LATEST: Kiir’s SPLA forces increasing violation in Yei River State

SEPT/04/2018; Press Release

On the regime’s increased violation of the ceasefire in Yei River State.

It is unfortunate that Juba as one of the key partners to the ongoing peace process is in the most serious violation of the ceasefire by launching series of attacks on SPLA (IO) positions, creating a setback to reconciliation efforts.

In addition to their recent attack on our positions in Kupera, another gun battle erupted when the SPLA stormed our positions at Kendiri and Managalatore in Kajo-Keji County yesterday and today. Yesterday the warmongers were ruthlessly crushed and repulsed.

Today’s attack started at around 800AM. They came with two land cruisers pick ups mounted with 12.7 and one APC but the formidable SPLA (IO) under Brigadier General Moses Lokujo is still in military engagement with the attackers.

We are also aware that the regime is planning to further attack our positions in Kupera and Mukaya payams of Lainya County and other areas that are yet to be known in the State.

After suffering a humiliating defeat at the battle of Jamara and Kupera which led to a great loss that included the death of their senior military officers, the government decided to deploy more troops in Yei yesterday. Today the regime’s Governor of Yei River State transacted money to Oliver Duku, the regime’s Liaison Officer in Moyo District to procure more fuel for their force in Kajo-Keji. All these are in preparation for the planned attacks against our positions.

We call upon the CTSAMM and UNMISS to expeditiously investigate and halt these violations and take necessary remedial actions against the warlike regime in Juba.

Nevertheless, we shall continue to observe the ceasefire and only conter-react in the face of any confrontation campaign against our positions.

Wayi Godwill Edward
Office of the Governor
Yei River State.
Press Release, SEPT/02/2018, SSN;
On the SPLA-IO’s recapture of Jamara and Kupera from pres. Kiir’s army

This morning our gallant forces under a joint command of Brig. Gen. Emmanuel Lemi Lo Mukaya, Col. Samuel Gai and Col. Noel Lomeri, launched a coordinated counter-attack after the Kiir’s SPLA captured Jamara and Kupera last Wednesday.

The anti-peace SPLA have been successfully flushed out and we have seized full control of our territory.

Thirteen Kiir’s SPLA soldiers went missing in action and scores are wounded while the rest are miserably scattered into the bushes and are being pursued by our brave force.

In light of the constant aggression from Juba, we would want to remind our supporters and all South Sudanese that SPLM/A (IO) remains fully committed to the peace process as the less costly solution to the catastrophic war.

However, we will mercilessly respond to any further provocation from the belligerent regime in Juba.

Wayi Godwill Edward
Office of the SPLM (IO) Governor.
Yei River State.

Press Release: Kiir’s SPLA attack SPLA IO in Yei River State

On the regime’s ceaseless military action against SPLA (IO) in Kupera,Yei River State .

The government forces from Yei Town and Pakula barracks have been on military offensive against SPLA (IO) in Kupera Payam of Lainya County for the last four days.

The continuing deadly military operations started in the morning of August, 29th 2018 when the regime’s Governor of Yei River State dispatched his commissioner Emmanuel Khamis Richard and Executive Director Edward Lubad of their purported Kupera County to raise their flag in the area that has been under our firm control over the last two years.

The commissioner and the Executive Director who have now raised their flag at Jamara Center, about three miles away from Jamara 7 were heavily escorted by SPLA force with several land cruisers pick up mounted with heavy artilleries, two military trucks and two APCs.

The attack started at our outpost of Jamara 7 and has escalated into Kupera after our forces tactfully withdrew to prevent civilians’ casualties since the belligerent regime’s force randomly shelled the area with heavy artilleries. Since then they have been taking more forces from Yei Town to reinforce their fighting force in the front line. As I write now the war of occupation is continuing in Kupera Payam.

This is a clear violation of the ceasefire declared by President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar, the SPLM/A (IO) Chairman and Commander-in-Chief and has resulted into fresh displacements of thousands of civilians from an area which was relatively peaceful over the last years to the refugee settlements in Uganda.

We categorically condemn this continuous act of hostilities from the regime’s government in Yei and we demand that the CTSAMM’s MVT in Yei and UNMISS should quickly intervene to investigate and verify this incident and to ensure that the anti-peace elements behind the move are made to account.

Nevertheless, we would want to inform our civilians to be calm as SPLA (IO) is taking all measures in its power to restore calm in the area.

Wayi Godwill Edward
Office of the Governor
Yei River State.

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