Now to the International Criminal Court [ICC] in The Hague: PRESS RELEASE

Now to the International Criminal Court [ICC] in The Hague.

Press Release, AUG/06/2013, SSN;

Dear compatriots the gallant masses of the Republic of South Sudan and the friends of south Sudan worldwide

We the undersigned would like to bring to your attention that since the country became independent on 9th July 2011, the top leadership under President Salva Kiir Mayardit has led the country contrary to the aspirations of its people.

It is no secret that the new Republic of South Sudan has for the last two years remained top in the media, side by side with the likes of Somalia, DR. Congo, Sudan and the Central African Republic [CAR] where citizens have suffered and continue to suffer unprecedented human rights abuses in the world.

The brutal face of president Kiir’s totalitarian regime is demonstrated by the heinous events in Wau in Western Bahr el Ghazal state where unarmed demonstrators were maimed in cold blood by the very security agents supposed to protect them; the massacre of civilians coupled with the indiscriminate violations of human rights abuse in Chollo kingdom in Upper Nile State; and the wanton singling out of the Murle people for destruction in Jonglei state.

Juba, the capital city, has not been spared from these widespread human rights abuses which have now taken a systematic pattern. As government officials, common citizens and opinion writers perceived critical of the incumbent regime meet their fate through dubious disappearances, or being slaughtered without any remorse, or worse still face deaths through cold blooded assassinations, South Sudan is far from being governed by the rule of law.

The unfortunate fate of late Eng. John Louis Silvino, late Traffic Police Sargent Banyjioth Matoat Tap and the well-known civil rights activist late Isaiah Abraham, all speak very aloud of how government security agents dispense terror in a town which in fact is the seat of the new country’s government.

In Eastern Equatoria state, the Lakes State, and the Unity State citizens continue to suffer in the hands of state run squads under directives of the legal authorities and their associates.

In short, South Sudan is rapidly descending into a state of anarchy. And since no local independent and competent courts exist in the country to serve justice for the families of these victims whose numbers continue to rise daily as the perpetrators reassure themselves that no power on earth can stop them from these inhumane abuses, some bold initiative has to be sought to bring these abuses to a halt.

In line with all the above, we the under mentioned citizens have taken upon ourselves the responsibility to seek justice elsewhere for: the victims, and their living relatives who suffered and continue to suffer immeasurable pain as the result of the losses inflicted on them.

By so taking this route we too, believe that there lies a light of hope at the end of the tunnel that will lead to the eventual restoration of rule of law in South Sudan.

And as we put forward this press release, we would want to assure you that we have set the ball for justice rolling at the International Criminal Court [ICC] in The Hague.

Inspired by healthy debate in South Sudan Nation website on the issue of human rights abuse and our own values, we have now built a case and the legal process has started at the prosecutor general’s office as testified in the response from the court [see the attached correspondence].

Whether at this first attempt the case proceeds to a hearing or not, one thing we know for sure is that South Sudan from now on will be on the radar of the international community in general, and the ICC’s in particular and this petition will remain a precedent on which future cases will be built.

Let us keep our fingers crossed!

We now call upon all concerned citizens of South Sudan at home and in the Diaspora; and the friends of South Sudan worldwide to come forward to support this petition in any way possible.

Let’s stand up as believers in human rights, peace and justice to cleanse South Sudan from criminals. If we work together, nothing is impossible to change for the better.

Yours sincerely,

– Elhag Paul
– Dr. JAC Ramba
– Karlo Kwol Akol



Post Office Box 19519, 2500 CM The Hague, The Netherlands
Boîte postale 19519, 2500 CM La Haye, Pays Bas
Telephone / Téléphone: + 31 70 5158515 • Facsimile / Télécopie: + 31 70 5158555 •

Our reference: OTP-CR-242/13

The Hague, 5 August 2013

Dear Sir, Madam

The Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court acknowledges receipt of your

This communication has been duly entered in the Communications Register of the Office. We
will give consideration to this communication, as appropriate, in accordance with the provisions of
the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

As soon as a decision is reached, we will inform you, in writing, and provide you with
reasons for this decision.

Yours sincerely,
M.P. Dillon
Head of Information & Evidence Unit
Office of The Prosecutor

Elhag Paul
Le Bureau du Procureur
The Office of the Prosecutor
Post Office Box 19519, 2500 CM The Hague, The Netherlands
Boîte postale 19519, 2500 CM La Haye, Pays Bas
Telephone / Téléphone: + 31 70 5158515 • Facsimile / Télécopie: + 31 70 5158555 •
Notre référence : OTP-CR-242/13
La Haye, le 5 août 2013
Madame, Monsieur,
Le Bureau du Procureur de la Cour pénale internationale accuse réception de vos documents /
de votre lettre.
Les informations y figurant ont été inscrites comme il se doit au registre des communications
du Bureau et recevront toute l’attention voulue, conformément aux dispositions du Statut de Rome
de la Cour pénale internationale.
Nous ne manquerons pas de vous communiquer par écrit la décision qui aura été prise à ce
sujet, ainsi que les motivations qui la justifient.
Veuillez agréer, Madame, Monsieur, l’assurance de notre considération distinguée.
M.P. Dillon
Chef de l’Unité des informations et des éléments de preuve
Bureau du Procureur
Elhag Paul
Le Bureau du Procureur
The Office of the Prosecutor


  1. Collins Kepa says:

    Thank you Mr. Paul, Dr. Ramba and Mr. Kuol for the step you have so far taken to save the South Sudanese under the brutal regime of Salvatore Kiir. This murderous SPLM machine must face justice. Please include my name in the petition.

    • Raan Naath says:

      So Kiir is going to the ICC soon. He has been messing up things in the last eight years not thinking of consequences. Here comes the pay day.

    • Oreto Nyare says:

      You guys are just talking things out of the blue- Your petition for Hague will remain untouched by the Hague laws and regulations. I thought you are all educated in understanding why ICC have been there, not for Kiir or any other leader in the South. The South has so far done nothing to be eyed by the ICC, may be you guys are forming your own unlawful ICC within your clique of zero reasoning. Clip up and just continue your spade of a no man land law of dream – Go Kiir! Go South Sudan and may God Bless South Sudan including you the wrong group-

  2. CD says:

    Yes, brothers and sisters, let’s support this case. I myself has ample evidence to support the accusation case for this oppressive regime in South Sudan whose leaders loot all the public funds that where donated by the taxpayers from the international community, the friends of the people of South Sudan. The money that were stolen were donated to support the services such as education, health and other public consumption.
    Unfortunate, President Kirr and his inner circle looted them all, there is nothing left for the poor Southern Sudanese to use for the development.

  3. No individual or group has the standing to refer a situation to the ICC. Only a state; (b) UN Security Council; or (c) the ICC Prosecutor has such a standing. Even these bodies can only refer a situation to the ICC if adequate remedies have been exhausted. So you are wasting your valuable time.

    • diktor agarab says:

      Continue with your delusion, Santino, till the day when your president is being hounded.

    • Oreto Nyare says:


      You are the reason why South Sudan is there today for the ongoing change, tell them! Tell them! These are idiots who do not know nothing to say better they buckle-up! Thanks Santino for your standing out to say that.

  4. umoja says:

    CongratulationS to all of you for standing for the rights of men, women, children who can not write or read, only being touched and killed by Kiir’s notorious regime.

    The blood of the poor men, women and children across south Sudan will bless you and push the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to open case against the chief gangster, kiir.

    Go ahead and God is with you.


  5. Oreto Nyare says:


    First and far most your name Elhag shouldn’t even sound in South Sudan, it is a dead end name worldwide today. What you are talking is bullshit! Go and say that within the country so that you can feel the taste of South Sudan, the country we love with all the moves its going through now and forever.

    You are one of the fugitives wanted in the country for instigating violence from outside. South Sudan is in peace as things are going through the right direction with Kiir’s administration. You are a fool! Come to the country and feel the taste once again.


    • diktor agarab says:

      Oreto Nyara, you are nothing but a Dinka extremist whose time is drawing to an end. Soon dinkocracy will be put on trial in the Hague.

      • Oreto Nyare says:

        Your reasoning here should be about change not tribalism… okay. After passing grade one class you still behave as if you are still in the jungle pity! If there were no Dinka in the country what would you be talking about now rather focusing on change Mr. illiterate? However, the country is on a turning wheel of change at the moment just stay tune! Go Kiir! Go South Sudan and may God Bless our country!

        • diktor agarab says:

          Oreto, I may be illiterate but you reason at the chimp level. Salva Kiir needs to go for promoting dinkocracy. The likes of you who support dinkocracy will find it tough after 2015 when Dr. Riak Machar ascends to the presidency. South Sudan will never forget the Kiir Dinkocracy because it made Dinka tribalism a national policy.

    • Oreto Nyare,

      You are foolish with foolish comments. Elhag and his friends have done the right things. Whom are you trying to fool idiot. I am here in Juba, people are being killed every day by your Uncle Kiir Mayardit. This country is not belonging to you power hungry and the like it is for all of us. If you want your uncle Kiir not to be arrested by ICC, please let him free the citizens of South Sudan to exercise their right that they have been fighting for. These rights are not limited to freedom of speech, freedom to choose the leaders they want, freedom to be secure in our houses. We do not want him to appoint governors for us, appoint parliament for us, appoint judges for the states and counties. We did not fight for 23 years to have dictator. If you want to have dictatorial government, why we waste our time fighting with Sudan government for a long time.

    • Oreto Nyare says:

      Whatever! To talk about home policies doesn’t mean someone support the opposite side unless you are illiterate of what DOs you are filling up. whoever get scared about his own home is guilty of wrong doing but if not then there shouldn’t be a saying of you or him being going to be killed. Nasty ideology to abandon your own home because you are sheltered good, though you do not think of your parents buried in a rabble of poverty. Shame! No one wants to kill his/her fellow citizen, just lay off your unreasonable thoughts and go home! You are a slave of others wherever you seem to be!

    • Oreto Nyare says:

      Alhag is known for being stubborn for provoking issues, his plate is out empty. Elites when they reason can’t bow to a gorge of meaningless fear. His guilt for doing and saying bad things for the country is making you the editor think that way. Let Alhag go and represent his say in within the country, that is where he belongs and Mr. editor your assumption is also wrong because you have no docket for saying that. Think to say has a leader who directs not that who say! What you said here tells us also about what time of person you are. Change!!!!!!!!!!

  6. True Nationalist says:

    Dear Mr. Paul, Ramba, & Kuol.

    Splendid idea but worthless to save the people of South Sudan. This is a time for real action if you need some help from the international community. We needed independence and we go it, and for us to reap the benefits of freedom, we must fight for it.
    Personally, I am fed up with intellectuals like you people who write good articles about what needs to be done in South Sudan, yet you are not wiling to sacrifice for the people.
    There is no free lunch, freedom is never given freely to anybody- without a fierce fight physically or non violently. Be reminded that, south Sudanese freed themselves from the arabs but not from the SPLM/A yet who are the worse enemy than the Khartoum Arabs as evidenced by the atrocities that they are committing on daily basis across the country.

    If I were you, I will be agitating the people of Southern Sudan from all walks of life to stand up like what Dr. Martin Luther King did for the civil rights of the black Americans. It is high time for everyone to stand up from every village, city, church, school, etc. to bring down the blood suckers of South Sudan.
    So, write to the people to overcome their fear and come out to demonstrate against the monsters. Yes, there will be casualties but it is worth it if we need good life for ourselves and our future generations. In fact the evidence is overwhelming to bring down the SPLM government,

    • BigO says:

      I agree. No such thing as a free lunch and no such thing has humanitarian intervention. This is a global corporation with a military to back it up. They are BUSINESSMEN in the UN not angels. The sooner we wake up to that fact, the better. Clearly, the ”Liberation” has not even occurred. It’s in the head first, folks.

      Btw, the petition left out about 75 other names. Include those and I’ll sign.

    • True Nationalist,

      I agree with you, SPLM party is much worse than the Government in Khartoum and the only way we can get SPLM out of the way to freedom is another revolution that will take another 23 years. You see the energy and lives that we lost fighting Arabs government resulted in waste of energy and lives of innocent people.

  7. Lual Nyanthon says:

    ICC Amen!

    I was expecting something like this to happen to the corrupt regime of Salva Kiir. South Sudan is not a rebel movement any longer, therefore, all big fishes and their associates who have committed crimes in cold blood under directive of Kiir must face justice in the International Criminal Court in the Hague. Thanks


    • Kong Puok Tongluot Finn says:

      Male, Lual Nyanthoun
      It’s useless era, since President Salva Kiir deteriorated new nation’s political future, because it has stolen South Sudan fiscal amount 4bl dollars. He had never proved himself from crimes , that’s why he violating and wears public of his crimes.

      • Kong Puok Tonluot Finn:

        Dear Cousin and SSN Friend:

        The 4.Billion dollars was stolen when our Uncle Riek Machar was the Vice President of South Sudan.
        Was he involved in the thievery of our money? If not, then Why did he not report the thievery or resign from president Kiir’s corrupted government? Why did he have to be forced out of the government if he was not involved in the corruption or thievery. Nuer can not walk out empty hand from the bank if the Dinka is stealing. The truth of the matter is that Riek and Kiir are thieves and they had stolen our money.Period!

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

          If it is the case, then why didn’t your corrupted master Kiir relieve himself from the office since he is also a thief? Are you suggesting that since Dr. Machar was forced out by Kiir that we should likewise do to Kiir? And why are you supporting a thief? If that is what you are suggesting, then, this article written by Elhag Paul said it all. This is the first step into forcing your Uncle out of the office. If it succeeds, then, your Master won’t only get forced out but will also suffer the consequences of his own personal making.

  8. riekyakguandong says:

    He (Kiir) must be prosecuted.

  9. riekyakguandong says:

    He is the 1st trouble maker, corrupt, tribalist n killer. he has to defend himself before the court.

  10. Kon kel says:

    If there will be any body to be taken to ICC, president Kiir is the right person to be taken because, what is happening in jonglei should not be ignored. the killing of Murle by the south sudan army is the real Massacre.
    the incident in wau is a another scenario which need not be forgotten when the Balanda tribe were gunned down by the army.
    The killing of Innocent people in Kalddak, Upper Nile state.

    All these three events were happening and are happening under kiir’s leadership in which he is the C-In-C of the army who has the right to order and quilt the situation. The new cabinet will not do any thing because these sycophants were brought just to flatter Kiir, instead of applauding the citizens who voted overwhelmingly for secession.

  11. fake and very fake one. whom do you want to fool here?
    In wau incident 23 Dinka bodies— women, children and men were found in a village called bagari murdered by fertit. if you really attempt to voice for South Sudanese people, why not mention that and file the same verdict against those who committed this crime?
    you are another criminal.

    • diktor agarab says:

      Do you’ve evidence of that, Toney? The Wau Incident was captured on live TV. Kiir is a criminal and should be in the Hague to answer charges about crimes against humanity.

    • Joseph Okello says:

      The Dinka bodies were killed in cattle rustling and were brought by the State authorities to counter the overwhelming evidence of the killing of the Balanda.

      • Peter says:

        Beside, there were no 23 dead bodies found in Bagari, there are 6 dead bodies found in Farajala, they’re brought by Governor`s security elements in order to kill more Fertit……

      • J.Chin Jacob says:

        Haram alek ya (Jurchol) Okello!
        By the way, when did Dinka become such simple to your valueless Tribe to the extent of telling this plain lie that there was no Dinka Massacre in Wau?
        For Christ sake, we’re so humble all this time due to the fact we Dinka always respect and value human dignity, and it is also well known worldwide that South Sudan Nation exists because of Dinka and we are proud of that high credit bestowed upon us for the job well done.
        But you seem to cross the red line with different perceptions against Dinka and you will gonna regret for sure, you mark my words ya KOKORA!

  12. Dear Elhag Paul:

    This is the first time I read your article without seeing Jieng/Dinka and Kiir or Nuer and Riek Machar. I wonder, if you have already presented the complaint or case of your problem with Jieng/Dinka and Nuer tribes to the ICC for trial. Or, Is it not relevant now since you are using the names of the deceased Dinka and Nuer such as late Isaiah Abraham and Sargent Mathoat Baypiny to build your case at the ICC? I was so astonished to read the entire article without seeing any complaint or blame about Jieng/Kiir and Jieng’s problem in South Sudan.

    Anyhow, I’m pleased that you have written and presented your case to the ICC without mentioning or blaming the entire Dinka tribe for what is happening in the Country. You really sounded this time like a true concerned Citizen, fighting for the justice and wellbeing of his people. Now it is up for the ICC and the people of South Sudan to unearth or revisit all past and present atrocities committed in our Country. We all need the justice to be served equally for all the Citizens of the Republic of South Sudan.

    The killing of the innocent people whether in the past or present is not acceptable and it must therefore be addressed through the ICC Court of Justice. Those who have committed the atrocities or crimes against humanity must be brought to justice otherwise the ICC case would be invalid and useless.

    This is how the trial should be presented to the ICC with regard to the human rights abuses and crimes against humanity in our Country. President Kiir Mayardit and his government officials should be held accountable for all the atrocities being committed under their noses in Juba. Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. Lam Akol must be put on trial for the Massacre of the innocent civilians in Bor in 1991. The former president of the High Executive Council, Mr. James Thombora and all the Kokora warlords including yourself and Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba should be put on trial for the massacre of the innocent Dinka in Juba during the Kokora politics or divisions in 1980’s. Also the Fertits leaders need to be put on trial for the massacre of the innocent Dinka Civilians in Wau in 1987. David Yau Yau and all the commanders in his movement must be held accountable for the Massacre of Lou Nuer civilians. He was the one who initiated and executed the attack on the Lou Nuer Civilians. Why attacking the Lou Nuer Civilians? What does the Lou Nuer have to do with the change of the government in Juba? All those whose hands are tainted with the blood of the innocent South Sudanese must be brought to book. We surely need to clean up the Republic of South Sudan from the war mongers and the criminals who pretend to be good politicians and nationalists only when they need our support and votes.

    Mr. Elhag Paul, you have chosen the right time to present the petition to the people of South Sudan. It would be happily supported and signed by the opportunists and corrupted politicians who have just been laid off by president Kiir Mayardit. They would willingly and joyfully support and sign the petition with the hope that the ICC would indict and arrest president Kiir Mayardit so that they could be reinstated in their former positions or assume the presidency and the entire government of the Republic of South Sudan.

    What a cheap and fake hope in politics! Don’t They know that our former President Omar Hassan Al Bashir is officially indicted by the ICC and is still running the government of the Republic of Sudan?

    Recently, the president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has pledged to pay 3,000.00 dollars as a bounty for any information leading to the arrest or revealing of the true name and identity of one of the Zimbabwe’s media bloggers who always writes and criticizes President Robert Mugabe, Ruling party and the government of Zimbabwe. I wonder, How much bounty would president Kiir pay to have the true identity of his opponents on the media bloggers? Due to President Robert Mugabe’s plea, I must warn my South Sudanese fellow Citizens to exercise their caution and discretion when signing Mr. Elhag Paul’s ICC petitions and particularly those who reside in South Sudan or those in exile who are planning to go home for a visit.
    You need to fight for your political ambitions, leadership and justice in good health and alive and not to be buried in six feet under the ground.

    I profoundly regret the innocent death of late John Louis Silvino, Sargent Mathoat Baypiny and Isaiah Abraham. Therefore I strongly advise everyone not to sign the online petition for the ICC if it would endanger your own life. Please stay safe and don’t create more death in our Country. What will the ICC do to president Kiir and his government?


    • Dr JAC Ramba says:

      To this one who hides behind the fake character, the so-called “Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang”

      I have meticulously followed all your postings, and I have come to this conclusion, that you are some kind of a wicked coward, who is on a cheap pay-roll to silence the people of South Sudan from voicing their views using the only God given freedom, that neither you nor your masters in Juba can take away from them.
      Since you lack the confidence to use your true names and would like to play your childish games under this wrongly chosen alias, let me tell you this: I am nearly turning 60 years of age, and all my grey hair and years of educational harvests and day and night endeavours mean something to other people and myself and not necessarily you.
      Next time if you claim to be what you are and you are indeed a man born of a woman, please come out openly with your real name and identity, otherwise I don’t think that South Sudanese would want their time wasted by cowards who think they can bully even personalities who are too big for their rudimentary brains to discern, while hiding behind cheaply concocted names.
      We are dealing here with national issues, not playing some childish hide and seek games. Grow up please or find for yourself a kitten garden to attend.
      JAC Ramba MD.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Dr. JAC Ramba,

        Why waste your time replying to Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang? Don’t you have anything better to do? I always debate with him on some unimportant issues, but if I were you, I wouldn’t have wasted my valuable time responding to the mumbo jumbo he puts down here because the petition you and your colleagues wrote is not like the others nonsenses we the rest of commentators published here.

        I respect you as an elderly man and I would think Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang would have done the same.

        As you can see from his comment, it is not new to me and to you who have been following his comments on this website. We all know beyond reasonable doubt that he does not want anything good for our homeland and its citizens. He basically wants Kiir to keep ruining our nation.

        Please be matured enough to ignore comments like what Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang has written when dealing with matters concerning our beloved nation.


      • John Khot says:

        Dr Ramba
        You are a coward too. You only came back from London after the real men liberated the country from the Arabs grip. Why were you hiding in the UK when your medical expertise was highly demanded by our wounded soldiers during the war? Don’t you know you could have saved thousands of lives during the war? So please stop labelling others as cowards because you are too.

        In regards to Elhag Paul and his ICC joke, the guy should be informed that it is not only politicians that are liable to the crimes against humanity and human right abuses but includes anybody that perpetuates crimes. Therefore Elhag Paul will be liable and made to answer about inciting violence and hate speeches against the Dinka community on this site for the last five years.

        If theoretically Kiir get charged by the ICC, the first thing he will do is to expel all the UN agencies including UNMISS and then closes all the borders. Then he will deal with all the traitors. Do you the underseiged idiots see any positive results from any indictment of Kiir. You have gone to the extreme to prove that you are indeed traitors and cowards who seek only destruction of the country. You are making it hard to remove Kiir from office with your stupid antics. ICC is not God to solve the issues facing South Sudanese and only South Sudanese will sort out their differences be it social, economical or political. Please stay out of South Sudanese affairs you the undersieged Whiteman’s slaves.

        • John Khot,
          You r seriously infected with kiirdiasis my brother. Seek truth one day. South Sudanese fought for freedom from Arabs, So imagine how you think Kiir will be left free to massacre truth tellers whom you call ”Traitors” It is time for Kiir so one day we shall also c him at ICC.

      • Puot K. Chuol says:

        Thank Dr. Ramba and Editor group,

        I told this guy “Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang” yesterday if he wants to be a respected concern citizen than he needs not to hide his real name. So called Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang needs to man-up and show up big with his legit name. If not than he needs to quit debating with unreal useless name.

        Other note wonderful editors, please add up the “LIKE” button on here to save us sometime to write when one just would just like what others’ posted already. It may sound as am lazy but at least I bring this little matter to your attention.

        Thanks in advance for listening to my request folks

        Puot K. Chuol

    • Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

      Thank you for writing what doesn’t make sense on this forum to distract the attention of readers. Enough is enough. South Sudan is not a property of Kim Jong il Mayardit nor a property of one people. I know you are the beneficiary of this corrupted government and will soon die of heart attack before when Kim Jong il Mayardit is indicted. You always pretend to be nice person who is against corruption. I am wondering, why are you crying while you are not the one who makes crimes? Sure you have benefited a lot in this government enjoying the massacres that are taking place every where in the South Sudan.
      0However, please let your uncle dictator, goofy, thief, and greedy president Kiir carry his own cross. Do not try to carry President Kiir cross and may be his boyfriend Yoweri Museveni will help him. Please wait for your own cross do not carry someone else cross. President Kiir has been killing his own people from the beginning of the movement until now. We must hold him accountable for all the crimes he has been committed. Lukudy Gatkuoth Garang, please stop crying. If it happens that you get sick because you have been crying a lot, let me know so I can find a good hospital for you and I will pay the bills. I hope ICC will listen and act sooner than next year. Please stay cool and cheer.

      • Bentiu Ramaran:

        Dear Cousin and SSN friend, Bentiu:

        Thank you so kindly for this brotherly advice. Surely, I would take your great advice to heart because you, Gatcharwearbol and I would nicely fix this beloved Country of ours when Kiir and Riek goes to the Hague for their crimes. However, I would like to assure you that President Kiir is young, strong and fat enough to carry his own cross in the street of Juba, the Hague or in his own home Town Akon. As you know, I’m not like you and Gatcharwearbol who mourn the loss of Riek Machar’s job. You might be exhausted and sleepless by now for crying and carrying Riek Machar is cross on the SSN Forum. Why are you doing this to yourselves? Cousins, Please let the corrupted and moron Riek Machar speak for himself. Are you his wives, Boyfriends, pay agents or What to him on earth?

        Perhaps, he is going to run out of cash very soon since he is out of job and Business of Eastern Equatoria gold. Please don’t be so hopeful and excited about the filing of the ICC petition. It would not bring Riek Machar back to his Vice Presidential seat. Whether you believe it or not, the Moron and the killer is out of the South Sudan politics for good. I have just received a very credit information that the Sudanese President, Omar Hassan Al Bashir, is presently appealing to President Kiir Mayardit to have his former Boyfriend Riek Machar returned to Khartoum ASAP. Perhaps he has seen the window of opporrtunity to arm the moron and use him against the South Sudanese Citizens as he did in 1991. Please convey this wonderful information or message to your Uncle Riek Machar if he hasn’t died of frustration and heart attack yet.

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Dear Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

          There is no doubt that I have been mourning and crying. But it is not because of Dr. Machar’s removal from his vice Presidency. I am mourning and crying because my beloved homeland is slipping into dictatorship. I am mourning because my children and the orphans of our martyrs will have nothing good to look forward to. You and your master – Kiir, are digging South Sudan into deep black hole that, we, the concerned citizens won’t be able to restore back. Why wouldn’t I mourn and cry about this mess your master has created? This is authentically why I have been mourning and crying unlike you who urinated in his pants when your uncle removed Dr. Machar.

          Sadly, the so-called powerful ran without looking behind his back to gogrial for fear of Dr. Machar. What a disgrace!

          In case you do not know, I am not worried about Dr. Machar because he has very good chance of unseating your Uncle in the upcoming election or by force if Kiir does not want to step down. If you do not believe it, take my friendly advice: Take the wait and see attitude. It is not going to be an easy journey, but it will happen. Dr. Machar is determined enough to unseat Kiir in one way or another. I am so sorry to break this bad news to you.

          As my advice to you and Kiir, I suggest that you start finding strong ally because Yoweri Museveni is just as coward as two of you.

          • Gatcharwearbol:

            Dear Cousin and SSN friend:

            Pleases stop boasting around like Jalaba. What beloved homeland are you taking about? Is it not the same homeland that you and your Uncle Riek Machar betrayed to your Boyfriend President Omar Hassan Al Bashir in 1991? Would you be calling a beloved homeland if it was not me and my Uncle Kiir Mayardit. Please be quiet and move to Khartoum or Gambella- Ethiopia. What kind of threat are you making in Diaspora. Cousin, I thought we twisted our arms in the manly way in 1991 and we all know who is who. Please enjoy your life and freedom of speech in exile.

            “The truth must be told even if it hurts”
            Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

  13. majongdit says:

    This is just a farce. ICC will have no time to look at such a rubbish. What the charges given against who and what are the evidences and who are the witnesses? Nothing all. Getting an email response from the Hague does not mean someone has already been indicted.

    • diktor agarab says:

      Try to convince yourself, you Dinka extremist. Even at one time Slobadan didn’t believe in the ICC until he was hauled up front to answer charges on crimes against humanity. With Kiir it’s just a matter of time before he appears there to hang for crimes against humanity. Certainly, your much vaunted dinkocracy will come to an end.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      My Cousin:

      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

      I hear you loud and clear. We, indeed, twisted our arms in the manly manner in 1991 and we have discovered who is who. The infamous “Bor Massacre” is the result of the 1991 you and I know very well. This incident had flooded SSN and others media outlets with you, particularly being the conductor of this chorus. You parrot for long time about this incident and you dare to bring it up again when you know very well per your admission that my camp kicked your butt.

      Enough is enough. Go babysit Kiir’s children and hopefully, just hopefully you might get a free lunch.

  14. To My Dear brothers Paul Elhag,Dr.Ambago Ramba and Koul:

    What the hell do you like from the ICC?? You are still all big STOOGES of Europe!! You are wasting time with ICC at this point in front of God! I am telling you my honest speaking! The government of South Sudan Republic is not in Europe continent! It is in the motherland of Africa! The government in the South Sudan Republic is capable to deal with their own internal affairs alone without outsiders meddling! Stop bullshit! Be good guys! Let us educate ourselves well at home with our people in our fatherland in African continent without ever again seeking for further help from colonialists empires in Europe! People are well civilized in Africa, But some of are still big PAWNS of ICC! Shame on you guys with your knowledge!

    • Chief Abiko Akuranyang Tangwo,

      I always I appreciate your comments, but I strongly disagree with you at this point. If there is a way the ICC could get Kiir Mayardit, it would be great. We are completely failed to solve our problems. Citizens who choose and vote out their president, governors, and commissioners could be able to manage their problem. When do you expect to be able to solve our own problems when the president is appointing and firing elected governors, dissolving parliament members, and judicial groups? The president is above the law and that is the work of ICC to get presidents who are very disrespectful to their people and believe that they are above the laws.

  15. Thon Giei says:

    Dear South Sudanese on the web:

    1- For a letter to be received by the ICC Prosecutor General does not mean it agrees with the content of the letter.
    2- ICC will look into circumstantial evidence and documents before making a decision.
    3- the history tells us that Sudan, China and above all North Korea have been violating human rights and ICC to date has done nothing to reverse the status guo.
    4- My point is simply that all south Sudanese need to look for themselves for resolution for perceived and imagined challenges.

    Thon Giei

  16. Tyson says:

    Brilliant Elhag
    This is wonderful! I support it.
    Let there be accountability, respect to the rule of law, Justice and service delivery to our people rather than killing them, stealing from them and robbing the nation.

  17. Dojiok says:

    Let stand together for justice to bring Kiir and his related criminals to court for the crimes they did and still doing in South Sudan. Elhag Paul, Dr. Jac Ramba, Karlo Kwol Akol, you guys pointed out important points.

  18. Choromke Jas says:

    Well, the petition is here at last. It does not need to be signed by millions of South Sudanese to be valid. This is a citizen-driven initiative and we now call upon organisations who did not have a handle on the issue of human rights abuses and prima facie genocide in South Sudan, to join in. I have in mind the UN agencies, Human Rights Watch, the Amnesty International, the Enough project etc… to come forward.
    Even if the petition were not to achieve its intended goal of indicting the suspect, at least it will provide an avenue for the international community to have an insight in the deteriorating human rights situation in the new republic.
    We also call upon world governments such as the US, Russia, China, UK, European Union, France, Canada, Australia and others to support the petition or at the very least, not to put an obstacle on its path. The people of South Sudan have now spoken and chosen a peaceful path to entrench democracy in their country and so we can only expect support from our friends and the wider international community.
    The ball is now in your court.

    • LL Reuben says:

      Dear Editor and cohorts,

      What’s this? You people truly believed the so-called ICC based in Hague would do as you wish? Give yourselves a head shake, this is ridiculous! I’ve never seen a country with so many impatient brainwashed fools who purported themselves educators, but only conduct themselves in this pathetic show of desperation. What happened to the central idea of educating the peoples of South Sudan and enabling them to comprehend politics so to defy exploitations of those whose objectives and motives are only power?

      I don’t think the concerns here is much about what’s in this “petition” letter (human abuses…), it’s rather contempt and desperation in hope that the West will remove Salva and SPLM and clearing a free highway to top leadership of an opposition party like Ambago’s Party. South Sudan isn’t taking off to development from all aspects not because of the SPLM and Kiir but because of the lame oppositions led by fools with adventurist’s personalities and former refugees who believe in opportunism.

      People whose egos have been inflated because of having acquired degrees have just turned out to be as primitives as those killing themselves because of cows. Col. Joseph Bakosoro of Western Equatoria won in 2010 as an independent candidate effortlessly because he used his people wisely. Why don’t these stuck- in-the-briefcase oppositions use similar routes instead of opting for an adventurist shameful means like calling a European fishing trap (ICC) to do what they should be doing themselves and compromising a hefty pay in return as favor. Or do they think the ICC was found by God’s Earth angels?

  19. Michael Abu says:

    The idea of ICC does not make sense as a form of justice for those who understand how the criminal justice system works. If the ICC is a form of a proper justice, the Western countries should have been the number one to sign up to be a part of it.
    However, did anyone of you ever read anything about any western country that is a party to the ICC? If not, then let us focus on building our own system of justice and fight for the constitution that will protect our liberty, freedom of speech, rights to hold public rally against social injustice and protection of life.
    In doing so, we will be able to let our voices be heard by the people who are in power. But when we make wrong move to betray our country to the masters of colonization, the suffering always overweight the benefit as we see it in Iraq and Libya. The mentioned countries use to be prosperous during their leaders that they thought they were bad for them, but now they have regret their action because things are not going on as they thought they would. When you make morally wrong decisions, the innocent people usually pay a pride that they don’t deserved.
    As professionals, who had lived in the West and understand that countries are not built by expatriate, we need to start talking to ourselves and be strong to approach the system that we think that is not serving the interest of the people and let them know that we need changes. Look them in the eyes, point out their mistakes and let them know that we are not concerning about taking the leadership out their hand but to improve the rule of law, social system and put peoples interest first.
    So my friends Paul, Ramba and Kuol, put the lives of our people first and study what is behind the ICC before making bold naive petition that lack the ground of legality. Also, for those who wish anyone to be killed or be eliminated when they raise their opinion against Kiir or SPLM/A party. Be advised that everybody deserved right to live in South Sudan and to voice their opinion. Our current leaders are not perfect and we don’t have to support them when they are doing wrong things regardless our tribal affiliation.

  20. Dear Elhag Paul, Dr. JAC Ramba, Karlo Kwol Akol:

    Thank you for taking the time from your busy work schedule to write this acceptable and helpful letter to ICC on behave of South Sudanese citizens. No matter how long it will take before the ICC acted, idiot president Kiir will still find his way to ICC. He (Kiir) is greedy, tribalist, and traitor. You see now president Kiir is betraying SPLM opposition party and those who oppose his goofy actions within the SPLM party to Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and now the Ugandan troops are here in Luri town near Juba. I wonder why our president keeps foreign troops on our soil when they are not associated with UN Keeping Forces? Not only that the Uganda soldiers are in the South Sudan, but president Kiir is paying them with our money.

    It is very thoughtful action for you guys for writing this letter to ICC. The almighty God will bless everything you are doing right now and all things that you are planning to do in the future. Please find videos and pictures of all abuses and criminal acts that have been happening since 2005 and sent them to ICC to support your argument.

    Please add my name to your list.

  21. Dennis says:

    A petition to the ICC is not a bad idea, however, we all know that ICC is a farce and a toothless organization put in place by Europeans to implement their separate agendas in an otherwise new master-servant setting like in the colonial period and nothing will materialize out of it at all. I also think that the petition lacks weight in terms who are petitioning. AlHag should have include SS civil society, South Sudan Journalists group, and maybe some church organizations to add weight and credibility, otherwise, this a waste.

  22. Toney Toney Matot says:

    Dear SouthSudannation editor,
    I can see that from your responses to those who support the government of South Sudan proved that your web South Sudan Nation is not a neutral entity. you are among those who incite violence in South Sudan and want us to remain in War. If I was to have authority I would have closed down South Sudan nation web site.


  23. Chotngaal says:

    Dear El hag Paul and Dr. Ambago your petition to the ICC is misplaced. Both of you being members of opposition parties such as UDF and USSP in South Sudan should work hard to organize and strengthen your political parties to challenge SPLM in general election. try to mobilize and educate people of South Sudan to vote out the SPLM in 2015 and leave the ICC alone.

  24. Bentiu Ramaran:

    I can hear you well! Thank you! But I would like to respond to you that taking Kirr in ICC is not good because it is a humiliation of South Sudan SOVEREIGNTY! He is blameless because he has committed no crimes! What the three people have done in ICC, Mr. Paul Alhag, Dr. Ambago Justin Rama, and Koul, it was a HOAX because they would like to fool people like in April Fools Days! So disregard any petition written by them.

    President Kirr is going sue them in the court for PREVARICATION against by three plaintiffs Mr,Paul Alhaga,Dr.Ambago Ramba,and Koul! Have a nice weekend!

    • nyaputa says:

      Chief Abiko Bigiu Akurany and LL Ruben,

      I can see both of you are really feeling a pain in your butts, but this is only the beginning of this case. If both of you believe that your uncle SK is really innocent, then i ask you to prepare you legal defence team for your uncle to defend him.

      the process have just started and for you LL Ruben, you need not to called people names or insults, chief can be forgiven for that matter. chief, don’t be misled by those of Gatkouth Garang LL.RUBEN. These PEOPLE who are milking a real cow of south sudan and you are not part of it.

      Chief. have you heard recent event in your village chalamini? if you didn’t then am sorry for you. don’t follow Agoto. ok chief? you have more home work to do in chalamini than anywhere in south sudan. At least LL Ruben get paid but you don’t and that is my message to you from Eastern Equatoria state like you.

  25. Lual Nyanthon says:

    Those who are supporting killing of innocent poor civilians, such as unarmed civilians including women and children are idiotic and the will of people of South Sudan will defeat them. Look, how shamelessly Salva Kiir is! His criminal advisor Telar Ring Deng was rejected by South Sudan Parliament because of fake degree. Shame on them.

  26. Peter says:

    I congratulate our brothers for the courage to write this petition to the ICC. You are one step ahead of us, we are preparing our case to the ICC too, the Wau case. We are gathering all evidences now and we are close to finalize our case. We, the people of Western Bahr el Ghazal state are supporting your step and we are ready the sign the petition with our blood. Go ahead, brothers, we are with you 100%.

  27. Huda Biajo says:

    I salute you dear brothers for this huge step you took, and if this shows anything, it demonstrates that there still some real south sudanese who care about our country and willing to face difficulties to make better future. I am really astonished with the awareness I’ve noticed here, and to happen in less than 3 years old country, this is something huge. i sign my name with you brothers and let’s not fizzle or fear anything to take this 1 step forward into action to make a real independent nation..

  28. Andrew Jienge says:

    Kiir is chief bandit. He is presiding on all these atrocities and by taking him to ICC they are doing him a great favor, he belongs in one of South Sudan prisons. He once jokingly said, if he was Omar Bashir, he would hand himself to ICC. That is because he has been to The Hague and the place is heaven, you have your own house, swimming pool and tennis court. What a president?! It is absolutely up to him to prove his innocence before an independent court, not his kangaroo court! Keep your word, Mr. Benydit!

    For his tribesmen who are defending him, we all know that this government is a lifeline for you. However, rest assured that there will come a time when the common citizens will say enough is enough.

    If your Beny meant his word he should man up and go to ICC to represent himself. It is damn good 8 years, all we are witnessing is billions of dollars that are needed for development are being raked off the back of poor citizens and chaos.

    For those who doubt ICC ask President Bashir why he hurriedly came back from Nigeria!!!

  29. Manyok R. says:

    Now that Dr. Riek former vice pres. and SG. Pagan are no more, it is time to focus on the right attention, bringing Pres Kiir down with his cronies left in power. ICC is a waste of time. It is not going to do anything meaningful to remove tyrant dictator. If ICC can’t get the most notorious monster Pre. Omar al Beshir, are you that naïve to believe it can arrest dictator Pre. Kiir? I don’t think so. We should focus on guaranteeing national election to take place in order to finally remove the remaining bunch of criminals.

    • Joseph says:

      Manyok R.

      Dr. Riek, Pagan and others are still lawmakers in the legislative assembly. This will still be a treat to Kiir and his supporters. These people he relieved are now against him in the parliament and all the 60 MPs he (Kirr) appointed are now against him. Please see how Kiir has created for himself many enemies in the parliament. I think it is too late and Dr. Riek will unseat Kiir peacefully through the parliament now. Watch SSTV always and you will see that Dr. Riek does not miss attending all the parliamentary sessions with a BIG smile. However, i am no fun of him (Riek), but it is Kiir stupidity.

  30. GatCharwearbol says:

    Manyok R.

    You have made a very good point. But it is also commendable that these men wrote to ICC. Whatever we can do to get of the dictator is welcome. We must search all possible ways to get rid of him. Sure enough, writing to ICC is one way to try. You gentlemen are on the right track. Keep up with good work!

    We must leave no stone unturned until we eliminate, Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang’s Master. The fight is on and Elhag Paul got the ball rolling. Please man up and let us not give up. This petition might not affect Kiir Mayardit, but at least someone has tried to do something rather than being a spectator.

  31. Tyson says:

    I do believe the work of El hag, Ramba and Akol is to send clear message that there are no spectators to the criminals in Juba and other states. Whether it takes months to get them, they will face the consequences.
    This press release has bundled some of them with sleepiness nights. Whatever national coffers you loot, whatever number of people you kill or whatever lawlessness you create; you will bear the weight of the people.
    Gadaffi, Mubarak, Gbagbo, Taylor, etc have tasted it, and many more others will join the queue.
    Of course Salvatore will lead his team to join his cousin Bashir.

  32. kikisik says:

    People like Elhag, Dr. Ramba, Karlo Akol plus others do not get ruffled easily and are reliable in crisis. We want these people with us as true heros and team members when the game is terribly important. It is easy to remember those who sustained not with their words, their caring for the course. And sadly, we also remember those who did not- what ever common sense is, they are in our hearts not in our head.

    We South Sudanese long for unity of our forces regardless of our political differences that will be put down yesterday to reach for a new day. I know as well as you know the worse is still to come as this present government will do whatever it takes to hang on to power. I know people of South Sudan are resilient because they are seeing light at the end of the tunnel but giving up will rob us of drawing up gold from our own depths. It is like having a well, a deep well that is topped with several feet of tainted water but deeper down the water is clear and down further it is spring, a spring that bubbles cold and pure through deposits of gold. Should we give up such golden chance to punish this government after what they have have done to the people of South Sudan more even than what Jalaba had done to us?

    I would like to personally thank all those who are involved in the discussion through out this period, and to those who use threatening word, they have no place in a democratic South Sudan. Once more my regards to Elhag, Dr. Ramba, Karlo and others for making the ball rolling.

  33. umoja says:

    It is no hot, some people have starting panicking, let me tell those of you who are not supporting the idea of ICC. Be reminded that there are “so many ways of killing an elephant” and all ways lead to ROME, these idioms understand them well.

    Your cattle camp chief – Kirr will soon only be visiting Uganda, Kenya and Sudan. He soon starting supporting Omar Bashier whom they have been collaborating secretly because of oil.

    Blood of innocent people who died for the cause of this nation have started to count on Kirr and those of you who are now flaming from inside.

    Everything has a time, Kirr will end up like Gaddafi of Libya, Mobaraka of Egypt, Bin Ali of Tunisia and Bashir of Syria. Just wait, you will see with your naked eyes.

    South Sudan is rich with human resources but can not be fooled by you incompetent, drunkard, triablistic cattle camp leader Kirr.

    The only good thing he has is having cattle camp in Luri that is better for him.


  34. Akic A Lwaldeng says:

    I think ICC will have time now to look at south sudan case such as case of Shilluk Kingdom, (Eastern and Western Nile), Pibor, Eastern Equatoria, Western Bar Ghazal and some areas and also individual cases and hopefully there are a lots of evidences and witnesses as well.

  35. Today Allow me to disagree with you Chief Abiko. You know very well African leaders do not mind immense suffering of their people. They only shout aloud when criticized! Thieves and blood shuckers must be humiliated period. So do not protect a criminal please. Mr. Paul, Ambago and Kuol you the true nationalist go ahead. We are fully behind you. God bless you.

  36. Dmajak says:

    Thank you, Paul, for first article without Dinka or Nuer in it and I think you’ve finally
    listened to our call. Now, we need you to join us in fighting this current government .

  37. Arang Ahoch Kier says:

    Freedom is now being denied. People you should be appreciate Kiir for giving us such kind of freedom. Petition will end like the way or path for going to toilet in the bush.

  38. Choromke Jas says:

    This is to the Petitioners: There are people ready to testify about the war crimes (including the UNMISS incident) in Jonglei. At the right time you will receive the names and the contacts of these witnesses. The petition is a work in progress and there should be concerted effort to get the witnesses to testify in case the ICC decides to investigate and indict. The id and the whereabouts of the witnesses should be closely guarded because they can be bribed (there are millions of dollars sloshing around), intimidated or killed.

  39. Awomdit says:

    Elhag and the group
    Is this a petition against Kiir as a person or against the government of South Sudan? It’s not really a bad idea but what makes you think ICC will consider this shallow report void of evidences. For instance, the Wau December violence..I hear Rizik Zechariah pointing fingers at Dr. Riek rather than Kiir. So who will be sued here – Kiir or Riek or ROSS. Of the suffering citizens in Lakes, Eastern Equatoria and Jonglei…Do you think mentioning them hurriedly will convince judges at ICC? Do not let hatred drive you to the point of appearing a fool at the International level just because you hate the current government. I thought South Sudan is not a member of ICC yet.
    Don’t burn with hatred bro..lets just wait for 2015 and peacefully dislodge Kiir. Calling upon ICC will actually cause problems to some criminals (Read Riek) we are protecting.

    • diktor agarab says:

      You’re really a Dinka extremist who will go to any length to shelter Salva Kiir. The wau massacre occurred under the presidency of Kiir not Machar. Secondly, Salva Kiir was on record saying that he would’ve been the first to fire on those unarmed demonstrators thereby linking his administration to the massacre. Machar isn’t the criminal here but rather it is Kiir. Soon Kiir and his dinkocracy will be brought down.

  40. Leader says:

    Elhag Paul,
    Your application is bound to be thrown out by the ICC. You need to have knowledge of law and base your application on provisions of the Rome Statutes. You are cheating ignorant masses on this forum who’re now jubilating for you achieved nothing for them. Please don’t play with people’s minds. There are many reasonable people on this site who will not buy into your cheap propaganda. ICC is not a court for rubbishes.

    • Dr JAC Ramba says:

      Dear Readers
      What has been presented here is only a press release albeit a detailed one. However the original petition and the accompanying documents that went to the ICC in The Hague is obviously a well documented piece of legal work approved by experts of the highest calibre. In all, the package is some kilograms of well researched documents, evidences, facts and literature which for obvious reasons cannot be presented as a part of this release. I hope this will do well to inform and help the “Thomases” like “Leader”, his friend Awomdit and the rest.

  41. Deng Amos Achol says:

    Don’t talk of Dinka, Nuer & Jur. You talk of individuals, we are all South Sudanese. There some Jur, Nuer & Dinka who like Kiir and some dislike Him.

  42. Is editor also a tribalism maker? Revise ur comment. is South Sudan member of icc? If yes, When did they apply? if no which law constitution is allowing them? Are u sure u will succeed? Writers? Come to solve ours problem at home not in diaspora. But if u succeed to make it God will bless all of u. But advice ur editor to be very far from tribalism. We can not leave tribalism as web editor is very weak. Pliz & pliz Mr editor.

    • Joseph says:

      Michaelson Lual,

      Is Khartoum a member of ICC? You people here are just having prejudice against other tribes, but even if this Country is left to you alone you will still fight yourself. hopeless creatures!

  43. Leader says:

    Dr. JAC Ramba,
    You should be doing constructive activities as a leader of a political party rather than involving yourself in the politics of intrigues and conspiracies. It is only because the Gov’t we have do not know its work otherwise there is no way a person holding an executive position in a political party can involve in sabotage and activities that threatens National Sovereignity.

  44. Dr JAC Ramba says:

    Mister you call yourself Leader
    Obviously you are hiding behind that beautiful alias of “Leader” not that you are afraid of me. However there are two reasons for this kind of behaviours.
    1. You are not convinced of what you are pushing yourself into.
    2. You are afraid to reveal your true identity – wrong man in the wrong place.
    All in all you are not comfortable on social media and getting mingled in intricacies of politics. You don’t have to do it. Just leave it for those who can do it comfortably while using their true identities.
    Put all these apart, you cannot lecture me on constructive activities when the leadership and their tribal cronies like you have made it impossible for anyone to engage in any activity within the borders of that big prison called South Sudan.
    We are only practicing our rights first as south Sudanese and second as members of the human race.
    Again we are not the first to sue a state or a government or a head of a state. If you are worried about the ICC – know that it came into being to pump some sense into people like you and the dictators you support.
    In juba it is already an open secret that the suspended SPLM SG Cdr. Pagan Amum is taking President Salva Kiir to court. Sadly enough people like you who are enemies of progress, democracy and human rights.

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