the solution is to speak the language oppressors speak because discrimination and oppression has no colour, tribe or race. For I believe those who have called for a change for a better tomorrow are FREEDOM FIGHTERS AND NOTHING ELSE the term REBELS should instead used to label those who stand against the wishes of the people. Before I end up I would like readership to take a minute of silence to remember those who stood for this country: Taffeng, Jada(Sumuni Jada), Ezbon Mondiri, Phillip Angutua, Gbutala, Samuel Abu John etc

    PS Editor this is the article I want published. Thanks.

  18. upiu says:


  19. sebit says:

    However much educated an Equatorian may be, his thinking capacity regresses far back to tribal thinking rather than national thinking……Dr Ramba and Dr. Wani Tombe can be cited as an example. when did Dinka become of no value to u yet they liberated u from bondage of slavery?

    • Bismark says:

      Mr. Sebit, it is unfortunate that you view Equatorians with those tribal lenses. When truth turns to be bitter to you. You should not loose sense of good judgement. When has an Equatorian leader or person ever been tribal? Try to review the history of South Sudan since 1947 upto Joseph Lagu’s leadership, you will find that there was always a balanced representation of all the people of the country in all the institutions of government. Democracy under them was real and defeat in elections or debates never culminated to fights. Imagine if Equatoria Corps had not mutineered in Torit in 1955 what would have your leaders done. I appeal to you read the genesis of the liberation of the people of South Sudan in order to find that Equatorians have been at the fore front of the battle for social equality, political freedom and finally economic freedom. Learn to call a hoe hoe and not something else. Our people do not condone fights for selfish ends except for the qualities I have mentioned Sir.

  20. Bentiu today says:

    he look like any stone age president,
    the world abuse south sudan of giving us such a leader you can imagine from his image, does it look like an human president? the answer is no at all.
    dinka don”t feel ashamed in such a photos president.
    God GIVE us south sudan but without leader, am very very sorry to be in country with a such a president look like any wild monkey.

  21. monydo says:

    Go to were rebels and govt forces are instead of talking too much.
    Practical field for who ever on which side is there

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