Nullifying The Sentry Report is Turning a Blind Eye to War on Corruption in South Sudan

BY: John Adoor Deng, Australia, SEPT/16/2016, SSN;

The recent published Sentry Report presented by the Coalition of Independent Organisations, on the war related corruptions allegation has generated a considerable debate among the South Sudanese elites especially the South Sudanese diaspora communities. I am also told that many kiosks and tea places in Juba and in other capital cities in South Sudan are inundated by the discussions around the stated report.

It is overwhelmingly noted that the Sentry Report has polarised South Sudanese elites, with some arguing that; firstly, the report is biased and serves as an intention for Regime Change in South Sudan.

These groups of debaters seem to suggest that a call on corruption must not start from the top leadership as this may be hardly fought given the intrinsic fact that most African leaders act above the law and so is President kiir.

Thus in their view, the alternative projection is that any vice could be best fought at the middle leadership level and using the top leadership to hammer it altogether.

The second group of debaters argue that the Sentry Report has demeaned the expectations held before it was published. It was widely expected that the report could parade some pathways of corruptions, nailing the flow of money and resources from institutions to institutions, from individuals to individuals and company to company respectively.

However, this report miserably failed to allude to these predicted findings and none of these foreseen findings were explicit in the Sentry Report.

The report left room for manipulations even by the most corrupt officials in terms of its lacking of indisputable details that could be used to hunt them down. The debaters asserted that the report is shallow and has given soft messages to the most corrupt individuals in the country and has in effect demonstrated weak process of fighting corruption.

The third group of debaters affirm that the Sentry Report has “belled the cat,” they believe it is a good beginning at the right place and time. These groups of debaters have presented reasonable arguments in one way or another.

However, I personally concur with the third group in that the Sentry Report is well placed and could not be thrown away with the bathing water. The context of the report is very clear right from the onset. It is and was meant to expose war-related corruption, which it has squarely achieved.

Although this report may not change much in terms of persecuting the alleged corrupt officials, nevertheless the truth has been spoken, and the dirty hands of the ruling elites have been nakedly exposed.

Truly, their depicted lifestyles with their families speak volumes to the suffering masses of South Sudan who cannot afford even to hold to one meal a day.

Its speak volumes to child soldiers, suffering at the trenches in the frontlines tuned to fight his own brother from the other tribe. The report speaks volumes to the common soldiers who are not paid for months and whose families are in displaced camps, with their kids not going to school because of lack of school fees.

Interestingly, while these soldiers continue to suffer immensely, their good Boss in the army is buying homes and villas worth millions of dollars. It is paradoxical, that the General could not pay salaries of his soldiers but at the same time, accrue enough money to buy villas and mansions abroad for millions of dollars.

In conclusion, I hold the view that the Sentry Report is a good start on the war of corruption and exposing corruption at the very top is “belling the unbellable” cat that has jogged unbelled for years.

Although not much may change as a result of this report, however, few elements exposed in the report in my view will go through adjustments.

For example, the sons of the elephants will as a result of this report change the notoriety of their lifestyles. People like Lual Malong must cease boasting extravagantly of richness for money he earned not on social media.

The sons of the president will change their unconscientious occupations (sons of the president). After all, where on earth is being a son of X become one occupation? Why do they (sons of X) expose themselves that much?

Don’t they know that in every airport they enter and when their passports are scanned, they become known and in this insecure world it is not advisable for one to expose his or her privacy? In my view, they are making themselves susceptible to external forces for no reason!

To president Kiir, this report is a wakeup call for him as Head of State to fight corruption. The report shall supposedly energised him to fight corruption more fiercely in the country.

He cannot afford as a known honest person to be the target on the war on corruption while he knows the real spoilers and corrupt individuals who are even richer than him in the country. It is now upon him to use all tools at his disposal to expose the faces of these faceless corrupt officials.

To the generals alleged to have squandered public funds, this report brought home hard lessons to learn as their subordinates may start questioning the delays of their supposedly monthly salaries.

Through this exposure, no more general shall transact huge money to their personal accounts whether through companies or relatives. They will now know that the world is watching them in amazement.

To analysts, people like Biar Ajak of the Centre of Strategic Studies and Dr Jok Madut of USA. We should not as elites who have had the opportunity to learn how corruption is fought in Western world, turn to defend the indefensible on the war of corruption.

It must be waged on many fronts and any exposure should be treated as opportunity to fight the vice and the Sentry Report has provided good basis to accelerate fighting corruption in South Sudan. Thus nullifying the Sentry Report amounts to turning a blind eye to the war on corruption in South Sudan.

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  1. Dear:Author John Adoor Deng

    Do not pay any attention in the so called THE SENTRY REPORT!The reporters are prevaricators(Liars) in the west.They by themselves,by themselves alone,they are not citizens in the country in the South Sudan in the government after all! They have no right to fulminate the corruption matters in other people in different countries in the world! That will be the work of the citizens themselves in the South Sudan in the government in the country by themselves alone!

    According to what they have done,they have done illegally! because they have not been given yet a permission in the South Sudan government on corruption! This is a double standard orchestrating in the western countries in the west alone! Let the South Sudan government file a lawsuit against them in their alleged false allegation report of corruption saga!

    Ongelet Village,South Sudan, Africa.

    • Martin. L says:

      Chief Abiko, seriously? What planet do you live? How can South Sudanese get rid of this cancer called corruption if those culprits are not exposed? President Kiir and his cronies are on the top of the list. One doesn’t need a permission to expose a thief!

    • johnjerry says:

      Chief Abiko do you also have a share in the business and corruption that has been revealed in the SENTRY REPORT?.When people asked to reveal the names of the 75 thieves .Did this happen?.Nothing,thieves do not reveal one another’s name thanks to the Sentry reports.They must “VOMIT” what they have eaten !!!!.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Dear Mr. Chief Abiko,
      Thank you for being the one with common sense. Absolutely, I have agreed with you. There is no truth in it because those guys reporting with an intention for their own conflict of interests in South Sudan. If the report was legitimate then how come Pagan Amum and the likes were not mentioned in it?

  2. Defender says:

    The Sentry investigative report has brought to bear all the stories of graft and looting that we have been seeing all along. We applaud the Sentry for doing good by the people of South Sudan. They have come out clearly to expose those who, through their high places, stole, looted and killed to maintain their sources of income. Something that we all know but no one was able to hold their nuts and say it loud and clear that, here are those who have taken your money, including the village chief himself. This reality, cannot only be exposed by South Sudanese alone. If we are crying day and night for the international community to come and assist us with food aide, then we have given them the right to ask, where is the money that the government is receiving from Oil revenue has gone? If those who are stealing could have kept the money at home and built roads, houses and mansions in South Sudan, no one would be on their necks trying so hard to get them to cough up these millions.

    Now that they are caught red handed, they are saying this report will hinder the implementation of the peace agreement. What peace agreement? the one the has been trashed?!!! We need those who have been implicated in this vice to be shown the door, including the village chief himself, President Kiir. There is nothing that can absolve him from the crime committed, including the many killings, including the July 2016, second overthrow of the will of the people of South Sudan.

    There is no hope in South Sudan with President Kiir. We must work hard to make sure that he is removed from power so that new blood can come and rescue this country from the mess that it is currently in. There is no other option at all but to remove Kiir and his henchmen from power for peace to see a day of light in South Sudan.

    For Chief Abiko, It is not so fast my friend. When you are taking from the international community with the understanding that you are going to feed your people, but use the money for your own self, the international community must come to the rescue of the people of South Sudan. We have, over the last 11 year, earned over 20 billion dollars from oil, what did we do with that money? Nothing! This the reason that the world is angry with us. in 2005, the international community gave South Sudan , 4.5 billion dollars. Do you know where this money has gone? It went into the pockets of thieves that are currently sitting on top of the hungry with their bight fat behinds. These are the people that the French Adviser to President Kiir called, idiot to the core. these are the same people who are currently hold the purse that you want to be left for them. what a shame!

  3. Joseph says:

    Chief Abiko,
    Please enjoy you legitimate slavery in Europe. If not because of war why did you run to Europe? I just want to tell you that we South Sudanese are supporting our leaders on tribal bases but not as nationalist. Even to day if they mentioned my own father in this curroption i will not condon. What do i need to do with this millions of dollars. After all the millionaires in europe are giving out their wealth to charity organization but not to their trible mates. We south sudanese do not know our right but please keep away from our own affairs if you have nothing to care otherwise, you will only victimaize you fellow south sudanese who are in dispora in stepping to south sudanese because we have now seen their evil in your kind.

    It is just a matter of time when Kiir and his heir-loom plus his hegmony will come to an end. Again i say please enjoy your europe and let us suffer in our south sudan. The blood of those who die all in thse wars will hunt you down any any cost.

  4. peter adwok otto says:

    Dr.Peter A.

    Dear JOHN!
    You have written a rational article from a reasonable intellectual who is viewing things from ditance. But crux of matter is that the report is real, and had come at the right time and must be followed by drastic action if possible. Can you imagine that soveriegn government not paying the drugs coming to treat the patients, this responsibility had been left for the NGOs. Find out to cross check. Chief Abiko is in south Africa either on duty or living there. If the second possibility is correct then he is having a remorseless thick skin and had abodant the people to perish. You will have know how government funds are stollen in the presidency, ministry of interior and other places. Can these practices happen in Austrelia or South Africa? When are these ills supposed to be addressed if we donot start now?

  5. Deng Gatloak says:

    The saddest thing is that there are people defending Kiir in this sorry saga. What has Kiir achieved in the last 11 years that is worth mentioning? mention one thing good I thought so, nothing comes to mind because there isn’t anytjing to mention. hat we do have is 8 billion dollars lost in the last 11 years. Almost 2 million dollars an hour around the clock for 11 years. And what do we have to show for it? Nothing.
    6 million people in need of food, more than a million fled the country and 2.5 million people fleeing inside.
    A small klick of fat old thieves driving around Juba in their silly landcruiser v8 cars. Traveling to Europe to have their toe nails cut. Wasting money on luxury livestyles in western nations. No scools, no hospitals, no roads, nothing at all. Well with one exception, silly mega offices with tacky Dubai style huge leather sofas and more South Sudanes coat of arms symbols than you can imagine to make Kiir feel like an emperor.

    What would Machar do instead? Can it be any worse than what we have seen over the last decade? I think not.

    The genocide of people has to stop. The terrible oppression of people has to stop, Kiirs gunmen (not unknown at all) have to stop. UN has to be boosted massively, with enough firepower to blow Malong out of the sky if he doesn’t stop attacking civilians. Someone should throw Lueth and his poisonous propaganda people in the Nile river.

    A new start needed, the old useless old thieves all thrown out, only then can there be a chance for a better future. IO and Machar the only hope for this to happen.

  6. mirabeau says:

    How they you Deng.yhou said the westerners has know right to south Sudan as nation? Whom do you think in the government of south Sudan is listening to the people of newest nation? You should like a blind man. If it is not sentry organization, whom do u think would’ve known this huge act. Adjust

  7. mading says:

    Deng Gatloak CPA worth mentioning, the only thing that worth not mentioning in South Sudan is the work of Nyagaats like you, and Riek Machar who went to Khartoum in 1997.

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