Obama Administration isn’t on the side of South Sudanese people


While the people of South Sudan will forever be grateful and remember the American people for the support they have given our nation without which we could have not achieved independent south Sudan, it must be said clearly that, under Obama administration’s watchful eyes and economic and moral support, Kirr has transformed himself into an absolute Dictator without sticks being raised from Washington DC to deflate his ego.

While Kirr lied and accused his political opponents for a failed coup, it is Kirr who has committed the factual and first coup against democracy and the people of South Sudan through the following:

1) Kirr has restricted free press, the cardinal pillar of democracy and killed one of his most prolific critic, beloved son of south Sudan, Isaiah Abraham, others like Elhag Paul can continue to truthfully write from diaspora.

2) Kirr rendered the National legislators a rubber-stamping body rather than a second branch of government. He threatens to dissolve them if they do not approve his nominations and initiatives.

The Judiciary, non-existent. Opponents are jailed indefinitely without charges.

Kirr removes democratically elected governors at will, by doing so; the remaining governors themselves have become toothless like the national assembly and lost independence thus are mere stooges.

3) Kirr slanders his political opponents, like honorable Sule and jails them. Thus no one dares criticize.

4) Peaceful demonstration under Kirr results into life bullets being fired with impunity into unarmed civilians, as were in Wau, Moli Tokuro with no consequences to his security forces.

5) Kirr’s tribal strongmen uses state power to achieve their tribal agendas, bullies the entire south Sudan, grabbing others tribal lands by force, displacing traditional and constitutional owners of tribal lands all over South Sudan, as highlighted by the utter torture of the Madi people in Nimule by the armed tribesmen of the president, where the natives have taken their case to the president numerous times without a single response.

6) Other parties have no chance of flourishing in South Sudan.

7) His security forces killed political opponents in Wau and in Nimule then turn around accused community leaders opposed to his agenda of murders and jailed them without charges and perpetually.

8) The very party of the president, SPLM, is rendered worthless and can not hold their functions, mandates declared expired raising frustrations in senior members as seen below.

In the extraordinary meetings held by the founding fathers and mother of the SPLM held in Juba just days before the war crimes committed by the president against the Nuer Women and children, many of the Senior SPLM speakers revealed very disturbing inner workings, but yet already noticed by the public, of the Kirrs government.

I was very much moved by many of them. I was struck by how smart these people were. The eloquent Madam Rebecca Nyandeng, the widow of the late leader, Dr Garang De Mabior, gave me hope. Indeed it is said behind a great man is a great woman! Indeed if there were democracy in our country, these men and women can rebuild our country, as they were the visionaries that fought for it.

It also made me realize that Kirr’s tribal gangs do not represent but rather hijacked the Dinka people for the benefit of Kirr and his gangs. Thus the crime committed by this gang is not of Dinka but Kirr and Kirr alone and his gangs.

Mrs. Garang stated, truthfully, that in every party, there are differences and certain things are resolved internally, however she revealed that the chair refused to give them audiences in order to iron these difference as such they are left with no other means to do so than take their case to the public which in itself infuriated the president, so what are these leaders suppose to do?

Now just consider this, if the very founders of our nation, who fought shoulder to shoulder in the bush with Kirr all these years cannot get audiences and can not be heard by him, and are utterly frustrated declaring “this is not what they fought for,” how then of the little peoples of the nations?

The man has become an absolute Tyrant.

She further declared, “there is no democracy in South Sudan, there is no free press.”

Indeed there were those who were fearful to even attend that meeting and did not show up. The right to assemble is another pillar of democracy and party leaders are fearful to hold meetings!

What more should we say, this from the great Thomas Jefferson, “When the government fears the people it is democracy and when the people fear the government it is Tyranny”, how truthful that is!!

The members also revealed that, since the oil started to flow in May 2013, the parliament, ministers and the people of South Sudan do not know where the money is and what is being done with it.

When asked, the president stated 4.5 billion dollars was borrowed during the austerity measures and are now being paid to the point they are not even paying salaries.

But Riek, who was vice president during much of the austerity measures and helped put it together does not recall that much money was borrowed.

So there it is, do we need to say more that the man, Kirr, is the man, he is the parliament, the judiciary, the treasurer, he is all and all is he.

Mr President Obama, this is the government of Kirr you want to force on us? He has eliminated and closed all channels of democratic intercourses.

He frames those opposed to him and jails them. The fateful December 15 night of the massacre he brought on the Nuer people, was started and carried out by his personal tribal Militia, the so called Republican guards.

Why do we need such guards in south sudan?

And he turned around as has become his signature and framed his opponents and jailed them. Riek was lucky to have escaped, Kirr Militia went to Riek’s house and killed women and children left behind and riddled the house with bullets.

Is there any doubts in your mind that they would have killed him rather than arrested him alive, Mr. Obama?

Now where is the logic that Riek must not act in self-defense and that of the people of south Sudan who are under subjugation and dislodge this monster that has grown in our very own backyard?

What democratic recourses are there left, Mr. Obama, for you to say, this man must not be removed and if so you will suspend support?

The answer is NONE.

Mr President, the support you give, especially financial, goes to kirr’s pockets as does the oil money, so withholding your support won’t hurt us but him.

In fact the way your support has been upto this stage, it hurts us the ordinary people by not demanding from Kirr strict accountability and sticking to democratic principles and rule of laws.

Indeed if you are for the people of South Sudan, you should ask Kirr to step down, elections convened and he, Kirr must face ICC for war crimes he committed in Juba against innocent Nuer, women and children.

Mr. Kirr has become an absolute and dominant Bull in the cattle camp, who charges mercilessly at the sight of any and all other bulls, holds absolute right to procreation, while not allowing any other bulls to even graze nor lift up their gaze.

Mr. President, the bull must be taken down before the cattle camp is filled with calves with congenital defects of Tyranny.

Dr Peter Kopling Joseph

“He who maintains silence in the face of a massacre is a murderer himself.”


  1. Tyson says:

    South Sudanese cannot blame President Obama. It is the same South Sudanese who voted for him, voted for a useless parliament, enjoyed the hooliganism of Kiir and his cohorts, etc, etc.
    Tunisians and Egyptians did it by removing their thugs. What prevents South Sudanese to conduct mass demonstration in all states against kiir?
    If South Sudanese continue to cowardly receive Kiir’s killing sword, looting and political assassinations, etc, then nothing happens. It is time people should say no to Kiir because the Parliament has failed to do so on behalf of the people who voted for them.


    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Tyson, where we can blame Obama’s administration is they kept supporting him even as day by day he grew a tyrant! Even up to today I have yet to hear them come out condemning Kirr without beating around the bush for killing of innocent women and children in Juba!

  2. upiu says:

    If Obama’s administration isn’t on the side of people of south Sudan, then it is clear whose side you are on. The more you guys try to explain Riek’s innocence on the fateful Dec.15th incident, the more he appears implicated. What is democracy according to your definition? Not respecting the term limits for the office? Staging a coup and eventually leading a military rebellion to oust the president?
    If Riek trust the people of South Sudan and believe that he commands their respect, why not wait for election and contest against Kiir or anyone else as independent or in another party? The chief complaint of Riek and the group is exactly what they did to some contestants in 2010 elections as a political bureau. God should have taken Riek instead of Paulino Matip and/or George Athor.
    If both Riek and Kiir are indicted for war crimes as is happening right now, they should face them head on. I would hate it if those charges get deflected to less senior officers under them.

  3. Elijah Samuel says:

    Dr Kopling,
    You make me weep! What brilliant and utterly to the core message! Our president indeed has failed us and led us down! He has Massacred his own citizens. It is like a Chicken destroying her own Chicks! What has gone into the man. He needs to step down. Indeed we have so many bright brains capable of leading us into bright future, Madam Rebecca is one!
    Kiir tried and failed. Let others try. I support the idea of ICC for Kirr! So that never again anyone kills our fellow Citizens simply because they belong to your political opponent.
    Kirr is like a woman who fought with her husband and then turns around hitting her own children who have nothing to do with the fight!
    Shame on you, Kirr.

  4. Manoon Thonchol says:

    You are right Dr. Peter. I am a Dinka who publicly admits Kiir lies about the coup and Riek acted out of self-defense. There’s no doubt that Riek and those political prisoners would have been killed if Riek wouldn’t escape alive. These political figures will appreciate Riek’s courage later after this mess.
    Although I am losing my people in Bentiu, Malkal and Bor to Nuer criminals who took this as Dinka vs. Nuer, I will not blame Riek for this disaster. I blamed Riek for 1991 Bor massacre, but not for 2013’s.
    Upper Nile Dinka and Nuer must unite and put aside their differences. They are these differences that exploited by murderers like Kiir to kill Upper Nile people and put into jail our politicians like it is now.

    • Manoon Thonchol,

      I fully agree with you. Kiir is the one who initiated the problem and Dr. Machar acted in self-defense. I strongly condemn the Killing of Dinka in Bentiu and Malakal too. However, Dinka were killed in those regions because hundreds of thousand of Nuer had been killed and are still being killed at the moment in Juba by Dinka loyalist to President Kiir. The Nuer civilians in Juba had been ran over by war-tanks driven by Dinka security guards. Nuer are being killed in Juba in the watch of president and the president does not condemn the killings. This indicate that the president himself ordered the killings of Nuer despite the fact that majority of those killed did not support the Dr. Machar and had been opposition to Dr. Machar since 1991.

      Moreover, James Hoth May’s house was attacked by Dinka, 5 family member were killed in the attack while James Hoth was retreating Dr. Machar loyalists. James Hoth has never been sided with Dr. Machar since the beginning of the moment. I do not know why criminal Dinka attacked him. Again, the governor of Unity State house was attacked and 10 people were killed despite the fact the governor is a strong supporter of Kiir Administration. I believe this killings of Nuer in the Capital, Juba is what prompted Nuer to kill Dinka in different regions of Greater Upper Nile States.

  5. Majongdit says:

    Like the mass murder of Dinkas in Bentiu…

  6. Mohd Adam says:

    Dr. Kipling,
    I beg to disagree with your one-sided story. In 2010, the people of then Southern Sudan, democratically elected Salva Kiir as their president. The same Kiir led us to our long awaited freedom on July 9, 2011. The current transitional constitution of our country was signed as well, which gives the president another term of office until, 2015. During this period,the SPLM, was to prepare itself for the general elections, comes 2015. The president has not rejected the said elections. As we all know, the NLC was in its secession when Riek and his loyalists, took a different dimension after realising that he was not going to get elected as the flag bearer for the party.
    The best, he should have also done, was to come out, call his co-plotters, to form a different political party if he believed Kiir was a dictator. Riek, talks much about human rights, but he is the first abuser of human rights, he talks of democracy, but he does not know the rules of the game.
    The only question that remains to be asked is to be directed to my fellow brothers, the Nuers: How many lives, do you or will you continue to sacrifice for Riek to ascend to the top seat of our country? Now that we all know, he is not a democrat, but his only card is the Nuer sons to die so that he becomes our next president. We the peace loving sons and daughters of South Sudan will keep our fingers cross watching upon those, who would keep dying for Dr. Riek Machar Teny leadership to come to fruition. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, hopefully!

  7. luony raan says:

    Mohammed Adam,
    I agree with Dr. Kipling, if kiir has ordered his tribal commander, Marial Cinnuong for killing of one tribe, it’s true that kiir will be held accountable for that. the government had propagated the coup attempt, while kiir had order Marial to disarm NUER in presidential guards unit.
    When you judge that no matter to be NUER or dinka, the fact should reveal itself and why he, kiir crying now while he was the creator of the crisis.
    you see mr president, he had brought the Uganda army to kill his citizens in south sudan and why he refused the negotiation on the day that he shot the first bullet in south sudan current civil war against dictatorial b/c he said the first word on the day of NLC meeting that there is no room for dialogue while now he regretted to what happened to the nation while he lost three states JONGLEI, UNITY AND UPPER NILE STATES.

  8. Manoon Thonchol says:

    “As we all know, the NLC was in its secession when Riek and his loyalists, took a different dimension after realising that he was not going to get elected as the flag bearer for the party.”

    That’s stupid analogy. If we are peace loving sons and daughters of South Sudan we need to be sincere instead of being political and hypocritical. For all convention SPLM conducted in the past, Political Bureau (PB) conducted its meeting first before the National Liberation Council (NLC).
    It is Political Bureau that sets the agenda for National Liberation Council for all past conventions. Why not this time? Why the president refused the meeting of the Political Bureau? Why rushing to the National Liberation Council and cutting off the Political Bureau? There’s now way Kiir is responsible for deaths of our people.

  9. Mohd Adam says:

    Hey Manoon, you should provide answers to all that transpired to Riek’s mayhem on 12/15/13. Such as if he Riek defected and joined NIF in 1991, what was it so difficult for him to re-defect in 2013 and join NCP, or whoever, he thinks appropriate? What every one in South Sudan knows is that your wave is a short lived phenomenon, some among you are calling it a revolution. A sovereign state, has the right to self defence.

    While we have no single Ugandan soldier fighting in South Sudan, time is coming, when the Republic of South Sudan will have as many foreign troops as it wishes to come for the rescue of our country, now held at ransom by the few. We are a democratic country, and one will be allowed to seize power using his tribal trade marks to ascend to leadership. Let us wait and see, when Riek becomes our next president over the dead bodies of innocent Junubin. He once said, he would come back to SPLM over his dead body, here he came over again alive, not dead as he once bragged. Let’s wait for the next statement from Mr. Machar this time.

  10. Elijah Samuel says:

    One of the most bloodiest Southerner, who has the most southern blood in their hands is Kuol Manyong, Kirr himself has blood in his hands, Garang himself had blood in his hands. It is this blood thirsty hands that caused the 1991 split and this one you blame it soley on Kirr. The problem with many Jieng is the blood of other people is not as painful to you as your own. Every single tribes in South Sudan have lost people in the hands of the Jiengs without exceptions, to the contrary not every tribes in SOuth Sudan have taken the life of a Jieng. You never see it this way. If you do not forgive Riek then why should we the rest of the tribes forgive you?
    There were Dinkas and Equatorians and in the group Kirr accused of Coup, but yet the Nuer were targeted one reason fro this was precisely because the president invoke raw emotions of the 1991 split which hurts the Jieng. if you do not want to be touched, don’t touch others!

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