Nuer Community petition against IGAD actions: To African Union


The Commissioner,


The Greater Upper Nile communities, particularly the Nuer condemned the IGAD Countries actions in the strongest term possible. Then, the entire Nuer community world-wide termed this act as ‘IGAD BLOOD- BATH PROJECT’ rather than what is believed to be a ‘proposal toward peace document’ in South Sudan crisis on Monday, 25thAugust, 2014 A.D.

Prior a well manufactured, planned, incited and organized killing of Nuer by Kiir- Museveni in mid-December in South Sudan, IGAD countries earlier failed to settle within its territories and beyond.

Look at how Sudan is going through,

Look at how Ethiopia is going through,

Look at how Kenya is going through,

Look at how Eritrea is going through although it withheld its membership from IGAD Countries for accusing its members of being toothless without actions,

Look at how Somalia is going through since 1991 which stabilized in 2013.

The worst of all, Uganda since early 1980s, especially a possible genocide launched against the Acholi people of Northern Uganda by Museveni regime for burning down houses into ashes for nearly 30 years.

The toothless IGAD, what can it achieve in South Sudan? So, amongst these countries elites, two are facing ICC charges and others are awaiting possible charges soon from the International Criminal Court ( ICC ) for Capital Crimes committed against people they claimed to have been ruling in their respective countries. Then, the biggest question was: can these elites be able to work for a peaceful resolution in South Sudan while charged for crimes committed against their own citizens? Think critically here……. If people failed to see, but the Almighty God in Heavens is watching!

Whereas before the December, 15 crisis: it was on Martyr Day, 30 July, 2013 after Dr. Machar was removed by Kiir from office on 23 July, 2013. President Museveni of Uganda was invited as the Chief Guest of occasion, during his speech; he lashed at Machar as somebody whose teeth have a gap between cannot grind well. He described Machar as somebody who does not see far for grooming for power. He told Kiir to use his style of leadership in Uganda when he ( Museveni ) was getting rid of the educated class in Uganda.

Thereafter in early September, 2013 Museveni started deploying troop to South Sudan in pretext that it was a join mission to patrol border areas between Uganda-South Sudan against Lord Resistance Army (LRA). While the initial troop was purposely to train Gelweng (militia) particularly drawn from Bhar el Gazal or private army of Kiir at his cattle camp in Luri near Juba, trained purposely to wiped off Nuer.

On 19 December, 2013 after the crisis, the second troop to South Sudan was deployed by Museveni in pretext to rescue Ugandans, protect the government of RSS from falling and prevent the possible genocide from occurring. The Nuer Community believed that Museveni had planned, incited and organized the genocide against Nuer because of his words and actions about South Sudan. Precisely, what were the interests of Museveni in South Sudan?

· President Museveni believed to have hijacked the leadership of Republic of South Sudan from Kiir;

· Key business sectors and NGOs fully occupied by IGAD natives, mainly Ugandans;

· Headquarters of United Nation Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) in Entebbe, Uganda. Why?

Question: Had elites worked for peace in their respective countries other than South Sudan?


Well, during the Modern Nationalism and New States in Africa as of 1935 to date, the elites had claimed to have been fighting for “freedom, liberty, justice, equality and pursue of happiness” across the Africa Continent. Indeed, as a result many African Countries gained independence from the Colonial masters in early 1960s-1970s which initially accused of squandering Continental resources. Because of what was termed as “early wind” which shall blow across the continent by the founding fathers like Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, Kwame Nkuruma of Ghana, Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and David Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia who had envisioned the Pan-Africanism Project, these elites actually had Africa at hearts and real freedom fighters!

Eventually, soon after enjoyed freedoms, some turned wild far more than the colonial masters.

Look at how Zaire (DRC) under Maboto Sese Siko had gone through!

Look at how Ethiopia under Col.Mengistu Haile Mariam had gone through!

Look at how Uganda under Idi Amin Dada had gone through!

Finally, at look how Northern, Central & Western African Countries are going through! A lot and thorough work need to be done by the Africa and its people. Africa should be a leading continent by its citizens and NOT ruled by the so called LEADERS! Just to mention a few.

The worst of all dictators in the 21st Century, Museveni and Mugabe of Zimbabwe who spent nearly 30years in Office who hardly give voice for changes in their respective countries ; henceforth, far more than ever before Museveni appeared to be the best Philosopher of Democracy in Africa, particularly IGAD Countries.

We quote from the most famous speaker of the 21st Century during 2008 US Presidential Election Victory; he said,” change will not come if you wait for some other person(s) or some time. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the change that we seek” – Barack Obama,

Profoundly, for where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice. It is obvious that in most African Countries crimes against humanity, killings and other abuses, particularly in IGAD States which make them afraid of one day they might be held accountable for the same crimes committed in their respective Countries.So, we once again quote, “truth and truth alone will obtain a lasting victory” – Antoine Nicholas,

We, the Nuer people shared the same vision with the Founders of Africa Union (fathers) in regard to “justice, equality, liberty, freedom and pursue of happiness”. Ever since the inception of Government of Southern Sudan ( GOSS ) in 2005 to 14 December, 2013 where random shootings, killings, theft, lootings and other capital crimes committed in Juba while none ever been brought into book due to impunity for one reason or another. Who cares for justice and rule of law in Juba or Republic of South Sudan? Look! Prior what is known as “THE 2013 JUBA MASSACCRE” on Nuer there were also events that had occurred.

· Government of South Sudan committed crimes against Chollo ( Shilluk people ) in 2008-2009 by killings, raping girls, women, looting livestock and burnt down villages into ashes while displacing thousands to live as IDPs in North Sudan;

· The same government turned against people of Bull in Unity State after results of 2010 Elections, accusing natives there as aligning with Col. James Gatluak Gai, killing people, looting livestock, burnt down houses and displacing thousands more;

· Again, killing people of Lwac people of Khorfulus Payam, accusing them aligning with General, George Athor when rebelled against the government in Juba after results declared in favour of Gen. Kuol Manyang Juuk. Government organized targeted killings, mass rape of girls,women, looting of livestock, burnt down of villages and displaced many more;

· The worst of all government of South Sudan committed atrocities and killing at Kaldak during the Integration Process of the former SAF Nuer soldiers into SPLA ranks and file , where many innocent men, women and children were killed in pretext that the same forces were about to return the Tanks and heavy artilleries to North Sudan;

· Then, finally, another killing was of Murle of Pibor County, which most analysts believed to have scaled “genocide” against Murle tribe.

The essence was, based on the above facts, the government of South Sudan under Kiir turned deaf ears on the mentioned crimes against its citizens without accountability. Henceforth, South Sudanese under him have suffered far than the liberation struggle; and/or, we seek an angel to govern South Sudan!

Question: Was terror and tyranny of Kiir against its citizens been tackled by the IGAD?

State Emergency:

Soon after the retake of Malakal town by the government of South Sudan, Kiir declared the State of Emergency for the greater Upper Nile States (Unity, Jonglei and Upper Nile States). Then, indiscriminate killing of people continued for months without being questioned.

Question: Had the State of Emergency been lifted or extended?

The Africa problems by Africans Solutions Scenario:

When Kiir and his government committed the killing of Nuer from house-to-house in Juba, none of the International Community, including IGAD countries intervene into well-founded, planned, incited, and organized crime on earth against Nuer people. First and foremost, based on the Press release Statements by Special Envoys on South Sudan Conflict, they already fuelled and abused the power entrusted to them by the world at large by failing to address the root causes of the conflict. In solving any equation, you can’t just jump into solution, you first show out the problem on your paper work then, you finally have the solution of it. “A problem is a problem, and you can’t have a solution without solving the problem”. IGAD chose to be part of problem right from the beginning as its leaders were calling to help Kiir fighting the rebellion in South Sudan. This statement decision was not changed yet. It was proved on the ground when members of IGAD countries were fighting alongside government troop against SPLM/A-IO. It’s hard to solve a problem when you are part of the problem itself. As the dew waters the leaf in a yard, and as a shoot penetrates against the sunlight, the entire Nuer community was glancing how processes were going through in Addis Ababa on Peace Talks. Why afraid of addressing the root cause of a conflict? “A problem can be a problem if failed to identify it”. Why jumped into conclusion by only concentrating only in Transitional Government? Who told you that Nuer wants power from Kiir? Just for your information, Nuer held key government position until now across the country, there was a problem, and this problem it’s the mediators to ask the government of what initiates this chaos in South Sudan? It’s the government to explain better the root cause of a problem. Thus, it’s Chairman, Ambassador Seyoum Mesfin said, “Now the Matrix is signed, none of these warring parties have any excuse to once again initiate violence”. He continued, “in the midst of this crisis, if the parties have the luxury to initiate war, aggravate the situation, definitely the region, the African Union and International Community will not tolerate that. This is what they should know” We once again quote from him,” we call on the warring parties, particularly the SPLM/A-IO because they have not signed on the Protocol” said the mediator. “That shall not be used as a pretext to initiate violence and to violate CESSATION OF HOSTILITIES Agreement in full”. “We want them to fully honor that”, he stressed. “It is incumbent on them to end killing and violence”.

More importantly, the Ambassador has forgotten that Nuer contributed in blood to the freedom he is enjoying today in Ethiopia otherwise he forgot background of the existence Ethiopian history. Nuer joined with the Ethiopians to liberate Ethiopia from the colonial masters, mainly Italy.

· In 1896 Nuer helped Ethiopian won the BATTLE OF ADWA;

· Nuer helped fought the Italy right from SOBAT RIVER, currently ( Ulang, Nasir, Longechuk and Maiwut counties) and driven it to the Red Sea;

· In 1997 the Nuer again help fought Ethiopia at the well-known bloody border war with Eritrea which led to victory at the “BATTLE OF BADIME”, and its territory or border town ( Badime ) was ruled in favor of Ethiopia by the International Community;

What one say if independent countries, like Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, Burundi, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and other hired mercenaries against a tribe. Like the Nuer prevailed in 18s Century against the colonial masters, they shall once again prevail in the 21st Century; victory is certain! When Kiir declared this crisis as it was between Dinka vs. Nuer, we only saw the above mentioned countries and their mercenaries who came thousands of thousands miles away from South Sudan at the battle field. Where were Dinka in the war front? If can just ask, what do these countries been fighting Nuer for? Why coming from thousands miles away to just fight a tribe? The Nuer community would want International community thoroughly investigate the involvement of these countries into a tribal or internal war. Hence, these countries have caused the following:

· Involved in the mass killings, rapes of girls, women, killing of livestock, burning down of houses into ashes, and many more crimes committed;

· The use of Cluster bombs and other chemical weapons on Nuer people, especially Uganda’s UPDF;

· Any future hazard on Nuer environment, diseases, famine and/or other disasters, the above countries be held accountable for their actions;

The so known as IGAD countries never care for peaceful resolution into crisis rather than adding the fuel on it because of the following:

· IGAD countries controlled the economic sector of South Sudan;

· IGAD citizens controlled the business sectors across the country;

· IGAD wanted refugees in its respective countries for provision of;

· Adequate services that might benefited its citizens, e.g. food Aid

· Employment from UN agencies and NGOs for their citizens;

· Empowerment of skills, trainings, workshops for their citizens;

· Construction of more schools, clinics, bridges and roads in their respective countries;

Based on the above facts and interests, can IGAD really negotiate faithfully for the South Sudan conflict?

Furthermore, Nuer wants this war to end immediately without delay. We quote from Dr. Machar, he said, “I would use this genocide committed against Nuer by Kiir and his government as a road map, reconciliation and peace to unite people in South Sudan, and should not be a tool to divide the nation as a whole”. Nuer never have heard a word of reconciliation from Kiir since THE DECEMBER 2013 JUBA GENOCIDE. He being the head of state, the primary and sole responsibility and peace in a country lies on him. Kiir would have done more than anybody so that peace prevails in a country.

Question: Was root causes that led to crisis in South Sudan been tackled by IGAD?

Peaceful Resolution as a Way forwards to Peace in South Sudan:

Nuer community wants to end this war peacefully in South Sudan. For the sake of peace, Nuer abandoned their areas for other places like Ethiopia because government under Kiir continues launching more offensive on Nuerland as now. So, we would again use the previous word that that” even a Nuer man at the cattle camp can be able to solve this crisis if puts at its venue, this was what we wanted IGAD to have done thus far”.

1. That Kiir stepped down from power for sake of peace and crimes he committed against people, that the healing and reconciliation process starts in across the country, the voices of citizens called for that;

2. Then, accountability begins for the crimes committed;

3. Open the way for healing, reconciliation, forgiveness and peaceful resolutions for people of South Sudan;

4. Unconditional withdrawal of foreign forces in South Sudan soil;

5. Formation of whatever government you might have called it be possible in South Sudan;

6. Establishment of Tribunal Court in South Sudan soon after the transitional government in order to deal with capital crimes committed during the war whether government or opposition side;

7. Unconditional compensation for people of greater upper Nile state, mainly the Nuer for the loss of their property across the country including Juba;

8. Change of a Venue of Peace Talks if IGAD fails to reach a consensus in dealing with conflict issues in Addis Ababa as it’s seen now;

9. South Sudan carries old wounds of wars which needs careful and very committed negotiations, not like the IGAD one, since 1820-2011 ( independence of South Sudan) that makes 191 years old with various wars fought, one tribe against the other for nearly 2 Century ( inter-communal fighting and cattle-raiding among the tribes) in South Sudan;

10. Involvement of IDPs in the UNMISS POCs Sites in Juba, Bentiu, Bor & Malakal to Peace Talks in Addis Ababa because their voices matter most in the negotiations, their presence can helps in peaceful process;

None, but not the least, the Nuer community once call the International Community, especially the United Nations Security Council ( UNSC ), United Nations Secretary-General, United Nations on Human Rights, South Sudan Friends, IGAD Partners, the TROIKA if the above points failed to be tackled, the Nuer would opt for a separate GREATER UPPER NILE STATE ( Unity, Upper Nile and Jonglei) as an independent from the rest of South Sudan; and that could be possible if care is not taken in this scenario. Good examples were Cyprus, Kurds in Northern Iraq and Somalia Land. Should South Sudan become ungovernable or failed state as things stand now; Nuer can opt for a referendum or something else afterwards.

Recommendation: Unity of South Sudan is possible if the above issues are tackled in the negotiations.




Contacts: +211 955 564 872

+211 955 257 160


Cc: United Nations Security Council,

Cc: United Nations Secretary-General,

Cc: International Community

Cc: AU Headquarters,

Cc: IGAD Secretariat,

Cc: Media Houses,

Cc: File.


  1. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

    I love my Nuer people as I love the Almight God who created me and them. You hold second place in my heart, God has the first place. God gave us ability to fight for a reason. We cannot claim to inherit it from our forefathers; it is God given. Thank you God for this gift and we like you, Oh God, to add Wisdom to this gift. Amen. Kiir must step aside. If we do not succeed, God will not fail us.

  2. thank you brothers for your amazing speech but i just want to tell you one thing to remmember that both machar & kir were ditators who were come just recently from bush. due to this reason if nundeng was not lied the nuer white army to join machar in his powerstruggle then there was not reason why innocent people suffering inside their cuontry. there is astory said ”some people do bad things thinking that they did them to others but unfortunate they did those things for their ownselves.

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