Nuer Youth call for anti-government mobilization as leader arrested by South Sudan security

Media Release

Nuer Youth Executive Council, Juba, South Sudan

Main points:
* Peter Tut Hoth, Nuer Youth president forcefully arrested by Military intelligence, allegedly all Dinka
* SPLA Chief-of-Staff, James Hoth Mai, dismissed and banned from Nuer activities
* All Nuers in Kiir’s government asked to resign en mass
* Nuer call for mobilization with other tribes against current government of president Kiir

OCT. 20/2012, SSN; The Nuer Youth Executive leadership is profoundly disturbed to inform the whole world that the Nuer Youth leader, Peter Tut Hoth, was detained at 6 am in Juba by ten armed members of SPLA Military Intelligence (MI). The reason for his detention is because he scheduled a meeting of entire Nuer community to take place on Saturday, October 20, between 1—5pm.

On October, 19, 2012, the security agents of the government warned the leadership of Nuer Youth not to go ahead with the meeting. However, the Nuer Youth Executive leadership rejected the intimidations and decided that the meeting should take place as scheduled.

The whereabouts of Peter Tut Hoth is unknown and the entire Nuer community is concerned about his safety. He was picked up by heavily armed security agents all of them from Dinka tribe. He was pushed with the barrels of AK-47s and one agent was heard calling him Nyagat (fifth columnist). The way he was picked up is a cause for concern because our community fears that the security organs may be torturing him by now.

In 1990s, any Nuer deemed as “Nyagat” by the SPLA leadership was likely to be executed in prison. The behavior of the SPLA guerrillas has not changed with the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and anyone detained by the SPLA is subject to torture. Besides, the fact that Peter Tut is a Nuer and the security agents who detained him are Dinka is another factor that should cause concern.

Tribal hatred is now on the rise in South Sudan because the SPLA C-in-C has endorsed a policy which targets Nuer community. The Nuer are being regarded as enemies of the state who have no constitutional rights.

Despite the arrest of the leader of Nuer Youth, the meeting took place as scheduled and was attended by all Nuer members of Parliament, ministers, civil servants and army generals including the SPLA Chief-of-General-staff, Lt. Gen. James Hoth Mai.

The Nuer community in general discussed the problem of detention of Maj. Gen. Simon Gatwec Dual, Maj. Gen. Gabriel Tang, Maj. Gen. Mabor Dhol and Brig. Gen. Gatwec Joak. The Nuer community unanimously passed the following resolutions:

1. Lt. Gen. James Hoth Mai, the SPLA Chief-of-General-staff, was dismissed from Nuer community because he violated bylaws of Nuer community which required all members to observe the rights of every Nuer such as right to life, liberty and security of the person. The Nuer general assembly found him to have participated in the assassination attempt against Maj. Gen. Gabriel Tang, Maj. Gen. Mabor Dhol and Brig. Gen. Gatwec Joak. He is also found to have endorsed the illegal detention of Maj. Gen. Simon Gatwec Dual.

Since the Nuer community bylaws required all the members to promote human values such as freedom, justice, equality and the rule of law, James Hoth violated all these principles and is seen to have turned against the values of the community. He is therefore dismissed from the community and was told that he would never participate in any community’s activities.

2. The Nuer Youth in South Sudan were mandated to educate the Nuer in the rural areas about the government’s policies of discriminating the Nuer. The youth are tasked to mobilize the Nuer community to defend themselves from imminent threats of extermination.

3. The community resolved that Maj. Gen. Simon Gatwec Dual, Maj. Gen. Gabriel Tang, Maj. Gen. Mabor Dhol and Brig. Gen. Gatwec Joak should be released as soon as possible. If the Dinka’s government failed to release them, the Nuer Youth are given the responsibility to express their disapproval for their illegal detentions through demonstrations, petitions and mobilizing Nuer chiefs.

4. The Nuer community urged all Nuer members of parliament, military officers, politicians and civil servants to resign from the government of Salva Kiir and stay in their houses. The youth advised elders that the Nuer should not take part in the government which is killing them.

5. The assembly resolved that the Nuer should form an alliance with other South Sudanese who are against oppression and injustice. The Nuer youth are mandated to work with other South Sudan youths who believe that the people of South Sudan deserve a government which respects human rights, ethnic equality and justice.

For contact:

James Gatluak Chol
Information Secretary
Nuer Youth Executive Council
Juba, South Sudan


  1. Peter Madual says:

    Well done Nuer Youth. Hoth Mai is becoming a backstabber. It is therefore the entire Naath must get ride of him if we want to deal with our common foe. Hoth Mai must not only be excommunicated but also he must face negative sanction before he could cause more. Enough is enough.
    Peter Madual.

  2. We became the government, SPLM has the right to patrol the whole state of south Sudan and even to arrest those who are out of the law. (Maj-Gen) Gatwec, who is under arrest, is an officer of the national army SPLA. And to ask Nuer youth leader with those whom he mobilized, among them who gave Gatwec the rank of maj. Gen? It is the same government who arrested him was the one gave him the rank. It is also clear, whoever is mistaken in any error must be arrested and face the law. To ask this Nuer youth leader, is he more qualified than other Nuer who are in the govt. to detect the wrong doing and complaints? I’m really very sorry for him. We don’t have any Dinka or others tribes in south sudan govt. but GONU. If he wants to revolt, he would have to join Yau Yau.

  3. Mayang Kulong says:

    Congratulations, Naath, in Southern Sudan. I don,t think one tribe can intimidate all others, go ahead with that heart until they are released.

  4. martin L says:

    Here we go again! When will we free ourselves from this insane tribal politics?

  5. Samuel D.Deng says:

    That is where we fail to address our issues in this country. Banning somebody not to participate in his community activities will not be a right way of expressing the hunger, but instead adding fuel to fire. Who are you to ban (Maj.Gen) James Hoth in the Nuer community and don’t you think Hoth is from Nuer and has his own supporters? He will also ban you from these activities.

  6. Peter T says:

    Tribal politics will take us nowhere. South Sudan had been at war with the oppressive and suppressive regime of Khartoum since 1955. Reasons for struggle were/was because of injustice, inequality and lack of freedom of speech. Why is it now that the same reasons we fought for being used against other ethnic groups? Again, if the other group was allowed to conduct a meeting, why not grant the other group to do the same?

  7. AbielAkol says:

    Well, both of you, Dinka Bahar El Gazal and Nuer, are trying to be tribal. We the Dinka Padang are out of this tribal thing and we will not be involved in this tribal war against like what happened in 1991.

  8. William says:

    Hey, Abiel Akol, You would still be Dinka since Nuers are uprising. Nuers had the same plan for long time and so there is nothing new to most of us. We all know what is going on and this explains why Dr. Riek is taking so long here.

  9. South Sudanese citizens should clearly look beyond their nose simply because it will be quite shameful to realize that there is no need to fully concentrate within your clean or small sectional {Tribe} inner circles. Originally it is your constitutional right to have your roots or tribe where you comes from Dinka, and other major tribes inhabited South Sudan. My dear South Sudanese, let us put aside our personal weakness and collectively work hard to correct mistakes happened during struggle, it is now time to rehabilitate what has been ruined by war, please let us unite.

  10. John. p. says:

    I am really sorry to hear that. The Nuer need their generals to be released because they were jailed by Dinka. The baseless statement is not for community, it is for all nation, however, you seem to be voicing violence and inciting war. If the failure is the seeds of war in your tribes, i can say go on do whatever you think but war is not a solver.

  11. Taban says:

    I feel sick when South Sudanese in the diaspora still advocating for tribalism and confusion among our people, it means there will be no future for the new nation. We at home have more important issues to look after than a leader being arrested, there is law and order, those who want to drive the country back to the dark days of tribalism, fighting one another should remain there with their dirty ideas in the diaspora. Let them be Nuers or Dinkas for USA or Canada if they wish, there will be no place for Shuluk, Bari, Nuers any more in the new nation, we are all JUNOBEEN and that’s it.

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