One Against 63: Where’s the Alley to Peaceful Coexistence?

By: Peter Lokarlo Ngrimwa* JAN/08/2016, SSN;

It would however be fair to assert that a sizable public opinion in South Sudan acknowledges that a significant contributory factor in the escalation of the turmoil that ushered in the harrowing development in the country is manifestly the handiwork of the Jieeng Council of Elders (JCE) alongside some opportunistic South Sudanese individual elements, accommodated on government’s pay list and who may or may not necessarily be aligned to the JCE.

This incontrovertible assertion is premised on the perceptible unconstructive practices and unconscionable conduct of this tribal entity in its plain role as the de facto Parliament and government of South Sudan.

A closer retrospective shufti and analysis of the reprehensible mayhem that occurred in Juba on the 15 December 2013 and the consequent poignant sagas that coalesced into the civil war in the entire South Sudan reveals a clandestine calculation of the JCE whose preoccupation is to entirely dominate and subjugate the people of South Sudan and rule them via a tribal iron fist.

Those innocent souls that have paid the ultimate price at the massacres and genocide in Juba in 2013 will indelibly be remembered for handing out the highest ransom in exchange for nothing other than their affiliation to Nuer ethnic group.

The JCE’s twisted logic seems to suggest that as long as a Dinka is involved in crimes against humanity, justice would not be permitted to take its natural course.

Ironically, the butchery in South Sudan has never held compassion in the hearts of those tyrannical and despotic JCE assemblages because those suffering are non-Dinka who should be forcibly dispossessed via an orchestrated policy of land grab.

Today, if anyone utters a word about accountability for those systematic murders conducted by the government with JCE blessings they are instantly castigated and threatened with further severe repercussions.

I am quite conscious that the point I make will be completely lost in the miasma of outrage, however, for any South Sudanese to have done nothing by way of exposing the subterranean façade of this malevolent Jieeng tribal outfit in such woeful settings in a country awash with misery is morally reprehensible.

The JCE had both authored and ordained the format and design of the 28 states in South Sudan, and simply handed to the President who runs the show to read out in a decree. The covert scheme has been designed with a three-pronged vindictive intention as follows:

1. The first vindictive intention or gambit is to diminish or effectively erode the historical name of “Equatoria” from South Sudan’s political lexicon. In accordance with the professed twisted philosophy of the JCE’s tribal flag-wavers, the elimination of the legendary designation “Equatoria” would essentially sever the umbilical cord of Greater Equatoria and the cohesion existing among the people of this vast region, so that no one state of Equatoria would get concerned with the affairs of the other two states during the process of divide and rule.

Perhaps the JCE’s fear stems from the old aphorism of the 1980s that says “when Equatoria coughs the whole Southern Sudan catches cold.” Thus, the formulation of the 28 states remains the most single majestic ploy and the last JCE’s Roulette to realize Dinka hegemonic ambition.

It has been anticipated by the tribal jingoists in Juba that this strategy would furnish the tribal bigots with both the wherewithal and instrumentality to begin the formal process of subjugation, not only of Greater Equatoria, but the entire South Sudan through the execution of divide and rule approach.

2. The second manoeuvre pertains to the possibility of JCE’s domination in a future democratic ambiance in the country after the expiry of the transitional government of National Unity.

Juxtaposing the map of South Sudan under the 10 states mandated by South Sudan’s interim constitution and the current controversial 28 states designed by the JCE would quickly reveal the underlying sinister intention.

A cursory glance at the map of the so-called 28 states shows that 12 of these are curved out of others’ territories that were originally possessed by either the Nuer or Shilluk in Greater Upper Nile region or a number of tribes in Greater Bahr El Ghazal and are now fraudulently and brazenly awarded them to the Dinka.

In the South Sudan rubber stamp Parliament that is overwhelmingly packed by the aficionados of SPLM Juba-faction, it would be easy to pass a piece of legislation that links voting systems and exercises to a number of states in South Sudan, and such a move would probably lend a golden bridge to the JCE to accomplish one of their majestic dreams of legitimately ascending to power and implementing their remaining programmes on the checklist, which includes among others, the imposition of Dinka as an official national language of South Sudan.

3. The third ploy is the control over the oil territories that belong to the Nuer people. The JCE is sentient that in order to manipulate and retain power, there must be a clearly defined access to the control of resources, namely the oil that remains the mainstay and oils the wheel of the country’s economy.

More than 5 billion US dollars’ worth of oil money have been stolen from state coffers since 2005 and no culprits have been brought to account for this staggering loss. A large number of these miscreants and reprobates who are linked to the JCE have stashed away the stolen money in foreign countries and are still shamefacedly determined to rule South Sudan for eternity by hooks or by crooks.

It is thus the duty of every peace stakeholder to understand that the sinister calculation of the JCE on the imposition of the 28 states is a real menace that portends an ominous, murky and bleak future for the world’s newest country, unless something is done to halt the tribal outfit from progressing further towards the execution of its nefarious scheme.

Regrettably, the government in Juba, buoyed by the JCE’s arcane dealings is bracing up in justifying the need to impose the 28 states decree in the country, in utter disregard of the stipulations of the Peace Accord that the vassal regime in Juba had promised to abide by.

The conflict now appears to be between 1 ethnic group – the ruling class of the Dinka (Not all Dinka) against the other 63 ethnicities that live in South Sudan, as all the 10 states have been engulfed in what could accurately be described as seething war with sporadic and coordinated assaults launched by government troops who are more often accompanied by tribal groups of armed cattle keeping militias affiliated to the JCE, against non-Dinka tribes living in Greater Equatoria; Upper Nile and Bahr El Ghazal regions.

Today the news emanating from Korokanda in Momoye area in Western Bahr El Ghazal is dire. Civilians have been killed; houses torched; rape sprees freely conducted as well as looting by SPLA government army in an apparent blatant disregard for the Peace Agreement on the table.

There appears to be no light at the end of the tunnel unless the haywire JCE and President Kiir altogether abandon their myopic, crackpot and unidimensional cogitations that do not have a counterpart in the real world and instead opt to work along the dimensions that create positive correlation and high degree of cooperation among all contending parties in the country in order to usher in an atmosphere of serenity and prosperity far divorced from the current ambience of lunacy created by the JCE that has utterly failed to put its finger on the pulse of South Sudanese public opinion.

Accordingly, I call upon the Chairman of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC), Mr. Festus Mogae to take up the gauntlet and address the issue of the implementation of the Peace Agreement more resolutely before the country relapses back into another cycle of extreme violence. South Sudan is yearning for the Halcyon days expected to arrive after a comprehensive and candid execution of the Agreement in its entirety.

Peter Lokarlo Ngrimwa*
Former lecturer,
Graduate School of Business and Law (GSBL)
RMIT University
Emily McPherson Building 13,
379 – 405 Russell Street Melbourne
VIC 3000 Melbourne


  1. wanilosake says:

    are you aware of
    – Nuer Council of Elders
    – Jieng Council of Elders
    – Koji Na Bari
    – Equatotia Elders
    etc…. I want you to know that all tribes in South Sudan have a way of managing their own affairs, so don’t use Jieng Elders like they are controlling other tribes, which is misleading and creates more anarchy.

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      wanilosake muaras ta Kiir (you may want to use your true name),

      Your attempts to manufacture an Equatoria Elders (EE) or Koji Na Bari or Nuer Council of Elders (NCE) is patently false. NCE and EE were recent bodies that were created by JCE to work for their interest. It’s comprised of greedy and selfish politicians who have no support from their tribes.

      JCE is an evil organization that is hellbent on destroying South Sudan. It’s idiots like you who make their work easy…..

  2. Outstanding Peter Lokarlo Ngrimwa!! Outstanding!! says:

    As I stated elsewhere, this is a game of chess that will be won by the people of South Sudan and their genuine friends whether the scheming assemblage called the Jieng Council of Elders likes it or not. Notwithstanding the poor performance of the SPLM-I-O at the initiation of the game during the lottery respecting allotment of Ministries as stipulated in the Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS), these manipulative so-called elders illicitly masquerading as the Parliament of South Sudan can be tackled to the ground and overpowered if Riek Machar and his cronies asked “WHY” instead of “HOW HIGH” when Salvatore Kiir Mayardit tells them to jump. The next round of this game of chess is providing leadership in the authoritative rejection of the 28 states. That will determine whether Riek Machar’s “missed opportunities” were unavoidable situations or a long-established poor leadership. It will also determine whether the SPLM-I-O is a truthful, democratic and tenacious front that can be trusted with the future of South Sudan or a scam that is now being stage-managed by individuals bent on reconnecting with their fellow thugs in the core SPLM to continue violating the people’s human rights and pilfering THEIR Resources. If Riek Machar is unable to assemble or direct a winning team in this game of chess, he needs to vacate the director’s seat and hand over the steering to a more competent leader. Otherwise he will only have himself to blame WHEN events overtake him and diminish any semblance of legacy he could harvest. Consistently squandering Nuer and other people’s goodwill is unacceptable and as I am insinuating, the barbaric game of war has now metamorphosed into an elaborate game of chess. There are more players on their way to the stage. Just watch this space.
    M. Akulia

    Posting on

    Well Done Dr. Okuk!! Well Done!!
    January 6, 2016 at 10:07 pm
    The game of “Russian Roulette” that is being played by the Jieng Council of Elders and their depraved friends has morphed into an elaborate game of chess (haha!!) They made their first move on the very first day the world was going to begin the actual implementation of the Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS) by the book However, these suicidal seniors have not seen anything yet. Watch this space as the jumble of “Dinka bulls in a china store” is tackled to the ground in “THE PEOPLE OF SOUTH SUDAN AND THEIR GENUINE FRIENDS VERSUS THE JIENG COUNCIL OF ELDERS AND THEIR IMMORAL FRIENDS”. Their long horns are breaking all china in sight but mark my words. They will be restrained as the number of “chess players” increases. Everyone who wishes South Sudan well should keep hope alive because South Sudan will be restored. This beautiful and wealthy country will become a God honouring actual democracy very soon!! Let the game of chess gather speed and the unbeatable players win!!
    M. Akulia

  3. Gatdarwich says:


    What the Incompetent-power-hungry-greedy-traitorous, Killer NyanKiir, and the Jenges Council of Evils, are doing, and have been doing since 2005, is well known by most non-Jiengs individuals.

    So, the reasons ienges are still thriving in the expense of the 63 tribes is simply because there is no a single collective counter-measure against their(Jiengs’) evils plans.

    The 60 plus tribes’ lack of decisive-swift- collective bold action against the Jenges, is undeniably the very reason the Jenges are slaughtering them(63 tribes) one by one.

    In reality ,the Jenges are not the incurable disease to the 63 tribes, but the 60 plus tribes are the cancer to themselves because they’re indisputably permitting Jenges to commits carnage on them(63 tribes) -selectively period
    This is a well known fact.

  4. Dutajiengdit says:

    What a liar that those suffering are non Dinkas are you ok in the head ? u’ve not heard of Dinkas in UN camps in Uganda? . What do p’ple like you gain by being tribalists after all u’ll not gain any other than turnishing the name “JIENG” My to fellow centizens wat’s vital is not to hate Jieng but to love them after all they peaceful p’ple some of u just fail to understand them basing on wat ur fathers tell you that they are bad

    • Gatdarwich says:


      You’re absolutely correct that there are few Jenges in UN camps in Uganda. But you must understand that these individuals are there by choice or voluntarily because there’s no insecurity- imminent government threat-persecutions which forced them to flee Jenges’ lands. On the other hand, alll the non-Jenges in Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, or in UNMISS camps in South Sudan are there because of legitimate fear of imminent government persecutions.
      This is fact period

      • Bol says:

        Gatdarwich ,
        The insecurity does come from people like you in Upper Nile region…. Remember your name or the name of your commander might be in the list of wanted criminals! Stop fooling people.

  5. Peacemaker says:

    Professor, Abu tagia has vowed not to reverse his decision and is going a head with implementing it. It is regrettable that somaliazation of South Sudan could not be averted while there is still a chance to do so.

  6. Peter says:

    Living in self denial in the face of the glaringly sordid role of the JCE in South Sudan is tantamount to residing on the cusp of idiocy. Everyone knows that President Kiir is simply performing a vassal’s duties under the sway of the JCE and only confined to staging the shows.

  7. Peter says:

    Definitely, my head is alright, but you sound precisely like a slipshod street child.

  8. I see real sense: first in the main article, and then in the comments except only a shabby guy with a running rose who is arguing in support of an obvious sh**t.

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